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My Levels of Motivation
Crisostomo, Judy Ann, Pili
March 21, 2015

Summary There are seven levels of human

motivation: level 1 survival, level 2
relationship, level 3 self-esteem, level 4
transformation, level 5 internal cohesion, level
6 making a difference and level 7 service. In
each of these levels, there is a particular need
that we strive to achieve, which then determine
how we operate. Levels 1 to 3 are concerned
with the needs of our ego. Level 4 is about
personal transformation. Levels 5 to 7 is
concerned about our sense of purpose and
working on it. In everything that we do,
satisfying our needs becomes our motivation.



I act with motivation at different levels. My

decisions are grounded on satisfying my needs at
a particular level. The table below shows based on
which levels do I function and based on which
level do I primarily operate. A discussion also
follows on what characteristics I possess that
supports how I act motivated at different levels.
Table 1
My Levels of Motivation

Level 1: A Characteristic in this Level that

Explains My Results
Frugal- One of the many reasons that I chose to
leave home and work abroad is financial
gain. I need it because I cant always be
dependent to my parents for me to
survive. Finally earning and living on my
own, proper allocation of money is a
challenge especially that I am also sending
money back home and I am saving too. I
just realize that people earning abroad
have always the tendency to spend more
than we should. Maybe because we are
overwhelmed by the amount that we get,
leaving us confident that we have much
money to spend. Good thing I was raised
to not live in luxury. So while I am here, I

buy everything that I need and some

things that I really want. While I strive to
be frugal, I make sure that I have all that I
will be needing and I dont deprive myself
of things that will make me happy, never
excessive though. Efforts to satisfy my
physiologic needs really matter to me.
Level 2: A Characteristic in this Level that
Explains My Results
Understanding- All individuals are different and
the differences can affect relationships. I
know people would not like to be around
me if I am such an inconsiderate or
intolerant person. For example in any
discussion at work, I always listen to
others ideas or opinions, consider them
and think about their value. I recognize the
fact that there could be ideas that are
better than mine and these can actually be
more appropriate. I know how human
reaction works, when we are not heard and
considered because someone seem to be
has high regard of his own ideas, we feel
unvalued, sometimes even offended. This
can never foster a good working
relationship then. Another example, if I
found someone has done something
wrong, I dont allow myself to recklessly
overreact. I will figure out first what had
really happened and if reasonable, I will try
to understand. I believe that when we are
not that hard on others we get more
chances of building good relationships and
maintaining them.
Level 3: A Characteristic in this Level that
Explains My Results
Self-assured- I remember what I have said
before, that theres nothing wrong about
feeling good about our own selves, that
actually we should. Working, it gives me a
sense of satisfaction when I am able to
finish a task, especially when I am finally
able to see the fruits of my labor. Its like
everything paid off, time and effort. It is
even more satisfying when the one that I
had accomplished is actually a difficult
one. It becomes satisfying also when I am
appreciated by others. For me, being

explicitly recognized for what I have done

or for what I do is a validation from others.
And truly, it feels good. Its really nice
when people appreciate my work, my
contribution, my service and my efforts. It
makes me feel desirable and valuable. I
believe everyone harbors recognition at
some points of our lives and I must admit
sometimes I do work for it. But then if no
one recognizes, its fine. Recognition is just
a bonus. Because after all, I know who I
am, what I did, and what can I do.
Level 4: A Characteristic in this Level that
Explains My Results
Self-aware- I move about knowing what are my
strengths and weaknesses. Many are
painfully aware of weaknesses that hold
them back. Yet, surprisingly, they are
unaware of their many strengths. We need
to know ourselves and what we can do and
recognize that they are all important to
make a difference in relation to our
personal growth and success. It is only
when we become aware of them that we
can begin to work around and make the
most of them. In the same way, we need
to be aware of our weaknesses, because it
is only then that we can work on them, do
something about them which consequently
will make us better. When I know I am
good about something, I am really
motivated to do it because I know it will
really be fulfilling.
Level 5: A Characteristic in this Level that
Explains My Results
Committed- I know what I want to happen in my
life and I strive to stay committed to it
through my actions and decisions. Like
what I have shared previously, I have been
to a dilemma and what helped me is
keeping true to what I am passionate
about, that at the end of the day I was
motivated to pursue a career that I wanted
since the beginning, a career that will
allow me to touch other peoples lives.
Also, I find a sense of purpose in serving
Especially these days that I am capable, all
I really want is to let them live a life that
they really deserve, and they deserve only
the best. More than the material things
though, I want to make them realize that
they raised a good woman. And so, making
these happen drives me through life. This
is my primary mode of motivation
especially that this is encompassing of the
many things that I want. My commitment
to my sense of purpose guides me in every

decision that I am making and every action

that I am taking. It is when I consider this
that I take a journey towards the kind of
life that I want to live.
Level 6: A Characteristic in this Level that
Explains My Results
Hardworking- They said if we are not willing to
roll up our sleeves and dig in, the
likelihood of us actually making a
difference cannot be that big. The
message is simple, we cannot achieve
something if we will not work on it. Every
plan or goal that goes beautifully in our
mind will not be significant if we dont put
them in action. I remember back then, yes
I wanted to be productive and help my
family, but there was really a period of
time then that I was not that eager to seek
a good job. It is only when I was able to
remind and convince myself about what I
truly want to happen in my life that I
became very motivated to find a job.
Another thing, I recognize that it is truly a
struggle to work abroad and as a nurse,
but this is all part of the career path that I
chose. After all, it is through this, that I
know I will be able to directly make a
difference in the lives of the people, of my
patients in particular.
Level 7: A Characteristic in this Level that
Explains My Results
Compassionate- Since then, I already have a
soft heart to those I realize are really in
need. I remember when I was in high
school, I gave a pitiful old man a gift on a
new years day. I always got to see him
somewhere around the terminal where I
get on a vehicle going home. This is a
simple act of kind service to others that I
did and I wont forget. And when I became
a nurse, I always get struck by certain
patients. Consequently, I try harder to
give the best care I can give and I mean
doing the best that I can do. Im not only
concerned about the routine checking of
vital signs, administering medications and
other routine activities but I am also
concerned about making them feel a little
better, making them comfortable, and
things like that. Sometimes I would think
that I am overly affected, but I come to
compassionate nurse serving my patients
who truly deserve such kind of care.


Share the results of your Part 1 with three or
four other people who know you well to see if they
agree with you and if necessary adjust your
results in Part 1. Then state in this paragraph the
importance of having commitments you want to
make to yourself with regards to your future
Level 1- I will continue being a wise and practical
spender. Being wise and practical, to
simply reiterate, does not mean depriving
myself of the things I need. I will work hard
and earn what I deserve. When the need
arises, I will not doubt on using what I have
worked for just to satisfy it. It is one way of
proving that I work to live and never the
other way around. I will also provide myself
privilege of temperate self-gratification.
Depending on an achievement I have, I will
reward myself with things I truly deserve.
This is an opportunity to experience a little
luxury in a world of practicality. All these
things will make me feel that working is
not all about demanding to give out
service alone. It is always best to see the
positive side of working being able to
earn and afford the things we werent able
to before.
Level 2- I will see through the possibility of
forging connections with various kinds of
people and groups. I will seek answers to
questions I shall bravely ask. I will the art
Commitment to relationship allows me to
be prepared to adjust to new connections.
We all live in a world of linkages. In one
way or another, we all affect each other. It
is then imperative to learn how to deal
with various people. Be it that we start
loving or hating, it is best to know which
bar keeps us from the standard of
propriety we personally adhere to and the
society accepts as well. Without being
committed to relationships, we may fail at
a certain stage in our life. It is because the
primary fuel that drives each of us is also
one another. Thus goes the saying, no man
is an island.
Level 3- I will constantly keep myself reminded of
the many reasons why I should be happy
about the life that I have. Despite
hardships in living, I will see through all
positivity and just simply dust-off any dust
of doubt on my ability to handle difficult
situations. This will enable me to
continuously trust in my independence as
an individual. Independence drives the





body and spirit towards many horizons. My

failures will not cast a shadow on my road
ahead. Commitment to self-esteem keeps
us human erring yet resilient.
4- I will continue to accept honest and
objective criticisms from many people.
Listening well to other people will help me
move forward. Instead of being passive
towards what other people say about me, I
will treat each seriously. Despite that, I will
still maintain self-trust one that makes
me discern and be firm on my choice and
be little affected of others, especially if
their judgments are crossing the bar of
propriety and reasonableness.
5- I will hold stronger to my vision. I will
ensure that every single effort I make each
day contributes to me getting to the place
I want to be. If I adhere to this, I will gather
solid fruits of labor and never installment
prices reaped by those who do not really
know what they want in life.
6- I will instill to myself a deeper value as
regards perseverance and diligence. I will
keep my standards and continually strive
to exceed expectations. Through this, I can
assure myself that I am always at my best.
I cannot make a real difference if my own
feelings towards myself are filled with
doubts simply because I am sure I have
not really given my all.
7- I will seek for more opportunities to
serve. In a world where it is very possible
to live in an entirely isolated space, I will
defy boundaries and start being a more
active member of the community where I
belong. I will defy passivity and cling to
responsibility and accountability. These will
make me realize the value of living not just
for self but also for others.


It is good to know that I have a full grasp of my

needs as a person, and at different levels I find a
motivation to satisfy them. I come to understand
more my thoughts and behaviors, that they are in
fact considerate of identified needs. I realized
then that when I feel unmotivated, I just need to
think that while I am not working on something
that I need to do, I have a need that is not being
met. And at the end of the day, unmet needs can
cause me problems. Self-motivation is important
to push me to achieve my goals and to help me
work on personal development. It is also good to
know that at this point of my life, I am already
striving to satisfy my higher needs to feel more