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February 2010

Our Church Family

Missional Lesson

Learned a missional lesson from leaving my car

outside last night. (No, it wasn’t stolen.)
Dew covered the car, so I turned up. God’s work is accomplished through
the windshield wipers on. For the next His Church.
ten minutes, as I drove to the church, When only a few do the work, the
droplets of water trickled down the Church gets off course as relates to
windshield. God’s kosmos and, like droplets of
Observations: 1) droplets of water water heading off in another direction,
following the path of previous droplets momentum is slowed. God’s purposes
of water picked up speed/momentum are hindered.
as they joined with droplets along the As we go into this most important
same path; in fact, they almost doubled month with our missions emphasis,
in speed as they joined with other drops; remember it is not only about sending
2) droplets choosing to leave the path others, but a lso about our being
of previous drops slowed almost by half missional in the places we live, work,
their downward movement. shop, and play. Those places are part of
Missional lesson: missions in the God’s kosmos—His ordered plan.
worldwide Church would be a lot more May we be as droplets of water
effective if all of the Church followed following God’s kosmos.
the path Jesus laid out for us to “Go into Blessings,
all the world and preach the good news
to all creation.” (Mark 16:15)
The word “world” here in Mark’s
writing of the Great Commission is
Pastor Doug
from the Greek word kosmos. Kosmos
Executive Pastor
describes something that is ordered,
such as an ordered political system, a
sphere of influence or sphere of friends.
When it comes to missions, it isn’t
what others do; it is what we all do. It I wrote this prior to the January 31
is part of God’s kosmos, His system of presentation of the Senior Pastor
order, that we all go, be and do missions Candidate, Dale Oquist, to you, the
wherever we are. It is not the work of church congregation. Most likely,
the few but of every believer. this is the last one of my letters for
When every believer joins in God’s PCToday, since that will be Pastor
kosmos, following God’s order, like Oquist’s opportunity. It’s been a joy
droplets of water following one another serving you in this way, sharing things
down the windshield, momentum picks that God’s been leading me in.

2 February 2010
IPC Selma

Equipo Vision

IPC Biola

Last month Iglesia Peoples Church (IPC) celebrated their

fifth anniversary.
Today, in addition to their Sunday worship service, the group,
whose goal is to reach out to the greater Latino community,
has three adult Sunday classes and mid-week activities for men,
women, students and children.
But they haven’t stopped there. IPC has birthed outreaches in
two more communities.
IPC Fresno Beginning with a home Bible study in 2007, today IPC Selma
welcomes 50 people at their Sunday evening meetings, under the
direction of Josue Guevara.
Last month IPC Biola began, under the leadership of Jesus
Hernandez. In their first service they had 60 adults and ten
children in attendance. (Several came from IPC Fresno to offer
their support.)
IPC Fresno has also had a tremendous influence through Equipo
Vision (Vision Team – an Amway group for Spanish speakers).
Pastor Terry Townsend (who oversees the IPC ministries) takes
a team of people (his wife Lila ministers to the ladies, Borden
Wry interprets and Josue and Isaias Guevara lead worship), and
shares biblical principles that relate to marriage and family. Then
they hold a voluntary church service on Sunday morning. In 2009
Borden Wry & Pastor Terry Townsend
they ministered in six conferences where over 4,000 people came
to Christ.
IPC now has a national reach as people from 25 to 30 different
states have come to know the Lord, and there are even people
who come from Mexico to attend the conferences.
Pastor Terry remarks, “In over 30 years of ministry I’ve never
seen a year like 2009. It’s overwhelming what the Lord is doing
through the ministry of Iglesia PC.”

February 2010
PCToday 3
Every Day
– Global

After several tours in Portugal with and New Age-type backgrounds who have
LightStream, my heartstrings were tugged, come to Christ in this atmosphere. One of
and gradually I sensed this was where I these is Teresa, who is now leading a Bible
belonged. I felt very strongly about the study. An agnostic/secular couple, João and
needs of young people and the Ana, discovered it was possible to
usefulness of creative/artistic reconcile and heal their marriage
ministries in the process of in Christ and now raise their I have become all
evangelism and discipleship – daughter as a Christian. There are things to all men so
relatively unheard of at the time so many spectacular unspectacular that by all possible
(1983). moments…the things life in Christ
Being t he a r t ist ic t y pes, are made of…a strong sense of means I might save
Lurdes and I never intended to community and a practical meeting some.
be church planters. We began Dale Chappell of needs, both physical and spiritual.
to simply respond to specific (serving with Without the support of Peoples 1 Corinthians 9:22
needs of people around us, both wife Lurdes and Church and people like Pastor G.L.
Christian and non-Christian, son Christopher) Johnson and Pastor Doug Holck
and gradually realized God was listening, encouraging, and praying,
developing a church. A home format came as and the countless prayers and financial
a natural response to the kinds of people we support offered through Peoples Church
were involved with – those who would not people, it would not have been possible to
darken the door of “institutional” formats. stay here for 27 years.
There are stories of people from agnostic

4 February 2010
Eurasia PC Missionaries in Central Eurasia*
With fewer than one follower of Christ for every 20,000 people, we
have one aim: be available to the Holy Spirit every day to share Christ
with someone, and strengthen the work established by national pastors
and churches from Muslim background.
When we came 35 years ago, foreigners were a curiosity, and people
wanted to get to know you. Today Islam is fighting for the hearts and minds
of the people. We take advantage of every opportunity to meet people,
talk with them, pray with them, and do as much as possible through local
believers, which is a new but necessary way for us to walk in a country that
is becoming increasingly Islamized.
We are not discouraged by the Muslim world and the events taking place
there. More Muslims are reading the Bible, watching the “Jesus” film,
tuning into Christian satellite TV, and logging onto Christian websites
than you can imagine. While so many Muslims are embracing violence and
deception, those same things are turning many Muslims to look outside
Islam for an answer that satisfies the emptiness of their hearts - an answer
that is only found in Jesus. And we are the "earthen vessels" where they
often start that search. What a privilege!
Many thanks to the Peoples Church family for partnering with us.
*Due to the sensitive nature of their work, names and exact location have
been omitted. 

February 2010
PCToday 5
Benny DeLaPeña
celebrates 40 years
at Peoples Church
. . . a n d s o m e o f t h e s t a f f s a y, When you
“Thank you!” have Benny for a
friend, you have a
G.L. Johnson, Pastor Emeritus - Very friend who will do
often people look at a church and think anything for you.
of the importance of pastors, singers, Together we have
and teachers. Little do they realize ta l ked, laughed,
the people in the background that are cried and even Benny and Irma
important to the successful ongoing of disagreed. We are
the church. Benny knows more about friends.
and see that it was met, often beyond
the computers, telephones, water lines, Thank you, Benny, for your 40 years
the call of duty.
gas lines, electrical issues as well as of tireless service to Peoples Church,
He was instrumental in planning and
construction factors and a multiplicity for knowing where every pipe, conduit,
setting up the base camp where PC
of other parts of the physical facilities. light switch and load bearing wall are
youth stayed and prepared for ministry
Through the years, Benny and Irma on this campus. AND, thanks for the
and built relationships with the people
have been very close to Jackie and me. gift of friendship. Carol and I love you.
there. He was, and still is, their spiritual
We have observed him under times of
physical incapacities, serious distresses, Dorothy Sigler, Church Operations
Benny has always been a servant and
and frustrations with the facilities. But Administrator - Benny came on staff as
mentor, serving his Lord and Peoples
I have never seen him lose his “cool” or a young man just returning from Viet
Church to the best of his abilit y,
respond with lack of sensitivity. Nam where he had sustained severe
always there with a word of advice and
Some of us are aware of his extreme injuries. Though Benny was f luent in
instruction. I’m proud to call Benny
physical challenges as a result of stepping English, he couldn’t read or write. Our
DeLaPeña my friend!
on two land mines in Viet Nam. We facility manager at that time looked
have seen him face, live with and beyond Benny’s “handicaps” and saw
Willard Neufeld, Facility Manager -
overcome some of these painful and potential. He was right! Benny is a
Over the years that I have been on
frustrating stresses with a deep abiding survivor...many surgeries related to his
staff, we’ve experienced tremendous
faith in our Lord. injuries, completion of night school for
growth in our campus operations.
I must mention his wisdom and his high school diploma (he was class
Benny has worked diligently to keep
insight in his counseling with others. speaker), and serving Peoples Church
the technical part of these operations
His deep concern for hurting people has faithfully as our Facility Manager during
going while encouraging our facilities
been a blessing to Jackie and me, as well much of our growth.
staff to organize data and to learn all
as countless others. M o r e i m p o r t a nt t h a n a l l h i s
we can from him about the workings
We love him and appreciate him for accomplishments is his love for the Lord
of the campus. We thank him for his
all he means to so many of us and hope and his service to others. It has been my
dedication and service.
he will be with us for another forty years. privilege and joy to work with Benny.
Lynne Mushines, Office Administrator -
Doug Holck, Executive Pastor - Benny Pete Gavrilis, Minister for Men - I
Benny can fix anything. He knows what
DeLaPeña is a friend like whom have known Benny for over 30 years.
to do, what to try, and doesn’t give up. I
Shakespeare spoke of when writing, We traveled to Mexico together at least
can go to him with anything – the phone
“Those friends thou hast and their 40 times. His heart for the people and
system, my computer, a broken stapler
adoption tried, grapple them to thy soul the churches we ministered to always
– he does it all! And he’s a phenomenal
with hoops of steel.” amazed me. When there was a need,
friend and encourager.
Benny was usually the first to step up

6 February 2010
t o p rint, ce
t i o n went o n feren Central Valley Weekend of Champions
ica Marriage e Conference
h i s p ublConferencia
M a rriag Matrimonial Freedom Banquet
t ge ed
Since hLFebruary
a ngua 19 p o&s t po-n19
20 y 20 de febrero Find out about prison ministries and how you can
S p a nis a s b e en have a part in spreading the gospel to local inmates.
the h  $85 per couple  - $85 por pareja
 Saturday, February 27
For more information visit our
webpage: www.iglesiapc.com  6:00 pm, Ground Zero
Para más información visite nuestra  Bill Glass, speaking
página de internet: www.iglesiapc.com For tickets contact Tim Moore: 277-1838

Youth Conference 2010

 March 5 & 6
Volunteeers needed to help
with the conference,
donate baked goods for
staff meals and provide homes
for ministry interns.
To volunteer or for
PC student tickets,
contact 298-8001, ext. 270 or

Blood Drive Prayers & Sympathies Memorials

Mark your calendar for the Stephen Davis & family in the loss of his mother, Madison Alberta Janice Stumpf
next blood drive. Marilyn Davis. Von & Sheila Dorris Long
 Sunday, February 7 Terry Gaston & family in the loss of his father, Jimmie Cross
Bob Gaston. William Briggs Klyne Ann Addington
 9:00 am to 1:00 pm
Carol Graham & family in the loss of her father, Richard & Marian Tim & Barbara
 North Lobby William Briggs. Griffin Baloian
Contact Lynne to register: 298-8001, Sandra Hernandez, Ruth Castro and families in Eleanor Hardin Diane Brown
ext. 268. the loss of their father, Antonio Espinoza. Gail Byas
Shirley Lancaster
Marie Byas
Family & friends in the loss of John Hogendorn. Preston & Ellen Streit
Adventures In Drumming Paula Jacobson & family in the loss of her mother,
Camelia Cross
Rose MacAlpine Earl & Jan Giacolini
New session begins the week Tawana Miguel. Louie & Marguery Hazel Johnson
of February 22 for beginning, Laura Newton & family in the loss of her father, Martina Elaine Karmarkovic
intermediate, and advanced Aubert Johnson. Bob & Harriet Lichti
Mabel Mascarenas
(returning) drum students. Debbie Ramirez & family in the loss of her
Jim & Betty Scheidt
Willard & Judie
$120.00 for 7 weeks. husband, Mario Ramirez. Neufeld
Margaret Miller Jeralyn Palmer
Contact Brenda Myers: 930-1784 or Family & friends in the loss of Martha Raught.
Fresno Printmakers Paul & Lavonne
email wegotthebeat@comcast.net. Irene Seaver & family in the loss of her husband,
Guild Prespare
Billy Seaver.
MaryAnn Stumpf & family in the loss of her Marilyn Seaberg Paul & Betty Read
daughter, Janice Stumpf. Ken & Kathy Sharon Reed
Higginbotham Preston & Ellen Streit
Family & friends in the loss of Robert Willis Sr.

February 2010
PCToday 7
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