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Country Roads A Virtual Band Arrangement by Jay Buckey www jaybuckey com This well know song is and old standard ‘sing along’ tune. Key of By John Denver Verse: 6 Em D Oty = : = : a SSS oe tee oa te oe ‘Al = most heav- en West Vir = gin - ia Blue - ridge Al my memes, gath - er ‘round her min ers [2 a ae mae ok Cc G6 ie + F = & E aS = - ns : ze | ee i a B re Em D Cc GS 4 ede fe ee SS = é F Old = er than the trees Younger than the moun tans. Blow - ing ike breeze, Coun - try paint-ed on the sly. mis = ty taste of moon ~ shine, tear -drope in my eyes. 4 t me 2 t 2 23° 2. 2 2 : 2 fo oO: 2 vg =U pea U Chorus: D Em For more great Banjo arrangements with play along recordings, be sure to visit www jaybuckey.com There you will find a complete list of Book/CD packages for the beginner to more advanced player. Matching volumes are also available for the Fiddle, Banjo, Dobro, Bass, Guitar and Mandolin This site is updated regularly so be sure to check back often! www.jaybuckey.com be = long West Vir = agin = a Moun = tain hear her voice, the morn - ing hour she calls. me. io D Em F 2 SSS == SSS + 4 4 4 4 A 4 q z i f t i EE i oy me 12S Pp ee a oo U c Gc D To chorus: feel-in’ that 1 should have home yes ter ~ day, ‘Coun = try 0 pe ,