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The Soviet Orchestrated Global Drug Network

Continued from Issue No. 27

Our Lady at Fatima said: "If My requests are not heeded, Russia would
spread its errors throughout the world..."
Not only are intellectual errors being spread by Communist Russia but
also errors in how to live are being spread too. The result of these
errors is drug addiction and death to many North American youths. It is
important that we realize the source of these drug errors and the
spiritual solution Our Lady told us we must take to stop this drug war.
We continue here the article (that was started in Issue No. 27) which
demonstrates that Russia is the source for much of the drug abuse in
This article consists of extracts taken from the McAlvany Intelligence
Advisor, June 1988, some subtitles are by The Fatima Crusader.
by Donald McAlvany

Soviet Drug War Launched After

Cuban Revolution (1958)
The Soviets went operational against the United States shortly after the Cuban
Revolution. Raoul Castro visited Czechoslovakia in the early fall of 1960 in
search of military aid and assistance. The Soviets directed the Czechs to work
with the Cubans and pave the way for an eventual Soviet takeover of Cuba.
Cuba and Czechoslovakia signed an agreement whereby the Czechs would help
the Cubans obtain military equipment, would train the Cubans in military
operations, and would also set up Cuban intelligence and counterintelligence.
Roughly 50% of the Czech advisors and intelligence agents that went to Cuba
were actually Soviets operating under Czech cover. Within three years all Czechs
in key positions would have been replaced by Soviets.
After the first Cubans were trained as intelligence agents, they received their
first directions from Moscow: to begin infiltrating the United States and all Latin
American countries and to begin the production and distribution of drugs and
narcotics into the United States. The Czech advisors helped the Cubans initiate
production and also assisted them in setting up transportation routes through
Canada and Mexico, where the Czechs had good agent networks, into the United
In the winter of 1961 the Czech Defense Council received instructions from the
Soviet Defense Council that the Cuban operation was to be expanded. Cuban
intelligence was to infiltrate all the Latin American drug production and

distribution networks. No sooner was this expansion underway than it was

expanded again, this time with the Cubans directed to establish their own drug
operations throughout Latin America. The initial targets in this expansion were
Mexico, Panama, Colombia, and Argentina. The Czech intelligence services
assisted in the Cuban operations and within a year were also directed to
establish their own drug operations throughout Latin America. Other satellites
that were also active in the expansion operation were Hungary, Bulgaria,
Poland, and, slightly later, East Germany. The participation of Soviet and Soviettrained agents throughout Latin America in the expansion of the operation was
formally coordinated at the Second Havana Conference in 1962.
As part of the drug operations, the participating intelligence services were
directed to collect data on the corruption that accompanies the drug trade for
future use by the Soviets in blackmail and agent recruiting. From the Soviet
perspective, this data, and its use in a wide variety of intelligence tasks, was
every bit as important as the societal consequences of drug usage or the
moneys to be made. By the late 1960s, the Soviet-bloc intelligence services had
active dossiers on over ten thousand corrupted individuals in positions of power
through the Americas.

Nikita Krushchev
The Father of Soviet Drug Trafficking

Our Lady of Fatima said: "If My requests are not granted Russia will spread her
errors throughout the world." Drugs, pornography, gay rights movements are
all part of the errors spread by Communism. Pictured above, Roman Catholic
priests march in support of the gay movement.
The drug and narcotics business was formally introduced to the Warsaw Pact
strategic leadership at a secret meeting held in Moscow in the early fall of 1962.
The meeting was convened to discuss economic problems. Midway through the
meeting, Krushchev turned to the drug business. He first praised the Chinese

for their imagination and operativeness. Then he emphasized the need for the
Soviet-bloc intelligence services to become involved as rapidly as possible.
Krushchev carefully explained how the drug business would cripple the
democratic societies while simultaneously generating much needed foreign
exchange for intelligence operations. It would undermine the health and morale
of the American soldiers and weaken the human factor in the defense situation,
he said. Further, it would cripple the educational system. The American
schools were high priority targets because this is where the future leaders of the
bourgeoisie were to be found. Another high priority target Krushchev identified
was the American work ethic, pride and loyalty. Finally, the drugs and narcotics
would lead to a decrease in the influence of religions, and, he added, under
certain conditions could be used to create chaos.
Following this meeting, the satellite leaders returned home and began to
organize the narcotics trafficking. It is important to note that throughout the
satellites and the Soviet Union, the drug business was accorded the highest
secrecy controls. The documentation was carefully guarded. Most instructions,
even those to the heads of agencies involved, were oral. Aside from members of
the Soviet-bloc Defense Councils, and the first secretaries in local Communist
parties in Latin America, very few people were informed about the operation.

Puts Blame on Society

Almost as soon as the satellite operations had begun, Krushchev decided that
the implementation was not proceeding fast enough. He even admitted that he
was partially to blame in being too cautious. Accordingly, in 1963 he instructed
General Major Nikolai Savinkin, the deputy head of the Administrative Organs
Department, to visit all the satellite countries and Cuba and prepare a
coordinated plan to speed up the narcotics operation. Savinkin's plan was
approved by the Soviet Defense Council and instructions were sent to all the
satellites and Cuba.
The instructions that followed from the Soviet Defense Council dealt with the
banks in different countries to be used to handle the income, the directions for
research and development of more effective drugs, actions to accelerate the
infiltration of the Latin American drug operations, contacts that would assist in
the distribution, organization of transportation and disinformation and
propaganda. The latter was of special importance, so much so that a special
office was established in the Administrative Organs Department to oversee the
activities and provide intelligence information for use by the propagandists. The
objective of the propaganda was to place the blame for the narcotics problem in
the West on society itself and reveal corruption to discredit agencies and people
considered hostile to Soviet policy. Following special instructions received from
Brezhnev in 1964, the satellites were to publicize the Chinese narcotics
operation to draw attention away from the Soviet activities. One of the more
interesting instructions was not to draw attention to the banks and financial

institutions. Because of their important role in the money laundering phase of

the operation, the Soviets did not want any attention directed their way.

From Vietnam to American High School and University Campuses

During the Vietnam War, both the Soviets and the Chinese competed in
providing a ready supply of drugs and narcotics to U.S. servicemen. The Soviets
and Czechs worked with the North Vietnamese to produce narcotics in North
Vietnam. The products were shipped through Thailand and via the Viet Cong to
the U.S. forces in the south. By 1967, the Soviet intelligence services estimated
that the use of drugs against the U.S. soldiers had become even more effective
than it had been in the Korean War.
In 1967 the Soviets directed an intensification of the narcotics war in Cuba
and throughout Latin America, in technology theft operations, against a new
class the Soviets had just identified, the "technical elite", and against the U.S.
and NATO military forces as Savinkin explained, to corrupt the officers,
recruit agents, and impair the functioning of soldiers. In the fall, Moscow again
summoned all the satellite intelligence chiefs to a meeting to receive
instructions to speed the exploitation of the many opportunities that had
become available, especially the growing antagonism of the youth of America.
Over the past fifteen years international narcotics trafficking has multiplied
manyfold. It now has solid roots in all Latin American countries. It has corrupted
countless Latin American officials, and one must assume many in the United
States as well, and has led to the brutal torture and murder of U.S. DEA agents
and to the ruthless killing of public officials who have attempted to resist the
drug dealers, most notably the 24 justices in Colombia. It has become married
to international terrorism, whose links to the Soviet Union the U.S. Government
also remains reluctant to confront. And, drug-associated corruption has
become one of the principal means of Soviet agent recruitment through
blackmail and intimidation. This, on top of the magnitude of the domestic
problems, is why fighting the drug business has become so important.

The Era of Dtente: the U.S. Cover up of Soviet Drug Trafficking

Unfortunately, while government efforts to combat the drug and narcotics
problem have steadily increased over the past thirty years, drug trafficking has
increased even faster. This is not so surprising when we recognize that the
government efforts do not take into account the principal sponsors and
organizers of international narcotics trafficking: the Soviet Union and
Communist China. How can the United States expect to combat effectively the
drug and narcotics problem until we first become willing to acknowledge the
major role played by Communist countries, especially the role of the Soviet
Union? The answer is, we cannot.
However, it is tragic that recognizing the essence of Soviet strategy does not
appear to be in the cards. U.S. policy is governed by political and financial

interests that want to see business with the Soviet-bloc nations increased. To
manage this expansion of dtente, it is important that the Soviets be seen in
the best light, and this means not allowing any adverse publicity to see the light
of day and avoiding anything that might be considered confrontational or antiSoviet.
U.S. policy ignores what the Soviets mean by the word "peace" (that is, the
state achieved when all democratic societies have been destroyed). Ideology is
unimportant to U.S. policy-makers, especially Marxist-Leninist ideology. There is
no recognition of Soviet strategy that is designed to bring about our destruction
using all possible means and tactics. And above all, the U.S. policy community
refuses to recognize the Soviet use of what may be their most powerful weapon
in their drive to cripple our society: drugs and narcotics.

America and the Soviet Union are in the era of Dtente II. Ronald Reagan calls
the Soviets and their leader Gorbachev our "new partner in building a better
world". George Shultz and Frank Carlucci are negotiating the disarmament of
America even as Ron and Nancy toast vodka under the Soviet flag in Moscow
with Mikhail and Raisa. William Verity and top American business leaders seek
to increase aid, trade and high technology transfer to the Soviets, far above the
fourfold increase which has already occurred during the Reagan era. And the
U.S. Congress has just voted overwhelmingly (i.e., 93 to 5) to implement an INF
treaty which will disarm Western Europe and set the stage for a collapse of
NATO, the neutralization of Western Europe, and perhaps Soviet invasion over
the next 3 - 5 years. And while there is great celebration among American
leaders, the Soviet orchestrated drug network is pumping billions of dollars of
drugs into America to demoralize and alienate our youth, to corrupt our leaders,
to undermine our will to resist, and to set America up for the fall.
Meanwhile, as our Congress, our President (Mr. Reagan) and
his astrologer wife, and the media are celebrating their INF victory and the
new era of peace, accommodation, brotherhood and partnership which has
emerged with the Soviets, we are reminded of another great celebration which
occurred in a corrupt and decadent era in ancient Babylon (Daniel 5). King
Belshazzar was throwing a lavish banquet to celebrate the greatness and
invincibility of his kingdom. Suddenly there was a large hand which began to
write on the wall: Mene, Tekel, Upsarin. The prophet Daniel was called in to
interpret the writing: Mene God has numbered the days of your reign and
brought it to an end; Tekel You have been weighed on the scales and found
wanting; Upsarin your kingdom is divided and given to the Medes and
Persians. Daniel 5:30 records: "That very night Belshazzar, king of the
Babylonians, was slain and Darius the Mede took over the kingdom."

Our Globe Under Siege, Part III, by Robert Morris.

This is the second revised and updated version of the author's authoritative and
urgent warning to the United States and the Free World. The Communist goal of
world domination is continuously advancing. The author explains the nature of
the war that Communist Russia has even at this moment been waging for over
40 years. He points out the dangers of Communist disinformation and
propaganda. It is very late. Today we are surrounded around the world and still
retreating. This book is the result of over 40 years' research. Available
from Catholic Books Online.