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From: Mike Hill <mike.hill@geminicontrol.

Date: 9 February 2015 at 13:34
Subject: Underhand Tactics by The Greens.
To: Bob Dennett <bob@seaweed.co.uk>
Cc: caroline.lucas.mp@parliament.uk
Dear Bob,
As you are fully aware there has been a nasty smear campaign on twitter and
Facebook to maximise damage to my reputation/character and to try and encourage
me robustly to stand down. I expected some trouble from Conservative Central
Office but not from The Greens! Not after last time as well.
Now I am sure (and sincerely hope) you had nothing to do with it at all Bob but your
party seems to and some green supporters seem out of control.
First there was the Philip Mitchell thing and he made it clear he was speaking as a
Green, in support of you and as a former Green Party boss. He made libellous
allegations that I was planning to profit from fracking. That it could be worth millions
if not billions of pounds to me. He stated that I wanted democratic popularity to give
me an endorsement to prop up fracking industries in other countries , even if not in
the UK ! Where does he get this stuff?
Now we have an appalling nasty campaign on social media from people who are
supposedly on our side. One even had #KillHill but that appears to have gone I am
glad to say. They are saying they are voting and supporting the Green party and you
Bob and that I am some sort of pro fracking looney who has hatched a plan with
Mark Menzies to damage the greens and make me money (billions if you believe
Green boss Mitchell). That plan is (and this I find truly astonishing) that I will stand
against you Bob to split the anti fracking vote (even though they say I am not anti
fracking at all so not sure how I would attract those votes) and so guarantee Menzies
gets in ! Then once back in Westminster Mark gets me the job of regulating the
industry!!! I mean WHAT? What are these people on? Do they think this is possible
and that being possible I and Mark and the Chancellor would be able to keep it all
The problem is people believe nonsense from this Ian Crane et al even though he
appears to be a friend of Nick Grealy (bizarrely enough). They think this nonsense is
true and are waging a viscous and nasty campaign to try and hurt me and damage
my chances as an Independent. Anybody that dares to defend me from the anti
groups up here like RAFF ( Pam Foster) gets knocked straight down by Vanessa
Vine and Crane. They are waging war on me and all that I am trying to do. Things
like below and far worse.
Ian Rowland Crane Excuse me Pam ... but Mike Hill would have known fine well that
HE would be dividing the Fylde anti-fracking community by standing against Bob
Dennett. In fact I have it on good authority that he actually had the audacity to ask
Bob Dennett to stand down! From what I heard at Wrea Green last Wednesday,
Mike Hill is NOT anti-Fracking ... he IS PRO REGULATION ... and he makes no

secret of the fact that he believes HE is the best person to establish those
4 February at 11:14 Edited 8
Now you and I know Bob that it was YOU who asked ME to stand down. I have not
asked any of the candidates to stand down as I think it is highly disrespectful. We all
have a right to stand in a democracy. On this fracking issue I have been involved a
tadge longer than you or anybody else in Lancashire if we are really going to have a
whos been in this the longest competition. All the other candidates here have all
asked me to stand down ! In addition I planned to stand some time ago. As an
Independent you have to do a huge amount of work as I have no party behind me
and I also have a business, children at school, mortgage and all the usual stuff to get
on with as well. So this has been a year in the planning Bob not a few weeks. Crane
fails to understand just what it takes to stand as an independent and chooses to be
abusive and unpleasant instead.
Theres more utter rubbish and vitriol here and frankly libellous
too: https://www.facebook.com/ian.r.crane.7/posts/650158798423163?comment_id=
I am saddened and disappointed that the Greens have sunk this low. For the record
Bob I think you are a genuine person and have a right to stand. I will never ask you
to stand down! I believe I can win this seat even though it is the 6th safest in the
country for the Conservatives. I believe I can then sort out this fracking question as
my time in parliament over the last 5 years has demonstrated. My meetings with
Ministers and MPs and SPADs and senior Civil Servants like Simon Toole have all
been very useful and rather effective. I can win what will become decisive arguments
after LCC hand over the decision on 30th April to central government. Not sure how
many times youve been inside parliament Bob and I am not judging you at all, just
trying to explain how I have been fighting on this issue, just not so much in the public
eye but insdoe Westminster and Brussels. More in the background than in a field but
highly effective nevertheless. I have also done 68 public speeches across Fylde,
Lancs, UK and EU as you know. Whilst my main role now is as an nominated expert
advisor to the TWG on BREFMTWR (inc shale) for the EU Commission, I still feel
that I could make a crucial contribution as an M.P. Hence, I will stand Bob, for my
twins and Mandy, for every family and for the whole of the Fylde.
Michael Hill C.Eng. MIET.
Telephone: +44 (0)1253 723599

+44 (0)7921 315387