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1 Quality
Quality within a business is usually defined in terms of the relation between the
customer, the process or product, and the business. Quality itself is actually not
necessarily just the quality of the product-is it good, is it pretty, is it broken-but also
has to do with the relationship between customer and process or product and the
process that is used to create and maintain that relationship. This relationship is
maintained by continual analysis and assessment, and also by anticipating and then
making sure that all needs of the customer, of the process, of the employees, and
the business are met. Company achievements may perhaps basically function as
the scope to that your business may produce a higher-quality services or products
compared to your competitors can do at that cost. While quality management
systems enables corporations maintain excellent quantities, match the consumers
prerequisites intended for great service, retain staff members by means of
competitive compensation programs and keep up with latest technology.
For Business product
Reasonable Price

Ease of Use


Simplicity of Design



Ease of Disposal

For Service provision


Understand the Customer


Some points of quality :

Quality is define by the customer and as such by time it will change, often in unexpected
It can only be addressed by every member in company or organization working together.

Quality assurance (QA) is about planned activities put in place within a high quality
method to fulfill the standard prerequisites for goods and services. It can be a

systematic measurement when compared with a set standard, with practice

monitoring utilized to prevent problems. This can be contrasted having quality
control, which focuses on practice outputs. A couple key rules of QA are generally:

Fit for purpose: product must be suitable for its purpose.

Right the first time: Mistakes needs to be eliminated.

QA contains managing the grade of raw materials, assemblies, products,

components, services linked to production, supervision processes, generation
processes, along with inspection techniques. The critical takeaway the following is
that QA equates to process observations.
Quality confidence is scored through inability testing along with statistical control.
Failure assessment determines the stress levels within which a program will fail by
subjecting it to be able to unanticipated worries, like extreme vibration, temp, and
dampness. Stress assessment uncovers problems that may be fixed having simple
changes to improve the merchandise. Statistical controls make sure that an
corporation is producing quality products at the lowest feasible defect fee. Many
organizations use 6 Sigma numbers of quality, so it is likely that an unforeseen
failure is lower forth part of a million. (QualityControlandAssurance2014)
Inspection is definitely an important tactic, in its simplest kind, is just about any
method or
device or tactics utilized to minimize problems in products or services being offered
to the
clients. As Procedures Manager we are able to identify this four issues while
Inspection process.

How often/much


Centralized or On-site

inspect Variables or Attributes

An important thing to recall is which No inspection is critical for lower value, high
products similar to common such things as common hooks, erasers or pencils
automated inspection is critical for top grade items. Automated inspection can be
necessary with
regard to even top grade, low variety items likewise. (construction managment

The actual participants within the assessment are common issued a minimum of
one position. The
actual functions within the assessment are:
- The actual Moderator
- The actual Recorder
- The actual Target audience
- Inspectors
Each participant in an inspection is an inspector. Participants can fill multiple roles
with two exceptions. The author can be neither the moderator nor the recorder.
Likewise the moderator should not serve as recorder. The author must be free to
listen to the comments as they are given and provide clarification if required. The
recorder is extremely busy documenting the potential problems and recording the
other required data.
A quality management system is a management technique used to communicate to
employees what is required to produce the desired quality of products and services
and to influence employee actions to complete tasks according to the quality
specifications.In quality management there are wide variety of views on how to do
things and what to do on those things, guidance is needed to help organization
make sense of how to follow them and put them in practice. Throughout the history
of the quality movement there have been several approaches to quality and even
the development of several organizations dedicated solely to setting standards for
quality. (what is quality managment n.d.)
Standardized system:
ISO 9000 is a quality management systems (QMS) expectations created with the
International Business for Standardization, any federation involving 132 country
wide standards body. The ISO 9000 QMS standards aren't specific to products or
services, but sign up for the processes that can cause them. The particular
standards tend to be generic with nature and so that they may be used by simply
manufacturing in addition to service industries anywhere on this planet.
An organization that would choose to have ISO certification must meet all the
criteria stated from the ISO expectations and pass actions audit performed by a
good ISO auditor. In a few industries ISO certification has turn out to be necessary;
for example, some big manufacturers involve all suppliers for being ISO certified.
While ISO certification is extremely respected, if it is not any trend in your specific
market, the further cost of certification is a deterrent to many managers. It is rather
possible for you to reach the desired quality level within the organization which has
a well planned quality program and without under-going all any additional steps
with regard to ISO certification.

QS-9000, introduced in 1994, is the ISO 9000 mixture for manufacturers to your
automotive Massive Three: DaimlerChrysler, Ford, and Normal Motors. This
particular quality management system normal contains just about all of ISO 9001:
1994, together with automotive sector-specific, Massive Three, along with other
original gear manufacturer (OEM) customer specific requirements. (arthmis 1981)
Bs5170 was developed, first were non mandatory which later became mandatory
ISO was combined with it from 1987 and have been revised twice ever since. ISO
usage has been doubled more from time period of 2000-2009;
Total quality managment
TQM generally is a management approach by which quality is normally emphasized
in every aspect in the company along with firm. Its seeks are aimed towards longterm development of top quality products. TQM breaks down every process or
hobby and emphasizes that every contributes or detracts through the quality plus
productivity in the organization with its whole. Managements component in TQM
will be to develop a good strategy that's flexible enough to be adapted to every
office, aligned because of the organizational firm objectives, and based upon
customer plus stakeholder desires. Once the actual strategy is normally defined, it
has to be the uplifting force to be deployed plus communicated for doing this to
work at all degrees of the agency. Some quantity employee empowerment can be
encompassed within the TQM strategy and usually involves just about every
departmental plus cross functional teams to be able to formulate ways of solve top
quality issues along with make tips for improvement.

By obtaining the certificate they are considered as those who take quality
Stepping toward total quality management
Improves profitability


Treat it as an end, the go business as usual until the next audit is due
Pressure of customers
Cost of paperwork associated with it

Similarities and differences :

quality and total quality managing (TQM) especially can be explained as directing
(managing) the whole (total) development process for making an fantastic (quality)
service or product.It is different from many other management techniques in the
attitude concerning management toward the item and on the staff associate. Older
administration methods dedicated to the quality of production and the high cost on
the item. Quality had been controlled by using a detection method (post

development inspection), problems ended up solved by means of management and

also management's place was thought as planning, determining work, managing
the development. Quality administration, in style a distinction, is dedicated to the
consumer and attaining the consumer's needs. Quality is taken care of by decline, i.
elizabeth., quality is made in together with every levels. Teams resolve problems
and everybody is liable with the quality from the product. Management's role would
be to delegate, teacher, facilitate and also mentor. Your own major excellent
management suggestions are: excellent, teamwork, and practical administration
philosophies concerning process improvement.
DEMING'S CONTRIBUTIONS: Deming appeared to be an National who worked in
the 1930s together using Walter The. Shewhart coming from Bell Phone Firm.
Shewhart seemed to become a statistician that had the theory that services or
products control could possibly best become managed by simply statistics. He
designed a statistical chart with the control associated using product specifics.
Deming developed a job, based about Shewhart's, using statistical management
strategies that advised managers of the necessity to intervene within this
production method.
He subsequently utilized these types of techniques during Planet Battle II while
taking care of government warfare output. In 1947 Douglas MacArthur along with
the U. Ersus. State Department sent Deming to help Japan to support the wardevastated Western manufacturing plants. He introduced these kinds of "statistical
method control" methods in certain lectures about statistical strategies to Japanese
business guys and designers. The japanese were a good attentive market and also
utilised Deming's points readily. They situated him captivating and also careful and
adopted his tips. His / her notion of staff members working toward top quality fit
well throughout personal tips. His idea went over and above statistical quality
management and encouraged creating quality for the product whatsoever stages.
Overall Top quality Operations ways of solve issues determined by exterior customer
satisfaction. Operations by means of Aims, alternatively ways of solve issues
determined by internal goals along with locates.
A good example is a MBO target to get a Study along with Development worker to
uncover ways to strengthen the caliber of a new product devoid of offering the
actual worker that has a comprehensive how to street road, along with the TQM
tactic to bettering item high quality. Overall Top quality Operations doesn't
restriction the effort to boost high quality of your item in order to almost any
distinct number of staff members or almost any distinct method. TQM identifies high
quality with regards to customer satisfaction after which it makes the examination
off processes along with function jobs in the business to seek ways to strengthen
high quality.

Task 2
Customer satisfaction:
Customer care is the abstract strategy and entails such elements because the
standard from the solution, the products support furnished, the atmosphere from
the spot that the product or perhaps service is actually purchased, and the expense
from the goods in addition to services. Businesses normally use customer happiness
surveys to help gauge customer happiness. Typical sites addressed in the surveys

Quality of product

Value of product relative to price - a function of quality and price

Time issues, such as product availability, availability of sales assistance, time

waiting at checkout, and delivery time

Atmosphere of store, such as cleanliness, organization, and enjoyable

shopping environment

Service personnel issues, such as politeness, attentiveness and helpfulness

Convenience, such as location, parking, and hours of operation

Continuous improvement is a form of change that is centered on growing this
usefulness and/or efficiency of the organization for you to finish its plan along with
targets. It isn't on a good quality endeavors. Development operational tactic,
business outcomes, client, personnel along with supplier romantic relationships
might be at the mercy of frequent improvement. To explain, this means 'getting
greater all the time'.
Just about all managerial task is actually both provided to management or perhaps
progress. Administrators are both investing their efforts from retaining efficiency,
preventing alter or perhaps making alter, discovery or perhaps progress. In the
event corporations stand however they are going to shed their aggressive edge,
consequently improvements must be designed to hold rate as well as relax in
Added values

Values is shaped in a number of factors ;

Degree to which expevtations are met

Emotional engagement with goods and services
Quality of contact with supplier
Lost of prodect service (long term cost)
Freedom from faults

Types of information to customers

Open organizations gather data and aggregate records which can be imparted
transparently relying upon the way of the data. With the development of the web,
and the relocation of data from paper to computerized, it is presently feasible for
anybody, anyplace to view data on individuals and organizations inside the United
States. Albeit some data is accessible, a great deal of data is not; due to that
individuals are frequently stressed over precisely what others can get some answers
concerning them. Moreover, managers and other individuals and associations are
frequently inquisitive in respect to what records are made open when they are
looking to profile an individual or perform an actuality checking activity.
Land Records Records of land exchanges are logged forever and are thought to be
open data. This takes into consideration somebody to have the capacity to assess
property focused around the value that it last sold for.
Lien filings Lien filings permit associations and individuals to comprehend if an
individual has any exceptional liabilities or resources. This is something which is
crucial in a free market economy as a method for assessing the financial soundness
of an individual.
Business substance filings Business element filings can be utilized by buyers and
organizations as a method for confirming the data of organizations that they have
gone into an agreement with, or whom they mean to go into an agreement with.
Births, Deaths & Marriages births, passing and marriage data is thought to be
suitable for being classed as open records. Thusly, they are accessible for anybody
to see.
Criminal Records Although to some degree dubious, criminal records can be seen
by anybody if they have the capacity to find the source. Regardless of that, most
capable information stores will ask for a purpose behind what valid reason the
individual is deciding to get to this. As a rule it is utilized by bosses as a method for
discovering if a competitor is suitable for employment.

How to measure quality management:

Leadership. Management's commitment to quality through communication with and

motivation of employees. In this way, managers participate in quality activities and
contribute improvements.
Methods: top management commitment, quality council, support improvement activities,
suggestion systems.

Quality planning. Development of strategies for quality improvement through a definition

of objectives at all organizational levels and periodic evaluation.
Methods: mission/vision statement, quality policy, quality goals, business plan, control
and improvement of plans.

Communication. Communicating these objectives to all members of the firm, so that

there is a real commitment to these objectives and the employees really strive to attain
Methods: communicating objectives and strategies, work information.
Training. General training level in the basic aspects of quality, regarding both managers
and employees.
Methods: individual training plan, training for job requirements, general training

Specialized training. Training cannot stop at an initial level, and must be of a continued
nature. Therefore, it should also include training in problem-solving and teamwork, as a
way to obtain higher employee involvement, which can lead in turn to higher employee
involvement in improvement. Also, this is evaluated and recognized by the management.
Methods: Specialized training plan (statistical techniques), employee performance and
satisfaction evaluation, recognition and reward systems.

Suppliers management. Relation with suppliers in order to find the quality specifications
demanded by the firm.
Methods: supplier audit, supplier evaluation, supplier training, agreed quality.

Customer focus. Increasing contacts between the organization and customers,identifying

their requirements, assessing their satisfaction and supporting activities improving
customer satisfaction.
Methods: channels for processing customer complaints, identifying customer needs
(surveys, market research, reports from vendors), customer satisfaction survey, after sale

Process management. Reflects how the organization controls and improves its processes
by setting quality measures (level of customer satisfaction, quality cost ...).
Methods: quality handbook, quality system procedures, work instructions, ISO 9001
certificate, use of indicators.

Continuous improvement. Indicates whether the firm has created an organizational

structure (quality committee, a person in charge of quality and work teams) responsible
for this improvement by identifying actions through information management.
Methods: work teams, plan-do-check-act cycle, self-assessment activities (EFQM
model ...), seven quality control tools, seven management tools.

Learning. Measures whether the firm shows an interest in employees learning about all
the basic aspects of the firm and its business by encouraging continuous learning and
taking part in such learning in the eyes of the employees.
Methods: continuous training and education.

These measures assess TQM and, therefore, may be of use to managers in order to evaluate their
quality practices, which may serve to identify both strengths and weaknesses. An awareness of
these weaknesses should help to define areas for improvement, which would be the actions
managers have to adopt in their certified firms in order to change the culture towards a TQMoriented one.

Benefit of user and non-user surveys in determining customer needs

A user survey looks at a sample of the population of actual users of a product, system, or service.
Because these are actual users, the product is already beyond the development, manufacturing,
marketing, and distribution stage.
Non user surveys provide the profile of average customer. They are the first source of
information. These special data are the most common means for segmenting market and for
identifying new targets wish to reach with your product or service defines quality based on the
satisfaction of customers. Thus, to complete their quality management system, they need to
understand customer needs firstly.
There are many ways to understand customer needs, but survey is one of the most popular ways.
However, businesses need to decide what kind of survey will they use and to whom, users or
The first surveys target is the users of Forticrete. The survey with their users helps Forticrete
understand their actual strengths and weaknesses. The respondents are using the products, thus

their answers will be relevant. With the relationship of seller and customers, the voice of users
will represent the demand and needs for Forticrete products. Moreover, Forticrete will use
internet survey as a main tool, so the people who actually using the products will have the
opportunities to see this survey higher than others. It means users survey has the response rate
Beside the users survey, Forticrete can also use non-users surveys. Non-user surveys can be
unusual in marketing research, but its also very useful because they arent current customers of
Forticrete, they will let the company know why they dont use Forticretes products. What do
they want from a Forticrete? Etc. From this information, Forticrete can know why they might be
preferred over their competitors? What criteria effect customers using decision? Thus, Forticrete
will have the strategy to fulfill the distance between their actual products with the customers
need. Moreover, using non-user survey shows that Forticrete care about the customer need. This
will make customers want to use Forticretes products. Besides the advantages, non-user survey
also has some disadvantages such as the response rate is low, because the opportunities for nonusers to see the survey of Forticrete are low.
To determine customers needs, Forticrete should apply both kinds of survey. This will help the
company find out what are they doing good or bad (user survey) and why they arent meeting
customer need (non-user survey). Even using both will cost much administrative effort and take
time, but Forticrete can take advantages of both two kinds to get the best result in determining
customer need.Using survey, Forticrete needs to consider about the number of question and the
contents to be convenient to respondents.

Methods of consultation employed in one quality scheme to encourage participation by

under-represented groups
To encourage participation of under-represented groups several methods can be used. Some of
them are as follows:
Form surveys: Under-represented groups should be encouraged to participate in a form survey
and the form should be designed to identify quickly the nature of their replies. Analyzing these
forms the problems, requirements, expectations can be revealed.
Telephone surveys: Telephone survey is another tool to measure the expectations and perceptions
of under-represented groups.
Interviews: Personal interviews can also be conducted by selecting the interviewees from this
group randomly.
Group interviews: Group interviews or group discussions can also be recognized to analyse the
Mail surveys: Selecting sample from the target group a set of questions requiring short answers
can be sent to them with pre-paid envelops for their response.
Electronic surveys: This technique is similar to the mail surveys, here the questionnaires are sent
through e-mail.
In quality management, one of the most important requirements is customers satisfaction. Thus,
Forticrete need to understand customer need about their company to improve or maintain their
performance. The voice of every customer is equally important, but how Forticrete can hear this
voice from every representative group is difficult.
Underrepresented groups are the group of users has little communicate with the company. They
have little feedback for company. Thus their influence on the company is low. However, the
information that this group of users is also very useful for the company, so Forticrete should have
some method to encourage participation by this group.
To get the best results for hearing VOC, Forticrete first needs to understand why these people are
underrepresented. For example: the different in language, the communication culture, etc. For
each barrier, Forticrete can have different solutions to encourage participation.
If the differences in language prevent these users from communicating, Forticrete should have
language supports for them. For example: Forticrete have different channels that users can give
their feedback such as their website and Facebook page, etc. Usually, this channel will be
designed in English. But not everyone can understand this language, so Forticrete can also have

different choice of languages for different users. This will make users willing to share in detail
than using the language they arent familiar with.
In many countries, people are usually passive in communication. Pakistani people are an
example. They rarely share their feeling or experience with the suppliers. It is one of the reasons
to become underrepresent group. To encourage the group of users have this reason, Forticrete
should make them feel free to share. The best ways to do is use people who have the same
culture with them to investigate. For example: Forticrete can build up a Forticretes office in
Pakistan or Forticretes official website in the country.

Value of complaints procedures and how each is used to improve quality

Like Forticrete, no organization wants to hear, particularly from its customers, that its products
or services arent up-to-par, remember this going forward - a complaint isnt simply a negative
event; its an opportunity for an organization to identify and develop those areas of their business
that need improvement. From this perspective, a complaint just may be one of the most valuable
things that Foricretes customers can actually do for them.
When a customer complains, what theyre telling you is that there has been a departure from
their requirements; they arent happy with the products or services provided to them. The fact
that Forticretes customer is communicating this to them, rather than seeking a new supplier,
indicates that the customer is interested in continuing their relationship with the organization,
pending resolution of the issues identified. This is surely better than the customer who quietly
walks away and simply spreads the word that your products and/or services are substandard.
Benefits of complaints:

Managers at Forticrete will learn how every complaint can be used to improve the
quality process
Shows the importance of allowing staff to solve the problems and propose solutions
that should be monitored against agreed targets
Better quality products and processes lead to fewer complaints, improved morale and
more satisfied customers

Effective complaint handling offers many practical benefits. Complaints deliver direct
information from clients about decisions, poor service delivery and defective programs.
Organizations should use this information in several ways:

To provide a suitable remedy to a complainant.

To maintain good relations with the public and build clients loyalty.

To evaluate and improve programs and services.

To inform decision making about future service delivery.

Compliments are of value to the department as they mean that the client has taken the time to tell
us what they consider we are doing well. Not only for Forticrete, but for any organization,
compliments act as drivers towards improved client service, as they provide best practice
examples that can be applied across the organization. Compliments also give an opportunity to
recognize the staff and reward excellence.

A good internal complaints system will provide essential feedback from the public and will
enable Forticrete to assess:

How well it is progressing in its efforts to provide an improved quality service.

Where problems exist in the provision of services.
Where shortcomings exist in the administrative system which may need to be
Serve as a quick, efficient and low-cost means of resolving difficulties which service
users may encounter.
Provide accurate information for the local authority on the quality of the services they
Enable changes to be made in procedures and systems to ensure that similar
complaints do not continue to arise.
Avoid the extra time and cost involved in appeals.
Indicate where problems or system failures exist in the provision of services.
Highlight shortcomings in the administrative system and areas which might need I
Help the local authority to avoid unfavorable publicity.

Role of self-assessment in order to determine an organizations current state of healthand

the importance of communication and record keeping
Its necessary for an organization to understand state of health to see whether their business
operation is performing well or not. That is why organizations should do self-assessment. Selfassessment is a comprehensive, systematic and regular review of an organizations activities and
results, referenced against the excellence model.
Forticrete are engaged in number of activities with an intention to achieve their objectives.
However, can they say that they are performing well? Have they decided and designed the

system according to their best knowledge and experience? Thus, in order to be confident, they
have to verify such statements.
The assessments need to be done against the objectives and to determine the extent to which it
was achieved. The Quality Management Systems, therefore, insist on periodic assessment. The
model of Self-assessment is:

Assessments might be planned, systematic and explicit or unplanned and implicit.There are
many ways that Forticrete can use to do their self-assessment, for example:

Benchmarking is a tool which allows the current organization to be compared with
others, to identify their strengths and weaknesses and to improve. Benchmarking gives
company a comprehensive view of their current health by compiling metrics of business
performance. Besides the benefits, benchmarking also has some disadvantages such as
needing the agreement of the partner for benchmarking. Moreover, even in case of

successful benchmarking; the company is still the follower, not the first innovator.
Benchmarking costs lots of time, money and effort.
When benchmarking, Forticrete should consider their direct competitor or the best-inclass of the field.

Internal Assessment

Forticrete can also evaluate their business activities by internal assessment. To do internal
assessment, questionnaires for employees are prepared in different categories. This kind
of assessment should be conducted quarterly to ensure that the improvement in
performance is kept track frequently.
One of the cons of internal assessment is bias, so Forticrete can pay for an external
agency to do assessment for more objective results.

Communication and record keeping

For any organization, communication is very important because it is an integral part of
quality management system. For quality management, an organization needs to
communicate within itself and outside of it. Apathy amongst all the members of an
organization may be avoided by proper communication. Proper communication within
organization also provides new ideas to develop quality practices. The foundation of
quality management system relies on the communication with the customer. By
communicating with them effectively, an organization can get the information about their
products satisfaction level to the customer. To determine the quality of the product and
the service this is the key factor.
For almost everything an organizations record keeping is an important task. Because
proper functioning of an organization depends on it. During both internal and external
communication, information is recorded which helps in formulating and implementing
plans for quality control. By record keeping organization compares the past results and
also finds out the major defects that will help improving the quality of product or service

Stages of staff consultation for effective implementation of a quality scheme

By implementing a new quality scheme, Forticrete will go through many changes. The
Forticrete staffmay feel uncomfortable about the new environment which may lead to a negative
impact on their performance. Thus, Forticrete should do staff consultation. It will help employees
feel more confident. The Andre Changing Management Model (2012) is suggested for Forticrete:

i l



Plan: The planned changes should be prepared for employees. For example: if the change is in
the organizational structure of Forticrete, the manager of the company will need to plan who and
what position is to be changed. Not only the changing candidate, but the relevant employees
should be motivated toward this change as well. The time pressure (urgency) will push people
into trying their best. The candidate should be empowered to do some jobs to be familiar with
new position.
Do: Because of implementation of the new quality scheme, employees will go through some
form of necessary training. Forticrete can assign supervisors in quality management to train their
employees. All employees should be trained to commit with the new quality scheme. Some main
part of quality scheme can be conducted by the empowered team.
Stabilize: This stage is to ensure that all employees are engaged with the new quality scheme.
Some adjustments should be flexible. Forticretewill need to keep motivating and empowering.
Repeat:The first stage is repeated to prepare for any further changes required which is followed
by doing and stabilizing which repeats the whole cycle one more time.
During the process, the communication amongst the manager and employees is very important.
The vision and mission of the Forticrete need to be communicated. Eg: After setting up the
vision, goals and values, the CEO of Forticrete will then inform the employees about them to
keep the employees aware. He can use memos, meetings and newsletters. Besides, CEO and
managers can use e-mail, intranets and online newsletters to communicate quickly and
effectively with employees.

In the new quality project, empowering is effective. Because employees are more close to
customers, so their ideas will be useful. Forticrete should empower their teams to do some part of
the quality schemes.

Propose new systems or modifications to existing systems that could improve service
To best delight customer, Forticrete should improve their service quality by upgrade their current
quality system. Some necessary modifications that Forticrete can consider are mentioned below:
1. Create constancy of purpose towards improvement:
Edward Deming-father of quality management laid out 14 points for management, one of them
is: "Create constancy of purpose towards improvement". It means that the company should
replace the short term reaction by long term plan. If end of month quality is the same as
beginning of month,it means that the long term benefit of the organization is not sacrificed to hit
quarterly targets.
Forticrete should adoptclarity in their vision and mission and make sure that their staff is all
committed. The clear objectives will be the motivation for improvement of Forticrete.
Forticrete's commitment to quality has to come from the top, and it has to be reinforced over and
over again. Unless a business views quality as its single, non-negotiable goal, workers will
inevitably feel the need to make tradeoffs and quality will slip. Leadership from the top should
be applied.
2. Keep track mistakes by Statistical Process Control:
As Forticrete define quality by customers satisfaction, the defects in product are unacceptable.
Forticrete should keep track on their mistake and defect products to remove them and in order to
do so, a tool must be designed to meet the demand of customers. Some ways to encourage
participation of under-represented groups and opening centers in various locations can prove to
be of great help. From the collected feedbacks of customers, mistakes can be kept a track of,
When applying Total Quality Management as quality system, every data about the manufacturing
process and business activities needs to be recorded carefully. The Statistical Process Control can
be used in this situation e.g. the data about the defect products, data about the improvement, the
number of users, the financial data, etc. From the collected data, Forticrete can compare and
contrast to see the improvement and form a strategy to adjust the process.

Forticrete can apple SPC as following steps:




Voice of customers is important. Forticrete should consider it as a source of idea and information.
3. Invest in training and focus on employees:
Forticrete should create a comfortable working environment for employees. For example the
uniform, slogan, logo of the company. These spirit symbols will make employees enthusiastic
and committed with Forticrete.
Quality experts recommend that businesses train workers at all levels to look for ways to
improve quality and to ameliorate problems. It is suggested that Forticrete should train 100% of
their employees about some part of quality. An IT department employee will be trained more
than the support staff or the cleaner, etc. A fully trained employee will help the company operate
well as s/he will be aware of the tasks needed to be done and how they should do it. Moreover,
the number of employees of Forticrete isnt too much, so the training wont cause too much
difficulty for the company. Investing into training employees can cost money and effort but the
benefit it brings back will be uncountable.

Training takes on several dimensions. For starters, Forticrete should set up a new-employee
initiation program that trains workers to focus on quality issues from their first day of the
job. People learn in many different ways. Thus, Forticrete can use a combination of training
systems and tools, such as: video, classroom with an instructor, on the job training with
managers and key employees, computer based and Self- study manuals etc.
Finally, train workers to see the connection between their actions and, more broadly, their work
ethic, and the company's overall performance. By tying individual behavior to an overall system
of work, and then showing where that system can, on occasion break down, you will be giving
workers the information they need to be good stewards of your business.
4. Empowering employees and team approach:
Part of the TQM philosophy is to empower all employees to seek out quality problems and
correct them. TQM provides incentives for employees to identify quality problems. Forticrete
can reward the employee who uncovers quality problems. The empowerment will increase
employees involvement, thus motivating the employees.
TQM stresses that quality is an organizational effort. To facilitate the solving of quality
problems, it places great emphasis on teamwork.
From these above modifications and the current operating ways, the quality scheme of Forticrete
will be best support their service quality.