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Chief Investigator

April 2015 Issue 5

Professor Khalid Khan

Project lead

Welcome to the nal edion of the PREP newsleer. In

this issue, we will provide an update on the study and
outline the next steps to close out the study at sites.
Website: www.blizard.qmul.ac.uk/research-genera*on/324-prep

An extra special...

Professor Shakila
Senior Trials Manager

Dr Julie Dodds
Study Coordinator

John Allotey
Data Assistant

Thank you for your outstanding contribution and for all your hard work on
the PREP study. We have had the involvement of 51 hospitals and their research teams who recruited more than one thousand women to the study.
We had very little losses to follow up and are extremely pleased to announce
that data entry and data cleaning for the PREP study is now complete! It
would not have been possible without your much appreciated hard work and
co-operation. Thank you especially for helping us with the final stages of data
querying for the PREP follow-up forms and close-out calls.

Malika Barakat
Research Assistant

Study update

Sian Newton
Womens Health Research Unit
CPCPH, Blizard Instute
Barts and The London
School of Medicine and Denstry
Yvonne Carter Building
58 Turner Street
London E1 2AB
0207 882 6048

The last paent was recruited on the 31st of April 2014

Data cleaning and querying completed with the help of research midwives and research teams at parcipang sites
Close out teleconferences held for all parcipang sites in preparaon
for archiving
The REC and sponsor have been noed on the study end
Data analysis, model development and internal validaon has been
The nal HTA report is due on 14th of May 2015
Sites can now proceed with archiving of study documents


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PREP sites
Birmingham City
Birmingham Womens
Blackpool Victoria
Bradford Royal Inrmary
Chestereld Royal
City General
Cumberland Inrmary
Furness General
Glan Clwyd
James Cook
Kings Mill
Leeds General Inrmary
Leicester Royal Inrmary
Lincoln County
Liverpool Womens
New Cross
Newham University
North Devon District
No>ngham City
Queen Alexandra, Portsmouth
Queen Elizabeth, Gateshead
Queens, Burton
Queens, Romford
Queens Medical Centre
Royal Cornwall
Royal Free
Royal London
Royal Shrewsbury
Royal Victoria Inrmary
Russells Hall
St. Georges
Staordshire General
Sunderland Royal
University of Wales
West Cumberland
West Middlesex Univ.
Wexham Park
Whipps Cross
Worcestershire Royal

We can now proceed with archiving

of study documents at site. If not
already done so, please provide the
study oce with details of where
local archiving will be.

Facts and figures

The PREP study is the largest study on women with early onset preeclampsia
53 sites open to the study with 51 sites recruing at least 1 paent
3302 paents screened for inclusion in the study
1106 eligible women recruited to the study
8 parcipants lost to follow up

Use the clues to think of the words that contain PREP.
1) Not in a ready enough state for a task. (13 letters)
2) To be of greater number or importance. (12 letters)
3) To take place before feeding. (11 letters)
4) A sum of money given prior to receiving the goods. (10 letters )
5) To take on the American fashion trend associated with private universities. (6 letters)

PREP hospital site anagrams.

1) Poets Win Backlash
2) Hail Moose Jackpots
3) Sly Watchdog Nip All
4) Pilgrims hot Pail
5) Pile Hot Thousands

Thank you to Action on Pre-Eclampsia

We would also like to express our thanks to APEC, a UK charity dedicated to
raising awareness of pre-eclampsia and have continually supported the PREP

Follow us on twitter!
Keep an eye out for updates on PREP and other trials at the
Womens Health research unit on Twier (using
#prepstudy) on the Katherine Twining Network Twier
page @KT_Network
Quiz Solutions: Underprepared, Preponderate, Preprandial, Prepayment, Preppy
Wansbeck Hospital, James Cook Hospital, Glan Clwyd Hospital, Pilgrim Hospital, Southend Hospital

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