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The professional learning of teachers is an ongoing process of knowledge building and skill

development in effective teaching practice Medical education has expanded by leaps and
bounds since the apprentice or Medical residency system of my training days. I was
fascinated to learn that there are now full time medical educators with their own professional
bodies, journals and conferences. In the context of our discussion, it was suggested that
being an excellent competent doctor does not necessarily mean that he or she will be an
excellent competent teacher. A question was asked whether teachers are born or made. With
the proliferation of Internet and multimedia every one has the right to information, we teachers
live with greater challenges than in the past, our students are well communicated, however
we have to be sound with basics and principle of the subject we teach or we are lost in the
sea of knowledge, and in this process the Teachers are just ignored, Sadly, our education
system is fraught with grand ideas that are not supported by research and have not been
subject to robust discussions of future outcomes. remain a greater challenge even to the
developed countries. To teach all students according to todays standards, teachers need to
understand subject matter deeply and flexibly so they can help students create useful
cognitive maps, relate one idea to another, and address misconceptions. Teachers need to
see how ideas connect across fields and to everyday life. This kind of understanding provides
a foundation for pedagogical content knowledge that enables teachers to make ideas
accessible to others. If you are a Medical teacher we have greater responsibility to integrate
our teaching with clinical scenarios it was decades that our syllabus was made patient
oriented and many question are clinically oriented, I wish that I will teach a clinical situation to
my students which they may face in future practice or emergency. We can make the better of
our class teaching or seminar with structured Teaching as Content knowledge called the
"structure of knowledge"the theories, principles, and concepts of a particular discipline.
Especially important is content knowledge that deals with the teaching process, including the
most useful forms of representing and communicating content and how students best learn
the specific concepts and topics of a subject. "If beginning teachers are to be successful, they
must wrestle simultaneously with issues of pedagogical content (or knowledge) as well as
general pedagogy (or generic teaching principles)" To help all students learn, teachers need
several kinds of knowledge about learning. They need to think about what it means to learn
different kinds of material for different purposes and how to decide which kinds of learning are
most necessary in different contexts. Teachers must be able to identify the strengths and
weaknesses of different learners and must have the knowledge to work with students who
have specific learning problems or needs. Teachers need to know about curriculum resources
and technologies to connect their students with sources of information and knowledge that
allow them to explore ideas, acquire and synthesise information, and frame and solve
problems. And teachers need to know about collaborationhow to structure interactions
among students so that more powerful shared learning can occur; how to collaborate with
other teachers; If teachers investigate the effects of their teaching on students learning and if
they read about what others have learned, we can know when we are correcting the students
answers in the sectional examination they become sensitive to variation and more aware of
what works for what purposes and in what situations. Training in inquiry also helps teachers
learn how to look at the world from multiple perspectives and to use this knowledge to reach
diverse learners. At the heart of effective content teaching is the teachers pedagogical
content knowledge. If we are to improve the quality of teaching and learning in critical core
content areas, we need to resist some old traditions in professional learning. I believe good
teachers are people who have a desire to teach. Therefore good doctors who want to teach
will be good teachers. The reverse is also true if we do not practice teaching as a art to be
perfected with knowledge and dedication? The Answer to the question Are Teachers Born or
Made? Maybe the answer lies in the middle. Teachers are both made and born


Ref Teachers in Depth content knowledge Shulman (1986, 1987, 1992)
Dr.T.V.Rao MD Professor of Microbiology Freelance writer