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The Background of Global Warming

We know that global warming is such a disaster for our country and for our world that
give a serious problem for our next human generation. Global Warming is a reason why
our world temperature is getting hot. Nowadays the temperature take about more than 30
degrees Celsius, and with that number of temperature the ice in South Pole and North Pole
are getting melt, and in my opinion slow but sure that the ice in South Pole, North Pole and
Greenland will be vanish, because of the ice melt processing, the sea level in our world
getting higher, and the area in the world that still under the sea level will be troubled for
flood. As a result, our world temperature is getting hot because of the use of cars emission
and industry pollution that waft about in our earth atmosphere and make the ozone
decreasing, so the sun light can break through the earth ozone and trapped in earth
atmosphere until the earth become more hot than usual. There are a lot of bad impacts for
our world if we dont stop the process of the global warming now. First, we will be lost
much land and many areas in the world that still under sea level will be troubled for flood.
Many people will lose their home because no one wants to live in a dangerous place.
Second, the environment will be shattered, weather and climate in each places will be
changed without permission. And the last is we will not breathe with a fresh air again. We
should stop global warming as soon as possible, how to do that by reduce the use of cars
emission and should find the new alternate energy that good for our environment. Second,
we should stop chop down the trees with big quantity, because the trees can reduce the
pollution by released Carbon dioxide. Third, we should put the garbage in the right place,
and do replanting the trees, every each house in the world must put one tree standing in
their garden in case to reduce the pollution. Global warming is familiar for Indonesian
people and even the worlds people because of these issues will determine our future and
future generations. Most of the future for all people is not the same as losing the election or
losses in the stock market, and I stand here to represent the next generation and the animals
are dying due to countless lost habitat.

B. A Glance about Global Warming

Global warming is an increase in the temperature of the earths surface and are the
result of the green house effect. The green house effect is a term to define trapped carbon
dioxide which causes the earth to the heat. Then, the global warming will much more and
the climate on the earth will continue to be hotter. You certainly feel that the current
temperatures on earth are so hot during the day. Then, we all must be thinking that there is
a problem with the climate change where everything becomes unpredictable. The season
that occurs in our earth cannot be predicted anymore as happened a few years ago. You
need to know that those irregularities are caused by global warming. In detail, the global
warming caused by human activity. Today, there are so many factories are built. It means
that they are going to produce carbon dioxide as their waste. When they are built more and
more, then the more carbon dioxide is produced. Meanwhile, plant is the only element that
can absorb the carbon dioxide and then convert it into oxygen. However, the plants that are
on the earth continue to decrease due to illegal logging, forest fires, and the diversion of
forest as a place of human lodging area. All of those makes the number of plants continue
to decrease and are not able to absorb all the carbon dioxide maximally. As a result, carbon
dioxide trapped in the earth and makes our earth becomes hotter. One of the visible effects
of global warming is the polar ice continues to melt so they can flood the coast line in the
entire world. There are various things you can do to combat the global warming. First,
planting at least one tree on your yard. When one home has one tree, then from 1000
homes, there will be 1000 trees. It was almost the same as a large forest area. Then, the tree
that you plant in the yard can make your home comfortable and cool. Therefore, soon after
you are read this article, and then plant any tree in front of your house and do not cut down
the trees carelessly. Second, you are advised to reduce the use of private vehicles. Of
course you know that vehicles produce carbon dioxide. A growing number of private
vehicles, makes the carbon dioxide is produced much more than before. Meanwhile,
carbon dioxide is the main cause of global warming. It requires us to use public transport
instead of private vehicles so that the number of private vehicles using can be reduced.
Third, you should use a home ventilation rather than air conditioning. When you use the air
conditioning, then there will be a CFC gas and it makes global warming intensity
increases. Use the adequate ventilation, then planting a few trees in your yard, so it will
make your house cooler. Global warming could cause the sinking of the islands, in the
extreme climate changes. Maybe later all grandchildren will be afraid to be in the sun

because of the holes in the ozone. They are also afraid to breathe because they do not know
what chemicals are carried by air. All this happened in front of us and although we still act
as if we still have a lot of time and all the solutions. Severn Cullies-Suzuki is one of the
observers of environmental issues that concern with the issue of Global Warming. He
began his career at the age of 9 years with the organization founded the Environmental
Childrens Organization (ECO), an organization dedicated to learning and teaching kids
about environmental issues of Life. In 1992, He was with friends ECO raise funds to attend
the World Summit in Rio De Janeiro. There Severn Suzuki presents a speech about
environmental issues in front of delegates countries. Imagine 12 years to bring a speech in
front of important people in the world and managed to gain extraordinary appreciation.

C. The Causes and Impacts of Global Warming

In general, there are many things that can trigger the emergence of global warming. The
use of excessive fossil fuels due to the increasing number of transportation became one of
the main factors. In addition, livestock and agriculture sectors also contribute to excessive
methane gas as fertilizers and so forth. Fertilizers that are used contain chemicals that do
not only damage the lining of the air, but also the soil, water, and the food production.
Furthermore, the thing that becomes the factor of global warming of the existence of largescale forest clearance for the construction of various public facilities, such as buildings,
roads, housing, schools, hospitals, and so on. Global warming has become a hot issue in
the all country. The impact of global warming is very dangerous for the environment.
However, there are still many people who think that global warming is just a mere issue
and have no influence to our earth in the future. Though, there have been many signs of
nature that arise as a result of global warming. The increasing of sea level has occurred in
many areas of the world. This increase is caused by the melting of polar ice caps due to the
excessive heat of the earth. In addition, we can easily see a lot of storms, hurricanes, and
tornado in various areas of the world. The global warming also makes a lot of farms
experiencing crop failures that decrease the food supplies.
Carbon dioxide emissions from the burning of gasoline in vehicles
Vehicles that we use are the source of approximately 33% of emissions. It affects to the
increasing of global warming. With the number of people which have been growing until
touch the alarming rate, of course, it will increase the demand for vehicles more and more.

It means the use of fossil fuels for transportation and plant will be growing fast. When it
has increased so high, then the best way is reducing the use of vehicle and choose the
public transportation.
Carbon dioxide emissions from electrical generator
The increasing use of electricity supplied from coal power releases a large amount of
carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. 40 % of CO2 emissions generated by the production
of U.S., and 93 percent of which comes from coal combustion emissions in the utility
industry. Each day, the market is flooded with more and more gadgets which need power
usage, but it is not supported by an alternative energy. Thus we will hang more on burning
coal for electricity supply throughout the world.
Methane emissions from farms and the Arctic seabed
Methane is a greenhouse gas that is very strong which stands one level below the CO2.
When organic matter is broken down by bacteria in low oxygen (anaerobic decomposition)
then the methane will be generated. This process also occurs in the intestines of
herbivorous animals, and with the increasing amount of concentrated livestock production,
the level of methane that released into the atmosphere will increase. Other sources of
methane is methane clathrate which is a compound containing a large amount of methane
which is trapped within the structure of icebergs. If the methane is out of the Arctic seabed,
the rate of global warming will increase significantly.
Deforestation, especially tropical forests which used for wood,
pulp, and farmland
The use of forests for fuel (both wood and charcoal) is one of the causes of
deforestation. Worldwide consumption of wood and paper products has been increasing
fast in many decades. Also, the use of tropical forest lands for commodities like oil palm
plantations is also become a major cause of deforestation in the world. It would result the
release of carbon in the large amounts into the atmosphere.
The rise of sea level around the world

Scientists predict that the sea level rise is due to the melting of two massive ice sheets
in Antarctica and Greenland, especially on the east coast of the U.S.. Many countries
around the world will feel the effects of rising sea levels. It could force millions of people
to search for a new home. Maldives is one of the countries that the people need to find a
new home which is due to the rising sea levels.
D. The Solutions to Reduce Global Warming
To reduce the effects of global warming which have been rampant, you can try to do a
variety of the following tips. First, choose energy-saving lamps as the lighting at your
home. Energy saving lamps has a slightly more expensive price than ordinary light bulbs,
but the energy needed to light up is far less than the bulb. In addition, this type of lamp is
also more durable and long lasting.
Second, do not forget to turn off the lights when they are not in use. When paying bills,
you can choose to pay online. This method is claimed to be far more economical than
paying directly. You can save the use of paper used as the noted invoice. You will also save
the fuel of your vehicles when do the manual payment.
Third, computers and laptops are the most used things in every home. You need to always
turn the device off when they are not in use. You can choose to use a blank screen saver in
order for saving more energy.
Fourth, when shopping, bring your own shopping bags which are made of cloth. Avoid
using plastic bags given by shopping center. Plastic is a material that is hard to be
processed naturally by the environment. It took hundreds of years to decompose it.
Fifth, to have a friendly environment, you can use a bicycle which will also be good for
your health. In addition, you have to always keep the condition of the tap in your home to
keep it in good condition. Based on existing research, a broken tap is able to make
hundreds of liters water wasted in vain. Though, the amount of water that can be used on
earth is not much anymore. Last, try to always fill the courtyard with trees. Trees can
release oxygen which makes the air to be fresh.