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------------ -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------[2012-12-22] REL: VERSION 2.

54 (for Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7/8)

------------ -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------[2012-12-21] NEW: added official support for Windows 8.
[2012-12-10] FIX: large decimal-encoded characters in HTML (e.g., &nnnnn;) wher
e not translated in web sources.
[2012-11-29] FIX: menu button at filter was drawn incorrectly.
[2012-11-28] FIX: after removing files under Windows XP the list jumps to the b
[2012-11-26] FIX: short path names where displayed when loaded from specific NA
S devices in some cases (since v2.53).
[2012-11-20] LNG: Macedonian language file.
[2012-11-20] FIX: installation in silent mode ignored language from Mp3tagSetup
------------ -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------[2012-10-24] REL: VERSION 2.53 (for Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7)
------------ -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------[2012-10-23] CHG: updated code-signing certificate.
[2012-10-06] CHG: drag and drop of cover art from other applications now uses o
riginal image without re-encoding whenever possible.
[2012-10-01] CHG: Explorer context menu extension is now included in default in
[2012-09-29] CHG: ID3v2.3 TYER/TDAT now merged into one YEAR field formatted as
[2012-09-26] FIX: files and folders added from command line were displayed with
upper/lower case from command line.
[2012-09-26] FIX: file names added from playlists were displayed with upper/low
er case from playlist.
[2012-09-25] NEW: added support for drag and drop of cover art from Google Chro
------------ -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------[2012-07-19] REL: VERSION 2.52 (for Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7)
------------ -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------[2012-07-19] NEW: added option to specify default directory for cover art.
[2012-07-19] NEW: added preferences page for directories used in Mp3tag.
------------ -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------[2012-05-16] REL: VERSION 2.51 (for Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7)
------------ -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------[2012-05-14] NEW: added support for %_counter% and %_total_files% for format st
ring at action 'Import cover from file'.
[2012-05-13] NEW: added option to specify cover type at action 'Import cover fr
om file'.
[2012-05-06] CHG: added extended support for HTTP 302 cases (redirect) at web s
[2012-05-04] CHG: add cover now defaults to the last used cover directory if th
e is no cover art in the file's directory.
[2012-05-04] CHG: next file is now focused after removing files from file list.
[2012-04-07] FIX: regression regarding output of multi-valued tag fields for di
scogs web sources since v2.49b.
------------ -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------[2012-03-11] REL: VERSION 2.50 (for Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7)

------------ -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------[2012-03-09] NEW: converter 'Tag - Tag' via menu 'Converter', toolbar and Alt+5
keyboard shortcut.
[2012-03-09] CHG: changed keyboard shortcut for actions to Alt+6 and Alt+Shift+
[2012-03-02] NEW: added $verticalBar() for masking vertical bar symbol in web s
[2012-02-28] FIX: truncated separator string that occurred in sayregexp result.
[2012-02-23] NEW: support for writing of UTF-8 encoded playlists using *.m3u8 a
s file extension.
[2012-02-22] FIX: regression regarding sorting filtered file lists since v2.49b
[2012-02-21] FIX: converter 'Filename - Tag' did not work for field names conta
ining dots.
------------ -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------[2012-01-16] REL: VERSION 2.49b (for Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7)
------------ -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------[2012-01-13] FIX: cpil atoms (compilation at MP4) set to 0x00 were not displaye
[2012-01-13] CHG: updated Discogs web source.
[2012-01-13] NEW: added support for Discogs API v2.0.
[2011-11-14] FIX: sort arrow was incorrectly shown after randomizing file list.
------------ -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------[2011-11-14] REL: VERSION 2.49a (for Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7)
------------ -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------[2011-11-09] CHG: updated Amazon web sources.
[2011-11-09] CHG: updated MusicBrainz web source.
[2011-09-19] FIX: 'No' button at 'Remove all from history' menu item was ignore
------------ -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------[2011-06-01] REL: VERSION 2.49 (for Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7)
------------ -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------[2011-05-18] NEW: added new field UserAgent for web sources which enables sendi
ng Mp3tag/#.## as user agent if set to 1.
[2011-05-19] CHG: updated MusicBrainz web source.
[2011-05-15] NEW: added %rate% for MP4 file
[2011-05-15] NEW: added %keywords% for MP4 files.
[2011-05-15] NEW: added support for preserving unknown MP4 atoms when writing t
[2011-05-04] NEW: added cover-specific %_cover_type% at action Export cover to
[2011-05-04] FIX: action Export cover to file duplicated file extension for mul
tiple covers.
[2011-04-18] NEW: support for inbuilt parameters MP3TAGAPP and MP3TAGAPPDATA fo
r $getEnv.
[2011-04-18] CHG: replaced discogs web source by web source based on discogs we
b service.
[2011-04-07] CHG: updated discogs web source.
[2011-04-03] NEW: added support for wildcards in format string of action Import
cover from file.
[2011-04-03] NEW: added support for wildcards in format string of action Import
text file.

[2011-04-03] NEW: added %rating winamp% for MP3 files.

[2011-03-26] FIX: possible runtime error when creating new actions.
[2011-03-25] NEW: added %itunesaccount% and %itunespurchasedate% for MP4 files.
[2011-03-22] FIX: $rand was only seeded once per session.
[2011-03-22] FIX: $ifLonger did not work as documented.
[2011-03-21] NEW: added %_video_height%, %_video_width%, and %_video_bitrate% f
or MP4 video files.
[2011-03-21] NEW: scripting function $getEnv.
[2011-03-21] NEW: support for Unicode encoded web sources scripts.
[2011-03-21] FIX: runtime error at converter preview with empty format string.
[2011-03-20] CHG: removed action type 'Shorten filenames to 64 characters'.
------------ -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------[2011-01-23] REL: VERSION 2.48 (for Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7)
------------ -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------[2011-01-23] CHG: improved Amazon query handling.
[2011-01-22] CHG: updated Amazon Web Sources.
[2011-01-18] FIX: wildcard matcher for filter expressions occasionally produced
runtime errors.
[2010-12-26] FIX: click on helper menu for removing individual tag fields resul
ted in runtime error at action 'Merge duplicate fields'.
[2010-12-06] FIX: history at converter 'Text file - Tag' had problems with spec
ial characters.
------------ -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------[2010-11-28] REL: VERSION 2.47b (for Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7)
------------ -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------[2010-11-28] NEW: helper menu for removing individual tag fields, removing all
tag fields, and resetting the tag fields list at tag field selection lists.
[2010-11-28] NEW: menu item for removing all items from history at format strin
g selection lists.
[2010-11-27] FIX: applying changes to M4V files gave file cannot be written err
or message.
------------ -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------[2010-11-19] REL: VERSION 2.47a (for Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7)
------------ -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------[2010-11-19] FIX: tag field renamings from v2.47 were not applied for some user
------------ -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------[2010-11-19] REL: VERSION 2.47 (for Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7)
------------ -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------[2010-11-11] NEW: scripting functions $trimLeft, $trimRight, $cutLeft and $cutR
[2010-11-10] CHG: menu item 'Actions' moved from 'Converter' to own top-level m
enu with action groups as menu items.
[2010-11-08] FIX: scripting function $IfLonger did not always return the correc
t result.
[2010-11-08] FIX: some tag fields were renamed incorrectly with v2.46d.
[2010-10-26] CHG: updated discogs web source.
[2010-10-23] CHG: handling of Amazon web sources to allow for web sources that
do not rely on AWS.
[2010-10-13] CHG: renamed field name BAND to ALBUMARTIST
[2010-10-13] CHG: renamed field name ALBUMSORTORDER to ALBUMSORT
[2010-10-13] CHG: renamed field name ARTISTSORTORDER to ARTISTSORT

[2010-10-13] CHG: renamed field name BANDSORTORDER to ALBUMARTISTSORT

[2010-10-13] CHG: renamed field name COMPOSERSORTORDER to COMPOSERSORT
[2010-10-13] CHG: renamed field name TITLESORTORDER to TITLESORT
[2010-10-13] CHG: renamed field name TVSHOWSORTORDER to TVSHOWSORT
[2010-10-13] CHG: renamed field name ITUNESCOMPILATION to COMPILATION
[2010-10-13] CHG: renamed field name ITUNESPODCAST to PODCAST
[2010-10-13] CHG: renamed field name ITUNESPODCASTDESC to PODCASTDESC
[2010-10-13] CHG: renamed field name ITUNESPODCASTID to PODCASTID
[2010-10-13] CHG: renamed field name ITUNESPODCASTURL to PODCASTURL
[2010-10-10] CHG: improved splash screen response time.
[2010-10-04] NEW: added support for iTunes U at ITUNESMEDIATYPE MP4 field.
[2010-09-25] FIX: ID3v2 WXXX frames with empty description were not read.
[2010-09-21] FIX: dragging columns after resizing restored previous column widt
[2010-09-21] CHG: file extensions is now omitted when using _FILENAME or _ALL a
t all action types except 'Replace with regular expression'.
[2010-09-07] FIX: fixed possible runtime error when displaying the extended tag
dialog (since v2.46b).
[2010-08-30] NEW: added M4V to supported file extensions.
[2010-08-22] NEW: added German help file (many thanks to dano!).
[2010-08-22] FIX: filter IS and HAS did not handle umlauts in uppercase correct
[2010-08-17] CHG: updated MusicBrainz tag source.
[2010-08-14] CHG: updated discogs tag source.
[2010-08-08] CHG: added workaround for an issue when displaying the extended ta
g dialog under Wine 1.3.
[2010-08-02] NEW: added support for setting cover type for multiple different c
overs at once.
[2010-04-22] FIX: closing filter window when in floating state did not reset fi
le view.
[2010-04-22] FIX: moving file where file already exists in target resulted in d
uplicate entries in file list.
[2010-04-22] NEW: edit user-defined tool dialog is resizable now.
[2010-04-22] CHG: file path of the currently selected file now displayed at cap
tion of extended tag dialog.
[2010-04-18] NEW: file list columns can now be rearranged via drag'n'drop.
[2010-04-18] CHG: minor changes in default genre list.
[2010-04-17] FIX: replace did not work in web source scripts if replacement was
part of sequence to be found.
[2010-04-10] FIX: deadlock on files with malformed ID3v2 tags.
[2010-04-09] FIX: undesired behaviour when renaming _DIRECTORY through action '
Format value' with a format string resulting in an empty value.
[2010-04-09] CHG: DATE is not automatically mapped to ID3v2.4 TDRC frame anymor
[2010-04-04] CHG: updated discogs web source.
[2010-04-03] CHG: changed format of %_replaygain_track_gain% and %_replaygain_a
lbum_gain% for Musepack to difference values.
------------ -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------[2010-03-20] REL: VERSION 2.46a (for Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7)
------------ -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------[2010-03-19] CHG: updated zlib.
[2010-03-19] CHG: obsolete dockbar data was not removed from Windows Registry.
[2010-03-16] FIX: MP4 atom disc was written in a way that caused specific progr
ams (e.g., Android) to not read the tag.
[2010-03-16] FIX: occasional runtime error while reading tags.
------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------

------------------[2010-03-13] REL: VERSION 2.46 (for Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7)

------------ -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------[2010-03-13] FIX: iTunes-specific field Encoding Params was not preserved.
[2010-03-10] FIX: saving tags to files on some NAS drives occasionally did not
[2010-03-10] FIX: blanks before extension part in file names were automatically
removed at Replace actions for _FILENAME.
[2010-03-09] CHG: multiple Source fields mapped to same Target field are now me
rged if they have the same values.
[2010-03-09] NEW: added dedicated help page for User-defined Field Mappings.
[2010-03-04] FIX: first file deleted from filter results returned to list on fi
lter refresh.
[2010-03-04] FIX: omitted slash character when used at user-defined field mappi
[2010-03-01] FIX: focus not moved to file list when closing Tag Panel.
[2010-02-28] FIX: update notification also reported beta versions when using la
test stable release (since v2.45a).
[2010-02-27] FIX: keyboard shortcuts for tools Ctrl+1 to Ctrl+0 did not work an
ymore (since v2.45c).
[2010-02-27] NEW: Shift key modifier option at 'Remove from history' menu items
that empties history.
[2010-02-27] FIX: shell extension did not resolve symbolic links.
[2010-02-26] CHG: improved copy and paste of tags to multiple files.
[2010-02-22] CHG: performance improvements for MATCHES keyword when filtering u
sing regular expressions.
[2010-02-21] FIX: $validate removed colons in directory part of parameter inste
ad of using replacement character.
[2010-02-10] NEW: added Ctrl+Space keyboard shortcut for displaying format stri
ng helper menu.
[2010-02-10] FIX: runtime error when clicking the actions drop-down menu after
deleting all action groups.
[2010-02-10] FIX: tag field mappings did not work for APEv2 tagged files.
[2010-02-07] FIX: shell extension did not load directories with dots in their n
[2010-02-07] NEW: support for %_md5audio% for FLAC files.
[2010-02-06] CHG: dockbar information now always stored in configuration file.
[2010-01-30] NEW: Explorer context menu entry now realised via dedicated shell
[2010-01-21] FIX: placeholder %_md5audio% now only available for audio formats
tagged with ID3 and/or APE tags.
[2010-01-21] FIX: placeholder %_counter% was not available at action 'Export co
ver to file'.
[2010-01-11] NEW: placeholder %_tool% for TAK now contains used TAK encoder ver
[2010-01-11] CHG: extended profile information displayed in %_vbr% for TAK file
[2010-01-08] CHG: updated TAK decoder library tak_deco_lib.dll to TAK 2.0.0.
[2009-12-24] CHG: user-defined fields are not truncated to 255 characters in MP
4 anymore.
[2009-12-24] CHG: now displays technical information of the first audio track i
n MP4 (instead of the first track).
[2009-12-20] FIX: menu 'Edit, Select all files' only worked if file list had fo
[2009-12-20] FIX: sort indicator in file view was not reset if playlists were l
oaded or files were added.
[2009-12-20] FIX: removing files from filter result caused files that do not ma
tch the filter expression to be displayed.
[2009-12-13] CHG: COPYRIGHT field now maps to MP4 cprt atom.

[2009-12-13] NEW: added field PRESENT keyword to filter for files that contain
a specific field in their tags.
[2009-12-09] NEW: support for reordering files via drag and drop at Tag Sources
[2009-12-07] CHG: adjusted MP4 mediatype mappings to reflect changes in iTunes
[2009-12-04] CHG: SUBTITLE at MP4 now contains what previously was ITUNESPODCAS
TDESC which now contains the long description.
[2009-12-04] FIX: workaround for MP4 files with unconventional avcC atoms.
[2009-12-02] CHG: updated discogs web source.
[2009-12-02] FIX: runtime error when sorting files after filtering with an inva
lid filter expression.
[2009-11-29] CHG: file extension is now not selected when renaming files in fil
e list.
[2009-11-29] CHG: Tag Sources selection dialog now remembers its selection stat
e and sorting of search results.
------------ -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------[2009-11-27] REL: VERSION 2.45a (for Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7)
------------ -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------[2009-11-25] FIX: some MP4 parsers had problems with additional 0x00 at hdlr at
om name.
[2009-11-24] FIX: internal error when last used sorting column was greater than
the total number of enabled columns.
------------ -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------[2009-11-21] REL: VERSION 2.45 (for Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7)
------------ -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------[2009-11-18] FIX: internal selection state was not reset when loading files via
drag and drop (since v2.44a).
[2009-11-15] LNG: Swedish translation reworked by Matthias Stasiak.
[2009-11-08] CHG: removed built-in field mapping from WRITER to COMPOSER at MP4
[2009-11-07] NEW: hex-encoded HTML entities are now also translated in Tag Sour
[2009-11-07] FIX: moving files from one directory to another via drag'n'drop re
sulted in unresponsive program (since v2.44a).
[2009-11-05] FIX: query strings containing equal or ampersand signs did not wor
k with Amazon Tag Source.
[2009-11-05] FIX: undo remove or write tag operations sometimes refreshed wrong
files in file view (since v2.44a).
[2009-11-01] FIX: sorting filtered results displayed files that were not matche
d by the filter expression.
[2009-11-01] CHG: trailing pipe symbol in fields filled by Tag Sources are now
[2009-10-31] NEW: installer and program now digitally signed.
[2009-10-29] FIX: numerical ID3v2 frames TLEN, TBPM and TDAT were always writte
n in Unicode instead of ISO-8859-1.
[2009-10-27] CHG: changed %_total% to be empty if there is no total number of t
racks stored in the track field.
[2009-10-24] NEW: added support for multiline fields (for e.g., Lyrics) in Tag
[2009-10-23] FIX: lines in M3U playlists consisting of blanks only resulted in
the M3U's directory being loaded.
[2009-10-23] CHG: multiple values of fields in Tag Panel are now also listed in
drop-down fields
[2009-10-23] FIX: applying actions on _FILENAME did not always remove invalid c

[2009-10-23] FIX: tag panel was not updated after removing files from file list
(since v2.44a)
[2009-10-18] FIX: dropping directories from optical drives was always interpret
ed as add directory regardless of Ctrl-key state.
[2009-10-18] FIX: action Case Conversion (Sentence) and $caps3 gave different r
[2009-10-17] FIX: importing covers via Web Sources occasionally resulted in err
oneous mimetype containing charset descriptions.
[2009-10-17] NEW: added MATCHES keyword to filter using regular expressions.
[2009-10-17] FIX: dropping cover art to extended tag dialog stopped working (si
nce v2.44).
[2009-10-12] CHG: empty fields from web source are no longer listed in tag sour
ces dialog.
[2009-10-12] FIX: query strings containing question marks did not work with Ama
zon Tag Source.
[2009-10-01] FIX: drag'n'drop of non-audio files resulted in blank line in file
view (since v2.44a).
[2009-10-01] FIX: selection was not preserved when sorting in file view (since
[2009-09-26] FIX: spaces in quoted filter strings were ignored.
[2009-09-26] FIX: occasional runtime error on Export (since v2.44a).
[2009-09-26] FIX: selection state did not update after filtering (since v2.44a)
[2009-09-26] FIX: selecting multiple files via Shift+Arrow keys did not set <ke
ep> to fields with different content in Tag Panel (since v2.44a).
[2009-09-25] FIX: saving tags when using arrow keys/single mouse click did not
work anymore (since v2.44a).
[2009-09-25] FIX: selecting multiple files did not set <keep> to fields with di
fferent content in Tag Panel (since v2.44a).
[2009-09-25] FIX: fixed $loop(%field%) still limited after $loop(%field%,n) at
[2009-09-23] NEW: support for user-defined field name mappings.
[2009-09-23] CHG: updated MusicBrainz web source.
[2009-09-18] FIX: occasional runtime error when writing tags to malformed FLAC
[2009-09-18] CHG: improved status reporting when files are added via drag and d
[2009-09-18] NEW: added *.flc (used for FLAC in some programs) to list of suppo
rted file extensions.
[2009-09-16] CHG: converter 'Text file - Tag' now runs in separate thread with
progress dialog.
[2009-09-13] FIX: fixed resizing issue at convert dialogs.
[2009-09-08] CHG: addressed performance issues when reading OGG files with larg
e metadata values.
[2009-09-07] NEW: filter now supports filter expressions.
[2009-09-07] CHG: filtering is now done in separate thread.
[2009-09-03] FIX: occasional runtime error when removing tags from Ogg Vorbis f
[2009-09-02] NEW: added support for preserving mp3HD correction data.
[2009-09-01] FIX: fixed lost focus after editing via the extended tags dialog.
[2009-08-31] FIX: occasional runtime error when canceling writing operations.
[2009-08-21] CHG: filter now enabled by default.
[2009-08-21] CHG: changed appearance of lists to themed style under Vista and a
[2009-08-15] CHG: removed German help files.
[2009-08-15] CHG: removed Quick Launch Shortcut installer option for Windows 7
and above.
------------ -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------[2009-08-14] REL: VERSION 2.44 (for Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7)

------------ -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------[2009-08-14] NEW: added MusicBrainz Web Source.

[2009-08-14] NEW: added Cover-only Amazon Web Sources.
[2009-08-14] NEW: added F2 keyboard shortcut for editing in Tag Sources dialog.
[2009-08-14] FIX: fixed UI glitches when editing long titles at Tag Sources dia
[2009-08-14] NEW: Windows 7 now officially supported.
[2009-08-13] CHG: changelog now English-only.
[2009-08-12] FIX: fixed problem with entering certain polish characters where A
ltGr (right Alt) key was involved.
[2009-08-12] CHG: improvements for keyboard navigation at extended tags dialog.
[2009-08-12] FIX: action Case Conversion on Vorbis Comments field names did not
take Date, Year, and Organization into account.
[2009-08-11] CHG: added reporting of ID3v2 parsing errors as !BAD ID3v2 in tag
[2009-08-11] FIX: pasting a non-existent directory to the directory switcher re
sulted in a phantom file.
[2009-08-10] CHG: added Amazon API signing.
[2009-08-10] CHG: added *.jpeg to supported file extensions for displaying cove
r art from directories.
[2009-08-10] FIX: fixed wrong splitting of artist names containing slash charac
ters for freedb web search.
[2009-07-19] CHG: workaround for Firefox 3.5 dragged images always reported as
BMP files.
[2009-07-19] FIX: possible runtime error with Ogg Vorbis cover art.
[2009-07-19] FIX: action 'Export cover to file' stopped working (since v2.43b).
[2009-07-19] FIX: command-line parameter /fp on non-existent directory loads al
l tracks of upper directory.
[2009-07-11] CHG: updated used TAK SDK to version 1.1.1.
[2009-07-11] FIX: fields greater than 255 characters were not truncated in MP4
[2009-07-11] NEW: support for cover art for Ogg Vorbis files.
[2009-07-11] FIX: random runtime error when starting Mp3tag with multiple files
from the Explorer context menu.
[2009-07-04] CHG: increased number of possible user-defined tools.
[2009-07-04] FIX: pressing 'Cancel' on write-protected files did not cancel to
complete tag-writing process but only skipped the protected file.
[2009-07-04] CHG: unlocalised strings now defaulting to English.
[2009-07-04] FIX: minor fixes regarding file path canonicalization and validati
[2009-06-30] FIX: removing fields by writing empty values was not possible anym
ore (since 2.43a).
[2009-06-28] NEW: support for Musepack SV8.
[2009-06-26] CHG: updated internal value mapping for MediaMonkey rating field R
ATING MM to address changes in MM 3.1.
[2009-06-19] FIX: occasional runtime error while parsing ill-formed UFID frames
in ID3v2 tags.
[2009-06-07] FIX: scripting functions used at 'Replace with' of action 'Replace
with regular expressions' were not evaluated anymore (since v2.43).
[2009-06-06] FIX: action 'Merge duplicate fields' merged all fields instead of
only given one.
[2009-06-06] CHG: action 'Merge duplicate fields' now also takes _ALL as field
name to merge all fields.
[2009-06-05] FIX: overflow with negative values as second parameter for $num sc
ripting function.
[2009-06-05] FIX: action 'Convert codepage' did not work in some cases.
[2009-05-12] NEW: multiple-valued fields can now also be created via 'Format va
lue' actions (values separated by \\).
[2009-05-11] NEW: field %_cover_type% containing cover type of first embedded c

over art.
[2009-05-11] FIX: adding cover art via drag and drop was not possible anymore a
fter modifying tag panel fields via 'Options > Tag Panel'.
[2009-05-11] NEW: multiple-valued fields can now also be created via direct edi
ting in the file view (values separated by \\).
[2009-05-10] FIX: updated discogs.com web source.
[2009-05-09] CHG: preventing accidentally hiding of columns in the file view.
[2009-04-30] FIX: internal changes to prevent runtime errors on invalid file pa
[2009-04-10] NEW: option 'Correct aspect ratio' at right-click menu of cover ar
t window.
[2009-04-08] FIX: previous installation directory was not remembered by the ins
tallation program.
------------ -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------[2009-03-28] REL: VERSION 2.43 (for Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008)
------------ -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------[2009-03-26] CHG: Ctrl+A in Tag Panel edit fields now selects all text.
[2009-03-26] NEW: added support for ALAC (Apple Lossless Audio Codec) informati
on fields (bitrate, codec, ...).
[2009-03-18] LNG: Hebrew language file.
[2009-03-10] FIX: action 'Format value' with $regexp resulted in duplication of
existing dollar signs in value.
[2009-03-09] FIX: text in Tag Panel fields was always selected if panel was res
[2009-03-08] NEW: added functions SayNextNumber, SayNextWord, SayNewline, SayRe
gexp und Unspace for Web Sources Framework.
[2009-03-08] CHG: Genre field at 'Options > Tag Panel > Default values' now edi
[2009-03-03] FIX: aspect ratio was not kept when displaying cover art that exce
eded the size of the cover art window.
[2009-02-28] CHG: internal undo buffer gets reset when changing directories now
[2009-02-28] NEW: keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+Tab and Shift+Ctrl+Tab for fast navig
ation between sub-windows.
[2009-02-26] FIX: overflow at total size in status bar for large archives.
[2009-02-11] CHG: improved performance at creating local freedb indexes.
[2009-02-11] CHG: year field now accepts input longer than 4 characters.
[2009-02-08] NEW: added mappings for WM/AlbumSortOrder, WM/ArtistSortOrder, and
WM/TitleSortOrder for WMA tags.
[2009-02-08] NEW: more size-efficient layout of Tag Panel in horizontal mode.
[2009-02-08] NEW: option to hide the directory switcher from the Tag Panel.
[2009-02-03] LNG: Danish language file.
[2009-01-30] FIX: fixed several issues with handling multiple values for WMA ta
g fields.
[2009-01-13] NEW: notification dialog if files referenced in a playlist cannot
be read.
[2008-12-31] NEW: support for %_total_files% in SearchBy part of Web Sources.
[2008-12-30] FIX: minor UI glitch with line cursor at Tag Sources menu.
[2008-12-30] CHG: extended list of default columns for initial installations.
[2008-12-30] CHG: extended fields Album Artist, Composer, and Discnumber are no
w displayed in Tag Panel (see 'Options > Tag Panel' for configuration).
[2008-12-30] FIX: preview at 'Text file - Tag' ignored blank lines.
[2008-12-30] FIX: TVEPISODE and TVSEASON set by iTunes were not read.
[2008-12-24] FIX: some genres from the extended list of ID3v1 genres were not a
llowed as standard genres in MP4 tags.
[2008-12-24] LNG: Ukrainian language file.
[2008-12-28] LNG: Vietnamese language file.

[2008-12-12] CHG: consistently removing empty tag fields when saving tags now.
[2008-12-05] FIX: column presets were not included in backup via 'File > Save c
[2008-12-05] CHG: column presets are now stored in %APPDATA%\Mp3tag\data\column
[2008-11-30] FIX: improved error handling for 0 bytes sized files.
[2008-11-24] FIX: improved error handling for broken APIC frames.
[2008-11-22] NEW: option to check for updates on program startup.
[2008-11-22] NEW: function sayuntilml for web sources framework.
[2008-11-16] FIX: runtime error while trying to read empty ID3v2 UFID frames.
[2008-11-09] CHG: updated discogs tag source.
[2008-11-06] FIX: lost keyboard focus after removing last cover via extended ta
g dialog.
------------ -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------[2008-10-25] REL: VERSION 2.42 (for Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008)
------------ -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------[2008-10-14] LNG: Belarusian language file.
[2008-10-14] FIX: calculation of bitrate at APE files ignored APEv2 tag size.
[2008-10-14] FIX: cancel option at Tag Sources was ignored when asking whether
existing cover in directory should be overwritten.
[2008-09-26] FIX: undo rename overwrote tag of current visible files in some ra
re error cases.
[2008-09-17] FIX: runtime error when undoing operations for files where file na
me contained percent character.
[2008-09-13] CHG: SHOW and SHOWSORTORDER MP4 tags renamed to TVSHOW and TVSHOWS
[2008-09-13] CHG: memory consumption improvements for large music libraries wit
h cover art.
[2008-08-12] NEW: action type 'Split fields by separator'
[2008-08-11] NEW: tag sources dialogs now with Back buttons.
[2008-08-06] FIX: changing cover to 'Back cover' was ignored at MP4s with Nero
Digital tags.
[2008-08-02] FIX: binary ID3v2 UFID frames were not read and preserved correctl
[2008-08-02] FIX: fixed wrong button state at column configuration dialogue.
[2008-07-30] NEW: support for drag'n'drop of cover art from Mp3tag.
[2008-07-26] NEW: support for padding in Ogg Vorbis files to improve tag writin
g performance.
[2008-07-25] CHG: removing and deleting of files now separated into different m
enu items.
[2008-07-24] FIX: possible crash caused by ill-formatted action files.
[2008-07-16] CHG: installer information is now stored at HKLM or HKCU in Window
s Registry based on user privileges.
[2008-07-06] FIX: minor issues with displaying of error messages.
[2008-07-05] NEW: type and description of cover art can now also be set via the
Tag Sources dialog.
[2008-07-02] NEW: support for Ogg Vorbis files with OGA file extension.
[2008-07-02] FIX: drag'n'drop of cover art from Firefox 3 did not work.
[2008-05-30] FIX: installer ignored different user-defined startmenu folder.
[2008-05-30] FIX: 'Edit > Undo' was not activated in all cases.
[2008-05-30] FIX: fixed possible deadlock situation at action 'Remove fields ex
[2008-05-28] FIX: playcounter of ID3v2 POPM frame was written to the wrong byte
[2008-05-27] NEW: context menu for cover-related functions now also available a
t the extended tags dialog.

[2008-05-18] NEW: scripting functions $meta(x), $meta(x,n), and $meta_sep(x,sep

[2008-05-18] CHG: fields with multiple matching values are now displayed indivi
dually at the extended tags dialog also for multiple files.
[2008-05-17] FIX: progress bar showed wrong status in some cases when reading m
ultiple directories from Explorer.
[2008-05-17] FIX: runtime error under Windows Vista at accessing MP3 files that
have been moved outside of Mp3tag.
[2008-05-17] FIX: horizontal scrollbar wasn't displayed after changing columns
on some systems.
[2008-05-17] NEW: description of cover art can now be changed via the context m
enu of the cover art display in the main view.
[2008-05-17] NEW: type of cover art can now be changed via the context menu of
the cover art display in the main view.
[2008-05-17] NEW: type of cover art is now displayed in the main view.
[2008-05-17] CHG: open and save dialogs are resizeable now.
[2008-05-10] FIX: arrow symbol for helper menu at 'Tag - Filename' was not disp
layed on some systems.
[2008-05-06] CHG: handling of Ctrl+A in edit fields to select all text.
[2008-05-06] CHG: linebreaks in multi-line edit fields now via Ctrl+Return.
[2008-05-04] NEW: added _FOLDERPATH filtering option.
[2008-05-04] CHG: filtering by _PATH uses the complete file path now.
[2008-05-04] FIX: deleting files with Ctrl+Del sometimes only removed them from
the file list.
[2008-05-01] FIX: some actions created empty tag fields if applied to non-exist
ing tag fields with the same name.
[2008-05-01] CHG: linebreaks in ID3v2 comments now CR LF (0x0D 0x0A) instead of
0x0A for compatibility reasons.
[2008-04-22] CHG: Mp3tag now ignores the tag alter preservation flag in ID3v2 f
------------ -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------NEW: new feature
CHG: change
FIX: bugfix
------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------