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Ken and Angelica Costing

Christians' Haven

Cagayan Valley Children's Home

A ministry to Street Children and Orphans ofthe Philippines

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To Our Dear Friends,


A little over two years agothe Bureros family had to leave the Philippines and the

ministry of the Cagayan Valley Children's Home. Many ofyou have been faithful to
continue to share inprayer and financial support through these two tough years. The Lord
has been faithful to help the leadership of the Home who hadto take over when we left.
We praise the Lord for His faithfulness and continued help for the leaders of the Home
and those of you who have continued to support the Home.

Unfortunately, because of many different circumstances, the finances of the Home have

greatly dropped. We, and many others, have been praying for the Lord to supply the
needed funds as well as more leadership for the Home. The staffhas done verywell, but

they also wanted more help. Because of the great drop in funds the Home was in great
difficulty. Some serious decisions needed tobemade and quickly. With the help of

Lloyd Selby and the other Board members the board was turned over to local Filipinos
who are very active inthe church and inthe community. Our CEO and school Principal,
Aladino Jove became the head of the Board. It was decided that because of the great

financial difficulty the children in college would no longer be supported by the Home.
Also the high school age children who had parents or other family members to care for
them, would go home to those homes. At the same time the staffwas down-sized to
make it possible to continue to pay the salaries and provide food for the children.
Decisions had to be made about the priorities of the Home and ministry. Noneof these
decisions was easy nor enjoyable, but necessary. We praise the Lord for giving wisdom

and guidance tothe board, even though it is very difficult and we would like for it not to
happen. It has been a very emotional time for all the children and staff as well. Please
keep them in your prayers as they make the needed adjustments and pray for their faith in
this upsetting time, that they will trust the Lord. InIsaiah 55:8 & 9 it says "'For my
thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways', declares the Lord. 'As
the heavens are higher thanthe earth, so are my ways higher than yourways and my

thoughts than your thoughts.' "Even though it grieves our hearts to have tomake some of
these changes, we must trust the ways ofthe Lord and what He is doing. He sees the big
picture, we see a little square.

At the same time as the changing of the Boardand the otherneeded changes the Lord
touched the heart of Ken andAngelica Costing to come in and help at the Home. They
are the directors of Christian's Haven, a home for street children on the southern island of

Mindanao. Ken and Angelica visited the Home several years ago, before starting their

ministry. God burdened them to come and help at the Home. They are taking the
Cagayan Valley Children's Home under their wing totry to help raise funds and keep

them going financially, as well as helping out with the leadership. Since we left the Phil.
(321) 427-4244

66 N. Atlantic Ave. #201, Cocoa Beach, FL 32931


(321) 784-6559

two years ago many have been praying for the Lord to bring other leaders and help to the
Home, including the'staff. The Lord has provided that need in the Costings. They will be
living at the Home for extended periods oftime, and also at the ministry of Christian's
Haven. We arb thankfulTorthem coming along to help out.
I trust and pray that those of you who have been supporting the Home will continue to do
so under the leadership of the Costings and Christian's Haven, and pray that others of you
will again install your support for the Home. I ask that all ofyou will pray for this
transition time and for the kids and staff in this transition time. Even though the Costings
have lived in the Phil, and had a ministry they are not the Bureros's nor do they do all the
same way we did. It will take time and adjustment on both sides. Pray for the funding to
pick up again so that the work can continue and that Christian's Haven will not be brought
dpwn financially as they help the Home.
Personally, I wish very much to go back and to be able to encourage and help the staff
and children at this time, but it is not the time. My heart is still there, and the Lord's
Spirit is there, and He is much stronger and wiser than I am, so I will continue to stay out
of the way and let the Lord do His work. This is His ministry and I must trust it to Him.
This is also very difficult for our family, as many of the children who have had to leave
are the ones my boys grew up with. But they are big and they can survive, while the
young children and babies can not.
Again, I thank you all so much for your years, months, days, of support and prayers and
ask you to continue. Let us praise the Lord together for His great work that He will
continue to do in both the Children's Home and in Christian's Haven as they work
together to help these children in the Philippines and to raise them up in the Lord and
teach them to be servants for our Lord. Praise the Lord that He is faithful, at all times,
and in all His promises. Pray that the staff and children in the Home will remain faithful
and trusting in the Lord and for their strength at this time. Praise God for His marvelous
and unfathomable grace and love. May He richly bless all ofyou.
In Christ's love,
Mary Pruitt Bureros