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The Scarlian

Volume 64


March 2015

Seasons Bleatings from Our Village Shepherd

The New Year cycle starts in July when we make a very important decision-the choice of the ram.
This year we decide to try 2 (good?) rams from a flock near Louth. Our 4 ewes Em, Sally, Bea and
Amy journey there mid July, and are ready to return 3 months later after being scanned. Em and
Bea are carrying twins, Amy a single and Sally has not taken so she'll stay on at a nearby farm;
hopefully she'll take this time.
All 4 ewes are back home mid November ready for lambing in December and January. We still
don't know about Sally because she's not been scanned. In the last 6 weeks prior to birthing the
ewes get their extra protein and vaccinations. When they start to " bag up" we bring them into the
barn into their clean birthing pens. We look in every 4 hours during the day and every 6 hours
during the night till we get a result.
On Sunday 14th December Em births 2 ewe lambs with no assistance. We call them Claire and
Gabby because we were watching BBC TV Sports Personality that night. Both are fit and each
weigh 5.5 Kg- a reasonable size. One week later, Amy births a single ram with some assistance.
He's slow to feed so we milk colostrum from the ewe and feed him by stomach tube. An hour later
he's feeding himself and looks good. Gary (Gary Lineker!) weighs in at a very healthy 6.5 Kg. A
good start!
In early January Bea doesn't look too good and it is no real surprise when she births 1 dead lamb
and 1 small ram who, despite our best efforts, barely survives a day. After our great start that's a
real setback but as folk keep telling us, if you have livestock you will always have dead stock.
But then, a real surprise from Ruby who is barely a year old. While the ewes were away Will, our
shearling ram, got in with the lambs and tupped Ruby before we got to him. On 7th January She
birthed a small dead ram and a ewe lamb, Peaches, weighing in at 4.5 Kg. She was named by our
grandson, William (sound familiar), because he says Ruby is his sheep!
All are doing well; Gary was 33 Kg at 8 weeks and the 2 ewe lambs 30 Kg and should be ok for the
first show of the season at Newark in May. Peaches is some way behind but may be ok for
showing later in the year.
As for Sally, she may be pregnant, but even at this late stage we are still unsure because she's
always had a large deep belly. Her date could be 23rd March, so here's hoping for a good
conclusion to lambing.
At Newark we intend to show a shearling ram (Sparky- named after the vet), a ram lamb (Gary), 2
shearling ewes (Rosie and Norma) and 2 ewe lambs (Claire and Gabby). Expectations always
massively outweigh reality but we're optimistic that this could be a good year (you've heard that
before!) Dave Betts

The Library Access Point (LAP)

Well we are up and running and have 36 members mostly it is
working well although we did have a LAPse of service on the 26th
February! If you arrived after 7-30 you would have thought we
werent there. We did not discover until we came to leave that we
had been locked in after Kick Boxing Whoops.

Opening Times
Thursday 26th March 7-00 to 8-30
April Saturday 11th 10-00 to 12-00 and Thursday 23rd 7-00 to 8-30
May Saturday 9th 10-00 to 12-00 and Thursday 28th 7-00 to 8-30
June Saturday 13th 10-00 to 12-00 and Thursday 24th 7-00 to 8-30
July Saturday 11th 10-00 to 12-00 and Thursday 23rd 7-00 to 8-30
We hope to offer some school holiday activities during the summer and hope to open more on a
regular basis. Perhaps an early evening to capture our younger readers, though all we really need
is lots of books with their names in the title. Also we would like to offer an additional weekend time
but need some inspiration/ideas from you. I have become aware how busy most people are on a
Saturday morning. Please let me know what you think.
Tea/Coffee/Biscuits are now on offer every time the LAP is open. Just pop in for a chat even if you
are not a great reader. We will be glad to see you.

Spoonface Steinberg

This was, for me, the most remarkable evening in our amazing community centre to date. Rebecca
Fenwick was the autistic, cancer riddled, dying Spoonface. Depressing or what? Not in the least.
When we were asked to sum up the evening most said, uplifting a few, said, thought provoking.
I said joyful - for me it was. Not only did Rebecca bring a joy in living to her performance but also
a sensitive and insightful representation of a child on the autistic spectrum. Youve got it - I loved
every second!

Valentines Dance.
What a great night we had. Complimentary "Luuuurrrrvvve Potion" drink on arrival, a secret recipe
from the Clarkes. This got us all in the mood for dancing to the sounds of "Retro men", who gave a
really fantastic performance. The room was decorated with red helium balloons, some of which are
still in the roof as this is written, and heart shaped bunting, tables had scatterings of rose petals
and love hearts to continue the romantic theme. Each Lady received a red rose and the Gentleman
had chocolates, or at least some of them did, I never saw mine. The buffet meal had a selection of
tasty cold meats, salmon and salad followed by an array of fabulous sweets and cheese and
biscuits. Champagne was available at the bar so the guys could treat their ladies.
Thank you to everyone who helped to make the evening a success, from decorating the
community space, helping with the catering and of course the team who cleared away early the
following morning.
We raised 300, which will be divided up between the Church Fund, Community Centre and
Macmillan Cancer Support.
Thanks Ann & Roger.

The last Saturday in February 2015 was 'Sing

Along to The Sound of Music' evening in South Scarle Community Centre. The film, starring Julie
Andrews and Christopher Plummer, was a huge hit around the world years ago, and now events
are taking place everywhere celebrating the 50th anniversary of its release
Thirty-five people gathered to sing and enjoy a new experience, everyone picking up a carton of
popcorn on arrival, which added to the 'cinema' atmosphere. We even had ice creams in the
intermission, along with biscuits and coffee. The screening was excellent, top quality picture
and sound, which made me think it might be a good idea to have more film events in the future.
Anita Clements and Vicky Aslin, together with Judy and Colin Muirhead, brought a touch of
glamour to the proceedings with their fancy dress costumes. The winner of the quiz was Judith
Murphy of Collingham who won a bottle of wine. 200 + was raised - Roy Turner

Impromptu Pancakes
A late addition to Februarys programme was a Shrove Tuesday celebration. Florence, Judy and
Lyn cooked up a storm and wonderful pancakes were served to all and sundry. The latter being
those who had two, three or even more. It was so successful they have promised to do it again
next year.
Over 80 was raised and every one rolled home with happily full tummies.
Dear Foodbank supporters, the total collected for Dec, Jan and Feb was 49 kilos. This included the
restricted Feb collection due to overflow. So our donations are still increasing. Restrictions are still in
place until the backlog has cleared. The following items would be greatly appreciated for our next
collection. Cartons of Long Life Milk and Fruit juices. Tinned sponge puds, sugar and tinned spaghetti
(not dried) tinned vegs. Instant mashed potato and tinned meat. Toiletries and choc-bars. Further info
can be found on the Newark Foodbank Website. Many thanks, Brian.

Lively, original and talented the
Baghdaddies gave us a foot-tapping treat.
The evening ended in dancing and every
one who attended seemed to have a very
good time.

The editor wishes to apologise for the quality of the

picture of which this was the best of a very poor
bunch not her finest hour.

Newark Patriotic Fund

First of all a massive thank you to South Scarle Community Centre and residents of South Scarle for raising
a total of 179 at the fantastic Pub Night in December. We truly appreciate your support and were
overwhelmed with the support, kindness and enthusiasm shown to the charity, thank you!

Events coming up include Zumbathon on Saturday 28 March 9.30am 1.00pm at Newark Working
Mens Club, 13 Beacon Hill Road, Newark NG24 1NT. Tickets are 10 and you can Zumber for up to 2
hours! Challenge yourself, come along and have fun. Refreshments provided.
We are currently looking for teams of up to 10 people for our Its a Knockout event which will be held at
Park Farm, Wellow NG22 0EJ on Saturday 20 June. The cost is 300 per team (30 each participant); all
money raised will go to Newark Patriotic Fund. This will be a huge event, with live band, food, bar etc.
Please contact me if you Scarlians would like to form your own team or if any individual would like to join
another team (great for team building and personal development, and yes, I am taking part!).
We have also started a craft group called Craft & Chatter; all items made are sold to raise funds for the
charity. If anyone would like to support us by crafting items for sale or donating craft materials please
contact me, your generosity is always appreciated.
If any businesses or individuals would like to link up and support Newark Patriotic Fund, I would be very
pleased to hear from you.
Again, thank you all for your support. Maureen Haley McDonald - Fund Coordinator, Newark Patriotic Fund
.Tel: 07860 942904 email: coordinator@newarkpatrioticfund.co.uk Website: newarkpatrioticfund.co.uk

Bean and Beer Casserole with Dumplings

For the casserole:

For the dumplings:


75g vegetable or other suet

1 onion, sliced

1 dessert spoon of grainy mustard

2 sticks of celery, chopped quite small

Pinch of mixed herbs

2 medium carrots, chopped quite small

150g self raising flour

425g tin of mixed beans, drained and


Half teaspoon salt


410g tin baked beans

Serves 4
1 dessert spoon mixed herbs
250ml Guinness/stout or other beer
250ml vegetable stock made with a whole
stock cube Salt and pepper
Fry the onion, celery and carrot in a casserole or large saucepan for a few minutes until onions are soft
and the veg is starting to soften.
Add the mixed beans, baked beans, herbs, beer and stock.
Add a little salt and pepper.
Bring to boil and let bubble gently uncovered for about 10-15 minutes until the carrots are soft.
Meanwhile, make the dumplings by mixing all the dry ingredients together then adding the mustard and
enough water (about 4 tablespoons) to make soft dough.
Divide the dough into roughly 8 pieces and roll each one into a ball.
When the casserole has done it's bubbling, pop the dumplings on the top and cover with a lid.
Simmer like this for 12 more minutes. Serve and enjoy!
For the meat eaters I like to add some chopped and gently fried chorizo, or other cooked sausage after
serving. Mel

South Scarle Community Centre Community Champions

Do you use the Lincolnshire Co-op (in Collingham)? Are you are member with a dividend card? Have you
signed up to help your Community Champion? If not, sign up and you will help raise money for South Scarle
Community Centre without doing anything else.
Community Champions is the Lincolnshire Co-ops way of sharing their profits with the community. As
accepted participants two years ago we gain two levels.
Firstly, every three months a new charity or community group is given the chance to become the local instore champion. This means every time members purchase goods the in store Community Champion will
Secondly, if you have a dividend card and are a Lincolnshire Co-op member you can help even more by
visiting WWW.lincolnshire.coop/communitychampions and select the CHOOSE MY COMMUNITY
CHAMPION option. If you follow the steps online, and select SOUTH SCARLE COMMUNITY CENTRE to
receive your portion of the Community Champions fund, then every time you shop it will receive a donation.
This does not affect your dividend at all. If you have any problems signing up just telephone 01522 781135
Thank you for signing up look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves.

Dennis Sutton
Many readers of the Scarlian will remember my father Dennis who sadly passed away in January this year
age 94. Dennis assisted me in training a band of bell ringers here in South Scarle between 1991 and 2000.
I had moved into the village in February that year and within a couple of days the Church warden Barbara
Maudlin had approached me, (she had earlier asked my wife if we where church goers, and she had let on
that I could ring) and asked if I could help. She explained to me that the village had recently spent a great
deal of money in getting the village bells restored. The project had been finished in September the previous
year and the villagers where desperate to hear them rung. We had our first practise on June the 3 that year
when 18 villagers turned up, all those who wanted to have a go. By the end of the month that number had
been reduced to about 8 people but this group were really keen and fast progress was made. Although a
member of the Lincoln Guild of bell ringers Dennis was elected as a Non-Resident life member of the
Southwell Diocesan Guild in 1991 because of the work he did here in the village.
Apart from his bell ringing Dennis was a frequent visitor to the village he was often spotted in the village
taking his grandchildren for walks, shopping at the farm shop, stopping to talk to Walter or Bob, or attending
Evening Song at the church.
When the village launched a major fund raising campaign to repair the church roof, Dennis using his
auctioneering skills helped to raise over 1500 in a village sale at Beeches farm in 1995.
During the nineties I, am sure dad knew more people in the village than I did.
As a tribute to Dennis. Florence, myself and Martin with Ian & Paul from Winthorpe rang a quarter peal of
Grandsire Doubles on the 15 of January in his memory. Many thanks to all of you who sent cards or
expressed condolence. Richard

Wheelie Bins of South Scarle Unite You have nothing to

lose but your trash!
Its bin fun! Those windy Thursday and Friday nights when our humans
have put us out early or collected us late but I have to warn you our
cover has been blown. Naming no names but one of our number (you
know who you are) was found on her back, lid clacking and giggling by
an early morning dog walker. Now I hear there is a human conspiracy to
stop our fun.
They plan, my spies inform me, to ask neighbours to put us back in our
places if they cant. Gone will be the fun of the groans behind lighted
midnight windows when we wake them up. Gone the liberal sprinkling of
rubbish down the road. We risk a return to plastic boredom.
My advice is to behave for a while lull them into a false sense of
security. Then they will forget to ask their neighbours to put us away so
the mayhem and cacophony can begin again.

South Scarles Secret Army

Very few of you, I am sure, are aware of the little band of covert
operatives who work with stealth and poly bags to keep our
village litter free. One of the most dedicated of these is Judy and
she sent the Scarlian this picture.
From Judy
This barrow full of rubbish was picked up from both sides of the
road from the bus shelter corner to Hill Farm on the Collingham
Road, on Friday 20 March. Nearly all thrown from cars and
bikes I would say. There were also some tiles and empty tins of
paint which I could not get in the barrow, not to mention the
television in the ditch. Judy

We cannot stop irresponsible people, who pass through, from polluting our home but perhaps we all could
assist our Secret Army by picking up litter as we walk by. I know they would value the help.

Dates for your Diaries





Friday 3 April Pub Night 7-30 to 11-30 Entry Free

Friday 1 May Pub Night 7-30 to 11-30 Entry Free

A Theme for the dressing up Fiends When we
were Young ordinary folk are welcome too.


Saturday 11 April Coffee Morning 10-00 to 12-00

May Fair Collingham's great family day out

Bank Holiday Monday 4 May, 12 noon to 4pm,
Collingham and District Cricket Club. Free entry.
Refreshments available Picnics permitted
Master of Ceremonies: Melvyn Prior of BBC
Radio Lincolnshire.


Saturday 25 April
Doors & Bar 7-00 p.m.
Performance 8-00 p.m.
Tickets call:
07515 382 323


Saturday 9 May Coffee Morning 10-00 to 12-00

Adults 8
Under 14 4-50


Saturday 16 May

Shes Back

Suitable for age 12 +

The welcome return of

Rodeo Jo
You loved Unmythable dont Myth this!

More details nearer

the time from Blaise.

You Mythed Unmythable dont Myth this!

If you missed her last time dont do it again!


Saturday 23 May 9-00 am


A Prayer Breakfast to Celebrate St Helenas Day.

All Welcome info from Florence 892056


Friday 5 June Pub Night 7-30 to 11-30 Entry Free


Sunday 31 May

Tractor Run


Saturday 13 June Coffee Morning 10-00 to 12-00

Great fun, a real

Bacon Butties.
What more could
we ask?


Saturday 20 June BBQ more details later.

Come and watch its great. Info. from Florence


Mrs. Barbara Nicholson, who lived in South Scarle for many years with her
husband Nick, died peacefully in Sussex on 3rd March, aged 96. Her son Tony Nicholson thought
many of you who remember her would want to know.
The FloMo Garden Produce Stall
Where? At Mos drive end opposite Florences When? Whenever we have excess plants/veg/flowers/stuff
Just wander by from mid April on and have a look!
Why? Because we hate waste. Because we raised over 70 last year for the Community Centre from your
To start plants: Tomatoes. Peppers, Cucumbers, Courgettes, Bedding Plants (maybe) Donations this
year will be 50/50 SSCC and St Helenas Church Fabric Fund

Your Post Office - South Scarle Post Office Open 9am to 12 noon
Tuesdays and Thursdays Tel 01636 892003
At Your Post Office You Can:
Buy Euros over the counter - Order any currency for the next day

Access YOUR OWN BANK (all banks now available) via South Scarle Post Office:
So you can - Draw out cash - Pay in cash - Pay in cheques

All the above and More! You Can:

Buy Premium Bonds - Post letters and parcels to UK and Worldwide -Receive parcels if you are not at home
- Top-Up your mobile phone - Pay bills - utilities etc.

Parish Chairman Supports Newark Hospital.

David Clarke our Parish Chairman hosted a presentation in the Community Centre in support of Newark
Hospital. Hayley Allison, Assistant Director of Operations for the Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Trust,
delivered the presentation.
Hayley together with four of her clinical team explained to villagers just what Newark Hospital has to offer
and the services and procedures they can and cant offer.
Hayley acknowledged that there was a greater need for even more good news stories in the local media and
in response the Trust have embarked on a Road Show to allay the myths and spread the word around the
Newark area to Parishes, GP practices, local groups & other interested parties just how good Newark
Hospital is and what their plans are for the future.
David Clarke, who is also standing as a Conservative Candidate for Collingham in the forthcoming by
election and is a great supporter of the NHS trust said:
Newark has a wonderful hospital together with excellent dedicated staff and offers a first class service and
they should be supported
David is joining forces with Hayley and her team to help spread the word around the Newark area to further
the excellent work they are already doing.

From the Chair - An Explanation

You may remember last year the ongoing planning process for the proposed development on the Redmay
Industrial site within our village, which finally achieved full planning approval, however, not without a lot of
work and meetings between the Local Planning Authority, the architects and an input from myself to fight for
our village.
Since the relevant parish meetings a number of you have asked me to explain what we meant by CIL and
section 106 contributions and what exactly that means for the village: so let me explain:
CIL or to give it is full title Community Infrastructure Levy
Think of this as a tax to be administered on certain planning developments to help fund the infrastructure of
our towns and rural areas, designed to ensure these areas prosper and thrive.
All those benefiting through development schemes make a fair contribution into the CIL pot in what are
sometimes difficult economic times and this contribution in turn benefits the local infrastructure. CIL should
be considered as a local tax a proportion of which must be spent in the locality where it was raised.
For a Local Authority to be able to impose a CIL charge they have to prove they have a gap or financial
shortfall in meeting their infrastructure funding, as is the case with Newark and Sherwood District Council.

Continued on next page

Section 106 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 [as amended]
Commonly known as an s106 agreement, this mechanism is designed to make a development proposal
acceptable in planning terms that would not otherwise be acceptable.
The s106 agreement is often referred to as a developer contribution and can run alongside highways
contributions and CIL contributions and the most common use of imposed s106 contributions is to fund the
LA`s [Local Authorities] affordable housing needs.
So we have it in very simple terms the basics of CIL and Section 106 agreements
Previously only Parish Councils benefited from the CIL contributions that arise from developments whereas
Parish Meetings, such as ours, do not; therefore we were potentially losing out. However, having read
through the various Acts I put a case together and presented this to the Planning Committee at Kelham Hall
and after an initial favourable response and a few meeting later they agreed to fund us 15% of the CIL
contribution or in real terms about 10,000.
Once the Redmay project gets underway this levy will be held by the LA and can fund a project or projects
within our community subject to the relevant approval.
So watch this space...We await the development. David Clarke


Hindsight A bit of an Editorial!

First of all and most important the Oscar moment- Thank you for all the support and appreciative
comments for the Scarlian. Given that I have great fun making it happen I am not at all sure that I deserve
any plaudits.
Second this is meant to be a village voice so what do you want in your Scarlian? I have suggestions but
would love to hear from you. My Suggestions are:

Young Scarlian corner Stories Poems Teenage complaints about the world Just what they
want us to know.
More Recipes please we have a village full of brilliant cooks show off then we can make a
Gardening seasonal gardening advice I need it!
Scarlian history stories from our longest standing residents before the living history is lost.

A list of recommended trades people- I thought we could make a village directory of people we
recommend. When a crisis occurs the yellow pages and the web cannot tell you who is good. I really
want to do this so let me have the details of the people you want to recommend.

South Scarle Recycle A list of things people would like to give away swap or sell

Over to you. The Scarlian is your voice - use it.

Contact the Scarlian

Email: Scarlian@outlook.com email Mo motyler@live.co.uk mail Sunray Main St, South
Scarle NG23 7JH phone 01636 892023. Next Deadline 1st June 2015