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Which is True ?

For the ultimate social, personal life style to become the life style of the country, the quest for the
truth should be property of everyone. We should leave the attitude of blindly iterating that some
theory is right or wrong. We need the books which can bring forward people for quest of truth,
and which can bring forth the readers all the theories of both the sides of argument. Only based
on these, the reader can understand how the writer has come to his opinion. This book is written
by a morally daring writer, who has considered this as his duty to share his views about truth with
the youth which are formed with constant introspection with everyone else s views about the
truth, accepting their denials with respect, and pondering on the correctness with unbiased
thinking. After many years of self-search for the truth, with the help of scriptures and discussions
with Vignas, he got the courage that his search is on the right track - such a writer wrote this
book. The opinions of the reader of this book, and also many scriptures have confirmed this.
Immediately after the printing of this book "Edi Nijam"( what is Truth?), copies of this were sent to
many intellectuals and modern scientists. Among them, there are also some Atheists and
Marxists. The reason for sending them is to know the mistakes in his search for the truth. But,
even after 5 years to the printing of this book, no such corrections were received from any one.
Hence, the printing is done as it is for the second time also, only with slight changes. The fact
that there were no complaints even from those who were against spirituality proves the strength
of the logical reasoning in this book. Such a book is very much useful for the students, teachers
of current age. This book is written with aim to inspire the youth towards the quest of the truth
and make them courageous and enthusiastic in work, not to work just for the sake of filling their
stomach, and hence help those intellectuals who are serving the country. Hence, this book has
been written in a very simple language understandable to any one. This book has been freely
distributed to many poor students. It will be good to analyze this book very deeply and
understand it and then make this book, which can be useful to the youth and intellectuals,
available to the students through college libraries and also to make this book as a prize for essay
writing and elocution competitions. Our prayer is the same to the good social organizations like
Rotary club, Lions club etc. Our prayer to you is to help the writer in all possible ways for such a
quest for truth to be cultivated by the youth and for such books to reach the students at lesser
Sri Gurupaadhuka Publications

Three good words for the third edition

For a man to achieve any thing, three aspects have to be known.

(1) the value and nature of the thing to be achieved (2) According to the nature of the goal, the
Manas should be firstly given training to suit the requirements and through this, our senses and
body should also be trained similarly (3) By understanding those things which hinder such
training, one should eradicate them properly. Also at the same time, by understanding the issues
which help the training, one should improve upon them. These three issues together are called
as Saadhana in Spiritual life. Among Shravana, Manana, Nidhidhyasas, the first one will help in
the first issue among the above three. Mana, Nidhidhyasas will help in the second issue of the
above three. In Bhakthi Yoga, listening the Kathas of the Bhaghavath-Avatharas in
Bhaaghavatham etc. will suit the first issue, thinking about the leelas of God will suit the second
issue. In Karma Yoga of Bhaghavathgeetha, as told by Lord Krishna, the Thathva of Karma,
God's work without any attachment of doer, and Karmafala-Sanyasa told following these will suit
the above three issues. The basis for all the paths of Yoga of Spirituality is to understand the
hindrences in our body and Manas, eradicate them, and improve upon those which help in
following the path. Bhaghavath-geetha tells how to cultivate Sathva-Guna,Daivee-Sampadha, to
eradicate the Rajas-Thamo-Gunas which are Asuri-Sampadha. "Ashtanga Yoga" also says that
through proper Viveka, Vairagya, one should control Manas and hence control the senses this
process being called as "Yama-Niyamas". That means, for achieving any of these, one should
understand very clearly the Thathva of God which is the life's goal, Nature's Thathva. This small
book is all about this only. For this modern world under the influence of modern science, the
Sanathana truth has been told in this book using the modern words understandable to us. If we
understand this clearly, there is a chance that our Bad-character goes off and good-character is
cultivated. Without this, proper devotion will not be cultivated. Hence, even by doing any number
of Saadhanas, a stable understanding is not possible without understanding this. For the
modern people who cannot understand our traditional sanskrit, this book is written in simple
words used commonly. This book is written in such a way that the modern educated youth and
children will be able to understand this. This is nothing but a service or Vidhya-dana of sharing
this with fellow-beings. There is no better duty than telling this to our children as parents. Their
entire character relies on this. Without doing so, we will not be called as Matru-devathas, Pitrudevathas, Acharya-devathas of the youth and children. Without this, how is it possible for them to
love us, respect us with humble-ness?? If everyone are able to utilize this like this, then this
writing, as guided by Sri Shirdi Sai Baba, will be a fruitful to everyone of us.
- Acharya Sri Ekkirala Bharadwaja
Today, regarding the Nature, Humans, Goal of life and the ways of achieving it, there
are many different views saying that 'this is true' 'that is true'. In reality, Humans life is all about
searching for the answers to these questions. Human civilization, different arts, different
sciences, social systems, political systems, philosophy.....all these in turn look for answers to
these questions only. Today, all the people who are discussing on these issues belong either
one of the two classes : (1) Many people build their view or opinion based on all that they have
read, listened. In their childhood, their parents, who have already formed an opinion on these
based on their findings, train their children and give discipline according to their opinions. Hence,
in future also, the opinions which will be accepted by these growing children will mostly depend

on their circumstances and family in which they have been brought-up. (2) People who search
for the truth with independent thinking and form theory based on this, belong to the second
category. Very few people will be this way. In addition to this, the opinions formed by such
people are much based on the situation in political, social, financial, technical and educational
systems. Cinema, T.V, Novels, Magazines, Advertisements etc. have made these effects so
stronger on the people that, even though people have strong personal beliefs and opinions, by
the fear of others laughing or critisize about these opinions and themselves, people loose the
Athma-Vishwasa and live like life-less effigy. By the increasing strength of effects on elders and
children, No one is motivated to read or know about these questions. Now-a-days, everyone has
only one motto: whether we are like a Hero or Hero-in or we should be like those. He never gets
the thought of being like a human and not being like a beast or effigy. If one such thought comes,
then such a thought is wiped out as boring one or taking it to be too old fashioned. This is the
motto of Fashion. Thinking about important things for human race and human life is looked-upon
as old fashioned tradition. If such a question arises, then the only answer is 'we don't have any
interest in these'. There is not even single characteristic of being humans seen in these people.
Today's Common youngster is not a human being with blood, flesh, opinions, aims and
personalities; he is not a human being having thinking power, attitude of discrimination of good
and bad, and heartful-ness; a man means a person with tight pant, pointed shoes, fashionable
cap, hair coming down the ears; a women means her back, her neck and her naval, foam rubber;
love means Nirodh - this is our situation, today. The most wondering thing is that, they don't
realize that they are not going to get benefit out of it and that these fashion things are, in reality,
their own incapabilities and weakness. It will never come to their mind that such a psychological
slavery is a shame to Intelligence and Athma-Gaurava humans have, despite this, even if told
about this, they will pretend as if they have not understood. If they have to compulsorily
understand, then they will start hating that person forcing him, and for the sake of hidding their
face, they will start making fun of that person, meaninglessly. The characteristics of the people in
those olden days who crucified Jesus, who asked all of us to live happily together with love, are
same as these peoples characteristics. Instead of eradicating systems like Cinema which lead to
such characters, some people using the prestige of Actors and their influences and money,
become political leaders, who have the character of keeping a dead body at road-side and
bluffing people by collecting money as if for the cremation of it, and these political leaders sings
the political slogans like Cinema records. For the question "Edi Nijam", another meaning will also
be intuitive. By seeing all these things we will get the doubt "All that we are seeing, is it true or a
dream??". This is not only for us, the entire human community has also been caught with
Cinema-Fashion Craze and reached a state of no knowledge of reality. Loosing the common
sense that clothing only required to cover our body, they will stuff-in their body in to clothes and
shoes made out of fashion, instead of having a common sense of wearing comfortable clothes.
Instead of following a perfect art by actually reflecting in the real-life, they will be confused by
imitating the Cinemas and novels. Leaving like a Man with heart is against the Fashion. Today,
seeing at a person drowning in Fashion will only remind of one thing. He will be like a puppet
played with threads, a dead body painted with colors and moustache on the face and with
beautiful fashionable clothing with a grama-phone playing behind it. Will that dead body know
about its fallen state??? Won't it look as if it is doing any work, even a worst one, with pride if we
mark the eye-brows such that they make it look proud????

Why is Human doing so???? Is it for the sake of Happiness???? If we think practically,
physically, tight pants and woollen clothing will not give any comfort in our country's environment.
Then why are they using them??? Why are they respecting them??? Not only that, if others
behave towards their own people in a similar way as Men in society towards other women and
women towards other men, they cannot withstand it. Even then, they don't get common sense.
There is nothing more funny than such people without proper discrimination saying that they
believe in logical reasoning. Their practical followings are against their saying. When such
people say "This is my opinion","This is my faith", we will get a doubt whether these words are of
a human or that of a grama-phone - What is true????
Master(Author)'s experience
Master's psychological life started with questions "Why one should Bhaghavathgeetha??", "Why one should take Upanayana??". He studied what ever taught like the rest of the
children till some mature age. At the age of 15, when asked to read Bhaghavathgeetha and take
Upanayana by His father, those were the questions asked by Him. Hence, His father has
temporarily given-up trying to ask for these. Later, with interest to know what is there in Geetha,
He used to listen to His father when he teaching others. Similarly, He asked later to take-up
Upanayana. The reason being,only to know by Himself instead of knowing it by asking others. At
the age of 17, Master's brother's second son, who was every close to the heart of Him, died at
the age of 3 suddenly during His Upanayana. Master says that it might be the Upadesha of God,
if thought up-on it now. At that time, the grief of His heart turned into a quest for answers of the
questions "Why am I feeling sorrow?? What is sadness?? What is death?? What is the nature of
Man??". In such a quest, He did not read any books for 4 years. He did not ask anyone. With the
then amount of experience, knowledge and logical thinking power, His only work was to think
severely and continuously. His main intention was - one is to know the truth oneself without
getting tainted by the impressions in books; other is any idea that might have come any Great
Intellectual's intellect will also be known by itself to us if we endeavor for it with severity and take
our mind to such a state. After some years of such search, and after getting convinced by the
answers He thought of, He started reading books for knowing the faults in His way of thinking
and His opinions about the answers. He found that He didn't had to change His opinion in any of
His answers. In all those books, the same answers being expressed gave Him happiness and
Athma-Vishawasa. Master told about His method used to think like this. When He read about
Thathva, Spirituality, He started searching for knowing whether there are people who have
experienced these things in reality. As time passed-by, He could meet such people, not one
person, but many such people. As He could witness them personally, He confirmed that there is
a wonderful life in spirituality. With this in Mind, Master has put in this book some of the thoughts
He got, iscussions with others, and books He read during those years spent in achieving the goal
of knowing
"What is true??".
With this in Mind, Master has put in this book some of the thoughts He got, discussions with
others, and books He read during those years spent in achieving the goal of knowing "What is

Here Master has told about one of His experiences, which proved for Him the truth that if we
put in huge continuous effort in getting our mind to a proper state, great truths revealed to greats
Mahathmas will also be known to our ordinary minds. In these essays, the Second essay was
written by Master purely based on His search for the truth. When writing third essay for
publishing them, He got a English Magazine "Physics". In 229th page of that, Schrodinger's forewords for the essay "Image of Matter", which is mentioned below, has given strong confidence to
Master's opinions.
"The concept of materiality no longer holds in absolute way. Edward U.Condon,
formerly Director of the National Bureau of Standards, points out that the physicist lives in two
worlds: He manipulates such tangible objects as coils and vaccum pumps, but his ides must be
appropriate to atomic dimensions. He must enter a world in which mutually contradictory
hypotheses much supported by incontravertible evidence must both be accepted...... In fact, this
duality is inherent in much of contemporary physics. Werner Heisenberg's uncertainity principle
holds that either the position or the speed of a particle may be measured, both cannot be
accurately determined at any given moment. To explain such paradoxical situations, Neihls Bohr
suggested the idea of complementarity, that from any given view point, only part of the picture an
be grasped, that for complete understanding, the view point itself must be changed. The problem
is of great moment. It involves the nature not only as matter but also of ultimate reality".
We and the nature around us is experienced as only physical material. Even then, in reality in all
these forms, the modern scientists have found that there is one and only one energy without any
form or physical characteristics that is the true basis for this entire nature and they are able to
recognize the real form of nature. That means, even though the experience is one way, the
reality is different and opposite to that way and is the support or basis for our experience and is
one with our materialistic experience! Master felt that this is an illustration for showing that it is
possible to get such experience of oneness with effort without knowing about the new theories
of the scientists.
Another word about this collection of essays:
Master has written in talking terms as if He is talking. So, He requests us to think as if Master is
talking to us sitting in front of the reader. He requests us to take only the meaning of these and
ignore the mistakes in sentence forming. He hopes that any mistakes of Him, will be pardoned by
the Mother Telugu language with a smile. He says, in some sense, He has written this not that
He knows how to write but that He is talking because He cannot remain silent after knowing the
truth. Master is requesting us to give Him a chance to rectify Himself by conveying our findings of
any incomplete-ness or any mistakes in any opinions or the method of search or any answers
being not justified to our point of view. Based on these tentative deductions in this book, Master
wants to write some more in future and in that He want to tell us How some of the marvelous
people seen by Master had attained great strength and capabilities and knowledge beyond what
humans know by experience, and He want to prove the concordance of these truths with our
tentative logical deductions in this book.

Before searching for the answer for question "What is true??", we will discuss how
important also to analyze "Truth means what??" and "Which measure will weight Truth??" If
carefully looked at, there are different categories of truths in the word 'truth'. Regarding a single
physical thing or matter, there will be one truth experienced physically! If looked at carefully,
there will be another truth which is the basis for the former truth, usually, different from it and
opposite to it!
Examples : (a) Our daily life starts with sun rise in the early morning and ends with sleeping in
night, after the sunset. The entire living kingdom depends on this cycle of day-nights all the time.
(b) Sun rises only in east and sets in west (c) Sun's coming on its circle of motion up is sun-rise,
while going down on it is sun-set - this is our daily experience. (d) With respect to these two
places, humans recognize east-west directions and hence do their journey on sea using these
signs. The weather conditions, like temperature,humidity etc., at different places are formed
based on their closeness to the path of Sun. Based on these, civilization, language, dressing
style, traditions, culture, agriculture, business, and even the food and entertainment - all these in
these places are formed. If we think this way, these differences like east-west-north-south in
human experience are very true! This is Truth at one level. Hence, the existence of directions,
Sun, moon and rest, sun-rise, sun-set, seasons, ocean's turbulence of waves - all these part of
this truth.
We will analyze this in another perspective. If we remember the fact that earth is a sphere, then
we will realize that , these differences in direction like east-west, in reality, are just experience
based on the minuteness of man and the place where he is and that there are no Absolute eastwest. What ever seems to be east for us at one place, seems to be west from the place
diagonally opposite side of earth. There are no east-west in absolute real sense. It will be known
that they are just the experiences of the living kingdom due to motion of earth. Even though this
second thing is true, i.e, even though we understand this truth mentally, our life cannot violate
the first truth. Even though we know that because of earth being sphere, there is a circle of
motion, sun-rise and sun-set for the man standing at one place and hence no directions in
reality, our lives will not stop depending on the first truth. Even though we know that because of
earth being sphere, there is a circle of motion, sun-rise and sun-set for the man standing at one
place and hence no directions in reality, our lives will not stop depending on the first truth.
Similarly another example : When the bench on which we are standing is moved, we
will tumble. When train or bus is going, we will feel it. But, even though earth is rotating at many
thousand miles/hour, we are experiencing that it is stationary! With much more speed, earth is

moving with the rest of the solar system in the universe, but still we feel it as stationary. Our
experience in one, but the reality is another. Both are against each other. We will see in later
discussions why cannot we experience the motion of earth in our daily life just with our
intelligence based on the second truth. Then, unless we have interest in knowing it and try to find
it out, it won't known. For most of us, even in this world of modern scientific and technological
advancement, these issues seem to be concerning about some other world or regarding moon
and surprise them when reading.
Another example : Even though, in Cinema, the pictures keep moving and talking on the screen,
it is just an illusion. If we see the film which caused this effect, there will be many thousands of
pictures. When these move very fastly in front of light, the reality that they are separate pictures
is hidden and appear to be a continuous movie to our eyes which have limited power of
perception. The fact that we see the movement of the figures on the screen is true. Even the fact
of these being separate and motionless is also true. Nobody can deny this. But, as in our real life
or a drama with true people being seen speaking, moving, in a similar manner, these figures also
move on the screen - this is also equally 'true' (experience). Also, it is true that there are people
who get happiness and start clapping or whistling or get grief and start crying by these effects of
figures moving on the screen. How many people will be there, who will not pour half the money,
earned by flooding blood and sweat, into the hands of those people who exploit these
weaknesses, just for the sake of sexual excitement?? How many people are there who can take
a hungry fellow-person or a beggar to a hotel and with one quarter of the money spent for the
above, feed him?? For such a person, that movies on the screen seem to be more true and real
than the real pain of the fellow-men!!
Unless we recognize the truth at these two levels using these three examples, one will
not stop saying that "the Rabbit I caught has only three legs!!!" and cannot search for the truth
with an open mindedness thinking that there might be truth at another level.
Now we will take each question and discuss.

Edi Nijam 3
We all "know" that God, different worlds(Hell,Heaven...), Athma etc. are all fictitious
and superstitious. The reason is, we have been "liberated" from the ancient "Superstitions". For
this, the revolution in modern scientific and technological advancement in this era is the helping
hand. Man has found many secrets of this creation using the experimental knowledge in science,

but could not find any trace of evidence to our ancient beliefs and faiths; Scientists like Yuri
Gagarin came back from Anthariksha and said that they could not find God there. All those who
have landed on Moon said that Moon is just a Spherical material and not a Deity, by personally
"witnessing" it. These people can be taken as representatives for the search of the truth in this
modern age. They will not agree or accept anything which they haven't seen by their own eyes or
through experiments. There is no surprise in their being our pride of mankind. That's why when
someone tells about God or spirituality, first question we get is "Whether it can be proved by
scientific experiments?" or "Can it be proved by logical reasoning??". If these two are not
answered, then we cannot believe anything. We can believe the words of these scientists who
are strict and rigid in the search for the truth. We will now see "What is true??" among the
various opinions about this Creation. According to physical science, matter is entirely made up of
three types of sub-atomic particles. They are proton, electron and neutron. Protons and electrons
are charged by two types of electrical charges. In every atom, these two particles are very close
to each other, but usually, they will not combine or collide. If they combine, they will annihilate
each other and the matter disappears and convert into radiation. For knowing about the nature of
these fundamental particles (electrons, protons), we need to understand another issue. The
nature of Light, Heat, Radio waves, X-rays etc. should be observed. All these belong to the
class of Radiation. For all these equally, there are some common properties (Dharma)
1) They will travel for ever in space if nothing obstructs their path.
2) Even though many types of radiations propagate through a field, they will not
interfere each other.
For example, we will consider the square inch empty space in the space around us.
Through this, at same instance of time, there will be light rays traveling from different
directions. Among them, there will be rays from different objects traveling in different
directions. Similarly, even though they are not visible to our naked eye, there will be
light rays reaching earth from innumerable stars. In the day time, they will not be
visible to our eyes, but only to tools like telescope. In addition to these, there will be
radiations which are used to transmit information through wireless, passing through
that square inch area. Also, sound waves will be traveling. But still, they will not
interfere with each other and disturb each other.
3) These radiations also have a special characteristic, their speed; 1,87,000 miles per
second!! According to Einstein's estimation, nothing can travel faster than this rate.
3) They will carry energy with them.
4) The entire energy required for our daily life on earth is carried by them from Sun to
earth. Today, the energy we are getting from burning coal is nothing but the
energy received by the forests on earth from sun since crores and crores of years.
This energy could have reached earth by two ways (a) They would have come
through some minute sub-atomic particles. This is called Corpuscular theory (b)
They would have come in the form of waves of energy. This is called Wave theory.

Scientists have measured the dimensions of these waves which is energy. The light
wave having red color has wavelength 3/100000 th of an inch. Violet light has half this
wavelength. X-rays have wavelength 1/1000 th of that of the light. Cosmic rays, even though
many crores of them are put together, will not even be an inch. Similarly, wavelength of heat is
1/100 th of an inch. Wireless waves have wavelength more than one mile. That means, only one
Radiation behaves as different waves like heat, light, X-rays etc. because of different dimensions
(wavelengths). The experiments done by scientists like Einstein showed that Radiation travels in
the form of particles called "Photons". Scientists like Dewinson, through their experiments,
showed that the propagation of radiation happens in the form of waves. That means, the
propagation of energy is done both as particle and wave forms. Such experiments have showed
that the atoms can behave as molecules and also as a wave. Physicists say that these subatomic particles (protons,electrons inside atoms) don't have any existence by themselves. For
example, Schrodinger says like this "We have spoken of the fact that particle is not individual.
The same particles are really never, observed twice, just as Heraclitus said of the river".
The famous scientist James Arnold Crowther wrote this way. "What is matter? We look
upon this seeming solid globe of ours, its mountains and vallies, its pleasant fields and busy
cities, its cloud-caped towers and gorgeous palaces. What are they; but Radiations. Radiation
imprisoned in electrical bonds and so prevented from obeying the urge of radiation to travel on
and on through space. What is their mass; nothing but an expression of intense energy locked
up in their minutest particles? Free them from the chains and they will become photons,
radiations of smallest wavelength and hence of the greatest intrinsic energy known to science,
traveling through space at greatest speed known in universe".
What is Radiation?? That is the fundamental energy which is basis for the entire Creation. This
pure energy works so severely that it behaves as a particle. But it also behaves as waves. This is
the oneness that is the basis for all the activities in this Creation. That energy is as much latent
as it is fundamental. Based on these results of the experiments, Einstein says like this "Common
sense is actually nothing more than a deposit of prejudices laid down in the mind prior to the age
of eighteen".
From these tiny particles electrons, protons to those mighty stars and milky ways,
every thing is made up of same energy, i.e., with radiational waves in the form of atoms - this
might be very surprising when thought of. But, just by knowing this, our search will not end. The
truth assimilated by such discussions should be followed and hence should experience it. We
saw how, the modern scientists recognized that the reality is different and opposite to what we
experience through our senses. Even though, the same truth was revealed by our ancient
people, it is natural to feel that it is superstitious, before we also recognize (understand) the truth.
But, atleast after knowing about this truth, we have the responsibility to withdraw the rejection of
what our ancient saints said as unscientific and superstitious, and also we should also follow the
principles of Saadhana they taught with a broad-minded opinion that there might be truth in other
things they mentioned which are not yet recognized us and hence, we ourselves should verify
whether what ever that is orally said by them can be experienced or not - then only our pride of
logical power and search for the truth will be proved true, not just boasting. Without doing such

observation and experimentation, discarding the spiritual matters as just superstitious will also be
a new superstition -like Fashion has become superstition!!!
"All those who write about spirituality, say to blindly believe in what they say and not to
think on them" - these words usually are just the blames said about those who write about
spirituality. But there are many divisions in matters related to spirituality. Some divisions ask us
to doubt, discuss and question them; some of them not to doubt and just believe them. By
following the first way of discussing and thinking in search of the truth, after assimilating the
nature of the truth, there wont be any need for rejecting them. But just doing this is not 'knowing'
the truth (practically). When we are saying that one and only one energy is in the form of this
entire universe, it is just a feeling of mind, not an experience. Mahatmas' lives show that by
constantly meditating on this feeling, finally, we will also experience the all pervadingness. At
such a stage of meditating on the one-ness, there wont be any discussions and not necessary.
Scientists, by using the physical science experiments, do research practically based on the
theory they have formulated before -similarly, in this matter, for both types of people at these two
stages of Manas, there are two ways. Logical search, in the final stages, will test the knowledge
acquired or educted through practical experience. The scientists never doubt the theory, which
they are examining, to be false, till it is proved false. But, in spirituality, it is not this way. If we say
"Then, is there any logical questioning in the ancient traditions??", then Bhaghavathgeetha says
"Pariprashna" meaning that sishyas have to ask the Guru repeated till they get clarified of the
doubts. Similarly in Buddhism, the spiritual view is expressed by Alexandra David Neel and
Lama Yongden in the book "The Secret Oral Teachings of Tibetan Buddhist Sect" like this "This
is first and foremost advice given by Guru - doubt ....... you examine those which you usually
think them as reality!!! Question those which you have accepted their truth without any thinking!!
See them as if you are seeing them newly for the first time!!!.......This physical creation is not a
collection of objects in motion, but it is just the motion (movement). The objects we see are made
up of motion. These objects are events(incidents), all these are "Events" formed out of
innumerable reasons and situations. These situations are also movement,motion. These are the
experience of a sequence of incidents because of one following the other very fastly. Hence,
what ever we experience is just an instance or memory of what is what!! 'instance' and 'memory'
are also the parts of the illusions caused by the Motion!!". "In reality, there is no incident between
the objects and senses,between objects and living beings, feelings and dreams(illusions) the
entire universe is Movement; These movements are made up of contacts. These incidents
( contacts) and their results is this universe. This same thing is also called our limited personality.
"Gnana means to recognize the reality hidden behind the visible.....Gnani will not be cheated by
an oasis" Similarly Vyasa writes in "Mahabhaaratha" "Maharshis think upon that invisible hidden
within the visible".

In earlier essays, with logical argument, we have seen that what we experience
through our body and senses is not true and it is different and opposite to the truth hidden within
it, through the modern scientific theories. In this essay, we will see what is the final summing-up
shape of the Truth given by the spirituality. Before trying to do that, we need to remember one
thing. Ancient spiritualists were with one view and with an order suitable to that view, they have
explained about the reality. Our modern view will be opposite to that. Even though, the ancient
spirituality have pondered on the same things, we will see their order to be opposite to ours. We
can understand the above words only after completely reading this essay. But, for understanding
its outline, here is a simile - Let us say, we have started from home to office. We, having stared
at home, will see the entire way like this. First we will notice doors of our home, street in front it,
the neighboring doors in that street after coming to the entrance, the doors nearer to our home
and then the doors farther to our home while we are walking on the main-road. But when we are
walking back home from office, we will see the same doors and streets in exactly opposite order
to the prior order. First we will see the main-road, then the doors in the street farther from the
doors of our home, then nearer ones, and finally our home doors. Similarly, for those ancient
spiritualists who have experienced the truth and kept this complete knowledge in them forever,
those spiritual levels which seem to be far from us seem to be the fundamental. Finally when we
keep questioning them, their attention will gradually turn towards problems at our door steps,
only during their trial of answering our questions. Hence, if we try to follow their Upadeshas, we
will not understand them completely. With their point of view, unless we see from the opposite
sequence of wordings in Sastras told by them, we will not see the truth in them.
For example, Patanjali Maharshi wrote as first sutra in the Yoga sutras, these words
"Yoga means to eradicate the properties of Chitta". Truly speaking, if we see this through a
Saadhakas point of view, rather than that, through a view point of common men like us, this
stage is reached (experienced) only at the ending stage of our journey. We might say "Then,
Patanjali Maharshi has Yoga Vignana, don't He know the order of mentioning them??" - this is
not true. Those are the days where these sashtras are only taught to those who are very
enthusiastic in following these, and determination, have complete faith on Guru's words and His
knowledge, and have the quest for spirituality to follow it ceaselessly. Those days are not the
current days where people buy the book just because it is published, and reading it or not
reading or just by reading first two pages, repent that they have not become yogis. Those are not
the days in which people regret that they have wasted the money in buying the book, and
instead of revealing their incapabilities thinking that their 'Athma' Abhimana (Ego) will go down,

they will make spirituality, God etc. as just superstitions and show this as modernity and get
satisfied. Even though such people were there in those days, they were not taught these
sashtras. Because of this, may be for criticizing this nature in common man, a extra-ordinary
psychologists and poet wrote "Fools rush where angels fear to tread". Instead of writing it down
as it is, Sri VedaVyasa wrote the SriMadhBhaaghavatha, the extra-ordinary Thathvopadesha
given by Lord Krishna who is Yogeeshwara, in ordinary terms understandable to common man
and said that has written as it is. Even in those days where following dharma is taught to people
from the childhood itself, it has been written suitable for everyone to do parayana and to follow.
For this modern age, where illegality, ignorance on the Dharmathathva, and attitude of making
fun of the characteristics of interest and quest for the truth needed for following and
understanding the dharma, all these, are taught to us from childhood, even these books seem to
be toughest to digest. Hence, before we try to understand the words of those ancient
spiritualists, and even before we organize them is an order suitable for us to understand, we
need to recollect one truth briefly.
The enitre creation is a collection of atoms. All the atoms are made up of sub-atomic
particles like electrons, protons etc. All these are different forms of the same energy(radiation).
Todays science is telling that these radiational waves can behave as particles. For illustrating
how waves can behave as particles, here is a simile. If we take a pot-full of water from ocean,
this water, like the water in the ocean, has liquid state and takes the form of what ever shape the
vessel has. If any small stone is dropped in it, equivalent amount of water is displaced from the
pot by the stone, and gives chance for the stone to get down into the water and settle. Not only
this, even with a slight breeze, the water moves and waves are generated. The water in ocean
with the same liquidity, when a storming wind blows, the water catches its speed and raises as
very high waves. When such high tides hit a big ship, behaving harder like a mountain stone
towards that ship, the water will destroy the ship into pieces. That means, water can behave like
a mountain stone. Even though atoms are collection of radiation in the form of electrons,protons
etc., they behave like material atoms in our experience. That Energy(radiation) by which every
thing is made up of is one and only one. Then the question is "Why is there difference between
all the elements of nature(in chemical terms)??". For example, why is there a difference between
copper, gold, and oxygen ??. One substance's (element's) atoms and another substance's
(element's) atoms have differences in the amount of energy contained in them, due to which our
experience is different substances. That means, based on the amount of energy contained in an
element, the different substances have formed. The collection of these elements in the three
solid,liquid and gases states is this Creation. Then the energy which is one all over, When did it
take the form of this Creation?? Why did it do so???
First we shell deal with the question of when did the (underlaying) energy assumed the diversity
of creation?
The question of "when ?" depends on the time. Only after the existence of past, present and
future the question of "when ?" is possible. (But) the existance of (starting of) time, is possible
only with creation. The definition of (or existance of) time is based on the tranformations, at every
movement, in the several objects, after they are created from the basiceneargy. As the rate of

change of such transformation varies from object to object, the relative (faster or slower) rate of
change in one object with reference to the other, is the measure of time.
For example, let us assume that some one's age is 15 years. That mean: It takes 24 hours for
earth to revolve around itself, once. for such 28 days, the moon once circumbulate around the
earth. Approximately, after such 12 months, one cycle of seasons is complete. Such 15 cycles
are completed after his birth.That means relatively longer span of life is expressed in terms of the
season cycles, that the cycle of seasons are expressed in relatively shorter span of forthnight,
that is measured in terms of still shorter span of the day. As we perform many deeds in a day, we
devide it, depending on the (relative) position of sun (w.r.t us) as morning e.t.c, and those as
hours, and hours interms of minutes. At the starting of the race, there is no difference between
the participents, in the similar way, absolutely at the starting of the transformation in several
objects of the creation, the relative change is zero and hence there is no way one can define
time, as definition of time is based on relative change in the objects of the creaton. So time itself
is also "created" with the creation. So creation is before time so one can never find (or able to
measure with time) when the creation is started. Infact one can never determine the number of
years, before which the creation is done! as a demonstration for this, observe how redicule(non
compatible), the estimations of phycists about the span of creation. The estimations are as much
non-compatible that, If we enquire the age of a person, the reply that his age may be 1 year or
75 years is as noncompatible.
Master explains another reason why the age of the creation can never be determined, by any
Creation changes at every movement. (At any movement,) either because of the the new effects
of collection of newly created substances, which are the results of innumerable changes (in the
creation), or because of the fading off of previously existing things with time, the type of
transformations and their fastness in the creation from there after changes unexpectedly. In
modern age, because of the atomic explorations, wars, effect of the emerging chemical
substances out of innumerable machines, pesticides, insecticides, outcomes during production
of anesthetics e.t.c, extracting immeseurable quantity of water from the underground for
utilization, digging for thousands and thousands of tons of stones, coal e.t.c from mines and
transforming to another places- Drastic changes would have been occurring in the underground.
As a result of these changes, all the creatures on it(earth) might also be subjected to huge
changes. as they occur very gradually, we may not able to recognize at the movement.
Therefore we do not exactly know, how the situations are before lakes of years. Hence we can
not estimate the changes those already occurred and those will occur, completely. Unless all the
cores and cores of such changes, in this creation, are estimated the age of the creation can not
be determined. And such a work is impossible. That means what is starting for creation is also
the starting for time! (Here, I request a correction, depending on just prior sentence, in my
interpretation in yesterdays satsangham, where I mentioned that the starting of creation is prior
to the starting of time, as comment to masters explanation.) The question that what time is
elapsed after the beginning of the creation is like asking what time is elapsed after the starting of
the time. Or like questioning what is beginning to the beginning? Like, telling a story of needle
falling in the well and asking (the listener) will it come out if we say 'aa', 'ya', 'vu' e.t.c. (The story

is "a needle is felt in the well. Now the question to the listener is how will it come out. For
whatever the listener's verbal answer the storyteller points out pronouncing the same answer,
will it come out if we say "answer"", answering never ends.)
Now we shell come to the question, why the unique energy assumed the form of
creation? In general, to ask the question "why ?", requires the existence of several objects. In
order to put the question "Why did you come here ?" person who has come here, place to which
he came, the reason for coming- (for ex:) office, job, who offer the job, utilities which enable to
reach that place(car, bus, riksha, road, his legs, nerves in the legs, the walking ability in them),
skill indicating that office can be reached through that path, the proper working of the mind for
that skill, the parents as underlaying cause for existence of that person with all these, and all
these questions about them- these many has to exist. Further proceeding in this direction (of
questioning) only one answer exist for all these questions. That answer is one energy assuming
all these forms is the cause. Before that energy assumed the the form of creation, where are all
these objects ?. At that time there was nothing but that only energy. However, as our question is
why did that energy assumed all these forms?, there can be no other thing ( object) responsible
for any changes in it(basic energy). as any such other object does not exist at all! That means,
basic energy must itself be the cause for any changes in it. In such a way to become itself as the
cause for changes in it, animateness (Chitanyam) should be innate or natural to it. For example,
the difference between the animate and inanimate objects of the creation is only this. Any things
composed of inanimate objects can not change by themselves, with out the any external cause.
It is possible for animate substances. one can sit just by willing to do so. Pain in the legs need
not be a reason. Call, order of departure, or push by some one need not be a reason. Free will,
Sweachha (Swa = his, Ichha =likely ness) is the cause. That only is termed as intellect(Buddi),
mind(Manas). Animateness is the basis for taking such decision(creation). Unless that quality
(animateness) is innate, natural dharma, to the basic energy, it cannot assume the form of
creation by itself, with out any other cause. The astonishment is that some part is animate and
some part is inanimate in this creation. For outer gage, it seems so improper like animate
parents giving birth to an inanimate stone, along with animate sons!!
The astonishment is that some part is animate and some part is inanimate, in this
creation. For outer gage, it seems so improper like animate parents giving birth to an inanimate
stone, along with animate sons.
To resolve this ambiguity another example is to be considered. Think of the the Virya
atom, a Geeva atom which enters in to the mothers womb from fathers body, for production of a
child. That Geeva atom do not have eyes, noise, mouth, ears, legs, digestion system, sex organs
e. t. c. But after the delivery, the ability to produce of all these parts is existing as a natural law or
"in principle". Not only that, the ability of producing one of the Sukla sonitha inherently provides
the ability of reproduction for some crore of generations (like a plant in a seed). In the similar way
the seeds of the beens are not green, but the ability to produce green plant is existing "in
Note the usage of the phrase "in principle", from the above two examples, and go ahead with

Chemistry says, if the hydrogen and oxygen are combined in a particular composition, they
produce water. Water can not be produced if either of them are combined with any other atom
(i.e.other than those two), in any proportion. That means the principle of producing water is
inherent to those two atoms only. Also the possibility of combining in that particular ratio is
existing even before they are combined. That means "in principle" both of these combining in
that particular ratio is existing from the instance, the two atoms are created. That means the
water is created or evolved, "in principle" in these two atoms(, just when they are created).
In the similar way the properties of different molecules must be inherently existing in
the basic energy. Otherwise how their evolution is possible? That (evolution) is also a part of
the principle. What molecule on combining with what other molecules, produce which object
must be present "in principle" (in the basic energy). Speaking in easy language, the basic
energy must have the innate property of assuming some part of it as hydrogen and some part of
it as oxygen. Otherwise those two atoms do not evolve. In that innate evolution itself the
principle of combining those two in that particular ratio(and producing water), should also exist
"in principle". Otherwise even if those two gases evolve they do not produce water. In basic
energy itself the hydrogen, oxygen and the property of forming water when both these combine
in a particular ratio must exist "in principle"(like the green plant in (non-green) beens seed).
In the similar way, all the properties of different objects, in the creation, must exist "in
principle" in that basic energy. Then only, all these evolve and form in this manner(only). The life
or animateness must also be a quality for them. If not, when the basic energy assumes the form
of the matter, whole matter must have been inanimate. Some matter is animate, As it is not
true(i.e the animateness is the quality of energy underlaying all the matter). That means, similar
to as the basic energy is primarily evolved in to solid, liquid and gases and the objects with these
three- that are not same- some matter became animate and some became inanimate. However,
here there is another secret. Though, it appears that only that basic energy evolved as animate
and inanimate matter, even in inanimate matter, the animate quality exists "in principle" (like
water vapor in ice). That quality (of animateness) is demonstrative in those we consider as
animate, and is not demonstrative in other things. But exists. How? That means, if any two
objects are rubbed one against the other heat is produced. But (production of heat can be) fastly
demonstrated in dry sticks, and is not that much faster in green sticks. Not only that heat can be
perceived much fastly in Gachha nut(A nut that very fastly aquire good amount of heat on
friction), tamarund seed, and stone e.t.c (on friction). Even when the water is vigorsly stirred, it
produces heat. But it(that heat) is not to perceivable extent. That means even though the
property of producing heat on friction exist in all the substances, that is more demonstrative in
some objects, and is not in some other. -in the similar way!(the animateness exists)
Let us see other aspect of this problem. Heat, light, sound, X-rays e.t.c are examples
of the energy propagation, and the forms of energy in creation. However, while the energy is
propagating in the form of waves, it assumes form of heat, light, or any other energy waveform
depending upon the wavelength of the wave. Some how, if we can increase or decrease the
wavelength of the wave, transformation form light to heat and heat to light are possible. In other
words, sun light in light, heat in sun light, sound in these two, these two in sound exist -"in

In the similar way, our Yogies were able to transform Iron to Gold. westerns laughed
(at it), When they listen to it first time. They said that one molecule can not be transformed in to
another molecule. But the modern scientist, who understood the nature of atom to a grater
extent, agreed that it is not impossible. Though some matter of creation exhibit animateness, and
some doesn't, the animateness exists in all the matter of the creation. Moreover, some how, if we
can change the energy level, transformation from one form of radiation to any other form, and
frmo Iron to Gold is possible. The modern scientist, who realized the nature of atoms, to a grater
extent, agreed that it (transformation from Iron to Gold) is not impossible. If by any means some
more energy is incorporated into a molecule with low energy level, it gets transformed in to
another molecule having higher energy level. (For ex:) Golden atoms have higher energy level
Than lead atoms. By scientific experiments, if some more energy is incorporated in lead atoms,
it gets transformed in to gold. This fact is being experimented and observed in the atomic
reactors. However, manufacturing gold by this process is very expensive. Making gold in this
manner is not profitable. That means, transformation, form every form of radiation to any other
form, and from any molecule to any other molecule is possible. The reason is that they are all
transformed forms of unique energy. However, if any of the readers, with exceptional scientific
knowledge, say that "some particular molecule can not be transformed in to some other
molecule, and no scientist could do it" master's answer is this: your question only indicate that yet the humans did not discover, the way of transforming that particular molecule. And it (your
question) doesn't mean that it is not possible in future. Westerns said, for several years, that the
atoms are indivisible. To conclude that they are divisible and to discover such procedure, it
required some centuries. Same is this case.
That means, in basic energy, the properties of all the atoms and of the objects
composed with those atoms, evolve as a result of the transformation of that energy. Similarly,
when these molecule combine in some procedure, the life or animateness nature of energy,
becomes explicit, and is termed as lively (or animate) by us. Another example for this: Many
minerals- that are inanimate- gets extracted from the plants, then becomes animate, and
transform in to leaves, nuts, flowers and seeds of the plants. These minerals are basis for
increasing number of lively atoms(Geevakanams), at every instant of plant growth. When they
(minirals) become part of the plant, they transform in to animate. Even in those objects, that we
consider as inanimate, animateness exists inherently, and becomes explicit in favorable
conditions. Such favorable conditions (need not always be externally motivated science) can be
brought out by mere (energetic) thought. This (ex: ability to safely live even after drinking
H2So4) is being demonstrated in several countries and appreciated by the scientist.
Modern physics, in the enquiry of the secrets of the creation, came until the energy
and radiation and stopped there it self. Yogis and seers(ex: Kanadula mahrashi, meaning:
maharishi of molecules) too said about that energy and the molecules evolved from it. But, to
proceed further to the next step, in this research, unless with the help of the invoked latent
energies of the human mind, it is not easy to reach. After, they(seers and Yogis) uplift their
powers of mind, by the practice of Yoga, Niyama(self- controlling principles), Nista (Firm faith
and dedication), Tapas (penance), meditation, what they realized is that the energy has the
quality of animateness, and called that animate energy as life, (Pranasakthi) energy of life, or

nature (Prakruthi). Humans has the habit of personifying any thing with the animateness and
describe with personification. The reason being human him-self is a personified animate energy!
That is the reason way the basic energy is described with the terms such as "Deva (God)", "Devi
(Goddess)", "Jaganmata (mother of nature)". That means where ever the matter exists, there the
basic energy and the animate property of that energy also exist. Seers, Instead of observing the
objects that are external to them, scrutinize very close matter, that is in the form of their body, a
part of them, in Tapas and perceive the basic energy existing in that form, which is basis for
entire creation and experience its natural animate state. Like modern psychologists, do not
content (confine) with observing the animateness confined to the body. That is way in yogic
books, they describe in what form and at what yogic centers, situated in the body, the prime
energy (Pranasakthi) exists, and to what higher energy level our animate state assume on
meditating that(prime energy existing at those centers). If sadhana(practice) is performed in that
direction, finally human can attain the experience that he himself is that (only existing) unique
animate energy, which in addition to assuming the beginning and end less (cyclic)
transformations of "creation", "preservation (existence)", and "absorption(distraction)" -again
"creation", it itself being the cause for such transformation, is the basis of these states and
beyond them. That state is termed in ancient scriptures as Geevanmukthi(salvation of geeva),
Attamasiddi(self-accomplishment), Jnanam (knowledge), Sahaja samaadhi(natural samaadhi),
Brahma sakshathkaram(realization of Brahman) e.t.c. There is no higher state to it.
Another example (to illustrate the possibility of inanimate to animate transformation): When we
cook rice or fry any nuts, they transform in to inanimate substances. However, when we eat and
digest, they become part of our animate body. That means, though minerals are inanimate in our
view, the animateness inherently exists "in principle", and explores(becomes explicit) in favorable
conditions, i.e when it merges in to (explicit) animateness. - As inherent principle of magnetism,
in Iron, becomes explicit when it comes in contact with a magnet and transforms it into a magnet.
However, either our bodies or plants can transform only some minerals in to eatables and
animate substances. No plant or animal can live, on using Sulphuric acid (H2So4) in place of
water. This doesn't mean that the animateness do not, even inherently, exists in some
substances. (This only) prove that we and plants do not have the power of exploring the
animateness in them (ex: H2So4, Sulphuric acid). Master will explain this again in appropriate
Till now, what we discussed is that the natural property of basic energy is
animateness; Different properties of the objects are the out come of the existence of that energy
in different extents, in the atoms that compose these objects. Similarly, because of the difference
in the energy levels of the matter, some matter is easily transformable to animate and some is
not that much easily transformable by "us". The reason way I(master) used "by us" is that, in
human history, those capable of transforming them (to animate matter), are existing ever. We
call them Yogis, saints, and siddas. Even today we can see many, who, with mere thought, can
save by eradicating the poison's property, of the poison that merged in to the body by the snakes
or scorpion's bite. According to chemistry it is said that depending on the chemical composition
of the poison, it acquires that poisonous tooth. And (they) say that the chemical change can
come only chemically. The mantra accomplished person brings that transformation with mere
thought! Similarly, there are many, who lived safely after drinking H2So4. They demonstrated in

different countries, and are examined and appreciated by scientist(for their safe life after drinking
The difference between the experience of seers and the assumption of the modern
scientists is that the seers with their experience (of oneness with the animate energy) realize that
the entail creation is animate(energy) though it is explicit in some forms (of the creation) and
inherent in the other, and on the other hand modern scientists assume that the entire creation is
inanimate (energy/matter) and animateness is because of the chemical transformations. The
flaw in that assumption is that if the animateness is not even inherently existing in the chemicals,
it is impossible to become explicit in life cells. (Ex: extraction of metals from related compositions
in mines). Scientist may not satisfy with this, as this is discussed in common language. Unless
one of the scientists do scientific research on this and explain the same fact in scientific terms,
they don't like (to here). For now, if this preposition or thinking is reasonable and rational it is
sufficient. As per our knowledge, there is no higher faithful tool than rational reasoning in quist
for the truth. If exists that is only experience. This shell be discussed elsewhere.
One or two aspects which prove the existence of animateness, in those objects which
we consider as "inanimate": Sri Anandamai Ma is a well known divine incarnation in north
hindustan. She has born in Bengal. Though she did not read anything and not initiated by any
body, right from the childhood, experienced herself many mystic(divine)experiences.In addition
she bestowed such experience to many. In the English book "Mother as Revealed to me",
written by her prime devotee, with his pen name Baaeegi, many such experiences were brought
out. Once for Kali Ma's worship a big sand statue is moulded and then worshiped. The usual
practice is to merge it in water on the 9th day. But as one of the devotee reported her wish to
retain, Anandamai retained it there itself and arranged for poojas. One day while Ma is taking
with his husband and Baaeegi, suddenly reported, for several times, that her left hand nee is
broken. As hand is alright, when observed, her words were not understood (by them). When
asked for explanation she replied that " you yourself will know". Later they came to know that
exactly on the same day robbers, while robbing ornaments of Kali's statue, broke the left hand
nee (of that Kali's sand statue). To complete this incident, a related undiscussed incident is to be
discussed. While Anandamai is worshiping that statue, she experienced bhava samaadhi or
state beyond senses, to such an extent that she lost the difference between that statue and
herself and hence placed the flowers on her head instead of placing on(worshiping) the statue.
At that time, for all people there,a magnificent light clearly appeared in her face. In such a way,
the animateness of Anandamai,while doing worship with deep meditation, experienced oneness
with the inherent animate energy of the statue, and that oneness(with animate energy of that
statue) is not lost even after her mind came to human state. Another incident for those who
consider this great incident as the weakness of her mind, arrived by the form worship, and
further think that because of the superstitions in devotees they imagined divinity in such a
In the research about creation, modern science is confined to (some aspects of) the
energy and radiation. Seers, after proceeding further by invoking the latent energies of the

human mind with the practice of yoga, Niyama e.t.c realized that (i) animateness is an essential
quality for that prime energy, (ii) to realize this fact up liftment of the energy level of mind is
essential, and finally (iii) one can experience the oneness(termed as salvation e.t.c) with this
unique animate(hence personified as God) underlying energy of the creation.
That means by realizing that the animate energy in him(seer), itself is the animate energy basis
for the creation and beyond creation, he experiences that every molecule of the creation is filled
with him. A yogi experiences himself, simultaneously, at any time, any experience (to the mind
and the body), of any creature, at any place, (he) being (their) animate form in (all of) them. It
can be said that Sri Shiridi Sai baba belongs to this yogic state(level). Not only the animate forms
of the creation, but also the "inanimate" objects used to follow his orders. By his order heavy
rain(cyclone) has stopped. Baba lit chilim from the fire invoked from earth and the water from the
same place. With out moving from his(baba's) place, baba used to say clearly and exactly what
thought has arisen, in any persons mind, at any time, Where ever he(that person) may be! If one
acquires such a state then he realizes, with experience, that no one and nothing in the creation
is different from him. On the other hand, the modern scientist and physicists, who doesn't know
that all the forms of the creation are transformed forms of (or assumed by) the animate energy,
consider(assume) that entire matter is inanimate and the life cells of the creatures is the result of
chemical transformation(or evolution). They(we?) do not think that the animateness, if it doesn't
exist in the chemical objects, at least inherently, it is impossible to become explicit in living
organisms. As the Iron, Gold, and Silver exist in the form of other chemical compositions, in their
mines, the common man can not recognize these molecules, hidden in those mines. Even
scientists recognize their existence indirectly by different indications and infer their presence and
extract with scientific experiments. In the similar way, the life energy of the plants also extract the
apparently inanimate, but inherently animate (with hidden life energy) minerals, from earth, and
by some experiments invoke the life energy in them, so as to transform as the living matter of
their own.
----------------------------------------------------(ANADA MAYE AMMA DESCRIPTION IS TO WRITTEN )
---------------------------------------------------While proceeding in our quest for the truth "the yogic experience that animate energy
is the basis for the creation and oneness with that is possible (in the highest state of our
animateness)" is explained rationally. And we are discussing the incidents that prove this truth.
Sri Hasarath tajudden Aulia, a sidda purusha(accomplished person) was (physically) present till
1925 in Nagpur. His miracles and powers are very grate. This saint is born in a Muslim family,
which cast do not believe in form worship. The news that Rukmini davi's (Lakshmi devi) statue,
that is in the near by Krishna's temple(Pandaripuram), shed tears for 12 hours, when this saint
gave up his mortal form, was appeared in "Times of India" (The inherent animateness of that
statue became explicit as a reaction to saints animateness).
We shell conclude this discussion with another example. Sri shiridi sai baba is a saint,
situated(physically) in a very small village, shiridi between 1858-1918, who led innumerable

number of people through spiritual path by his grate powers. Ramachandra atmaram tarkad,
who used to live in bandra, born in a good family and belongs to Prardhana samaj. He do not
believe in form worship. But he did not obstruct his wife and son worshiping baba. Once his wife,
while going to Shiridi for baba's darsan, asked her son to accompany. But because it obstructs
the daily pooja, that he performs to baba's statue at his home, he was reluctant to go. His father,
though he has no belief on form worship, to satisfy his son, assured him that he will carryout
worship, as usual, for that baba's statue. Then, both the mother and son reached shiridi. As per
his(Tarkad) commitment he performed complete pooja for baba's statue, for the first two days.
But third day, in hurry to go to office, he forget to offer Nivadya (Nivedana). After he returned
from the office, when the cook remained that issue(of Nivadya), with repentance he wrote a letter
to his son and wife, to sought forgiveness from baba, on his behalf, and assured that he will not
repeat the mistake. Exactly at that time baba told to (his wife)smt. Tarkad "Mother, with hungry, I
went to your home at bandra. Thinking that some thing might be fed (there). I some how entered
in to the pooja room, though the doors are locked and looked there, assuming that some thing
might be offered. But there is nothing (to eat). So I came back with hungry. smt. Tarkad confused
as she could not understand how baba went to bandra and came back, now itself (As he is
present in shiridi only). But the son, being samskaravnatha(good samskari), understood
immediately that his father might have done some mistake in pooja. And asked baba for
permission to go home and carryout usual worship by himself. "As you are before me offer some
thing here only, now you need not go to bandra", baba replayed. After he offered (some thing to
eat) to baba, he wrote a letter to his father mentioning the discussion and requesting to perform
pooja with out any negligence. These two jobs reached their destinations at a time. Tarkad
astonished for baba's (uncanny) knowledge about his(Tarkad's) mistake in pooja at bandra,
which is many miles away from shiridi. Smt. Tarkad understood the meaning of baba's (previous)
words from the Tarkad's letter. It is possible to know what exactly has happened in bandra, only
if Baba's animate energy has oneness with the inherent(to us) animate energy of that statue.
We discussed that oneness with the animate energy, that is the basis for the creation
and inherently present even in what we consider as inanimate is possible, with two other
incidents from the lives of Grate saints, Sri Tajudden baba, and Shiridi sai baba. Such incidents
are many in the lives of saints. There exist many such experiences to the devotees, of such
saints, who are living among with us. If we scrutinize them, we realize that there are many
secrets in the creation that are unknown to our modern science and rational reasoning. Just
before (Gautama) Buddha took niryana(leaving mortal body), his dispels enquired him -"Did you
teach all the secrets of the creation to us?". He picked hand full of leaves from a plant and
showing those to them he replied- "Assuming that the secrets, I revealed to you, are comparable
to the number of leaves in my hand, the un-revealed secrets are comparable to the total number
of leaves of innumerable trees in this garden. Those, one has to realize by oneself. To reveal
those, any number of lives will not be sufficient."
Before we proceed further, let us revise the points, that we discussed so far.
(1) Initially only unique energy exist every where.
(2) Animateness is a quality of that energy.

(3) For that reason it assumed transformation in itself, by its wish. Then, different radiations,
their assimilation as atoms and molecules, and their compositions as different objects
were created.
(4) For the questions "When" and "why" this creation is happened?,
"why?" means we need to say that "As the basic energy has innate nature of self
transformation, the creation has occurred".

"Brahman(animate energy basis for creation) is truth- Jagath (differences of creation)
is illusion" (Brahma satyam - Jagathmidya).
A well known very intelligent science student of My collage, who studied B. Sc till 1969, and
proved his intelligence by his first class, asked me "Sir, many says God exist! I do not have such
belief. I heard that you firmly believe that. do you say that God exists- That means, the material
world exist around us, now sir? For example this wall exists. In the similar way, that much
ruthfully does God, Creator exist?
For that I(master) said as " I will convey my view as elaborately as I can. After listening it
carefully, you may ask any questions. First listen very carefully with patience." We shell initially
take the first prat of your question "Similar to as this material world, does the God exist?" and
investigate. You said that this material world exist by taking the example of this wall. How do you
know its existence? one: vision, i.e it is appearing. It is hard for touch, and has hight for visual
observation, and is an obstacle for us to penetrate from its one side to other side. This is our
sense experience. Once we shell carefully investigate its real nature.
According to the science, this wall -similarly all the objects- are composed of atoms.
Atoms contain further minute particles known as electrons, protons, and neutrons. All these are
so small that their actual form can not be seen with any instrument. These electrons, protons and
neutrons are much smaller than atom. The empty place between these, in an atom, is much
higher than the place occupied by them. The atoms in this wall are also said to be quite distinct,
when measured in terms of the size of these atoms. Even, in dense and solid objects, the empty
place between the atoms, and between the minute particles with in each atom, is very high. That
to, the comparison that one cubic inch matter, on some galaxy is equivalent to some hundred
tons of natter on earth, infer that the solid matter on earth, in reality, is not that much solid. The
empty space, between the atoms of the wall and in between the minute particles with in each
atom, is so much that, the "wall" that appears so much real for us, is not at all a wall, a solid in
terms of, the size of the atoms in it. If we assume that an electron has animateness, for that this

wall appears like a galaxy, and the space between the particles as space (between the stars)- to
that much empty. That means the existence of wall is the experience of our senses based on the
ratio of the sizes between the wall and us. To convey in still simpler words, if we can assume the
size of the atom this "wall" will no longer be a "wall". Entire space will be empty! Here and there
atoms and their compositions, molecules appear like stars. Perhaps, the whole of atoms and
molecules appear like the Milky Way, similar to that we perceive now, in the sky, and nearby
particles appear as other stars. Similarly, if we are of the size of any one of the galaxies, or just
even the size of a big city, then what ever we normally see as "wall" will be of the size of the
atom and its existence will not experienced by us and will not be seen by us!!
That means,
the existence of the wall for us is dependent on the ratio of size of the wall to the size of our
body. More this ratio changes, more the wall will loose its reality!! When we say "wall is there" it
means that "the ratio of the size of the wall to that of our body is such that, the former is
behaving like a wall". This relativity or the ratio is the main basis for our experience. Not only
that, if we ponder still deeper, wall is made up of matter. That's is why it is called "physical"
(Bhauthik). If we go much deeper than this earlier conception, the reality, i.e, the matter with its
sub-atomic particles (electrons, protons, etc..) is not physical and they are only waves of energy
- modern physic's experiments show this. These waves are nothing but energy which is formless.
That means, the atoms made up of these sub-atomic particles consist of only temporary
collections of these energy waves!! Molecules are the collections of these collections. The entire
creation around us, all the things, materials and living beings etc which are made up of matter
that is experience by our limited senses, is not at all matter. It is just full of energy waves that
have no form!! However, even though they are just a collection of energy waves, they behave as
rigid matter based only on the energy contained in these waves. For this, there is an illustration:
water, either in a pot or a lake, will be very thin (flowing) and cannot withstand even the slightest
pressure or movement, even to the movement of air - such is its rigidity. But still, this same water
in the form of waves caused by the rigorous winds in the ocean can even break a ship made up
of solid matter into pieces with a single strike behaving like a mountain. That solid nature of the
water is because of the large amount of energy in the waves. Similarly, the collection of materials
around us, even though they are collections of energy waves, behave like "matter". Similar to the
way we got a new meaning to "Wall" in the previous discussions, "matter" means "materiality"
between the energy waves which are named as 'matter' and the energy waves which are in the
form of "we". Materiality is a ratio; it is a mutual relationship. The moment the ratio of our
dimensions to that of those collections of energy waves changes, it will no more be called
That means, all this entire creation seen as matter is nothing but collections of energy
waves in reality. That is, only because of the ratio or relationship of our dimensions to that of
them around us in this physical world, they are 'physical' !! Even "we" are not physical, according
to science!! we are only a group of energy waves!! If we ask 'what is the nature of this unique
energy which is experienced as different collections of matter(energy)?', then there is no answer
for this in physical science. We have to observe this energy's existence only by its effects. This
energy after taking the form of waves like light, heat, and solidity, movement and dimensions,
some of these collections of energy waves after taking our forms, the effects of the relationship
between these two collections of energy waves is this "World" around us, and also "we".

In the earlier question of your's (student's) - "Does the God exists like the way these
physical objects exists?", by analyzing your sentence "like the physical objects exits......"
scientifically, see how the truth, which is not your intention in that sentence and is against your
intention, is revealed !! Now, think upon your question once again; this physical world's nature is
proved to be true that it is having two levels of truth (according to what is discussed in the earlier
essays). One truth is the physical experience; the other is the real nature of that. Our entire life
depends on the first level truth only, even though the second one is the reality. But it doesn't
mean that the second one is not true, denying the Shastras themselves!!
Those who say that "God does not exist" look at the Creation at just physical and
materialistic levels, and cannot understand the existence of the reality of God's existence. Truly,
what is the meaning of the words of those who say "God does not exist"?? it means that
collections of the energy waves ( 3D 'physical' objects) exist but the energy itself does not exist!!
Unless we break the atom, we will not experience the existence of that energy in that collections
of waves!!
In this entire Creation, from galaxies to atoms and microscopic issues - all are the
collections of waves of that same energy which was named as "Daiva Shakthi" by our ancestors;
"God" by theists. That's why it's said in one Upanishad "That which is called as God by devotees,
Athma by Gnanis, Shakthi by Shaaktheyas, Truth by Rishis, is one and the same thing. They
have expressed their different feelings using different words based on the differences in their
own nature(Swabhaava). 'Ekam Sadvipraah Bahudhaa Vadanthi'". The result of these entire
discussion is that the only reality of existence is called as God and that the truth which is
experienced by us in our daily issues is called "Jagath(world)". The words 'True' 'Truth' are used
as synonyms for God in the ancient scriptures. That God is "Truth?".


In the beginning there is one and only one Energy(Chaitanya). Since it is Chaitanya, it
has a name "Consciousness"; that means it will enjoy its own existence, it will have the intuition

that "I am existing". Since it is chaitanya, it has also imaginative power. This means, a single
Energy which has the power to assuming different forms. Take our Manas, think on it: When we
imagine any situation, the space, time, persons, their actions in that situation are everything
Manas. The Manas will also have power to see and enjoy these imaginary forms in action. This
is called "Kriya Shakti" or "Kalpana Shakti". If this power is not there to our Manas which is a part
of this energy, then this would not have been to the Energy. That's why in Vedas God is called
"Poet". "Kavih kavithyadi viroopa asrujath" says Rug-veda (10-31-3) meaning that "Poet (the
Creator) has made this entire beauty of creation in this universe through His poetic(imaginative)
powers (Kavitha Shakti)". Here beauty is of the oneness of the multitude of forms. Similarly,
another Rishi said "Ya Kavih Kaavyapure Roopam Dhauriva Pushpathi" in Rug-veda (8-41-5)
meaning "He - the Poet - with His imaginative power (Kavitha Shakti) will nurture all these
different forms like Heaven". Similar to the way of our Manas taking the forms of different objects
in a situation, this Energy has taken the form of these different objects in creation. That's why
Upanishads say - In the beginning only Brahman is there; He thought he would become many;
Hence became different. Thaithareeyopanishad (in Yajur-veda) says like this : "He wished like
this : 'I will become many!! I will create myself!!'. He (like this) made Thapas; with Thapas He has
created this (Creation). By creating it, He entered into it. This one which is 'Sath' (Truth or
'existing') and unexplainable....etc. is the truth( early Energy-Aadi Chaitanya)". Say, we have
dreamt of being in Jail. Even though physically we are sleeping on a cushioned bed, in the
dream, we will be experiencing the pain of sleeping on a hard floor and feel temporarily that this
is reality, right!!! Unless we wake up in the morning, we will not know that this dream world is
non-existent. In the morning, we will start experiencing our body and the world that is the
experience of this body will be felt at a time. That means, that only when we are mentally in a
state of experiencing the physical body, then only this world will be experienced and will be
reality. When our Manas takes the body in the dream, only the dream world will be experienced.
For our dream body, the dream world becomes the reality. Similarly, this world is the creation of
God's dream (imagination) and we are His dream bodies. For us, who are the dream bodies of
God, this world (dream) seems to be real and physical. If we can reach any other stage which is
beyond dream, sleep and awake, then we will experience different body and different world
according to that state reached. All the times, our state and our world's state depend on the state
of this Chaitanya at that moment. These are called Lokas (iha,para).
However, the question is "As our Manas takes the form of dream, God's energy has
taken this imagination of this creation!! then is this world itself God??"; "Is God existing as other
than this world??" is the question.
In our imagination or dream, there is a peculiarity. Only a part of our Chaitanya takes
the form of the dream. One part of it will not take the form of the dream and will witness the
dream, like seeing cinema, and will remain like that, without doing anything other than this
seeing. That's why this is called "Sakshi"(witness); its character is "seeing", or "noticing"; it does
not have form; that's why it is called as 'Gnana Netra' and 'Viroopaksha'.
Similarly, out of the Great Energy (Chaitanya) called God, only some part of it took the
form of this creation and the rest of it remained as witness, having a watch on the former
(creation) part and enjoying it. If we dream or imagine of a quarrel, in that situation, our Manas

takes the form of not only the space, time and the outer forms of the persons in it, but also their
hearts, Manas, their agitated-ness, the forms by which they see each other. (Based on this only
poets do Kavya Rachana) Similarly, in this world, created by the God's imagination(dream), even
through us, dwelling inside our hearts, God enjoys by being a witness of all our agitations in our
hearts which are His imaginary forms. That means, these are enjoyed by that Beginning(Adi)
Chaitanya. That's why God is named as "Sakshi", "Sakala Bhootha Hrudayantha Sthithaah",
"Viroopaksha". That's why in Vedas, Upanishads and Bhaghavathgeetha, it is mentioned that
only a part of God has become this universe, "Paadosya Viswabhoothani". That means "only a
part of Him has become this universe and these five elements". Like our Manas being the space,
time and sky etc in the dream, the space, time, and the five elements etc in this creation are the
forms of the Adi Chaitanya. AdiShankara said about this only as "Maya Kalpitha Desa Kala
Kalpana VaichitraChitree Krutham".
Similarly to the way our Chaitanya pervades all over the human forms in the dream,
insided and outside, our, being the Kalpanas of the Creator, inside and outside and everywhere
is filled with Him. This is said in Vedas as "Antarbhahischa thathsarvam vyapya Narayana
sthithah" meaning that "God(Narayana) is all pervading - Inside, outside and every-where". This
all pervading thing is called "Vishnu". The only Chaitanya in the beginning, with its Bhavaas, has
taken these forms and got some happiness - this same happiness is temporarily got by humans
in the Arts like literature-world, dance ..etc. Hence the literary people have taken the words in
Upanishad "Rasovaisah" meaning "God is the Swaroopa of Rasaanubhava" as basis for their
Siddhantha. The people's Manas who see and enjoy such arts will also get the same joy as that
of the joy got by the artist when he did the art. That is the main social purpose of Art. Humans
see the tinge of the divinity of this order of Creation and the Ananda it this order in these Art
forms; that's why our Rishis wrote that All the arts have Divyathva and spiritual purpose and can
generate wonderful divinity - like Lord Shiva for Dance, Saraswathi for Singing. If we know this
and follow these arts for such a purpose, they will all lead to such a wonderful divine experience.
Otherwise, they will lead to downfall, illegality, and hence to the downfall of the entire race. The
same Manasika Shakthi which can lead a man to become Genius, Artist, Scientist..etc., can lead
others to become Thief, Murderer, Mentally retarded!!!
In this Creation, the five elements, different things and their forms are taken by the
same AdiShakthi; hence if we meditate on any thing, in a proper manner, then we will
experience the Chaitanya(divinity) which is basis for us and that thing. It is said in Yoga sastras
that if we can meditate on any of the five elements concentratedly, then gradually one will get
the Yoga-Poornatha. Not only that, meditating on object or any feeling will lead to the same
divine state. Our Rishis said that meditating on any one of the sense organs will also lead to the
same final state. Like the parrot or man or a gun made of sugar will have the qualities of sugar
and give the experience of sweetness, this is the main reason for our elders to do idol worship.
In this creation, investigating on any object till the end will finally lead to that Chaitanya. Since
our ancestors recognized this secret, they realised that hatred towards any religion is waste and
useless and hence cultivated great patience and equal respect towards all religions. Those who
could not do this lost the devotion on God and developed hatred, impatience and criticism
towards other religions and totally lost the way. Those who escaped this down-fallen state in
those religions understood the equality between all the religions and gave respect to all of them

and hence are facing the criticisms of these impatient people. Those who showed the real path,
all of them faced the same kind of opposition. Such impatient people's criticism show these few
sacred people that they are going on a right path and, recognizing this happily, to continue to
follow the same path with courage and teach the same path to others and go ahead.
"Then instead of calling that Adi Chaitanya as it is, why is it called as 'Brahma',
'Vishnu' and 'Shiva'???" - we should understand that 'Brahma' means the one which is filled
everywhere, 'Vishnu' means all pervading (vyapaka), 'Shiva' means purity or perfection. This
same God is referred to as Chaitanya and also as Shakthi by Rishis. By remembering this unity
of all forms, if we read the SahasraNamas of 'Shiva' and 'Vishnu' with Shradha, then we will
know many more things. For writing all these, one life time is not sufficient. It is a great thing that
our Maharshis, who knew the unity in all the religions, accepted what ever they got as bodha
regarding the truth as the ultimate truth and respected them. That's why they could say "Ekam
Sath, Vipraa BahudhaVadhanthi" meaning 'the Truth is only one; but those who know it in
different ways may reveal it in different ways. That's why they could say "Aano Bhadhraah
Krathavo Yanthu Vishwathah" (Rug-veda 1-89-1) meaning "Let the Good thoughts come to us
from all directions". That's why they could pray "SarveJanaSukhinoBhavanthu" meaning "May all
the humans be Happy". Their prayer was not limited to us or to our religion or our place. In this,
there is no place for hatred and narrow mindedness. For the "Truth", this is the only true quality.
Their final prayer is that Let our Manas head towards the light of truth instead of going towards
the darkness of ignorance and narrow mindedness.
"Thamasoma Jyothirgamaya!"