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Grace is upon to the God, with his blessing, I can finish my Additional
Mathematics Project Work. Of course, it was very hard work but the
project was most interesting. I have learned a lot from it besides having a
chance to sharpen my computer skill. But then again, all of this would not
have been possible without a few people in my life.

Firstly, I would like to thank God with all my heart for helping me to
finish my project within the time limit. Thanks to God for blessing me with
a clear understanding of this project, dedicated teachers, helpful parents
and the plentiful resources available to me. Of course, they are just too
many blessing that I were to mention them all, the list would never be
The most important person is none other than my add maths teacher,
Mr .MAHANDRAN A/L GOVINDARAJ. He always strives to give us the
best. The next person who played major role in helping me to complete
my project is my parents; they have been very helpful and extremely
supportive of me. I would like also to thank to both of my parents for the
financial support they have given to me.
Last but not least, I would like to thank to all my friends, especially to my
closer friends for giving and sharing information with me. Thank you.

It is a tool which will allow you to transform non-straight line equation to straight line
equation so that you can plot a straight line.
It is about non-linear functions in variables of X and y that can be reduced to linearfunctions
in the form :
Y = mX + c where m = gradient, c = Y -intercept & X and Y are expressions in terms of x and
/or y.
In research work, when two variables are believed to be related, a set of corresponding
values is obtained.
This set of values can then be used to draw a graph of series of points .
If all the points are found to lie on the same straight line, the law relating the twovariables
can be easily derived (Y = mX + c). This law is used to predict further valueswhich, in turn,
serve to confirm the law experimentally.
However, not all experimental results obey a simple straight line law.
Thankfully, with a little manipulation, most non-linear relationship can be converted to
asimple straight line function; and that's where Linear Law comes in.

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