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Architecture (C.S.P.A)
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Revit 2015 Basics Multiple choice questions.

50 Marks

1. A tool used to line up two things with each other?

a. Move
b. Stretch
c. Align
d. Grips move
2. What format can Revit import from AutoCAD as a template for a building
a. DWG
b. DAG
c. PDF
d. EPS
3. Scale drawing of a horizontal section through a building at a given level?
a. Floor Plan
b. Ceiling Plan
c. Building Elevation
d. Legends
4. When editing a wall's properties, changing the wall to Exterior Brick on
Mtl. Stud is an example of editing the walls ________.
a. Kind
b. Family
c. Type
d. Group
5. To change the properties of all of a Family of doors in a building, use the
___________ Properties:
a. Adjustment
b. Type
c. Modify
d. Clone

6. The two types of columns available are:

7. The Shape of wall can change in ____________which Mode.
a. Ribbon Mode
b. Sketch Mode
c. Option Mode
d. Revit application mode
8. Door is ____________ by a wall?
a. Medium
b. Support
c. Host
d. Component
9. Which bar do you use to set the scale of a drawing/view?
a. Work set
b. Design bar
c. Scale bar
d. View control bar
10. Which tool will break a wall into two smaller pieces?
a. Split gap
b. Split element
c. Cut geometry
d. Edit profile
11. You use the ______________tool to create a new floor plan level when
in an elevation view.
a. Floor
b. Level
c. Elevation
d. Reference plane
12. Which key can you use to cycle through selection options?
a. Tab

b. Shift
c. Ctrl shift
d. Right click
13. Which button do you use to bring object families that you got from the
internet into your drawing?
a. Load
b. Family load
c. Load family
d. Insert
14. When two objects, such as walls, do not touch, which tool do you use
to connect them (not
dragging...same as fillet in AutoCAD).
a. Stretch
b. Moving
c. Trim or extend
d. Grips
15. What feature allows you to develop different ideas?
Bar name:16. Commonly used tools can be placed on the ______________ to speed up
work flow.
a. Speed Use Toolbar
b. Quick Help Menu
c. Ribbon Flow
d. Quick Access Toolbar

17. The two types of columns available are:

a. Real and fake
b. Architectural and cosmetic
c. Structural and architectural

d. New and existing

18. To change the properties of all of a Family of doors in a building, use the
___________ Properties:
a. Adjustment
b. Type
c. Modify
d. Clone

19. To change the appearance of one surface of a wall, assign a new material
a. Choice
b. Face
c. Object
d. Exterior
20. To insert a window into a curtain wall, you must do the following:
a. Change one or more panels into walls
b. Identify the panels with a tag
c. Convert the material type to solid
d. Add a new wall in front of the curtain wall

Q1. Make five types of boundary walls and create some

elegant design for client?
Boundary wall design having height 8-0 and length 45-0.

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