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Janasha Holmes

Bonnie Tai
Janet Youkeles Assignment
October 15th, 12
Drawing Session & Journal Entry
I was very frustrated with the person who drew this picture. She was being very
stubborn. She was upset about something irrelevant to the task, and I think that
showed through this experience. Some of the things she said in the beginning
were, Does this have to be my best? I cant do my best, and Not all people are
artists. It seemed as she calmed down, she had this image in her head that she
was drawing from. She focused a lot on the trunk perfecting it. She erased and
redrew many lines. But when it came to the branches which are highly branched,
there was no re-thinking. Everything was perfect and had purpose. Even after
analyzing the drawing to see if it was done, she didnt add more lines to the trunk,
only to the branches. Although she said that she didnt want to draw the best tree
she could, she still set standards for herself.
As a teacher, I would have been clearer with my directions. I wouldnt have gotten
frustrated by the drawer asking so many questions or wanting to read my
directions. In the end I made a comment about how her tree didnt have any leafs
and she didnt seem to think that was a problem.
If I was analyzing this from a psychologist point of view, I would have asked
questions like, What kind of tree is this, how old is it, what season is it in, has
anyone tried to cut it down, what else grows nearby, does anybody or anything live
in/on it, who waters the tree? I would look at the trunk, seen as it represents the
persons ego sense of self and intactness of the personality. A tree that bens lasts

through the wind, but one that doesnt snaps, like the ego that is flexible and
healthy lasts through the world. Her tree trunk isnt straight up, its thick and curvy.
No leaves could mean feeling barren, while leaves detached from the branches
mean the nurturing we get is not very predictable. No roots can mean insecurity
and a feeling of not being grounded. The many (in number and size) branches are
the efforts of her ego reaching out to the world for support.
Tree Drawing:
I really didnt like this assignment. I didnt want to draw another tree, especially
one with those qualities. I wanted my tree to look good because it is a reflection of
me and how I think. I also just wanted to draw a quick sketch because I wanted to
get the assignment over and done with. Being a perfectionist, I hold very high
standard for myself. I did and redid the branches of the trees many times.
Well there isnt much I would do differently besides color the tree. But in terms of
this assignment I would chose different words. I dont understand why this
assignement needed to be so touchy-feely. Im tired of talking about my feelings
and hearing other people talk about theirs. I feel like thats so overrated at COA.
Well I wish my instructor would have given me options to chose from. Like have like
a, b, and c each be a list composed of three different words. Have the
artists/drawer chose which set of words his/her tree will embody. This could also
give you insight
And this also gives the drawer the impression that they have a choice in the
assignment. That way the assignment gets done, and the drawer feels good about
drawing their tree. This also will impact the learners potential to draw because

Why a tree? Why not a person or a house? Are we focusing on the ego in this class?