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The Church of

the End-Time
Detoxing from Religious

By Pamela

Copyright 2015 by Pamela Sheppard

All rights reserved.
ISBN 978-1-312-86982-0
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PO Box 356
East Greenbush, NY 12061


To protect the privacy of the individuals

referred to, names of persons and other
details and circumstances have been
references in this publication are from the
New King James Version.
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The Preface

In 1988, Geraldo Rivera televised a

program that centered on Christian Cults,
with the subtitle Zombies for Christ.
Interviews were held with people who
underwent deprogramming from the
influence of charismatic, fundamentalist
leaders and churches. The title stuck in
my mind. As such, the use of the term
appropriate because I perceive that the
entire institutional church is a Christian
Until the spiritual blindness is
removed, all church attenders are akin to
After the Apostle Peter declared that Jesus
is the Messiah, the Lord responded by
saying, And I say unto thee, Peter, that
upon this rock, I will build my church; and
the gates of hell shall not prevail against
it. To prevail means to overcome, win

over, or succeed.
The rock in this
symbolism is not Peter but rather what
the Father revealed to Peter, that Jesus
is the Messiah. The Lords church is built
upon the rock that is Christ Himself. He
is the Head of His church.
As you read this book, you will come to
understand that in these later days, the
institutional system is not the Lords
church. Not only is He not the head of
Her, but in His own words, there was a
time when He stood outside and knocked.
(Rev. 3:20) The invisible church of Christ
is neither a building nor an institutional
system. The spiritual church is the Body
of Christ, consisting of all born again
believers, both living and dead.
Since Satan is the god of this world and
since the institutional church is also in
the world, Satan has power and authority
in the Harlot. His army of fallen angels
and demons have strategically swooped in
with false doctrine and practices. Many
churchgoers have already departed from
the faith and even some of the very elect
received false conversions and
counterfeit gifts. .
Yet this book is a
of hope, echoing the Lords

words, that the gates of hell shall not


Acknowledgements and Dedications

I am blessed to have been sent a
group of wonderful friends and
associates who I love dearly and
whose love I experience every day.
So my sincere gratitude goes out to
the members of RESCUE, for
allowing me to share some of their
testimonies as expressed in their
conversations on an online private
meaningful for the work the Lord
Jesus Christ has committed into our
I also want to thank the artist,
Michael Duggan
for succinctly
depicting my vision for this book

expressions on the faces of the
Christian zombies are priceless.
I make references to various bible
scriptures with only a few direct
quotations from the New King
James Version.


CHAPTER 1 The Zombie-Masters, The Rats and

the Roaches................................................................11
A Telepathic Communication...............................11
The Message Received on July 27, 2007............12
The Church Addict................................................14
Comments From Former Zombies....................18
The Process of Deception.....................................22
We Must Know Ourselves.....................................24
The Importance of the Altered State (ASC).......27
The Pastors Dilemma...........................................29

CHAPTER 2..............The Flesh, the World and Its

The Role of the Prosperity Gospel......................33
Leaving the IC is Not Easy...................................35
I The Tree and Its Fruit........................................38
What Did the Lord Say?........................................38
Hurt People Hurt People......................................40
Four Reasons Why Repentance Won't Occur.....49


Salvation and the IC.................53

The IC and the Great Falling Away.....................53

The Most Dangerous Churches...........................55

Charles Finney and the Fake Jesus.....................57

The Sinners Prayer...............................................60
The IC Omits or Minimizes the Resurrection....66
The Cross Without the Resurrection..................70
A Dead Spirit Cant ACCEPT JESUS because it is
DEAD! ! The dead can do NOTHING...................72
All Sorrow Is Not Godly........................................75
The Dark Night of the Spirit................................76
The Difference Between Saved And Being
Born Again..............................................................78

CHAPTER 4..................Why A Zombie is A Zombie

God Does Not Will For You!..................................83
Passivity in General...............................................87
A Blocked Conscience...........................................90
The Unpardonable Sin and Blasphemous
Spiritual Personality Disorders...........................95
How the Devil Uses Zombie Passivity.................98
Zombies and Lack of Discipline........................100
Just Plain Lazy Zombies.....................................101
Countless Zombies Susceptible to Witchcraft 106

CHAPTER 5..............Fruits of the Altered State of

A Composite Profile.............................................115
The Jezebel Spirit................................................117
Joels Army...........................................................118
A Perverse Generation Seeks Signs..................120

The Bridal



The Chakras and the


Opening Chakras : The New Bondage..............139

Chakras As Demonic Doorways.........................140
Chakras: A Charismatic/Occult Connection. . .144
Visualization and the Chakras...........................145
Kundalini Energy.................................................149
Symptoms of Kundalini Activation...................152
The Kundalini and Fasting................................159
Reiki? The Enemy Heals Too! Then Comes
the Torment!........................................................162


Zombie, Fix Your Life!.....................

Expose the Darkness!.........................................171

The Lords Prayer Is Also For Sinners..............177
Wake Up, Zombie!...............................................182
Prayer Language? Demonic Babbling.............184
Be Discerning When Praying For Others.........187
Bibliomancy is Witchcraft..................................193
Be Angry, But Sin Not!.......................................195


Are YOU Born Again?................203

Reasons Why False Conversions Occur...........205

Torment As A Sign...............................................213
Condemnation As a Sign....................................219

Know Them By Their Fruit.................................228

CHAPTER 9.......................................................234
RESCUE: A Religious Detox Journey..................234

A Word From A Former Zombie:
A minister Who No Longer
Goes To Church

Born again 38 years ago, I have been a

minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ for
33 years, licensed 10/25/81 and years
later, ordained. Twenty-five of those years,
I served as both a pastor and an
evangelist in a well known African
American denomination. I even founded
my own church in 1996 which I closed in
2009. Today, I do not attend church, at all.
I personally believe that church is a
dangerous place to be, particularly for the
sincere follower of Jesus Christ of
The Lord came to me as I slept
In that dream, He
stated that He could not use me in the
denomination where
I was serving
because Pam, you are a candle hidden
under a bed.
Then, almost as an
afterthought, He turned around and

reminded me to let them put you out. I

did not understand how the Bishop and
the rest of the leadership could put me
out after 25 years of faithful service.
However, a week after the dream, I
learned of a secret plot against my online
ministry which I had started in 2002.
I must admit that I definitely did not want
to come out of the church.
Yet that
compelling dream left a powerful impact
upon me. So against my normal reaction
to fight back when wrongfully accused, I
denominational leaders have their way. I
chose to be obedient to the Lord without
fully understanding His reasons so I let
them put me out, not realizing at the
time that I would never belong to any
other church again.
Looking back over the last 12 years since
that dream, I am humbled by the fact that
the fruits of obedience have been
extremely rewarding on a spiritual level.
In short, the knowledge and wisdom
imparted to me in the last ten years have
been astounding. Revelation reach an alltime high in the summer of 2006. I heard
in the spirit a message that declared that
the church had already been judged.

Consequently, I certainly did not want to

believe that this prophetic word came
from God.
How could I continue in
Christian ministry without the authority
and back up of such a powerful worldwide
institution? I thought to myself this has
GOT to be the devil.
This is what zombies do. They rationalize,
minimize, and shove the truth on a shelf
to gather dust, simply because the
suit their
personal agenda. Yet another zombie
tactic is to assume that messages sent to
them from the devil are from God when it
suits them, which is generally all the
time. Yet when they receive a word from
God that does not fit in with their
preconceived plans,
they set out to
disprove the message. Oh my! So for one
solid year, I tried the spirits by studying
church history. I thought to myself, there
will be something in church history that
will reveal the truth.

The result was my 4th book, the Fake

Jesus: Fallen Angels Among Us. In 2008,
I shut down the church that I started in
1996. Also in 2008,
I deleted from
everywhere my ministerial name as my
studies proved the name
Waters was sent to me through a false
prophecy uttered by a ning year old,
an astounding,
life-changing event
occurred on June 25, 2007 when
I went
to church for one last time. On that day,
and for the next two days, the Lord
revealed so much that it was like reeling
around in a whirlwind yet not falling, nor
was I dizzy. I was shocked but at the same
time, everything made sense.

In order to understand my position, you

need to know that I am not coming from
whether or not there are good churches
or bad churches. Certainly, there are
both, a situation that has continued for
Even in our times, there are
excellent programs operating in plenty of
churches. However, this is the power of
man. This is the power of human flesh. No
one can deny that human beings can do
some good and wonderful things without
God. For example, man has proven that he
can build a rocket and walk on the moon.
computers that we all use and share with
a wealth of information at our finger tips.
This is a good thing. Likewise, just
because a church is good doesnt mean
that God is there.

So be warned! When your OWN eyes have

finally been opened, look out!!! Being
deceived by church leaders can be taken
as a personal insult when you perceive
that you have been duped: bamboozled,
run amuck, gone astray, hoodwinked,
made a fool of. Dont even go there in your
thoughts about all of that hard earned
money we put into the hands of religious
demons. Lord, Help!!!! In my own case,
truth has been so liberating that it has
not mattered that it took 30 years to find.
I have pressed on and I no longer look
back. I certainly dont cry over spilt milk
when the Lord has so much meat to share!
My position is this.
The bible foretells through Paul to the
Thessalonian believers that in the last
days, a time in church history would come
when God would send strong delusion.
In like manner, Paul even warned Timothy
that in the last days, there would be a
group of demons who would infiltrate the
churches with false and mixed doctrine,
capable of even causing some of the elect
to depart from the faith and give heed
to or listen and absorb
devilish false

From my work on the Fake Jesus, I have

been convinced that THAT DAY came
already. It is quite possible that Strong
delusion has already been poured out.
Paul also wrote that the Anti-Christ was
being restrained by the Holy Ghost. Even
so, there would come a day in church
history when the Holy Ghost would be so
grieved that He would be taken out of
the way. Paul wrote to the Thessalonians
that when the Holy Ghost is taken out of
the way, the anti-Christ would be revealed.
With the preparation of the book the
Fake Jesus particularly the info about the
ascended master known among occultists
as Maitreya, I now suspect that the AntiChrist is really a fallen angel. Certainly
this angel will use the body of a man at
some point and he has already done so.
According to Benjamin Creme, Maitreya
was revealed in July 1977. I was born
again in March 1977, just 4 months
before Maitreya was revealed. Consider
that if the fallen angel who calls himself
Maitreya has already been revealed, then
strong delusion has already been poured
out. 1
1 Pam Sheppard, The Fake Jesus: Fallen Angels
Among Us, Pam Sheppard Publishing, 2007.

So how did I get to church in the first

place? Well, I had 3 dreams that sent me
to an African American denomination in
1979. I learned just as I finished The
Fake Jesus that those dreams came from
the religious fallen angel that is assigned
to me. The book Come Out of Her, Gods
People addresses why the enemy would
actually send me to church and why God
would allow it to happen.
It is important to note, that I
become born again from the word
preached either in church. In fact, no
churchgoer either witnessed to me or
invited me to visit their church. Instead,
I became acquainted with
the gospel
through the holidays and various movies
about Jesus. I had heard that Jesus had
died for my sins and that He was raised
from the dead. I heard, I understood, and
I did not believe.

Nevertheless, in spite of my former

because the Holy Ghost drew me to the
cross on March 29, 1977, on a Monday
around 4 pm. That very day, He caused me
to see that I was a sinner and He led me
to repent.
Faith was dropped into an
atheist to believe that Jesus was dead and
He got up from the grave in His physical
body. It was like a lightbulb went off in my
spirit where it has remained there like a
hard rock in my spirit where He still lives
after 38 years.
Without ever having heard a word
preached in a sermon by a minister
behind the pulpit, God saved me. It is an
experience that absolutely no one can
take away from me. It is an experience
that every born again person MUST have.
This book will blow your mind and than
empower your thoughts with compelling
information as to why no born again
institutional church,-nor at revivals,
crusades, conferences, meetings or as you
watch your favorite mega preacher on
television or listen to him or her on radio.

Therefore, it stands to reason that if God

an atheist without any church
background who had never even read the
anywhere, without using institutional
churches. This is the symbolic message
behind my born again experience. As a
former zombie for 25 years, it took me
revelation to sink in. You see the church
of the latter day zombies is really the endtime church of Laodicea. We are poor,
blind, naked, stupid, calling what is of the
devil as as a message from the Holy
Ghost. Yet, when we wake up and buy gold
from the Lord refined in the true fires of
God, our days as a church zombie are


No doubt, the word of God has been heard

around the world. There is no where that
the name of Jesus is not known. To preach
is not to stand behind a pulpit with a
sermon. To preach is to proclaim or
simply to tell the story of Jesus. Where
in this world are you going to find
ANYONE who has not heard the story of
Jesus? The real problem today is that
those who have heard the word in
church simply do not understand it. I am
willing to say that 95% of churchfolk do
not understand either repentance, rebirth,
understanding, they are not yet born
again. (Matthew 13:23) Yet they believe
that they are converted because they
have given heed to doctrines of devils.
They are like zombies, stumbling around
in the dark.


In this book, it will be explained to you in

a clear and concise manner as to why the
worst of all the doctrines of devils is the
sinners prayer and the invitation to
suggesting that by your choice, you can
enter the kingdom of God. Whatever
happened to no man is saved of himself,
salvation is a gift from God, lest any man
boast that I accepted Jesus. No. We
dont accept Jesus. He accepts us---a
choice made from His own sovereign will.


The bottomline is that I believe the

church age has been over a long time
ago---perhaps 50 years, definitely since
1977. Actually, every single church on
earth is a fruit of Catholicism. Catholicism
is an evil, corrupt tree. Jesus said that
good fruit cannot and will not come from
a corrupt tree. Certainly, there are people
in church who are born again, the elect of
God. However, they are not redeemed
because they heard a sermon preached in
church. They are born again because the
Holy Ghost brought them to the cross. I
contend that every born again churchgoer
did not receive salvation
because of
attending a local assembly, but in spite of
I hope you will be equipped to digest
the strong meat that shall be laid before
you within these pages and that you will
go forth and set a Church Zombie free!
The reason why every churchgoer needs
this book in his or her hands either in
paperback or on his or her electronic
device of choice is that in the years ahead,
you will have to stand alone. Certainly,
you are all welcome to come and join us at
our online ministry called RESCUE. As
long as Internet is available, we provide

churchgoer has ever received or ever will
receive in a building. We can provide you
with counsel and advice to support you
while you are on your own in your
community. My perspective is that even if
the Internet becomes unsafe, you can
reach for this book to find the wisdom you
need to address your individual and local



The Zombie-Masters, The Rats
and the Roaches
A Telepathic Communication
When I left the church in 2004, I did not
know that it was a permanent move. I
expected that the Lord would lead me to
another church affiliation. I had my eye
on Rev. Paul Mortons organization, the
Full Gospel Baptists. It seemed a great
choice for me because I had been
ordained and served in a denominational
very compatible with
Baptists, yet I was also a Pentecostal in
orientation, belief and practice. So when 3
years passed and I did not have a leading
to join ANY church, I wondered why. It
didnt take long for me to be answered
once I sought the Lord in prayer. In less
than a week, a kind of telepathic
communication took place to let me know
that I was not to join any institutional
church, ever again.

I was spoken to in a kind of parable. I

was asked, Pam, would you put curtains
up at the windows of a condemned
I thought of all of the condemned
buildings I had seen growing up in the
inner city. I answered in my mind.
No, I would not.
Then came a kind of speech, more like a
telepathic pattern of thought that went
something like this.
A homeless person will make a home in a
condemned building.
To escape the
elements of the weather on the outside,
he will satisfy himself and make do with
no heat, no running water, no lights, and
he will share his dwelling with its
occupants: the rats and the roaches.
Then I was hit in the face with the next
outrageous statement.
Pam, if you try to edify the organized
church with seminars and conferences,
you will be putting up curtains at the
windows of a condemned building.


Wow. I was stunned. I had already begun

to conduct deliverance seminars with the
first one in Bermuda and the second one
in Lawrenceville Ga. I was planning the
third conference
when this spiritual
conversation transpired.

The Message Received on July 27,

Metaphorically speaking, it was clear to
me that the condemned building was a
symbol of the entire institutional church.
I reasoned that if this rather strange
conversation was from the Holy Spirit
then the metaphor clearly suggested that
the institutional church, ---herein referred
to as the IC--- is condemned, in other
words, judged already.
As this strange parable continued, it was
explained that zombies who attend church
regularly are those who are afraid of the
outside elements of a dangerous and
sinful worldand rightly so. Therefore, it
makes sense to run inside of church walls
for protection. The other symbols were
explained. For example, the reference to
light and heat.
zombies run inside, what they find is no

light. Yet God is light. And they find no

heat, no warmth. No running water in the
condemned building means no rivers of
living water, No Holy Spirit. No heat. No
fires of the Holy Spirit. Amazed and
shocked, I realized immediately that this
modern-day parable was clearly revealing
that the Holy Spirit has left the organized
church. And no wonder.
Then came the strong punch line in the
interpretation of the rats and roaches.
The voice went on to say that the rats
were the pastors and church leaders and
the roaches were the church members.
For the sake of my title, I have re-named
the roaches. The roaches are a symbolic
synonym for the zombies.
The pastors
and the leaders are the puppet or zombie
gatekeepers and handlers within every IC.
The process may vary from church to
church but the goals, objectives and
outcomes are practically the same.
Leadership is looking for church members
to become addicted zombies.


The Church Addict

What is addiction? A simple and concise
definition is that it is enslavement to a
habit or practice or to something that is
habitforming, as narcotics, to such an extent
that the cessation of the drug or
substance causes severe trauma. It had
been my experience in working for
decades with addicts that a physical
addiction can be controlled within 30
days. However, in the addiction field, the
recovery period for the soul takes at least
a year. The soul also known as the ego in
is quite mysterious.
consists of both the conscious and
unconscious mind, the emotions, the
personality and its disorders, perceptions,
likes, dislikes and the will power.
Consequently, addiction may start in the
body but the real struggle to overcome it
lies within our souls.
So too with the church addict. From 90
days to 6 months, perhaps a year, the
church addicts mind must be re-trained.
False doctrines and practices
that the
churchgoer has believed in for decades

must be challenged so that the soul can

be renewed.
As God Himself has
compared false worship to prostitution or
whoredom , I am not out of line in making
a similar comparison. A church addiction
can be compared to good sex with
someone you know does not really love
you. Simply put, you get hooked to the
thrill and the feeling. Those of us who
have never been there and done that
wonder what the thrill is for a masochist.
perspective is defined as a condition in
which sexual gratification depends on
suffering, physical pain and humiliation
gained from despair, deprivation, and
The perpetrator can be
others or it can be self inflicted.
Unfortunately, masochists are known to
find pleasure in self denial and emotional
So fallen angels and demons work behind
the scenes as they use church leadership
to implement religiosity without power.
While the leadership verbally beats the
zombie both up and then down,
deceptive strategy is to lull churchgoers
into a false sense of security-to rationalize
and justify their behavior by concluding

that avid churchgoing is not only the

right thing to do, but that if they make
the IC itself the center of their lives, they
will please God and live fulfilling, blessed
How the Lord plays into this
scenario is that the rats preach that the
roaches or zombies will find Him by going
to church every time the doors are
When religious deception sets in, the
zombie has already mistaken faith in God
for faith in his religion and in his church.
So they find shelter in both. Zombies
become addicted to the feelings they
experience out of manipulating people.
After all, religion produces good feelings,
protection, as well as an opportunity to
feel like they are in control, when in
reality, they are being manipulated and
controlled by the religion itself.2
Countless tricks and deceptions are used
to paint a prosperous image. For example,
leaders will often use "logical fallacies,"
or logically flawed arguments, to persuade
and manipulate churchgoers into doing
2 Steven Arterburn and Jack Felton, Toxic Faith,
Experiencing Healing, Over Painful Spiritual
Abuse, Waterbrook Press, 1991 Kindle 2001

what they want. According to Wikipedia,

"A fallacy is an incorrect argument
in logic and rhetoric resulting in a
lack of validity, or more generally, a
lack of soundness."
A very common fallacy used is
confirmation bias, biased sample,
and proof by example), "... it is the
act of pointing to individual cases
or data that seem to confirm a
particular position, while ignoring a
significant portion of related cases
or data that may contradict that

Here is a classic example, frequently used.

The leadership pushes members to tithe
and "sow more seed. So they pre-arrange
that particular zombies stand up before
the church to give their testimony of how
they finally decided to give tithing a try,
and almost
immediately thereafter,
something really good happened to them.
Maybe they received a big settlement they
had been waiting on for a long time, or a
promotion at work, or a check in the mail
3 En.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anecdotal_evidence

that they hadn't been expecting, or

perhaps they were approved for a house
or car loan they should not have been
eligible for with their credit rating, and
things of that nature.
These kinds of testimonies would have
everyone wanting to give more, because
they thought if they poured money out of
their coffers and gave it to the IC, the
same would happen to them. The fact was,
experience like that, there were many
more who had been faithful in tithing and
giving offerings for years, yet never
experienced any kind of windfall or
situation. But those people were not going
to be asked to testify about it in front of
the church, so you weren't going to hear
those stories. The leadership showed you
the evidence they wanted the zombies to
see and excluded the real truth.
For zombies who have been raised in
church all of their lives, these kind of
minimized. Being bamboozled is not a
problem because these churchfolk can't
even conceive a relationship with God
without church attendance. As a pastor

for 17 of the 25 years I served in the IC, I

know the game real well. I was sincere in
the work of feeding and tending Gods
sheep. Nevertheless, the challenge ever
before me was to find ways to fill the pews
and then to keep the folk addicted to
coming back. I also was in contact with
hundreds of other pastors.
As a handler,
the average sermon preached on a Sunday
problems at the door and entering the
sanctuary with praise and thanksgiving.
Actually, the rat
encourages the
roaches to enter into a psychological
Functioning as an enabler to the growing
the congregants reality is
overlooked by minimizing their problems
for a few hours in order to get their
praise on! The praise and worship
leaders, the altar workers, the prophets
all support the pastor in their unified
quest to keep the doors of the church
opened so that they can continue to
unreasonable pressure as demonstrated
by a small sample of the many emails I
have received on this matter, as depicted
in the following comments:


Comments From Former Zombies

From a former church zombie in Colorado
I had a prayer leader tell me that the devil
wants to get me out of church to beat the
snot out of me, at the time it did put fear
in me not to miss a service nor those
exhausting 3-4 hour prayer meetings. Like
we needed all that just to stay prayed up
for the 2 days until the next service came
along. I remember one gals husband
calling the church for his wife to come
home because her son was in a wheelchair
and he needed help with him. The pastor
including the prayer leader (jezebel type)
swore up and down that we had to
intercede for the enemy to stop her
husband from keeping her from the Lords
work at prayer meeting. Such bondage
and slavery!
After those meetings, I would go home
and during the night, suffer sharp needlelike pains in my back and shoulders. I felt
the demons binding me. I was very much
in a contest to see who could spend the
most time at church. We
never truly
cared for who we prayed for,,,,so and so
would call me if I missed a meeting and

say, " Oh it was a 911 meeting, the Holy

Spirit showed up and GURL you MISSED
it!" I used to hate that shit! As a former
zombie, I was so deceived and stupid, but
not anymore!!!

A former church zombie from Georgia:

When I was church hopping, I kept
thinking, "Well, maybe this one is right,
maybe that one...no maybe this one." I am
a person who was pretty much RAISED in
the church, and my eyebrows were raised
at a very early age...but since this is all I
knew to be the route, the connection to
God, I continued to immerse myself in it. I
went from Baptist, to a little bit of
Pentecostal, to non-denominational, to
charismatic & apostolic.
I sought and sought after the truth, but
all I kept finding was different false
doctrines everywhere! And the main
reason I church hopped was because a
church leader kept telling me that even
though many churches are false, there are
still some out there that are "good"
churches...like hers. So hence, I prayed
for God to lead me to the right church,
and went from this one, to that one, to the

other one, still knowing that something

was missing or just not right with each
one of them. I thought it was odd that I
never got a response.
I kept wondering why God never "sent" me
to a particular church. Well now I know
contaminated. Next thing I know, I ended
up leaving for good this time, KNOWING
that I was not supposed to be in the IC,
and realizing that all those times before
when I left my church and returned, that
it was God calling me out of the IC. At
first I thought the problem was just with
MY church that I left, and that something
"better" was out there. But I searched and
searched and searched, and never found
it. But what I DID find was even MORE
evidence that false doctrines are being
preached ALL OVER THE IC. Now THAT
was an EYE-OPENER!

A former church zombie from Kentucky

I felt like I was in kindergarten, even the
elders were babies, but they didn't know
it. Some even taught that we were to be

like little children. I don't know for

certain, but I don't think that is what
Jesus meant when He said be humble like
little children. There is a far cry from
being a responsible, stable, sound minded
mature humble adult, and from being a
border line spiritual imbecile. He said be
humble like little children not ignorant
like them, but that's just me. The humility
that these so called humble were
presenting wasn't really humility at all but
pride in disguise.
Hmmmm. Lord have mercy.
Attending church on Sunday is really a
walk on the red carpet
for the
fashionistas to strut their stuff, and a
place to show off what they drive, where
they work, how much money they have
and who they know!!! Where is God in all
of this?
A former church zombie from New Jersey
NO meat in the I.C! No true healing or
deliverance from sin. No true repentance
that leads to true forgiveness and
reconciliation with God. Vague answers to
sincere questions. Misleading folks into
false conversions. Too much emphasize on
tithing. Secular practices are everywhere
including taking secular music and

tweaking it to be gospel. Participating in

pagan holidays, traditions and now
eastern practices such as yoga, hypnosis,
and the like. Fear is rampant in the i.c. no
peace. Fear of going to hell, being
disowned by the church. Works are
focused on. Most believe that they must
perform works , they wear themselves out
doing works and then they crash and fall
back into a sinful lifestyle. Confusion,
dissension, hypocrisy, pride, hate, strife,
These four former zombies from different
states in the USA touch on some rather
serious matters. Yet even more deadly is
how the enemy uses the rats to cause the
roaches to lose themselves through the
altered state of consciousness, also known
as the trance. It is actually the trance
that precipitates
the addiction called
either religiosity and more recently
referred to as churchianity. In Know
the Facts About the Altered State of
Consciousness, the author quotes from
the written work of Dr. Elizabeth

Altered states also have important

commonalities. They can all impair one's

ability to test reality, to think critically

and logically or to remember. They create
a passive state in which mental events
seem to develop on their own and are
simply experienced rather that being
controlled. Many also weaken emotional
restraints, allowing moods to swing from
depression. In addition, they can all
hallucinations and precipitate unusual
dizziness, tingling or rushes of energy....
They can make people hypersuggestible,
so they are open to many strange beliefs
suggestions of other people. Altered
states have the singular ability to make
all kinds of improbable events seem
exceptionally real and significant.... One
final effect of altered states is their
apparent ability to facilitate or enhance
mystical experience.4

The Process of Deception

The strategy of deception involves fallen
angels to stand by patiently watching and
waiting for their churchgoing prey to
allow themselves to be induced into an
4 John Weldon and John Ankerberg, Know the
Facts About the Altered State of Consciousness,
ebook, 2012

altered state of consciousness by any

means necessary. Once
they spot an
opening, the religious angels seize the
opportunity. The most well known and
classic example is that of Alice Bailey, the
infamous mother
present day

A churchgoing woman,
Bailey is actually the founder of what is
known today as the occult. Most
startling is that Alice Bailey began as a
Sunday School Teacher in a Presbyterian
church. Think of it. An IC Sunday School
teacher helped to promote the New World
In 1973, the late doctor, Kurt Koch of
Germany outlined what he described as
an increasing chaos growing in the
intellectual and spiritual climate of our
1. An unquenchable thirst in the soul
of man is continuing to promote an
increase in all forms of mysticism,
spiritism and musical ecstasy.
2. Mankinds
promoting an increase in sexual,
alcoholic and drug licentiousness.
3. The heightening of the spiritual
need of our times has led to the
birth of the so-called charismatic

religious tendencies.
4. An overemphasis on the irrational is
producing a growth in magic and
other mediumistic practices.
5. The pandemonium of our times is
most terribly evident in the Judas,
Spiritistic and Satan Cults which
have recently sprung up in different
parts of the world.5
The times that Koch is referring to existed
40 years ago. In 4 decades, the spread of
mysticism has been successfully carried
out by virtue of the tremendous, explosive
growth of the charismatic movement
within the IC. Magic has successfully
crossed over from New Age occultism into
the church and religious worlds. As the
Lord said, a perverse generation seeks
after signs. Clearly we are that perverse

We Must Know Ourselves

A Word From Watchman Nee
5 Kurt E. Koch, Demonology Past and Present:
Identifying and Overcoming Demonic
Strongholds, 1973, Translated from German,

Some may learn yet such learning may not

discernment comes not from knowledge,
cleverness or mind. It comes from what
we have gone through ourselves. Only
after God has broken something in your
life, will you be able to judge someone
else. Therefore, let us not try to escape
from discipline and personal dealing or
we will not be able to deal with other
people. We need to learn deeply so that
we may be useful. Whatever lesson you
revelation, that very thing you will store
in your spirit. He who is broken most is
the richest for ministering to others.
What is meant by ministry, your ministry?
It means that you use what you have
learned and stored in your spirit to help
others. This is ministry. One of our
prayers ought to be to ask the Lord to
increase His judgment in you so that you
might be enriched, that you
appreciate what is truth and recognize
what is problematic. The Lord will deal
with our spirit daily until it becomes
The problem with zombies is that their
spirits are not dependable.
Such a
condition is understandable when we
consider that the vast amount of
are not even born again,
6 Watchman Nee,

which means that their spirits are still

dark, alienated from the life and the light
of God. Those who are born again will h
but deceived born again people have the
light but it's like a lamp with a black
shade on it.
As an example, I remember when the
Holy Spirit called me out of the IC in a
dream. He said Pam, I cannot use you
here for you are like a light hidden under
a bed. The year of this revelation was
2003. It is amazing that I understood
anything at all back then as
discernment was completely off.
thought what came from God was of the
devil and vice versa. Born again 26 years
at that time, I was still a spiritual
knucklehead. So not fully comprehending,
I thought He was referring to one
denomination and not the entire church
system. My point is that even though you
may be born again, other conditions must
also be met, like functioning in reliable
and dependable discernment.
In spite of the vast variations within the
IC relative to doctrines and practices, one
common denominator is that the members
lack spiritual experience, which includes
knowing how to try the spirits. Those in

the pews are passive, depending upon the

experiences of the leaders, particularly
the pastors. Even in dealing with the
mundane issues of life, passive zombies
often respond with Pastor said. Suffice
it to point out both at this point and in
other chapters that passivity sheds light
on the reasons why church members tend
to make poor decisions because they have
suppressed their commonsense. So when
a poor decision is carried out, zombies
project blame on either the enemy or
God Himself, a matter that is addressed
more than once in this book.
Once again, Watchman Nee clearly points
to the lack of discipline as a major
discernment issue:
The Lord is looking for dependable
people. The more the discipline, the
better the standard of discernment. How
do I know which kind of Christian is
right? People who have received more
discipline are the most reliable. For there
will come forth worthy diagnosis and
judgment. We need to know our own
selves. If we have learned to know
ourselves aright, we will be capable of
dealing with all men. Humans are all
almost alike. You yourself qualify as a

There is the seed of sin in all of us.

Human nature in all of us is nearly alike.
It is hard to find anyone who is altogether
different. The difference is merely in the
growing into fruit. If you really know
yourself, you will be able to deal with
experience needs to be wide as well as
deep so that none of what your brothers
and sisters have learned will be beyond
your ability to discern. Gods judgment
enlightens you. Each and every instance
of learning will increase the light,
enabling you to deal with others. But
should the discipline of the Holy Spirit
not be deep enough, the dealing will not
be thorough and broad, thus disabling
you from judging many things. And if you
find yourself unable to judge, do not ever
try to discern with your mind.7

The Importance of the Altered State

So you are thinking How is the altered
state of consciousness (ASC) obtained in
the IC? I write about it in my book,
Come Out of Her Gods People and also
on my public blogs. Here is an excerpt:

7 Watchman Nee, CHRISTIAN Fellowship

Publishers, Kindle, 2014

Satan has always wanted to be worshiped

opportunity within a church assembly to
steal some worship for himself. In order
to do so, he confronts and overpowers
human resistance by creating within the
consciousness. As the worshipper enters
the spectrum and attains the ASC, a fallen
angel attempts to
walk into a
worshipper. Through deceptive devices,
an effective trick can cause a worshipper
to be at various levels of risk of
The passive situation for a churchgoer is
to become like a puppet, a robot, even a
machine. Passivity can also be obtained
by a wrong interpretation of scripture.
For example, a woman becomes a passive
puppet, robotic like machine when she
accepts persistent physical battery from
her husband because the bible says that
God hates divorce. A passive Christian is
like a zombie who is helpless in action.
For this reason, he has not rightly divided
the word because he believes that this is
Gods will.
On the Charismatic side, good people have
been deceived into accepting all things
supernatural as of the Lord and they
have made a voice from God
deciding factor in every matter, both
trivial and important. Passive believers
have also suppressed their personalities

to such an extent that they cant

distinguish their own persona from
demonic thoughts, visions and voices. 8

The truth of the matter is that every

church zombie should ask himself how
did I come to believe what I think I know
about God, religion and the bible? The
problem is that I often hear church
zombies brag and in that proud, nasal
tone, I have always known God from a
child. I think to myself yes, and you also
knew Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy
too. If we continue to blindly concur with
generally accepted ideas, isn't it likely
that others have done the same? I believe
that if Satan has deceived the whole
world, since we all live on the planet, it
does not take a rocket scientist to figure
out that he has deceived us also.

The Pastors Dilemma

As will be repeated throughout this book,
ministerial and laity leaders serve merely
as figureheads or channels to the
nefarious plots and schemes of the unseen
8 Pamela Sheppard, Come Out of Her Gods
People, 2010, page 198

spirit beings working

for Satan as
puppeteers pulling human strings. We all
have been lulled into a semi- or fullydelusional state where we are drugged
into believing something we know deep
down inside just isnt right. We just went
to church and went along with the
programs to get along. We didnt want to
rock the boat, so to speak, out of fear that
unfaithful, unteachable, or a host of
other names leadership likes to place on
thinking people who were blessed with
common sense AND wisdom to know game
when they see it.
When I was a faithful pastor in the IC, I
had several memorable dreams that
showed me the spiritual condition of the
entire IC but I misinterpreted them. I
thought the dreams were pertaining to my
former denomination only. I understood
years later that a particular church in a
was only intended to be
representative or symbolic of the entire
IC. In several dreams, The pulpit and altar
area was defiled with menstrual blood,
feces and urine. I would dream about
toilets overflowing in the sanctuary. I also
saw ministers and bishops sitting up on a
high stage get blown off if it by a strong

wind, followed by the words this is my

I did not understand those dreams until
three years after I left the IC. I now know
that the defilement represented the
plagues. For in the natural, plagues have
broken out because of infectious, unclean
conditions caused by
rats and other
vermin. The unclean natural condition of
a house will cause it to be condemned,
boarded up.
Besides a condemned building, I also call
the IC a haunted house because it is filled
with evil spirits who have taken the IC
over, due to the plagues. A haunted house
is filled with the demons that once
inhabited the dead who lived in that
The Lord Jesus called the religious folk of
his day white washed tombs on the
outside, contaminated with dead mens
bones on the inside. This is the IC today.
It is a huge whitewashed tomb. A haunted
house. Dont let the white washed
physicality, Her stained glass beauty fool
you. The spirit realm is invisible to our
eyes but it still exists. In the spirit realm,
every pulpit is covered in unclean blood,
urine and feces.


The Flesh, the World and Its

Understanding the World

The word tells us that God so loved the
world that He gave His beloved Son to die
as a sacrifice for sin. However, God loved
the people in the world and not the
systems of the world. The Lord Jesus did
not love the world or its systems. We are
warned in scripture that if we love the
world or lust after it, then the love of God
is not in us. Implicit in bibles perspective
of the world is some very important
information. Satan is the God of this
world. The Lords kingdom is not of this
world. The kingdom of JESUS Christ
consists of people, both dead and alive
who are born again, chosen to be among
the elect of God, the body of Christ.


As such, the world consists of various

organizations and institutions. So it
stands to reason that all institutions are
being ruled by Satan in order to build up
his kingdom. So a very simple question
comes to mind. Since all churches are
institutions, either denominations, nondenominations, Protestant or Catholic,
how could the Lord Jesus Christ be the
institution, run by the devil?
The believers of the first two centuries
were not a part of an institution. It was
only in the year 313 AD that Roman
Emperor Constantine decided to stop all
Persecution of Christians, become a
Christian himself, and then lay out the
structure yesterday of what we call
church today. So simple logic tells me
that since Satan is the god of this world,
then he must also be the god of All
Need I say MORE? The
organized church has been an institution
since 313 AD so do the math.
In his book entitled Engaging the
Powers, biblical scholar, minister and
author, the late Walter Wink outlined a
model of assumptions that fits all facets of

an institutional system. Wink addressed

the need of the system
to control its
members to prevent chaos. This manner
of control will require some people to
dominate others. Those who dominate
often use other people to achieve their
goals. In keeping with the vernacular,
elite zombies and the
lesser zombies.
Also a valued end justifies ANY means.
Other assumptions include:
1. Ruling or managing is the most important
of all social functions.
2. As such, they should be rewarded by extra
privileges and benefits.
3. Money is the most value.
4. The possession of money is tangible proof
of ones political and social worth. To
that, I also add religious or spiritual
worth, since the IC is also an institution.
5. Property is sacred.
Ask AMY member
about their church building.
6. Property ownership is an absolute right.
7. Great size is proof of the institutions
power and value.
8. Institutions are more important than
9. God is the protector and patron of the


God is not revealed to all, but only to
a select individual or nation, and their
rulers and or priesthood.9

The Role of the Prosperity Gospel

Wink's model of assumptions remind me
of the prosperity gospel that started
among American charismatics about 3040 years ago and has spread throughout
assumptions held by worldly institutions,
quite astutely expressed:
The prosperity message unashamedly
calls people to place their hope in the
passing pleasures of this world. Rather
glorifies worldly lifestyles, feeds on sinful
greed, and makes poppycock promises to
desperate people: Get right with the Lord
and he will give you a well- paid job, a
nice house and a new car.
The prosperity gospel is more morally
reprehensible than a Las Vegas casino
because it masquerades as religion and
9 Walter Wink, Engaging the Powers, Fortress
Press, 1992, pg. 95

comes in the name of Christ. But like the

casinos, it attracts its victims with glitzy
showmanship and the allure of instant
riches. After devouring their last cent,
like a spiritual slot machine, it sends
them home worse off than when they
came. The subjective and mystical nature
of charismatic theology is an ideal
incubator for prosperity theology because
it allows spiritual swindlers to declare
anointing, and pretend they speak with
Gods authority in order to escape biblical
peddling aberrant doctrines.
Actually, the prosperity gospel has armed
corrupt ministers
to exert
rule and
control over the masses as they insist
that to prosper, all must sow seed to
impress God.
The rats coerce the
zombies to pay their tithes and offerings
through a kind of fear based coercive
bargaining, --- you plant your seed and
God will cause you to reap a 100 fold
blessing. If you don't give, then you rob
God and the fires of hell will burn hot for
you. In spite of this obvious scam, the
zombies belief system allows them to
make excuses for this flagrant corruption
as leadership continues to pick their
10 MacArthur

In Engaging the Powers, Wink points

out that at any time, the populace can rise
up and overthrow the world system by
virtue of their numbers but rarely does
this happen. The reason for it is
deception. The churchgoing zombie has
believed lies to be the truth. Then again, a
victim to a lie has too much pride to admit
that he was duped. Zombies, though
victims of the I.Cs delusional system of
false doctrine and practices that clearly
did not work, are nevertheless responsible
for allowing the system to shape their
souls. Besides hearing directly from God
as I did, a zombie has the free will to use
his or her COMMONSENSE and declare,
this mess ain't workin.
Yet there is a way to recognize the elect.
The Lord showed me several years ago
that He shall make His chosen ones lose
every material thing that they have
acquired, in order to open their blind eyes
to the fact that the prosperity gospel is a
lie from the devil. If it were from Him
then it would work.
Beside God having to make such a drastic
statement to His zombies, He also gave
each of us a will. Our personal volition is
the most important weapon to achieve and

maintain freedom. Simply, STOP GOING

TO CHURCH. You don't have to riot, sue,
or maim anybody. You don't have to stick
around the IC to try to fix what is broken
beyond repair. Understand that you gave
your money to the devil and he is not
going to give it back to you. Nor will the
church or the pastor make good your
So just walk. Simply put----,

Leaving the IC is Not Easy

churchgoing make it extremely difficult to
give it up cold turkey. Culture, history and
the fear of going to hell play a big part in
sustaining the addiction. Fagetaboutit!!!
Those whose entire income has been
supplied by the IC will most assuredly die
in Her. Thank God that for 25 years a
minister in the IC, I maintained a full
time secular job. Lets face it. If I had to
depend on the IC for my livelihood, I
might still be in the institution called
church myself.
So I understand and I
dont judge.
I personally don't even address and
dissect all the false prophets, false

doctrines and un-scriptural practices for a

very practical reason. Besides being an
author, I am also a pastor, a therapist and
a deliverance minister. I simply would
have no time to do anything else but
write books as there are simply too many
false prophets, doctrines
and demonic
practices for me to deal with each and
every of them. So at the end of the day, I
have reserved my attention to examine
those practices that play a significant role
in Satans end-time agenda, like speaking
in tongues, and the zombie fascination for
the supernatural as a few examples.
Consequently, I try to keep things simple
by concentrating on the entire forest and
not every individual tree.
So I face the fact that there are a
significant number of church zombies
today who are still looking for the right
church. I know how that is because I was
once one of them. Even though we know
of the corruption of most churches, we
still believe that the deception has not
affected ALL churches. So if you have left
the institutional church for good, you are
going to run into people who will confront
you on this matter.
Q How are you going to handle it?

There is more than one way.


Here is a

The bible foretells through Paul to the

Thessalonians that in the last days, a
time in church history would come when
God would send strong delusion. In like
manner, Paul even warned Timothy that
in the last days, there would be a group of
demons who would infiltrate Christians
with false and mixed doctrine, capable of
even causing some of the elect to depart
from the faith and give heed to or listen
and absorb these devilish false teachings.
From my work on the Fake Jesus, I have
been convinced that THAT DAY came
already. Strong delusion has already
been poured out.
EVERYONE has been
members. Demons are the authors of the
false doctrines and practices that almost
the entire church stands upon as pillars of
There is ONE doctrine more dangerous
than all others that ALL churches go by. It
s called by a few names: easy believism,
the decisional gospel based on the altar
call and the sinners prayer where you ask
Jesus to come into your heart and a
religious demon responds. This is so

important that I have devoted an entire

chapter to it in order to explain the issues
in more detail. Zombies are deceived at
various levels. So one of the facts we have
to face is biblical. It is this. For the way to
salvation is narrow and not broad and few
will find truth and be undeceived. So I
focus on the few. Unfortunately, to be undeceived is the exception and not the rule.
are some
variations to explain your position as outof- churchers.

The Tree and Its Fruit

The Lord teaches us to know the essence
of a thing, you have to look to both its
root and its fruit. For ANYTHING, the
same test applies. A good tree does not
bring forth evil fruit and an evil tree does
not bring forth good fruit. So when
speaking to others of a different point of
view, apply the Lords principle. You may
not find history one of your favorite
subjects but there is a simple way to
expose the darkness in the church.
So cultivate a historical perspective of
how the organized IC started with the

Roman Emperor Constantine in 313 AD, a

fake Christian who did not abandon his
pagan gods. In fact, Constantine and not
the Pope, is the father of the Roman the
Catholic Church. All churches have the
Catholic Church as their mother. It is not
difficult to present the witchcraft nature
of Catholicism. Since the root and the tree
itself are evil, how can one expect
anything different from the fruit of the
IC? Its foundation, its historical roots,
were established by an emperor of Rome.

What Did the Lord Say?

The Lords kingdom of heaven parable in
Matthew 13 speaks of the mustard seed
that grew into a huge tree with many
branches with the birds of the air coming
and dwelling in them.
The mustard seeds are the early apostles
and disciples, the 120 in the upper room.
The trunk and the roots of the tree is
Catholicism. The branches are Protestant
explains later in the chapter that the
symbolism of birds is that they represent
demons. Fallen angels and demons have
swarmed into the IC and taken her over

with false religion.

Then there is Rev 18:4 Come Out of Her
My People. You want to encourage those
who are on the fence about the IC to think
predominately an end-time book for endtime believers. So clearly the Lord is
speaking to the last generation when He
warns His people to come out of Her. So
to encourage free thinking, how can Gods
people all leave a nation? Gods people are
in ALL nations.
If we were to leave the USA, where would
we go? Canada? The Caribbean? South
America? Back to England? Would God
tell us to come out and not give us the
immigration laws in these times.
So could HER be a nation? Where are
those who call themselves Gods people?
symbols for Gods people are generally
feminine, both in the old and the new
testaments. Revelation mentions the
nondenominational churches.

Blasphemous doctrines and practices that

are the most glaring are those which add
to or detract from the gospel of Jesus
Christ as both Savior and Lord. As Paul
warned the Galatians, to add to or detract
from the gospel brings a lasting curse
with it. (Galatians:1:8) A curse is
synonymous with a plague.
What are the plagues? The worst plague
is a curse of spiritual blindness caused by
delusion and demonic deception. The
worst of the worst is to be duped into
believing that you are going to heaven,
and to die and find yourself in hell for
eternity. For what does it profit a man, if
he gains the whole world yet loses his
soul? (Matthew 16:25)

Hurt People Hurt People

Consider a news report of a pastor who
was confessing his sins before his
congregation and he dropped dead right
there in front of them. When I looked at
your comments to that link, I believe that
the pastors death in his own church has a
serious meaning. I have learned over
decades that God uses newsworthy events

of a shocking nature to send a wake up

call to His people and I will explore this
trend further in an upcoming chapter.
Suffice it to say for now to my readers who
do not fully understand why I warn
members to stay out of the IC, I revisit
this subject with a spiritual explanation.
Unless your soul tie is broken to the
world, the enemy will try to draw you back
into the the institution because todays
church IS the world. So my readers need
to really know why you need to stay out of
that haunted house.
There are spiritual matters going on at an
unseen level that are quite dangerous
spiritually taken over. Since God is not
there, it is a very dangerous place to be
for the elect. The Lord revealed to me that
when I arrived at the IC in 1979, the
takeover had already taken place.
Looking back, I can remember how the
enemy tried to kill me in the pulpit also.
Too much sorrow can kill you. One day, A
few church members did such an awful
thing to me in front of the entire
assembled congregation, that I fell down
and lay prostrate over the altar rail,
weeping until I could barely stand and my

eyes swelled up so that I could hardly see.

Satans problem at that occasion is that
my physical heart is way too strong to
induce death. Furthermore, the angel
assigned to protect me, DOES HIS JOB
Here is how the takeover of the IC was
implemented. When signs, wonders and
strange religious practices that did not
emanate from the Holy Ghost are
accepted as divine, a spiritual invitation is
hesitation, the fake Jesus pushes his way
through the doors of your soul. When
sermons are preached by wrenching
scriptures out of their context for the
purpose of making three points that have
nothing to do with repentance, rebirth or
the resurrection, an invitation is made to
the religious demon.
When salvation is taken out of the
sovereign calling and election of God and
put into the hands of man to make a
decision for Christ then Satan moved
from the backseat into the pulpit. When
unsaved people came to church altars
chanting as they sought to speak in
tongues, they invited demons to enter
them and countless of these folk are now

tormented, almost fully demonized.

As would be expected, the zombies
followed the preaching of a distorted
gospel, looking for blessings, success, and
prosperity to come in the abundant life
they are taught that Jesus promised them.
They have been seduced into believing
that they have a right to the good life
and all that prosperity entails. Rarely do
preachers even mention that serving Jesus
Christ can also bring trial, tribulation,
trouble and in some cases, even death.
Consequently, Satans seat has been
secured by the gradual elimination of the
cross from the gospel preached in most
Understand this. Statistics show that
floods of people are leaving the IC daily.
The question is, where are they going?
It could be that many of these folk are
just joining up with yet another branch of
the IC or doing the IC thing at home.
Opening a church in your home by
teaching the same false doctrines and
practices, causes your home to be just as
dangerous a building as those with stain
glass windows. It becomes a condemned
building as well. Truly, unless you are cut
off from the IC in your soul, chances are,

the harlot will pull you back in bed with

I can't repeat this warning often enough.
The fact that countless people have been
indoctrinated into the I accepted Jesus
practice aka the make a decision for
Christ gospel are the worst abominations
of them all.
For this form of idolatry
distorts the word of God to such an extent,
than I am willing to estimate that 90% of
churchgoers believe that they are saved,
and they are not. Counterfeit spiritual
births at the altars of God
are the
absolute worst plague, the fruit of
throughout the organized
church worldwide---a wide gaping hole
horrendous plagues to enter with ease.
It follows that plagues that can destroy
the soul are actually worse than those
that debilitate the body only. Sickness
and disease are certainly among the
plagues, but there are several others.
our times, there are plagues that were not
around in other generations: HIV/AIDS,
crack, violence, drive by shootings,
missing children and so many more.
Domestic violence and drug abuse,

spiritual abuse can also be addictive. For

even though I was certainly
spiritually abused by church leadership
and by those I served as a pastor, I had
become ritualized and I certainly had no
to leave
the institutional
church because I thought God sent me
there. What a crock!
Of course there will always be the diehard
zombies who quote the scripture about
not forsaking the assembling of yourself
together with the brethren. Point out to
them that when the scripture itself was
written, the institutional church did not
exist. So the Apostle Paul certainly was
not referring to Sunday morning worship.
The world does not love Christians, so
expect otherwise is also deception. The
more we truth, the more we will realize
that our journey is NOT popular. When I
left the IC behind, I lost friendships
THATS A FACT. What I was hearing in the
spirit was so revolutionary, so radical, that
I consulted with no one. I did do a search
and the only person I found on accord
with me was Harold Camping. I bought
some of his books, only to discover that he
was still deceived in other important


areas. So I consulted no one and simply

waited on the Lord for direction.
Without seeking or listening to the
opinions of others, I found it much easier
to stand alone. MOST people are not
interested in TRUTH. Church zombies
worship their religion so deeply, that they
have no desire or respect for the truth.
They only want to hear what makes them
feel good.
Once you are significantly undeceived, you
will find that you cannot share what you
are learning with everyone in your life
not your parents, not your siblings, not
your friends, and sometimes not even your
spouse. Why? Because not everyone is
READY for the truth, and quite frankly,
not everyone is meant to know the truth.
You cannot force truth on the world. In
fact, as an author and a minister, I don't
pressure anyone to believe me. I just
pump it out in a Blog, a video or a book,
like BAM! In other words, take this or
leave this as you have a very nice day. I
don't try to force blind churchgoers to
see that the religion they are in is not of
God, but instead a bunch of religious lies
from the enemy.

What actually happens is that those who

receive are those who have already been
prepared by the Holy Ghost. You have got
to leave that up to the Holy Ghost to open
their eyes and show them. It is NOT our
job to coerce anyone with the truth.
You will be required to be as wise as a
serpent but as harmless as a dove when
zombies are sent to you by God, so as to
use you to help undeceive them. Some
will be sent by the devil to mock your
ministry and to cause confusion.
So, what do you do? You watch and wait
and see. As I preach truth in my online
ministry called Rescue, it doesnt take
very long for me to tell the difference.
When it is the enemy, religious demons in
zombies who are bound by their religious
In the Charismatic churches, they teach
that God
you to suffer to
strengthen you for your high calling. As
such, the enemy attacking us because
he was threatened by the mighty spiritual
warriors zombies have become, coupled
with this teaching is that there would be
a huge blessing from God on the other
side of glory
that would make up for
tolerating spiritual abuse. Charismatics
content that if a zombie just kept

persevering, one day he or she will have a

mega-ministry, a mansion, and fancy car.
Denominational zombies are different.
They perceive the physical church as
THEIR property.
As such, the IC is a
investment that they refuse to relinquish.
churchgoers have witnessed ministerial
Consequently, they believe that all they
have to do is stand strong and committed
to the institution, and their enemies will
either fly or off die off.
charismatic or traditional, religion is so
ingrained in many of us, that oftentimes,
it is difficult to make the distinction
between a pure desire, led by the Holy
Spirit, versus a hidden desire that will
reveal your love for religion. It takes
awhile to identify the religion within us,
and detox ourselves from the very religion
and religious acts that have shaped us,
and influenced many of our life decisions.
If you have been influenced by religion in
any way, chances are the very beliefs,
morals, and values you have are based on
a religious foundation. In deliverance

counseling, I challenge everyone along

these very lines. For many religious
zombies, the truth is a very difficult pill
to swallow. It is painful, yet I will
challenge everything
church zombies
have ever believed and practiced that was
taught to them by the institutional
Heres a good tip: If it is the road the
majority of the religious world is taking,
then it is most likely NOT the road to
truth, for broad is the way and wide is the
gAte. that leads to destruction. If there is
a less popular road that very few are
taking, chances are it could be the right
Therefore, don't fret or trouble yourself
about what others are thinking or doing
or what their opinion of you is going to
be. If your mind is clear and open to a
fresh way of reasoning, it will not be
difficult for you to stand your ground,
without argument or debate.
Once out of the IC, I have continued to
stand alone for the last ten years. My
asset beyond all else is that I have a
consistent, unwavering
love for truth,
even if truth hurts. Why? Because the
emotional pain is followed by exhilarating

personal freedom that builds up my spirit

as well as
increases my faith in God
How about you? When tough times and
tests come, will YOU be prepared to stand
alone? Or will you cave in to pressure
from those around you? Do you have the
will to stand against adversity? Will you
stand your ground, or will the ground
open up and suck you under? Are you
Andrew Strom, a charismatic once deeply
involved in the prophetic movement
provides some meaningful insight from
his vantage point as an insider:
The people in the pews are almost as
much to blame as their leaders in
allowing things to become as sick as they
have now become. However, it is very
important to note that when the people of
Israel fell into a state of serious spiritual
decline, God often held the kings and
spiritual shepherds of Israel directly
responsible. Often, the judgment that fell
upon the leaders as such times was far
harsher than that which fell upon the
nation as a whole. This is because they
were some of the few who could have
made a real difference....the obvious and

brutal truth is this. It is simply not

possible to have a lukewarm church
unless the leaders are lukewarm, just as
Israel was not able to fall into a state of
worldliness or idolatry unless her kings
and shepherds were men of compromise.11
Among those zombies who will go so far
as to admit they realize that the IC is
corrupt, their emphasis is upon saving
Saving Her is their solution
because they mistakenly
confuse the organization with the Body of
However, I believe the Lords
declaration of the prevailing power of the
church was not referring to Her as an
institution, but as a spiritual body of born
again believers.
The question is not
whether or not the IC SHOULD be saved.
No, the question goes a lot deeper. The
question should really be CAN the I.C
be salvaged in her present condition?
Quite frankly, sin and deception have
permeated churchianity so deeply, that
only a profound, deep move of repentance
and contrition could save Her.
As Jesus warned the Angels of 7 churches
11 Andrew Strom, True and False Revival:
Insider's Warning, Revival School, 2008 and 2012,
page 109


in the book of Revelation, Remember

therefore, from whence thou art fallen,
and REPENT, and do the first works, or
else I will come unto thee quickly, and will
remove thy candlestick from its place,
except thou REPENT. (Revelation 2:5)
candlestick is a metaphor for the church,
it is apparent that Jesus Himself will bring
down the organized church system, the
entire thing known today as church.
Another related and important question
to ask today is has the opportunity for
the church to repent expired?
My position is solid on this matter
because I believe that it was God who
spoke to me and compared the IC to a
condemned building, as stated, the rats
are pastors and ministers, and the
roaches are the pew warmers, also known
as the zombies. I don't expect everyone
wholeheartedly embrace a revelation that
was personally given to me. However, on
sheer commonsense reasoning, there are
four practical reasons why I suspect that
wide scale IC repentance is not going to


Four Reasons Why Repentance

Won't Occur
First of all, too many preachers, even the
sincere ones, have made ministry a career
rather than a calling. They cant repent
because their pocketbooks are tied to
church donations. There are several mega
preachers who are independently wealthy
because they became best-selling authors.
Even though
they did not make
themselves independently wealthy from
church donations, it was zombies like you
and I once were who gave them their
start in the first place, a foundation they
usurped on their way of up the ladder of
tremendous wealth.
On the contrary, the livelihood of most full
continuing to do whatever they can to pay
their bills and provide food on their
tables and care for their families with
something left for retirement. Most
pastors cant come out of the church
simply because they would experience
financial ruin in a failing economy.
Secondly, repentance would necessitate a
fundamental change in how the gospel is
preached. Ministers can be very proud

folk. They would rather confess to some

kind of sin of the flesh before admitting
that preaching a decisional, come to the
altar and accept Jesus, repeat a sinners
prayer gospel has caused people to invite
the fake Jesus into their hearts.
Thirdly, pulpits have already been taken
over by religious demons and devils. The
grip of these unseen forces has occurred
because God Himself has sent forth a
spirit of strong delusion, causing zombies
to believe a lie. Preachers, even good,
sincere, righteous men and women are
already under the power of seducing
spirits whose False and mixed doctrines
they continue to preach.
Last but not least is the ICs own
understanding of why she is falling: the
Jezebel Spirit. Granted, there is no such
demon. I have read several articles on the
subject, written by an IC pastors. what I
perceive is that this entire Jezebel thing is
the ICs late explanation of what is
happening to Her. The truth is that Fallen
angels and demons are riding the backs of
fake Christians and using them to tear
down each local assembly from within.
What the IC is calling Jezebel is really the
spirit of the anti-CHRIST. In summary,

these are rats and roaches, planted by the

enemy in each and every local, national
and worldwide assembly that operate like
termites, eating away at the system until
it collapses from within. In summary, IC
Jezebels struggle over and usurp power
zombies. They manage to get in positions
of authority, and are difficult to remove ,
once there.
Most who are considered Jezebels are not
the pastors but the lay leaders who
support him.
Pastors who want full
control are often intimidated by lay
leaders who the zombies admire and
support. So I am certain that much of
these kinds of accusations are unfounded.
Nevertheless, any church leader deemed a
Jezebel is profiled as
Then there are the passive-aggressive
ones whose persona is sweet, perfect,
deceitful, timid and sneaky.
Of both
these Jezebels
have the
capacity to deceive and recruit others to
join them as they plot to win out over
Sometimes they can be very charming and

recruits, and do not give up this activity
until the recruits are won over. If the
potential recruits do not cooperate
according to Jezebels persuasion, they
relentless at issuing
More than anything else, the pastors fear
of these aggressive zombies keeps strife
alive, and will cause him to have to make
some difficult decisions. If wisdom is not
used, then the flock will start church
hopping which backlash on the weekly
take at offering time.
So it is time to come out. If I am wrong,
what do you have to lose? You can go
back, do the religious thing that your
church will accept. Just repent with tears,
even wails that you were deceived by a
wicked Jezebel by the name of Pam
Your local church
probably receive you
back with
Better yet, I suggest that you simply ask
the Lord in prayer, Say Lord, is Pam
Sheppard correct? Are the days of the
dangerous place? Should I leave?

Rest assured that if you ask Him sincerely

and He knows that you are willing to obey
His answer to you, then I can tell you
right now that He will speak to you and
cause you to wise up and run outta there!
The truth is that you need to come out for
your own personal safety. I explain why in
detail in an upcoming chapter about the
plagues. So stay tuned.


Salvation and the IC

The IC and the Great Falling Away

Once I heard in a supernatural way that
the institutional church had already been
judged, I decided to try the spirits to see
if they be of God by studying church
history. History was not one of my
favorite subjects, but my hypothesis was
that if the church had already been
judged, history would reveal the truth.
I began with the premise that we are in
the generation of the 7th church age. In
the first 3 chapters of the book of
Revelation, the Lord spoke to each church
age. I was able to pinpoint and find in the
history books each church age: Ephesus
as the first age of those who lived in the
generation of the Lords crucifixion,
resurrection and after the ascension. The
persecuted church at Smryna lined up and

overlapped the first age, under cruel

Roman domination, with the saints being
crucified upside down, beheaded, and
stoned to death.
With the rise of the Roman Emperor,
Constantine, the organized church was
established with
church at Pergamos, which eventually
became the Catholic Church. History
revealed that the churches at Thyatira and
are two
Domination that spans several centuries
until Martin Luther and the Protestant
Reformation of the 1500s. Protestantism
was the Lords favored church, from 1500
to 1900 when it too became as corrupted
as the Catholic Church.
The age of Laodicea is the LAST church
age, and we are living in it. It consists of
an idolatrous, charismatic witchcraft
Catholic AND Protestant church. While
the Catholics have perverted the gospel of
Jesus Christ with the deification of Mary
and the worship of various saints,
Protestantism is equally perverse. By
studying church history, it became clear
to me that the 7th and last age of
Laodicea is a fulfillment of the Apostles
Pauls predictions that in the last days,

there would be a great falling away. Paul

warned the Galatians that all who add to
or detract from the gospel of Jesus Christ
would be cursed. He also warned that
some would depart from the faith because
they listened to seducing spirits teach
doctrines of devils. I didnt have to be a
rocket scientist to discern that there are
far too many doctrines of devils for me to
even try to count today.
However, the two most powerful ones
more powerful than the prosperity gospel
is the easy believism or the I accept Jesus
into my heart gospel and the speaking in
other tongues. Add to the I accept Jesus
Pentecostal teaching that the evidence of
salvation is that you speak in tongues, and
you have the other half of the great
falling away.

These two false doctrines combined, have

caused countless seekers to fall away.
To fall away is not necessarily to
physically depart. For most of those who
have already joined the ranks of the great
falling away attend some church every
Sunday morning.

Regarding tongues, it is a doorway for

demons to enter human flesh. Since the
tongue talker allows his or her mind to
enter into passivity while uttering,
speaking in tongues causes Christians to
unknowingly enter into an altered state of
circumstances, spirit entities are provided
an opportunity to torment, oppress and
Satan has had an agenda to infiltrate and
control the organized visible church since
the days that the Emperor Constantine
organized it, in 313 AD. He has been
working for quite a few centuries. His
mission was accomplished in the 20th
century. For these reasons, I warn: Leave
the Church. God is not there.
In my book, Come Out of Her, Gods
People, I not only tell my story but I use
my personal testimony as a symbolic
microcosm of why I was led out in order
to reveal why the Lord will lead ALL of
His people out of Her, if they only will
heed His call and leave.

The Most Dangerous Churches

Back on March 25, 1977, I was outraged

when a spirit channeled to me that I was a

materialistic sinner. I stood on my belief
that I was a good person. It took 4 days to
convince and convert me. I thought I was
good because I was generous. I was one of
those who give my last to anyone, who
brought homeless people into my house
without charging them anything. I also
did not lie as I was ruthful to a fault,
almost brutal with the truth. Yet
goodness was not good enough for God.
Here is the thing. There is a good side
to the soul of every human being, sinner
or saved. In regards to the entire IC,
Actually the most dangerous churches are
those where the people are supportive and
dedicated to good works. It is hard to
leave smiling faces who provide good
music and helpful projects and programs
around the world. Think of the soup
kitchens, the schools built in foreign
countries, the billions of dollars that the
IC claims to share with the poor every
year. The real deal is that the I.Cs good
works are a smokescreen, a cover for evil.
multibillionaires and millionaires outside of the
church are big on charity work. Lets. Face
it. Even the Mafia does good works on

occasion. Obviously, the churches are not

all bad on the surface. Many of them
provide all kinds of programs for the kids,
daycare for the working mother, support
to prisoners and many more good works.
Yet Those kind of works are all surface. All
flesh. The unseen reason why the entire IC
is doomed is because as The Lord told the
Apostle John that the Angel at the church
of Pergamos Satan has a seat. I suspect
that because the devils
seat has
expanded over the centuries,
conversions are the only spiritual births
taking place within IC walls. Plainly and
AT HER ALTARS! The Holy Spirit has left
and fallen angels and demons
discernible to those who are not blind. As
a result, the plagues are progressively


By now, I can anticipate your thoughts

and your questions. You ask, how and
when did all of this happen. don't worry. I
will explain, step by step.

Charles Finney and the Fake Jesus

From the days when Lucifer fell from
heaven because of his rebellion against
God, what compels this number one fallen
angel is that he desires to be worshipped
like God. As such, he will go to ANY
lengths to obtain worship, even deceive
people who think they are worshipping
the Son of God when in actuality, they are
worshipping one of Satans cohorts, the
fallen angel that I call the fake Jesus.


The eastern religions are assigned a fallen

being who calls himself Maitreya, and
deceived Christians and new agers are in
league with the fallen angel whose name
is Jesus Sananda Immanuel. Together, I
suspect that these three fallen angels are
an unholy trinity of Satan, the Anti-Christ
and the false prophet of the book of
Though planned for centuries, Sanandas
plot took shape under the ministry of a
preacher called Charles Finney. Finney
was quite a wicked looking man, as you
can see the devil all up in his face. The
man lived a long time when you consider
that in his lifetime, the average live span
was from the late forties to about 65.
Finney lived to be 83, from 1792-1875. A
fiery New York preacher, Finneys impact
on church traditions and practices has
been so profound, that his influence is
centuries later.
Finneys notoriety is that he is the one
who brought the entire church the make
a decision for Christ through repeating
the sinners prayer and the altar call. A
practicing freemason for 8 years, Finney
eventually disavowed if. Yet what I have

learned about freemasonry is that it is

witchcraft. And you just dont walk away
from witchcraft without a struggle.
Anyway, in a nutshell, Finney believed
that human beings were capable of
choosing whether they would be corrupt
by nature or redeemed, referring to
original sin as an anti-scriptural and
nonsensical dogma
In clear terms,
Finney denied the notion that human
beings possess a sinful nature. Therefore,
if Adam leads us into sin, he does so not
by our inheriting his guilt and corruption,
but by our following his poor example,
this leads logically to the view of Christ as
not having died for sins but for some lofty,
moralistic reason.
Well, this was the man who started the
discipleship, I accept Jesus, practice
that has led to the greatest falling away
the one that Paul himself predicted would
transpire. Consequently, due to Charles
Finney, souls have probably not been
saved within the organized church system
for at least 150 years!!!! This doctrine
has primarily affected the Protestants
much more than the Catholics. Another
fallen angel, Mother Mary had a different

strategy for THEM.

The appalling tragedy is that the make a
decision, I accept Jesus, decisional gospel
has so permeated all Protestant Church
denominational pastors are
trying to correct, to no avail. These few
men are correct on this score but there
presentation of the gospel as well, which
is yet another story.
Finney also
initiated the practice
that uses
preachers invitation at the end of a
sermon to evoke an emotional response,
in other words to create a charged up
conversion. Countless preachers from all
religious sects and persuasions have
picked up that baton and have been
running with it for at least a century.
Consequently, I suspect that the IC is
incapable of fixing a problem that has
been built so deep into its foundation for
almost two centuries. What makes it
incorrectible is a lack of knowledge.
The church is not even aware of this
essential problem, so the JESUS imitator,
the fallen angel Sananda has had his seat
in the IC for quite some time. The people

are being destroyed for a lack of

knowledge of their own errors. Pride is
also a factor.
Sanandas next step was to inspire artists
to paint images of a white, blondish hair,
blue eyed image of Himself to put on the
walls of the churches, thereby cementing
his claim to them. Once I see Sanandas
picture on the wall of a church, on a
website or ion FACEBOOK and other areas
on and offline, I know a takeover has
taken place. For when a demon or fallen
angel successfully plants an object of
themselves into any place, they establish
squatters rights for the practice of their

The Sinners Prayer

In 2014, I took interested in a book
written by someone I never heard of
before. The authors name is Alfred Chong
and the book is Raising the Alarm Over
False Conversion. I have no idea if he has
ever read any my books. He did not quote
me but I could have written the words in
the following quotations myself:
12 Pam Sheppard, the Fake JESUS: Fallen
Angels Among Us, 20077

1) Sinners prayer is not taught in the

If God requires us to pray a prayer in
order to be converted to Christ, it should
be taught in the New Testament. In the
book of Acts, Luke recorded many
conversions through the preaching and
hearing of the gospel message. Sinners
prayer was not mentioned in any of the
conversions. None of the New Testament
believers was saved by praying a sinners
prayer. Furthermore the Lord Jesus and
the apostles had never taught that a lost
sinner must recite a prayer in order to be
saved. It is simply not part of Gods
salvation plan.
2) Jesus chooses the sinners
Jesus warns us that: For many are
invited, but few are chosen (Mat. 22:14).
It is not up to the sinners to choose or
accept Christ. Instead, it is Jesus who
chooses the sinners (John 15:16; 19).
Jesus gives eternal life to whom He is
pleased to do so (John 5:21). He is not
waiting helplessly for the sinners to
choose Him. Multitudes of people have
prayed the sinners prayers and become
effectually called and united with Christ.
3) Sinners prayer is powerless to save
A sinners prayer has no power to save

individuals. Unlike the Gospel, it is

ineffectual and does not have the lifegiving
conversion. A sinners prayer is not of
divine origin and does not deliver the
sinners from the penalty and power of sin.
The misconception that God must answer
a sinners prayer has misled a great many
people into believing that they are born
again children of God. Too many have not
experienced the spiritual transformation
and growth of true converts. Yet they
presume that the sinners prayers have
saved them.
4) Holy Spirit does not submit to the will
of a sinner. To claim that one can pray
Jesus into his or her heart is to imply that
the Spirit of Christ would descend upon
ones heart to perform the work of
conversion. It follows that the Holy Spirit
has to submit to the will of a person who
recites a sinners prayer. The Holy Spirit
is sovereign and infinitely powerful, He
would never submit to the will of a

13Why The Sinners Prayer is

Learning by experience with clients
has proven to be more revelatory than
preaching, pastoring or any other
ministerial function. If I had not been

Now here is where I disagree with him

and the reason I can no longer
recommend his book. I have not met even
ONE person out of hundreds I have

working one on one with hundreds of

demonized, tormented people since
2002, I dont believe I would know
what I know. Actually, I cant even
remember how the danger was exposed
and that lightbulb of understanding
popped up in my head that caused me
to some researching, similar to what
criminal investigators call profiling.
In short, I looked for common
denominators. The most prevalent of
all denominators among a diverse
of people is that over 95
percent of my tormented
repeated a sinners prayer and asked
Jesus to come into their hearts.
Without exception, those in the sample
were all demonized at various levels
along a spectrum. For example, some
simply cannot experience the godly

counseled since 2002, who were

again the way Chong describes below:
Undeniably there are people who have
been genuinely

sorrow of repentance, some just have

resurrection, some are compulsive and
legalistic without baring any genuine
fruit for Christ, while much more
debilitating captives
are severely
tormented with hearing condemning
voices, materialized manifestations of
demons, depersonalization, insomnia,
frequent bouts of sleep paralysis,
thoughts, demons using their bodies
to speak and move objects, even
spontaneous orgasms of demonic
This information caused me to do a
web search
with the key word
sinners prayer. I was shocked and
amazed at how 19th century ministers
and theologians were against it. I took

The IC Omits or Minimizes the

I was certainly pleased to learn that
Alfred Chong has been undeceived about

notes from several articles that

provided a history of how the sinners
prayer combined with the altar call
and asking Jesus to come into the
heart originated.
It was one thing to connect the
sinners prayer and the decisional
gospel to the torment.
It was yet
another to know what to do about it. In
that regard, another client added
additional information when he had a
dream that connected his torment to
opened chakras. Discussed more fully
in the next chapter, Hindu religion
contends that the soul has seven
doorways or chakras, one of which is
called the heart.
Each chakra is
under the control of a different deity,
with the heart under the authority of a
goddess called Isha.
All chakra

false conversions and that he is sounding

the alarm with his book. Rarely do I run
across anyone like Chong, a believer who
realizes the magnitude of the falling away
due to the false conversions that have
been happening for decades in our time.
The problem is what he left out of his

deities fall under the command of the

fake Jesus, Jesus Sananda Immanuel.
Since no where in the bible does it
even suggest that we should ask Jesus
into our hearts, a step by step
scenario of how this all works was
revealed to me.
When an unsuspecting seeker repeats
the sinners prayer and then ask Jesus
to come into his or her heart, the
fallen angel Isha responds to the
invitation by receiving the prayer as
a call to the fake Jesus Sananda who
Isha serves. So Isha, by the proxy of a
demon under her command, opens the
doorway to the heart. Once opened,
religious demons are able to enter and
take up residence either in or around
the heart chakra. Most of these
captives were tongue talkers but not

book. He left out the Lords resurrection

as an essential component of salvation.
I suspect that the primary reason why the
IC is so ineffectual is because she has lost
the meaning of the power of the
resurrection. When I ask someone who
calls me to describe the resurrection,

all. Some of them came from the

mainline denominational churches as
with most of the sample from the word
of faith, Pentecostal-charismatics.
Those who chanted Jesus, Jesus,
Jesus at a Pentecostal altar are in
even worst shape including those who
actively received hands laid on them in
deliverance ministries.
Those who
sought deliverance from more than
one ministry are usually in the worst
What is the solution? As an invitation
was made to Sananda by the persons
free will, the freewill of the person
deprogramming of error, second, a

most skip right over it and start babbling

about the Lord going to prison to preach,
grab the keys, etc., saying nothing at all
about what happened in the tomb.
churchgoing zombies are operating out of
a false conversion. For there is no born
resurrection. Colossians 2:22 says that we
are buried together with Him in baptism,
and we are also raised together with Him
through FAITH in the fact that God raised

receiving of truth, and finally, a

disavowal of the invitation and a
rejection of Sananda. In most cases,
the religious demons who entered into
the heart gateway by the authority of
Isha may need to be cast out. Good
news is that when I help zombies to
build up their free will and rescind the
invitation, the torment usually stops
and the evil spirits leave of their own


the Lord Jesus from the dead.

Those who saw the Lord alive after His
death did not need faith because their
very eyes witnessed it. They were at the
cross when He died and they were in the
upper room when He bodily appeared. To
be born again is to come back to life in
the spirit after being dead. Those who are
not born again are dead, dead in
trespasses and sins. They are physically
alive but dead in spirit.
The Lord Jesus proved how great the
power of His life is through His
resurrection life is a life that cannot be
touched by death. YOU MAY KILL ME BUT
The interesting thing is that before we are
born again, we are physically alive yet
spiritually alive, though we will one day
physically die-mayberesurrection of
the Lord takes away the sting of death
which is the fear of it.
Quite crucial to point out is that without
the resurrection, no one can cast out
demons. We can withstand Satan because
our life is a life of resurrection. Since our

new life in the spirit has translated us out

of Satans kingdom, he has no authority
over us. I find that when the resurrection
power is expresses through me, not just
the cross but the resurrection, demons
and fallen angels flee.
I triumph in the cross but also in the
resurrection. Satan can kill my body but
not my spirit and not my soul. and he
cant kill my body unless God allows him
to do so. Sometimes I think I have heard it
all until the enemy does something new.
In response, all I can do is gasp and
shake my head. For example, One of the
things the enemy is doing with false
conversions is using all of the gospel
storythe cross, repentance, weeping,
forgiveness, peace, baptism, ALL BUT
Here are a few




Sample: #1 I had another conversion

experience. This time I was online
watching a video. I felt cut to the heart
and started crying. Then a voice told me
to go and run a bath and be baptized. I
was crying so much because Im so sick of
being lied to. I went in and baptized
myself and I came out and felt like I was
saved. Right before I did it, I heard you

are really going to hell this time. Once I

baptized myself, I felt much better and
when I arose I had a new spirit. I cried
more because it was not the same. I dont
know if I believe it or not yet.
My observation: this one is obvious.
When someone is born again one day, they
dont hear they are going to hell the next
day. No conviction of sin, no mention of
the resurrection.
Sample #2 I was at the altar when a
minister came out of the pulpit and put
her hands on my belly. I began to grieve
and sob. Then I fell out slain and when I
came out of it, I was speaking in tongues.
I was then told that I am born again.
My Observation: Grieving and sobbing for
what? No mention of either the cross or
the resurrection. No sign that this person
was convicted of sin with those tears.
Sample #3 I was sitting and thinking that
maybe I just didnt appreciate or
understand the pain that Jesus went
through for me on the cross. So I was
reminded of the pain I experienced
givving birth. Then I heard Jesus say to
me, It was nothing, I would do it again
for you over and over again, because
thats how much I love you.

Then I was completely taken by the Holy

Spirit and I saw the cross and Jesus was
on it, I saw his blood, I understood his
pain. My spirit grieved and I sobbed for
His sacrifice for me! Ive never felt
anything like it! Then joy came on me and
I praised him! I already knew that he was
resurrected in the same body he died in
and understood what that meant, I
understood it all up until this point, this
was the last thing, I did not understand
the SACRIFICE! Praise Jesus of Nazareth!
Praise Yahwehs Holy Name! There are
not enough words to describe what I am
feeling right now!
minimizes the resurrection, lifts up the
Lords physical pain, and has Jesus saying
something blasphemous---that He would
die over and over again. This is totally
unscriptural. Also, there is no conviction
of personal sin, only sorrow for the Lords
physical pain.

Sample #4 I cried a lot, so I felt like my

sins were forgiven and I felt lighter and
happy. But I didnt stop my sinning. I
started to attend a Pentecostal church
where I learned to stop sinning through a
12 step program. I also attended one of
Rick Warrens churches. Once I got to
church, to my amazement and dismay, the
torment increased, when I thought the IC

could put a stop to this. In fact,

sometimes I was awakened in the night to
a presence that I can see over my bed. In
fact, I have been awakened constantly to
the thought that Lucifer is God. I see the
all-seeing-eye with the pyramid watching
me. I also saw a black horseman over my
bed looking like the grim reaper, who put
his hand up and caused a black worm
covered in bone to enter into me.
My Observation:
This one is quite
obvious. People who cry can fool you into
assuming that they have entered into
godly sorrow.

The Cross Without the Resurrection

The IC teaches that the enemy is afraid of
the cross. He is NOT!!!! Satan uses it
ALL, including the BIBLE. He uses ALL
but I have yet to see him use the
resurrection in the correct way in one of
his false conversions. HERE IS THE
Jesus said that which is flesh is flesh, that
which is spirit is spirit. The two do not
understand each other even though BOTH
are eternal. The Lords bodily resurrection

is the reason why our spirits which are

dead can be raised. That is why we must
believe in our hearts that He was raised in
His body. The word for heart is cardia.
cardia is defined as being the mind and
the emotions or a part of the soul.
I remember when I got born again. I was
sorrowing deep inside myself and my mind
really did not know why. All of a sudden, I
got a flash that was like a light going off
in my mind. I knew that I knew that Jesus
was raised from the dead and I had no
idea how or why I believed that. It was just
there. Like faith was dropped into my
spirit and my mind was activated. That
faith on the resurrection is stuck in me
like an moveable stone.It was seconds
after I believed on the resurrection that
my spirit was born again.
On the contrary, when the soul accepts
Jesus, the spirit remains dead but with
great acting skills, the soul can religiously
imitate the things of God. The fallen spirit
of man, alienated and separated from God
is sunk down into the soul so that the soul
manifests as intellect or sensuality, often
in both. In such cases, the soul reigns
over both the spirit and the body. The way
that the new life reaches the spirit is

shown in the Lords own words: You must

be born again. The Holy Ghost breathes
where ever He chooses. Salvation is not
the decision of man but the will of God.
Recently, I was asked why
the bodily
resurrection is so important to salvation. I
responded in this manner. Consider that
the spirits of the unsaved are dead while
they yet are physically live. Surely a dead
spirit remains
operative with dreams,
intuitions and premonitions as fully
evident among the dead
spirits of
psychics and mediums who
are very
active. They predict the future, talk with
demons, demons talk through them, and
acts of divination operate out of dead
human spirits.
So to be dead, does not mean to be
without activity. It means to be separated,
alienated from God and a part of the
kingdom of darkness. We see that in
Pauls writing to the Ephesians. A dead
spirit is lost and must be translated or
snatched away from the kingdom of
darkness into the kingdom of light.
(Ephesians 2)


A Dead Spirit Cant ACCEPT JESUS

because it is DEAD! ! The dead can
Consequently, it stands to reason that
when a lost or alienated person accepts
Jesus as Lord and Savior, it cant be the
spirit who does so because the spirit of
that person is dead, alienated, and
walking according to the course of this
world, according to the prince of the
power of the air, the spirit that works in
those who are disobedient by the lust of
their flesh. Consequently, it stands to
reason that with the spirit in such an
inactive condition, the soul has to take
over. In the lost, the soul fulfills the
desires of the flesh and of the mind, and
the lost person has the nature of selfconsciousness.
So since a dead spirit cannot accept
God, the soul takes over and does the
work using its mind, emotions and
volition or will and says, I accept Jesus as
Lord and Savior and begins a religious
ritual that imitates truth, intimacy and
In his book, Chong lists and briefly
comments on the scriptures that support

my point of view:14

1) Mans will is shackled by sin. After sin

entered the world through Adam, the
entire human race has been held in
bondage to sin (John 8:34; Rom. 7:14). In
other words, the will of a natural man is
shackled by sin. He and his will are slaves
to sin and the devil (Jer. 13.23; John 8:34;
2 Tim. 2:25-26; Eph. 2:1-2), and he is
powerless to free himself from that
bondage. Thus an unconverted man has
the propensity to follow ones sinful
nature (Rom. 7:14-23).
2) Fallen man is unable to come to
As a result of the fall, a man is dead (Eph.
2:1-3), blind (2 Cor. 4:4), and deaf (Isa.
29:18; John 8:43) to the things of God. He
would not submit to God (Rom. 8:7) and is
unable to please Him (Rom. 8:8). A fallen
man cannot understand spiritual truths (1
Cor. 2:14) and would reject the Gospel (1
Cor. 1:18; 2:14). Unless God the Father
calls him, he is unable to come to the Son
(John 6:44).
3) Jesus chooses the sinners Jesus warns us
that: For many are invited, but few are
chosen (Mat. 22:14). It is not up to the
sinners to choose or accept Christ.
Instead, it is Jesus who chooses the
14 Alfred Chong

sinners (John 15:16; 19). Jesus gives

eternal life to whom He is pleased to do
so (John 5:21). He is not waiting
helplessly for the sinners to choose
Him. Multitudes of people have prayed
the sinners prayers and become church
members, but were never effectually
called and united with Christ.
The working of the enemy through the
mind or ideas of man quenches the work
of the Holy Ghost to quicken that persons
spirit. As a result, the powers of darkness
are keenly clever in working alongside of
and simulating the born again experience.
In previous and upcoming chapters,
classic examples of false conversions are
The truth is that when a person is REALLY
born again, the soul takes a back seat.
The Holy Ghost quickens the spirit
through repentance. As defined by Paul to
the Ephesians, to quicken means to be
made alive. As Jesus Christ was made alive
when He was
raised from the dead
physically or bodily, to be born again is to
be raised from the dead spiritually. In
other words, a dead spirit has been raised
to becoming a vessel for the Holy Ghost.
Since the spirit does not have a will,
volition is a choice or decision made by

the soul. What the spirit has is intuition.

Paul revealed that the reason the spirit is
raise from the dead is because God is
rich in mercy. So the resurrection of the
spirit begins in the intuition and then
translated into understanding by the soul.
At The Lords bodily resurrection and
defeat of death, faith that a dead man,
JESUS Christ of Nazareth is alive in His
body and that He is God is what causes a
dead human spirit to be raised from the
dead. This faith is given to us by God in
the Person of the Holy Ghost.
Furthermore, when a dead human spirit
rises from the dead, it is born again or in
other words, spiritually raised
resurrected. Salvation is in three parts.
The resurrection of the spirit is instant
and immediate. The resurrection of the
progressive over a lifetime. We are
renewed and transformed into His image
daily. The resurrection of our dead and
mortal bodies will come when The Lord
returns at the end of this age.
So if you dont get resurrection of your
spirit, the other two will not take place.
Therefore, you are none of His. If Jesus
only died on the cross for our sins, none

of us would be saved. The resurrection is

really what activates the salvation of the
spirit and without it as Paul wrote, you
are still in your sins.( I Cor 15:17).

All Sorrow Is Not Godly

There is a difference between repentance
of a person who is already born again, and
godly sorrow that leads to repentance in
order to draw a sinner to the cross and
the resurrection.
There are 3 kinds of sorrow that are easily
The first is a sorrowful frustration having
to do with your failures and sins. It is a
someone who robbed a bank,
got caught, and then wished they had
never done that crime. I call this kind
worldly sorrow. You just did not meet your
own expectation and that of your
significant others. You are disappointed in
yourself, in your life, and so you are
sorrowful, perhaps depressed. You may
feel sorry for yourself and do a lot of
weeping. However, it is not the repentance
that produces godly sorrow.

The second kind is demonically forced

sorrow, like hopeless desolation. It is the
main emotion religious spirits force on
you. There is no hope in the Lord and the
demons strongly oppress you, sending
messages to your mind
that God has
rejected you because your sin is just too
great. You may fear hell and receive their
suggestion that you committed the
abominable sin. You may do a lot of
The third kind is godly sorrow. Godly
sorrow is just what it says. It is sorrow
that comes upon you from God Himself.
This kind is mandatory to being born
again. You may start out sorrowing about
you and your sinful nature but the sorrow
turns toward the cross and the sacrifice
that JESUS made for our sins when He
became sin on our behalf.

The Dark Night of the Spirit

experienced true repentance that actually
Why? Because they continually
judge and condemn themselves as a
regular and consistent course of events..
In fact, most
people are already

convinced in their minds that they are

sinners. They reason well, yeah, I have
sinned, but so has the next guy and when
I look around at others, my sins are
nothing compared to theirs, so I believe
Im going to heaven because I am not that
On the other hand, godly sorrow is a
deeply emotional experience where the
sinner is brought face to face with his own
inner darkness. It is the dark time of the
spirit. It is no longer a comparison to the
next guy. It becomes its me Lordand
compared to You, I am a wretched being, a
poor excuse of humanity. From deep
within me, I cry out to You.
Furthermore, religious folk are always
looking to DO something about their
sinful nature. To dress up their sin with
prayer, fasting, confessions and the like
is a part of the works thing. They have
been taught that repentance that leads to
salvation is turning away from sin, a
change of mind.
This may be the case AFTER we are saved,
but not BEFORE. Pre-salvation repentance
is a work of the Holy Spirit upon us that
overshadows our free will. The sorrow you
experience is quite difficult to explain. It

is quite spiritual. The dark time of the

spirit is when the Holy Ghost confronts
us with our inborn evil that we can do
nothing about other than grab on for dear
life to the One who became sin so that we
could become the righteousness of God in
The dark night of the spirit
embraces the cross.
To be born again, we must see our
darkness from Gods perspective before
we can appreciate how Jesus has
translated us out of darkness into light.
After 38
years, I can remember very
vividly how I personally experienced the
dark time of my own soul and spirit. I was
a confident, high-minded person who
thought very well of herself. After all, I
had obtained a masters degree four years
before, doubling my salary as a result.
Therefore, I had great ego strength when
the Lord showed me my personal
The poorness of spirit that I felt was
indescribable. However, it led to a godly
sorrow of repentance that brought forth
the fruit of a rebirth that was equally
indescribable as the Holy Ghost entered
my spirit and I was marvelously saved.
If those of you who are waiting on God

ever experience the dark time of your

spirit for too long, then just know that it
was not God. Such a time is something
that happens quickly, and it turns from
you to the cross. You get a sense of what
The Lord did on the cross FOR YOU!!!
What follows godly sorrow is a washing,
cleansing, forgiveness, joya freedom
that is beyond description. And you may
never experience joy quite like that again
in life. Yes, you may struggle over sin after
you are saved, simply because you want to
do what you know is not of God, and you
may weep. This is what is called
conviction. Yet as soon as you confess
your sin to Him and determine to be
righteous, the conviction immediately
So be warned that if you stay stuck in
grief over your sin and cant seem to
break free, then it is a religious demon
and you have to fight it off of you.

The Difference Between Saved And

Being Born Again
We often used these two phrases
interchangeably and I dont see anything
wrong with that. However, I perceive a

slight difference.
I have not looked at this scripture
recently, but I am recalling how God had
called Moses to ministry, and then sent
demons on his trail simply because, as a
Jew, Moses had never been circumcised. It
turns out that circumcision was a
required step, with both literal and
symbolic significance.
I interpret what happened to Moses in
this manner. Moses could not do what he
was actually called to do until
he be
circumcised .Not focusing on the act of
circumcision, I simply use Moses as an
example. As such, I believe that if the
Holy Spirit is
undeceiving you in this
hour, then you are one of the elect of God,
chosen before the worlds were even
framed. (Ephesians 1:4-6)
I admit that some are being undeceived by
Satan as a form of torment. However, if it
has been exposed to you that your
conversion was a trick, a set-up of the
enemy, religious demons usually
this particular trick under wraps. He
wants you to assume that you are born
again and so that he can then blame both
you and God for the fact that you can't
stop sinning, you are not blessed, and

victory is in no way
In other
words, he wants you to remain in religious
circumstances where you have no power.
Yet if with every page you have been
turning in this book, you are getting these
ah ha moments of Wow! This makes so
much sense, then the Holy Spirit is
undeceiving you so that He can finally
draw you to the cross and the resurrection
and do His job by providing you with a
true, bona-fide conversion. Grieved and
quenched because the IC has been failing
miserably trying to do only what God
Himself can do, the Lord wants you out of
that condemned building, aka, the Harlot
or the Whore House.
Therefore, if you are being set free as you
it is my experience that God is
undeceiving you so that you can be born
again. He does not put new wine into old
wineskins because the wineskin---your
spirit---is dead in the trespasses of
Nevertheless, you were called to salvation
in Gods plan from the beginning. You
were also called to be undeceived in an
age of gross deception.
So as Moses could not do his ministry
until he was circumcised, your salvation

cannot be activated in this life, until you

become born again,--- a ministry entirely
in the hands of the Holy Ghost.
Take me for example.
Similar to MOSES who set the captives
free from Egypt on a natural level, I was
called to set end-time captives free from
false conversions and other bondages
when I was in my mothers womb. And
like Moses, I was protected within a
dangerous environment to my well-being.
Even though I was an atheist from
childhood, I was treated like a saved
person by God, who kept me healthy and
free from various social ills that would
have hindered His plan for my future.
The truth is that I had no logical reason
why I refused to go to the IC as a child. A
very obedient girl, it was totally against
my nature to defy and even lie to my
relatives and skip church. Today I look
back and believe that my not going to
church was impressed upon me by God
Himself. Why? Because being religious is
a hindrance to the work I am called to do.
God knew that once I got into the IC as an
adult, it would be extremely hard for me
to leave. So He moved upon me as a child
to hate church. Once I got there at the

age of 35, He hardened the hearts of the

black church zombies in order to ensure
that they would not embrace me. This
made it easier for me to walk away after
25 years and stay away.
So my point is this. If you are getting
liberated as you read, I suspect you are
saved, just perhaps not yet born again. I
know from experience that God can save a
person on their deathbed in 30 seconds or
less. So do not fear. Eternal life is yours
when the Holy Ghost breathes t on you.
Nevertheless, I repeat. Even though God
chose you for salvation before recorded
time, to activate it, YOU MUST BE BORN
AGAIN. The Lord said it clearly in John 3
and Nicodemus had no idea what He was
talking about. The Spirit moves like the
wind. You do not know where, how or from
which direction He shall blow. Just be
assured that He shall move upon you,
So with each chapter of this book, I ask
you to look back and see the hand of God
that proves that though you may not yet
be born again, you are of the elect
because God has chosen to undeceive
you. Therefore, wait on Him to come like
the wind. When He breathes and blows,

the enemy has to stand back, watch and




Why A Zombie is A Zombie

God Does Not Will For You!

The truth to be emphasized is that God
never "wills" instead of man, and whatever
a man does, he is himself responsible for
his actions. A churchgoer whose "will" has
become passive, finds, after a time, the
greatest difficulty in making decisions of
any kind, and he or she looks outside, and
all around him for something to help him
to decide the smallest matters. lord,
which color outfit should I pick today? Is
this a day for blue? Guide my hand Dear
Lord, as I move it through the hangers of
my closet and You pick what I should
wear today! This is the kind of
believes and behavior.
When he has become conscious of his
passive condition, he has a painful sense

of being unable to meet some of the

situations of ordinary life. If spoken to, he
knows he cannot will to listen till a
sentence is completed; if asked to judge a
matter, he knows he cannot do it; if he is
required to "remember" or use his
imagination, he knows he is unable to,
and becomes terrified at any proposed
course of action where these demands
may come upon him. The tactics of the
enemy now may be to drive him into
situations where these demands may be
made, and thus torture or embarrass him
before others.
Little does the zombie know that in this
condition he may, unknowingly, rely upon
the assistance of evil spirits, who have
brought about the passivity for this very
reason---to control him like a puppetmaster.
The faculty unused lies dormant and dead
in their grip, but if used it is an occasion
for them to manifest themselves through
it. They are too ready to "will" instead of
the man, and they will put within his
reach many "supernatural" props to help
him in "decision," especially in the way of
"texts" used apart from their context, and
supernaturally given, which the believer,

seeking so longingly to do the will of God,

seizes upon, and firmly grasps as a
drowning man a rope, blinded, by the
apparently given Divine help, to the
principle that God only works through
the active volition of a man, and not for
him in matters requiring his action.15

You had a dream that you should move to
Georgia. Or perhaps someone from your
proclaimed that God has called you to
minister in Georgia. The same day, you
heard Ray Charles sing, Georgia on My
Mind. Then a stranger called you on
the telephone from Georgia, but it was a
wrong number. In the afternoon, a friend
stopped by and gave you some peaches.
Georgia peaches.
So there it is you say to yourself. I got 3
confirmation to my dream or prophetic
word. God wants me to move to Georgia. I
have cited such a ridiculous example in
order to highlight what foolish believers
do constantly. The confirmation thing is
nothing butan assumption, not based on
15 Jessie Penn-Lewis, War on the Saints

fact, not based on truth.

When the Holy Spirit sends a message, He
does not have to confirm it. He may, or He
connected to cause and effect religion.
Did you know that religious cause and
effect has its roots in Buddhism in the
concept of karma? Religious cause and
effect among so called Christians operates
in the unwritten law of three, labeled
determine whether a thing is from God,
when two other things happening around
the same time, the 3 events are
considered to be proof that God did it, as
if the devil does not know how to connect
and cause three things to happen as well.
Confirmation is a religious practice we all
have fallen into at one time or another. In
fact, it is the foundation of the prosperity
gospel. Consider that you gave an offering
of $70 and a few days later, you receive
$7000. So you attribute your giving and
the increase to cause and effect. The
cause is that you gave the offering to the
church and the effect is that you received
a huge bonus. In other words, your giving
caused a bonus, when in reality, the
money was coming whether you gave in

the offering or not. The subtle suggestion

is that your inheritance came because you
gave in the offering even though someone
had to die for you to receive the death
benefit. So was the death caused by your
giving? That is how ridiculous this sort of
reasoning can get.
To get rid of demons, this kind of cause
and effect thinking has to stop. I do not
allow people to attribute their blessings to
me, just because they happened a few
days after a phone session. Why? Because
the reverse can happen also. You have a
phone session with me today, and you fell
down and broke your leg the next day.
Cause? The phone session. Effect? The
broken leg.
If I take credit for the
blessing, then I must also take credit for
the misfortune.
Now of course, there are exceptions. For
example, I told a former zombie that she
was not saved and I directed her to the
gospel that I had preached in a video. She
took heed and God saved her in less than
24 hours after the phone session. The
cause in this instance is that God had
already been working on her and the The
Holy Spirit had led her to me. Clearly God
was in this born again experience so we

did not need confirmation.

Also, if I cast a demon from you today, and
your torment is gone tomorrow or next
week, then there is a plausible cause and
effect connection between a session with
me and your improved condition. To be
plausible, is not a certainty. For it is
quite possible that if the captive had just
waited and received truth, the evil spirit
would have left on his own accord. Just
know that if you have a phone counseling
session with me today, and you get bad
news tomorrow, there is no plausible
connection between the contact with me
and the events that transpire.
I must admit that there has been a
noticeable trend in my life that people
who support me find that their lives make
a noteworthy improvement. This was also
the case BEFORE I became born again.
Then again, people who strongly came
consequences that I personally had
nothing to do with. Is this cause and
effect? Perhaps. Only God knows so it is
not something that I would take time to
try and prove.
My main point is that the more you look
for confirmation and depend on it, the

more opportunity you give to demons to

keep you in captivity. How many of you
have declared "I surrender all in the IC
and would not act unless you got some
kind of sign? Assumptions are constantly
made by Christians who believe that the
3 witnesses rule is an indication that a
sign, a wonder, a message or particular
circumstance is a confirmation from
God. Confirmation! Its a twelve letter
dirty word that covers a wide field of
consideration. In fact, Satan and his crew
get many chuckles out of this one.

Passivity in General
Jessie Penn Lewis is the most notable
author on this subject, followed by
Watchman Nee,
decades later, who
merely repeated Jessies teachings. Below
are a few of her insights on passivity:
The word "passivity" simply describes the
opposite condition to activity; and in the
experience of the believer it means,
briefly, (1) loss of self-control--in the
sense of the person himself controlling
each, or all of the departments of his
personal being; and (2) loss of freewill--in
the sense of the person himself exercising
his will as the guiding principle of
personal control, in harmony with the will

of God
All the danger of "passivity" in the
advantage taken of the passive condition
by the powers of darkness. Apart from
these evil forces, and their workings
through the passive person, "passivity" is
merely inactivity, or idleness. In normal
inactivity, that is, when the evil spirits
have not taken hold, the inactive person is
always holding himself ready for activity;
whereas in "passivity" which has given
place to the powers of darkness, the
passive person is unable to act by his own
The chief condition, therefore, for the
working of evil spirits in a human being,
apart from sin, is passivity, in exact
opposition to the condition which God
requires from His children for His
working in them. Granted the surrender
of the will to God, with active choice to do
His will as it may be revealed to him, God
requires co-operation with His Spirit, and
the full use of every faculty of the whole
In brief, the powers of darkness aim at
obtaining a passive slave, or captive to
actively willing, and choosing, and doing
His will in liberation of spirit, soul and

body from slavery. The powers of darkness

would make a man a machine, a tool, an
automaton; the God of holiness and love
desires to make him a free, intelligent
sovereign in his own sphere--a thinking,
rational, renewed creation created after
His own image (Eph. 4: 24). Therefore
God never says to any faculty of man, "Be
thou idle."
God does not need, nor demand nonactivity in the believer, for His working in,
and through him; but evil spirits demand
the utmost non-activity and passivity. God
asks for intelligent action (Rom. 12: 1-2,
cooperation with Him. Satan demands
passivity as a condition for his compulsory
action, and in order to compulsorily
subject men to his will and purpose.
God requires the cessation of the evil
actions of believers, primarily because
they are sinful, and secondly because they
hinder co-operation with His Spirit.
Passivity must not be confused with
quietness, or the meek and quiet spirit,"
which, in the sight of God, is of great
price. Quietness of spirit, of heart, of
mind, of manner, voice and expression,
may be co-existent with the most effective
activity in the will of God (1 Thess. 4: 11,
Gr. "Ambitious to be quiet.").16
16 Jessie Penn-Lewis, War on the Saints, ninth
edition. Pg

Passivity of judgment and reason, which

means that the man in this condition has
closed the mind to all arguments, and
statements upon which he has come to
settled conclusions, and all effort to give
him further truth and light is regarded as
interference, and the person attempting it
as ignorant, or intrusive. The believer in
this stage of passivity lapses into a state
of evil positiveness, and infallibility; from
"judgment," but the rude shock of seeing
that he has been deceived, and possessed
To undermine the
deception of a believer in this condition,
almost means the re-laying of the very
foundations of his spiritual life. Hence the
few--called "fanatics" and "cranks" by the
world--who have been saved out of this
degree of the deception of the enemy.
Ceasing to use their true reasoning
powers, they become open to all kinds of
suggestions from evil spirits, and false
"reasonings"; for example, in regard to
the coming of Christ, some have falsely
reasoned that because Christ is coming
soon, they do not need to carry on their
usual work, overlooking the words of the
Lord on this very matter: "Who then is the
faithful and wise servant, whom his lord
hath set over his household, to give them
their food in due season? Blessed is that

servant, whom his lord, when he cometh,

shall find so doing."
Because of what he will gain through it,
therefore, the devil will do anything to
whatsoever, in spirit, or mind or body.17

A Blocked Conscience
Conscience along with communion and
intuition are senses of the human spirit.
When the conscience is shut down, it is
because it has become passive. Here is
what Jessie Penn-Lewis has written about
this subject:

When believers sink into passivity of

conscience, there is a manifestation of
moral degradation in some, and in others
stagnation, or retrogression in life or
service. Instead of using their mind, or
conscience in deciding what is good and
evil, and right and wrong, they walk, as
they believe, according to the voice of
God, which they make the deciding
factor in all their decisions. When this
takes place, they will not listen to their
reason, or conscience, or the words of
17 Jessie Penn-Lewis, War on the Saints, Ibid.

others, and having come to decision

through the supposed direction of God,
their minds become as a closed and
sealed book on the matter in question.
Ceasing to use their true reasoning
powers, they become open to all kinds of
suggestions from evil spirits, and false
reasonings; for example, in regard to
the coming of Christ, some have falsely
reasoned that because Christ is coming
soon, they do not need to carry on their
usual work, overlooking the words of the
Lord on this very matter: Who then is the
faithful and wise servant, whom his lord
hath set over his household, to give them
their food in due season? Blessed is that
servant, whom his lord, when he cometh,
shall find so doing.
Because of what he will gain through it,
therefore, the devil will do anything to
whatsoever, in spirit, or mind or body.18
Consider a recent example. A woman just
wrote me and quoted the apostles asking
some new converts this question: Have
you received the Holy Ghost since you
believed? She passively accepted what
she was taught, that speaking in tongues
is the evidence that a person is saved.
How does asking somebody a question
18 Jessie-Penn Lewis, Ibid.

ANYTHING???? Look at that question
closely. If they believed, were they not
already born again? When I was saved, I
too knew nothing about the Holy Ghost.
Passivity of conscience has caused many
to believe false doctrine of all kinds.

In such cases, passivity masquerades as

humility. The inner hostilities are hidden
from view by a veneer of a pretended
politeness, feigned fair play and an
appearance of good fellowship.
front is a cover-up used in subtle ways
to move against perceived enemies in an
effort to shame others with their nice
pretenses, hidden fears and some genuine
caring mixed in with an ability to make
YOU look bad in comparison to THEM.

The Unpardonable Sin and

Blasphemous Thoughts
This particular torment has become so
common among zombies who have had
false conversions that I call it a classic
demonic strategy among the enemys
arsenal of tricks, schemes and wiles. In

fact, 8 out of every 10 contacts I receive

suffer from a strong fear that they have
committed the unpardonable sin and that
they are headed for hell when they die.
This fear
works best with passive,
obsessive/compulsive personality types.
To put this torment in motion, evil spirits
must first obtain access to the zombies
mind in a way that causes him or her to
thoughts or hear voices that come from
the spirit realm. In each case, the zombie
tries religious ways to fight back,
including deliverance ministries, fasting,
prayer, Christian music and bible reading,
only to discover that the torment
increases. Severely depressed by the time
they make contact with me, I find that
these zombies have been convinced that
they have grieved and quenched the Holy
Ghost and they consider themselves
hopelessly reprobate.
People in this state of mind must first be
reprogrammed by rational thinking. My
first step is to take them to a scripture in
Hebrews chapter 6 where it plainly states
that you must be a mature born again
believer who has tasted the powers that
are to come. I use myself as an example,

born again 38 years yet I have not yet

experienced those powers.
Secondly, I
point out that God did not give those who
are born again a spirit of fear and as such,
the torment that oppresses them did not
come from God. So logically, it follows
that if it did not come from either God or
themselves, only one source is left: a
member of the devils army.
My next step is to set up and establish a
conversation to guide zombies to examine
their salvation experience from the
vantage point that since they are in so
experienced a false conversion when they
asked Jesus to come into their hearts.
My deliverance coaching scenario may
circumstances within each individual
However, my general
goes something like this:
You have been set up by the religious
demon assigned to you to first believe that
you are born again when the demon
knows that you have had a false
conversion. Consequently, the demon or
fallen angel works with and capitalizes on
YOUR deception by accusing you of losing
a salvation that you never had in the first

place. Evil spirits did so by suggesting

blasphemous thoughts to your mind.
Since you believe the thoughts are your
own, then these entities proceed to
accuse you of blasphemy. It is quite a
setup to first send you the thoughts that
they planted themselves and then accuse
Continually oppressing
you with these
thoughts, and making effective use of
your ability to hear their voices, they are
able to keep you captive. Their intent is
that you become so debilitated that there
is no fight left in you, the epitome of
passivity. I repeat.
The blasphemous
thoughts are not your own.
I have some liberating news for you if you
would only receive it. You need to be
cognizant of the fact that your concern
that you are reprobate is strong evidence
that you have not committed the
unpardonable sin.
Why? Because true
reprobates have denied both the cross
and the resurrection and so they have no
care or fear of blaspheming the Holy
Spirit since they do not believe in His
existence. Obviously, you believe in Him
because you are afraid. Your fear is yet
another strong proof that you have not
blasphemed, nor are you reprobate.

In her book, Life in the Spirit, Jessie

Penn-Lewis points out how the enemy as
the accuser pours streams of words and
horrendous mental images into a passive
mind. She also wrote that the moment
you recognize it, and name it, you are on
the first step to deliverance.
recommends that you tell the enemy that
you CHOOSE to refuse his lies about God,
yourself, and others. Rather than ignore
these spirits, speak to them and let them
know that you are not going to heed
anything that they have said. Call them
liars and take back your willpower from
their influence.
In other words, dont
passively sit around waiting on what they
shall say next. 19
I have done a sample of videos on the

Spiritual Personality Disorders

In his book, R. S. Pearson presents an
appropriate adjective for a zombie.
Hyperreligious is defined by example.
19 Jessie Penn-Lewis, Life In the Spirit, CLC

Here is an explanation
stands out for me:



disempowered by people, and so they
develop the need to devalue others and
create value in themselves by their
religious practice. 20The effects of
hyperreligiosity are related to how OCD,
BDD and other potentially lethal mental
illnesses destroy the quality of life. The
hyperreligious should not allow religious
ideas to justify conditions of mental
illness by saying, "I'm just being holy."
When the hyperreligious uses religion as
a real help to help them overcome other
types of mental illness, they may see that
since they had some problems with their
other mental illness, these problems may
reflect in how they might have a problem
understanding healthy religious thinking.
The religious must have sophisticated
thinking tools to know whether "psychic"
abilities or abilities to detect God or the
supernatural are actually lowering the
quality of one's life, or are in fact really
spiritual experiences.21

20 Stephen Arterburn and Jack FeltonToxic

Faith 1991, 2001 , Kindle.
21 R.S. Pearson, Hyperreligiosity: Identifying
and Overcoming Patterns of Religious
Dysfunction, Kindle 2005

Pearsons points are well taken but I can

make it even plainer by simply stating a
fact revealed to me over decades of
Demons use deception that
leads to strategies of torment with the
intent of sending a zombie crazy. So I am
all about providing the elect with some
sophisticated thinking tools. In fact, my
intent is that this book will be an
important part of my your sophisticated
Synonymous to the term hyper-religious
is the expression addicted to religion.
In chemical addiction, there is the 28 day
detox, 90 days of treatment and from 4- 6
months of recovery.
It has been my
experience that from 90 days to 6 months,
perhaps a year, the church addicts mind
must be re-trained in order to be renewed
or in other words, detoxed.
doctrines and practices that the religious
zombie has believed in for decades must
be challenged so that the soul can be
renewed. As God Himself has compared
whoredom, I am not out of line in making
a similar comparison. A religious or
spiritual addiction can be compared to
good sex with someone you know does

not really love you. Simply put, you get

hooked to the thrill and the feeling. Those
of us who have never been there and
done that wonder what the thrill is for a
Masochism from a psychiatric perspective
is defined as a condition in which sexual
physical pain and humiliation gained from
despair, deprivation, and degradation. The
perpetrator can be others or it can be selfinflicted. Unfortunately, masochists are
known to find pleasure in self-denial and
emotional pain.
I can relate on a spiritual level because
sexual masochism is like self-imposed
martyrdom. In my case, I personally took
unnecessary spiritual abuse from the IC
because I ignorantly assumed that I was
suffering for Christ. In reality, the Pam
assertiveness was not a person to mess
with and people in my world knew that
well. However, once I became a church
zombie, I adjusted myself to being the
peoples doormat. As such, like a spiritual
masochist, a sensual, carnal thrill was
obtained through believing that I was
more righteous than they because I was

faithfully doing Gods will. What a shock

to find out after more than two decades,
that God never sent me there for ANY
reason. He simply used what the enemy
meant for evil for my personal and
spiritual good, so that I could be used by
Him to help others help themselves!
Nevertheless, as one who was addicted,
I never wanted to leave that Whore on my
own so God let the Bishop and his
henchmen to PUT ME OUT!!!!
Likewise, the enemy is planning on using
churchianity against you in these endtimes. The Lord Jesus revealed the
enemys goal in His words to the Apostle
Peter: the enemy to sift you like wheat so
as to ultimately kill, steal and destroy
your life. Therefore, if you cant come
clean and effectively detox , the enemy
will maintain a foothold in you. If you
have ANYTHING in you that wants fame,
approval, the enemy has yet another
foothold in you. If you love attention,
there is another one. If you love suffering,
there is another one. If you love drama,
there is another one. I also notice that
some religious folk constantly apologize
for no good reason. Is that just being

polite or does it have a deeper meaning?

Simply put,
through it,

because of what he will gain

the devil will do anything to
in spirit, or soul or body.

How the Devil Uses Zombie Passivity

In her book, deliverance minister Stacie
Speilman provides a long list of ways that
religious demons and fallen angels use
our passivity to their advantage. Here is a
short version of the authors list of wiles
and strategies used by
evil spirits on
passive people: :
1. Watch for humans to slip up and
open a door. Dont miss an
opportunity to go through.
2. When humans try to get them out of
their lives, dont go willingly. Use
any excuse to stay, unless specifically
addressed and commanded in Jesus
name to go.
3. If these spirits are cast away in
opportunity to come back.
4. Answer prayers said to anyone other
than God even prayers said to
Jesus, the virgin Mary, a saint, or the

Holy Spirit. Use any guise to create a

wedge between humans and God.
Waste your victims time. Cause
simple tasks to take hours to
complete. Crash computers. Divert emails. Corrupt software. Encourage
humans to spend beyond their
5.Watch and listen for humans to talk
to dead friends or relatives. As soon as
they do this, move in and start
harassing them any way you choose.
6. (Climbing into bed with women
and/or giving them the illusion of rape
is a favorite. Or, if you prefer, you can
do this with a man.) Humans dont
realize the importance of words. They
dont know that every word counts,
even if said in jest. Never miss an
opportunity, based on things they
habitually say, to impose a word curse.
7. Perpetuate false doctrine by acting
as human or angelic Spirit Guides, and
giving telepathic messages to psychics.
8. Infiltrate Christian Churches with
New Age practices and urge acceptance of
alternative lifestyles.22
Re-numbering this short list in terms of
importance, at the top of my own
personal agenda to expose is number 8.
22 Stacie Spielman, What Demonic Spirits
Don't Want You To Know, 2009, Kindle

Number 7 is next, serving as my number

2. In fact, this book is all about arming its
readers with insight and knowledge into
numbers 8, 7, 4 and 1.
Here is a recent example of passivity of
reasoning and judgment.
An IC woman
just wrote me and quoted the apostles
asking some new converts this question:
Have you received the Holy Ghost since
you believed? She passively accepted
what she was taught,---that speaking in
tongues is the evidence that a person is
saved. I asked her how does asking
somebody a question confirm or act as
evidence of ANYTHING???? Look at that
question closely. If they believed, were
they not already born again? When I was
saved, I too knew nothing about the Holy
Ghost. Nor had I ever heard of tongues.
Passivity of conscience has caused many
to believe false doctrine of all kinds.

Zombies and Lack of Discipline

Watchman Nee clearly points to the lack
of discipline as a major discernment
The Lord is looking for dependable
people. The more the discipline, the

better the standard of discernment. How

do I know which kind of Christian is
right? People who have received more
discipline are the most reliable. For there
will come forth worthy diagnosis and
judgment. We need to know our own
selves. If we have learned to know
ourselves aright, we will be capable of
dealing with all men. Humans are all
almost alike. You yourself qualify as a
There is the seed of sin in all of us.
Human nature in all of us is nearly alike.
It is hard to find anyone who is altogether
different. The difference is merely in the
growing into fruit. If you really know
yourself, you will be able to deal with
experience needs to be wide as well as
deep so that none of what your brothers
and sisters have learned will be beyond
your ability to discern. Gods judgment
enlightens you. Each and every instance
of learning will increase the light,
enabling you to deal with others. But
should the discipline of the Holy Spirit
not be deep enough, the dealing will not
be thorough and broad, thus disabling
you from judging many things. And if you
find yourself unable to judge, do not ever
try to discern with your mind.23
23 Watchman Nee, CHRISTIAN Fellowship
Publishers, Kindle, 2014

Just Plain Lazy Zombies

According to the authors of the book,
Toxic Faith, some Church Zombies are
just plain lazy. They have retreated into a
lazy world where they want everything
worked out for them in a magical,
mysterious way. They want a servant god;
they dont want to serve God. They want a
god drug that will wipe out consequences
and quickly ease all hurts:
That view of God is toxic and addictive. It
is irresponsible and leaves believers
stagnant, full of false hope and unrealistic
expectations. I think God might be
watching, hoping such believers will crawl
out of the ditches and continue to grow
through facing their difficulties one at a
time.. Too often in the name of waiting
on God, people fail to take responsibility
or action. They wait for God to perform a
miracle while God waits for them to act.
Remember, they call them miracles
because they rarely happen. It is often
easier to wait on a miracle than to do the
difficult thing and take action. Tomorrow
the pain will still be there, or the person
will still be involved with the destructive
behaviorunless we take action today. 24
24 Stephen Arterburn and Jack Felton, Toxic
Faith, Kindle, 2001

I have ministered to countless lazy,

lukewarm zombies in 33 years ---pew
warmers who expect the word of God to
be served to them on a ready-made
platter without making any efforts of self
study. For this reason, these sort of
zombies have been easy targets of evil
spirits who see to it that false teachers
fill up their spiritual plates with religious

Most Zombies Dont Know

The enemy really designs his deception
based upon his knowledge of us. The
secret desires of our hearts and our
assumptions provide religious demons
and fallen angels with both the blueprint
and the building blocks of the grand
deception that fuels the overall plan
formed against us. The plan begins as a
kind of conspiracy theory which answers
the questions , what makes him or her
tick? And if I do THIS, then will he or she
do THAT? What the religious demon has
to do is to find a way to guide you steps.
There is no greater thrill than for a
religious demon to manipulate and
control a child of God and cause that

person to become both his prey and his

So I believe that we overcome by first
knowing ourselves.
When you know
yourself better than the enemy knows
YOU, then you are on your way to victory.
For example, if you are an achiever, your
desire to succeed can be a key contact
point on the blueprint and the religious
demon will begin to build the plan
around your style of ambition.
Advocate. An advocate is a lawyer, and
Keanu Reeves, the advocate was a
lawyer in the movie, as was the devil,
played by Al Pacino. The devils plan to
guide the steps of his advocate began
with setting Reeves up to win every case
as a defense attorney. By doing so,
Pacino said to himself, if I cause Reeves
to win every case, will he
literally do
anything to win when it appears that he
may lose his first case? Will he neglect a
sick wife? Will he ignore his mothers
warnings? Will he even cheat to win? Will
he hide evidence?
In the movie, the devil had been watching
the advocate from the time he was born,

and he wanted to see if he knew Reeves

better than the advocate knew himself.
Just in case the advocate had any
surprises in his back pocket, the devil
had a back-up plan. His first plan was to
cause Reeves to risk everything in order
not to lose a case. And when that didnt
work, Pacinos final plan was even better.
What was the foundation of the entire
devils conspiracy? It was the vanity of
the advocate relative to his desire to
always succeed and excel.
Vanity was the advocates Achilles heal.
Where Reeves went wrong was in his
assumptions. He assumed that he was
winning each and every case because of
his skill, when in reality, the devil was
helping him to win. So point number one
in trying the spirits is this: When you go
wrong in your assumptions, you have
given place to the devil. An assumption is
taking for granted that a particular
supposition, fact or circumstance is true.
It is prematurely accepting as truth, what
is merely an hypothesis or a guess.
Assumptions are constantly made by
Christians who believe that
the 3
witnesses rule is confirmed by various
signs discussed in the sectiom called

The enemy will also study how pride,

vanity and ambition operate in your life.
Watchman Nee provides
insights that
amplify the necessity of
knowing yourself:
Some may learn yet such learning may not
discernment comes not from knowledge
cleverness of mind. It comes from
what we have gone through ourselves.
Only after God has broken something in
life, will you be able to judge
someone else. Therefore, let us not try to
escape from discipline and personal
dealing, or we will not be able to deal
with other people. We need to learn
deeply so that we may be useful. Whatever
lesson you have learned from discipline or
revelation, that very thing you will store
in your spirit. He who is broken most is
the richest for ministering to others.
What is meant by ministry, your ministry?
It means that you use what you have
learned and stored in your spirit to help
others. This is ministry. One of our
prayers ought to be to ask the Lord to
increase His judgment in you so that you
might be enriched, that you
appreciate what is truth and recognize
what is problematic. The Lord will deal

with our
spirit daily until it becomes
Many study all the time by learning facts
but they cannot discern truth in the
spirit. Watchman Nees quotation rings
true in my life for I have found that the
most important aspect of learning how to
discern is to experience the Lords hand
upon me as I myself am broken. When I
am broken, then I become sensitive and
discerning. Here is an example. I am
acquainted with
preachers who have
studied all the scriptures on pride and can
quote them, even preach a good message
about pride, yet not really be able to sense
the sinfulness of pride in their own
spirits. Therefore, when pride appears in
one of their church members, such a
minister will not be able to sense it. His
spirit will not be distressed. He may even
feel sympathetic to the zuch a zombie
when what he should be feeling is a sense
of distress within his own spirit.

25 Watchman Nee,

When the Lord deals with me through

the work of the Holy Spirit by breaking
me, then when I come across a sinful
situation, I feel distressed because my
senses have been exercised to discern evil
and to feel what God Himself feels about
that evil. Once I have discerned the
ailment or weakness that opened the door
to demonic oppression, then I can serve
my brother in the area of pride, if pride
was the problem. The more my own soul
is renewed, the better I can serve. The
more I myself have been dealt with, the
better I am able to make an assessment
based on spiritual truth. Once The Holy
Spirit has
broken me in a particular
area, I find that I am better equipped to
pinpoint the real condition of others.

Countless Zombies Susceptible to

Those who love the supernatural tend to
be demonic targets. I used to be one of
those people. I started out a fan of horror
movies like Dracula
in my youth, and
when I became a young adult, I developed
a desire to know the future. However, my
flesh has been crucified over the last 38

Paul taught the Galatians that
witchcraft and idolatry are works of the
flesh. A work of the flesh is simply a
character flaw of the old sin nature before
experiencing salvation. This flaw lingers
on if the person does not submit him or
herself to the cross. To submit to the cross
is to allow the Holy Spirit to progressively
break you in both your personality and
your character traits. So what does this
mean, exactly. Does it mean that demons
are not involved in a work of the flesh?
Absolutely not. Witchcraft and idolatry
are demonic practices. What it does mean
is that people who have witchcraft in them
as a work of the flesha personality flaw
influence, particularly religious demons
and devils.
In my counseling practice,
I have
manifestations of evil spirits in ALL of the
works of the flesh, so clearly that I
perceive that there are two definitions of
witchcraft and idolatry. Where a work of
the flesh is a personality type that is
predisposed to demonic involvement, the
actual act of witchcraft and idolatry are
demonic practices. When demons are

implement their agenda, they target

people who already have witchcraft and
idolatry built into their persona as a
work of the flesh. Along these lines, the
witchcraft demon is attracted to a person
with a soul that is predisposed to to the
three (3) Ps of position, prestige and
power. Those who wish to dominate, to
acquire fame and prominence, can
become a safe haven for the witchcraft
personality will be a secure place in which
demons of a similar nature will be able to
hide and secretly function. This is because
no one will suspect that the captives
domination is demonic because the
captive has continued to demonstrate over
time a steady pattern that propels them to
seek power. Consequently, everyone just
assumes that the captive is simply being
true to his nature or character and
therefore, doesnt have a demon. The
witchcraft demon will also hide within
weaker personalities. 26
For example, there are those who wear a
26 P. Sheppard, Faces of the Religious

facade of false humility, who appear to be

very self-effacing and passive. However,
deep within his or her soul is a striving to
be somebody. People with this kind of
soul will offer up many testimonies of
their inadequacies and their lack of
ambition, yet when confronted, they will
show in their actions that they are not at
all convinced of their own unworthiness.
In fact, when there is even a minor
concern or question about their actions or
motives in a particular situation, they will
resentful. If others show a tendency to
take their self-belittling attitude and
recriminations seriously, a seething anger
may erupt that is out of balance and
For instance, while the so-called humble
will proclaim their unworthiness, a
witchcraft demon will cause them to make
great demands for consideration and
admiration from others. The witchcraft
spirit will rise up and expose itself in
these low key, apparently passive
unwillingness to accept even the slightest
degree of criticism.
27 Ibid

You will find many people like this among

professing Christian zombies.
They are
passive on the outside but inside, they are
seething, ravenous wolves who will use a
humble demeanor and manner as a
weapon to bring others down. Repressed
anger and envy has opened passiveaggressive people to a religious demon.
Therefore, passivity can masquerade as
humility. The inner hostilities are hidden
from view by a veneer of a pretended
politeness, feigned fair play and an
appearance of good fellowship.
front is a cover-up used in subtle ways
to move against perceived enemies in an
effort to shame others with their nice
pretenses, hidden fears and some genuine
caring mixed in with an ability to make
YOU look bad in comparison to THEM.
Just as the mouth speaks what is in the
heart, so too does the mouth speak
through an email.
To make a good
assessment of a persons soul, we listen to
his or her mouth. One of the benefits of
using emails in counseling is that I can
examine every written word and phrase,
even the ordering of a captives thoughts
by the way he puts forth his inner man in

his sentences. I suppose texting can work

in a similar fashion.
Since both the religious demon and the
witchcraft demon are rooted in the pride
of its captive, pride uncovers the nature of
the soul. In the scriptures, rebellion, a
is comparable
witchcraft. However, since the captive to
the witchcraft demon will invariably suffer
loss, or some other negative outcome to
his physical and emotional well-being, he
or she will ultimately desire freedom.
I repeat again that the relief from
torment by an apparently passive captive
will often reveal a rebellious heart, filled
with pride. This is what I perceive in this
womans email. The enemy intended to
use her to set me up to fail primarily
because tearing down ministries has a
higher priority for her than becoming
free. After all, she he has already lived
with her demonic condition for 20 years. I
suspect she can do so for yet another two


Fruits of the Altered State of

The altered state of consciousness (the

ASC) is the most important objective in
the end-time plan of Satan. In fact, every
wile, scheme and strategy is connected to
it. The ASC is simply a form of trance.
For example, evil spirits need a level of
trance in order to communicate with a
psychic medium. Considering the wide
spectrum of a trance,
it should be
clarified that each of us has a different
normal state of consciousness. Take
driving to work for example. If you travel
the same path for years on end to your
job, you will find that if you are going to
shop in a store within the vicinity of your
former workplace, the familiarity of the
road may trigger an alter of your
normal state of consciousness. Instead of
making the turn to the furniture store,
perhaps you subconsciously drove towards
your former job site. Minor altered


are triggered by
familiarity but most of all by routine.
Furthermore, there are moments in time
thoughts and emotions are altered from
our normal state and several events can
trigger the alteration. In such cases, we
experience a diminished executive control
and our souls function of protection
experienced a mild trance like state from
time to time where we strongly thought
that we picked up our keys, but we really
never touched them. Likewise, we can get
caught up in a sports game on TV, a
movie, cooking, even day dreaming.
So an altered state of consciousness is on
daydreaming to deep trances that are
induced by artificial means. The list of the
artificial means is a long one hypnosis,
beats, reiki, visualization, deep breathing,
trauma, drugs, and sexual orgasm, to
name but a few.
In the mid-19th century, Max Weber, the
father of sociology, defined the altered
state in a way that very accurately

congregate worship services. It should be
pointed out that Max Weber died in 1920
and the Pentecostal movement had only
been active about 15 years while Weber
concentrated on religious systems around
the world, particularly in Europe and third
world countries. Important to note, I
suspect that Webers definition of the ASC
certainly, the Charismatic movement.
Weber stated that an altered state of
consciousness is entered into in two ways:
by tradition and by charisma. He defines
tradition as an automatic and unthinking
repletion of a person who manifests
passivity through lethargy and inertia.
Traditional ASCs are predictable and
mundane, consisting of a life governed by
routine. On the other hand, charisma is
just the opposite. It is a quality of human
personality that is extraordinary and
treated as though it is endowed with
supernatural, superhuman or at least
exceptional powers, qualities and abilities.
Astoundingly, I noticed that Weber
described in the 19th and early 20th

experience within his definition. Weber hit

the proverbial nail on its head.
reality is that with all of the thousands of
different sects, there are really only two
main churches: the Catholic and
nondenominational churches, whether they
be Pentecostal or word of faith are
charismatic. 28
In my other books, I explain why the ASC
is so important to Satan and his fallen
angels. In this book, my focus is upon
how the ASC has affected churchgoers.
Among new agers, the ASC is not only
acceptable but mandatory to spiritual
growth, power and advancement. It has
become a common practice in the US to
turn to pagan spiritual practices. Used in
educational and psychological circles, and
even medicine,
various practices like
yoga and reiki are considered legitimate
on many levels. I agree with Weldon and
Folk just dont know the
dangers they face on these kinds of socalled spiritual journeys:

28 Pamela Sheppard, Come Out of Her Gods

People, pgs 193-204

Unfortunately, few experimenters know

where this quest takes them. Indeed, one
may watch aghast as the committed
consumed by mystical experience; the
addiction increasing as the individual
self is steadily becomes dismantled. As
in much paganism, the normal, ordinary
world of reality and the personal self are
eventually obliterated, while the seeker of
underground world of spirits, whose
control over the experimenter seems to
increase with each new adventure in
consciousness expansion.29
I have been the recipient of
emails as well as listened to demonized
around the globe in
deliverance counseling sessions. At one
time, I was aghast at the accounts of
demonic torment that
churchgoers have been experiencing. On
the contrary, today I find myself almost
desensitized after working with hundreds
In truth, I can now
account from beginning to end, similar to
how I can often unravel the plot of a
29 John Weldon and John Ankerberg, Knowing
the Facts about the ASC, Kindle, 2012

thriller movie. Long ago, I lost interest in

horror movies, primarily because of their
Yet zombie testimonies, though horrible,
will each have its own unique twist, filled
with torment but more like a thriller.
Nevertheless, the present state of affairs
significantly differs from either a horror
or a thriller movie primarily because
each account describe the real life
of demonic torment and
oppression that no amount of church
attendance, prayer, repentance, fasting or
deliverance ministry
has been able to
either avert or overcome. In fact, for me
to accept
any such
case for spirit
expulsion, my first rule of thumb is to
advise the captive to stop all religious
activity, including going to church!!! It
is quite interesting that those who heed
my advice
obtain almost

A Composite Profile
Zombies who have been demonized
through entering into an ASC are
predominately men between the ages of
18-30. The men are more mystical or new
age, and tend to go to church AFTER they
have opened their chakras, generally to

seek help and safety within church walls.

The men jump on the I accept Jesus
bandwagon, only to their frightful dismay,
experience the worsening of their already
damaged spiritual condition because they
invoke yet another religious demon in the
What I have personally
discovered is that Satans kingdom is
actually divided and that the occult
witchcraft entities are rivals to the
religious demons and fallen angels.
Occult versus religious spirits
fight each other over their mutual prey.
Unfortunately, the battle is waged upon
the ground of each zombies soul.
What transpires for each zombie is sheer
panic and a willingness to immediately
engage in any supernatural practice, be it
Christian or otherwise in order quickly
reverse the process of his or her own
deterioration. As a matter of course, a
rush and a scheme to override my predeliverance procedures is expected, as the
captive will try to compel me
immediately set him
free from the
torment. Some will threaten suicide and
others will push the envelop to test
program boundaries.
Most of the men
in my sample
are white, but black men
are not immune.

Demonized women are of all ages, races,

and church affiliations.
The most
seriously tormented are Pentecostals and
They usually enter into
occult, new age practices while still
attending church. The women stay longer
in deliverance counseling while if the men
dont get the quick fix they are seeking,
they tend to move on without even a
thank you for your time. On a rare
occasion, Satan will send me someone
who he knows is his own worst enemy to
foster confusion in an attempt to cause
me discouragement. I personally lose no
sleep over such hardheads and I keep it
movin in the direction of the next
tormented seeker who has made contact.
Those who stand in agreement and follow
instructions receive immediate relief as
the Holy Spirit progressively undeceives
them. Those who dont either move on at
my request or simply drop out. I stand
amazed at the progress several have
If they heard voices, their
receiving of the truth caused the voices to
seriously diminish or leave without having
to be cast out.
We have several marvelous testimonies
posted at www.aboutrescue.com
A few


testimonies have been shared in the last

Under the heading called the Bridal
Paradigm, I also present a few cases as
examples of how the enemy makes use of
the ASC to blend counterfeit religious
experience with the occult so as to better
demonize and torture its targets. When I
left the IC in 2004, I knew nothing about
the following doctrines, beliefs, practices
and manifestations. As diverse as they
are, their roots are tied to the altered

The Jezebel Spirit

I do not agree with the ICs explanation of
the Jezebel spirit as an evil demon. A
false doctrine promoted by deliverance
ministries, I have discovered that there is
no such entity. The Jezebel concept has
spread pervasively through the churches
as a doctrine and practice to provide an
excuse for the ICs failures. However, I
agree that there is a personality type that
accurately describes the multi-faceted
narcissism of certain churchgoers as it
relates to those zombies who have
witchcraft as a work of the flesh.
The spirit of witchcraft imposes its will by

manipulating others. Since witchcraft

overrides the decision-making capabilities
of others and establishes its own
superior power and authority, leaders
with witchcraft as a work of the flesh
intimidate less confident zombies who
ultimately become sacrificial pawns in an
IC battle for power. A spirit of pride
makes it very difficult for any religious
zombie to repent. The ulterior motive of
the religious demon involved is to bring
the IC down by pitting zombies against
each other.30 It seems to be working.

Joels Army
Speaking of IC battles brings this rather
Jezebelian end times revolutionary
charismatic, it is the radical branch of
considered among the
extreme of the extremes. Delusional at
best, so-called Christian churchgoers
actually believe that they are among the
few on the planet who literally have a
mandate from God
to take over and
control the entire world by any means
necessary, including genocide---- all in the
30 John Paul Jackson. Unmasking the Jezebel
Spirit. 2002, Kindle

name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

reason they contend that they will be so
powerful is because this new breed will
be physically changed from mortal to
immortal beings, like Superman but
without the kryptonite.
In other words, they are not only going to
simply help Jesus gain His earthly
These zombies preach that
they have been given the supernatural
power to take this world FOR the Lord
during the tribulation. They also believe
that not only will the IC go through the
tribulation but that the Joels Army
zombies will actually cause it to occur.
A few years ago, I watched a two hour
video on Joels Army which has since been
removed from YouTube. In the video, the
grassroots followers are called frontline
warriors and their leaders are the
generals of this end-time army. A cadre
of leaders include well-known names like
author and so-called prophet Rick Joyner.
Joyner is one of the top leaders, since the
tenets of the movement are based upon
Joyners prophecies and visions outlined
in several of his books. Others more or
less connected to Joels Army are Todd
Bentley, Jack Deere, Paul Cain,

Wagner, Patricia King and Mike Bickle.

Besides Rick Joyners church, the name
that comes up most often is Bickles
IHOP or International House of Prayer.
Based in Kansas City. Missouri, IHOP is
also at the center of the Bridal Paradigm.
With sheer amazement,
I watched the
worship services.
Now I am no novice,
quite familiar with Pentecostal worship--the holy dance, slain in the spirit,
shouting, even running around the church
like they are on fire. However, with Joels
Army folk, the religious demons have
stepped up the heat.
What is accepted
as being of the Holy Spirit was a wild,
abandoned, hysterical pandemonium, with
others staggering around claiming they
were high or drunk from the Holy Ghost.
People were twisting themselves like
hissing snakes, their heads were violently
snapping, bobbing and weaving all round,
back and forth, with wolf-like
from their mouths, all to a
music that was filled with drums and
other pagan percussion sounds. Beside
the deleted video, there are quite a few
others on YouTube where you can see
these folk worship for yourself. Worship?
Well, what I saw was
like a Halloween
party held in a haunted house.

If you get my drift, whether they call

themselves Joels Army, or the New
Breed, whether the movements
are connected to prior counterfeits like
the Latter Rain and Dominionism, Satan
has strategically
conceived it by
out of context scriptures.
Religious demons in Satans army uphold
it with the ASC. Cleverly, Joels Army is
certainly designed it to appeal to both
leaders and laymen who have witchcraft
as a work of their flesh.

A Perverse Generation Seeks Signs

Just this week, I received the following
I am in need of deliverance. My case has
been for 20 years. I have gone to many
ministries and individuals. I no longer
trust anyone or anything. I will not go
into what happened to me spiritually or
what has happened. I came across your
website because I was looking for a
church. I have not been in one for two
years and when I did go, it was not good.
So really, it has been years since I have
been in a place of worship.

Many think they know how to help me but

they dont because the demons are still
there and they dont go away. Pastors or
others are without power to make them
go away. Here is my email address. I will
not call you unless I know that God has
talked to you about me. What you write
back to me will let me know that God has
talked to you.
I wrote this woman and advised her that I
am not a psychic and I have no magic
wands to wave.
I do not need to hear
from God about her because she made
herself quite plain. I recognized her as a
demonic pawn with a setup put in motion
to entrap me. I am not prideful nor am I
foolish. I only will work with people who
actually hope that I can set them free. In
short, I would be foolish
to risk myself
for someone who seems to take pleasure
in proving that deliverance ministry and
the IC are powerless.
Not that I dont
personally know that
traditional deliverance ministries are
without Gods power, yet
I take no
personal pleasure in proving or exposing
anyones failure. Nor will I prove myself
to anyone. Her supernatural terms are
right down the devils alley. She is a
classic signs and wonders seeker, basing

my capability to help her upon whether or

not I have supernatural abilities to
command God to tell me her secrets. I
also have commonsense in that I will not
confront demons in people who do not
trust me.
One of the purposes of
deliverance counseling and coaching is to
build a relationship of trust. For where
two agree, we can have what we say.
Even though I may not be able to walk in
a supernatural gift according to my own
will like the false prophets and psychics
do with Satans power, by faith I leave
supernatural manifestations in the
hands of God. In fact, I no longer actively
seek the supernatural, as it is definitely a
weakness of my flesh. As I walk in faith, I
do the work according to the plan that the
Holy Spirit has given me. As I trust Him,
the Holy Spirit
will often move
sovereignly and miraculously when He
chooses, without even my personal
Ironically, the Lord provided me with a
supernatural sign the very next day after I
got this womans email. I did not ask for
it, nor did I have any idea that it was
It went like this.
I had a
personal dream. I was satisfied with my

interpretation and I had no intentions of

considering another because I enjoyed
the feelings I had while I slept. I did not
consider that the dream was from either
God or the devil, but perhaps from my
own soul.
A few hours later, I was in a telephone
counseling session with a client who
asked me some specific questions about
an article I recently posted on my blog.
She had no idea that each answer I
provided to her questions was an
interpretation of the dream I had about
two hours earlier. The dream was from
God and it was a warning. That is all I am
going to say. The Holy Ghost used an
unsaved client to speak to me about a
dream that she knew nothing about!!!
Now THAT is supernatural!!! I could not
pray for that, command it, proclaim it or
order it.
I was given wisdom with a
warning, using my own article as the
foundation of the message to myself!!!
What I have learned is that I can become
spiritually sensitive to the extent that
most of the time,
I can distinguish
between a message from the Lord from
one that emanates from my own soul, or
from a demonic message. The bulk of this

kind of discernment has come to me by

simply learning through experience. For
everyone who partakes only of milk is
unskilled in the word of righteousness,
for he is a babe. But solid food belongs to
those who are of full age, that is, those
who by reason of use have their sense
exercised to discern both good and evil.
(James 5:12-14) The exercise to which
James is referring will produce true
spiritual growth and understanding. The
more you and I learn, the more we can
discern. Our textbooks consist of trials,
errors and failures.
What I continue to discover, and I cant
say that it is absolute truth, but it seems
to me that if there are any demons in the
zombie that are hindering salvation, those
demons must be removed. The Holy Ghost
will not dwell in a spirit inhabited by
demons. So if there are demons in your
spirit, they must be cast out. At times, He
expels the demons Himself. Other times
He uses me to do it.
Another part of this hypothesis is that
there may be demons in the soul that do
not hinder salvation. The Holy Ghost does
not live in our souls after we are born
again. As a result, those entities may

possibly leave on their own, as the soul or

the mind is renewed by truth. The bible
says that we work out the salvation of
our souls. It is an ongoing process. For
this reason, just because you may have
had a deliverance session with me and
the torment stops, does not mean that the
job is done. At such a crucial moment,
post deliverance counseling is a necessity.
In coaching , we prepare captives for
deliverance. During that time period,
significant issues may be uncovered. In
phone sessions, I take that information
and use it to renew the soul.

The Kundalini
A Famous Guru wrote:When Your body
begins trembling, hair stands on roots,
you laugh or begin to weep without your
wishing, your tongue begins to utter
deformed sounds, you are filled with fear
or see frightening visionsthe Kundalini
Shakti has become active.
The following are common manifestations
of the risen Kundalini:
Muscle twitches, cramps or spasms

Energy rushes or immense electricity

circulating the body
Itching, vibrating, prickling, tingling,
stinging or crawling sensations
Intense heat or cold
Involuntary bodily movements (occur
more often during meditation, rest or
sleep): jerking, tremors, shaking; feeling
Episodes of extreme hyperactivity or,
conversely, overwhelming fatigue
Intensified or diminished sexual desires
Headaches, pressures within the skull
Racing heartbeat, pains in the chest
Digestive system problems
(particularly the left foot and leg)
Pains and blockages anywhere; often in
the back and neck
Emotional outbursts; rapid mood shifts;
episodes of grief, fear, rage, depression

Hearing an inner sound or sounds,
classically described as a flute, drum,
waterfall, birds singing, bees buzzing but
which may also sound like roaring,
whooshing, or thunderous noises or like
ringing in the ears.

Mental confusion; difficulty concentrating

trance states; mystical experiences (if the
individuals prior belief system is too
threatened by these, they can lead to
bouts of psychosis or self-grandiosity)
Heat, strange activity, and/or blissful
sensations in the head, particularly in the
crown area.
Ecstasy, bliss and intervals of tremendous
joy, love, peace and compassion
perception; out-of-body experiences; past
awareness of auras and chakras; contact
with spirit guides through inner voices,
dreams or visions; healing powers
Increased creativity: new interests in selfexpression and spiritual communication
through music, art, poetry, etc.
Intensified understanding and sensitivity:
insight into ones own essence; deeper
exquisite awareness of ones environment
(including vibes from others)
Knowing of a more expansive reality;
transcendent awareness31
31 En.m.wikepedia.org/wiki/Kundalini March 7,

The Bridal Paradigm

In his book entitled True and False
interesting comment in his observations
on IHOP, the International House of
romancing JESUS practice was first taught
and practiced:
Another teaching from IHOP that has
greatly disturbed me is what they call the
Bridal Paradigm. Again, this spread far
people. so what does this Romancing
Jesus teaching involve? Well, it uses the
concept that the church is the Bride of
Christbut instead of simply applying this
to the WHOLE churchthe corporate
bodyit tries to apply it to individual
Christians, (even MEN), turning them into
lovers or little brides of Jesus, so to
There are other Christian ministers who
agree with Strom. In a website article,
Bob DeWaay explains that
the Bridal
Paradigm, so central to IHOPs teaching,
is based on an allegorical interpretation
of the Song of Solomon that created the
32 Andrew Strom, True and False Revival.

idea that intimacy with Christ that is

analogous to a sensual relationship
between man and woman. But the
problematic practice of allegorizing Gods
word to find hidden or secret meanings
causes much mischief in
other ways
Really? I would go so far as to say that
the use of the word mischief is an outright
understatement. Seeking to make love
to Jesus has invited sex demons to spirit
rape the unsuspecting. In fact, I know
from first-hand experience with people
who romanced Jesus in ways similar to
practice, who have opened their souls to a
flood of demon spirits. A countless,
unknown number of them may have
experienced spirit rape. Satans ultimate
goal of this off the wall acceptance of this
kind of teaching is to bring worship to
Sananda and of course to himself.
I am working with various cases of
women who have experienced practically
ALL of these symptoms. They are different
ages, races, from different cultural
33 Bob DeWaay,
7.mtm, 2/2/15, page 3 of 8

backgrounds. Besides these symptoms

and the fact that they are of the same
gender, what else do they have in
common? Well, they strongly practiced
the Bridal Paradigm and they romanced
Several of these kinds of experiences
have occurred during worship services at
a local church in YOUR neighborhood.
Duped and deluded, many thought that
these manifestations were the spirit of
God. Personally,
I have never been
touched in a sexual way by a demon.
However, I recall how I used to sit in
church, weeping, wailing and moaning in
what I called intercession. In one of my
books or articles, I compared these kinds
of mystical experiences to sec. In fact,
before I even heard of the bridal paradigm
or spirit sex, I named them spiritual
Most of the tormented female zombies I
have encountered are around 30, never
having slept with a man. A few are over
50. Even though the younger ones remain
physical virgins, they are not virgins in
the spirit because they have had countless
episodes of spirit rape or in a limited
sample of cases, consensual spirit sex. It

is not surprising that those who are

consensually having spirit sex are not the
ones who contact me to be delivered from
A few women practiced
masturbation in an effort to bring on the
masturbation was not required for a
spirit to have his way with them. My
sample includes
only a few men. One
reported that he was anally attacked while
the rest of the men complain of having
their genitals fondled by invisible beings.
All reported that at some point in their
worship life, they romanced Jesus.
Consider Beth. Beth made contact with
me when she was 28 years old, and still a
virgin. A churchgoer from a child, at the
age of 14, Beth went to a Teen Challenge
retreat and was taught the essentials of
the Bridal Paradigm. Without knowing it,
Beth began to practice visualization
techniques by picturing in her mind the
face of an entity that was actually the
familiar image of Jesus that she saw
hanging on the wall of her church.
Shortly, this image began to appear
frequently without being invited or


At first, Beth found herself in love and she

was quite ecstatic about the love and
comfort she received. She acknowledged
that she became-super religious. Actually,
she desired to be a living sacrifice for
whom she thought was Christ.
envisioned an altar covered with fire,
where she peacefully laid herself upon it,
prepared as an offering to God.
desire to be martyred was a result of
having fallen in love with Jesus.
From 15-17 years of age, these events
were followed by an incredibly strong
sensual desire for whom Beth believed
was the Lord, a total abandonment of self
to him.
The first feelings Beth can
remember were like fire---a very high,
lovely, romantic sort of feeling that began
quite innocently. Coupled with the desire
for sacrifice and martyrdom was a need
for total communion. In her own words:
I wanted for him to eat me. It was very
much like the Eucharist but we ate each
other, as we shared intimacy one to the
other. I imagined how we shared drinking
each others blood and water from each
others veins. I also had visions of him
holding me, feeding me like a baby. In the
physical realm, I laid on my bed with my
face in the bible, gazing into his face, and

The charismatics that I knew
often described their relationship with
God in the same way as I believed I was
experiencing him.
The two years that Beth was romancing
Jesus were probably 2000-2002. Beth had
never heard of Mike Bickle even though
Bickle had already formulated his passion
Consequently, in twelve years, Bickles
teaching spread to a little country town in
the Northwest and found 15 year old Beth.
I would never have heard from Beth in
2012, if it were not for the fact that her
two years of blissful delight and rapture
were followed by ten years of fear,
rejection and spirit sex.
A foreboding
scripture comes to mind. Be not many
masters or teachers, for yours shall be the
greater condemnation.
How many
countless others have suffered from this
damnable doctrine?
Only the Lord
Himself knows and I tremble at the
As her counselor, I became familiar with
the hurt, shame and fear for almost two
years. Its a toss-up as to which was most
damaging---the rejection she received
34 En.m.wikipedia.org

from this spirit being or the actual

constant spiritual rape:
Then all the warmth, love and fuzziness
abruptly stopped. When it did, I felt utter
separation and an indescribable despair.
I felt like there were demons in my
stomach, eating me from inside.
spirit rape set in, sometimes as often as 34 nights a week. What would happen is
that while dreaming, my spirit would
actually leave my body, and when it did,
the demon would jump me. I would feel
stitulated in my private parts.
While asleep, my spirit would fight them,
but I could not stop them from
completing the act. I really never got to
sleep for much longer than a few minutes
when the torment would begin. I recall
writhing and groaning in bed. The IC just
thought I was depressed and that I
needed medication.
Church members
said You need to let go! I thought Let
go? Let go of WHAT? They just did not
understand. I stopped going to church
because neither the pastor or the
members could do anything to relieve my
Spirit rape was relieved midway through
intelligent, insightful young woman, Beth
received loads of truths, including

understanding of what happened to her

and why. She has been fully undeceived
about the IC, Sananda, how demons
operate and she has maximized her selfknowledge. Yet when she left counseling,
she was not yet born again. Sadly, this
ordeal has left a bad taste in Beths
mouth about God, which I suspect was the
devils ultimate purpose in the first place.
Yet if she is one of Gods elect,
according to His own time table, the Holy
Spirit will draw Beth to the cross and the
resurrection of the true Savior, Jesus
Christ of Nazareth. We have recently been
in touch and Beth is in good spirits, with
the spirit rape having ended about during
our work together. There has been no
episode in almost a year.
One sentence demonstrates the main
point I am making with this book. Beth
became demonized IN CHURCH. She was
not a new age meditator or an occultist,
but simply one who was raised in church.
She began to romance Jesus from what
she learned in the IC. So Beths case is an
indictment to the ICs lack of ability to
protect her own, including her various
retreats for kids. In her last follow-up
contact, Beth, now a strong adult, made a
rather insightful assessment:

Now, looking back, I realize exactly what

my body was going through. I experienced
the exact same type of withdrawal that a
drug addict in rehab faces.
It is
HORRIFYING!!!! Like an addict, I felt so
habituated to feeling high on religion,
ecstatic, loved, with that fire in my bosom
that made me feel like a deity myself. Its
unconditional love. I could have died for
it. But once it was snatched from me, it
was like crashing into a brick wall. I was
left with the reverberations of the
emptiness inside for weeks, months, ten
The recovering kids from Teen
Challenge who attendboth
my former
church described the feeling like this:
Anytime I want, I can worship and get
the exact same sweet fire feelings I used
to get when I used drugs.
Ann Maries testimony is also connected
to the Bridal Paradigm, Teen Challenge,
false conversions, IC religiosity and
demonic torment, best expressed in her
own words:
False Conversion
In 2000, a church group visited the high
school I was attending and we were shown
an End time movie. They later explained
how many will be be-headed and suffer

when they miss the rapture. We were also

threatened with the prospect of being in
hell and burn forever. I panicked and
rushed forward to say the sinners prayer
which was supposed to allow Jesus to
enter my heart and seal me with eternal
life in heaven. I thought I received Jesus
Christ of Nazareth but red flags started
popping up immediately.
1. First red flag was as a virgin,
thoughts about Jesus, the thoughts
felt like a blow to my mind, i would
fight back as much as I could to stop
the thought from continuing. I
embarrassed and thought I was a
very lustful person. I cried for
forgiveness constantly hoping God
wont be angry with me.
2. Second red flag was the constant
cuss words in my mind directed
towards God the Father and the Holy
Spirit. One time during a prayer
meeting, I felt a strong force
pushing me to open my mouth and
hurl obscenities. I held my mouth
tight, waiting anxiously for the
meeting to end so I can run out.
3. I got a dream where I
creatures, in the dream I realized
they were demons and all of them
stared at me intently. I wondered
why they didn't attack, to my right

was a man dressed in white. I

thought that was Jesus of Nazareth
counselling it became evident to me
that the dream was showing me the
fake Jesus and his demons who have
entered my life.
I became a very fearful person after
getting saved. Every night I would
perform a ritual of anointing myself, the
bed, and room before I slept. I was afraid
of death, torture, nightmares and demons
attacking me. Listening to worship songs,
sermons and anointing the vicinity gave
some comfort but the results were short
lived. I started taking sleeping pills after
a family tragedy to try and get some sleep
but my sleep pattern was ruined.
suffered from insomnia and constant
Things took a turn for the worse in 2004
when I was asleep alone in my room and a
spirit touched my private part. I woke up
in complete shock, it felt like a complete
invasion of privacy--- I wasn't safe in my
own home. All the doors were locked, the
windows were shut but yet I was attacked.
My fear grew tremendously because the
demons taunting me caused me to know
there was more to come. I didn't share
this with anyone because iI never heard

other people suffering from this. I felt

ashamed, embarrassed, and
sad for
myself, wondering who could help me. I
prayed, read the bible, went to church but
baffled as to why this was happening.
I was filled with anxiety before going to
bed, making sure i slept with the lights
on, slept in certain positions, played
Christian music hoping nothing happens.
All the while i showed other people that i
was as normal as I can be, yet I was
falling apart on the inside.
In 2013/2014 the night visits became
weekly and the demons were becoming
more bold in their attacks, Ive been
slapped and had my private parts fondled.
I suffered from sleep paralysis as well. By
mid 2014, I finally acknowledged i was in
trouble as the years of torment were
adding up and the attacks were getting
more frequent and more deadly. I started
to feel my mind slip and knew if I dont
get help soon, the situation will turn
critical. In my frenzied state of looking
for help, I
searched online for any
answers and stumbled onto a video done
by Pam Sheppard on Spirit Rape where
she spoke on women experiencing sexual
visitation from spirits. She finished the
video by saying if this is happening to
you, you are not born again. I tried to
ignore the last part but the torment
caused me to realize something is terribly

wrong and its time to get some answers. I

knew my time to face the truth had
For the longest time i struggled with low
self esteem. I would cry for no reason and
always find something to worry about and
when the situation was resolved, I would
look for the next issue to stress about. My
emotions were determined by outside
factors, I bought into the labels society,
family and church gave me.
This caused me to be chained to
standards set by other people e.g. Ethnic
stereotypes, church views that women
can't be pastors, a woman is not valuable
to society if she is not married or have
children. My bias against women pastors
almost led me not to listen to Pam but I
stayed and listened because my torment
was greater than my opinions at that
point and humbled me to a point where I
was ready to listen and I thank God for
making it that way otherwise my pride
would have made me walk away.
I began on the road back to sound mental
health in counseling with Pam for 30
minutes a week. I learnt how to break my
false conversion, build up my free will and
not allow my emotions to control my
actions. Views that held me in chains for
years have been broken. I know my value

and I get my identity from me, not what

outsiders say. I have learnt my personality
and know myself better than
have in
years which has led to better decision
making. I have learnt how to distinguish a
spiritual issue from a non-spiritual issue.
The torment I suffered for years has
stopped! The shame I felt was removed
when I realized I had been tricked
into worshiping the fake Jesus and others
have suffered the same issues I faced. I'm
gaining a respect for God, something I
never had while religious. I look back and
see He has been guiding and protecting
me even when I was an idolater. I have
firsthand when he led me to Pam
Sheppard, his faithful servant. I have
gained so much yet I am thrilled because
there is more to come, I am now waiting
to be born again which will happen at the
Holy Spirit's timing.
Besides opened chakras, the case of Diane
also connects to romancing Jesus and
the Bridal Paradigm. Diane was prepared
by coaching for about two months, never
joining the RESCUE group. Her coach
referred Diane to me in October 2013 and
Diane had sessions once a week for the
next eight months.
Does that surprise you?

Well Diane had loads of powerful demons.

I cast out most of them in the first phone
session and she reported that she had
obtained about 70% relief from torment.
Well, I dont blame her for wanting
complete freedom, but her deliverance
two months of
deliverance counseling
obtain it.
Diane is a churchgoing woman who is
very articulate, can express herself with
ease and clarity in her writing, and
declares a deep love for the Lord that
sounds so profound that she almost
convinced me that she was born again.
Diane assumed
that she was saved in
1976 so helping Diane to examine her own
salvation experienced proved challenging.
With great sorrow, Diane ultimately
admitted that she was not born again.
Inevitably, we went after the other 30%
that was blocking Diane from being
completely torment free. During the next
session, the entity spoke
quite clearly. He said something like this.
This worthless whore belongs to us. She
invited us in and we have been in here a
long time. We were assigned to her by our
superior. I asked who are you. He
answered the lust of the eyes.

The entity went on to say that he was

rapidly losing his authority over her
because she refused to have sex with
him. I commanded him to leave in the
Lords name. He said he did not want to
go but then reluctantly and quietly said I
am leaving. Immediately after the
session, Diane sent me the following
During the time I was being drawn into
depictions of Christ. I think I must have
seen every depiction of Him that exists.
Some were incredibly handsome. I also
looked closely at the Shroud of Turin, and
while looking, wondered if this was truly
the body of Jesus Christ as it was at the
moment of resurrection, i.e., as He had
looked while in the grave. I became more
and more fascinated with the depictions,
and even found a computerized image
that opened and closed His eyes and
showed His facial features as they may
have looked based on the Shroud of Turin.
This was going on the whole time I was
journaling and relating romantically to
the demon.


I havent ever really understood the eye

thing, and I could be wrong. But when
that phrase lust of the eyes came to
mind today, it sure fit what I have lived
through. Maybe the sin I committed by
looking at depictions of Christ with the
wrong kinds of thoughts gave the demons
a pass to come in through the eyes, armed
with the legal right to torment me into
Whatever the case, it is more than
wonderful to be getting such freedom.
My point? Diane is an expressive woman,
an opened book. She spent two months in
email mentoring and once a week in
phone counseling for 7 months , yet she
never mentioned the substance of this
email before. Why not?
Who knows. Perhaps it just did not come
to her memory to report or she just did
not think it would be significant.
counseling takes time!!!!


The Chakras and the Kundalini

Opening Chakras : The

New Bondage
There is a great deal of information on
chakras, written by Hindus, Buddhists,
Satanists and New Agers. I am more than
happy to acknowledge that I am no expert
on this subject, nor do I desire to become
one. In fact, I want to make it perfectly
clear that my concern and interest
in chakras is solely from a deliverance
perspective. Actually, in my deliverance
counseling practice, I continue to receive
ever-increasing phone calls, particularly
power-hungry young men who
sought to stir up spiritual energies in an
attempt to be a superior human being.
Instead, they found themselves under
constant attack from threatening beings,
bent on their total destruction.


Chakras dont open on their own. The

practices for opening chakras include
breathing exercises that will transform
the practitioner into an altered state of
breathing exercises help the practitioner
to feel his witching power, which they
are to condense into a ball of light,
working it up from the base chakra to the
crown, feeling the energy throughout.
taught to create thoughtforms, energy
programmed to carry out specific tasks or
directed to travel through astral planes.
entering his or her body through the
crown chakra, and its corresponding
colors are typical procedures.. With
attract and invite demons to come into
My practice of casting out devils dates
back to 1983. So I was aware of demonic
doorways or portals. I had experienced
demons leaving from the holes in the
body, including the mouth, ears, vagina
and rectum. However, I was completely
unaware of 7 doorways in the soul called
chakras until about ten years ago.

Chakras As Demonic Doorways

I found out about chakras in a completely
spiritual way.
An Asian
client had either a dream or a vision
where he was shown that the demons in
him had to be cast out by way of the
chakras. Well, I really did not know what
Jacob was talking about so I did some
research on my own. I discovered that
there is a Hindu deity that stand over
each chakra. I put two and two together
and reasoned that since these deities are
fallen angels, I would be able to command
them to leave each chakra in the name of
Jesus Christ of Nazareth. When I did so,
floods of demons came out of Jacob
As they left, they were
enough, speaking in tongues. Jacob was a
SDA minister who had never spoken in
tongues before this telephone deliverance.
All of his torment stopped immediately,
and he remained free of hearing voices
and other torments
up until our last
contact--- a year after his telephone
So the case of Jacob was pivotal to my
work with casting out evil spirits from the

7 chakras. Since my work with him, there

have Dianen several zombies in torment
that have contacted me in the last ten
years. Nine out of ten contacts, these
captives seek to find out if I can close
their chakras in order to stop their
torment, all looking for a quick fix. As a
point of fact, Jacob had several weekly
telephone sessions prior to the demonic
expulsion. The bulk of our time in phone
centered on Jacob being undeceived from religion, getting to know
his own soul and also how the enemy
works with his weaknesses and character
flaws. Even though Jacobs deliverance
was immediate, the pathway to it was
filled with pre-deliverance counseling for
five months. In other words, Jacobs
freedom was not a quick fix.
Even now, I periodically conducting my
own research on chakras. In so doing, I
have read several internet articles that
are extremely complicated. Furthermore,
the difficulty to pronounce Hindu and
Buddhist names add to how confusing
I am not one that gets
distracted by loads of details. My specific
goal is to find out what occultists are
looking to accomplish and for what

reason. I only want to know in a general

way how they attempt to accomplish their
goals. Here is a general statement from a
spiritual Satanist that addressed
Opening your soul will open your spiritual
eyes and lead you to see the truth and
obtain enlightenment. In addition, you
supernatural powers within yourself
when you empower your chakras. When
the chakras are correctly aligned and
empowered, healing of both physical, and
If I was not aware that a Satanist wrote
the above quote, I would have thought it
was written by either a Charismatic or a
Pentecostal. This quotation also reminds
me of what Satan said to Eve. What links
religions and new age occultists is the
teaching than man can
become a god.
Obviously, eastern religions are not at all
concerned about how evil the human soul
is because they believe the soul will have
another chance through reincarnation.
So for professing Christians to believe we
35 www.angelfire.com and www.joyofsatan.org

have an opportunity to be gods and at the

same time teach that it can be done in one
lifetime is quite ambitious indeed.
Occultists also know that the human
heart is a part of the soul because one of
the chakras of the soul is actually called
the heart. Yet they pay no attention to
the bibles warning that the heart or the
heart chakra is not just wicked, but
desperately wicked. Therefore, it is
understandable why zombies with false
conversions become badly tormented. A
wicked soul seeking power will inevitably
produce evil results, attracting demons
into their souls.
Its fair to point out that most of the
not teaching their
members about chakras from the pulpit,
in bible studies or on Christian radio and
television. Instead, as various branches
of the denominations have embraced both
yoga and meditation, countless sincere
visualization, deep breathing, and the
entire gamut of both eastern religions and
new age practices. Let us not forget that
Satanism embraces the opening of
chakras and the release of the kundalini
spirit. Though separate from New Age,

Satanism is quite similar to the occult, if

not in beliefs, surely in their mutual
practices both occultists and Satanists
have derived from eastern religions.
As such, from religion to the occult, there
countless churchgoers are engaging in
that have led to the opening of
chakras. In response to a blog I wrote on
the dangers of opening chakras, I received
an enlightening
email from Alice, a
former massage therapist:
Just stumbled across your website as I
was searching for the true meaning of the
chakras. I was getting a message today
and suddenly the therapist starts to
balance my chakras. I told her that I was
not comfortable with that because I am a
Christian. I know that balancing chakras
may sound helpful and holistic but I also
know that it is the gateway to the enemy.
In fact, I used to be a massage therapist
and I was trained in Cranio-Sacral
Therapy as well as in the chakras. At the
time I was still a Christian, but I was
ignorant of what I opened myself up to.
Because of that, I suffered greatly from
torment for many years.
Anyways, I
repented and prayed that if any of my
chakras were opened, that they be closed

in Jesus name. This stuff is rampant both

inside and outside the church, and many
churchgoers are deceived and think it is
okay. It is not okay because it is like
uniting yourself with witchcraft. The same
is true with yoga. All yoga positions are a
worship pose to deities and demons.

Chakras: A Charismatic/Occult
In charismatic religion, opening chakras
can happen through several religious acts
conducive to an altered state
such as
speaking in tongues, intercessory prayer,
the laying on of hands, through false
salvation doctrines (aka the I accept
Jesus practice of asking Jesus to come
into your heart. ), the sinners prayer,
and basically any time you are engaging in
an act that includes making an invitation
to the spirit world. The church mistakenly
calls these acts ways to experience the
Holy Spirit or bringing on the presence
of God. The Holy Spirit responds in His
own time, and on His own terms.
In the occult, there are also a variety of
practices that facilitate the opening of the
chakras, inviting all kinds of evil spirits
to enter the seeker. Some ways include:
invoking spirit guides, meditation, yoga,

mediumistic practices known today as
channeling eastern forms of massage
binaural beats, visiting a fortune-teller,
receiving healing through occult powers,
reading occult books, hypnosis, chanting,
astral travel, or any other way of entering
into passivity
by virtue of an altered
With the soon culmination of the New
World Order,
these practices are
becoming more and more commonplace in
our world today, and are easily mistaken
for being harmless. Another purpose of
this book is that each reader
vigilant and alert, so that you are not
duped into mistakenly calling upon evil
spirits. The more you know about these
practices, the more you will know what to

Visualization and the Chakras

New Age visualization is the use of mental
concentration to direct mental imagery in
an attempt to secure particular goals,
vocational, educational, or spiritual. The
practice of visualization is ancient. By

attempts are made
program the mind to discover inner power
and guidance. For example, by using the
mind to contact an alleged inner divinity
or higher self, practitioners claim they
can manipulate their personal reality to
secure desired goals, such as occult
revelations, financial security, health, or
improved learning to enhance human
The prosperity gospel is causing lots of IC
folk to practice visualization.
teachings of I am blessed, I can name it
and claim it, I can command my morning,
I can decree and proclaim, and I can have
what I say, achieve my desires, be
successful---- all require visualization. In
speaking with a former witch, she
revealed that sex magic requires that you
strongly visualize the man you want while
masturbating, and you can cause him to
strongly desire to have sex with you by the
power of concentrated thought. In fact,
visualization is crucial to witchcraft. I
believe I am not out of line to suggest that
it is witchcraft to attempt to control the
actions of another with your thoughts.
Satanists have a practice where they go
into an ASC at a medium level, and

visualize themselves engulfed in brilliant

white-gold light, as if they were engulfed
in the sun. Then they use the light they
have imagined to visualize and shape a
ball of light.
The bigger the ball, the
more powerful it is. With that ball, the
meditating person shapes a thoughtform
and infuses the ball with purpose and
The servitor who is working with the
ball or thoughtform is to take the ball
and do whatever the one who is
visualizing desires.
Breathing and
affirmations are involved also. A servitor
is described as a lesser soul with some
degree of intelligence and consciousness,
knowing neither time or space. With the
help of a servitor, the minds of others can
be influenced. Sounds to me like either a
spirit being or a Christian zombie. Either
somebody else is pulling the
servitors strings, causing him or her to
do whatever this witchcraft puppeteer
wants done.
So whether a new ager, a Satanist or a
Charismatic, the one who visualizes is
create as a means to
confirm that he or she is a god. As God
created light from His thoughts and His

words declaring Let there be light, , so

too, the one who visualizes in this fashion
forms it so as
create balls of light. Once the ball of light
has Dianen imagined, then the desires
of its creator are
impressed upon the
ball. Irrespective of the degree of skill ,
the new creation is hypnotized by its
master. The Satanist teach how to control
this ball of matter called a servitor:
It is important to feed the servitor not
only to keep its power strong, but to keep
it programmed as to its mission. This
way, it will remain a faithful servitor and
Throughout the centuries, witches kept
servitors, some of these relationships
have even spanned lifetimes.
This is
achieved by calling the servitor by the
name given it, and breathing more light
energy into it, reaffirming its mission, or
programming another mission into it and
then sending it off again.36
It is amazing how witchcraft is so
compatible with how ministerial leaders
use the lesser ones in church to do their
bidding, by molding them with slogans,
infusing them with their own desires,

building false fires and feeding them with

wrong teaching. To the servitor zombies,
the pastors and leaders command them to
go fetch and bring back the blessings
that leadership desires. In fact, there is
always that person in the IC who is
particularly religious, who is probably
empowered by demons to dominate,
manipulate and control the
zombies. These are the ones who claim to
have that extra special anointing to
prophesy over others.
When on one
accord with the leadership, they act as
highly favored servitors, programmed to
reel in the financial blessings.
Visualization is also a way to enter into an
ASC. When I studied self-hypnosis, I was
trained to use heat to induce heaviness,
which itself opens the doorway a hypnotic
state. Counting backwards in a monotone,
you say something like, you are laying in
the sun, you feel hot, heavy, you cant hold
up your arm because it is so heavy. And
this is how it actually feels when you are
in an ASC. You begin to get drowsy.
Therefore, a hypnotic level of trance
enhances visualization.
The Satanists provide a step by step
process to close chakras which is not

permanent. These are the reasons they

give for closing chakras. Look at what I
have underlined as to THEIR reasons for
closing them:
This exercise is important and very useful
for shutting out unwanted and/or harmful
energies. Upon closing your chakras, you
will feel a sense of calm and inner peace.
Closing your chakras will also protect you
from the energies of both unpleasant
humans and astral entities as both attach
themselves, penetrating at the chakras.
By closing your chakras when you are in
the presence of threatening beings, you
can prevent most of the negative energies
from entering and attaching to your soul.
Closed chakras can also protect you from
psychic vampirism. This exercise can also
help to still the mind when done before
void meditation as it shuts out a lot of

As we look at the underlined portions, the

implications are that God closed the
chakras for the protection of our souls.
Unlike Satanists and other occultists,
when I close chakras, I dont use any
visualization or meditation methods. I
simply apply the name of Jesus Christ of

NAZARETH, and His name works.

Kundalini Energy
We Christians are completely unfamiliar
with kundalini and chakras. From my
research, I discovered that the kundalini
is depicted as human energy which sits
dormant in the root chakra at the base of
the spine. Most agree that kundalini is
up when a person
visualizes and practices deep breathing
techniques. Prior to its activation, people
might dream of serpents or goddesses
which are the suspected to be signs of
this energy.
The pathway of kundalini energy is
through opened chakras. Once it reaches
the crown chakra at the top of the head,
the expectation is that
the person
becomes enlightened as to their purpose
and connection to the universe as well as
experiences bliss. Sign seeking zombies
would certainly be tempted to release the
supernatural is also released.
individual manifestations of power are
common and expected by practitioners. In
fact, out of body experiences are ehanced,

once the kundalini reaches the crown

chakra. Then again, if the chakras are
partially closed, or some are opened while
others are closed, kundalini is claimed to
circle around at the edge of the blocked,
chakra, causing all kinds of strange
physical and emotional problems.
Satanists claim that kundalini energy can
either be awakened unnaturally by gurus
and meditation experts or it progressively
awakens when the person develops
spiritually by doing various meditations
and other spiritual exercises. In fact, on
the Satanist website are
exercises for beginners, intermediates and
the advanced.
I believe I know what this energy feels
like. Difficult to describe and lasting no
more than about five seconds or so, I
have felt this energy each time I have
narrowly escaped danger. The sensation
will run up and down my body on the side
nearest to the danger. If I am washing
dishes and drop a knife that just misses
cutting my right foot, I will feel this
energy on my right side, as an example.
In fact, I felt it tonight, when on a familiar
road during the aftermath of a heavy snow
storm, my car hit a bump in the road and

slightly skidded. The energy rushed

around and through my body for no more
than 5 seconds. That said, my infrequent
experience with feeling this energy,
causes me to imagine that to feel it day
and night, 24-7 could definitely be
tormenting. I have read warnings on
several websites that kundalini energy
rushes are quick and forceful, generally
followed by dizzy spells that engender
fear. Others report that released kundalini
caused them to feel like something is
crawling on them or some part of their
body becomes itchy. Hearing voices and
seeing visions of spirits can also be
expected when kundalini is activated and
on the move up and through the chakras.
Kundalini activation doesnt stop there.
Some people have literally lost control
over their conscious minds. In other
words, they became mentally ill.
When I
saw Andrew Stroms YouTube videos that
featured both eastern worship and church
services, I was amazed at the resemblance
between the two.
Strom was a highranking member
of the
movement during the season when the
kundalini was released in the charismatic
church. Consequently, he had a birds eye
view of the madness:

By 1999, the first big waves Toronto and

Brownsville---had finally died down. But
the Kundalini invasion was not finished
yet---not by a longshot! What happened is
that it retreated back into the Prophetic
movement, where it could percolate and
mutate---ready to leap out and envelop
the Charismatic world once again when
the opportunity arose. But now things
got even stranger than they had Dianen
before. These were the years when all
kinds of weird and bizarre New Age-type
phenomena took over.
There came a
great obsession with portals trances,
strange angels gold-dust, gemstones,
spiritual drunkeness, orbs of light, drum
circles, third heaven visualizations---and
every bizarre thing you could imagine. A
lot of Christians honestly could not see
how New Age this was all getting---but
surely it was as obvious as it could
possibly be.38

Symptoms of Kundalini Activation

Much of what I learn about life in the
spirit comes through my deliverance
professing churchgoing Christians from
around the world. Their comments have
shed light on chakra-kundalini torment.
For example,
Doris was tormented for
38 Andrew Strom, Kundalini Warning: Are
False Spirits Invading the Church?
RevivalSchool, pg 47-48

almost four years. A longtime consistent

churchgoer, Doris was one who tapped
into the occult practice called automatic
She bought some books and
tapes on how to hear Gods voice from
Virkler, books that were recommended on
the Sid Roth Show. Following Virklers
training on journaling, in two days, the
torment was full blown. I took a brief look
and this kind of journaling would be
called automatic writing, an invitation to
Doris describes the manifestations:
There was a male demon in my eyes, male
demon attached to base of skull. Before
Pam cast him out of my crown chakra, he
use to crawl through my hair, feels like
slight electric current, crawling on legs,
crawling in spine from head to tailbone,
this big kundalini one burns my head,
face, back, and arms.
Heat waves, chills. itching of face, rash
on face, burning eyes. Sexual harassment
(this has completely failed and is fading
away because it is the one type or group
of demons from which I am always given
the way of escape. They are also required
to obey my command to be gone and thus
they cant get anywhere no matter how
often they check back.)

Interference with sensation nerves in

bowels. Jitters, vibrating in lower left leg
like a rattlesnakes tail, desolate sorrow,
dull ache in soul like just before you cry,
crying jags, feeling that God has rejected
Sleepy when need to be awake, awake
when supposed to be asleep. Things I say
dont come out right. Old choir songs run
round and round in head. Spiritual
confusion, doubt. Trouble making simple
They are tormenting spirits. They used to
be the characters in my nightmares. I
remember an old crone named Joretha
and another named Bernadette, from the
There was
one named
Sampson as well. There was also one who
I gasped to realize is a logo on one of my
sons t- shirts, a pharaoh type.
It took about six months for the torment
to completely end. Doris had 30 minute
telephone counseling sessions once a
week for about 4 months prior to the first
deliverance session. .
For about five
minutes at the end of each of 5 of her
sessions, I cast demons from the chakras.
I waited to see what progress was
achieved. The waiting period averaged
about a month or two before I would
move forward to cast them out again.

With Doris, demons poured out by the

hundreds in the first two sessions. In
December 2013, the bulk of the work was
completed, as Doris reported about 70%
deliverance from torment. . The first to be
cast out was a weepy, depressed spirit of
whimpered like a little baby, while
begging me not to cast it out, claiming
Doris was its home for decades.
Overjoyed with the relief that followed her
Doris was prepared and
willing to endure the kundalini torment
that still remained in her back. I had just
got home from the hospital, having had a
hip replacement. So as I laid in my bed
recovering from the surgery, I cast out a
more vicious demon from Doris on New
Years Eve. . I quietly started making the
commands, when that spirit started
snarling and hissing, spoke up and
declared through Doriss mouth, We own
her. She is mine. I resist you. I asked
who am I speaking to? It growled back,
the spirit of python.
I barely raised my voice and said Come
out in the name of Jesus Christ of
Nazareth. He hissed a bit more and a


minute or so later, he came out.

about 5 minutes in total.

It took

What I learned from this deliverance is

that the kundalini spirit is also what the
bible refers to as the spirit of python.
Python is the spirit of divination. Doris
had invited this demon by engaging in
journaling in a way taught by Mark
Virkler, nothing but a camouflaged and
euphemized automatic writing.
In her own words, Doris accounts for her
I used to hear voices and have terrible
nightmares, but since being undeceived,
these are gone. Also gone are mocking
accusations in the form of thoughts, like
everything that went wrong with your kids
is your fault, and you have lived such a
profane life. You are an old ugly bitch. You
are a worthless excuse, You dumb whore,
or you are a world class failure at
everything youve ever done, especially a
lousy mother.
Pam, you cast all these demons out of my
chakras in the name of Jesus Christ of
Nazareth , and they never returned. It is
so peaceful not to be constantly accused,.
The silence is golden. Also, I was being
driven to run ragged doing church work
and ministry. I thought I was guilty if I

didnt wear myself out. And you cast that

one out, never to return. I quit everything,
and I am peaceful and free from that. And
now I am free to simply enjoy my life. I
dont know much about the python spirit,
except the reference you gave in Acts, but
I know its gone. My days of being drawn
into divination are over, because I have
been undeceived.
I had been demonically oppressed for 3
1/2 years. Since the day I was attacked,
here is how my life has changed since
working with Pam: I am undeceived.
Sexually pure, clean life, repentant heart,
no habitual sin, I commit pop- up sins all
the time, but hate them and repent
immediately, rebellion against God is
absolutely unthinkable, I have forgiven all
hurt, forgiveness is easy, relationships in
a healed state, I lovelovelove those in
Christ from the depths of my heart. My
heart leaps when talking about Jesus
Christ, and Im not confusing Him with
Sananda, and the romantic feelings are
long gone. Lust is gone.
As an aside, Doris ended counseling a few
months after the torment was completely
gone, but as you can see in her post
self-assessment, she still
remained religious. No longer in touch
with her, I suspect Doris went back to the

Luke was of a different sought, When

asked if he had ever practiced the occult,
25 year old Luke reported that he had
Buddhism, Transcendental Meditation,
Crystals, Chakra Balancing, Meditation,
Incense, the Idol Buddha, Jesus Candles
pranayama. Luke reported that when he
took the steps outlined in Carl Sagans
Awakening the Third Eye, he could see
spirits as black wisps flying around in
rooms or in his peripheral vision.
Luke writes:
I was fine until I was toying around with
summoning spirits (using music, Hindu
mudras, hand symbols). I learned that
people in the film and music industry
called up spirits to make themselves
better actors or singers. Some websites
said these were demons. I wanted to be
powerful and rich and famous. So I
decided I would see if it could be done. I
wouldnt make a deal, I would just see if it
was real and if it was Satan, I wouldnt do
it. Well, I listened to some particularly
evil music and I my intention was to call
up spirits I heard a knock inside of my
head (like Paul McCartneys Song Let Em

In and heard a voice say Let ME in. I

let him in and the torment began
So I decided to seek out the Christians
and go to church. The pastor told me that
when I got home later that night, to get
on my knees, beg for forgiveness, confess
HEART. And it happened.
Jesus showed
up in my room (just like in the pictures
you see in Church) and told me BE STILL
I have also received tongues or a prayer
language. A garbled language which I do
not understand, yet makes me feel really
good or built up. I also hear voices, They
told me that they will kill me several
times, even appointed my death to an
exact date and time. When it does not
happen, they simply set another date and
time. This does not stop.
I have had three false conversions. Each
of them would seemed real, genuine, as I
repented with tears, thought I was born
again. but a few days later, they came
back and mocked me. They also build me
up like I am a god and tell me that in the
IC, they intend to set me over much, once
I become a freemason. When I resist,

they also tell me that

I am a crazy
person. At first, I heard them in my own
voice. Now they are distinctly another
voice completely. Its like they have
revealed themselves and they dont care
because they say I am condemned.
So what ever became of Luke? The truth
is that I really dont know. He and I did
not bond, primarily because of his pride.
Though quite polite, I sensed early on
that Luke did not respected me because I
am a woman. Not sure, but my blackness
could have also Dianen a factor. I sensed
he felt superior to me due to
extensive book knowledge on all thing
occult, mystical and esoteric. I did not
take it to heart, and so one unexpected
day, I confronted his demons and cast
them all out in less than ten minutes. He
was so shocked that he screamed out you
cant cast out demons over the phone!!! I
replied Oh yes I can. Was that Luke or
was that the demon? In truth, I cant be
certain. . I think it was Luke because
every demon I have encountered know
that they can be cast out over the phone.
Now that day, I got some respect!
Immediately, Luke obtained
freedom which he kept for
about a
However, bored with so much

normalcy, Luke decided to test thing

out by partaking in internet porn. The
demons rushed back into him, bringing
more spirits with them. When I would not
do it again, our relationship went
downhill and Luke went his way.
Casting out demons is not a game to be
played with.
I dont put myself into
dangerous battles
based on
Yet there was yet another
reason why I would not confront those
demons again. I never let Luke know what
I was really dreading
so as
not to
discourage him. I truly wanted him to be
delivered and born again. In spite of our
issues, I really liked him as he was quite a
character. Actually, I hoped I was wrong
in my suspicions.
before I conducted the rather successful
deliverance, I had already contemplated
that perhaps the demons were right.
Perhaps Luke is not one of the elect and
as such, he IS condemned already.
Luke was an unusual kind of zombie, with
aspirations to become a famous actor.
Beside Hollywood, Lukes lust for religion
caused him to also aspire
ministry. His family was well off and Luke
wanted for nothing. As stated in his own

words, other than selling his soul to the

devil, he lusted for fame and fortune.
My perspective is why would the devil
have to cause someone to sell their soul to
him, when he already has full access to

The Kundalini and Fasting

A man called me a few months ago about
fasting. He claimed his wife had gone
off after prolonged fasting.
In other
many supernatural things had
Dianen happening as she progressively
lost her mind. It reminded me of the
following article I wrote a while back:
Isaiah 58 spells out
purposes of fasting:




1) to loose the bands of wickedness ;

2) to let the oppressed go free;
3) to break every yoke of bondage.
With such a purpose, it seems that
biblical fasting is a challenging invitation
to the demons and fallen angels in the
enemys camp in a David and Goliath type
wrestling match where, like Moses, we
command let Gods people go, devil!

It is important to note that in the era of

the New Testament, the weapon is neither
the rod of Moses or Davids slingshot.
Rather it is faith in the cross and the
resurrection of Jesus Christ accompanied
by the authority to command spirits in His
name. The Pharisees of the Lord Jesus
day did not fast for the deliverance of
others. Religious hypocrites are often
proud of their fasting ritual. Pride itself is
dangerous because God resists the proud.
dangerous when it is motivated by
hypocrisy. The hypocrite will put on an
selfrighteousness by uplifting a fast to prove
himself special.. In Jesus day, the
religious would make themselves look sad
and put on an act for people to see. Jesus
condemned this. Instead, He told those
who were fasting to wash their faces and
smile. Ritualism consists of fasting as a
religious practice, yet without our heart
fully engaged in it as a means to break the
enemys power. Ritualism of this kind can
consciousness. an open doorway to
demonic infiltration.
Yet another danger is fanaticism or
extremism. I was once married to an

possessed by this practice. As a professing
Christian, Billy trained himself in yoga
and other eastern religious practices.
Hoping to live to at least 100, he died in
his 50s. What I know now is that there
can be a real danger in it. . In fact, no one
should fast unless the Holy Ghost actually
puts you on one. When He does, you will
have no desire to eat or do other things.
Also, you may or you may not know the
reason for the fast.
Fasting produces an ASC that opens you
up to the spirit realm, weakening the flesh
to strengthen the spirit. I suspect that it
also opens the chakras and activates the
kundalini as well. The bottom-line is that
fasting is an invitation to the devil.
Remember how the Lord was driven into
the wilderness? His fast was not just
about enduring temptation. With His 40
day fast, Jesus actually challenged the
enemy to confront Him. Consider the
process of the Lords fast. He did not
hunger until after the tension built up and
Consequently, true fasting is not a result
of a believers choice to not eat food or
drink water. Jesus was led to His fast and
through His fast by the Holy Ghost.

A fast led by God is a struggle with the

enemy over the bondage of another, where
the needs of the body are overshadowed
by the urgency of the battle. In such a
fast, the dominance of the spirit over the
hunger and thirst of the body causes the
fasted person to lose all desire for food
and drink. Hunger and thirst returns
when the conflict is over.
Jesus didnt eat or drink because He had
no appetite or thirst. Then, Satan came.
When the fast was over, the Lord
hungered. That is how you know a fast is
over. You hunger. So if the purpose of your
fast is to try to force Gods hand, you are
in trouble. Evil spirits will respond,
pretending to be God. A fast of this kind
often comes out of the impatience of the
soul. We have Dianen waiting, we have
become irritable, which is not a good
spiritual start for anything. We ought not
to set a fast unless God calls for it
Himself. If you are hungry, struggling to
turn your plate down that is a sure sign
that God did not call for it. Pentecostals
have already opened the door to demons
with a lot of their practices, particularly
tarrying. So fasting just opens them even

Remember when Jesus told His disciples

that they could not cast out a particular
demon because they had not fasted?
Clearly, this is yet another spiritual clue of
a connection of fasting to dealing with
evil spirits. Pentecostals took that out of
context and created a place for it in
casting out demons, they have ignorantly
Dianen calling FOR them with their
numerous fasting rituals. I personally
have cast out several demons without
fasting. If I need to fast, I simply lose my
appetite and I go into prayer. In fact,
every day that I write this book, a fast
comes upon me. Why? Because when I
am deeply involved in a particular work or
assignment, both appetite and thirst leave
Take my word for it.
deliverance, DO NOT FAST!!!!



Reiki? The Enemy Heals Too! Then

Comes the Torment!
In 1975, I had never heard of Reiki.
Nevertheless, as I look back over 4
decades, I realize today that I had Dianen
unknowingly practicing Reiki techniques

what I appeared to have stumbled into
on my own. Yet I realize that it was no
accident, for what truly led me to occult
healing was the implementation of the
hidden agenda and strategy designed for
me by fallen angels.
Back in the day, I was called a medium.
Today, people who are used as a vehicle to
communicate with beings in the spirit
world are called channels. As was the
enemys plan, I noticed that if I became
still by shutting my mind down, when I
put my hands on a sick person or a body
part, that a negative energy from them
seemed to flow into my hands and up my
arms. My subjects revealed that at the
same time a positive energy flowed from
me and poured into them. When their
energy force entered my hands, it was
received as pain. My ritual was to wash my
hands shortly after I received the pain
from the sick. I did not personally accept
the ailment even though I felt its affects
body. However, once I washed my hands,
the pain left me and the infirmity
appeared to have left them.


From 1975 until 2005, I had several

subjects, the first significant one being
my grandma Greta who was about 85,
dying from womb cancer. Until she
passed, I spent several weekends in her
home where I periodically placed my
hands on her belly and sucked out the
pain. Immediately, she would rise and be
her normal self. Hours after I left her on
Sunday, Grandma Greta was bedridden
again until I returned the following
weekend. I was an atheist in 75, so I
really did not have an understanding of
what was going on.
However, while
recently reading about Reiki, I believe I
now have a perspective.
describe Reiki as consisting of placing
hands on someone and then activating the
energy to flow through the practitioners
hands into the recipient. This is exactly
what I was doing 40 years ago and
continued to do for 25 years in my
Christian healing ministry. As I have
pointed out, fallen angels were grooming
me in the early 70s to be a psychic
channel. So I can relate to what presentday
describe concerning what actually occurs
in a Reiki attunement.

There exists a significant

between the altered state and channeling.
All mediums or channels have spirit
guides. These spirit guides pretend to be
ascended masters or the spirits of dead
ancestors, at times aliens or whatever.
The assigned fallen angels stand behind
their channels and direct the entire
process, invisible to most onlookers. Now
when I laid my hands on a person, I was
totally unaware that the spirits I was in
communication with took any part in the
process. I did not sense them or see
them. However, some Reiki practitioners
report that they either feel the presence
of these beings very strongly while others
reveal that they can actually see their
spirit guides during a Reiki attunement.
Healing is a good thing when it comes
from the Holy Spirit. So it followed that
once I became born again in 1977, I just
naturally transferred my strange healing
technique into my Christian ministry. I
did so without question or doubt because
I read in the gospels how the Lord Jesus
Christ spent most of His time on earth
healing the sick. So I assumed the
healing power I had prior to becoming
born again was of the Lord. Coupled

with a burning desire to heal and to set

captives free, it naturally followed that I
use this power to emulate my
Savior. Nonetheless, in spite of what may
have appeared to be sincere intentions, I
was wrong to add the Lords name to a
practice that is not only Buddhist but also
demonic. Once the truth was revealed to
me, I immediately ceased from putting
my hands on people after 25 years of
ignorance and deception. I say better
late than never!
My eyes were finally opened while writing
the book the Fake Jesus: Fallen Angels
Among Us. About 8 years ago, the Lord
revealed that I was not healing anyone
with His power. He added that if I wanted
His healing gift of the Holy Ghost, I had to
renounce the occult power. Believe me, I
did so in a New York minute. When asked,
I still pray for people to be healed and one
day I will find out if the Lord has granted
me the gift, but I am no longer lusting
after any supernatural gift.
Once un-deceived,
I immediately and
questioned and doubted my former power.
When recipients of it were healed of one
ailment, but then shortly thereafter got

sick and died of something far worst, I

was disturbed but I rationalized an
explanation for each case. I also secretly
questioned in my thoughts why those who
were diagnosed terminally ill yet lived for
two or even five more years after I laid
hands on them, eventually died of the
same sickness. Certainly, we all must
eventually die of something. However,
if you are healed of a disease and live for
five more years than the doctors expected,
why is the cause of death the exact same
disease that you were supposed to be
healed of by the laying on of my hands?
The medical profession calls that a
remission and not a healing.
So deep
down, I had not Dianen without doubts,
questions and concerns.
In recent years, I have learned that the
practice of Reiki is one of the more
common ways that people enter into
altered states of consciousness, opening
up their chakras to evil spirits. Today I
find myself working with the devastating
aftermath of Reiki attunements as well as
the outcomes connected to therapeutic
touch, contemplative prayer and spiritual
formation. I work with Reiki recipients
and practitioners who are otherwise
mentally sound who became irrational,

manifesting strange thoughts, dreams and

visions that run them crazy with fear and
torment. Then there are these strange
physical symptoms that vary but are
difficult to describe.
Below are a few messages I have received
from tormented Reiki recipients:
I have a daily thought that Satan has my
soul. My family has rejected me. I have
had several attacks and the doctors tell
me I have a mental illness. In reality I can
tell you there have Dianen things I have
seen. I saw a lake of fire and orange light
going into the heavens. I saw smoke with
dark spirits. People will talk with me then
there seems to be a shift as if I am talking
a demon. I was surrounded by many
demons that were taking my soul. It felt
like my mental capacity was being
demolished while at the same time, my
energy was being taken. While in a room
with people, it felt like they were taking
my soul or breath. When they would touch
me, it felt like something was happening
inside my body.
There are also professionals employed
in the health and mental health fields
that are also occultists, including but not
limited to nurses, chiropractors, massage

therapists, as well as social workers and

other psychological therapists. Not only
are they Reiki masters but many are also
trained in
a plethora of other occult
One of my former clients,---a
nurse who I will call Mary: ---has Dianen
trained in a plethora of empowerments
and initiations. I soon learned that Mary
had poured $200,000 of her life savings
on Reiki and several other Asian healing
systems, including but not limited to the
kundalini Shakti initiation, the kriya
babaji and the 18 siddha lineage
meridian flush initiation, nine subtle body
cleansing, anchoring twelve chakra deities
enlightening and bringing in 108 subtle
Mystery school adept initiation, sacred
geometry, the gifts of the spirit, the
Akashic records course and practitioner 1
Reiki 1, 2, 3 and many more classes and
seminars , too long to include here.


Yet in spite of all of this training, nurse

Mary was completely out of control. When
she entered into telephone sessions with
me, the huge surge of energy that she
experienced daily had become both
addictive and then debilitating
indicated in the following comment:
Today I had to cut myself short one
patient as manifestations came at me like
a ton of bricks. I almost had a car
accident. The profuse burning sensation
in my lower back and upper buttocks was
so debilitating. What do I do when these
manifestations start coming on?
I am
seriously having a very difficult time
managing my day and working with my
patients. I felt like something was
attacking me.
This situation is quite disturbing.
professional reasons, nurses who have
been attuned to Reiki dont reveal to their
patients when Reiki energy is
out of
control. Who knows how often when
working with patients will Reiki simply
kick in and start flowing through their
hands? It is written that Reiki will
naturally occur when it is needed and this
energy will continue to flow into anyone


who is in an ASC and therefore

subconsciously open to receive it. 39
In Marys case, once I confronted the
hundreds of demons lodging in each
chakra and cast them out in the name of
Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Mary was
delivered from torment with 4 telephone
deliverance sessions. Yet as soon as relief
from torment was obtained, she withdrew
from future sessions, which I suspect was
a huge mistake. I have no idea whether or
not Mary remained torment free.
problem she definitely manifested, I did
not have the opportunity to address. Mary
believes that she is born again when I
counterfeit. I conducted deliverance with
her immediately because her torment
seemed so severe. However, even when the
torment stops, I do not assume that that
the demons are no longer in control but I
consider the fact that they may be
playing possum. It takes a period of
time to simply wait and see.
Some zombies expect a quick-fix just to
be torment free so that they can continue
unhindered in their deceptions and
39 Phylameana Lyla Desy, The Everything Reiki
Book (Avon, MA: Adams Media, 2004, p. 144

delusions. With all the occult and

religious studies ingested into Marys
spirit, she definitely needs a major
spiritual detox. Since this case, I have
changed my procedures.
I no longer
conduct deliverance until the recipient
and I
are on one accord on every
important issue, regardless of the severity
of the torment. If my instructions are
followed, with every new truth the
recipient receives, the torment will
progressively dissipate. The Lord said it.
You shall know the truth and the truth
shall MAKE you free. (John 8:32) I no
longer override my revised procedures for
anyone. If the torment is that severe, I
make referrals to the emergency room or
a mental health facility.

Many professing Christians are involved

in occult healing practices like yoga,
beats, tantra and many others. Some are
in bondage and others are not.
enemy has to keep a certain portion of
these zombies torment free so that they
can sincerely market its so-called benefits.
Why is this happening among professing
Christians? Well, most religious zombies
believe that if something spiritually

positive like healing is happening, then it

must be God.
It aint necessarily so!!!.


Zombie, Fix Your Life!
Expose the Darkness!
Darkness can be vague, obscure, gloomy
and confusinga wisdom that does not
come from the Father of lightsa folly
that is sensual, yet subtly demonic. (James
3:15) Darkness can also be suggestive of
concealment, like a cloud that blocks the
sunlight and creates a gloomy day, or a
thick curtain that keeps a room dark, even
though the sun is shining right outside in
all of its brightness.
To walk in darkness is to give the religious
demon an unholy advantage where he will
enter into both spiritual and man-made
temples, and through a blasphemous
masquerade, attempt to exalt himself as
God. When the religious demon has Been
able to enter into a Christian temple of
either flesh or brick and subsequently
fraudulence and deceit, I suspect that


this is truly an abomination of desolation.

(Daniel 11:36)
As an obstruction to truth, darkness can
also manifest itself within our lives as
hidden obstacles and hindrances, where
all of the religious demons wiles, tricks
and devices are set in motion to keep us
in the dark, even about our own spiritual
condition. Walking in darkness after Jesus
Christ has translated us into His kingdom
is certainly a spiritual affront to the Holy
Ghost. Particularly, if we say that we have
fellowship with Jesus yet we continue to
walk in darkness, we lie and we do not
practice the truth, ignorantly making
ourselves collaborators with the father of
Darkness for an unsaved believer has
legalistic implications. The enemy gains
power when by his or her own free will, we
engage in practices that cause us to
unknowingly invite a religious demon into
our lives, where he acts and pretends to
be God. In most cases, that legal contract
must be nullified.
The reality is that even though a saved
person has been translated out of the
kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of
light, spiritual ignorance can serve as a

dark cloud that blocks out the light of the

Holy Ghost from penetrating our spirits.
If we do not learn how to walk in the light
as He is in the light, we give the demonic
army an advantage. In this regard, even
though our position in Christ is of one of
light, it is a huge mistake to think that
focusing on light alone is sufficient.
Therefore, the overall objective of this
is to enlighten and to expose
darkness, particularly as it operates
within a religious system. As such, it is
crucial for each zombie
to know and to
understand that darkness is not always
gross despicable sin. Most saved people
today are still in darkness because of
So ask yourself these questions? Have you
come out of darkness and broken the
enemys legal contract? Then again, if you
are born again, what darkness yet
remains? Here are some practical ways to
start the process of ridding yourself of
imaginations and every high thing that
would exalt itself above the knowledge of


Christ and bringing every thought into

obedience to Him (II Corinthians 10:5)40:
Your Attitude Toward the Past: You should
have no regrets or brooding over things
done and undone. To avoid an evil kind of
thinking that leads to brooding, you must
learn to discern for yourself if you are
simply thinking or if you are being
drawn into a state of regretting or
brooding by the demon that is assigned to
YOU. If you are to overcome, you need to
know that success at
being set free
requires victory over the past, in spite of
all your failures that the enemy helps you
to list and record in your mind. Your
failures should be dealt with on the basis
of I John 1:9.
Your Attitude Toward the Future: You
must concentrate on the Lords own words
by taking no thought for tomorrow. Not
that you should not think about or even
make future plans, but you should be
careful not to fall victim to trying to make
up in the future for sins of the past that
already have Been forgiven by God. Once
a sin has Been repented of, cleansing will
occur when you can forget what is behind
40 Taken from War on the Saints by Jessie

and press toward the future that is Gods

plan for the rest of your life.
Your Attitude Toward Devils and Demons:
You should be trained to discern your own
thoughts from those implanted into your
mind by spirit entities. You should realize
that only the Lord knows your heart and
that demons cannot read your mind.
Demons know only the thoughts that
THEY have successfully planted into your
mind---thoughts that you have received as
your own because of the nature of your
deception. Remember this. He that
doeth the truth, cometh to the light.
(John 3:21)
Moment: Doubt can be a good thing,
foundations upon which you have built up
your pride system become shaky. Doubt
of this kind can lead to sincere humility.
God resists the proud but gives grace to
the humble. Against the enemy, your best
weapon is Gods grace.
Your worst
mistake in judgment is your assumption
that because you profess to be a Christian,
that God will protect you from being
deceived. Not so. It is God Himself who
has released strong delusion in our times.

So deception is a matter of course. God

has given us the weapons and the tools to
be un-deceived. Your best weapon is to
look around you, and allow your doubt to
assist you to question EVERYTHING!
Prayer of the Hour? Father, Expose the
In one of my telephone sessions, I saw a
need to pray for a client. Pearl is doing
some important work for me and we both
noticed that her dreams have steadily
increased, until the demonic intimidation
became clearly discernable. The darkness
had already been exposed by her dreams.
Dream interpretation led me to the
conclusion as to what my prayer for Pearl
should be. In order to stop this increase
in dreams, I needed to seek the Lord in
prayer for Pearls protection while she is
As I entered into prayer, the
IC style
came out of me and I was surprised.
found myself giving God
with Lord, send a strong angel to guard
Pearl as she sleeps. Empower the angel
to then midway in the prayer, I
stopped and apologized,
Sorry Lord.
Who am I to tell YOU what to do and how

to do it. I simply ask you to protect Pearl

as she sleeps. Period. Done.
The IC along with the professing Christian
world have gone mad with their prayers.
From contemplative prayer to prayer
points, decreeing and declaring, prayer
whatever..I simply cant keep up with it
all. And it you want to fix your life, you
should not try to keep up with it either.
For example, I dont pray that the Lord
save this one or that one because why
pray for something when He has already
made the choice before He created the
worlds. Take the case I previously
discussed in Chapter 6, Luke. In Lukes
case, from the beginning, my spirit did
not bear witness with his. It personally
did not connect for me that he was of the
elect. Yet the torment he experienced was
terrible and I cared for him enough that
the Holy Spirit led me to confront Lukes
occult and religious demons.
Today, it seems that many of the elect in
this hour have had false conversions. So
in deliverance counseling, I ask God in
prayer to reveal to me any issue or reason
that could be blocking or hindering the
Holy Spirit from acting to cause a rebirth

to take place. Is God being confronted by

religious demons waving a contract in His
face, claiming the captive belongs to them
because of the captives invitation? Is the
captive still believing and or doing
accusation in force? In counseling,
sometimes even the most prolific talkers
will omit an important incident either on
purpose, or they did not see the relevance
or they simply forgot the incident. So I
simply ask God to expose the darkness in
this particular case. Let what is hidden be
made known! Simple. Short and sweet. I
dont need to fast or order a prayer vigil
on this.
Certainly, salvation is in the timing of the
Holy Spirit. Yet I believe the major
purpose of undeceiving a zombie is to
remove any potential hindrances that may
block them from being born again.
Consequently, if more than a year goes by
since a person was fully undeceived,
perhaps intercessory prayer is in order.
For me to go into intercession and my
prayers be both fervent and effectual, two
things must be established. 1) I must
perceive in my spirit that the person is
one of the elect. 2) I must have a loving
connection to the person who is blocked.

Since prayer for others is effectual by

love, the closeness between myself and
that captive should also be established.
Not that we must be best friends but we
need to at least like each other and be on
one accord. One thing is for sure. I cannot
come bodily before the throne in prayer
for anyone who does not have confidence
in my authority to command and cast out
demons. Since boldness is the confidence
conditions, I cannot risk myself for people
who can not stand me. This was a hard
lesson for a
Ms. Superwoman type to
grasp, as I used to take on every case.
Well, today,
I do not forget this
realization. If I want my life to stay fixed,
I keep this wisdom in mind. I pray for
enemies but my prayer is the same.
Lord, expose the darkness to them.

The Lords Prayer Is Also For

Why do I believe the Lords prayer is for
sinners? Because no one was born again
until after the Lord was raised from the
dead and the Lord recommended this
prayer prior to the cross and His

resurrection. Before the cross, everyone

was a sinner. If you ever decide to pray
this prayer, be warned. It may seem that
all hell has broken loose in your life. It
ties into lead me not into temptation, but
deliver me from evil, a specific line in
what is called the Lords Prayer. Anyone
who sets out to fix their lives needs to be
aware of and warned about the power of
this prayer. When I prayed this prayer in
2003, I found myself caught up in a
whirlwind of exposures, similar to
tailspin, or a revolving door. As the Holy
Spirit blew in like the wind, He exposed
every enemy around me from those in my
household to those in my church, and
those in the IC at large.
Darkness was
exposed in every crack, closet and corner
of my life. People, places and things were
cut away from me swiftly. When you pray
Lord, expose the darkness,
your life
be delivered from evil as
darkness around you can
be exposed,
simply because you asked for it.
A former atheist, I only know this prayer
as a born again person, as I did not pray
to any god before March 29, 1977. Yet
many of my clients who have had false
conversions have prayed this prayer, with
similar results.
Here is the recent

testimony of a former zombie that I have

worked with for two years. In fact, the
Lord saved Lea the evening of her first
counseling session with me. She prayed to
have darkness exposed and the Holy Spirit
has Been breathing and blowing on her
life ever since:
Lea met her husband in the IC. As a
result, their entire marriage interfaced
with the church and they have Been
married for 15 years.
Early on in our
relationship, Leas
husband did not
approve of me, without really knowing
anything of what I teach. All he knew is
that his wife refused to attend church
with him as she once did, and he assumed
I was to blame. What he did not know is
that Lea had serious concerns about the
IC long before she met me. I just put the
icing on the cake for her.
So for about two years, Lea concealed the
details of her involvement in my ministry
called RESCUE from her husband. In
her comment below, Lea demonstrates
what it really means to walk by faith, as
you pick up your cross and follow the
Lord Jesus. I presented a series of videos
to teach and prepare the members of
RESCUE to deal with those who oppose

them among their churchgoing families

and friends.
Lea recently came into
RESCUE and posted the following to
First comment: A few days ago, I got a
sense that it is possible for my husband to
be undeceived after all. I think the Lord
might be telling me that he is almost
there with seeing the big picture. I
couldnt see how I would get through to
him before, and the situation seemed
hopeless. But over the past few days, I
have felt different. Perhaps I am wrong
about him seeing, but there is something
in me that really believes he will see now!
I am getting an urge to tell him and to tell
him NOW! Pam, I was so excited about
telling you that I accidentally called you
on the wrong day, thinking it was my
phone session. There is this sense of
excitement and joy that I have about
whats about to happen. I hope I am right.
I plan to talk to my husband later today. I
will start with the Parable of the mustard
seed, then share about historical facts
about the history of the organized church.
I will also share about no good tree
bearing bad fruit. He cannot refute
scripture and facts. I have Been planting
seeds with him here and theredropping

hints. Today, Im going to share this

information with him to see if hell bite.
Ill let yall know how it goes.
Follow-up comment 8 hours later
Well, I DID IT YALL! I ministered to my
husband! I feel so free knowing that he
clearly knows the pure, unadulterated
core of what I believe and why I believe it.
I think right now he is taking it all in. I
gave him some meat to chew on. Now, it is
HIS CHOICE as to what he wants to do
with the information and how he would
like to proceed (or not) in our marriage.
He will likely go back and research things
himself, which is what I want him to do
let him come to his own conclusions. I am
prepared for him to leave me if it comes
to that. I am at peace about the whole
thing. I know that what the Lord has Been
showing me all these years and what we
do in RESCUE is TRUTH. My husband
knows that I will NEVER return to the
ICnot a chance, so he cannot coerce me
into doing it. In fact, the Lord spoke to
me late last night/early this morning and
clearly said, If you return, you will be
demons. So I know that it is more than
just that I shouldnt return to the IC
its that it is NOT SAFE for me to return to
the IC. Anyway, the ball is in his court.
Either he will accept the message and
follow me as I follow Christ, or he will

reject the message, sticking to his

religious beliefs, and eventually leave me.
All I know is that I am confident in what I
believe and stand firm in it. So, time will
truly tell. Im ready for whatever outcome
it will be.
Consequently, If you like your life as it is
and you do not want to know how the
significant others in your life truly feel
about you, then dont pray this prayer. If
you are afraid of losing people, places and
things, then dont pray this prayer. I am
happy that I prayed it in spite of the
turmoil that followed. For today, I am in a
place of peace without fear of losing
anything or anyone. For after all, I lost
everything but my health, my sound mind,
and my born again spirit. In fact, that
prayer continues to produce for me. The
darkness in folk that have tried to stay
around me yet perpetrate a fraud have
ALL Been exposed, zombies who are no
longer in my company.
The Lord also taught His people to pray
not to be led into temptation but to be
delivered from evil. If you take the advice
of Jessie Penn-Lewis, you will be well on
your way to fixing your life:


There are unseen temptations, and

temptations in the unseen. Physical
spiritual temptations; direct and indirect
temptations, as with Christ when He was
directly tempted in the wilderness, or
indirectly through Peter. The believer
must not only resist the devil when he
tempts visibly, or attacks consciously, but
TEMPTATIONS, knowing that he (the
devil) is a Tempter, and therefore is
always planning temptation for the
Those who thus, by prayer, bring to light
these hidden workings, are by experience,
widening their horizon in knowledge of
his work as a Tempter, and becoming
better able to co- work with the Spirit of
God in the deliverance of others from the
power of the enemy; for in order to be
victorious over the powers of darkness, it
is essential to be able to recognize what
they are doing. Paul, on one occasion, did
not say circumstances, but Satan
hindered me (1 Thess. 2: 18), because he
circumstances, or the Holy Spirit (Acts
16: 6), or Satan, hindered or restrained
him in his life and service. 41

41 Jessie Penn-Lewis, War on the Saints.


I might add that if you are habituated to

praying for material gains and benefits for
yourself and your family, to fix your life,
your prayer should be expose the
darkness so that I might see and
understand how the enemy uses the
things that tempt me to my destruction.

Wake Up, Zombie!

Prayer aimed towards helping you to wake
up will also enhance your capacity to
receive truth and become un-deceived. In
order to be undeceived, one has to WAKE
UP! Waking up is connected to all aspects
of your being, spirit, soul and body. here is
what Jessie Penn Lewis has to say about
component of taking back and fixing your
The deceived believe, laid claim to
positions to which he had no right, for
with the entrance of truth he discovers he
was neither so advanced, nor so spiritual,
nor so infallible as he had thought. He
built his faith about his own spiritual
condition on assumption, and left no
room for a doubt, that is, true doubt, such
as doubting a statement that afterwards
turns out to be a lie, but in due season
doubt finds an entry to his mind, and

brings his house of infallibility to the

He knows now that what he thought was
an advanced experience, was only a
beginning, and that he is only on the
fringe of knowledge. This is the operation
of truth. In the place of ignorance is
given true knowledge; in the place of
deception, truth. Ignorance, falsehood
and passivity; upon these three the enemy
unobtrusively guards and uses them. But
truth pulls his strongholds to the ground.
By the entry of truth, the man must be
acknowledges his condition frankly, as
(1)I believe that it is POSSIBLE for a
Christian to be deceived and possessed by
evil spirits.
(2)It Is possible for ME to be deceived;
(3)I AM deceived by an evil spirit;
(4)WHY am l deceived?
Then comes the facing of the fact that (1)
ground does exist; and (2) the seeking
for knowledge as to what the ground is.
In order to discover the ground, the
believer must first, in a general sense, get
a fair conception of what ground is for he
is liable to be deceived in

(1) putting down to possession what

belongs to something else, and
(2) placing to something else what
belongs to possession. He may confuse
ordinary conflict, i.e., the perpetual battle
in spirit against the powers of darkness,
possession. And when the deception and
possession are of long standing, the
spirits of evil may get the believer himself
to defend their work in him, and through
him fight tenaciously to guard the cause
of his deception from being brought into
light, and exposed as their work.
They thus get the believer himself, in
effect, to take their side, and fight for
them to keep their hold, even after he has
found out his condition, and honestly
desires deliverance; one of the greatest
hindrances being the effect of an assumed
position concerning spiritual experiences,
which believers are loath to examine. 42
Satans favorite prayer is Jesus, Come
Into My Heart. Of course it is. For with
this particular prayer, the enemy has
enslaved untold millions. As previously
indicated, I knew nothing of the sinners
prayer until I joined a church. Since my
born again experience occurred at home
considered it quite
42 Ibid

unusual, I thought to myself I did not get

saved this way and so since this is the
church, they MUST be right. Religion is
new to me and these people here have
Been at this thing for decades. So there
must be more than one way that God
causes His people to become born again,
my way and the way the church does it
with the sinners prayer.
This was the first step I took to becoming
a zombie for the next 25 years.

Prayer Language? Demonic

Praying in tongues when you have had a
false conversion is very dangerous indeed.
Why? Because when you pray in tongues,
you are actually speaking the language of
demons. In ignorance, demons mock you
by causing you to pray THEIR will into
your life. The demonic advantage is that
since you cannot understand or interpret
their language, they are having loads of
fun using your own voice box to curse not
only yourself but your loved ones also.
Not many tongue talkers (many of whom
call themselves deliverance ministers)

agree with me but I found an author who

does, Stacie Spielman:
It has Been my experience in working
with people whove spoken in tongues
themselves or had tongues spoken over
them, they have had a group of spirits of
the false holy spirit group. This has Been
consistent with tongues speakers Ive
worked with over the years.
But it
recently occurred to me that if these
people had a false holy spirit, it was likely
they had a false god and Jesus as well.
.Pentecostal and Charismatic churches
that involve speaking in tongues and/or
being slain in the spirit as a form of
activity. For people involved with the
Pentecostal Church, there will be spirits
of false doctrine, spirits from the pastor
and other members of the church, spirits
of the Fake Pentecost, a false holy spirit
who spoke through them at the time they
were supposedly baptized in the holy
spirit, spirits from having Been anointed
with oil and spirits from the oil itself. 43
Have any of you spoken in tongues
before? I have. I spoke in tongues 25
years. The difference between me and the
average tongue talker is that I was born
again for 5 or 6 years before I ever spoke
43 Stacie Spielman, What Demonic Spirits
Dont Want You To Know, 2009, Kindle

in tongues. So I did not have the false

god and the false Christ as presented in
Spielmans quote.
Personally, I was a prolific speaker of
tongues for more than two decades.
However, as soon as I discovered that all
tongues speaking today is fake, I stopped
the prayer language thing cold turkey.
How shocked I was that shortly after I
stopped, I experiences a force trying to
make me speak in it. After about 5 years
or so, I decided to test it to see if I still
could speak in it. I could not, thank God.
I no longer have anything that sounds
like the language I once had. I went Aye
ya une da ba ba ba see, mamamamaya.
Every once in a while to upset the spirits
that are watching me, I will pop out in
this language and then start laughing
out loud.
I have written on this subject in most of
my other books and produced several
videos on the dangers of speaking in
tongues. For the purpose of this work,
here is some additional information, for
those of you that did not know. The
Apostle Paul told the Corinthians that

centuries, THEY DID!!!!Here is another

know the fruit by the root revelation.
The man who brought back tongues on
the scene was Charles Parham, on
1/1/1901. Does it seem right to you that
the Holy Spirit would use a man who had
a tarnished reputation, particularly that
he was arrested for sodomy? Check out
some additional history:
Parham would later resign as the Father
of Pentecostal/Apostolic Movement in
His staunch, rigid beliefs and
teachings on xenoglassa and
glossilalia, as well as his convictions
intermarriage and equality was NOT
biblical or acceptable before God, cost
him the influence he so desperately
sought after and desired with Asusa.
Afterwards, Parham lost all credibility as
a leader when two scandals rocked his
movement back in Texas. One of a sexual
committing sodomy with J.J. Jourdan, a
Jewish young man who came to the
Bethel/Zion establishment for teaching.
Parham would later confess he had in fact
had relations with Jourdan. The other
allegedly that one of his followers killed a
handicapped woman while trying to
perform the miracle of supernatural
healing on her. (Fields White Unto

Harvest, by James Goff, the University of

Arkansas Press, pgss 138-44, 1988)44
As Jesus said,
an evil tree does not
produce good fruit. If Charles Parham
restored tongues to believers
after 19
centuries where no believe spoke in
tongues, what does this say about prayer
languages of today? Choke it off in order
to fix life.

Be Discerning When Praying For

For the last year, a young man continues
to stalk me by email and phone because
he believes that no one can set him free
but ME! So it would seem that I would
break bold on his behalf and start casting
out his demons. Yet there is no love
between us and I do not trust him. I
believe that if he got worst, which often is
the first step to complete deliverance, he
would impulsively point a finger of blame
at me and then
attempt to ruin my
I am not afraid of him. Rather than go
into the details of this case, suffice it to
44 Wenona Russ, The Fruit of Azusa, 2013, pg

say that I have legitimate reasons for not

trusting Charles. Every day for almost a
year, Charles has sent me emails where
he first
whines, then complains and
finally accuses me of not being a true
Christian because he believes that I dont
care that the demons are tormenting him.
That said, Charles is one of a handful of
people who I have had to turn down for
both counseling and prayer. First of all, he
refuses to follow my protocols. Instead, he
continues to beg me by email to pray for
him and every day, I cant do it. I could be
wrong, but since I sense that Charles was
sent by the enemy to accuse and entrap
me, I delete his daily emails and I do not
answer his phone calls. Seems cruel but I
seriously suspect that I am in danger if I
try to minister to him in any way. And
since I cant shake that feeling, I leave
Charles alone.
So If you are a zombie who habitually
stands in the gap and boldly intercedes
for whoever asked for prayer
examining yourself and how you REALLY
feel about the prayer seekers as well as
the strange, selfish nature of their prayer
requests, you may be risking both you
and them.
Consider Florida, a pastors
When I was in the IC, Florida had

this horrible disease that caused her legs

and her skin to look like that of an
elephant. I recently learned that after at
least 20 years, that leg was recently
Back in the day, everyone
thought that Florida was cursed because
her husband Bill was a corrupt perverted
preacher. Some believed that if she would
just separate herself from her husband
and his ministry, that the curse would be
After ten years with this deformity, many
well- known ministers in our community
had laid hands on Florida to be healed.
One day at a healing service, I rose up
out of my pulpit seat and walked down the
platform to minister to those who were
either kneeling or standing at the altar
seeking ministry for their needs. Florida
was seated to my left, on the first row. As
I redirected my steps to move toward
Florida, the music was playing loudly so
no one heard our conversation. While
laughing in a joking manner, Florida
remarked, Everybody who has prayed for
me to be healed has died themselves.
She started calling off the names of about
7 people whom I knew very well.


I laughed also---- AS I walked away from


The Bible? Take a Pause For

the Cause
I fixed my life with some of the simplest,
most profound statements the Lord Jesus
Christ of Nazareth ever made while on
earth. He who does not pick up His cross
and follow Me is not worthy of Me. I am
the resurrection and the life. You shall
know the truth and the truth shall MAKE
you free.
You know them by their
fruit. An evil tree does not bring forth
good fruit. A good tree shall not bring
forth evil fruit.
And lets NOT forget,
you MUST be born again! That which is
flesh is flesh. That which is spirit is spirit.
Without me you can do NOTHING.
To fix
your life, you must ask yourself What did
the Lord say about this. Check out the
red lines in the New Testament.
That said, it is important to warn you that
you need new spiritual eyes to give you a
transformed, perfected vision of the
scriptures if you are going to effectively
fix your life. Why? Because embedded in

unconscious is the ICs interpretation.
Coming out of the IC is one thing. Once
out, letting Her continue to guide our
spiritual lives by what she taught us for
years will bring nothing but confusion.
As the scriptures tell us, confusion is a
sign that the devil is lurking in the midst.
(James 3:16) Clearly, Satan knows the
bible better than any human being does.
So to keep us from fixing our lives, he will
remain behind the scenes, sneakily
guiding our steps with the ICs scripture
As a pulpit preacher and teacher, putting
the bible on my shelf to gather dust was a
I continually searched and
the scriptures in order
prepare sermons and bible studies. So
bible reading was habitually engrained as
a major task within my daily routine. I
also had to set aside the books and the
audio cassettes of Hagin, Copeland, Price,
Meyer, Long, Jakes and scores of others. I
stopped watching Christian television
I read three authors: Jessie Penn-Lewis,

Eventually, I stopped reading Wilkerson a
few years before he died. In order to fix
my life, I could not watch, listen to or
read the works of anyone still in the IC.
The truth is that Wilkerson knew the
truth about the IC in end-times better
than anyone. In fact, it was he who God
used to open my own eyes while I was still
a part of the IC system.
Actually, Wilkerson knew for at least 30
years or more that the IC is the Harlot of
the Book of Revelation and that she was
completely defiled. A bona-fide man of
God and a true prophet, I suspect that
Wilkersons disobedience by not leaving
Her brought on his tragic end. Saddened
when I heard, I was in no way surprised. I
have my own story to tell. Six years ago, I
was out of the IC for four years when I
decided to go back during the holidays. A
songfest without preaching
was being
held at a local Pentecostal church. These
were some of the best Christian singers I
had ever heard. So I bought tickets to
attend for friends and family as the event
was being held on my birthday. Two days
after I called in an order for tickets, I
heard a voice speak to me as clear as a
bell. A quiet, unthreatening voice spoke

to me and nonchalantly said Pam are

YOU Lots wife?
The warning to me was clear. After my
eyes popped open wide from the shock of
it, I took action and
I called the
particular church member selling the
tickets and cancelled them. I do not want
to end up like either Wilkerson or Lots
wife! The Lord does not have to speak to
me twice as toward Him, I am very meek
and obedient. I did not even have to try
the spirits on this.
Commonsense was
After all the Holy Spirit has
revealed to me that few in this world are
aware of, for me to even to spemd five
minutes in a condemned place, my life
will be cut short. I hear you loud and
clear, Lord!
The words of the Lord Jesus ring true. If
your right hand offend you, cut it off. To
fix yourself, your spirit and your mind
needs to be cleansed of all dead works.
By now, it should be clear to you that the
enemy has Been behind the pulpits for at
conversions with the sinners prayer and
the I accept Jesus fiasco. So how can we
prophets and teachers to continue to

interpret the word of God for us? If so, we

might as well seek deliverance and
healing from the devil himself.
There are other reasons to shelf reading
the bible until you are completely
undeceived. One of the biggest fallacies
that both the Pentecostal and the
Charismatic branches teach is that if it is
not in the bible, then it is not relevant.
We need to understand that the bible is
Cigarettes and smoking crack did not
exist when it was written. Is it a sin for a
woman to wear pants that are specifically
made for women? Can scripture tell me if
a woman sins when she
plucks her
eyebrows or shaves her legs?
cant help us figure out whether watching
sports is bad or music etc., and there is no
mention of a computer or of what TV
programs to watch. We must figure out
some things for ourselves; when we do, we
foundations of scripture.

Bibliomancy is Witchcraft
45 Stephen Arterburn, Jack Felton, Toxic Faith,

The bible is certainly a wonderful book. I

use it to gain Gods wisdom, to
understand Him, as I watch His dealings
with human beings, to understand the
human condition, to watch the signs of
these times. And of course to study the
devil and his tricks. Yet there are wrong,
even dangerous ways to use it. Here is
what I mean.
Bible readers unknowingly use the
scriptures as if it were an I Ching. For
example, they have a particular problem,
and then they open the bible randomly,
look down and fix their eyes on
a particular verse. Whatever the verse
says is then interpreted in light of the
presenting situation. This is divination.
Sometimes the Lord will use a similar
method, not in an effort to reveal the
example, moments after I was born again
on March 29, 1977on a Monday at 4pm, I
opened the bible that I had recently
purchased. I looked down at John 3.You
must be born again. That which is flesh is
flesh. That which is spirit is spirit. The
Holy Spirit is like the wind. When He
blows, we are born again.
Instantly I
understood what had just happened to me

minutes ago. So the Lord used this

method to teach me. He has never used it
to reveal the future but the enemy does
use the scriptures in that way. So, be
Truly, the bible is not a magical jigsaw
puzzle where all you have to do is open it,
and find your missing piece to guide you
to make this or that decision. The mystery
is that in order to really understand it,
you need to have an unction from the Holy
Ghost to do so, otherwise, it is a
dead book to the unsaved. The gospel is
darkness---curiosity seekers without the
revelation of the Holy Ghost to guide their
As such, it is also noteworthy to mention
that many who call themselves bible
believing very often do not apply
scriptural interpretations of present day
circumstances and conditions that were
not a part of the conscious awareness of
biblical writers 2 or more thousand years
ago. I personally believe that God can do
what He wants to do whether it is covered
in the bible or not. Certainly, He will not
contradict His written word, but that

doesnt mean that the Lord will not do

something that is not specifically covered
in the bible. To suggest so is yet another
charismatic/Pentecostal error.
There is a word for this. It is called
bibliomancy. Bibliomancy
is divination
by interpretation of a passage chosen at
random from a religious book, especially
the Bible. The bible is not a crystal board
or to be used like tarot cards.

Be Angry, But Sin Not!

In a political position, I worked for people
for almost three decades who I perceived
were ineffective. In fact, I believed that I
was more competent than several of them,
yet their salary topped mine. From time
to time, I experienced anger over what
seemed unfair. Surely it was frustrating
for me to have a masters degree, yet be
and corrected by someone
who held a mere high school diploma.
Promoted to be the supervisor of my unit,
Sam OConnor became my boss.
high school, OConnor had worked the
next 30 years behind prison walls and
was among the few who found a way to
mobilize his grassroots background and

snatch an administrative
position that
today mandates a professional degree.
You need to know that it was rough having
OConnor correct my written work! I have
been a writer from a child. So, for
OConnor to review my paperwork was
literally insane, and he knew it. So he
would put a few scrawls on my drafts to
let his boss see that he was doing his job
and I let him get away with that by not
complaining. OConnor was also married,
involved in a well-known office affair
with a secretary but I did not disrespect
him on that score either. I restrained
myself and turned my head when I
bumped into the two of them in the
It did not take long for me to discern that
OConnor was not out to get me like some
of the more insecure, threatened coworkers were. In fact, when I left the job
after 17 years, OConnor apprised me of
the true deal as to why top management
passed me over at promotion time.
pulled my coat and whispered, Pam, the
top dogs accuse you of talking too much
about Jesus. They say you are too
OConnor did not trust me enough to

reveal inside information while I was still

working there. As religious as he himself
thought I was, I suppose OConnor was
grateful that I did not take advantage of
his own dirty secrets for my own gain.
The truth is that where it came to prisons,
wardens, prisoners and riots, OConnor
knew his stuff. These are the reasons why
he was the boss.
So I may have experienced anger over
being labeled and misjudged, but I did not
sin by refusing to accept a less educated
mans instruction. The bible speaks of
instruction from
teachers, ministers, bosses and from God
himself; He that refuseth instruction or
correction despiseth his own soul; but
he that heareth reproof or correction gets
understanding. ( Proverbs 15:32)
Anyone that becomes either affiliated
with or a member of my online ministry
called RESCUE is required to cultivate
learning how to receive correction,
particularly from me. When I was an
ordained pastor in the IC, men followed
me and received my correction without a
problem, while my most rebellious church
members were women. These are the very


same women who took all kinds of abuse

from male pastors.
Now here is the thing.
How should correction be given? When
someone corrects you, you are entitled to
consider and examine whether the person
correcting you has your best interests at
competent to correct you. I am not
responsible for how a person I correct
feels but I definitely do not set out to
hurt, abuse or humiliate anyone!!!! Nor do
I judge people. I give compliments for a
job well done but dont expect me to do so
when a person has failed to fulfill the
task they committed to do. I try to use
perfect timing and I dont expect
perfection. However, I AM gonna tell ya da
truth, Ruth!! I am no longer a zombie to
people pleasing.
In fact, I most certainly am a proponent of
free expression and free will. Yet, I refuse
to stress myself over the rebellious. This
book and my entire ministry is dedicated
teach people not to be
zombies. In this regard, I dont expect
everyone to agree with me all the time
and on every issue. Notwithstanding, if I

cant correct those I serve

without a
whole lot of drama, I am not the leader for
them and I will withdraw myself because I
too am no longer a passive zombie.
Therefore, if you are going to fix your life,
there is a need for balance. It is essential
for you not to carry over or transfer into
your new life
the former
anger and
resentment you may have experienced
from those who abused their spiritual
authority over you within a particular
local church. The way to fix your life on
this matter is to understand that the
people who hurt you are themselves
You are the blessed one
because God reached out and opened your
blind eyes, while they remain the blind
leading the blind.
Then there are those who become angry at
God. I could write another book on this
subject alone. Suffice it to say for now
that the enemy really sets this one up.
Remember Luke of a previous chapter?
He was the one who studied and practiced
the occult,
eastern religions and was
pursuing ministry in a charismatic,
emergent church. Here is one of Lukes
rather scary comments about God:


Today I felt something come over me and

I went into a rage. I am so pissed at God
because it seems He hates my guts. Why
is it that very few people get born again
and He has to be the one to choose? Why
is He sending people to hell? Why does He
have vessels of honor and vessels for
dishonor? This is making me angry. I am
sick of having these false conversion
experiences. I dont even know what God
is like. I dont get how someone would
want to be saved, yet He denies. Why did
He allow mankind to fall into sin in the
first place?
The demons have Been
making me offers for fame and fortune
again. I dont want to take them but what
else do I have? This is just how I feel. It is
what it is.
Consider this. These remarks were spoken
AFTER God used me to cast hundreds of
demons from him. The demons came back
because Luke decided to test them with
sin, to see if they would return. If I was
God, I would zap Luke with lightning for
this kind of lack of appreciation and utter
disrespect. So I am amazed at the Lords
mercy and grace toward Luke.
I will
simply warn you that questioning God in
this manner is a very dangerous place to
be in. What Luke has not considered is
that it was not God who caused him to act
out on all of those occult and religious

teachings that he ingested into his soul,

attracting and inviting hundreds of
demons to himself.
Where anger at either God, the IC or
others is concerned, the first place to
obtain relief and closure is to accept full
responsibility for your own circumstances.
So as you move forward, recoup your free
will and be sure to
take personal
responsibility for allowing IC ministers
and leaders to establish themselves as
your spiritual covering. Change your
thinking patterns. It is not what they did
to you but what YOU, zombie, allowed
them to do. You did not exercise your God
given commonsense or the full capacity of
your God given free will.
If you have
anyone to blame, as you move on, blame
yourself and no one else.
God will
vindicate you.
Most assuredly, there is no doubt in my
mind that the spiritual covering teaching
is abominable. If you personally submitted
to it, you
DO have a right to be angry.
Pastors and bishops used doctrine from
scriptures twisted and taken out of
context to justify their abuse. Since the
pastor was the one whom God had
supposedly called to be in spiritual

authority over the flock, it was assumed

that God would always speak through the
one in spiritual authority. You assumption
was your own mistake.
Most assuredly, leadership taught you
that to disobey the man of God was to
disobey God. Pastors and leaders used
Romans 13:2, Therefore whoever resists
the authorities resists what God has
appointed, and those who resist will incur
judgment. The
argument is that it assumes that the
pastor is, in fact, appointed by God and
that pastors are actually an authority.
With the contents of this book, I propose
that I have set forth a believable
contention that if God has ever Been in
the IC, He is not there now. In fact, the
Lord told me that when I joined the IC in
1979 that He had not Been not there
So logical reasoning ought to suggest to
you that when you were submitting to and
obeying IC leadership, God had nothing to
do with any of it. Your submission to IC
leadership was no different from my
OConnor. The main difference between
us is that I got paid an excellent salary,

while most of you gave away your money

to the IC and the man of God, perhaps
ending up with holes in your pockets.
No doubt, when you realize that the IC
ripped you off in a grand scam, holding
back anger, even rage, is a formidable
task. Seems impossible. Besides being
run a muck and ripped off, even when you
have already come out of Her,
spiritual abuse can become a burden in
your soul. You may suffer as Ethel does,
just remembering what happened in
I woke up last night at 3 in the morning
with this burden I couldnt shake. I sat
down and wrote these traits of spiritually
abusive ministries and churches. This is
not an exhaustive list, but it typifies what
happens. Often, you dont realize youre in
a situation until your health is damaged,
your soul is torn, or your outside
relationships suffer. My reason for
sharing this is to simply shed light on
Some of my spiritual abuse experiences

A church leader telling me that

even though I was burned out and

losing my health, I had to stay in the

ministry because if I didnt I would
lose all my gifting to do future

A church that repeatedly told us they

basically had the corner on the
market of Jesus and that if we had to
go elsewhere, we would miss Gods

A leader who found ministry to be a

vehicle for his great gain, lying and
manipulating donors to earn more
and more money.

A ministry that shamed me into

throwing away all my evil music

threatened me, and yelled because I
brought up a concern that others
saw. This led me to have

A pastor who told me that if I

stopped tithing, I was going to hell.
This too led to panic attacks.

churchgoer should develop mental health
like panic attacks, activated by
church leadership?
Former zombie


Gladyss comment rings true in a plethora

of cases:
How does one go to church and become
crazy? My mind always felt clogged,
almost fogged up and I tried to use
worship songs and sermons to clear my
mind, only to get worse. The OCD became
I used to wake up several
nights to check the door, the stove, the
windows just to make sure they were
locked. The lack of sleep and terror in
the night was a burden.
The torment
reached a point where I felt my mental
health was in danger. As I stopped the
religious practices, the torment stopped
and my mind today is clearer than it has
ever Been before.


Are YOU Born Again?
Examining Your Salvation
I try to keep all things simple. First of all,
you should know that checking out
whether you are born again is biblical.
You may have noticed thus far that I
generally do not gather long lists of
scripture taken out of their natural
context to support or prove my points.
Believe me, whatever I can examine by the
word of God, I readily perform, as long as
I know what I am doing. The simplest
reason I can offer for not putting several
throughout each paragraph is that the
narrative does not read well.
Yet II
Corinthians 13:5,6 is clear and concise:
Examine yourselves to see whether you
are in the faith; Do you not realize that
Christ is in you---unless of course you fail
the test? And I trust you will discover
that we have not failed the test. (NIV)
The King James Version reads unless you
be reprobate. That word is confusing to

most, more understandable in the New

International Version. When the Apostle
Paul wrote this, someone who was
reprobate failed the test because they had
a false conversion. Our understanding of
reprobate really means not chosen by
God for salvation.
The difference
between then and now is that the true
gospel was preached to them, but a mixed
or false gospel is preached today. So Paul
is suggesting here that it is best to know,
than not to know.
Some feel that there is a stigma to a false
conversion. There is no stigma. In these
end-times, the enemy has strategically
recruited Gods elect by causing a
premature false conversion among many.
The words of the Lord are clear.
does not put new wine into old wine skins.
Therefore, the first step to over-turning a
false conversion is to examine it and
admit it was false. Once these steps are
taken and the fake Jesus is renounced and
rejected, all you have to do is continue to
receive truth and at His appointed time,
the Holy Spirit will convict you and you
will be born again.


So be joyful and hopeful for THE LORD

To overcome the stigma, know that in
these times, you are not alone. A false
conversion is not the exception but it is
the rule. I would go so far to say that if
there is one true saved person in a church
of 500,000, I would be surprised.
Nevertheless, it is no surprise to God.
Jesus predicted it. The Lord revealed in
His last days parable, that Satan would
enter into His crop, mingle among the
elect of God, and create a false, damaged
harvestso much so that we cant tell one
a weed or tare from the wheat. In fact, the
saved may even look like the unsaved and
the unsaved like the saved. False
began in church, but the
enemy is also producing counterfeitbirths among non-churchgoers as well.
So do not be upset to consider that you
have had a false conversion. Actually, the
fact that you were undeceived enough to
realize that you have had one could be a
sign that God plans to reverse it and
cause you to be born again.


Here is the reality. Those who are NOT

Gods people but who are extremely
religious were never converted anyway.
They do not have a false conversion. They
are simply sitting in church, among the
damned, seated with others who have not
Been selected for eternal life with God.
They will never examine their salvation
because they were not really converted in
the first place. Like the Lord Jesus boldly
pointed out to the religious hypocrites of
His day, these kinds of zombies are of
their father, the devil.
The religious
hypocrites of today are not that different
from yesterday.

Reasons Why False Conversions

To be born again primarily affects the
spirit. There is a difference between the
soul and the spirit. The spirit is changed
instantly but the soul is changed
progressively. The main difference is that
the soul is not born again as is the spirit.
Even so, the soul knows how to imitate
salvation. Those whose soul can imitate
personalities sway and move the emotions
of others. As it stands today with the

performances that are acted out in the

pulpits, the fruit of a dynamic, soulstirring preacher
is to successfully
move the emotions of the soul. The
problem is that the faith of the hearers
stands in the influence or wisdom of these
preachers and not in the power of God.
Intellectuals use schemes to reach men
and bring them to God, others preach hell
and damnation to frighten people to God,
while others use heaven, prosperity,
fellowship and networking to sway a
The outcome is that people are attracted
to the fake Jesus, and not to the real
Christ. The dangerous aftermath is that
people who have Been
deceived into believing that they got born
again, still have a dead spirit. When dead,
the spirit is susceptible to the evil side of
the spirit world where psychic power is
mistaken for the gifts of the Holy Ghost.
speaking in tongues, laying hands on
others as they ignorantly impart demons
into portals of vulnerable people. Also,
when people with dead spirits attempt to
pray to the Father in the name of His Son,

the one who answers their prayers is the

imposter, the Fake Jesus.
Can a person whose spirit has Been
quickened continue to allow his or her
soul to dominate? Most decidedly---YES.
These are those who have a sensual
relationship with Jesus as explained in the
section called Bridal Paradigm. When
these zombies
speak of being in His
presence, they are not satisfied unless
they can feel the presence of God
continually upon their flesh, and almost
bi-polar in the spirit, they experience
loads of ups and downs akin to spiritual
mood swings.
Those who are babes in Christ need to be
taught how to walk by faith and not by
sight or feeling. Although the Holy Spirit
dwells in their spirits, they often allow the
soul to predominate because they do not
understand the spirit life and the actions
of the human spirit in cooperating with
the Holy Ghost. If you examine your
salvation experience by the following key
variables, you will be able to determine
whether or not you have had a false


Christ Must Be the Center

One of the ways to try the spirits in false
supernatural manifestation or practice is
to simply ask yourself is The Lord at the
center of this? When spiritual gifts,
anointing and miraculous power, or
promises of health and wealth are put
front and center, the focus may brush by
the Lord on occasion but only as an
The truth is, if you want to be Spirit filled,
then you need to be Christ centered and
not Holy Ghost centered. I have worked
with people in torment and when I hear
their testimonies of how they believe that
they were born again, some were either
Holy Ghost centered or the Father
centered. Now granted when we pray, we
go to the Father in the name of Jesus. But
that is only after we are born again. The
Father does not want to hear anything
from you until you have Been centered
and focused in His Son. Yet what I have
heard in plenty testimonies of false
conversions is that the person went to the
Father and said, forgive me, cleanse me
and inevitably evoked a response from

Sananda, the fallen angel who pretends to

be the Lord Jesus.
In essence, the Fathers position is Dont
come seeking Me until you have seen my
Son. In my own words, I imagine the Son
speaking to us in this fashion. It is the
job of the Holy Spirit to reveal ME to you.
If you are chosen from before the
foundation of world, the Holy Ghost will
faithfully do so. Once He shares Me with
you, you will obtain unlimited access to
the Father in MY name.
Jesus must also be center in other ways
namely from the Cross, to the Burial and
to the Rolled Away Stone. Consider Lea.
Lea believed she was saved until God led
her to me. Then, the Holy Spirit caused
her to be born again. Leas testimony
should inspire you to examine your own
salvation, as she leads the way as to share
how its done:
For 16 Years prior to meeting Pam and
joining Rescue, I had considered myself
saved, born again, gone to church my
whole lifethe whole nine yards. But,
throughout those years, I realized that I
had continued to be entangled in my

I began to notice the problems with

organized religion, and how it really got
in the way of me knowing God, and I left
the organized church because I truly
could not hear the Holy Spirits voice
because religion and false doctrine
preached in the churches kept getting in
the way. Sure, I visited churches from
time to time, but was never led by the
Holy Spirit to a particular church.
because the Holy Spirit began to deal with
me mainly about how my life did not
reflect the Fruits of the Spirit. Sure, I
preached about it, but my OWN LIFE
DIDNT REFLECT IT!!! I then sought out
Pam Sheppards help, because I felt like I
really needed help with sorting things out
about my salvation. I met Pam through a
mutual Facebook friend, and I read about
her unique story of how she was born
again. I identified with her story because
the Holy Spirit had already spoken to me
about what she had Been saying in her
videos, blogs, etc., and because she
always preached about the True Gospel of
Jesus Christ.
My spirit always bore witness with what
she was preaching. Contrary to what I had
previously believed, and what MOST
churches taught about salvation, I knew I
could not have Been saved based on even
the fact that no change occurred in me,

and because of the false doctrine that was

preached to me. . I talked with Pam
Sheppard on June 26, 2012. This is what
The way I knew I was saved for sure was
after I heard the TRUE Gospelit hit me
like NEVER before. I talked with Pam by
phone on June 26, 2012, and she asked
me whether or not I believed I was saved.
I replied, Possibly.
Then, Pam preached the Gospel of Jesus
Christ to me, and I knew that there was
no way that I was saved because I realized
I had never heard the Gospel beforeuntil
church,and I didnt understand the depth
of what had happenedI just had
knowledge and works.
Throughout the day, the Holy Spirit began
to convict me about who I was before
him.he began to deal with meI
thought a lot about my conversation with
Pambut it didnt stop therewhen I got
on the computer that night, well early
that morningI pretty much stayed up all
Conversions video series on youtubeall
of em! I began to truly understand what
had happened with Jesusand the DEPTH
of what had happened. I realized that I
had some knowledge, but dont think I
truly BELIEVED the Gospel! Right then, it

was like faith just entered in me, and I

believed the depth of it all. Details of the
gospel resonated with me. He then led me
to Galatians 5:19-23.and I saw my sin
before meI didnt really see my sinful
nature up until that point.
But the video, False Conversion Part
2_the Resurrection, thats the one that
hit home with me.namely, during the
end where Pam describes The Lords
resurrection, using an example of a dead
person coming back alive at their own
funeral; becoming alive again in their
same body, but then she goes on to say,
powerfully says, I believe a DEAD man
lives, his name is Jesus Christ of
Nazareth, and he is GOD!!!!! that, right
IN THE FLESH..resonated with me
I kept listening to that over and over
again a few timesand I sat up and said,
Oh my goodness! It never even occurred
to me that I dont think I really believed
FLESH.just that part really helped me.
Also the fact that he CAME BACK TO LIFE
IN HIS VERY SAME BODY, and got up, in
the FLESH!!!
I kind of knew that, but not to the depth I
that come to know it this time, and Im

not sure if I really truly believed that

either, before. And, every time I heard
Pam say that one sentence, my entire
body would get a big huge chillNot long
after that, I was led to a song that
represented the Resurrection.
That song really spoke to me. Right then
and there I cried a lot, just blown away by
the fact that Jesus pay the debt I owed
for my sins, make such a sacrifice for
ME, and for that reason alone
I was
compelled to want to live for him.
I watched the video yet again, and then I
said to myself , Well I just heard the
Gospel of Jesus Christ and I smiled. I sat
there for a minute. Then, on the computer
screen (on the you tube screen where I
watched the music video) there were
suggested videos of the cross on the
rightso I clicked one of the videos, and
just watched the crucifixion and cross.
The day before, Pam had preached the
Gospel of Jesus Christ to melike Ive
never heard it beforeand that changed
me. I now know that I am a new creation
its a big difference. The Holy Spirit power
within me keeps me from indulging in
sinand it convicts me at all times to
keep me from sinning. Its hard to
explainbut the power of the Gospel does
something to youonce you really hear it
and come to believe and have faith in

what happened. My eyes have Been

opened to the truth. I will never forget
the power of God I experienced right in
that moment on June 27, 2012 @ 4:42
a.m. I was joyful after sobbing over the
fact that God did all of that just for MEI
just cant live a life of sin anymore. I
KNOW the Gospel of Jesus Christ now!
Nobody can take that away from me!
In examining Leas testimony, I make the
following observations:

Leas testimony has Jesus at the

center--- His sacrifice at the cross,
His death, and His coming back to
life in the same body He died in.
2. Leas testimony has a conviction of
personal sin by the Holy Spirit,
repentance and a turning toward the
cross in godly sorrow, none of it
contrived by her flesh but led by the
Holy Spirit.
3. What I am discovering is that there
is a bottom, a ground zero so to
speak. I have never Been religious
myself, but I am learning a lot about
the journey through counseling and
from hearing from people who have
had false conversions.
4. Lea was close to her bottom. It
seems a person is close to that

bottom when he comes to realize the

truth-that deep down, he or she
never really wanted God Himself.
When a person sees the scripture
that says the carnal mind is at
enmity with God and then accepts
the fact that all he ever did was to
attempt to become motivated toward
God with a carnal mind, I perceive
that only then is a religious person
getting close to the bottom, almost
fully broken.
5. When all religious motives and
efforts, including the pretenses
carefully enacted become as filthy
rags, then salvation is close at hand.
6. Lea heard the true and complete
gospel of Jesus Christ and got
immediate understanding. The Lord
pointed out in the parable of the
sower that only those who are good
ground are those who hear and
She became good
ground and thereby became born
again. (Matthew 13)
7. Most important, after 16 years, she
finally understood the resurrection
and received faith to believe in it.
Anyone who thinks they are born
again yet they did not understand


the resurrection at the time, are not

(1 Corinthians 15:17)
8. Lea has assurance of her salvation as
evidenced by her final statement
where she affirms that no one can
take her experience from her.
there is no assurance, then you did
not get born again.
9. Lea has an exact moment in time
when she got born again. Just as
there is a specific date and time on
your birth certificate, the same is
true with the birth of your spirit. If
you have no exact day or time, it did
not happen.
Lea will take her
rebirth date with her to the grave.
June 2th, 2012, at 4: 42 am. Mine is
March 29, 1977 at 4 pm on a
If you have no exact
moment in time when the Holy Spirit
raised your spirit from the dead,
then you are not born again. I should
also warn you that you may have a
experienced a false conversion.

Torment As A Sign


The beauty of salvation is that the

scriptures tell us that God did not give us
a spirit of torment, condemnation or fear
but that the born again should have a
sound mind. Granted, there are natural
causes to some mental illness. However,
if the rule is to have a sound mind, then
anyone who remains confused, depressed
and disoriented, I would question if they
are born again.
Why do demons torment? It would make
better sense to prefer to be quiet so that
they can remain inside their host
unnoticed. Yet all of a sudden they break
loose in a wild tirade, letting everyone
know their location. Certainly demons like
to mock their prey but most of them are
quite wise. So I believe there are other
I suggest that torment is a sign or a clue
to the tormented zombie that something
is wrong and God wants them to come to
terms with being spiritually out of order!!!
Yet some zombies miss the sign by
accepting torment as suffering for the
Lord, yet they are not even born again.
The truth is that I would know nothing of
demonic torment if it were not for

conversions who have sought me to cast

out tormenting demons.
From the positive side, torment has a
meaning. Torment is a sign to the victim
that he or she is not born again. I repeat:
Those whom God has saved have been
given peace, and not a spirit of fear or
torment. Nevertheless, torment also is
allowed by God because He wants the
tormented one to wake up!. And since
He allows the enemy to do this to a person
who has had a false conversion, it is all a
sign that God truly intends to save him or
Sometimes a victim is tormented because
the gods of their non-Christian religion
are outraged that their victim decided to
go to church and accept Jesus. Some
zombies have been offered to the gods
by their parents. Consequently, the
occult/witchcraft demons stand on their
covenant rights, defending themselves
before God with an outcry of His parents
gave him to US! On the other hand, The
religious demon stands on well, I was
asked to come into his heart, so I have a
contract as well. He gave himself to us
and invited us in, by his own free will.

The victim in such cases is viewed by

occult demons as a traitor for joining up
with a religious demon and the IC. The
fight over the victim between the
occult/witchcraft spirit and the religious
demon has its battleground in the soul
and body of the victim, experienced as
torment. Africans, Asians and Indians who
convert to Christianity but they also had a
tormented. This also happens in the cases
of those sects that call themselves
Christian like the Jehovah Witnesses,
the Adventists and Unitarians who teach
that Jesus Of Nazareth is not God. Such
was the case of Roma.
Roma, a former Jehovahs Witness began
attending the traditional IC. As a result,
was tormented her with
spontaneous visions, almost 24/7. To fully
appreciate the
devastating impact of
these horrendous visions upon Romas
mental, emotional and spiritual state as
well as the joy of being set free from them
is best expressed in her own words:
Six years ago is when I first started
having horrendeous mental visions. Those
visions had a component of murderous
compulsion behind them and the intent

was to get me to destroy my children and

myself. For example, I used to see myself
in a pop-up type vision throwing my
children down the stairs or throwing my
baby into a wall. Actually, I had constant
visions like these, one every day for a
little over 3 years. I remember crying
inside and praying everyday for relief and
understanding. I felt like I was dying
inside but I suffered in silence. After 3
years my prayers were answered when
God sent me to Pam.
At the time I did not have a church home
so I was surfing for an online church or
SHEPPARD Ministries. I started watching
her videos and I called her about week
after watching her videos. I believed that
Pam sounded like the very person that
could help me with my demonic torment.
I was pregnant at the time when I met
Pam and she held off doing a deliverance.
Instead she explained to me that it was
my religiosity that had me in the hot seat.
It did not take me long at all to realize
that my praying and my idolatrous
religious views as a studying Jehovahs
Witness was the source of my torment. As
I began to receive truth, my visions
started to lessen.
Not long after I had given birth, Pam
conducted a telephone deliverance. Even
though I did not manifest, the visions

stopped coming on a daily basis. Later on

Pam helped me by phone to denounce my
ties to martial arts. I was a first degree
black belt at that time and I was about to
take a swords class. It was then that Pam
told me that there were occultic and
religious ties to martial arts. So I got rid
of my black belt certification and belt.
On a third occasion, as Pam was
explaining a scripture to me, I felt self
righteousness leave like it had never
there. There was a fourth time, when
RESCUE operated in a private Facebook
group. I explained to Pam then that I felt
shame and condemnation towards my
sexual abuse and my deceased abuser as
well as having a demonic soul tie with my
mother. Pam came against those demons
through FB and I instantly felt human
condemnation and shame leave. Both soul
ties were broken at the same time. It was
truly amazing to witness those demons
leave. I thank God that he sent me to
A few days ago, Pam asked me to describe
what helped me through my trials and
tribulations . in general, it was TRUTH
aka the Rock, Hosanna the Lord Jesus
Christ. Only TRUTH can set the captive
free. In looking back, it was my
consistency that helped the most. I simply
would not give up, nor was I afraid. For a
year before I became born again, I was in
Rescue everyday and I also received

counseling for an hour a week, and after

about six months, an hour twice a month.
In fact, I still have counseling sessions
twice a month and I am in RESCUE
commenting practically every day. I dont
slack up. I continue to understand myself,
especially my emotions. Whenever I have
an outstanding dream or experience, I
write it down and email it to Pam for her
take on it. Yet besides submitting to truth,
the most crucial action I took was to
stand on my God given will power.
As truth was continually revealed to me,
decrease. By the time I became born
again on June 11, 2013, I had a few more
instances of visions but then one day it
just stopped about 18 months ago and
now they rarely happen. Without the
horrible visions, I have acquired a
normalcy in my thinking and in my ability
to make wiser decisions.
To those who are unsaved and who may be
struggling with demonic torment, not to
worry for no matter how big or small the
issue is, write it down and then send it to
Pam in an email and also ask her
questions. Scripture says to seek and ye
shall find. Just as the enemy relentlessly
accuses , you should also relentlessly help
Pam uncover the demonic ground you
stand on and FIGHT!

I suspect that a major reason for the kind

of torment that Roma endured is because
demons know who God has chosen for
salvation well before the sinner does.
Consequently, the enemy is aware that
even though you are not born again NOW,
you shall be a devout, strong believer once
your spirit has been made new by the Holy
Ghost. Consequently the religious demon
assigned may be targeting you with strong
torment while he still has a chance. This
motive rings true for Roma, because now
that she is born again, she is among the
most faithful, dedicated and committed
supporters that God has blessed me to
Many have been deceived into believing
that they are tormented because they have
a special calling from God and so demons
are trying to destroy them. Such a belief
is something religious demons concocted
to cause their victims to believe that they
are glorifying God in their suffering. They
also do it to lift up their victims in pride
because they know that God resists the
Then again, they often torment simply
because they can. Repenting and crying

out only seems to help on occasion

because they want it to. They will
temporarily turn down the torment when
you do religious acts. Prayers of this
nature only go to the Fake Jesus, and the
demons will keep up the charade so that
you will continue to pray to the Fake
Jesus. Praying to Jesus Sananda Immanuel
will ensure that you will never be
Look at it this way.
If you do religious things like speaking in
tongues, praying or reading, or any other
religious swag you may display, the
torment might stop or ease up a bit. Just
know that it is temporary for the torment
shall return. If you are deceived and you
persevere to know truth, Jesus said that
the truth shall MAKE you free. You may
not need spirits cast from you, for some
will leave on their own accord. However, if
you do require demonic expulsion, the
more truth you have received, the less
spiritual strength the demons will have in

Condemnation As a Sign


Most church zombies know the scripture,

Romans 8:1, where the Apostle Paul boldly
affirms that there is no condemnation to
those who are in Christ Jesus. To be in
Him is to be of the elect. Immediately on
the day of conversion, our slates are wiped
clean, our spirits have become new, and
the sense of cleanliness and forgiveness
has no room to be bound by guilt and
condemnation. For as the Apostle also
wrote, a born again person is immediately
sanctified and made righteous in the Lord.
Therefore if you believe you had a bonafide born again experience, then ask
yourself why am I still guilty and
condemned? My response would be,
Perhaps you are not born again and
perhaps you have had a false conversion.
What I see happening among zombies who
were tricked into thinking that they were
born again but they had a false conversion
is that demons are constantly accusing
and then condemning them.
Their trick
is to tempt you to sin and if the
temptation succeeds, the next step is to
accuse and condemn you over what THEY
set you up to do. In other words, demons
dont play fair. In their hatred toward us,
evil spirits
remain confident that they
have covered all bases. Once they have

you under condemnation, then they bring

on fear that you are going to lose a
salvation that you never really had in the
first place.
Then they proceed to
bombard you with you are going to hell,
a place that God originally created to
house THEM.
This accusation is also
accompanied by you have committed the
unpardonable sin.
With 38 years in Christ, I cannot recall
even one day of condemnation. Certainly
the enemy has accused me from time to
time, and he usually finds a human vessel
to verbalize his complaints. Lets face it.
The enemy is the accuser of the brethren
and the brethren are all those who have
been born again. Consequently, we who
are of the elect of God shall be accused.
But condemned? No!
Although I was an open person who did
not hide my sins in a closet, I certainly
owned and carried a full bag of sins from
the past that somehow, the enemy could
have tried to use against me, but He
didnt. I suspect He didnt because He
couldnt. I had no religious experience of
guilt and shame for him to work with.
Yet what stands out in my memory on the
day that I was born again is an uncanny

sense of being made new. I experienced

in spirit, soul and body a liberating,
difficult to describe feeling that at 33
years of age, I had just Been born.
Without a doubt, II Corinthians 5:17 rang
true in a rather literal way. Old things
actually felt like they were passed away
and all things were made new as I
experienced a sense that I literally had
just been born, and therefore, I was
sinless. On March 29, 1977 at 4 pm that
Monday, I felt so fresh and so new, that
the sins of my past lost their stink and
their stain. I knew Jesus was the reason
but beyond that, I had no knowledge or
understanding as to why His blood was so
I had no knowledge or
justification and sanctification.
As an aside, a simple definition of these
three are as follows. At rebirth, we are
made righteous by the cross.
To be
righteous is to be without sin. We are
without sin because in a spiritual sense,
we wear the Lords righteousness like a
robe that covers our sins.
To be
justified is to be treated as if we NEVER
sin, and to be sanctified is to be set apart,
separated from the world, considered holy.

By the power of the Lords shed blood on

the cross, one who is born again is like a
pauper rescued from the gutter, with all
his filthy garments removed.
He is
bathed, then dressed in a robe of
righteousness and allowed to become a
part of the Kings court.
So how can
someone who claims to be born again still
not set free from past sins?
The hidden truth is that religion itself
actually provides the foundation for
assisting evil spirits to both condemn and
accuse such a person. Personally, I dont
make it a habit of publicly discussing my
sins of the past unless I am trying to help
another zombie get delivered from a
situation I have a victorious track record.
My reasoning is if God does not
remember my sins, why should I?.
conclude that since I knew nothing at all
about hell, blaspheming the Holy Ghost,
or the sin that God would not pardon, the
enemy was without means to accuse and
condemn me.
As an example, I had never read the
Commandments. Therefore, I had not
my occult practices of
astrology and necromancy to the sin of

idolatry, nor did I realize

that as an
astrologer, I had broken more than one
commandment. Remaining unaware of
these matters for about two years after I
was converted, the Lord gently led me to
pull back from the occult, without my
even noticing what He was accomplishing
in me. One day I simply discovered that
all former
temptations to practice the
occult were simply gone with the wind
of the Holy Ghost.
So the objective of evil spirits is to take
advantage of and condemn you for what
you have been
religiously trained to
perceive as
past sins and failures,
coupled with worry and fear over the
consequences you expect to be required to
face for your actions. In all cases and
situations, the enemy uses what we think
we know. Since I knew next to nothing,
the religious demons had no foundation to
work from to accuse and condemn me.
faintly remember one time when I first
met churchgoing Christians. A lady from
Women Aglow told me that she could
not fellowship with me because of my
occult background. I was saddened by
that but I in no way allowed her words to
condemn me or cause me to have doubts
about my salvation. So think of that for a

minute. The enemy has never Been able

to condemn me by accusing me of my
former sins.
In any case, a zombie may neatly meet
all the signs and even display attributes of
a child of God according to the
scriptures , but I raise my eyebrow at
anyone who claims to be in Christ , yet
they still cant overcome the sins and
failures of the past, nor are they able to
move forward joyously as they
stand in one of the most important
advantages of being born again. What an
awesome blessing for our sins of the past
to be hidden under the Lords blood, sins
that are as far away from the Father as
east is from west. In the spirit, we are
empowered as born again believers not to
However, if we do,
we have an
Advocate with the Father, the Lord Jesus
All we have to do is repent,
confess, and be washed and cleansed
The revealed truth of Gods word is that
the blood of Jesus cleanses our conscience
from the dead works of the past. This
truth is not for the mind to understand. It
is for the spirit to receive the Lords grace
and for the soul to believe His word. We

shall overcome by the blood of the Lamb

and the word of our testimony. (Revelation
12:11) The testimony is that it is
impossible to make amends for even a
tenth of our wrongdoing, for even a tenth
would be insurmountable. Anyone who
claims to have a bona-fide conversion
should be able to freely testify that on
their very special day when they received
the shed blood of Jesus at the cross for
the atonement of their own souls, their
conscience was cleansed from the dead
works of their past wrongdoing. (Hebrews
9:14) If their conscience is still not
cleansed, then THAT conversion is a

The Carnal Christian

Charismatics, Baptists, and those leaders
denominations where sin is quite
prevalent among the membership, a
convenient doctrine has provided a nonbiblical explanation
called the carnal
Christian. Built into the explanation is
that carnal Christians are born again. It
is suggested that these kinds of carnal
zombies really love the Lord but since
they are carnal, or worldly, they are
justified but not sanctified. Another way

this teaching is expressed is that carnal

Christians have accepted Jesus as Savior
but have not submitted themselves to Him
as Lord. This perspective also contends
that carnal Christians can remain so for
the rest of their lives. Even though
throughout a lifetime of faithful church
attendance and service, it is believed that
carnal Christians will certainly get into
heaven but so as by fire, or by the skin of
their teeth.
For example, I have excellent recall of
the choir in the church where I began as a
member in 1979. These folk were faithful,
always in church. Some of them were
generous tithers. I recall that they were
also the most demonstrative worshipers,
shouting, crying, falling slain, testifying
of the Lords goodness, leaping up in the
Holy Dance. Yet, the elders habitually
fornication. Their unmarried daughters
were constantly getting pregnant, proudly
wearing their choir robes with their
bellies sticking out for all to see. The
choir pianist was a gay drug user, beloved
of the entire church. He died in his 40s,
never having changed his lifestyle.


Regularly, unwed mothers held baby

showers in the church, like there was
nothing wrong with this sort of life style.
I understand that nothing has changed
among them.in fact a tolerance of sin
has so increased, that it goes more
unnoticed today than it did 40 years ago.
Simply put, no change in character or in
their values has occurred. The explanation
is that they love The Lord but that they
are simply carnal Christians.
In our private blog, RESCUE members had
some interesting things to say about this
Member #1:
I have Been around these type of people
the majority of my life. Growing up, I was
raised in a Baptist church, where basically
people just do certain things to claim they
are sorry for their sin and want to be
saved. Then, after they are so called,
saved, they try to justify their sin by
using works of the flesh to try to keep
from sinning. But they cant do it, so they
make excuses for their sin, and say, Well,
since I am saved, I am under grace, so
God will forgive me as a Christian, for
doing this sinful thing. Then, they live

their lives as if they are in so many trials

and tribulations, and God is supposed to
do everything for them.
Not once do they even consider that God
is not sitting at the throne waiting to give
them their every need and desire because
their motivation for trying to change is
getting into heaven. These people live
their lives one way in front of certain
people, and behind closed doors live
another way. They are the worst sinners I
I used to always wonder why
people were saying they were christians,
but their lives did not reflect a love for
living a holy life. Honestly, I used to laugh
at them, because I knew it was fake. How
can you claim to love God in one breath,
and act like the devil in another?
Yet, the minute somebody calls you on it,
PULEEEZZE!!! Yeah, he knows your heart
alright! He knows that it is wicked! They
came up for every excuse in the book.
These type of people would always focus
everything on the Prodigal Son parable,
implying that you can leave God and then
come back to him and still be saved.
Member #2

Yes, I was one of those carnal Christians,

but realized that this is wrong. Almost
everyone I know is either a carnal
Christian or they claim that their sins are
not serious ones. So, Ive seen either total
acceptance of sin, or the condemnation
and hyper critical judging of it. The greed,
the politics, the discrimination, and the
exclusion of others due to the fact that
these others sin differently, is hypocrisy.
I knew I wasnt right, and found out why,
but who knows how many are out there
that do not know, and will never know the
Truth. I am just glad that God has Been
showing me the Truth, and pulled me out
of that nonsense. Now, I know I am not
born again. With that knowledge it
explains why Ive not Been able to
overcome the flesh or sin on my own. It is
impossible to do. When I am born again, I
know the slate will be wiped clean and I
will have the Holy Spirit to help me
overcome the flesh and sin.
Member #3
I was carnal and did my best to hide it
behind a religious mask in fear of
judgment. I always felt very guilty inside

and wondered why I could never break

free. I would see others who didnt exactly
drink or smoke or engage in sexual sin
but they instead were controlling and
abusive to a very sinful degree which was
quite acceptable. It was my constant
carnality that finally helped me realize I
wasnt saved.
My carnality was drinking, smoking and
depression. Had my carnality been
religiosity or a Jezebel, I would still be in
her! No matter how hard I tried I just
couldnt keep up with them. I relapsed
into drinking after close to 4 years again
to ease the pressure of a very controlling
Holiness churchI can trace a lot of
problems occurring after going to that
church including a botched suicide
This is where I saw the image of Sananda
etched on a pew. I had seen an image of
him before even reading Pams book, The
Fake Jesus. Thats why immediately I
knew Pam was speaking the truth and it
was like this huge revelation. I didnt want
to accept that I was not born again, but
the truth and proof was there,,,,,,there are
no carnal Christians among those who are
truly born again. I am sure sin will come

to tempt but to be in that same sin for 6

years straight without any conviction or
ability to change is a strong clue of a
false conversion.

Know Them By Their Fruit

A primary way of recognizing spiritual
fruit among the people in your Christian
world is to get to know them by how they
handle offenses and confrontation. The
easiest way to make an assessment is by
the first fruit named among nine---love.
We know we are saved when we love the
brethren! The Apostle Paul wrote that we
know each other in the Lord by how much
a professing believer loves the brethren.
Love is most demonstrated by truth and
not by meaningless platitudes or words of
comfort routinely offered by people
pleasing people. Jesus defined love as our
faithfulness to keep His commandments.
When we do, then we abide in His love.
And His first commandment is to love the
In order to love the brethren, trying the
spirits is a means of discerning or
recognizing a child of God when you see
one. This is a particularly challenging
command in our end-time

dispensation an age of rampant spiritual

deception where the wheat and the tares
are not only growing together in the world
but also in the IC and Her various
ministries. Counterfeit spiritual births
have really muddied the waters where
spiritual discernment of the truly saved is
Nevertheless, there is an effective way to
try the spirits to determine if a person is
NOT saved. Simply ask them in casual
conversation to share with you how they
became born again. If there is no
emphasis or even mention of sin, godly
sorrow, repentance, the cleansing power
of the cross, forgiveness, then the person
experience that did not emanate from the
Holy Ghosts ministry of conviction of sin.
Therefore, do not be fooled if you are told
about a miracle that took place if the
evidence of repentance is not in the
testimony of conversion. Recently I heard
the testimony of someone who was
instantly healed of a substance abuse
addiction, with not even a desire for drugs
in years, yet addiction is manifested in
other areas of her life,--- to food,
gambling, and other obsessive/compulsive

behaviors. In a few days, the lack of love

for the brethren was clearly apparent.
Besides a Spirit-led repentance, there are
other obvious ones who when you ask
them to define what they mean when they
say Jesus was raised from the dead, you
will discover that they do not really
understand the Lords bodily resurrection.
Simply put, you can be assured that
salvation did not occur for them. As Paul
warned the Corinthians, anyone who does
Christian truth, their faith is vain and
they are STILL in their sins. (I Cor 15:17)
What I have discovered lately is that there
are those among the zombies
testimony seems to be completely in line
with the scriptures concerning repentance
and resurrection, yet they too are not
born again. These imposters are extremely
dangerous because like Judas Iscariot,
discerned, they should be treated kindly
yet held at a spiritual distance as with a
long-handled spoon and of course, prayed
for if you are so led. Those experienced at
trying the spirits can discern them
because the Lord will open your eyes to
really SEE them for what they are. In

such instances, you must be as wise as a

serpent and as harmless as a dove. And
like my Grammie used to say, When your
hand is in the lions mouth, EASE IT
The fruit most obvious as it relates to
discerning the saved is that born again
people will always have a special love for
other Christians, even when we may
disagree on spiritual subjects that do not
hinder anyones salvation. .So if you really
want to try the spirits, get brave enough
to go to those who claim to be in Christ
and tell them of your offense. If their
reaction is belligerent, argumentative,
with no care or concern that they have
hurt your feelings, and you are assured
that YOU are one of the elect of God, then
there is your answer. That person is not
born again regardless of how many bible
scriptures they can quote. They are in
disobedience to the word of God where
loving the brethren is concerned.
I see this kind of thing operative on
Facebook on a regular basis among people
who claim to be among the brethren.
Each so-called Christian puts out a post,
in competition to others. If you are not a
part of their clique, then they will not

comment on anything that you post,

unless they can criticize. For example, I
posted an article on Eddie Longs sexual
abuse scandal and I got a bunch of thats
in poor taste, Pamela. Then everybody
got quiet when one of their own posted
the same article. They read everything I
post, yet they refuse to comment or even
press the like button. These are people
who really have no love for ALL the
brethren. They are respectors of persons.
Rejection of the brethren is a major
strategy of the devil, particularly when
another alleged child of God is the
messenger. I spent decades of my spiritual
life around counterfeit believers who had
no love in them. Yet, because they were so
religious, it never really crossed my mind
that they were not saved. Remember that
we wrestle not against flesh and blood but
against devils and demons. Therefore,
devils and demons are forced to use
people as their messengers. Consequently,
emissaries are usually false brethren.
I have found that once my spiritual
sufficiently to recognize good from evil, a

around me for very long. There are times

when I am contacted by email by people
who have either visited my website or read
one of my books or articles who sense that
we are on the same spiritual track. Yet as
soon as a difference comes to the surface,
they behave in unfriendly, unseemly and
even disturbing ways. No one should have
to agree with you on EVERYTHING for
them to continue loving you. Christian
love is manifested as tolerance and
acceptance. Whether you left their home
church or not, if they are true Christians,
they ought to accept the fact that you love
Christ and you are in obedience to Him,
even though your path may be different
from theirs.
So a lack of tolerance, flexibility and
acceptance is a sign of a religious demon
and or a counterfeit birth. True brethren
may not approve of your doctrine or even
your lifestyle but to them, acceptance and
understanding is essential to Christian
love. Rejection based upon doctrinal
differences is of the devil. So keep this in
mind. Since the religious demon assigned
to you has an agenda centered on causing
YOU to lose your salvation, he will use
human vessels to bring you to a point of
discouragement by any means necessary.

Whatever situations provoke you to feel

hopeless and without God in the world
may not be the same factors that can be
effective against someone else. So this
demon will use different strategies but the
goal is the same. He will do whatever he is
permitted to do by God in an effort to
seduce you to hate God. Like Jobs wife,
the enemy will find someone in your life to
say by their actions and their message,
Curse God and DIE! The enemy knows
that if you curse God, demons have you in
their pockets.


RESCUE: A Religious Detox

Between 2003 to 2008, Satans end-time

agenda progressively unfolded but I did
not have a clue as to what to do about it.
It is one thing to warn people to come out
of the IC and yet another to find a viable,
safe alternative to assembling in a church
building. The dilemma was that most of
the people I needed to reach are
attending church. As a former IC pastor, I
knew just how impossible it would be to
reach them on church grounds. Over time,
I began to notice that there was one
common place where I could have contact
with churchgoing zombies: On Facebook.
So for two years, I took on that challenge
and got worn out. I was online 8-10 hours
a day, 7 days a week, with very little to

show for it for about two years. Then in a

dream, I heard about RESCUE on April 14,
2012. We began in a private Facebook
group and then
moved to a private
WordPress blog on August 1, 2013.
The dream provided me with a plan of a
community Christian fellowship approach
to implement online, including: email
counseling, and an online private group of
fellowship of religious detox which was
originally called the Remnant Exodus
Society, now called RESCUE. Our mission
is to not only to rescue or deliver the
elect from the IC and from religious and
other demons and fallen angels, but to
equip and empower them to stand and
remained free. We also prepare former
zombies to rescue others.
The group RESCUE is similar to Facebook
and other social media sites because it
centers in conversation. However, no one
is pressed to comment so often that they
sacrifice their
everyday living chores,
responsibilities and social life. In fact, all
any member needs to do is set aside 15-30
minutes a day
to comment. Even five
minutes a day would suffice. Also,
commenting is not just personal but it is

also about interacting with

Sometimes, one person may need all of
our attention and support on a particular
day when he or she is in crisis. Other
times, there is something important we all
need to study and learn about relative to
end-time deceptions.
My point is that in RESCUE, making a
comment is not about impressing other
counterproductive. Then when a member
finds him
or herself in
trouble, what he will do is back off when
he should actually move forward to seek
the groups
help. As the scripture
teaches, confess your faults one to the
other, that you might be healed. Healing
benefits manifest in diversified ways.
Yet RESCUE has to be a priority. If
afterthought to a member, then it is clear
that that person is lukewarm about us.
There is nothing intrinsically wrong with
their stand or position.
how can relationships of friendship,
commitment and support be established
if one party to the conversation
RESCUE on a back burner? I suggest that
a lukewarm RESCUE member really is not

suitable to the group. Experience proves

that a lukewarm person will move on to
other pursuits.
The team process in deliverance is very
important before, during and after
deliverance. When I moved forward in
faith to set up this online ministry, I had
no idea what it would become. After
assessing three years of experience, I have
discovered that each part of RESCUE is
as important as the other. One-on-one
counseling by phone and the mentors or
coaches work together. I functioned
without them for ten years online. Back
then, it took a much longer time to
undeceive church zombies with truth and
to gather the information that is crucial
to understanding each case. I could not
handle more than ten people at one time.
with mentors and coaches
helping me, I
can handle at least 50
people a month in telephone counseling.
The more mentors who are good at what
they do, the more deliverances will occur.
As a viable Christian fellowship group,
RESCUE has developed into as an
essential component to my deliverance
team. The fellowship group has become a
learning, a sharing and a healing

community whose value in deliverance

may be as helpful, or even more valuable
and important than an actual telephone
deliverance session.
So as of April 14, 2015, RESCUE will have
celebrated her 3rd birthday. The best way
to get a sense of what we are about is to
comment by comment.
Each comment
was rendered by a different RESCUE
What To Expect
1. Expect to have EVERYTHING that
you thought was correct, true, holy,
Expect to feel as if the rug was
pulled out from your feet and the
crutches removed. Expect to learn
truth and be freed as a result of
absorbing it. Expect to be taught
how to use your will, set boundaries,
be assertive and leave passivity
behind. Expect torment to stop or
lessen because demons will leave
after you acknowledge and accept
the truth. Expect to learn about
yourself and all your weaknesses.
Expect the type of unconditional love

that only true born again people can

show. Above all expect that Pastor
Pam and her trained mentors will
do the work that God has called
them to do without fear or judgment
of you or your sordid, deceived,
messed up past. They proclaim that
you are here for a reason, not by
To be undeceived is a glorious thing, so
very liberating!
2. A divine vomit session awaits you
who remain so untrusting that you
refuse to open up. I have waited for
this day for a LONG TIME. Honestly,
I thought it would never or could
never happen; I thought that I would
have to go through the rest of my
life, holding it all in, wondering if I
could ever gain any true freedom, or
any true soundness of mind if I
couldnt completely come clean to
I remember thinking and saying to
myself, while rationalizing that it would
just be like this: there are not a lot of
people out there that you cannot trust
-so-called Christians are no different.
People stereotype, apply stigmas to you,
and are not wise in their understanding
although they claim to be. I thought to
myself, If I dont understand me and

havent Been able to process it all, how

the heck would I process it all with
another. It takes too much time, care and
concern, love and demand. And who has
time for thatwho has time for all that
emotional and demonic gunk??
Who has time for me?RESCUE!
3. Rescue is the very thing I was
looking for when I was being led out
of the IC. I just didnt know during
that time that anything like this
would exist.
All along, God was
forming it. I had an idea in my mind
of some type of fellowship and
support group for those who no
longer care to be a part of the IC. I
just kept seeing the problems within
the IC, but did not know what to do,
or where to begin with spiritual
guidance and direction. Rescue truly
was a Godsend for me.
4. Rescue provided not only a place for
safety but for healing and a place to
start from ground zero. I could have
just left the IC but what good would
that have done without being
undeceived from all the lies and the
passivity I had picked up. I just ran
into Rescue. I wasnt exactly looking
for a new fellowship. Nevertheless, I
thought to look for another church
would be to ride another dead horse.
5. When I ran into Rescue I found my
exodus! Rescue means to me the

opportunity to be undeceived first,

then truly saved. True conversion. I
had Been to deliverance ministries
before, and left there worse than
when I came in. After a lot of bad
experiences with the IC (No longer
bashing them) I ran wild like an
So it was good that Pastor Pam did
Changed By Love. I relate to feral
cats. (Pardon the analogy.) When a
domesticated animal who is taught
to trust humans is abandoned, it
turns feral. It loses its capacity to
trust to some degree. Its trust has to
be regained. And it has to re- learn
what it means to trust, if it is to be
reached and rescued, so to speak.
I use cats as an example. Being on & off
homeless for 14 years will test a persons
capacity to trust. Im willing to keep
trusting. Its not easy, but Im willing to
keep at it. I do have trust issues and
sometimes Im afraid to let people get too
close. Im trusting that if I hang in there,
keep suiting up. & showing up, in Gods
time Im believing for a breakthrough.
6. Before, I came to RESCUE, I thought
I was saved but struggling in my
faith. Until, one day I thought to
research on religious demons. The
reason being that I felt that

something just wasnt right with my

walk with God. I felt as though, Im
under some sort of curse, so to
speak. While searching the net. I
came across a link called RESCUE
MINISTIRES concerning religious
demons. There, I read one post to
the next. I found myself reading for
approximately an hour or two. I just
couldnt stop reading. That is when I
decided to call the number provided
in the website. I was nervous and
didnt know what to expect. Though,
I made that call that evening to Pam.
At that time, when speaking with
Pam. I felt different, not bad
different (It was hope). In a sense
things in my life were about to
7. When learning of the truth that
speaking in tongues is not of the
Holy Spirit, the false conversion, and
learning that the whole IC is a
system that the enemy uses to lead
souls straight to hell, I now
understand why Ive Been out of
church systems since last year. I had
so many questions in my mind that
it took for me to come to RESCUE
MINISTRIES to gain the answers
Ive Been seeking for a while now.
That is why I am happy that I came
to RESCUE because the real God
wants me saved. After, my continue
deliverance. I say continued because

deliverance for me started the day of

my first interactive relationship with
Pam and my assigned mentor. I now
do not feel the same way as I did
when I first came to RESCUE.
Actually, I know Im in a good place
8. RESCUE is a clear,
swimming pool where I can immerse
myself in the truth and be truthful
too! I can open up and clean up, get
advice and pull myself up again.
The transparency of other RESCUE
members provides me with the nonjudgmental support that I need.
so appreciate not feeling alone.
Actually, the care the members have
for each other strengthens me to
move ahead! Many times, simply
writing down my deepest pain has
enabled me to get de-entangle of the
same emotion this side.
9. Well for me, Rescue saved my life,
changed my life & I hardly recognize
myself anymore. Even through trial
& error, I respond differently and
even through my bad decisions or
bad behaviors I respond differently. I
look at life & people different.
THANKFUL.. I am going no where.
I would only say those who come
through RESCUE and decide to leave
after a period of time really dont
understand what Rescue is about.

Its like being saved from a nuclear

war, breathing some pure oxygen for
a few months and then deciding one
day to go out into the Radiation &
Well Pam, you know I aint goin
nowhere! In fact, as I shared with
you before, I get upset when a few
folk prove to be ALL TALK, act like
they are truly among us, want our
help and support, but are not really
committed or appreciative of how we
have Been there for them, worked
with them or even made special
accommodations for them. Its like a
slap in the face, mainly to you,
Pastor Pam. I have the utmost
respect for all the research and leg
work you have done, all the time and
energy you pour into providing all of
us with wisdom, truth, a safe, solid
counseling, and whatever else we
need to stay vigilant against the
wiles of the enemy. We are provided
with so many tools to help prepare
us for the end-times and to fight
against the enemy. This truly is like
NO OTHER ministry I have EVER
come across! TRUTH IS HERE. AND
About Torment


1. I was hearing voices because I

opened my chakras with binaural
There is one of PASTOR
Mental Health Disorders and the
Christian Hearing Voices.
word, right during the last few
seconds where she states that it is
very important to name it and
KNOW that the voices are coming
from evil spirits and they were not
coming from me. I believed what
she said
on that video and the
voices immediately stopped.
After watching
about having the
stopped. I just had one thought but
I ignored it. A lot of confusion and
out of order thoughts and my mind
racing has stopped since I watched
Pams videos.
3. How does one go to church and
become crazy? That satement is
personal and very real to me. When
I am speaking on the plagues of the
IC, zi will use my personal story. My
mind always felt clogged, almost
fogged up. I tried to use worship
songs and sermons to clear my mind
but it would get worst. OCD became

annoying. As I stopped the religious

practices, the torment stopped and
my mind is clearer than ever before.
4. I completed deliverance mentoring
with Lea and I am now doing phone
counseling with Pastor Pam. I am
still amazed at the relief from
session. I would say that I have 85
demonic torment percent relief at
this point. I am sleeping so much
better and I even thought this
morning, Im going to take a chance
on a cup of real coffee. Since this
began, caffeine has Been intolerable.
Well, I went to the market caf and
got a regular coffee, coconut crme
flavor, and drank it all, with no ill
effects. First time in 4 years. It was a
great cup of coffee.
5. I am one of the first RESCUE
members. Six years ago is when I
first started having horrendous
mental visions. Those visions had a
compulsion behind them and the
intent was to get me to destroy my
children and myself. For example, I
used to see myself in a vision
throwing my children down the
stairs. Actually, I had constant
visions like this one everyday for a
little over 3 years. I remember
crying inside and praying everyday
for relief and understanding. I felt

like I was dying inside but I suffered

in silence.
After 3 years my prayers were answered
when God sent me to Pam. Pam asked me
to describe what helped me through my
trials and tribulations . in general, it was
TRUTH aka the Rock, Hosanna the Lord
Jesus Christ. Only TRUTH can set the
captive free. In looking back, it was my
consistency that helped the most. I simply
would not give up, nor was I afraid. For a
year before I became born again, I was in
Rescue everyday and I also received
counseling for an hour a week, and after
about six months, an hour twice a month.
In fact, I still have counseling sessions
twice a month and I am in RESCUE
commenting practically every day. I dont
slack up. I continue to understand myself,
especially my emotions. Whenever I have
an outstanding dream or experience, I
write it down and email it to Pam for her
take on it. Yet besides submitting to truth,
the most crucial action I took was to
stand on my God given will power.
6. As truth was continually revealed to
me, the horrible visions continued to
decrease. By the time I became born
again on June 11, 2013 have had a
few more instances of visions but
then one day it just stopped about
18 months ago and now they rarely

7. Without the horrible visions, I have

acquired a normalcy in my thinking
and in my ability to make wiser
About the Institutional Church
1. I was unaware that the evil in the IC
was so strong and deceptive until I
started experiencing torment and
experiencing Satan masquerading as
It was so undeniable that
something was wrong that I knew I
needed to seek help elsewhere and
not from the IC. Ever since I started
going to church as a child, it is
obvious now that the church never
important truths.
2. I have learned that trances involve
speaking in tongues, holy dancing,
shouting, and running around the
church. I did all of that but not
voluntary. It was like something was
in me that I COULD NOT STOP
a person up and the music most
definitely opened me up.
3. The church that seemed to warp my
mind the most had a smell of
cinnamon and myrrh just blowing in

your face and would still be on my

clothes when I went home.
pastor had these little glade plugins
that smelled of anointing oil which
is just another form of witchcraft.
The smell would snap me into an
altered state of consciousness and
almost spooked me when I walked
into that church, like a ghost was
going to be behind me.
4. There was yet another church I
attended where heavy metal rock
music for Jesus was plaid non stop
for three hours. This music took us
to another world, and we all floated
about in the spiritual realm. Then
the Pastor would say Now we are in
the heavenly places, surrounded by
5. Just about everyone who spoke in
tongues said the same things.
Rabba, shata, rabashande, etc.
met a lady practicing Hinduism and
she told me that the Hindus and
Christians are speaking the same
differentiate the tongues---well--there is a problem.
6. In church, there was so much
mellow dramatic acting going on
with the singing and the hands
raised in the air during worship and
stuff like that. I remember I used to
feel very uncomfortable with that in
the beginning, and then you kind of

act the part because you feel that is

what you are supposed to do. I was
attracted to the worship because I
like the altered state and all the
7. As I remember singing, it all didnt
mean a thing to me. I just did it
because everybody else was doing it.
I remember when I was younger, an
old woman down the road really
scared me into going to church. She
said I will go to hell if I did not go.
WHICH I DID. By doing so, she said
I would have good luck but I didnt.
The more I went to church, the worst
things got for me.
I started
disrespecting my mom and other
sinful things.
8. Looking back, I cant believe how
religious I used to be. I was one of
those I surrender it all zombies. I
would not and even could not make a
decision unless I received what I
thought was a sign from God. To
force myself into a decision, ,
could make a sign out of any crazy
idea that I wanted to. I anointed
everything with oil. Houses, cars,
people, you name it, I smeared oil all
over it.
I prayed long, laborious
prayers that never got answered. I
was so religious it seemed like I was

9. To make it appear that people are in

unity, the IC will hold certain events
with other local churches in the
celebrations of praise were to give
the appearance of unity and love for
one another, when the truth is there
is no love. Why not? Because there
is always this underlying air of
sometimes there are a few jokes of
sarcasm for another---in love of
course. Like Yea these Pentecostals
are like this and these Baptists are
like that, all in so called fun. Its a
sneaky way of telling those gathered
I want everyone to know that even
though we are here praising God
together, I still dont agree with wyat
your denomination is about without
really saying it. It is all just so false,
so phony.
After a prayer meeting, I would
go home and during the night, I
suffered sharp, needle-like pains in
my back and shoulders.the demons
were binding me. I was very much in
a contest to see who could spend the
most time at church. The truth is
that we did not care for all those
people we prayed for. Then there
were the times that I had to miss a
meeting and So and So would call
me and say something like Oh, it
was a 911 meeting. The Holy Spirit

showed up Gurl! Too bad you missed

it! I used to hate that bull. I was so
deceived and stupid.
But since I

How Kareena From India Fixed Her

I could have inserted Kareenas testimony
subheadings in this book but I decided to
save the worst and the best for last. Over
the last 12 years, I have Been contacted
by hundreds of people in varying degrees
of demonic captivity and its subsequent
torment but I found no ones situation to
be as hopeless as Kareenas.
The primary reason why I was not
connected to my deliverance counseling
style. My approach is to seek background
information from each person by asking
the captive to complete my deliverance
assessment form (DAF) in hopes of
uncovering when and how demons got a
stronghold in the captives life. Once I can
demonized, then I develop a deliverance
counseling treatment plan. An important

focus of the plan is to identify how to

reverse the process and which demons are
in control.
In Kareenas case, the focal point of
demonic entry as the underlying cause of
her presenting condition was impossible
to trace because she was involved not only
in Hinduism, Catholicism and Charismatic
religion, but several occult practices as
well. So who knew where to start? Add to
the confusion the fact that at the age of
six, Kareena was a practicing soothsayer,
operating and enjoying her power to
predict the future. As a teenager, she was
deeply involved in astrology, numerology,
palmistry, and face and mind reading. As
an adult woman, with two divorces,
Kareena was considered a low-life woman
within her local Indian community, having
Been subjected to numerous incidents of
Finally, I was being mocked by the demons
every telephone session with
Kareena, from India to New York. They
would periodically manifest with grunts,
groans and other unsavory sounds when I
touched on a particular subject they did
not approve of or became stressed out
Then again, each time I thought

I had a handle on her case with an action

plan to proceed, a new issue would arise.
Add to these circumstances that Kareena
was practically afraid of everything from a
bug to flying in an airplane, the prognosis
of this case was less than hopeful. In
Kareenas own words, you can see for
yourself the utter seriousness of her
movement was new in India. There was a
huge Catholic Charismatic Retreat Center
in south India where thousands of people
from my state would go every week for a
one week program and come back healed
and delivered!!! This was news for me and
when my cousin forced me to go there, I
thought of giving it a chance .if I can
just find God there!
I attended this catholic retreat for the
first time and marveled at the way they
praised and worshiped as I was nave
about the bible, Jesus, God, praises etc. I
immediately gave up Hinduism and
because a staunch Catholic saying 15
mysteries of rosaries on my knees every
day. I attended this retreat once a year,
five years in a row.
During one of the retreats I had a rare
experience which I thought I was being
born again. I had more than 1000 volts of

electricity striking me entering each and

every part of my body and with forceful
and loud tongues and then leaving me
unconscious on ground for some time.
When I woke up, I found my toes which
were diseased with blood and water
oozing out constantly, were instantly
healed and all the ten toes were normal!
This was my first miracle in life and I
thought I finally found GOD!
Here I knew who Jesus was, I knew the
bible and terms like Holy Spirit, tongues,
forgiveness, salvation all this was too
new for me but I started grabbing all at
once leaving me expecting a complete
change in my family, finances and love!
During these days one of my maids took
me to a Christian church! On the first day
itself with the loud music and singing and
praising I was continuously crying and I
was instantly healed of my medications
and gave up all anti-depressants and
sleeping tablets on one day without any
side-effects. I continued the Christian
church and I was completely cured of my
thyroid. After these miracles there was no
turning back and I thought; now I found
Here I was too deeply involved in the
Institutional Church for the past 10years
of my life and soon went into the waters
to be baptized. But later found out the

love, emotions, preaching, care, help

everything was fake!
I changed 7 churches in 10 years of my
life. I had many fake conversions too
thinking I was really born-again! Initially
everything looked gold, whichever church
I entered everyone prophesized that I
would be a great pastor where the dead
would rise on my shadow. My divination
was taken as prophesy and I would be
asked by my pastor to pray over certain
names to know more about them and
accordingly he would deal with those
people. I was given more attention
because of my forceful and loud tongues
thinking that was a heavenly breath! My
body and hand vibrations were taken as
angels surrounding me and I was loving
being in the spotlight!
Intercessory prayers, 24/7 in tongues, cell
meetings at my house, newsletters on
behalf of the pastor, ushering, writing
blogs for Christ, and attending 5 services
every week!!!I was also enjoying the
church parties, picnics, pastors birthdays,
entertaining visiting pastors, birthdays of
member, preparing food and
involving myself in so called church
activities diverting my pain into pleasure
for a few moments, until I realized Im in
same financial ditch and relationship
crises with a second divorce coming up!


I even enrolled in a Biblical PhD program

and was deeply into the IC. Until I was
demons to religious demons!
I was always full of fear, some unknown
fear and fear of fear always following me!
I had 24/7 demonic manifestations, not
ordinary but someone literally pulling my
hands, legs, neck hair, pushing me to the
ground, twisting my tongue banging me
I had 4-5 times panic attack per day
with palpitations, dizziness, tremors,
breathlessness, suffocations and full of
I was 24/7 hearing voices, of my death or
some fearful events of seeing faces of
demons or sexual images non-stop!
I had a deep un-ending hole of
emotions I would cry and cry for
anything and anybody and everybody, I
could easily feel the pain of anyone I
would see and the entire world was on my
shoulders. Even for the one who is dead
and about to die my tears would not
stop nor would my emotional churning!
My mind was always awake and fully
blown about to burst and 24/7 in dizziness
and would know what would happen
nextdivination and ability to read minds.
Many times without my knowledge, I
would turn into an Indian classical dancer
and dance in symphony which I have

I would pray 4-5 hours of tongues

everyday and every time I did I had
electricity passing through my whole
body, I had an experience to be above the
I had spirit sex and someone would have
real sex with me in my dreams with a
climax and leaving me wet and sexually
There would be always someone behind
me, doing things his way, if not would
catch my hand and make me do it.
I had forceful tongues experience almost
every week in a different loud voice which
would leave me exhausted & crazy. My
mind would all of a sudden be awake and
be controlled by someone else and be
filled with things to come eg. The fake
rapture, the aliens, fallen angels etc etc
and I would keep on writing stuff as I see.
I have had so much more going on with
me, which I cant recall now.
With the above 24/7 manifestations, I was
thrown out of the Institutional church,
treated like a dog, cell meetings stopped
at my house as they said a divorcee cant
have house prayers and my personal
information was vandalized like sharing
hot cakes among the attendees! By then,
Ive Been from pillar to post for my
deliverance .even from a Hindu priest to
Catholic priest and finally to many IC
Pastors who took advantage of me but
could not do anything!!!

I had a deep conviction that IC was not a

right place and fully demonic and every
pastor is a different face of a demon
luring people into their prey by signs,
wonders and miracles whereas their
hearts full of greed for money, power and
women were turning from bad to worse
In 2010, I completely stopped Church!
The last Pastor was Jay from US who
charged me US$4000/- for two-day
deliverance, which went to worse.! He
promised lot of things and made me pay
1000/- more for membership where I
would be a certified pastor and deliverer
and start his church in Middle-east and
he would also take me to a convention to
US free.
He came to my house for
deliverance and was super exhausted
sweating in an ac room shouting and
screaming the demons to leave. Finally on
the second day there was more and it
looked like a legion he left undone and
since that day I lost sleep and have to
take sleeping tablets every night.
Another Indian pastor did inner-healing
stuff for 15days and I returned back with
100 times more fear and attacks then
before! A program to forgive people and
remove abstract form of pain called
hurts from the heart to the Lords feet in
an imaginary way and then to feel good
and free and blessed in an imaginary
form! And anytime I have attacks which
increased then I have to believe I have

nothing and move ahead! This pastor

finally made his trip to India and said the
deliverance was incomplete and so he has
to come back to do it and I had to do all
the expenses including his list of gifts. It
was a waste of time and money again!
Sometimes I feel all these fake pastors
fooling around people should encounter
at least once a demonic attacks on them
so they understand what a person goes
through or who knows they are already
working on behalf of demons! Most of
them were like the fox and the sour
grapes fable and they went around
spoiling my name and exposing my family
was in this sin and that sin and my heart
is so bad and hence there is no
deliverance, in short they started cursing
me and one of them threw me out of the
I never gave up, for one thing I was sure,
that Jesus Christ of Nazareth is real! I
started searching on net day and night
and studying each and every websites for
deliverance and not one could match my
needs. All advertised a load of services
and testimonies but in some ways their
teaching or reaching people were wrong
and that made me right in not contacting
When I reached Pam Sheppards website
.I could not stop at all this was the one
that could deliver me! I thought this

woman has gone through 100 times more

hell than me, she would understand me
well! and I bought one of her books The
Fake Jesus. Many things written there
matched the things that were shown to
me by the fallen angels and I jumped!
Just reading a few pages, I contacted
Pastor Pam on 18th February at 2100hrs
Indian time
and I was admitted at
RESCUE with a huge WELCOME note on
19th February 2014!
The first thing that ever happened to me
the day I joined RESCUE was that the 24/7
stopped to once or twice in a day, which
were quite
manageable! Every day at
RESCUE was a new experience, as if I was
among my own, and my own received me
well! I was floating in the truth and every
day getting undeceived!
My family
immediately saw a change in me and so
did I. I was being delivered one by one
from different issues even without my
I got hooked on every one of Pams videos
available and downloaded them enabling
me to watch anywhere anytime, purchased
all the books and read almost all the
blogs still reading! Every nerve and cell
of my body was resting one by one as the
veil of lies was being taken off layer by
layer. I was never judged, condemned,

ridiculed or belittled at RESCUE, it

became a part of me and a friend forever!
The Truth, Pam expresses in her videos
with complete boldness and conviction
made me confident, strong to know who I
am and what I want in life! I immediately
wanted to get connected to Pam and so I
chose to have weekly one hour sessions
which changed my life drastically!
Every week I would anxiously wait to talk
and discuss my crazy mind and her
amazing wisdom would put my false logic
back in place! The chanting in Hinduism,
the constant rosary in the catholic church
and 24/7, the
tongue talking in the
church had open all my
chakras wide like a broad highway for
demons to enter and manhandle me any
time they wanted to, like playing a video
game on me with total mind control! The
Chakra closing was something new I
learnt at RESCUE and when I read all
the blogs on Chakras, I was so sure mine
were wide open reaping destruction!
Pam had to close all my Chakras one by
one in Christ Jesus name and since then
my healing and deliverance process
started gaining momentum! I kept
connected to her through emails almost
every day and things started moving so
fast, eg. I would write to her my problems
and she would sometimes reply just a line
or two, but I had my problems solved this

side of the world and also again I would

say, without my knowledge I was being
delivered the entire week in some way or
the other.
Pam I would never able to thank you ever,
you are my guiding star my true
On 14th June 2014, I was in a counseling
session with Pastor Pam, suddenly she
asks me about my views on the Cross and
the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and what
I know about Jesus! I was explaining
and Pam was filling the gaps with
powerful teaching but I never knew that
Jesus rose again in the same body. I
thought it was some other glorious
body. I was stunned! It was 10pm here,
end of 1-hour counseling session. Pam
closed by saying .now you know
everything you have to know about
resurrection and there are no reasons
that anyone can keep you away from
being born again!
As I switched the mobile I was in a state
of awe and crying from the depths of my
heart that He rose againHe is not dead
.He is alive .my Saviour lives! .I was
full of faith and surprised and I knew
something new was happening inside
me! Still I tried to avoid the tears and
joy that was overfilling and overflowing
me and said to myself .not me, Im a
sinner, Ive a messed up lifenot now, I

need time .Ive not done anything to

deserve it I need more time! The tears,
joy and faith continued for a week! Also
completely, I was full of faith, which I
have never known before and felt childlike, innocent 12years old faith. Pam knew
I was born again , but I requested for a
week more before admitting and receiving
what the Holy Spirit has already done!
Pams last two videos about being
Chosen by God to be Born Again really
shook me up and I knew for sureI am
Born Again!
For the last 9months I have not
manifested at all. This is a real miracle in
my life for someone who had demonic
manifestations all through her life 24/7
fpr more than two decades!!!
Since my salvation, I just cannot feel
other peoples pain in my heart anymore.
If someone sits he is just sitting, if
someone thinks he is just thinking and
someone walks he is just walking and
nothing more! My mind is grounded and I
have no crazy messy stuff popping out all
the time, everything is for real. I feel as if
my head is plugged back to my bodylike
you would do for a plastic dollthere are
no forceful imaginations.
I feel Im 12years old, innocent, child-like
and brand new!!. Otherwise my entire life

history of pain and trauma would be like a

halo over my head now I have no clue
what has happened between 12years to
41years, I have to put an effort to
I have faith IN THE resurrection! I never
ever ever ever knew what faith was for
me faith was in my works, the more I
worked the more I felt secured that things
would be fine! So it was difficult for me to
believe that Im born again because Ive
not done ANYTHING!
These are just a few of thingsevery day
is a new day for me Yes his Mercies are
new every morning! How can I ignore all
this! Yes, I am Born-Again!
After watching Pams last two videos I
realized my ego! I thought that I have not
done anything and how could it happen so
fast, no bible reading, no tongues, no
praying, I was just myself. And yet God
chose me! How can I CHOOSE him with
my works, I was a fool, He has already
chosen me even before He created me!
I never everever--- expected it and as
Pam says it always happens unexpectedly!
I thought I was the biggest sinner, the
crazy messes Ive done in my life, it might
take some time to wash them one by one
But His Blood is so powerful to clean us
at one go!


My thought pattern is different now! I
dont pity myself anymore, Im proud of
what I am and what Ive Been through!
Ive noticed so many new things in my
life, which makes me so alive and now I
understand, how great is His faithfulness
and every morning His mercies are new!
The endless mental tortures and forceful
imagination and the constant recurring
useless thoughts, worry, doubts, stress,
tension and more! and now all of a
sudden my mind has Been put to rest no
imaginations, no worries, no thoughts,
just a normal mind exactly the way I was
when a child, this must be surely the
Peace of God! Now I understand that this
is the way God created everyone to be, but
we went astray.
The list of unending fears of anything
and everything, the phobias, and even the
sound of a pin drop! An unknown spirit of
fear would follow me and I had a terrible
fear of fear! Can you imagine my joys and
how amazing it is to realize that all of a
sudden every fears ceased to exist .
this is a real experience of freedom!
The uncontrollable emotional churnings
and out-pour of tears anytime for long
times, and feeling of other peoples
pain.. Even after doing two inner

healing trainings and a long inner healing

session, my pain and fear increased 100
times more. eg. The pastor would go to
the root of any emotional pain and tune
my brain to justify the situation and ask
Jesus to remove the pain and I had to
But with Jesus Christ of Nazareth IT IS
SO REAL! He has completely wiped out
my past pain, oh yes it is so real!
complete meaning total wipe out of my
past trauma, tortures and my childhood
rejection experiences! I have to put a
The 24/7 demonic
manifestations, the
sexual desires, the desire to have a man in
my life, the fear of rejection, the fear of
death, the self-pity, loneliness, the
inferiority complex, the hopelessness just
vanished! replacing every vacuum with
Now I can spend hours in a mall and
crowded place, I can climb mountains
without tiredness which I did, this
vacation; my sense of humor has come
back; my son loves to linger in my arms
now and weve become so close spending
time together.
The enemy? Yes on occasion, a demon
messes with me last week I had terrible

nightmares to evoke fear in me, I woke up

frozen, .but with faith, I Just prayed in
Jesus name to take it away and it just
Jesus Christ of Nazareth is so REAL!
Most of the time I write every and any
issue I have to Pam and even before she
reads my email I have answers I have
no words to explain this wonder but this
is what a Pastor should be a covering
and protection with Love and concern to
This is a real great blessing for me who
have walked a hopeless and helpless
wilderness,there is so much of newness
in my talk and even in my mere walk! I
feel so fresh .God has given me a new
life ANOTHER CHANCE! And its no joke
to experience second chance to live again
like first time, another chance to live like
as if Im born just now, no sins, no guilt,
just a diaper of faith hope and love just
a new person to walk life all over again!
Now I have Wisdom to face situations, due
to my past vast experiences, Love of God
for His blood saved me, and it makes my
walk in His ways easier, .Patience to
wait upon his plan, for Im sure to have a
second chance to live, has a purpose,
Humility with God and others, as I can
understand the pain others go through,

Faith to believe in Him, for the greatest

gift of being born-again, & lots of Hope,
hope and hope to live again, now and
It is of the LORDS mercies that we are
not consumed, because his compassions
fail not. They are new every morning;
great is thy faithfulness! The LORD is my
portion, saith my soul, therefore will I
hope in him. (Lam 3:22-23)
I have no explanations, no principles, no
factors, no points and no basis of how I
became Born- Again! All I can say is that
God had already chosen us in advance; Of
those He can save anyone, anywhere,
anytime, anyhow!
Before I used to believe that To love
and to be loved is the greatest happiness
of existence
.but now it is to be Born-Again!
Kareena has just about revealed it all
here, yet since I shared in her experience,
I would like to express what I believe
made all the difference.
Working with
Kareena reaffirmed to me the power of
the resurrection and why the devils main
power. I had done some
telephone deliverance with Kareenas

chakras which she believes was pivotal to

what happened next.
Yet what hit me like a ton of bricks was
the power of the resurrection coming
from my mouth. Usually I examine what a
client believes about the Lord being
raised from the dead, mainly to discern
whether or not
they understand it.
overwhelming with details that it took me
time to get to it.
However, the day I
preached the resurrection to her over the
phone, the call ended and I had no idea
that the Holy Spirit had not only saved her
on the spot, but He expelled all demons
from her in an instant. I did not find out
until a week later in Kareenas next phone
session! Wow!
The truth of the matter is that I was
getting very frustrated with this case. Yet
what kept me from not personally giving
up was that I felt her love for me and
Gods love for her.
I have become
accustomed to rejection and I know how
to deal with it. When rejection is poured
out at me from people I am trying to help,
even when I am confident in what needs to
be done, the animosity I receive, not from
the demons but from the client, causes

me to know that I must close the case.

Unless two agree and love is flowing, the
enemy has already won. It is bad enough
to receive the enemys fiery darts but
when I feel no love or respect from the
client, my work is over.


A Few Final Thoughts from an

As I stated before, I allowed a well-known
African American denomination to put
me out, primarily because of a dream
that I believed to be from God. Yet even
if the dream was not from God,
practical reason why I did a double take,
threw my hands up in the air and put my
pastorate on the altar of God is because I
came to
realize over time
models that are out there are simply not
working. Considering
the billions of
dollars that are being spent on "preaching
a gospel," my underlying message in this
book is that the reason why the IC is not
working is due to the fact that the true
gospel of Jesus Christ of Nazareth has not
Been preached for decades, perhaps
From my personal background and
experience in an extremely corrupt
I could clearly see that
denominations are dangerous
for a
number of different reasons. At least a
decade or more ago, I had already grown
to a place where I knew without a doubt,
that unless there was a wide-scale

movement of repentance within the

denominational church, they
were not
I have known for a while now that the
Pentecostals, Charismatics
and the
Christian cults like the Mormons, but I
certainly did not fathom the extent of the
problem while I was still inside Her
myself. The reality is that I had to leave
to learn the whole truth about the IC.
Whether it be denominations, nondenominations, Christian television or
radio, I finally came to terms with the fact
that those who believe that they have
done the right things yet they
gotten the wrong results is a clear sign
I had no idea that the Lord caused my
escape from the IC to be permanent until
2007. In that year, the truth began to
unfold progressively and at key moments,
quite swiftly, because of the churchgoing
zombies. To help them, I was forced to
study them.
So with the unfolding of
each case of demonic torment of a church
member, the Holy Spirit has used each
case to teach me more than a thing or
two. The truth that stands out the most is

Several of my clients have done
witchcraft, incest, you name it but some
zombies have done absolutely nothing
but simply be faithful to their local
Consequently, to be subjected to the kind
of demonic torment that some former
zombies once endured every hour of the
day is shocking. In fact, some have even
lived more righteously than zombies
who claim to be believers in Jesus, yet
most of the lukewarm phonies
are not
being tormented by evil spirits. It is sad
to say but there are countless faithful
churchgoing zombies who
have Been
dangerously duped by religion and
religious people. Little wonder that I can
find no excuse to place the blame on the
deceived. Even the people whom the
enemy has used to form a zombie are
themselves deceived.
Thirteen years have passed since I
embarked upon an international online
counseling, teaching and deliverance
ministry. The irony is that it was my very
first website developed in 2002 that
negative stir among
intimidated, insecure

leaders---coupled with the fact that the

Bishop perceived my ministry as too
Without a doubt, the leadership was not
wrong about me and by their standards, I
was not following their
protocol and
traditions. Early on, I too was bit by my
lust for supernatural signs and wonders.
In fact, I was hooked the very first time I
heard a Kenneth Hagin audio tape back in
1982, just one year after I was licensed to
preach. So I was certainly a danger to
this dead and dying denomination that
ordained me. So those who will try to
accuse me of bitterness at being put out
are completely off base. Actually, I find
no fault with their decision to reject my
ministry. By design, I willing taught
charismatic message to
My not so hidden agenda was to spread
supernatural power into their religious
space, a sinful place where there was
limited life, no teaching and weak faith.
So believe me, I have no ill will against
former denominational enemies who saw
an opportunity to protect their traditional
church from my Pentecostal influences.
Today, I understand the reason why the

manipulated 100
delegates who had known me for 25 years
to vote unanimously to remove my name
from their rolls. In that church, I was a
tree in dry ground with no generational or
family ties to any of them. The bottomline is that
I perceive their overall
decision as a
business and not a
personal matter. Other than for the one
person who instigated the movement to
remove me from the rolls out of jealousy
and her own deep-seated insecurity, I was
neither loved or hated among this
denominations zombies. In truth, I was
merely tolerated by most. Ironically,
was the
only other woman minister
among almost 100 men in that region for
15 years. Who would have expected that
the second woman to enter
the scene
would be used to bring negative attention
my way.
I befriended and mentored her,
yet she served as a Judas to me. It is what
it is.
So does this mean that I should have
returned to the denomination when a new
bishop offered his full support to me in
Bishop Johnson
made some
lucrative, far-reaching promises
the day I returned to the denomination
for a visit---promises that were definitely

in his power as a bishop to keep. For

with just a word from a denominational
zombies worldwide could be
mandated to buy my books and thousands
would have obeyed. Bishops can order
their pastors to either support or block a
ministry. For example, pastors under the
Bishops authority could
be ordered to
buy my books in bulk --- books to be sold
in hundreds of their churches. So if if I
had returned to the IC in 2008, I would
have Been promoted to a rank at a
denominational level I had never even
dreamed of attaining, including both
statewide and international prominence.
But it was too late. If one of the most
astounding, noteworthy events of my life
had not occurred on that memorable day,
me during a conference
break, I might have taken him up on his
offer. That day was perhaps one of the
most memorable days of my life.
eyes were immediately opened to the
dangers of being in church because of
what happened to me.
I had no mental understanding of why I
returned. I knew the region had Been
assigned a new bishop.
I had just

completed the Fake Jesus, so I thought I

was going there to sell books. Also, I
decided to confront internet accusations
from church zombies who accused me of
having a root of bitterness. I wanted to
experience how I would feel and react in
the company of the 100 folk who as
delegates, unanimously voted against me,
people known for grinning in my face.
Yet going to this IC event was pressing in
my spirit. After four years absent, I could
not logically comprehend why
I felt so
compelled not to miss this event for any
reason. So my first shock occurred when I
found a parking space right in front of
the church door without a reservation
sign on that spot---it felt like the parking
space was waiting for me to pull into it.
Usually, anyone who arrives at a late
hour would have no choice but to park
about 3 or 4 blocks away. So looking at
that parking space was amazing, to say
the least.
Furthermore, I had purposefully timed
things so that I would enter the host
church during the business meeting. I did
not want to be in a worship service with
them. Needless to say, after 20 years, they
changed the order of service and I walk

into a worship service where Rev. Smith

from Buffalo NY was preaching a sermon.
The next shock was that Rev. Smiths
sounded like it was prepared
specifically for me, yet Rev. Smith did not
even see me walk in the door and I had
not heard from him for four
Absolutely no one was expecting me at
the conference. Rev. Smith was also
significant because he was the only
member of the region to called me to see
how I was doing after they all, including
himself, had voted me out. He comforted
me with Rev. Sheppard, we will be
getting a new bishop in two months. All
you have to do is come back and we will
all vote you back in. So to see Rev. Smith
up there preaching a sermon that was
penetrating my soul was also quite
When I sat down and looked around from
the back pew, I could see that the
audience was completely un-attentive.
They were laughing and whispering with
each other, sending notes, and I got quite
a few joyful waves from those who turned
around and spotted me.
I settled down
and I began to listen. All of a sudden,
something in his message gripped me in

my chest, than moved all over my body. I

began to weep and moan as I entered into
an altered state. At the moment that Rev.
Smith sent forth the invitation, I felt
pressure to walk down
that aisle from within me. It was such a
long aisle. It also seemed as if invisible
hands were pushing me in my back. The
pressure was on. My head reasoned no.
I did not want to get out of my seat. I
misunderstand and think that I am
coming back to join them.
I was literally not all there. I felt like
my cheese had slipped off my cracker as
my son-in-law would say. I got up and
walked down that aisle, against my own
I could faintly hear in the
background the peoples glad to have you
back type of supports with the shouts of
amen and such. But I was still out of it.
The music was loud so no one could hear
the conversation at the altar rail between
myself and the Bishop. Bishop Johnson
did not recognize me at first, thinking I
was a stranger, perhaps a walk-in who
came forward to be saved. I said to him,
I was a minister here for 25 years and
they put me out. Then one of the former
bishops friends, Rev. Gerard spoke

sternly and I snapped out of it. Rev.

Sheppard, is your coming forward a sign
that you plan to rejoin your ministry with
us? I loudly said .No. I came forth to
support Rev. Smiths sermon, as he is the
only one among you that even called me
in the last four years.
Bishop Johnson expressed dismay at the
way I was treated
just a few months
before he took office. Sorrowfully, the
Bishop shook his head as he bent over
the podium and
sighed I wish the
church would stop acting like the church
and just BE the church.
At this the
annual meeting, the Bishop called upon
me to address the congregation 4
times, something that was
unprecedented in all the years I attended
this meeting under two previous bishops
who never called on me, other than
Bishop Hopkins asked me to preach the
daytime message in 1989.
Also, he
allowed me to discuss my books and sell
them there. Finally, Bishop Johnson met
with me privately
at a session break
where he revealed he was looking for my
kind of ministry, and promised to use all
his power to support me. He said Ask me
for what you want and it is yours.

I smiled and said nothing. The truth is

that as pleasant as my time with the
leaders of the denomination was, I had
become accustomed to entirely too much
freedom on my own, so I was not at all
tempted to return to religious bondage. I
had not yet closed the church that I
started in 1996, and so on my own, I was
extremely pleased not to wear robes,
collars, and also not to kick up a large
portion of our local churchs offerings to
the denomination.
Yet I am happy to
acknowledge that this visit was a great
day of reconciliation and fellowship for
me. In fact, if there was even a semblance
a root of bitterness in me when I
arrived, it was plucked out that very day.
Nevertheless, the real shock of it all was
what I heard in the spirit, two days later:
Pam, the promise that the Bishop made
to you did not come from Me.
But the most powerful
all came with this:

shocker of them

The same power that came on you two

days ago in that worship service that
pushed you forward is the same power
that came on you the day you joined them
in 1979, where you were pushed to your

knees, with the groanings and weeping.

That power was not ME. I did not give you
those three dreams you had that sent you
there either.
It was not Me then, nor
was it Me who pushed you forward in
their worship service two days ago.
OMG! Those few words led to a flood of
revelations. I was actually overjoyed to
know the truth in spite of the fact that I
had Been a duped zombie for 25 years.
Like other zombies, I too had Been
manipulated and controlled by religious
consciousness!!! Both in a flash and
progressively over a period of
years, an understanding of what I endured
in the IC unfolded. Why should I be either
offended or upset for being rejected in a
place where God did not send me?!!!
So in the final analysis, the Holy Spirit
began the process of breaking me out of
IC bondage about 12 years ago. He first
worked on me the first five years of those
12 years. Next, He provided me with the
key that opened all locks in 2008,----3
decades and a year after I was born again.
So there is no shame in my game to admit
that I too was among the deceived elect.

By now, you should realize that deception

is the rule and not the exception where
this end-time church age is concerned.
So if f you are set free in this final hour by
the contents of this book, then dont cry
over spilt IC milk but enjoy the seasoned
meat you have tasted
and hopefully
digested. Once out of Harlots grip, I warn
you not to look back with longing in your
heart and receive the fate of Lots wife.
Pick yourself up, shake the IC dust from
your feet and move forward, as this
former zombie has already done! Free at
last! Free at last. I thank God Almighty
that Im free at last!