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Apr il/M ay 2015

Som er set County

Young Republicans

Inaugur al
Edit ion

Chr is Cor sini, l egal counsel

As w inter tur ns to spr ing, voter s begin to em er ge fr om political
hiber nation and star t thinking about the people w ho w ill appear
on the ballot for the pr im ar y. Som e voter s, or potential voter s,
hiber nate too long, and find
them selves asking w hether
or not they w ill be able to
vote in the June. As you talk
to your fr iends about
suppor ting our Republican
candidates in 2015, keep
som e sim ple r ules in m ind:

Register ing Republicans to
Vote: Now is the Tim e

Young Republican Rising

Star : M att M oench.

M unicipal Chair of the

M onth: Leslie Wor km an

Special M essage fr om
Som er set County
Republican Wom en's
Feder ation

Pr ess On

Som er set County Elections



Acknow ledgem ents

Apr il 23 Social Flyer

M em ber ship For m

- Anyone over the age of 18

can r egister to vote, but a per son m ust be a r esident of
Som er set County at least
thir ty days befor e the election to vote her e. A per son
m ust tur n in their r egistr ation infor m ation thr ee w eek
befor e the election.

Attendees at the November 2014 SomCoYR social

- Ther e ar e tw o basic w ays to r egister to vote: 1) in-per son at a location

author ized by law to accept r egistr ations and 2) by m ail to the New Jer sey
Secr etar y of State?s office. The for m s to r egister ar e available online at the
New Jer sey Division of Elections w ebsite. The best place to r egister in
per son is the Boar d of Election. People also can r egister w hen they get their
dr iver s licenses, but I
have found, in pr actice,
that this w ay isn?t alw ays
the m ost r eliable.
- If a per son has m oved
outside their election
distr ict since the last
election, but still r esides
in the sam e county, that
per son votes by
pr ovisional ballot in their
new distr ict. They should
not vote in their old
distr ict.
Group members at SomCoYR's first social, October 2014.

- If a per son has m oved outside their county since the

last election, and failed to r egister in their new county,
they w ill not be per m itted to vote in the new county.
How ever, if the m ove occur r ed less than thr ee w eeks
befor e the election, they w ill still be per m itted to vote
in the old county.
- W hat if a per son w ants to vote Republican in a
pr im ar y? This is a ver y com m on question to get this
tim e of year. If they ar e an undeclar ed voter, it?s an
easy pr ocess. The voter sim ply needs to show up to
vote on pr im ar y day and declar e w hich par ty?s
pr im ar y they w ant to vote in. They?ll be allow ed to
vote in that par ty?s pr im ar y and, going for w ar d, be
r egister ed as a m em ber of that par ty. They can
change back to undeclar ed by filing out a sim ple for m
w ith the County Cler k . Conver sely, m em ber s of other
political par ties m ust actively sw itch par ties w ith the
County Cler k if they w ant to vote in the other par ty?s
pr im ar y.
As Republican activists, it?s our r esponsibility to get
the vote out for our par ty?s candidates. If w e don?t
ensur e our voter s ar e pr oper ly r egister ed, how ever,
w e?ll never even get our get-out-the-vote effor t off the
gr ound. Register ing our voter s ? and know ing the
basics of how to get it done ? is the essential fir st step
to w inning any election. W hen in doubt, the New
Jer sey Division of Elections w ebsite is an excellent
r esour ce for all the for m s and gener al infor m ation a
per son needs to be sur e ther e vote is counted on
Election Day. Ther e?s no gr eater exam ple of w aste in
the dem ocr atic pr ocess than having a voter show up
to suppor t our candidate on Election Day only to

Ral eigh St einhauer , Chair man
? W hat elected position do you cur r ently hold, and how
long have you held it for ?
Br idgew ater Tow nship Council. I have held it since
Januar y 2008. I am in the Four th year of my second
ter m and cur r ently seeking election to my thir d ter m .
? W hat inspir ed you to r un for public office?
I can?t say that ther e w as any one thing that inspir ed m e
to r un. An unexpected oppor tunity pr esented itself for
m e to be able to r un, w hich w ould affor d m e the ability
to help r un the tow n w her e I gr ew up and that I love. I
w as pr ovided im m ense guidance and suppor t fr om
for m er Som er set County Republican
Chair m an Dale Flor io. To have
som eone like that believe in my
AsRepubl ican
ability to r un a successful
activists, it?sour
cam paign and gover n w as
incr edibly im por tant to m e
responsibil ity to
and led m e to take the steps
get thevoteout for
necessar y to thr ow my hat in
ultim ately w in.
our party?s


Group members assist Somerset County GOP with phone

banking, September 2014.

find out that, for w hatever r eason, they ar en?t

pr oper ly r egister ed. A sm all am ount of pr epar ation
can avoid this outcom e altogether and bank cr itical
votes for our candidates at ever y level. ?

? W hat has the exper ience

been like for you?

I love being a councilm an, and I look for w ar d to

r unning for my thir d
ter m this year.
Gener ally m ost of our
council m eetings ar e
r elatively quiet w ith
r outine m atter s,
how ever, I?ve had the
oppor tunity to
w eigh-in on m atter s
of significant
im por tance to our
Tow nship and I feel
like I have been able
to affect outcom es
and cr eate better
gover nm ent for our
r esidents. Obviously,
Young Republican Matthew Moench,
som e m atter s ar e
Bridgewater Councilman

som e m atter s ar e tougher than other s, but I?m lucky

enough to w or k w ith four other council m em ber s w ho
get along, r espect each other even w hen w e disagr ee,
and all shar e the sam e goal of a better Br idgew ater.
? W hat is your favor ite political m ovie?
I r eally liked Lincoln w ith Daniel Day Lew is. M ost
Lincoln m ovies focus on the Civil War itself. I liked
that this one focused on how difficult it w as for him to
get the 13th am endm ent passed, and how im por tant
his actions w er e for the futur e success of the nation
after the conclusion of the Civil War. I also r eally like
Thir teen Days.
? W ho is your political her o, and w hy?
I?m a big fan of John Adam s. He w as instr um ental in
near ly ever y aspect of our countr y?s founding ? fr om
the r evolution to actually gover ning. He m ay not
alw ays have been as polished as Thom as Jeffer son or
Jam es M adison, but I think he show ed im m ense

cour age and for titude in the face of the fir st r eal
instance of par tisan politics in our countr y. He had
per haps the toughest job of all follow ing Washington,
and it w as on his shoulder s to show that our Nation?s
success w as not dependent on one per son.
? Advice to YRs w ho aspir e to r un for public office?
Get involved in your local tow nship, w hether it be on
the Recr eation Boar d, Open Space Com m ittee, or local
Republican M unicipal Com m ittee. This w ill give you
the best idea as to the issues in tow n, w ho the people
ar e, and build your local netw or k . After that, you just
have to take advantage of oppor tunities, w hich don?t
alw ays com e at the per fect m om ent. How ever, if you
w ait for that per fect m om ent to r un, chances ar e you
never w ill. ?
Every issue of this newsletter will feature a Young Republican
Rising Star. To nominate a Rising Star, email somcoyr@gmail.com.

Som er set County Young Republicans (Som CoYR) is the pr em ier e gr oup for
conser vative 18-40-year -olds in Som er set County. Our m em ber s ar e br ight,
m otivated, and politically savvy. By joining our gr oup, you can gain access to
m or e active par ticipation in local politics, civic and political volunteer
oppor tunities, and m onthly netw or king oppor tunities. The contacts m ade in
the Young Republicans can becom e lifelong fr iends or futur e cow or ker s. The
Young Republicans pr om ote conser vative ideas and help GOP candidates in
Som er set County get elected.


For mor e infor mation: facebook .com/somcoyr // somcoyr @gmail.com

Ral eigh St einhauer ,
Chair man
? W hat m ade you w ant to get
involved in politics?
W hen my kids w er e little, the
changes I w as seeing in our
countr y and state m ade m e
r espond positively w hen my
neighbor asked m e if I'd like to get
involved. He offer ed m e a seat on
the RM C and I got star ted w or king

leaving new,
little people
in it.
? How long
have you
been a
M unicipal
Chair ?
Elected June,
2014, so less
than a year.
? W hat has the exper ience been
like for you?
Rew ar ding but challenging, as our
pr evious Chair m an m ade it look
seam less.
? W hat is your pr oudest
accom plishm ent as M unicipal
Chair so far ?
Holding the gr oup together
thr ough a difficult tr ansition,
and now building up a younger,
talented yet r elatively new
team .
? W hat is your favor ite par t
about being a M unicipal Chair ?
The tr ust, loyalty and gr atitude
fr om the team . And w inning
elections, of cour se.

"Youmust havea
hear t t oser ve, t o
buil dupot her s and
coacht hem, t o
pr omot ea vision and
a passion t ol ead"
on the local cam paign. Having
childr en m ade m e acknow ledge
that I have to "w alk the w alk ," to
live my values not just say them , as
childr en m im ic us. I w anted to set
r ight values and be par t of the
solution, cor ny as it sounds, to
build a better w or ld now that I am

? Least favor ite par t?

Confr onting individuals w ith
their ow n agendas and/or egos.
? W hat is your favor ite political
m ovie and/or book?
We like the ser ies of books by
Bill O'Reilly but in seeking
guidance for being Chair, I
asked a r espected leader about a
book on his desk , The Ar t of
War , often called a classic for
politics and business (as w ell as
w ar ). Like Pr over bs, it is full of
w isdom and nuggets of w isdom
that I digest, over and over.
? W ho is your political her o?
Histor ically, Abe Lincoln. But,
in som e w ays Gover nor Chr istie

is one of my contem por ar y

political her oes, since it takes
cour age and str ong char acter to
gover n as a Republican in such a
blue state. And I like his tough,
dir ect NJ style.
? Advice to YRs w ho aspir e to
becom e M unicipal Chair s one day?
Just do it. You m ust have a hear t to
ser ve, to build up other s and coach
them , to pr om ote a vision and have
passion to lead. If politics is in
your blood, and life is about
people, then being a M unicipal
Chair is a natur al. And w inning ...
you m ust have the dr ive to w in. ?
Every issue of this newsletter will profile a
local Republican chair.

The Annual M illicent Fenw ick Aw ar ds
Dinner w ill be hosted by the Som er set
County Feder ation of Republican Wom en
on Wednesday, M ay 20, 2015 at 6:30 PM at
the Rar itan Valley Countr y Club (near the
Som er ville Cir cle). We w ill be honor ing
Assem blyw om an Nancy F. M unoz as our
outstanding NJ Republican Wom an for
2015. For histor ical infor m ation on
M illicent Fenw ick , a Som er set County
Republican tr ailblazer :
en.w ikipedia.or g/w iki/M illicent_Fenw ick.
We ar e offer ing YR discounted dinner
tickets at a cost of $50. If you w ould like to
attend, m ake your check m ade payable to
?SCFRW ? and m ail to Cathy Callahan, 119
Voller s Dr ive, Br anchbur g, NJ, 08876.
Questions? tappycallahan@com cast.net


As a Young Republican you should

school boar d. Thr ow in and go for
not hesitate to r un for any
the goal. Do not get
office! A gr eat w ay to
discour aged if you ar e
get star ted is r unning
not accepted or
for your election
w elcom ed by the
distr ict?s m ale or
impact onour party cur r ent gr oup or club,
fem ale par ty
or any claim s you do
The Republican Par ty platfor m
if weal l just run
r epr esentative. Pick
not have enough
connects w ith scor es of young
up a petition at the
exper ience or
for office.
people acr oss Som er set County. We
local cler k?s office, go
live in a sm all cor ner of the w or ld
visit the local Republican
that is r un by, for the m ost par t,
I alw ays r efer to a quote by
club and get involved. It is up
good local gover nm ent. So, the
Calvin Coolidge and hope you w ill
to us to car r y the tor ch in Som er set
question; w ho car r ies on this
too: ?Nothing in the w or ld can take
County. Knock on ever y door in
tr adition and w hat is that fir st
the place of Per sistence. Talent w ill
your neighbor hood--that is w hat I
gr assr oots step of elected office? It
not; nothing is m or e com m on than
did, and it w or ked! It is a gr eat w ay
all star ts w ith your tow n?s
unsuccessful m en w ith talent.
to m eet people and engage in the
Republican Com m ittee!
Genius w ill not; unr ew ar ded
local and br oader issues. W hen I
genius is alm ost a pr over b.
Each com m unity in Som er set
r an in Distr ict 32 in Br idgew ater, it
Education w ill not; the w or ld is full
County is br oken up into m any
w as a so m uch fun talking about
of educated der elicts. Per sistence
election distr icts, w hich have 4
ever ything fr om the tr affic caused
and deter m ination alone ar e
elected r epr esentatives. A m ale
by the Route 22 r oad constr uction
om nipotent. The slogan ?Pr ess On?
and fem ale r epr esentative r un
to the countless Obam a
has solved and alw ays w ill solve
ever y other year in the June
adm inistr ation scandals.
the pr oblem s of the hum an r ace?.?
pr im ar y election for the
In any str uctur e, after tim e the
Republican and (clear s thr oat)
foundation star ts to settle,
Dem ocr at par ty. These individuals
deter ior ate or even sink . To r estor e
ser ve in m any w ays in their
that str uctur e you m ust pr ovide
positions and ar e the foundation of
new m ater ials and r einfor cem ents.
the par ty on a county, state and
That is w her e w e, the Young
national level, too. All politics is
Republicans, com e in! We can
local and it all star ts w ith these
m ake a gr eat im pact in our par ty if
m en and w om en.
w e all just
r un for
The Som er set County Young
office. If you
Republicans ar e im m ensely
lose, that is
gr ateful to Rick St. Pier r e and the
OK--I lost the
Ver ve team for their continued
suppor t of our gr oup. Having
fir st tim e I
pr ovided a com for table and
r an for
affor dable location for m ultiple
Som er set County Young
com m ittee,
Republicans socials, Ver ve
but tr ied
Restaur ant and Bar has pr oven
again after
itself to be an im por tant fixtur e in
tw o year s
our com m unity. We hope to
and w on!
continue our par tner ship w ith
This goes for
Ver ve, and w e look for w ar d to
hosting m any m or e events ther e in
any office:
the futur e.
m ayor,
Freeholder Patrick Scaglione addresses the attendees at the
February 2015 social.

Gr ant Van Eck, Vice

Chair man

Ver veRestaur ant

andBar ,
Somer vil l e

Cal endar

Ksenia Lebedeva, communicat ions dir ect or
This year, the State Assem bly is at the top of the ticket. Som er set County
contains pieces of the follow ing legislative distr icts:
- Distr ict 16: Br anchbur g, Delaw ar e, Flem ington, Hillsbor ough, M anville,
M illstone (Republican incum bents Jack Ciattar elli and Donna Sim on,
challenged by Dem ocr ats Andr ew Zw icker and M aur een Vella)
- Distr ict 17: Fr anklin (Republicans Rober t M ettler and Br ajesh Singh
challenging incum bent Joseph Egan and Joseph Danielson)
- Distr ict 21: Ber nar ds, Far Hills, War r en, Watchung (Republican incum bents
Nancy M uoz and Jon Br am nick challenged by Dem ocr ats Jill Anne Lazar e
and David Bar nett)

Apr il 18
1 PM - New Jer sey College
Republicans Convention at
Eagleton Institute of Politics (info:
new jer seycr s@gm ail.com )

Apr il 23

7 PM - SomCoYR social at Ver ve.

Sponsor and speaker :
Assemblyman Jack Ciattar elli

Apr il 25

- Distr ict 22: Gr een Br ook , Nor th Plainfield (Incum bent Jer r y Gr een and
Dem ocr at Jam es Kennedy as Linda Stender w ill not pur sue r e-election,
ver sus Republicans W illiam M ichelson and W illiam "Bo" Vastine)

9:30 AM - Nor thw est Regional

Cam paign School at Som er ville
Am er ican Legion (contact Sandr a
Benitez: Sandr a@NJGOP.or g)

- Distr ict 23: Bedm inster, Bound Br ook , Br idgew ater, Peapack-Gladstone,
Rar itan Bor ough, South Bound Br ook (Republican incum bents John DiM aio
and Er ik Peter son challenged by Dem ocr ats M ar ybeth M aciag and M ar ia
Rodr iguez)

May 1- 2

- Distr ict 25: Ber nar dsville (Republican incum bents M ichael Patr ick Car r oll
and Anthony Bucco challenged by Dem ocr ats Richar d Cor cor an and Thom as
M or an)
Our incum bent Republican Fr eeholder s M ar k Caliguir e and Patr ick Scaglione
ar e being challenged by Dem ocr ats Br ian Regan and Patr ick O'Connell. The
post of m ayor is up for election in Bound Br ook , Br idgew ater, Fr anklin,
M anville, Rar itan, Som er ville, and South Bound Br ook .
Rem em ber, the Pr im ar y election w ill be held on Tuesday, June 2. The last day
to r egister to vote in the pr im ar y or change one's par ty affiliation (to
Republican, of cour se) is Tuesday, M ay 12. To find your polling place, visit the
Som er set County Boar d of Elections w ebsite: co.som er set.nj.us/elections.

2015 New Jer sey Young

Republicans Convention at Hyatt
M or r istow n. Tickets/info: njyr f.com

May 2

3 PM - Fr anklin Tow nship

Republican Com m ittee's "Kentucky
Der by" Fundr aiser at 2303 Am w ell
Rd., Som er set. $30. RSVP:
boblacor te52@gm ail.com

Somer set County Young Republicans

2014-2015 Executive Boar d:


Raleigh Steinhauer, Chair m an

Gr ant Van Eck , Vice Chair m an
Wei Han Zhou, 2nd Vice Chair m an
Caitlin Dam iano, Tr easur er
Bill Wr ight, State Com m itteem an
Am ber Zam or a, State Com m iteew om an
Ksenia Lebedeva, Com m unications
Dir ector
Jam es W hite, Cam paign Liaison
Sar a Sooy, PR Coor dinator

- Som er set County

Republican Or ganization
- Chair m an Al Gabur o
- Janet Linnus
- Som er set County
Feder ation of Republican
Wom en
- Janice Fields
- Hillsbor ough Republican
- Ber nar ds Tow nship
Republican Com m ittee
- M atthew M oench
- Fr eeholder Patr ick

We w ould like to acknow ledge the follow ing or ganizations and individuals for their
suppor t of our gr oup:

- Fr eeholder Br ian Levine
- Senator M ichael Doher ty
- Assem blym an Jack
Ciatter alli
- Assem blyw om an Donna
Sim on
- Deputy M ayor Gr eg
Bur chette
- J.P. Levin
- Rober t Dam iano, CPA
- Bob LaCor te
- Katilis Chocalates

Somerset County Young Republicans

2015 Membership Application
This membership is: ___ New / or ___ Renewal
Regular Membership: $15.00 ____
Associate Membership $10.00____
First Name: __________________Last:_______________________ Middle Initial___
Date of Birth: _____________________
Street Address: ____________________________________________________________
Contact Phone: _____________________________
E-mail address: ____________________________________________________________
Employer Name: ___________________________________________________________
Occupation: _______________________________________________________________
Employer Address: _________________________________________________________
Are you registered to vote in Somerset County? __ Yes ____ No
Are you a registered Republican? ___ Yes ____ No
Please make checks payable to ?Somerset County Young Republicans?
Checks and applications can be mailed to: 68 Finderne Ave Bridgewater, NJ 08807