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Company Profile
Dawar Group is indebted to its people for their unflinching support
and dedication.
They have stood by us in our good, bad and ugly times. They have
crafted some of the finest shoes for most of the top names in
international footwear and fashion industry. They have made us a
force to reckon with in the fiercely competitive global footwear
We, at our end, have not failed them either .To begins with; we have
provided them with a world class-working environment envied by
many in the industry.
Its a hazard free, airy, well lit and well built working facility we are
talking about with clean toilets and adequate drinking water.
Its a facility them encourages performances by its ambience. Hot
Indian summer is hardly a distraction. Their health is a matter of
concern to us. Medical check-ups by qualified doctors are organized
at regular intervals to monitor their health and welfare.

Then, there is a cafeteria for people where they get subsidized food
items. There is a volleyball court in the front amidst sprawling greens.
It has witnessed many a competitive in house tourneys. It is important
for our people to know the joy of winning and the agony of losing to
each other. But together they make a formidable team of 800 strong
and highly skilled people we are proud of.
Infrastructure Powers Our Performance.
For a company to stay ahead in term of quality and competitiveness, it
has to rely on the strength of its own infrastructure and resources. We,
at Dawar Group, realized it very early. Today, we not only have a
melodeon manufacturing complex but also an array of sophisticated
machines to produce a diverse range of world-class footwear.
Beside a number of Italian Lasting Machines and German Closing
Machines, there are other machines at various stage of production.
The assembly line manufacturing enhances production and ensures
quality. On-line Quality Control Checks by seasoned professional
enable us to monitor consistency in production of a particular order.
Form shoe uppers to complete shoes, everything is produced in-house
thereby reducing production lead time and enhancing cost
effectiveness Over the years, the group has kept a study pace with
technological advance for production. It has continuously upgraded its
infrastructure to produce quality footwear.
Meet An Environment Friendly Company:
Inherent in the work culture of Dawar Group is a deep concern for
conservation & preservation of the environment. This concern is
reflected in all the activities of the group.

The sprawling greens in front of its Corporate Headquarters and

Manufacturing Facility are one such example. A modern waste
treatment plant has been installed to ensure its surroundings are not
Adequate parking facility has also being provided to the workers and
the executives.
The facility has been designed meticulously to match international
standards in terms of temperature control, noise levels etc. It has topof-the-line fire fighting arrangement. The walls in the working areas
are fitted with fire fighting equipment and fire exit routes are painted
all over the work area. The management conducts regular fire drills
from time to time. The electricity cables have been laid under the
watchful eyes professionals as per the prescribe standards.
To educate our workers regarding the use of chemicals, regular
orientation programmes are conducted. Warning signs have been
painted regarding the handling of chemicals all over the working area.
All these preventive measure are reassuring for people who work for
and around us. Our concern for our environment and the measures we
have taken to preserve it has got us an ISO 14001 certification. We are
one of the very few industries in footwear business to have got it.
Quality Is A Tangible Aspect Of Our Products
Companies go to great length to talk about the quality of their
products and the stringent measures they take to ensure it.
Well, not many manage to deliver it.
At Dawar, we look at quality from a different perspective. Concern
for quality is ingrained in our system. It is an integral part of our
thought process. And that is how it has become a tangible aspect of

our products. You can see and feel it. Quality is not talking about it; it
is doing it It should be inherent in your belief system.
Over the years, we at Dawar have evolved our own quality policy
tuned to the capabilities of our people. They produce quality because
we provide them quality environment and facilities. We lead the
crusade for quality from the front. At Dawar, quality is people driven.
A worker produces it, Professionals inspect it and together they
deliver it.
From time to time our people undergo orientation programmes
conducted with the assistance of technocrats to understand qualitative
aspects of the products we make.
To top it all, the management of Dawar Group monitors the
production process to ensure that each shoe bears Dawar seal of
Quality Always.
We Care For Our People:
Dawar family is a large and growing family. It extends beyond the
people who work for Dawar Group. Their families are also an integral
part of it.
The group shares the hopes and aspiration of its people and their
children. It goes out of its way to reward their hard work and
Saksham Dawar Memorial Trust is a small but significant step in that
direction. Its a child education program for the children of the
workers. In addition to this, it also provides monetary assistance to a
large number of its health check-ups for the families Group also
works in association with a number of NGOs to fulfill its other social
welfare commitments.

It also organizes regular of its workers.

But these efforts are not enough. There is a lot more that needs to be
done. No body workers children studying in others schools.
No one understands it more than the chairman of the group, Mr. Puran
Dawar. For him, the growth of Dawar group is inextricably related to
the social enlistment of the people who work for it. His regular
interaction with his people keeps reminding him of his mission.
Shrinking The Globe With Global Presence
Success is never a matter of desire; it is the product of hard work and
vision. The phenomenal success of Dawar Group proves it. With
effective presence in more than 40 countries and a turn over
exceeding US $ 10 Million, the group has been growing steadily.
Its success is simply a byproduct of the implicit faith and confidence
its buyers have in its capabilities. It has never let them down. And that
is because their every requirement is met as per their exact
Today, the Group exports its footwear to some of the top names in
fashion and footwear business. United Colors Of Benetton,
Lumberjack, etc. Are some of the brands it makes footwear.
For us at Dawar every customer, no matter big or small, counts.
Whenever visiting our corporate headquarters in India, each customer
is looked after well.
We have even made independent workstations for them to work with
freedom. All the workstation is equipped with modern
telecommunication facilities.
We cherish the mutually rewarding relationship we share with our
customers worldwide.

Leading From The Front

Mr. Puran Dawar, a pro-active veteran from the shoe industry, leads
Dawar Group from the front. Mr. Dawar is a widely traveled person
and has been associated with the shoe industry for more than three
decades. He understands the dynamic of shoe business and how it is
conducted in the international market.
With his clear vision and rock solid dedication, he has brought Dawar
Group this far and continues to lead it with missionary zeal.
Mr. Prem Agarwal, a seasoned professional who looks after the dayto-day affairs of the company, ably assists him.
The second rung of the management consists of a dynamic team of
young professional who handle various affairs of the company.
Plans are in the offing to the further consolidate the position of the
group by increasing production capacity and deploying new
machines. The group plans to reach out to the new and untapped
markets in the coming times.
It is Mr. Dawars concern for his people and environment related
issues that has endeared him to one and all. A visit to groups
manufacturing facility and corporate office reflects these concerns.
As the future unfolds, the Dawar Group is all set to grow further and
carve out a special niche for itself in the world market.
Advantage Dawar Group
Growth is a rewarding outcome of human endeavor and ambition.
And it has always been so over the countries. People often ask us,
What makes you click? How do you manage to be one of the top shoe
manufacturer and exporter? And what next now?

There is no single answer of these questions.

Success is invariably a combination of a lot of in-puts. Of men and
machines, management and marketing, commitments and values etc.
And perhaps more than anything else, it comes from a single-minded
dedication to a vision driven approach.
Then you also need to implement globally competitive and approved
standards for infrastructure development and environmental
preservation. We, at Dawar Group, are implementing them with a
sense of purpose.
Believe In Customer Relationship Management
In the world of footwear, Dawar Group is providing footwear with
quality, Durability and high class craftsmanship with style & comfort
for the decades. Dawar also take care of distribution in Europe,
Australia, USA & UK with its high technology and long experience in
the sector can guarantee maximum quality. We believe in customer
relationship management. One important commitment of the Dawar
Group is too guarantee all product on excellent quality price ratio.
Group consists of two units Dawar Export LSD & Dawar Footwear
Dawar Footwear Ind.: is a Government recognize export house and
engaged in the manufacture, export of mens Footwear i.e.
Classic-comfort Classic & Sport line & all types of upper.
Dawar Export LSD: Is a government recognized export house
engaged in the manufacture & export of Ladies Footwear *Fashion
*Comfort *Sporty *Woven Ankle-Mid-Long Boots, Shoes & Sandals.

Dawar is very well aware of global concern over social

problems/human condition of the producers (workers) and trying to
No child labor.
Child education programme through Saksham Dawar Memorial Trust.
Committed to NGOs for child education and improvement in social
status of the workers family.
A conducive work environment.
Health checkup through well qualified Doctors arranged twice a year.
Total work transparency in the organization.


Export & Documentation Dept.
Computer Dept.
2) OFFICE Salary / Wages & Administration Dept.
Account Dept.
House Keeping Dept.
Upper Dept. Cutting
Lasting dept.
Finishing dept.
Quality Checking dept. (Q. C.)
Packing & Dispatch Dept.

(Chairman & partner)

(General Manager)

Shoes Manufacturing Process

The company has consistently continued to be keen on the production process
called Goodyear Welted. The machine doesnt exist that can beat the hand of an
experienced person, , The material doesnt exist that can beat real leather - our
philosophy of shoe-making was learned from England, was given the unique
aesthetic eye of the Japanese, using well-chosen materials, and polished
techniques. These shoes are completed after under-going more than 200 production
steps. We constantly strive to make the best shoes ever.

Step 1. Cutting
Leather is a natural material. Different skins have their own peculiarities, and
different parts have their own orientations. We diligently check each piece of
leather and mold it into shape, then proceed to cut.

Step 2. Sewing
The point is to bring it more into 3 dimensions. Stitch is a part of
design. Stitch by stitch, we sew it with all our heart.

Step 2. Pulling Over

The last step (in forming the shoe) is to conform the sewn upper
to the placed inner sole. This process is important in determining
comfortable wear. We fit the last 1 step so that there is no
additional slack in the hand.

Step 4. Chain stitching

The rib standing between the pulled over upper and inner sole is sewn together
with welt (fine leather). That the sewing eye does not protrude is a basic feature of
the Goodyear process, and this construction gives an outstanding stability and
sense of comfort.

Step 5. Outsewing
We sew fine leather to the sole. The cork and shank which act as
a cushioning material and can be thought of as performing the
function of the backbone as thoroughly sanded. This is a process
that greatly affects the outer appearance.

Step 6. Edge Grinding

The edge of the sole is ground down with a blade revolving at
high speed. As there is no ruler the sense of the craftsman is
paramount. The technique shines as volume is given by drawing it
out and delicacy is perfected by grinding.

Step 7. Applying Coating

Hot coating is applied to the ground out leather and a face is
made, ink is the applied and polished. The bottom can be
ornamented or decorated with various types of coatings.

Step 8.Finishing Touches

Oil and dirt which attached themselves during the manufacturing

process are washed off, and the shoe is polished with cream. After
this, the insole is put in, and we finish by attaching the laces.
Finally, the shoes undergo a rigorous check.

Step 9. Branding
The brand is proof of confidence in quality.We are determined to
make good shoes using the name(Japanese-made Good
Shoes).The character
stands for Japan, and also for harmony
between people.