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It’s just a thought.

I do not know why my thoughts are. This statement is correct

although it may not appear as such. I do not know why my thoughts
are, but I do know that they are.

In one of my current readings, which in its title mention freemasons,

illuminati, shiners and eastern star organizations, a biblical based
religious comparison is shown.

Although I do study religions, I do so in a much less aggressive

manner then most of my other subjects of study.

While less aggressive for me, my studies are endless and I am

interested in almost everything. I tend to endlessly study a topic
and have gone back to the time of Christ when the subject led to
that time.

I have made my own personal determinations through these

personal studies, and I have determined that all religions are right
for the person or persons who worship.

All gods worshipped through out the histories are real, and that the
importance is belief itself and not the individual gods or entities
believed in.

I have for quite sometime found this decision to work perfectly for
me, and although I am far from learned in any of the gods
individually, the fact that I truly believe in a supreme board of gods
works for me and my consciousness.

Others believe as I, but that is not the purpose of this writing.

My own personal beliefs are described in this current reading.

Further, this belief is considered absurd.

“…..This whole premise is absurd. Anyone who knows anything

about religious
Studies know that this statement is ridiculous. It is obvious that not
all religions teach the same thing; if they did there would only ever
have been one religion in the first place.1

Absurd. I do not take this critically, which in itself is interesting. I

am a natural critic. Rather I am somewhat delighted to see that
although contradicting, my personal beliefs are mentioned. Albeit,
said to be absurd.

A past co-worker, a devout born again Christian advised me once

that unless I gave up my life to Christ acknowledging that Christ is
the only lord and savior, that I was destined to suffer damnation in

1 Freemasonry, Shiners, Eastern Star, Illuminati, Bilderbergers and others pg 6, no author shown. Scribd
document # 4544869.
It’s just a thought.


I did not argue, but I felt such a statement to be rather prejudiced.

Religion is a complex subject and best left to theologians and

scholars who can study these complexities with passion.

However, with out any knowledge or belief in the greater thans, the
gods, universe, and the great architect of all that is, we as a species
would be merely shells without spirit.

In that humans, all humans for all time have had some interest in
afterlife, the creators, earthly and the shadows of an unearthly

Imagine for a moment what the world would be like now and could
have been through out the ages if the concept of all religions being
correct had been adopted.

Firstly I would not have been threatened with damnation and hell,
but more importantly the wars of the ages would have been more
fiction then fact.

Jihad, genocide, the crucifixion itself, bare the common thread of

religion and persecutorial actions based thereon.

Native Americans, Pagans and others whose lives and aged cultures
where destroyed by the forced doctrine and the teachings of
Christianity a relatively new religion when compared to the
magnificent teachings of the antiquities.

Recent history and the best sellers by Dan Brown have ignited a new
interest in the mysteries and illumination of the nations of men.

Masons running in first in a race of conspiracies, societies and


Should we consider that the mysteries held by the masons be that

all religions are real, right and correct.

That as cultures feed of various foods that in same their gods must
to be various.

Is it not true that in order for all to believe, that the options in which
to believe must have a sense of variety. Options befitting the
societal make up of the individual and collective culture itself.

Could it be even slightly possible that the world’s leaders and

empirical rulers could sit at the grand table? Is it possible that they
would reach conclusions to the world’s future and that of its
It’s just a thought.

inhabitants by simply acknowledging that each other’s beliefs and

religions are just? Admit that the gods exist in many forms and for
many reasons and that they are admit tingly true although not the
personal god or belief of the admitter. Each to each is correct and
true and that to believe in itself is the mystery. That in all, which is
believed, is truth. In addition, its relative reality is in itself the

Shelly Rene Kirkbride

Original- 12/4/2009© reserved.

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