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Halal an Arabic word means lawful. Muslims all over the world are required to
eat only Halal foods (foods allowed to eat according to Islamic dietary laws)
made from Halal ingredients (only those law full food ingredients allowed
under Islamic dietary laws). The Islamic dietary laws are based on Quranic
(Holy book for Muslims) teachings and sayings of Prophet Mohammed
Sallallahu alaihi wasallum (called Sunnah) and are based according Islamic
Sharia (Islamic laws). The Halal ingredients are from grain, plant, chemical,
synthetic (Halal), Dairy (if Halal enzymes and Halal culture media are used),
egg products, fish and Zabiha meat sources.

• Grain/Plant based ingredients:

Baker's yeast, Baker's yeast extract, Beta Carotene (if vegetable oil is
used as a carrier that is not gelatin), Microbial rennet, Chocolate
liquor, Glycerin (plant and Halal synthetic source), Torula yeast (if
grown on sugar cane not on liquor) and All purpose soy sauce.
• Mineral, chemical, synthetic (Halal or kosher certified) based
Artificial Flavor (made from Halal ingredients without alcohol), BHA
and BHT(only if vegetable oil is used as a carrier) and vanillin (from
Halal synthetic source).
• Dairy Ingredients ( made with Halal enzymes and Halal culture media
or kosher certified): Acid Casein, Buttermilk solids, Caseinates, cheese
powder, Lactose, Whey and Whey protein concentrate.

Ingredients made from plant fat( Halal or kosher certified): Stearates,

Sodium Stearoyl Lactylate, DATEM, Mono & Di Glycerides, Ethoxylated Mono
& Di Glycerides, Lecithin, Enzyme Modified Lecithin( Halal or kosher certified),
Margarine, Polysorbate 60 or 80, Sorbitan Monostearates and Tocopherol.


Haram is opposite of Halal, means unlawful, again it is an Arabic word.

Muslims are prohibited to consume Haram food products made from from
Haram ingredients. They also based according to Quranic teachings and
Sunnah as mentioned in sharia.

• Haram ingredients from alcohol beverages: Beer, Beer flavor, Rum

Flavor, Hard Cider, Beer Batter, Soy Sauce (Naturally brewed), Wine,
Pure Alcohol as a Natural Flavor, Vanilla Extract containing alcohol.
• Haram ingredients from Human body: L-Cysteine from human hair.
• Haram ingredients from Pig: Bacon, Ham, Gelatin, Enzymes,
Marshmallow (pig Gelatin), Vitamins.
• Grain/plant based ingredients with pig based carrier: Beta carotene
(pig Gelatin) and BHA/BHT (pig based carrier).
• Dairy ingredients made from pork enzymes and culture media:
Caseinates, Lactose, Whey.
• Ingredients made from pork fat: Lard, Mono & diglycerides, Sodium
Stearoyl Lactylate, DATEM, Polysorbate 60 or 80.

Mushbooh is an Arabic word for doubtful things. Muslims are required to stay
away from doubtful things. Food products and food ingredients whose
sources are not known whether they are made from Halal or Haram source
fall under this category.

• Yeast Extract from brewer's yeast (some Islamic scholars considered it

Halal but to other think it is a Mush-booh ingredient).
• Cochineal/Carmine color (Islamic scholars in UK and South Africa
considered it Haram but others do not considered it Haram).

Food Flavors

The food flavor of a food substance is the combined sensation of the taste
and odor as perceived by the eater or drinker of that substance. The food
flavorings are available to the food industry producer as solids, liquids, and
paste. The food flavoring is man made and they are compounded from
natural and/or synthetic aromatic substances which may or not be found in
nature. Flavors may be a mixture of any flavors or flavoring ingredients such

• Process Flavors,
• Hydrolysates,
• Fat Flavors,
• Autolysates,
• Enzyme Modified Flavor with addition of carriers,
• antioxidants,
• solvents and
• flavor enhancers.

The impact of natural flavors on Halal food products can be best described in
McDonald's French Fries and Hash Browns. The raw French fries and hash
brown are made with Natural flavor as indicated on their ingredients list. But
no body know except the suppliers and McDonald that the natural flavor is
made of Non-Zabiha beef extract.

Muslims should be very care full of following flavors in meat cheese

related products such as meat Loaf seasoning, gravies and process
cheese products

1. Meat, Savory Flavors and Extracts:

The McDonald raw French fries and Hash Brown are made with a food
flavor containing Non-Zabiha beef extract.
2. Dairy Flavors containing animal enzymes.
3. Alcohol as an ingredient and Carrier in flavors


Alcohol is widely used as a carrier in many food flavors. Alcohol in food
flavors will mostly evaporate if it is used as a solvent in food flavors for baked
products or heat treated products. Some Islamic scholars do not consider a
food product Halal even if it is made with all Halal ingredients but food flavor
in which ethyl alcohol was used as a solvent. But other Islamic scholars
recommend food products made with all Halal ingredients even if food flavors
containing ethyl alcohol as a solvent.

You have to contact your Islamic scholars about their advise.

Muslim Consumer Group will not assign Halal status to food products
which are even made with all ingredients but where ethyl alcohol
was used in food flavors as a solvent.



Nature Of


Acid and Alcohol


Acid and Alcohol


Medium Acid

Cultured Buttermilk

Low Acid

Cultured Cream

Low Acid

Leben & Dahi

Medium Acid


Acid, Diacetyle,
Propionic Acid &