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the advice below you will make any money or improve current profits, as there are several
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the experience of the individual, the application of said principles, and situations and
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of your business if you intend to apply any of this information in any way to your business
Other Information:
All calculations made in the eBook does not include fees that will be included from PayPal.

Syntax Revenue

Method 1
Step 1
Head over to YouTube, and make a new account. You are going to make a
YouTube channel that posts uncopyrighted songs. Here are examples of channel
names: HipNation, SexyTracks, DopeMusic, etc.
You get the point. Think of something creative and attractive. Once you have
your account made, make yourself a logo. This isnt hard, just hop onto
Photoshop or even Word, write out your channel name, and edit it to your liking.
Easy as that, it doesnt have to be extremely fancy or cool. Make a channel
banner too. Add the logo in a bigger font and upload. For the avatar make it the
channel initials.

Step 2
You have to find professional music people listen to, that is uncopyrighted. Here
is a list of some very popular artists who release un-copyrighted music: G-Eazy,
Skizzy Mars, Logic, Edubble, Hendersin, etc.
Find these artists channels and subscribe, and wait for new uploads. In the
meantime download their most popular songs. Be careful, although these artists
have handfuls of uncopyrighted music, a lot are copyrighted. Other than artists
like these, find cool remixes. Just get any popular song and search up a remix for
it on Sound Cloud or such. Gather all your music into one folder, with each file
clearly stating the songs name.

Syntax Revenue

Step 3
This isnt too challenging. Just remember the pictures need to be 16:9 ratio to fit
the YouTube player perfectly. Here are some examples of sites to find pictures:
Optionally, you can use pictures of girls on your videos. Although I suggest only
posting a picture of a girl once in a while, because some people may find it too

Step 4
Open up Windows Movie Maker, or iMovie if you use Mac. Add the picture in,
and then add the song. Save the file as 16:9 (widescreen) and remember to save
it as max quality, usually 1080p. Now, its uploading time. Just upload the video
with the appropriate title. One thing to do is put a download link to each song in
the description. Upload the song to any file uploading site, etc.
Remember to add tags

Step 5
Now, you need a subscriber database of users who like your music and will watch
each of your videos. This can take time, so dont be worries if you dont make
anything the first couple of days. For a tip, upload often. That is what people love.
Upload once every 1-3 days. The more uploads you have, the more views.

Syntax Revenue

To get a jumpstart, buy subscribers. This can be done easily and cheaply on any
social media panel reseller. 10,000 subscribers can cost as low as $5. Buy some
views on your best songs, but make sure they are High Retention.
Send the channel to your friends, and post threads to your videos across as many
forums are you can. Go on other channels and spam comments asking people to
check out your music.

Step 6
Now this is the part where you start earning. Once you have grown your
audience to a decent size (1,000-2,000) you should began monetizing. This can
be done in numerous ways, the easiest way is to go to the Account Monetization
section and apply.
Another way to monetize, is to become a partner with a company. I have
personally worked with and can recommend the following programs:
Get ready to start seeing the money come in.

Syntax Revenue

Method 2
Step 1
Download this script:
Unzip the file, we will be using it later on in this eBook.
Also, if you have never used Bitcoin before, choose a wallet and download it:

Step 2
Next go here:
Register yourself a free domain.
Freenom offers the following domain TLDs: .cf / .ga / .ml / .tk
I would personally use the .ga and .ml domains, but thats up to you. The good
thing about Freenom is you get the first year completely free, without having to
attach any CCs or anything. Also, DNS Nameservers change instantly.
If you have some money to spend, go over to http://www.namecheap.com and
use Bitcoin to purchase a domain with a better TLD. This helps, but isnt

Step 3
Now head over here: http://www.ihostwell.com/signup.html
Sign up a new account for hosting. You will be using this free (but amazing)
hosting service for your faucet website. It has all features for any site you could
imagine for, and no pop-up ads or anything. I highly recommend them! After
youve signed up, connect the domain you registered with this hosting. You can
Syntax Revenue

do this by: logging into the iHostWell cPanel, and adding your new domain name
in. Then, go back to Freenom, and change your Nameservers to iHostWells.
Here is my quick tutorial on how to connect your domain to your hosting (skip if
you know how to already):
The first thing you'll need to do is to find out the list of name servers used by
your web host.
The easiest (though not necessarily fastest) way to find out the name servers
used by your web host for your domain is to ask them. A faster way is to look for
the information yourself in either the email sent to you by your host when you
first signed up with them, or from the documentation on your web host's site. If
you have no idea where to get the information, contact your web host and ask
them for the "DNS servers" or "name servers" to use for your domain.
The list of name servers will often look like ns1.example.com, ns2.example.com,
and so on, where "example.com" will probably be replaced by some other
domain name used by your web host for their servers.
Your web host may give you 2 or more name server addresses. Note down all
these names. Better still, keep the email or web page containing these names
open on your computer so that you can cut and paste them later. You'll need to
enter these names, exactly as given, into your registrar's system.

Step 4
Upload the Microfaucet script into your website. You can do this quite easy.
iHostwell has a File Manager feature. Navigate to it from the cPanel, and from
there install the File Manager. Once its down, it will show you its done in the
bottom right. Click View Result, and it will bring you into the File Manager. Now,
upload the file you downloaded in Step 1 to the root directory. Make sure that all
filed inside the microfaucet folder are in the root, and not still in the
microfaucet folder.

Syntax Revenue

Step 5
Once you have the filed uploaded, navigate to your domain. In your web browser,
go to the website name you registered at Freenom. If you registered
faucetbitcoin.ga, go to that site. You should see instructions to install your faucet.
If you dont make sure you uploaded the files correctly. Follow the easy
instructions to install your faucet script!
Remember to name your faucet something related to the domain you registered.

Step 6
Once it is set-up, customize it a bit. I usually set the faucet amount from 300-500
satoshi, but you can do more/less if you want. Change the slogan, the themes,
etc. to your likings.

Step 7
Now for the earning, you are going to put advertisings on your webpage. This is
easy to do in the admin page. Scroll down and you see blocks to enter in the
code for advertisers. To find advertisers, go here: http://adbit.co/ . Sell spots. You
can also hookup your site with AdSense, but they only payout via checks.

Step 8
Advertise your own faucet. You can buy spots on other faucets, spread it around
with friends, or if you really want to earn, make YouTube videos. I usually find
some forums where it is allowed to advertise, then I post it there. The more
views the better. You ALWAYS want more traffic. You might run out of Bitcoin, so
remember to refill the faucet balance every now and then.
And thats it! That is exactly how I earned 3 BTC in a matter of less than two
weeks! My page gets 20K views daily, around 500 clicks at least, and has 300K

Syntax Revenue

total views! It isnt hard to grow it, you just have to use your advertising skills.
The referral program also helps a ton on autopilot.

Method 3
Bitcoin talk is literally a jackpot for those who are looking for a good opportunity
to make themselves some cash. Id at least 70% of the community are grown
men with a family over the age of 35. Well that means most of them are rich,
right? Yes. Ill show you a bit about it after you sign up using the link below:
First impression is going to be it has a shitty layout, I know. But dont assume its
a shitty forum, because it isnt. The special thing about this forum is that there is
no rep. There is a trust system but that is mainly used to spot out scammers, and
not used for smooth trades as much. Instead, the forum has something
integrated called activity. Think of it as how many posts you have made,
except with a twist. You can only get 14 activity per two weeks since your join
date. So the first two weeks I join, even if I post 30 times, my activity wont go
over 14. After 4 weeks, not over 28, etc.
There are ranks for each activity. If you need more information look at this:

Anyway, enough of the chit-chat, lets get to it. First hop over to the Service
section of the forum. You can find it by clicking here. There youll find services
just like you would on any other forum, but only for bitcoin. The first thing you
should notice is the signature campaigns. These things are literally the jackpot
youve been looking for. Bitcoin talk is the perfect place to advertise a new
bitcoin casino you just put up (keep in mind gambling is a huge attraction to
bitcoin/crypto currencies). These casino owners have thousands of bitcoins,
some individuals even tens of thousands, literally. What these owners do is pay
Syntax Revenue

you just for posting on the forum while wearing a signature advertising their site.
And no not just a cent or two per post, the average would be around 35 cents a
post. As a newbie you might get very little, but as the ranks go up with activity,
you earn more a post. Higher ranks allow bigger/better signatures. As a hero
member you can be earning over 2.4 BTC/month just for posting!
As a newbie you can look around and see whats available for your rank. It may
take some time to build up your profile. Myself, I have earned over 6 BTC total
from this. That is not a lie. Its been well over 7 months but 6 BTC is insane.
Imagine getting that much and going to tell your mom how you earned $3K+ just
for posting! Keep in mind the people who pay could earn that in less than 10
minutes at their casino, so its a way of just grabbing and getting what you can
get. Also keep in mind to NEVER spam. Mods are very cautious about it and
arent hesitant to ban you for long period of time. Using just one Full Member
account, I earned over .28 a month posting for the DiceBitco.in campaign. They
paid me 0.0007/post. 0.0007 * 400 = .28! Only 400 posts per month gets you
that much! And that is only with a Full Member.
Now this is where your investment option comes in. If you are impatient and
want to make back the money for this eBook quickly, youre going to need some
money to start. As I explained before you can only earn yourself 14 activity
points for each two week period. This means it may take a couple months to
become a rank that is eligible for earning through posting. If you do not want to
wait, you can always buy an account. The funny thing about this forum, is that
buying/selling of accounts is 100% allowed. To see where you can buy em, click
here and check out this section. Generally these are the prices you should
Member: 0.05 BTC
Full Member: .1- .2 BTC
Senior Member: .4- .5 BTC
Hero: 1 BTC

Syntax Revenue


You might be that guy saying WOW, those are crazy expensive! Worry not, as one
month and 400 posts will make all of that back, and more. Here I am going to
take the highest paying signature campaign, and compare it to the investment
you might make.
Member 0.0005/constructive post
Full Member 0.0007/constructive post
Senior Member 0.0012/constructive post
Hero Member 0.0014/constructive post
Now, assuming you will reach the 400 post maximum per month, I made a graph
to show you the potential earnings that you could be making:

Earnings Over Time



Pay/400 posts



Price (BTC)

After One










.1 - .2

.08 - .18

.36 - .46


Syntax Revenue




.4 - .5










Do you see how it works? A $30 investment can grow into $240 after only TWO
months! How crazy is that! And you just keep earning and earning, and all it
takes is 5 minutes a day! Remember that you can always sell your account if you
are ever done with the Internet, or cant reach 400 posts a month anymore. As a
17 year old Ive been doing this for a long time now and Im getting close to
paying off my future education! Man its changed my life completely, and I am
100% it can change yours too. Its hard to put it into perspective. A one-time $30
investment grows into $240 in two years MONTHS!
Now, if you want to get really fancy with it, you can hire people to post for you.
To hire them go to Fiverr, or basically any forum, and instruct them to make 5-10
high quality posts per day. This will begin to add up, and at the end of the month
you will be making a MINIMAL of $30. The thing is, your employee wont know
this. I would recommend you pay the poster around $10-15 a month. If you
manage to set up an empire of posters, lets say 10 for example, youll be making
a MINIMAL of $150-200 a month. COMPLETELY AUTOPILOT! Keep in mind, these
are the bare minimal amounts you can earn.

Syntax Revenue


Method 4
There are many bitcoin exchange sites where you deal with the sellers/buyers
directly, not through the site. With this method, you can make stacks upon stacks
of bitcoins. The speed at which you make it, depends on your initial investment.
Although if you invest $20, you can get up to a $200's investment's worth in 5
days or so.

Step 1
Head on over to https://localbitcoins.com/ and register an account.

Syntax Revenue


Step 2
After logging in, and verifying the email, go to your dashboard and press the
Create Advertisement button. (shown in the image)

Syntax Revenue


Step 3
Click "Sell your bitcoins online" and your country, and how you want to be paid.

Step 4
These are the settings I would use if investing with $20. If it was $500, I would
change the max to $500, but leave the formula.

Syntax Revenue


Step 5
This would be the settings if I was using PayPal. If you're using another payment
method, just change the payment details.

Step 6
Your settings should be the following:

Syntax Revenue


Step 7
Press this button when you have finished.

Step 8
Do the same again, but change these options:

Then, press this button again:

Syntax Revenue


Step 9
Wait for people to buy/sell from you. Try to stay online as much as possible.
When you make a sale, up your maximum buy/sell to how much you have.
Terms of Service

A refund is only granted when you do not earn after 30-60 days.
In order to receive a refund, the buyer must show valid evidence.
No refunds are given before the 30 day period, no exceptions.
Sales trashing or harassment will result in no support or refund.
You may not leak, modify, or resell all or any parts of the eBook.
Charging back on PayPal will result in a Deal Dispute being made.
You automatically agree to these terms after buying the product.

Thank you for choosing Syntax Revenue. The money-making method that is set to soar.
If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact support. Thank you.

HACKFORUMS: Picture Perfect

SKYPE: osrs_mehul

Syntax Revenue