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The Myth of the Teregond

An Ready to Run adventure set in J.R.R.Tolkiens Middle Earth
Author: John MacDonald Lead Edit/Concept Contributor: Gabrielle Quaglia Lead Edit/Mapping: Steve
Landers Second Edit/Concept Contributor Eric Dubourg Cover Art: Jose Enrique Vacas, Direct
Contributions & Ideas: Sampsa Rydman, Thomas Morwinsky, George Photopolis, Keith Frye, Other
Contributions Members of MERP Fan Modules

Part I

The Myth of the Teregond

Part II

Aervellons Dilemma

Part III

The Battle of Three Armies

This free Roleplaying Game adventure is primarily the work of the author with selected contributions from
the others noted. The author has no relationship with Iron Crown Enterprises (ICE), Decipher Games,
Hasboro or any of the game systems noted. Further the author has no relationship with Tolkien Enterprises,
New Line Cinema or any holder of any copyright or intellectual property rights on the Lord of The Rings or
any of J.R.R. Tolkiens writings. This Adventure was not created for the purpose of economic profit and
should not be copied, sold, or distributed for sale without express permission of the author and all


expressed on a closed or open-ended scale,

using a 1-100 base and percentile dice
(D100). No other dice are required


The Middle-Earth Ready-to-Run Series is

designed for Game-masters who want
adventures which can be set up in a few
minutes and played in a few hours. The
adventures require little or no preparation.


Bonuses: When converting percentile values
to a 1-20 system a simple rule is: for every
+5 on a D100 scale you get a +1 on a D20.
Hits: This concussion hit numbers found in
this module only represent general pain and
system shock. They cover bruises and small
cuts rather than wounds. Critical strike
damage is used to describe serious wounds.
The hit figures shown here are less
important than those used in game systems
where death occurs as a result of exceeding
ones available hits. Should you use a game
system that employs no specific critical
strike results (e.g., TSR Inc.s Dungeons and
Dragons), simply double the number of hits
your character take or halve the hit values
found in this module.

The Myth of the Teregond has five parts.

Sections 1.1 and 1.2 deal with guidelines
regarding the use of the module. Section 2.0
provides pre-generated characters for the
players (which can be used as non player
characters if so desired).
Section 3.0 provides the first standalone
Sections 4.0 and 5.0 contain the follow up
Adventures. Each adventure stands on its
own, although a common theme unites the
Section 6.0 consists of the Non Player
Characters, Encounter and Beast tables.




If you play something other than MERP or

Rolemaster and you do not use a percentile
system, use the following chart to convert 1100 numbers to figures suited for your

The GM should skim each section of an

adventure before beginning play. Then he
can have the players pick pre-designed
characters from those provided in Section
2.0, or he can permit the players to design
their own PCs. (Of course, the GM can
assign PCs.)
Once play ensues, the GM should refer to
the NPC charts found in the adventure
sections and to the Beast Table (Section 6.0)
at the back of the module. They cover the
Beasts and NPCs found in each adventure.





Like the rest of the series, this module is

designed for use with the Middle-earth Role
Playing game (MERP) or the more advanced
Rolemaster (RM) system, but is adaptable to
most other major FRP games. Statistics are






cloak and he considers himself to be a

stylish dresser.


The following chart provides the statistics

for Player Characters that can be used in
each of the three adventures. Statistics are
given for MERP. The GM may wish to
assign his players a character or allow them
to select from the list. Of course, the GM
can utilize the unused PCs as non-player
characters. After all, the players may design
their own characters or employ characters
already in use.
The GM should remember, however, that
regardless of how the players acquire their
characters, each adventure is geared for a
different difficulty level (see Section 1.1).
We suggest PCs tough enough to meet the
Codes: See the NPC stats (page) for an
explanation of the basic codes. The
following is a list of other codes and
abbreviations which might be ambiguous.
Power Points: The number (if any) given in
parenthesis indicates the possession of a
bonus spell item and its bonuses (see
MERP, Section 4.56).
Skill Bonuses: NA, SL, RL, Ch, Maneuver
and Movement in No Armor, Soft Leather,
Rigid Leather, and Chain: 1HE OB, 1HC
OB, 2H OB, Thrown OB, Missile OB,
Polearm OB = Offensive Bonuses for 1-H
Edged, 1-H Concussion, 2-Handed, Thrown,
Missile, and Pole-arms; Dir. Spell=Directed
Spells; Secon. Skill= Secondary Skills.
Languages: Languages are abbreviated by
using their first three letters (see MERP, ST1); exceptions: BS=Black Speech and
Bet=Silvan (Bethteur). The rank for each
Spell Lists: Spell lists are abbreviated by
using the first few letters in each word of the
spell list name; for example, S/L Ways
refers to the Sound/Light Ways spell list.

Valadir Valacirion A 4th level Dunedain

Warrior (Developed from Corsair DPs).
Valadir is a lesser Dnadan (Tergil) from
Annon Baran. He is the son of a small
fishing fleet owner that has no desire to
follow his family business. Valadir longed
instead to journey to the South Seas being an
accomplished sailor.
Balagorn Mablungion A 3rd level lesser
Dnadan Mage (Developed from Corsair
DPs) from Annon Baran. Balagorn is the
son of a lesser Roquan of the Baron of
Girithlin. Balagorn has an unspecified
dispute with his family and will not take an
oath of fealty to the Barons family. Instead
he pursued studies with the Seers of Fornost,
against his fathers wishes. He forsook his
language studies in favour of arms skills,
Culimornir A 2nd level Silvan Elf
Animist. Culimornir hails from the Tower
Hills in the Siragal and is 1600 years old.
His traditional homelands are being settled
by Hobbits and atypically Culimornir has
taken up a wandering life with Mortals to
see the lands of Middle Earth; before finally
sailing to the utter west. He is considered
somewhat of a prankster even by Silvan
Berondur Faramirion a 3rd level lesser
Dunedain Ranger. Berondur hails from Iach
Sarn and received his adolescent training
from the Royal Rangers. He is a fierce
Arthadan patriot and wears a 7 pointed star
(Elendriss) broach proudly.
Eolir (the) Helmoar a 3rd level Riverman
Rogue (Developed from Woodman DPs);
he has left his clan to explore the world.
Eolir is tall for his kind with salt and pepper
red hair and is an expert canoe handler. Eolir
never fit in with his culture as he befriended
Elves, Dwarves, and even a Dunadan.

Norin Blackcloak A 3rd level Dwarf

Warrior of Duneriador. Norin is a Dwarf of
the Broadbeard clan from the Blue
Mountains. He has opted to travel rather
than work the iron mines near flooded
Belegost. Norin is noted for wearing a black

No Armor
Soft Leather
Rigid Leather
1 Handed
1 Handed
2 Handed
Pole Arms
Pick Lock
Disarm Trap
Read Rune
Use Items
Directed Spells
Base Spells
Essence RR
Power Points
Skill 1

PC1 Dwarf

PC2 Lsr
Dunadan Warrior

PC3 Lsr
Dunadan Mage

PC4 Silvan

PC5 Dunadan






















86 pts

98 pts

45 pts

35 pts

60 pts

66 pts

















Handling +25

Caving +20

Sailing +25

Sailing +25

Fletching+ 25

Foraging +25

Skill 2

Semi precious
Assessment +20

Acting +25

Weather Watch

Trickery +35

Rope Mastery

Cooking +25


Heat/Cold +30
Swim -50

Resist Pain
Perception +10

Dir Spell +5
Watching +25

Stalk +10
Bardic +10

Tracking +10

+5 Polearms

Special Items





Spell Lists



Spirit Mastery
Essence Hand
Light Law

Calm Spirits
Surface Ways

Elenriss - Star
of Dunedain
Natures Ways

+10 Pike Non


This adventure can follow the low level

adventures in the Rast Vorn. Additionally,
an Open Town such as nearby Annon Baran
is a unique in Arda as a starting place to
gather Players. It lends itself to mixing
Dwarves, Elves, Dunedain, into one typical
party. Finally the Gamemaster may simply
adjust the complexity of the adventure (s) up
or down to suit his party upon their arrival in

The town is more sedate than the open city

of Annon Baran. The local Militia is 20 men
strong and all 3rd level. The militia is a duty
performed by aspiring men at arms in fealty
to the Baron Girithlin and is commanded by
a Roquen (Knight) of the Barons
Caranthel presents the picture of a secure,
affluent, and peaceful urban dwelling;
unusually so for a small urban area in
Cardolan in the 1640s.

3.0 - Caranthel circa 1640 T.A.

Caranthel is an important urban center in the
Barony of Girithlin a mere 5 miles north east
of Minas Girithlin. The town sits on the
south shore of the Baranduin River but has
never been a large port. The town is too
close to Annon Baran to attract much in the
way of shipping.
The local economy consists of Rivermen
traders peddling wares up and down the
Baranduin, fishing, agriculture, and a copper
mine 20 miles to the east by southeast.
Copper jewellery such as bracelets, neck
collars, and greaves are favoured
decorations of the Rivermen culture. Copper
prices are a mere 75% of prices in locales as
close as Metraith, or Tharbad, offering some
economic opportunity for entrepreneurs.

The Map of Caranthel

1. The town walls are rough motored grey
stone. The walls are 20 feet high and 5
feet thick lacking ramparts. The wall
shows evident need of repair in a
number of spots. They stand straight at a
90-degree angle, but are Easy (+10) to
2. The Gatehouse. The Gatehouse is 2
stories tall. The upper level is the
barracks of the town militia. The
gatehouse is made of the same mortared
stone as the walls, but is in better
condition having been maintained over
the years. Two sets of Iron rimmed
wooden doors protect the entry into the
town, and each has a large iron bar that
can be dropped to secure them. A thin,
iron grate can be dropped down from the
second level to further secure the outer
gate. The passage below the gatehouse
second floor is open to a number of trap

The town has an independent charter from

the Barons of Girithlin. A council of all
freemen property owners lead the town and
are headed by an elected Theyn. Typically
only complex matters of justice are escalated
to the Baron for governance purposes. The
Town pays an annual tithe in Copper ore,
Silver pennies, and foods to the Baron.
The town and near by area is home to some
1200 Eriadorian folk with mixed Dunedan
and Eriadorian heritage. The village is
walled with mortared stone, which is not
typical of all Cardolandrim villages and
towns. However, the towns relative
importance to the Barons of Minas Girithlin
has rewarded it.





doors from above; which can be used to

hurtle missiles and boiling oil upon
attackers. The pass under also serves the
town as a makeshift prison from time to
time as it gives the militia a space to
hold rowdy drunkards, and hose them
The Flopping Trout Inn. The only Inn in
the town; it has a stone foundation and
wooden walls and roof. The Inn is two
stories tall. The ground floor is a large
common room with a double-sided
hearth that connects to the kitchens. The
second floor is a large common room
and two private rooms that sleep 4
persons each. Immediately east of the
Inn is a privy, and bathhouse for use of
the guests. The Innkeepers name is
Durlac. Durlac is a retired soldier of the
Baron of Girithlin and has no family.
His staff is a collection of the townsfolk.
Community Barn. The community
maintains its prize flock of Goral sheep
and small herd of kine in the community
barn to protect the animals from
wandering wolves and Orcs. Horses can
be stabled here for a nominal fee. A
large Chicken coop is in the northwest
corner of the Barn. The smell is rather
sharp at this end of town. ALL activity
is 5 due to the difficulty breathing the
Community herb gardens and orchard.
The town maintains a small orchard and
herbal garden within the town walls.
This is an important source of dietary
supplements, and important trade
commodity for wandering Dwarven
caravans. The gardens are maintained by
the Town Greengrocer at 8 although
locals receive the distributed food and
herbs for free, in exchange for work in
the gardens.
The Merchant Square. All the towns
Merchants are centered in this square
Ferc the Duns Tanner shop and Dry
goods. Leather, canvas, and dried
foodstuffs. Fercs tanning workshop is
(thankfully) outside the town a mile

8. Yuric Riverkin the Greengrocer and

Butcher; vegetables, fruits, and herbs.
9. Berethir the Westernesse; Carpenter
and Cooper. The only pure blooded
Dunedain in town. Berethir is thinking
of moving his family to Fornost Erain in
the next 20 years.
10. Warehouse. The community stores its
harvest and merchant goods here.
11. Theyns home and town hall. The
elected Theyn resides on the second
floor of the town hall.
12. The town pier into the Baranduin.
13. The Daen village. The new home of a
clan of 60 Daen immigrants. The
Croichrir hail from Dunland and have
resided here for 2 years. They have
become peasant workers in the fields
nearby. The town having no room (and
no desire) to allow them into the walled
community has allowed them to build a
traditional earthen walled village near
the main gate. The Clan leader Oyen
Croichrir is a distant cousin of Ferc from
3.1 - The Prologue
The Characters begin at the Flopping Trout
Inn in Caranthel1. The Inn is in an uproar of
local politics. Aeldir the Theyn has
dismissed an important town council
meeting without calling for a vote on a
Town issue.
The local village Tanner and owner of the
dry goods merchant house is Ferc the Dun.
He has come into the possession of a scroll
that describes the dedication of a stone
known as Teregond (Troll-Stone). The stone
was a legacy of the Eldar of Lindon in the
2nd age. The first Edain in Eriador
established the village of Buhr Ruasul, in the
midst of the Tyrn Gorthad, near the stone
with the blessing of Gil-galad. The Towns
history in records dated back to the 2nd age
and the rule of Carlesic the Wise. The town

Refer to the Map 1

became an important Eriadorian Settlement

in the early third age, and was friendly to the
Dunedain rulers. Eothraim immigrants
sponsored by the Barons of Faerdor
reinvigorated it during the three Kingdoms
petty wars.

The Teregond is a white holy stone of the

Eldar. It casts a constant 1st level Bless
(Channeling) in a 5 Mile radius and a 10th
Level Cancel Evil Channeling in a 2 mile
radius. Additionally there are Runes of
Power inscribed upon the stone - in
Tengwar that cast a 20th level
(Channeling) Sign of Fear and Warding
against Trolls in a 50 Mile radius. All
Trolls who fail a RR must flee back to the
Trollshaws. Evil PCs, NPCs and Orcs
must save the same signs, but only at 3rd
The presence of this stone is a major
reason that Trolls never infested the downs
of Tyrn Gorthad (Hothad) and is a further
reason that The Warlord moved his Troll
army to Creb Durga. The stones presence
has prevented migrations of further Trolls
to Creb Durga and explains why Orcish
hosts act as the beasts of burden of meagre
supplies from Angmar.

The Teregond is rumoured to cause Trolls to

turn to stone; day or night. Ferc proposes
that the town sponsor an expedition to
relocate the stone to Caranthel.
Aeldir the Theyn, thinks the scroll and the
stone are a fools errand. He has been
pressing the Baron of Girithlin to help
rebuild the town walls.
The Player Characters should be able to
gather the details of the dispute rather easily,
as locals are vocal about their support of
both sides of the issue; and the locals are
split evenly.
Ferc has resided in the town for 7 years and
has been at odds with the Theyn many
times. Ferc is also well known as the
sponsor of the Daen immigration to the edge
of the town, and is distantly related to the
Daen clan that resides there. Ferc, in reality,
is an Angmarim sympathizer; he gathers
Arnorian artefacts to be destroyed, or locked
away forever from enemies of the
Angmarim under instructions from Carn

Ferc the Dun will enter the Inn and loudly

protest the Town hall decision. He will
vocally proclaim that the Theyn is
misguided and that the town should seek
men and funds from the Baron Girithlin to
support an expedition to find the mythical
stone the Teregond. The people deserve
the protection, and it is their inherited
right being good citizens of the kingdom of
the North.

A study of the scroll by Lore masters in

Sindarian will reveal that this ancient stone
was an Eldar artefact that shared properties
with other Stones found in Eriador. The
Three Fools Stone south of Amon Sul, the
Fimond (Dead-bane-stone) in the Pinnath
Cerin and the 3 Farthing stone in the
Siragale were related artefacts that were
granted to communities for strategic

The opposition townsfolk attempt to shout

down Ferc. Many will try to interrupt
Fercs speech supporting the Theyns
position; money and taxes should be
allocated to rebuilding the town walls.
Especially since the migration of Trolls and
Orcs into the Creb Durga a mere 3 days
ride south and east. The stone is merely a
fools errand!

Stats for Ferc the Dun and Aeldir the Theyn

are contained in section 6.0.

Ferc will loudly proclaim that if the Theyn

and his supporters are not interested in
spending money to save the townsfolk he
will, from his own resources to the loud
cheers of many supporters.

Gamemaster Note

about the properties of the stone (size,

weight, location). The maximum amount
Ferc will offer up front will be 75 silver

Gamemaster Note
At this point the Innkeeper will quietly
approach the Players. He will suggest that
he suspects that they are professional
Treasure seekers by their ironmongry
and being one himself many years ago. He
claims he ... supports the Theyn, but Ferc
is well intentioned and gives often to the
community. He asks the Players if he
could arrange an introduction to Ferc.
Ferc is a bit of a nuisance at times, and
there is no denying he wears his heart on
his sleeve. I can understand the Theyns
position, but .. if Ferc as got the true
goods theres no reason our town should
go a wanting. If Ferc is prepared to fund
a party I can support him in so far as
setting up a meeting with men of the
The Innkeeper does not know of Fercs
role with the Angmarim. He can offer - if
questioned knowledge of Fercs distant
relationship with the Daen villagers.
He cannot offer an opinion as to why the
Townsfolk are not prepared to go
themselves, other than to suggest that
people have lives to live and no one wants
to brave the wilds when he has a family to

Ferc will offer 25 Gold Pieces for the

successful relocation of the Teregond stone
to the village of Caranthel.
In order to do this he strongly suggests the
Players will have to be equipped with a team
of horses and a wagon. Ferc will not
volunteer to provide this but he will arrange
a down payment against the sale to the
Players for 60 silver pieces from a local
farmer (which is the upper limit of what he
is prepared to advance them in the first
place). The total expense will be about 160
silver pieces; however it will be agreed that
it can be sold back at a nominal loss.
The wagon is fairly old is just capable of
hauling 600 Lbs with any certainty that it
wont break apart at the joints. The light
horses are not in much better condition and
the Players may have to dip into their own
resources to purchase a good supply of
nutritious feed for the horses (about 10
silver pieces for a 2 week supply).
If the Players opt to forgo the wagon and
horses, Ferc will question their commitment
to see the good people of Caranthel get
their due. The Players will have to make an
Extremely Hard (-30) Interaction and
Influence roll to convince Ferc otherwise.
He will consider looking for other

3.2 - Meeting Ferc the Dun

Ferc will meet the Players in his Dry good
shop the next morning. The shop is located
at 7 on the Map and is distinguished by a
portrait of a largish Black Bird atop a tanned

If the Players question Ferc, or other locals,

about his ability to absorb this expense, they
will be reassured. Ferc has profitable
relationships with Dwarves of Duneriador,
and most of the Barons men at arms. He has
previously given this amount to the town
annually in community service. Ferc even
hints that he is able to recover some of his
expenses from my friend on the hill;
inferring the Regent Baron Girithlin. The
majority of his funds are in fact from the

Ferc will offer 1 Silver Piece per-player perday for a journey to the Ruins of Buhr
Ruasul. The journey should take
approximately 12 days (24 return) being
300 miles (plus or minus) as the crow flies.
This assumes the Players will average 30
miles per day in a slow ride on trails and
across the downs. The trip can be as little as
6-8 days if the Players push. Ferc will offer
half up front on the basis of a pledge and the
remainder upon return with information

Ferc will also offer them the following

2 weeks trail rations (preserved) at no
Rope, packs if necessary
The Map with the approximate location
of Buhr Ruasul and the scroll that
describes the dedication.

Gamemaster Note
Once Ferc is done with the Players he will
immediately arrange a meeting with the
Daen clan chief outside the walled town.
Ferc will arrange for a equal number of
Daen Scouts lead by the Clan Leader (a
Bard) to follow the Players on their
journey. He will provide the Daen Bard
with a lodestone specifically attuned to the
Rune on the Map and Scroll. This
lodestone will act as a true finding stone
of direction so long as the Players are
within 30 miles and carrying the scroll.
He will also provide the Bard with one
further scroll that casts a spell to try to
neutralize the stone. This scroll was also
once in the possession of a renegade Seer
of Arthedain and this is how Ferc came to
learn of the existence of the Teregond.
The Daen party will shadow Players all the
way to Buhr Ruasul.
Statistics for the Bards are located in
Section 6.0
The Bard (and Scouts) instructions are to
follow the Players until they locate the
Teregond. Then the Bard is to eliminate
the Players and cast the scroll spell against
the Teregond.
This indirect approach to the stone leads
Ferc to feel confident that the stones
properties of warding will not cause the
Daen Bard and Scouts to flee.
They plan to further assist an Angmarim
Priest complete a complex ritual of
desecration of the stone to permanently
neutralize it, and then proceed to raise a
Barrow Wight in the ruins of the Village.

Gamemaster Note:
The Map with the location of the town of
Buhr Ruasul contains a potent Rune.
Hidden within the text.
The Rune is Sheer Folly (-50) to detect
without using a Detect Essence spell; and
even with the Detect Essence it is Very
Hard (-20).
It casts a 5th level Sign of Evil Deception
upon the reader of the map. Unlike a spell
upon Rune paper, the Sign does not
The Spell should be treated as the 5th level
spell Suggestion from the MERP Spell
list Spirit Mastery (appendix A4.1 MERP
rules). The duration is perminant.
Players should be asked to roll a resistance
verses a 5th level Essence attack, but they
should not be told the results. Alternately
the Gamemaster could conduct the
resistance rolls in secret.
The Runes effect is to cloud the judgement
of the Players when they finally find and
confront the Teregond. Instead of seeing
the stone in the holy and preserved
condition as it exists, the Players will see a
burnt and desecrated stone in the manner
and desire of the Angmarim.
The Players who check on the map with
any regularity should be forced to re-roll if
they passed in the first instance when
reviewing it in Fercs company. The
Gamemaster should carefully note which
player has custody of the map, who
navigates for the party, and how often they
refer back to the scroll and map.

3.3 -The Road to Buhr Ruasul

The road to Buhr Ruasul is largely northeast
across the northern downs of Cardolan.
The Girithlin downs are a bleak landscape
with few noticeable features. It is
reminiscent of a dessert in a northern
climate. The eroded hills, tors, crags, and
bleak grass blends into a monotonous
journey. Once per day the Gamemaster may

Ferc will wish the Players success and hopes

to see them in a fortnight.


request a resistance roll against a 1st level

stun for 1d20 rounds, as the players might
suffer horizon hypnosis.

possibility of being stalked/attacked given

the advantage of the lodestone. Their
Movement and Manoeuvre roles to avoid
traps and ambush should be Routine (+30)
as well.

The Players may opt to head northerly

towards Iach Sarn, or southerly to Metraith.
The southerly route is not recommended as
it takes the Players close to Creb Durga, and
even Ferc would suggest this is sheer folly.

If the Players are successful in ambushing

the trailing party, the combat scenario
described in section 3.5 can be moved up.
The Daen leader will attempt to utilize the
scroll for protection, and they will fight to
eliminate the Players party. Aflith (section
3.5) will react to the players at half the
suggested bonuses being able to perceive the
battle from afar.

In either case the properties of the map and

scroll will allow the Daen Party to follow
the Players. The Daen will camp and try to
maintain a 15-mile distance from the Players
party as a general rule.
During the journey to Buhr Ruasul the
Gamemaster should check for random
encounters along the way. The Charts from
the Iron Crown supplements or those in this
adventure in section 6.0 can be used.
Every second day the Players should receive
a Perception role to detect if they are being
followed. The Roles should start at Absurd
the first check, and get progressively one
category easier (Sheer Folly, Extremely
Hard, Very Hard, etc,). They should be
further modified by Weather Conditions;
generally for the negative unless it is a clear
calm day. If the Players have a Ranger or
Elves with them, the roles for this character
should start one category better; i.e. Sheer
Folly. If any of the Players were able to
detect the mysterious properties of the map
earlier their roles should start as Very Hard,
and become progressively easier.

Generally, given the level of the players they

will be very hard pressed to surprise the
Daen party unless they role extremely well.

The Gamemaster can communicate this as

the feeling of being followed or the
consistent dust cloud behind the Players
party clues them into the fact that they are
being pursued at a moderate pace.

3.4 The Ruins of Buhr Ruasul

If the Daen party is detected, stalked, or

attacked, they will maintain discipline and
flee the fight. Being on average some 15
miles back, the Daen party will not worry
about loosing the Players and can
comfortably drop back as far as 30 miles a
days journey. The Daen party should get
Routine (+30) Perception roles to detect the

Buhr Ruasul is an ancient Eriadorian village

now in ruins in the Barony of Tyrn Hothad
(Gorthad). The Village is located some -100
miles south of Amon Sul on the river Nen-ISul. The name Ruasul literally means ford of
Sul in old Eriadorian. This village was the
one place in all of Northern Cardolan where


the river Sul could be easily forded south of

the Menatar Romen.

also know the legend; Carlesic was a friend

and ally of the Noldor of Eregion, as well as
a client king of Gil-galad. . If the Players are
unfamiliar with the legends merely
mentioning their destination to anyone on
the road will trigger a response.
In any event the Gamemaster should take
some efforts to communicate the legend and
the name of the hero as a clue for future

In the 2nd age the village was home to an

Eriadorian folk hero Carlesic the Wise.
Carlesic and his people fought with the
Elves of Lindon against the Sauronic
invasion of Eriador. The clan was also
related to the Eriadorians of Nothva
Rhaglaw to the North.
The Legends of Carlesic is common folklore
of the Pinnath Cerin. It is also a common
tale in Cardolan and is retold as the Death
of the Owl (a fable almost as famous as
Camelot or the Akallabth the

The Town is in ruins as indicated on the

map. This appears to come from age and
abandonment and not from sack and war as
there are not usual suspect burn and slash
tell-tale signs are missing. Rather this town
is simply fading into the landscape. The
town ruins map highlights a few important

The Players of Cardolandrim culture would

have a 75% chance of knowing it. Elvish
Players with any History Lore skills would


provisions. There are 5 boar piglets that

have no fighting ability.
5. The Clan Great House is built on a small
rise in the village. The ceilings are 12
feet tall and the hall is 90 feet long (30
yards). It was rather unusually built in
front the barrow of Carlesic. However,
the legend of Carlesic suggests that he
would arise from the dead to protect his
In the very midst of the Great house one
can clearly see a large White stone
peeking out of the roof and additionally
supporting timbers along the side. The
Great House was built as a shrine
around the Teregond and it is obvious
from any distance within a half mile.
6. The old stone fort which guarded the
River Fording. The tower is crumbling
apart and there is a cumulative 10%
chance per round that a player will take
a C Crush Critical from a falling
stone. The mortar has weathered beyond
repair and a good strong wind will
knock it completely over one day soon.
The inside of the tower has hallowed out
up to the roof level, although a broken
50 foot wooden ladder remains visible
under loose rubble. The wood is
excellent for kindling wood as it has
been sheltered from the elements.

Gamemaster Note:
Players affected by the Rune of Deception
will perceive the village very differently.
They will see a village sacked in war with
Flames and smouldering ruins barely
Additionally, as they approach the great
house they will perceive a large Crebain
(Gorcrow) atop the sooty blackened stone
staring at them in a very hostile manner.
This description should be presented to the
players afflicted with the Rune of
Deception separately, and discretely from
those Players that are not.
1. Two obvious campsites. The ground has
been trampled and the grass is dead in a
30 Foot radius. Close investigation will
yield one obviously Orcish dagger, half
buried in the ground in the north most
campsite. Ranger Path-Lore Spells, or
an Easy (+20) perception roll will
determine the campsites are a few days
old. The ground has died out cursing
the Orcs presence.
2. The walls of the town have almost
disappeared. The timbers are 12 feet tall
on average and are bound and mortared
together with limestone plaster. Any
player touching the limestone will suffer
an A heat/burn critical for the
Limestone has become chemically
active in age and is slowing eating away
the town walls.
3. The remains of a black smithy still
nearly intact. The anvil, hammer and
tongs are extremely rusted. With a
tremendous effort in scrubbing they
could be reclaimed and would be worth
something. The forge is still usable.
4. The remains of the White Owl Inn. The
Inn is long abandoned; however a
female sow (wild boar) has made her
home in the ruins of the Inn in the past
week. She is very aggressive within the
inn and will attack to protect her litter.
Stats for the female boar are in section
6.0. The boar may be source of rations if
the Players have poorly planned their

3.5 - The Teregond

The one structure that remains relatively
intact is the Great house built around the
stone. The Players should be drawn explore
given a glance at the map. The magic of the
Eldar and the Teregond have preserved this
Inside at the centre of the Great house is the
Teregond! It supports roof timbers, and with
a hole dug into the floor, is a 15-feet tall,
smooth, and tapering White Rock. It closely
resembles an Iceberg afloat at sea. The stone
is some 18 feet tall, with slightly less than
one third of it buried into the ground. The
stone weighs 2 tons 4000 pounds (or
more) and cannot be removed by the Players


with the equipment at hand. This should be

made obvious to the Players.

Players may attempt to Influence the Owl

again after 8 hours, or the conclusion of the
battle (if appropriate).

Atop the stone is perched a While Owl. The

Owl is awake and blinks at the Players. The
Owls statistics are contained in Section 6.0

For anything but an Absolute Failure result

Aflith will attempt to test the awareness of
the Players regarding three items:

Gamemaster Note:
Firstly, are the ... Players aware they are
being followed by a war party bearing a
scroll of great power?
Secondly, are the Players aware of the
attempts of Dark Priests to desecrate the
holy stone, and raise a Wight in the barrow
of Carlesic?

The Owl will only respond if spoken to

directly. The Owl will respond in Sindarian
firstly, otherwise it will respond to the
Players in an ancient Edain Tounge akin
to Adunaic. Players who speak Adunaic
will understand Aflith at 2 levels lower
than their total rank. Aflith only speaks
Westron at rank 1.
Players who perceive Aflith as a horse and
guttural Gorcrow will surprised to hear it
suggest the Players should touch the sooty
darkened Teregond.
The Teregonds holiness has the power to
suspend the Rune of Deception so long as
the players are touching the Teregond. It
does not have the power to dispel the
affliction as it is sourced in Channelling
not Essence. While the Rune of Deception
only applies to perception of Buhr Ruasul,
it will take a 6th level Remove Curse
(MERP - Spell Defence) to completely be
rid of the affliction.

The stones magic has so far prevented this

from happening.
Finally, have they come to claim the
weapons of Carlesic to battle the forces of
darkness for the Free Peoples of the Land?
Aflith is the 30th generation warden of
Carlesics Kin. Since Carlesics kin no
longer exists here, Aflith is looking to
transfer his loyalties to someone alive and
fighting for pure and noble reasons.
During this interactive conversation, the plot
will be more apparent to the quick-witted
They are pawns in a plot of dark forces. The
stone is immoveable and a following war
party has a powerful scroll.

Greetings wanderers.
I am Aflith, heir of the wardens of the
house of Carlesic. What is your purpose
coming to the home of good and noble

There may be a dark priest with them, or

cooperating with them, trying to raise a
barrow Wight. There may be Orcs nearby.

The Players can try a Medium (+0)

Influence and Interaction role with the Owl
to introduce themselves as good or heroic
adventurers. The Gamemaster should not
necessarily remind them of the game
mechanics or Presence Bonus.

The tales of Death of the Owl should be

clear given the type of warden.
The Players should also pick up on the clue
of the barrow of Carlesic.
Gamemaster Note

Aflith may be convinced (success) or may

desire further proof (partial success). If the
result is an Absolute Failure, Aflith will fly
away and perch in a nearby tree to observe
the Players and the oncoming events. The

The Dark Priest has unsuccessfully tried to

raise a Wight in Carlesics barrow.
Therefore, ALL the possessions may be


when the spell is cast. They also have the

Lodestone attuned to the Players map. This
could be valuable depending upon the
Players intentions. The lodestone is
corrupt although it does not cause
Corruption points for the Players. It will
cause Corruption if the Players use the
Lodestone in conjunction with the map in
the manner it was used upon them. Refer to
MERP Rules on Corruption on page 71.

claimed with out fear that the Wight will

re-incorporate around the items now in the
Players possession. DO NOT tell this to
the Players. Experienced Tolkien readers
may be tempted to leave behind valuable

During the next few hours game time, the

Daen party will move to the offensive. They
will attack the party in an attempt to
eliminate them. They are armed in Soft
Leather Armour with wooden shields and
short swords. If possible, half will volley
with short bows for two rounds before
rushing to attack; others will throw daggers
for two rounds.

The leader of the Daen Party does have an

Arnorian sword
Arnorian Eket
Short sword.
Runes name the
Blade Caraneket red

The Daen Party is made of NPCs of similar

levels to the Players. They are not overly
effective as a fighting party especially if the
Players have 3 or more Warrior types.

+10 Non Magical

Forged in Fornost
Long ago. 50%

Defeating the Daen war party is paramount.

If the Players loose they will be eliminated.
Capturing one of the Daen party alive may
also strongly aid the Players. See section 3.7

The one trick they have is the scroll. The

scroll casts a 4th level Cancel Essence and
Channeling spell in a 1-mile radius. The
scroll was designed to affect the stone,
however, the stone resists at 20th level (and
the Gamemaster should check). The skittish
leader of the Bards will cast the Scroll spell
as soon as the Party responds to the attack
rather than wait to contact the Dark Priest,
and this may reduce the fire power of
Mages and Animists in the Players party.
All spells will be affected by the scroll for a
48-hour period and must save verses 4th
level attack or be cancelled.

3.6 The Barrow of Carlesic

At the conclusion of the Melee the astute
Players should follow up on the clues hinted
at by Aflith.
While Aflith will not aid the Players in
battle, he will watch the melee closely. If
the Players defeat and kill the war party, all
future interaction roles will be +50. Aflith
will become an active ally of the Players
with any absolute success result.
If the Players absolutely failed previously,
the owl will be receptive to another attempt
after the battle at +30.

Any Player still afflicted with the Rune of

Deception may also have the curse
neutralized by this same scroll. The
affliction is 5th level and the attack is 4th.

If no battle occurs (i.e. the Players had

previously eliminated the Daen), Aflith will
be receptive to another approach after 8
hours at +25.

The Daen party is unlikely to kill the

Players, but will likely deplete the Players
abilities with a few roles.

With any success, Aflith will endeavour to

enlist them in slaying a Dark Priest in the
area vainly trying to raise the Barrow Wight.
Aflith is prepared to cede to the Players the

The Daen party has little of value to the

Players. They collectively have 12 Silver
Pieces. The Rune paper scroll is blanked


treasure of Carlesic, contained in the

Barrow. Players that express no intention of
doing this will cause Aflith to simply leave
the area (future Influence rolls at 100).

Broadsword named
Carlsboc in runes
upon the Blade.
Forged in Eregion in
the 2nd age.

The barrow of Carlesic is located in the

small rise immediately behind the Great
house. The only method of entry is through
a trap door 5 feet beyond the Teregond. It is
Very Hard (-20) to detect.

Chain armour
suitable for a man
511-62 tall
Crafted by the Elves
of Eregion.
Metal shield
Crafted by the Elves
of Eregion.
It is halved in
Brown below Black
with a White Owl in
flight embossed
upon the surface.
Fine Linen Surcoat
with a Fishing Fly
upon the breast and
Fishing poll.

The Players must crawl through a 15-yard

long tunnel that is 2.5 feet by 2.5 feet in
size, to eventually enter the crypt. There is a
trap at the end of the tunnel that is activated
by 50 Lbs of pressure. However, it no longer
works due to age and simply makes a loud
click when stepped upon. Refer to the
above Map for the barrow.

A gold ring with an


Robe woven in
The barrow is a simple stone lined cell. The
air in the barrow is very poor will snuff out
torches if lit. Characters immediately
entering the Barrow will faint and collapse
in 5 rounds due to a lack of oxygen, unless
they allow 10 game rounds for the fresh air
to circulate. The air inflicts no permanent
damage as it becomes fully breathable in 15
rounds (150 seconds).

A locked chest
A gilt mirror and

Besides a time worn sealed casket the

Barrow contains the following items:


+5 Magical
+15 vs. Trolls and
Delivers a secondary
Electrical Critical no
higher than A against
all opponents C
against Trolls and
+10 DB
50% light.


The Fishing Fly

casts Fish Find True
once per day. It
attracts a fish no
larger than 8 Lbs in
any fresh water
stream, river, or lake.
X2 PowerPoint
multiplier for
Channeling spell
users. +10
Channeling spell
Protects the wearer
as Rigid Leather
Armour, does not
interfere with Spell
casting. Adds +30 to
stalk and hide
Contains 189 Silver
pieces, 212 Copper
Worth about 50
Silver pieces.

role given any of the above evidence to

support the players tale.

3.7 - The Dark Priest

There is a secondary mission for the Players
assuming they have secured the treasures of
the Barrow, and defeated the shadow party
of NPCs.

Players who travel back to Caranthel with

dead bodies must also be checked for
disease resistance roles along the way. It is
unlikely this would be a pleasant trip.

The Players may choose to await the arrival

of the Dark Priest, or hunt him in the near
wilds. He is a 5th level Evil Animist and he
will be accompanied by a lurg of 10 lesser
Orcs. He is scheduled to rendezvous with
the Daen in 1 night. Refer to section 6.0.

Once back to Caranthel, the Players will

have to submit their claim for the Silver due
to them for completion of the mission.
These funds will come from the confiscation
of Ferc the Duns property and the players
will have to make an Easy (+10) Influence
roll to convince the town council of the
legitimacy of their claim. Additionally, the
players will have to pay off the debt owed
for the horses and wagon. The local farmer
will be glad to have the beasts and wagon
returned to him in good condition with a
partial settlement of the down payment
given the notoriety of Ferc the Dun. Any
claim for a portion or share of the total
confiscation will be Hard (-30).

This battle will be no stroll through the park

with all Magic potentially still nullified by
the scroll. However, the Evil Animist will
operate at 25 in all combat and spells due
to the stones influence, and the Orcs will
fight at 15. The evil Channeler will
unlikely be effective in spell use as he is not
strong enough to over power the stones
The Dark Priest is dazed by 2 previous spell
failures, and the Orcs are just about ready to
cut his throat and head back to Angmar with
his head. If the Orcs take 30% casualties the
remainder will flee.

A number of consequences fall from Fercs

arrest and subsequent hanging by retainers
of the Baron of Girithlin.
The Daen town is up rooted and forced to
move away due to their complicity. This
clan, the Croichrir, will swear a Blood oath
of vengeance against the Players.

The players may not be fully recovered from

the wounds of the first battle, but with the
additional barrow treasure they have the
chance to dispatch the Priests party. The
stats for this war party are contained in
Section 6.0

Aervellon - Regent of the Baron of Girithlin

will call upon the Players to give an account
of themselves and the stone. He will likely
offer them money to service his own project.
Refer to section 4.0, the second adventure.

3.8 - There and Back Again

The plot is laid bare and Ferc the Dun is
revealed to be far less a humanitarian than at
first appearance. With the evidence of: (1) A
member of the Daen war party alive, (2) or
the bodies and possession of the Daen war
party dead, and (3) the Lodestone and the
map the Party should desire to return to
Caranthel and prove Fercs evil ways.

The adventure can be considered a success if

the players are able report on the Teregond,
and to detect Fercs treachery. Experience
should be awarded consummate with the
exposure of Ferc and the subsequent action.
The mission can be considered doubly
successful if the players are able to defeat
the Dark Priest and/or claim the potent
artefacts of Carlesic. These two actions are
tied to one another and it is likely the
Players would accomplish both if one at all.

The Theyn will be convinced of Fercs

duplicity with a Routine (+30) Influence


Experience should be award with this

consummate success in mind.
A special note regarding Aflith. The Owl
can become a NPC Guardian; an ally of the
Players (likely with the highest Presence
stat). Refer to MERP rules on Page 61.
Aflith and the Player can arrange a limited
summoning protocol vis a vis the gift of a
white owl feather, if a Familiar spell is cast.
Aflith is not powerful but has an important
role in latter adventures.
4.0 Introduction
This second adventure is designed to
dovetail with the successful completion of
the first adventure. The Pre-generated player
party outlined in section 1.0 can be used as
the players in this scenario; however, the
Gamemaster should consider increasing the
respective levels by one or two per player;
or the players have gained 1-2 levels of
experience from the successful completion
of the Teregond adventure. Alternatively,
this adventure can be run as a stand-alone
scenario with or without the pre generated

War Banner under Arthedain

This second adventure is geared to Player

Characters averaging 5th level.
4.1 Prologue: Aervellons Dilemma
Aervellon is the Regent Baron of Girithlin,
in favour of his nephew Echorion
Heraldry: circa 1560 T.A.
5 Goral rampant upon a Black field
Aervellon has plotted his entire life trying to
further the Barony and his personal position
in the cauldron of Cardolandrim politics.
Recent events have conspired to stress
Aervellons ambitions to the breaking point.

His plots have been hampered by a

hereditary pledge of fealty to the crown of
Arthedain. The Barons of Girithlin in

1 goral ram under 7 Stars a variant.


generations past supported the claims of

Arthedain as the high king of the Dunedain
of the North. The Arthedain desired to
increase the size and importance of Annon
Baran, to rival Tharbad.

Celarinen, Aervellon intends to finalize the

Aervellon intends to use this money to hire a
mercenary company to rebuild the defences
of a number of towns and villages in

Aervellon has played the role of reluctant

vassal to Argeleb the 2nd of Fornost Erain
for many years. Aervellons plots often run
counter to Arthedain aims and intentions in

4.2 Meeting the Regent Baron of Girithlin

9 guardsmen of the Lord Aervellon of
Girithlin in Caranthel will invite and
summon the Players to a meeting. All 9 are
members of the militia of Caranthel and are
3rd level. They will be armed with large flour
sacks and cudgels/coshes. The leader of the
party of the Guardsmen will make one
simple offer His lordship desires to see
you immediately and I am not to take no as
an answer.

The establishment of the Kingdom of Creb

Durga the Realm of the Warlord Dagorhir
has stretched he resources of the barony.
Girithlin has been among the strongest of
areas militarily. However, sheer fear,
extortion, and the brutality of the Troll
hordes have forced Aervellon to
increasingly rely upon hired mercenary
companies to build defences and protect the
Girithlin lands. The Warlord has
successfully extracted tribute from towns
such as Angoth and Cithiel, along the south
shore of the Baranduin, that owe fealty to
Girithlin. Many of these towns are not
walled, or the walls are in need of repair.
They need quality mercenary troops to man
those walls.

The summons will come in the very

middle of the night in the Players rooms,
especially if the Players have rooms with
any privacy. If the Players Party is staying in
a common room, the 9 Guardsmen will
selectively isolate one of the players when
the person goes to relieve himself/herself at
the Inns Bathhouse, asking this player to
communicate the invitation via a scribbled
note. They will then await the players at the
gates of Minas Girithlin.

Additionally, the Amber beds at the mouth

of the Baranduin River have begun to play
out. For many years the Amber beds were
the primary source of wealth and trade for
the barony. Recently deposits that had run
for years have been mined out. New deposits
are harder to find.

The Guardsmen will try to be discrete and

avoid a loud confrontation if at all possible;
they have been so instructed. Should the
Player (s) be successful in besting the
implied threat of the invitation, the
Guardsmen will persist with Diplomacy.
Returning empty handed is not an option for

Aervellon has spent Girithlins meagre

subsidy from Fornost, and his depleted
Amber revenue. Firstly in agitating riots in
Tharbad, and secondly in agitating events in
Oblys revolt in the Saralainn. This has used
up the treasury and much of the family gold
and silver plate

Once inside Minas Girithlin, the players will

be presented to Rhovanhen, the Castellan of
the Regent Aervellon. Rhovanhen is a lesser
Dunedain 65 years old, hale and in
tremendous shape. Rhovanhen inherited his
position from his father and is at least as
conniving as the Lord Aervellon is. He is
bound to Aervellon by personal loyalty and

Aervellon in desperation for money has had

to mortgage lands with Dulin the 1st
Dwarven King of Duneriador and the Blue
Mountain dwarrows. Through contacts at the
Dwarven trading house of Dulthor in Caras


group, the Gamemaster should carefully

consider the backgrounds of the players
and how this might affect the conflicting
loyalties/perceptions of the Regent Baron.
Refer to Politics and Power in Arnor: The
Realm Section 7.2.1 page 84.

long history of treacherous deeds in
Cardolandrim politics.

Cardolandrim politics are ruthless and so

long as the Regent feels confident the
Players will stay bought, he will offer
them a contract opportunity.

The Players will be offered fine wine and

refreshments in contrast to the method of
summoning. Rhovanhen will point out the
contrast to highlight the mellifluous and
the callous rewards that newly found
persons of notoriety can expect in Cardolan;
as you have earned recent notoriety from
your exploits.

The recent notoriety assumes the Players

have completed the Quest for the Teregond.
The Gamemaster could substitute other
exploits of the players.
Aervellon will enter the conversation at this
point. He will simply pick up the thread of
the discussion as if he had heard it all (he
has). The Gamemaster should have the
Players to roll a Light (+10) Perception Roll
to come to this realization.

Rhovanhen will gauge the players interest

in performing a task for the Regent
Aervellon, while the Aervellon himself
eavesdrops on the conversation from a
nearby room. Rhovanhen will ask at least 3

Aervellon will begin:

I have in mind a delicate task that requires
men of discretion and the ability of a group
of strong swordsmen. I have arranged a
certain financial transaction with the King
of the Mountain Folk of Duneriador the
Dwarven Lords.

Are you interested in undertaking a

mission for substantial reward?
Are you able to remain discreet for this
handsome fee?
Are you oath beholden to enemies of
Girithlin, or rivals in a similar way?

I must present my official seal for surety in

undertaking certain obligations in the next
fortnight. This must be completed at Caras
Celairnen bordering the Faerie Lands of
Lindon, some 70 leagues north of here.

Gamemaster Note:
The pre-generated Player Characters come
with some attachment to Girithlin. At least
one of the characters has refused to
become Oath sworn to Aervellon through
an unspecified disagreement with his
father. The Baron or Castellan may play
upon this hoping that this task will at least
remove the estrangement that has sadden
us all.
Two or more of the pre-generated
characters are oath sworn to Arthedain.
This might be a reason for their caution.
If the party is not from the pre-generated

I intend to send my trusted Castellan

Rhovanhen as my representative. However,
he will have to cross many lands and may be
seen by many persons whom I do not wish to
know my business. To send him with an
escort of my household retainers may
precipitate issues and attentions that I shall
not delve into here.
Needless to say, I want you to ride with my
Castellan acting under his orders and on my
behalf, and return with the Dwarven

voucher granted in exchange. You must do

this thing for me and none other; and must
not surrender either my personal seal, the
person of my Castellan, nor the Dwarven
token to any other hands than my alone.

4.3 Crossing the Baranduin

The Players first obstacle is to cross the
Baranduin with horses.
The nearest true river crossing is to travel to
Sarn Ford or to make to Annon Baran and
hire passage of the river by ship. The
Castellan of Girithlin will veto both
proposals, as they require an inordinate
amount of time and risk jeopardizing the
secrecy of the mission. He will prefer to
swim the river and would prefer to do so out
of sight from prying eyes during the early
evening hours.

Do me this deed and I am prepared to

reward you with these tokens of fallen
Numenor; tokens of my heritage. They are
worth much to me or others of Numenorean
heritage could a buyer be found but you
must never sell them, and admit only they
were ceded to you for services to Girithlin.
In the past all the Roquen of Girithlin were
so armoured. Since the fall of Cardolan they
now adorn the honoured dead.
The price of them is beyond what many a
man would see pass through his fingers in a

The Castellans Proposed Route:

Aervellon is prepared to offer the following

items in return of the successful completion
of the mission. This is largely all he has left
to offer having no wealth in coinage, and
having pawned the family Gold plate long
ago on other schemes. Aervellon will stress
their value and Numenorean properties.
3 flasks of
brass in scripted
with Sindarian
letters that say the
word pure. The
Girithlin war banner
sans stars engraved.
3 Dunedain High
bearing the symbol
of Girithlin a
mountain Goral

Purifies all contents

put into the flask.
Poisons and potions
must save verses a
10th level
purification spell.
+ 10 DB
Act as a full Helm
Non-encumbering as
Do not interfere with
spell casting.

Having successfully bought their loyalty,

Aervellon will leave Rhovanhen the
Castellan to plan the journey during the
evening, ensuring the Players return to the
Inn before first mornings light to escape

A number of small fishing ships and

Riverman canoes exist within Caranthel to
assist a human crossing, but none the size
that could ferry a horse. The players could
choose to cross the river in armour with


goods, allowing the horses to swim free, by

purchase of a fishing boat or raft. The
Castellan will agree to this if the Players can
arrange it quickly, discretely, and without
his involvement.

According to the MERP rules, Manoeuvres

when handling a Horse are considered
Riding manoeuvres; MERP 2nd Edition
rules page 33. All personal manoeuvres
for crossing the river are (logically)
Swimming Manoeuvres.

The Baranduin, at this point in its winding

route is a broad river some 200-300 yards
across. At it centre the River plunges to a
depth of 15 feet but is at least 4 feet deep off
of both shores. The water continues to have
a slow current for river of its size. The banks
are not too steep (about a 20% slope), rising
six to ten feet above the river level.

The Chart below details the Riding

Manoeuvres rolls required each round for
the 2 rounds it takes the Horse to swim
between the shallows on the south bank to
the shallows on the North bank where the
horse will regain its footing.
The Player Characters should also roll at
least two personal Swimming (or boating if
so arranged) Moving Manoeuvres while
crossing the river. The level of difficulty
assigned should be determined by the
amount of clothing the Players keep on as
per the MERP Rule suggestions.
If the players attempt to ride/swim atop the
horse across the river, then the Players
have to make 2 Personal Riding
Manoeuvre to not fall of the saddle and/or
break the horses swimming gait. If
successful a swimming manoeuvre is not
Any type of percentage Success > 100
means the Players succeed in that round
while crossing.
A percentage success < 100% result
indicates the need to make Riding (and
more swimming) rolls as the Player and
Horse have not coordinated their
Once the player has reached a cumulative
200% they have crossed the Baranduin.
An absolute failure result means the Horse
and player take in a large mouthful of
water making the roll the next round at
least one category more difficult (i.e.
medium becomes hard ). The players have
to rope to successfully to pull the horse and
rider out of the river if two consecutive
failures occur.
**The Gamemaster should also note which
if any player posses the Magical Fishing
Lure outlined in Adventure 1 Myth of the
Teregond. This character will have a
minimum of 8 32 (D4X 8) small fish
attack the location of the Magic lure,

The banks themselves are full of loose silty

dirt whose structure and shape is maintained
by extensive scrub brush and crab grass
roots. The Bank extends about 5 yards into
the river providing a loose and shallow dirt
shelf. The shelf is full of the same weeds
and grass, which are not tall, and do not
present a navigation hazard.
Rhovanhen will lead his horse down the
bank succeeding in a Light (+10) Riding
manoeuvres. Riding down the embankment
requires a Medium (+0) Riding Manoeuvre.
Rhovanhen will strip off his Rigid Leather
armour and tie it with all his possessions
into a leather watertight gunnysack, and then
attach the sack to the pommel of the saddle
with a 10-foot rope. He will lead his horse
into the river proper swimming beside the
horse, while the horse swims with saddle,
tack, pack bags, and towing his possessions.
If the Players do not think of it, the Castellan
will suggest that the river crossing be done
in relays with men armed with bows
covering a pair of swimmers at a time from
the shore. Once established on the next bank
the next pair can come. He will be a little
amazed by the lack of the Players
Gamemaster Note:
The Players may have never had the
opportunity to swim a river with a Horse.


From the North bank, the Castellan will lead

them a short way to a defensible campsite;
light a fire and allow their personal belongs
to dry out.

spilling the contents to the river bottom.

Light Horse/Medium
Horse with no

Light (+10)

War Horse with no

or Medium Horse
with only a saddle &
Light or Medium
Horse with full tack
and saddle
bags/Heavy Horse
with saddle & tack
Light or Medium
Horse with full tack,
saddle packs, towing
buoyant personal
horse with full tack
and saddle packs
Light or Medium
Horse with tack and
non buoyant (i.e.
Chain armour,
shields and swords)
Horse (one level
Light or Medium
Horse swimming
with heavy man and
his full belonging
upon its back/War
Horse (one level

Medium (+0)

Light or Medium
horse swimming
with an armoured
man and belongs
upon his back/War
Horse (all further

Absurd (-70)

Metal Armour, shields and buckle straps

(magical or not) should be carefully wiped
down to prevent rusting/water damage. This
type of routine maintenance can be
suggested once or twice by a GM before
penalties should be applied.

Hard (-10)

Any random encounters throughout the

night are likely to portion of the group unarmoured; especially those in Chain or plate

Very hard (-20)

The Gamemaster should note the hour of an

encounter with an open-ended roll; low
being early in the evening and high being
early the next morning.
4.4 North through the White Downs
The next stage of the journey encompasses a
fast 220 mile ride north towards Caras

Extremely Hard
( 30)

The western portion of the Siragle (or Shire)

is composed of rolling green hills dotted
with farmsteads and small knots of trees.
Visibility is no more than 1-2 miles at any
given time due to the nature of the valleys
and tree lines obstructing the view.

Sheer Folly (-50)

The Castellan will be most anxious and

nervous during this phase of the journey. He
will wish to avoid settlements and will push
to travel through the lands and mostly away
from the main trails/roads in a Fast Ride
as outlined in the Strategic Movement Rate
table ST9 (page 66). This will require Light
(+10) Riding Manoeuvre rolls every 4 hours.
Encounter rolls are also required every 4
hours because of the haste.
Rhovanhen will desire to travel 12 hours per
day covering approximately 50 - 60 miles
per day (MERP - Open Terrain - Table
ST9). This makes any camp site poor in
quality of defensibility.


My own grandsire was killed in a

tournament with a scion of the Kirinkiya in a
melee of champions at Fornost. They know
me well and I know them. It is best if we did
not meet during this journey.

At the same time he will insist some of the

party scout ahead to avoid attention and
encounters if at all possible. This tends to
round the average distance covered down to
less than 60 miles per day.

Much water has flowed down the Baranduin

since those days, and we serve the same
king, but still old mistrusts die a hard death.
My Lord now worries about the Trolls of
Creb Durga and the Clansmen in the Ethir
Gwalatho but would not ask of help of these
folk for less than Mordor exploding in flame

Gamemaster Note:
Players who have an avian scout will
receive bonus modifiers to scouting and
manoeuvre rolls that will help offset the
negatives caused by the need for haste.
If the players completed adventure 1
Aflith the Owl is a perfect companion in
this regard.
Aflith the White Owl will add a +30 to
scouting and avoidance manoeuvre rolls
during dusk and night time encounters.
Being an owl Afliths bonus will only add
+5 during daylight hours largely because
of his magical perception abilities.
Other bird familiars (crows. ravens. Etc)
should add bonuses during daylight hours
but unlikely are aligned to sensitivity of
people and magic: +10 to +15 maximum is

There are a number of settlements along the

way to avoid. The river crossing will happen
to the west of Cor Wilishar and so not come
into that freehold city. There on the north
bank of the Baranduin is a trail/road leading
northwards that the party can make good
time upon.
Approximately 40 Miles north-westward
brings the Party to the first manor settlement
of the Kirinkiya; a fortified manor of their
kin. The Castellan will prefer to swing east
and pass out of the manors site.
Here the road links with a major east west
thoroughfare that leads to Cor Wilishar
(crossing the River Noriglos). There are a
number of people traveling to and from Cor
Wilishar so that crossing the road unseen is
important in this early stage. Rhovanhen
will enlist the party to scout the road to
ensure their secrecy. This will require 3-4
medium (+0) manoeuvre rolls to sneak to
the roads edge and identify a time (or gap)
when no one will see. The Gamemaster
should not relate any results as a failure; this
will result in the party being seen crossing
the road. The players can be allowed a very
hard (-20) perception roll to note that they
have failed in scouting the road.

Rhovanhen will relate the history of these

lands to the Players as they journey
These are the lands of the Kirinkiya a
Numenorean family of long history. They
take their name from a Red Song Bird, but
we know only the dirges of their battle
hymns. They raise their horses in this area
of Arthedain. For many years the Kirinkiya
have been rivals of the Girithlin heirs and at
times it has even come to grievous blows.
In the time of Ecthilion Girithlin (1559 T.A.
not quite a 100 years ago) a large force of
the Knights of the Kirinkiya and their
sponsors the Tarmear -launched raids into
Girithlin. They sacked our herds, laid a levy
against towns, and carried away valuable
livestock and commodities.

Riding due north across country, the party

will ride to the river fords near the joining of
the stream Nimeithel with the stream
Noriglos. An old ruined manor stands here
and is used as a scouting area by the local


lords. The Party will have to scout the

manor to ensure they are not seen crossing
the ford. This requires 3-4 hard (-10)
manoeuvre rolls. A party of 3 Kirinkiya men
at arms are camping behind the old manor
watching the crossing at the fords. Each is a
4th level warrior.

Arthedain will gain additional bonuses for

obvious displays of fealty such as a
Rangers star.

The Roquen of the Kirinkiya Fief will not be

well disposed towards any party they have
chased for many hours.

Gamemaster Note:

They will react to any influence and

interaction roll of less than 100% Success,
or Total success; suggesting that at least one
of the Castellan or the Players tilt a
lance with the Kirinkiya men at arms;
before they allow a Castellan of Girithlin be
allowed to pass on through Arthedain lands.

If during this first 120 miles the Players

party is spotted by Random encounter with
Locals or Local Militia or Patrol
there will be pursuit of the Players party.
Remember that due to the speed that the
Party is traveling, random encounters
should be determined more frequently as
the Players have difficulties in balancing
speed with a capability to scout ahead while
using a Fast Ride and traveling 12 hours a
day. The pursuit is especially true if the
Players do not stop to answer questions
such as:
By whose leave do you ride through the
lands of the Arthedain?
The Castellan will be reluctant to allow a
confrontation especially carrying his
Lords official seal. He may be persuaded
to bluff out an encounter with a Very Hard
(-20) persuasion roll.
The pursuit itself will take 3 hours to
organize and will consist of 9 4th level
warriors lead by a 6th level Ereter; an
Ohtari of the Kirinkiya. They ride light
horses and will be armed with Rigid
Leather armour, a Lance , Anket, and
round shield bearing a Red Bird under 7
white stars on a black field.
The Gamemaster should utilize the MERP
rules under Direct pursuit and the Hue
and Cry pursuit to determine the results.
Hue and Cry & Direct Pursuit. MERP 2nd
edition Page 66-68 section 14.2.
If the Players party fails to elude the direct
pursuit they may be able to negotiate their
way out of the situation using Very Hard (20) persuasion and diplomacy. Any player
with Diplomacy and/or Rhetoric as a
secondary skill may add half his/her bonus
to the attempt to Influence the Kirinkiya
war party. Characters with obvious ties to

The Castellan Rhovanhen will not

personally agree to tilt lances but if it is
apparently the only way out of the encounter
he will suggest tilt this lance and their
arrogance be done. Should one the players
win they will be allowed to move along their
journey. If the players fail they will be asked
to become guests of the Lord of Kirinkiya at
his hall. Any combat of jousting will have
critical results reduced to an A as per the
MERP rules.
In failure one Player at least will be
expected to ride to Minas Girithlin with a
polite ransom demand. The Other players
may choose to return with the ransom
demands, or try to continue the mission with
or without Rhovanhen and the seal of the
Lords of Girithlin.
Should the players return unsuccessful for
any reason this scenario comes to an end and
the players should be given the experience
consummate with the failure.
Should the Players succeed in eluding
pursuit the pursuit will end at Gamwich in
any event.
Approximately 40 Miles due north of the
ford is the line of ridges known as the Tyrn
Haen. Rhovanhen plans to follow the ridges
edge and thus bypass Greenholm and
Gamwich to the west for the next 80 miles.


Once past Gamwich, the players attempt to

cross one more important road in secrecy:
The Menatar Romen. This will require 3-4
easy (+10) manoeuvre rolls to gain the edge
of the road. Depending upon when the party
arrives at the Menatar Romen, the players
will have to wait for dusk to ensure they
cross without being seen.

accept. A Cordial will be passed around the

ship and the Castellan will quickly drop into
a deep slumber; though it will not affect the
players in this manner.

North of Gamwich the Castellan will grow

notably more relaxed.

If the party asks Haldor for his advice and

council he will lead the following

After crossing the Menatar Romen, the

Players party essentially stay upon the roads
and trails north fording two streams and
riding close to habitations until they reach
the South Bank of the River Lhun. They are
out of Kirinkiya lands by this time and
Rhovanhen will not seek to flee or evade
any encounters with people.

It is not often that we concern ourselves

with the affairs of Mortals for our time is
coming to pass to the Utter west. To give
advice in the affairs of mortals is not a task
undertaken with a light heart.

4.4 Meeting A Wandering Company upon

the Ferry - optional

Many deeds have you done on behalf of the

free peoples of the west. Your exploits were
heard even by us (Insert Exploit)3 and we do
not study the ordeals of men.

At the River Lhun a Ferry will cross men

and horses for a fee of 5 Silver Pieces each.
The service is available by hailing the ferry
on the far river bank. The ferry takes about
40 minutes to cross.

Yet we know that you currently work for the

Numenorean Lord of men that styles himself
Guardian Prince of Girithlin.

One important non-random encounter is

available at the Game masters discretion.

Long ago it was foretold that tragedy would

come to that line of men. They have a steak
of arrogance that will undo them ere the
end. Be careful to meddle in their affairs too
closely lest it consume all thy good deeds.
We will speak of this no more. Relax now
and we will ascertain your safety into the
city to the place you wish to go.

The Party encounters a Wandering

Company of Elves upon the ferry to Caras
Celairnen. They will be Sindarian Elves lead
by Haldor of Lindon.
The Players will be confronted by 10
Sindarian warriors; bows at the ready though
not drawn and pointed at the party. Haldor
will invite the players to sit at the stern of
the boat as guests of the Elves for a while.

The Elves will lead the party to the

Goldsmith House of Dulthor, or an Inn if it
is as late as dusk. The Party will be
refreshed and energized by the cordial.

The Castellan of Girithlin will be reluctant

but outwardly confident dealing with Elves;
claiming to be worried about the horses. He
will join if the majority of the players

4.5 Meeting Dulthor Fairbeard in Caras


Assuming the Players successfully completed

adventure one Haldor will be familiar the
Slaying of the Dark Priest and the Teregond or
some other exploit of the players.


The Trading House of Dulthor Fairbeard in

Caras Celairnen is a well known landmark
of this open city.


Dulthor is a wealthy Goldsmith who stores

the portable riches of many clients with total
discretion for a negotiable fee; about 1% per
month. He accepts only Gold and Silver
deposits, and more rarely Mithril.


Dulthor asks no questions of the source of

his clients wealth, he merely assays the
purity of the coinage and ingots, and agrees
to the outstanding sum.


For an additional 2% one time fee, Dulthor

will provide an ivory and iron rod etched in
Khuzdul and Sindarian allowing the bearer
to draw upon the stored wealth at certain
other Dwarven trading houses in Tharbad,
Fornost, Suduri, and Fennas Druinen.



Dulthor is also widely reputed to be kin of

Dulin, King of the Dwarves of the Blue
Mountain dwarrows in 1640. He acts as an
informal Minastir of Trade with the
Arthedain though he has never been to court
at Fornost. More often the Arthedain
nobility come to see Dulthor.

stair case leads up to the 2nd level which

is a series of bedrooms for the residents.
Guard Room. Dulthor has 7 Dwarven
Guardsmen Warriors (optional Rogues)
on duty though out the day. They are kin
of Dulthor himself. 3 dwarves garrison
the entry hall at all times.
The guest guardsmen room. Here in
small alcoves visiting guardsmen can
disarm. They can choose to stay in this
room and play cards laid out on a small
oak table in the center of the room.
The office of Dulthor. Here Dulthor will
finalize all transactions at a large oak
desk in the center of the room. There are
sufficient chairs for a party of 12 or so.
West hallway; it leads to the western
wing rooms: a den (8) library (10), and
guest room. Eventually at the back of
the house one finds stairs down to the
basement and the vault.
East Hallway it leads to the east wing
rooms: a dining room (9), kitchen (10)
and privy. Eventually at the back of the
house one finds stairs down to the
basement and vault.

4.6 The Trading House of Dulthor

The House of Dulthor is a richly decorated
house in the very midst of the Market
Square. The house is somewhat gothic
looking with reliefs of axes carved in an
interlocking pattern. The interior is
described below corresponding to the
1. The grand entry hall. The hall is
protected by to great brass doors with a
drop bar to secure them. 3 Dwarven
Guardsmen will politely insist that all
visitors disarm in room 4.
2. The Greeting room. Here Dulthors
Steward greets all perspective and
existing clients from a giant oak desk in
the center of the room. A large curved

The vault in the basement is a brick 50 feet x

50 feet enclosed with Iron Doors. It is
absurd (-50) to pick and requires 7 keys to
The upper level contains: a master bedroom
with a small vault, 3 guardsmen quarters, a
guest room and a common room foyer
where visiting guardsmen can stay. They


sleep in hard wooden benches along the

walls at the top of the staircase.

intelligence on affairs in Cardolan. He will

ascertain the following at the minimum for
the players:

4.7 Negotiating the Transaction

Are you oath sworn vassals of Aervellon? I
do not recognize you (Baragund may or
may note recognize the players based upon
previous exploits at the Game masters

Rhovanhen and the players will meet

Dulthor in his office in the Goldsmiths
house. The appointment is arranged for late
morning just prior to noon. The Dwarven
guardsmen will see that the party is

Which ship did you arrive in (thereby

confirming a trip through Arthedain)?

Attending Dulthor in a business transaction

will be Baragund Turmen, the chief advisor
of Prince Arvegil of Fornost.

When do you return? How will you journey?

(thereby confirming what cargo and
provisions are being arranged)

The Players should receive an Easy (+10)

perception roll to note the obvious
discomfort of the Castellan of Girithlin.
Where previously Rhovanhen has been
confident and poised; he suddenly looses his
wind faced with a Royal Official of
Arthedain. Rhovanhen stammers and
blushes, which has not happened before.

After an extended luncheon of an hour,

Rhovanhen and Dulthor will join the party
having completed their business
Rhovanhen will be eager to eat, leave and
return to the Inn. A duel of sharp questions
and evasions between Baragund and
Rhovanhen will characterize the remaining
half hour luncheon.

Dulthor will welcome Rhovanhen and

excuse the entire party including Baragund
indicating they have much to talk about and
transact. He will offer Baragund and the
Players a lunch while: the Girithlin and I
complete our business. The Players and
Baragund will be escorted to the Dining hall
where a table has been laid out.

At the Inn Rhovanhen will immediately

begin to arrange provisions for the return
trip home. He will carry one unique item
after the meeting. A Rod wrapped in leather
and tied by a thong. He will keep this on his
person at all times.
Baragund will also take leave of Caras
Celairnen for Fornost within the next 24
hours. He will advise the Crown Prince and
send a note to Prince Minastir at Iach Sarn
of the events that transpired.

In fact Dulthor, being very intelligent has

invited Baragund on some pretext to place
the Girithlin ill at ease in negotiation.
Dulthor while very discrete, is aware of the
reputation of Aervellon of Girithlin, and was
seeking an edge in negotiations. He has no
intention of telling the Arthedain anything
regarding the affair; he merely anticipates
that the crowns awareness will pressure
Aervellon to play the strait and narrow.

4.8 There and back Again

Rhovanhen will suggest that the party return
using the same route. He is no longer
worried about the time or the secrecy of the
mission. Having been met by a Royal
Official and actually completed the
transaction he simply wishes to return to
Aervellon and advise him of events.

Baragund had no previous hint that he

would meet the Castellan of Girithlin or
what their affairs might be. Being an official
of the crown he is now very interested.
During the luncheon he will question the
players extensively trying to ferret out

Nor are the Rod and the seal of critical

importance; though Rhovanhen will not let


them escape his personal possession. The

Rod is encrypted for a specific purpose, and
the seal has completed a critical transaction.
His lordship Aervellon can now alter or
amend his official seal as he see fit.

This third adventure is designed to dovetail

with the successful completion of the first
and second adventures - the Myth of the
Teregond and Aervellons Dilemma. The
Pre-generated player party outlined in
section 1.0 can be used as the players in this
scenario; however, the Gamemaster should
consider increasing the respective levels by
two or four per player; or the players have
gained 2-4 levels of experience from the
successful completion of the previous
adventures. Alternatively, this adventure can
be run as a stand-alone scenario with or
without the pre generated characters.

The ride home will take much longer as

Rhovanhen will not push to travel 12 hours a
day. He will recommend travelling 8 hours a
day in a Normal Ride. He will even seek to
stop in places such as Gammich or
Greenholm to stay at an Inn as opposed to
sleeping on the ground.
Passage to Annon Baran could be arranged
via ship if the Players are so inclined. The
one ship available will be a fishing/whaler
named the Far Lhun. It cannot transport
horses and will be smelly (-10 to all activity
for 3 days until the odour of the ship
becomes 2nd nature). Rhovanhen will not be
enthusiastic about the ship but may be
persuaded with very hard (-20) rolls.

This second adventure is geared to Player

Characters averaging 5th to 7th level.
5.1 Meeting Aervellon
The Players Party is summoned to Minas
Girithlin for an audience with Aervellon, the
Regent Baron of Girithlin. The invitation
will be conveyed with respect and
diplomacy. This may be in sharp contrast to
previous summons if the players have
completed the second adventure. 4

The mission should be considered a success

if the player successfully escorts Rhovanhen
back and forth bearing the seal and the rod.
Experience should be rewarded for this
success; and travel through moderately
dangerous lands. The lands are not
dangerous in the sense of lethality, but rather
the secrecy and haste of the mission.

Aervellon has nearly exhausted the Baronys

treasury in fermenting riots in Tharbad and
revolts in the Saralainn.
Aervellon has recently mortgaged a number
of Amber Bed lands with the Dwarves of
Duneriador. These mortgage monies pledge
certain revenues from the Amber fields over
the next 7 years. Unfortunately, the Amber
deposits have begun to play out and new
veins are increasingly hard to find. This will
certainly be noted in the coming years and
Aervellon is playing a complicated game of
treachery and politics.

The mission should be considered doubly

successful if the Players escort Rhovanhen
with utmost discretion and secrecy. To do so
the Players will have had to make a number
of successful movement, scouting, and
persuasion roles. Therefore the experience
reward will be higher.
Players who perceive or express suspicions
of treachery in Girithlin actions should be
awarded additional idea bonus points. There
are sufficient clues through out the
adventure to note that Aervellon is playing a
sharp game.

However, Dagorhir the Warlord of Creb

Durga has ordered forays into Girithlin lands
to extract tribute and foods from a number
of communities such as Angoth and Cithiel.
Communities that lie along the south shore

5.0 Prologue The Battle of 3 Armies



Earnils Dilemma. Section 4.1

tell the Players nothing of his overall plans.

He wants the party to act as courier and
escort with the offer
The contract is an encrypted Dwarven rod.
It specifies (100men X 1s.p. per day X
300days) 30,000 pieces of silver to be paid
in allotments. 10% is to be paid in advance
by presenting the rod at the House of the
Dwarven Merchant Prince, and Goldsmith,
Craier in Tharbad. The remainder is to be
paid over time for successful completion of
the terms of the contract. This has been
agreed upon by Aervellon and the
mercenary leader.

of the Baranduin and pledge fealty to

Other communities, such as the nearby
city/town of Carenthel, are petitioning
Aervellon for troops and expertise to assist
in rebuilding existing walls long neglected.
In order to appease the situation Aervellon
has crafted a complicated plot that he hopes
will mitigate both his problems.

A further 3000 of the total (10%) is to be

paid to the players for successfully
escorting the mercenary troops to Girithlin
lands. Aervellon must designate the finders
in a letter attached with his seal. He will
provide one short written note sealed with
his official seal to the PCs designating them
the finders once he has decided upon their
competence for the mission. This too is to be
paid in allotments with only 10% in
advance; however, Aervellon will not
volunteer this information unless
specifically asked.

The Mortgage monies are being used to hire

a Cardolandrim mercenary company noted
for have successfully meet the troops of the
Warlord in battle. These troops are to shore
up the defences of the communities along
the southern Baranduin; both rebuilding
walls and expelling troll and Orcish raiding
At the same time Aervellon has leaked news
of his hiring this special mercenary company
to numerous peoples he believes may be in
sympathy of the Warlord Dagorhir.
Dagorhirs hatred for this mercenary
company should cause an imminent

Most importantly the Player(s) must be

present with the rod when presented at
Tharbad to collect their fee. Aervellon will
specify this.
Gamemaster Note:
The Pre generated Characters come with
some attachment to Girithlin. At least one
of the characters has refused to become
Oath sworn to Aervellon through an
unspecified disagreement with his father.
Two or more of the pre-generated
characters are oath sworn to Arthedain.
This might be a reason for their caution.
If the party is not from the pre-generated
group, the Gamemaster should carefully
consider the backgrounds of the players
and how this might affect the conflicting
loyalties/perceptions of the Regent Baron.
Refer to Arnor: The Realm Section 7.2.1

Aervellon believes that the combination of

events will relive him of both concerns. The
Warlords certain retaliatory attack against
the mercenary company will decimate both
parties; thereby saving Aervellon from
having to pay the bulk of the contract to the
mercenaries and limiting the likelihood of
further Troll incursions into his lands. All
this will occur without the significant risk to
Girithlin forces.
It is for this purpose Aervellon requires a
competent party of swordsmen to take the
contract to the mercenaries. Aervellon will

Players should be given an easy (+5)

perception roll to note that they are being
scrutinized by a number of people in the
town. At least one dark and swarthy stranger
one will carefully note them and ride away
to the south east. None of the townsfolk will
be able to positively identify the man; other
than to say a number of strangers, tinkers,
and mercenaries have been through
Carenthel in the past week. This one in
particular looked ..alf an Orc, so ugly was

page 84.
Above all the Gamemaster should note that
Aervellon will not send directly Oath sworn
men on this mission.
The dubious nature of the mission would
be a failing of a lord s oath of faith and
loyalty; something which carries a large
consequence in Middle Earth. Aervellon
also desires to maintain some distance
from direct involvement in order that he
may be able to belatedly implicate his nave
young nephew should the plans go array.

Riding across the Girithlin downs is a bleak

landscape with few noticeable features. It is
reminiscent of a dessert in a northern
climate. The eroded hills, tors, crags, and
bleak grass blends into a monotonous
journey. Once per day the Gamemaster may
request a resistance roll against a 1st level
stun for 1d20 rounds, as the players might
suffer horizon hypnosis.

Aervellon will conclude the interview with

the players party once he has successfully
assured himself that the players can be
successfully bought off.
He will provide the players with provisions,
a suggested route to travel, and gear as
required for a 14 day ride to the ruins of
Ningliras; the last known location of the
mercenary company.
Aervellon Girithlin has arranged for the
journey back; safe conduct through Tyrn
Hodath (Tyrn Gorthad) with all road tolls
paid so long as the mercenary army does not
encamp near Bree, Minas Malloth or
The preferred passage is to travel the south
shore of the Baranduin, and to use the gap of
Andrath to and from Girithlin Highlands to
Tyrn Hothad.
5.3 The Road to Ningliras

The Gamemaster should note that this route

is almost identical to the one the players
took if they completed the first adventure
Myth of the Teregond. Therefore only half
or less additional experience should be
awarded for traveling the same lands as it is
routine. Refer to MERP Rules page 40 Travel Points.

When leaving Minas Girithlin the players

are likely to pass through the town of
Carenthel. If the Players have previously
completed the Myth of the Teregond
adventure, the town populace will know
them at sight and treat them as local heroes
and celebrities. They will be forth coming
with information and extra provisions with
little persuasion

Random encounters can be determined

along the route, The Gamemaster can use
the charts in section 6 of this module or the


charts outlined in the Iron Crown


of Saralainn. None are certain if this is

because he desires the throne himself, or
simply is the loyal folk hero he portrays
himself to be.

One important non-random encounter will

occur along the route. They Players party
will be hailed and stopped by an Ohtari of
the Dagarim Eretar Na Athrad Sarn the
Royal forces of Prince Minastir from Iach
Sarn on the south side of the Baranduin.
Their presence south of the ford is
uncommon, but not unheard of.

The Clan Murchadh

Banner circa 1640 T.A.

The Royal forces will be polite, and

diplomatic. They will ask the Players about
their travels. They have been instructed to
specifically look for the Players party
crossing Girithlin lands and passing Iach
Sarn. Their instructions are to access the
situation and gather as much information as

King Lanaigh of the Saralainn would have

preferred to have Duncan killed; but his
popularity among his own and unaffiliated
clans allowed only the punishment of exile;
until such time as Duncan apologizes and
swears a fealty. More simply no one would
take the kings bribe to assassinate so
popular a man and doughty a warrior.

Word of their mission has leaked to the

Prince5. The Prince mistrusts Aervellon
Girithlin and is keeping tabs on his
activities. Minastir also suspects that
Aervellon has hired the services of a
mercenary company who has plagued
travelers along the Menatar Romen.
Melindir the Captain of Bree has advised the
Prince of the situation, and neither has the
resources to mount an expedition to remove
the mercenaries from assaulting travellers on
Arnors high roads.

Duncan and his household formed the

mercenary company the Cuir Na
Graibcreaga; translated in Westron as the
Kinsmen of Slings. They were soon
employed as a mercenary in a number of
Cardolandrim skirmishes. They fought for
Girithlin against Tinereb in a small dispute
over the ruins of Harbarist. They fought for
Tinereb against the Catons of Faerdor in a
tribute war. He then joined the Cantons to
reverse Tinerebs success. Lastly they
fought for Caladir against a host of Trolls
that were marauding the country side and
demanding tribute of northern Caladirian
towns and farms.

5.3 The Mercenaries The Cuir Na

Duncan Mac Finlach na Murchadh is of the
clan Murchadh in the Saralainn. The
Murchadh are a warlike clan that raised the
first revolt of the Kennaigh.

It was in his last contract against Creb

Durgas trolls that Duncans success was
noted, and his fame made. His clan of
mercenary followers had always been armed
with slings and pikes which made them
unique. They did not choose the Weeb; the
traditional weapon of the Daen clansmen.

Duncan is a Prince and war leader of the

clan, and was instrumental in many of the
battles of the revolt of the Kennaigh. He has
always been a thorn in the side of the Kings

The Players involvement in Earnils affairs will

have been noted in Caras Celairnen if the players
completed the second adventure Earnils

During the Troll raids in Caladir, Duncan

developed the Tathlum; mixing the brains of


a newly dead troll with lime and hardened to

stone by daylight. These sling shots were
used with devastating effect against other
Trolls of Creb Durga, but no others have
discovered the secret.

60 of his kinsmen and attracted clansmen

followers are heavy infantry armed with
Pike, Sling, Talthum shots, and a wall
shield. They are uniformly armoured in rigid
leather armour but with metal helms and
greaves. Duncans contracts have paid

The Warlord Dagorhir is uncertain of the

nature of a powerful weapon against him
and is impatient to have Duncan and his
mercenaries dead.

The final 10 of his men are mounted scouts.

They wear soft leather armour, shields, and
are armed with axes and slings.
Statistics for the Cuir Na
Graibcreaga can be found in section 6.0

Gamemaster Note:
Duncans secret is the sole magical
possession he keeps. A jade herb bowl of
unknown origin crafted many ages ago and
found by his ancestors. Valued for its
beauty, its true nature was never
understood by Duncan nor his ancestors.
The herb bowl will produce medicinal
cures from herbs with twice the normal
potency. However, Duncan has learned the
mixing the brains of newly killed trolls
creates sling shots off Troll
slaying(MERP Tables CT 5, 10 and 11;
rules page 239 ); an interesting side effect.
Duncan treasures his beautiful little
medicine bowl and hides it from all but his
trusted Kinsmen.

His men are personally loyal to Duncan

(+20 to morale) and many of them desire to
march back to the Saralainn and depose the
current king.
5.4 Ningliras
The history of Ningliras is a long and
ancient tale of turmoil.
Founded in the 2nd age by the Men of
Weathertop, the hold was an important stop
along the Dwarven trade roads east to west
used by the Dwarves and Men alike. It was
built on a series of small rises that naturally
commanded a view of the county side for
many miles. It was also only a days ride or
a long march from Weathertop.

Duncan himself is consumed with doubt.

His wealthy contracts have taken care of his
immediate needs and men; but he is
uncertain of his course of action in the
Saralainn. He desires to return to his
homelands but is considering a contract in
Fennas Druinen at the urging of Pelender of
Tyrn Hothad (Tyrn Gorthad).

The hold was ravaged by the forces of

Sauron during the 2nd age invasion of
Eriador. It was subsequently rebuilt and
benefited greatly from Elendils paved
construction of the Menatar Romen. In the
late second age it grew from a clan hold to a
town and then to a small city.

He has fortified his troops to the ruins of the

town of Ningliras on the Menatar Romen
where he extracts tolls on the rare merchant
passing by. This has earned him certain
notoriety/hostility of Melenur and the
Dagarim Aran Na Bree.

In the third age turmoil continued to

surround its position. Ningliras was closely
associated with Amon Sul the fortress of
Weathertop. Being a mere days ride away,
the city naturally economically supported
the fortress in many respects. Given that it
was un-walled and an open city it was to
Weathertop that population looked too for

Duncans army consists of 20 of his

kinsmen as mounted Cnichts armed with
spear, shield, sling, and broadsword. They
wear rigid leather armour.

During the division of Arnor in 861 the city

was embroiled in controversy. It was
claimed by Arthedain, Cardolan and
Rhudaur being an important economic
center with road toll revenue. Eventually it
became enfoefed to Cardolan though it
continued to support the Arthedain garrison
on Weathertop.

During the Baronial wars of Cardolan the

city was forced to pay tribute and lords
support to the Hiri of Eredoriath, Faerdor
and finally Tyrn Hodath. After much strife,
the further reduced town settled into loose
fealty to Tyrn Hodath.
The city suffered a number of practice
raids from the Hillmen of the Trollshaws
between 1550 and 1636. Finally in 1638 the
Plague struck the now depleted town and it
was deserted in perpetuity.

The city was sacked in the wars of the

Northern kingdoms in 1352. In 1409 in the
Great Northern War the hordes of Angmar
further decimated the population; but the
city was resettled and rebuilt on a smaller
scale, however still with out walls. Instead
the hedge rows were planted to protect the
now smaller town much as they were built
around Bree.

One unique feature of the city has survived

all the years of war, fire and construction.
The city when viewed for the direct east or
west reminds one of a Blue Headed Goose


in flight. The Blue cobalt tile roofs,

especially those of the south most buildings
provide the unmistakeable impression.

losses. They are not so confident should the

Arthedain come in force.
If the players choose stealth, they will be
required to make a series of hard (-10)
moving manoeuvres for 5 rounds as they
approach the city from about a mile out.
They will further have to make a series of
very hard (-30) stalking manoeuvres within
the ruins of Ningliras proper.
If the players are successful in surprising the
mercenaries, the reactions will be hostile
immediately (-50 to persuasion for 10
rounds) until the players are disarmed or
voluntarily disarm themselves. Showing up
the competence of mercenary scouts will not
immediately endear them to the clan;
however, once comfortable that the Players
intensions are not lethal, grudging respect
for the feat will turn attitudes to easy (+10)
to persuasion.

Some Arnorean historians maintain that this

is due to the culture of the Men of
Weathertop who founded the hold. These
men honoured Manwe above all other Valar.
Some historians maintain that is in tribute to
massive flocks of geese that migrate directly
over the city. Geese that summer in the
Ettenmoors migrate to the cape of Andrath
(Gondor) in the winter. Thousands are seen
annually in the fall and fly directly over the
town feeding upon the grains in the field.
Even into the 1640s hunting expeditions are
organized in the late fall.
Others learned Arnorians maintain it is
simply a coincidence of geology.

The other approach is diplomatic. The

Players may choose to halt for the sentries
and show the Dwarven rod and one written
introduction to the mercenaries. The
mercenaries will insist they disarm before
approaching the heart of the camp. The
outcome of this approach is neutral as the
mercenaries have no reason to either trust
nor distrust the Players; the PCs will have
only proven that they can carry messages as
opposed to any fighting and stalking skill.

5.5 Meeting Duncan Mac Finlach na

Approaching the armed and fortified camp
of the Cuir Na Graibcreaga requires either
diplomacy or stealth.
The Cuir Na Graibcreaga makes their camp
in the ruins of a warehouse at the southern
most point in the deserted town. The
Warehouse has most of the roof intact and
three sturdy walls shelter the men and horses
from the worst of the elements.

Duncan will closely scan both the rod and

the one written introduction of the Players
party identifying them as having rights to
the finders fee. He will carefully inspect the
seal of the letter. Duncan, long used to
treachery, has kept the only piece of
correspondence he has received from
Aervellon and will compare the two.

The mercenaries keep a sharp look out upon

the Menatar Romen and approaches from
the north. In the past 4 months they have
routed two Orcish raids, and a half hearted
Hillman raid designed to evict them.
Having extracted a road tax from a few
Dwarven caravans, and one Eriadorian
merchant, they are aware of the growing
animosity they are inspiring from Arthedain
forces stationed in Bree and Uiviril. They
mostly worry about an Arthedain force
descending upon them, as they have routed
the Orcs and Hillmen with only minor

Duncan will immediately instruct 3 trusted

lieutenants to ride to Tharbad to the see a
Dwarven Merchant Prince to lodge his
deposit. He will instruct themto ride with
extreme haste, to draw sufficient funds for
the Clans provisions along the road, and to
meet at the Gap of Adrath within 5 days
hence. There the company shall wait to find
you safe, or seek you out.


If the Players seek to accompany the

lieutenants, Duncan will not allow it. He
does not trust the escorts nor Aervellon
completely and he will insist the majority of
the Players stay to accompany the men to
Girithlin. He may mistake them for Girithlin
oath sworn men; but if he realizes the
players too are mercenaries he will further

5.6 The March to Minas Girithlin

Duncan will now mobilize the company to
march to Girithlin in one day. This will
allow time to collect a few men scouting,
hunting for food, and two men on their way
back from Bree buying provisions.
Duncan being a prudent general will march
for 8 hours a day and ensures he finds good
defensible campsites. The company takes
time to set up defences at each site using
rocks, and hastily fashioned pole arms made
from small trees. Duncan will ensure the
players never get too far away from his side;
counting them hostages for a safe passage.

The Players may persuade Duncan to allow

one or two of the Players ride to Tharbad
with a medium (+0) influence roll; however
Duncan will insist the majority of the
Players stay with him as ..Im not so nave
as to let you go, my hired escort, and then
walk into a trap.

The company will send 5 mounted riders to

scout for the march. 2 will scout forward, 2
on the North wing and 1behind and to the
south. Duncan is still most concerned that
the arm of the Arthedain military will stretch
out to grasp him; or that some small Orcish
band of assassins will pursue him for
previously wiping out a raiding tribe.

Gamemaster Note
The Players are faced with a quandary.
Who of the Party is to go and assure their
This portion of the adventure should be
run separate from the whole group. The
Gamemaster should retire from the larger
party to run the fast ride to Tharbad out
of the earshot and knowledge of the main
core marching with the Cuir Na
Graibcreaga. Likewise the Player (s) riding
to Tharbad should be unaware of the
march of the main company.
This trip is not scripted in this adventure to
be an eventful one. Random encounters
should be checked for, and entering the
gates of Tharbad requires a fee; but
otherwise it is intended that the Players
should be reunited at or near the Gap of
The Player (s) who do arrive in Tharbad to
claim their finders fee may be surprised to
only be able to draw a maximum of 300
silver pieces of the 3000 that was promised
in the interview with Aervellon. This had
not been disclosed to them previously.
Conversely the trusted kinsmen of Duncan
expected this turn of events and will
happily draw 1500 Silver each to bring to
the company to buy provisions and make
payroll for the men.

Gamemaster Note:
Players who have an avian scout will
receive bonus modifiers to scouting and
manoeuvre rolls that will help offset the
negatives caused by the need for haste.
If the players completed adventure 1
Aflith the Owl is a perfect companion in
this regard.
Aflith the White Owl will add a +30 to
scouting and avoidance manoeuvre rolls
during dusk and night time encounters.
Being an owl Afliths bonus will only add
+5 during daylight hours largely because
of his magical perception abilities.
Other bird familiars (crows. Ravens. Etc)
should add bonuses during daylight hours
but should be aligned to their sensitivity to
people and magic: +10 to +20 maximum.
Aflith will stay with the party until the gap
of Andrath. At this point he urgently
signals that some danger lies ahead. He is
uncertain what the danger ahead is;
however he promises to return ere the
danger overwhelms thee.

Duncan will curse and order the company to

stand ready. He is resigned to face this threat

The company will halt at the ruins of

Andrath and await the returning clansmen
bearing travelling monies and confirmation
that the contract monies are in order. The
relative speed of both parties should place
the arrival at Andrath some 5 days after the
Players first depart Ningliras.

Prince Minastir rides to within 20 yards of

Duncan. The Prince will be dressed in
customary Rangers garb but armoured with
Chain mail below is cloak. His Knights
carry the Royal Arthedain standard. Minastir
will open with parlay.

While the mercenary company and the

Players are subject to random encounters
along the travel from Niringlas to the
Girithin highlands, the Gamemaster should
consider the consequences of the roll. Few
bandits, merchants, animals or creatures
would choose to confront a well armed party
exceeding 100 able men. The entire journey
should be marked by relative few

Duncan I have desired you within my reach

for many a month. You will not be allowed
to pass into the Girithlin Lands; lands in
fealty to my father. I have enough men to
waylay you now and I have 60 more on the
march, to be here ere the morn sun will rise.
I have no personal antagonism towards you.
Turn south now to your lands in Ethir
Gwaltho before we come to blows.

From Andrath, Duncan will lead the

company on a more southerly route to give a
wide berth to Iach Sarn. He will turn west
towards the ruins of Gwaelin, and so by pass
the fords by 20 miles to the south.

Duncan responds with a hearty mocking

laugh Prince Longshanks well met at
sunset (a derogatory name for Minastir). I
request the respect of my title as I have as
much Royal Blood in my veins, as you, in my
lands of Saralainn. Further, I have a
contract with Aervellon of Girithlin. In
writing! These very men are his

5.7 Parlay by the ruins of Gwaelin.

All of Duncans precautions come to naught.
Prince Minastir and 20 Arthedain Knights
(Roquen) will confront Duncans army
south of Iach Sarn while setting up the first
evening camp.

Minastir will involve the players aware of

them in Duncans company I know of
you and your exploits.6 Honourable
warriors it is said. Explain yourselves and
why you consort with the enemies of

This encounter is not random and will occur

in the early evening before the sun has set.
The Gamemaster can choose the relative
setting but it is scripted to occur near
Gwaelen, a small Cardolandrim city in ruins.
It is suggested the Gamemaster choose the
encounter nearest the first evening south and
easterly of Iach Sarn

The Players must explain themselves.

Minastir knows of the players actions due
to the meeting in Caras Celairnen. Minastir
has been scouting this opportunity to march
into Cardolan and turn back Duncan. They
were observed on the first journey for just
this purpose.

The Arthedain forces will be preceded mere

minutes ahead of Duncans northern scouts.
They will ride into the midst of the camp
harried and breathless shouting Duncan
the Elf men are coming, the Elf men are
coming. They materialized out of thin air.

Assuming the Player(s) has completed

Adventures 1 and 2. The Gamemaster may
substitute other exploits of the Players.


Duncan will dispute Minastirs legitimacy at

every turn pointing out that the Prince is on
the south shore of the Baranduin and far
from his Castle. Duncan will demonstrate
little deference to the Prince, but will speak
respectfully with an occasional reference to
the derogatory name Longshanks.

Duncan will accost the Players. ..There is

no retreat from this enemy. Stand now and
prove your valour He will allow the
Players to array themselves as they choose
while he orders his lines to form.
Minster will retreat behind the Cuir Na
Graibcreaga camp. He and the Dunedain
will prepare for battle, uncertain on how to
react to the unexpected turn of events.
Minastir has been rash in the past, but this is
the first time events have overtaken his
ability to recover.

Minastir is uncertain with balance of

evidence. Minastir has always distrusted
Aervellon and will let slip some of his
impatience. He will let slip that he suspects
Aervellon of duplicitous dealings. He is not
prepared to attack the company with only 20
Roquen and hopes to bluff Duncan into
heading any way he wants so long as it is
During the parley, Duncans 2 forward horse
scouts and one unaccounted Knight of
Prince Minastir will ride in haste and
interrupt the parley. The sun should begin to
set at the horizon.
..An army on the march less than 3 miles
from us. 25 large battle trolls, 25 or more
Wargs, and there must be 100 Peasant
warriors of the Warlord of Creb Durga
being goaded in the front line; they are
coming fast. They are singing a terrible
song of the death of Duncan. Also some
large cloud is following the army blotting
out the dying sun allowing the trolls to
march. The cloud is huge and it screeches. It
moves with the army like a Plague in the

5.7 The Battle of 3 Armies.

The cloud is the Warlords Fell bat army.
There are a hundred of the bats. They fly as
fast as the trolls can march and blot out the
dying sun. As the Warlords army
approaches and the sun sets they will move
to the attack first.
Duncans cavalry dismounts and sets in the
middle with horses to the rear. The infantry
sets on either wing. Pikes are planted in the
ground and the first two rows of men carry
them pointing forward. Slingers ready their

Duncan will curse and organize a shield and

pike wall to be established. He will send his
scouts back out to monitor the oncoming
army. Slowly he will look at Minastir and
salute him with a final dismissal
Minastir, you would have my body leave
these lands. It appears Dagorhir the
Warlord would have my head stay. I wonder
whose will prove the stronger.

Minastir will act cautiously signalling to

withdraw behind the hasty preparations of
Duncans army. He will fall back a quarter
of a mile uncertain what to do. He wants to
fight the Warlords army desperately.

Duncan will exhort his men to stand fast.

..Kinsmen, give no quarter, for you shall
receive none. We shall make a battle that
even the Prince of the Elf men shall sing of.

The attack comes.


Round Action
1,2,&3 The Warlords Fell Bats lead the
1-4 bats cumulative will attack
each Player in the defensive
position. Each player can face no
more than 4 bats at one time due to
the crush of men and arms and
limitation of hover and swoop
space. The Bats are only able to
attack the Head, face neck, and
extended arm areas.
All players wearing full Helms and
Arm Greaves will be able to ignore
the poison criticals.
The Players fight at a cumulative
minus 2 per round (-2, -4, -6) from
thrusting and jabbing upwards;
exhaustion. However, any critical
scored on a bat that exceeds its hits
total will be transferred to a 2nd bat
as the sweep/thrust catapults to
body of a dead bat onto another
doing damage.
Over the din of battle Duncan is
heard screaming orders for a volley
of Tathlum shot from the slingers
at the oncoming trolls. 5 are killed
instantly and drop from the charge.
A cheer goes up among the
The Wargs, Trolls and Peasant
militia crash into the front lines of
the planted Pikes. 15% casualties
are taken by the Warlords Peasant
militia army. There is a 20%
chance Players on the Front line
are suffer an A Impact critical
from the crush of combatants.
The Players on the Front line will
face a random opponent:
0 -30: 1 Peasant Warrior
31-55: 2 Peasant Warriors
56-75:2 Peasant Warriors and a -25
spear thrust from a flank
76-90: 1 Warg
91-00: 1 Troll
100+ : 2 Wargs
The opponent will stay in place
fighting until either the Player or

Gamemaster note:
This Battle has been scripted for the
Gamemasters use.
Role playing is stressed over massive
amounts of die rolling and book keeping
for combat. The Gamemaster has absolute
discretion in terms of running the battle
and the level of detail and the amount of
combat resolution they wish to add. They
may choose to fudge rolls, or alter
circumstances depending upon what the
desired outcome is. None of the primary
participants pose any continuity risk for
J.R.R. Tolkiens work. It is suggested only
Prince Minastir be a guaranteed survivor.
The Battle lasts 20-25 rounds in MERP
terms. The Gamemaster should feel free to
alter the terms of the battle as they see fit.
The number of Trolls, Wargs, or Bats as
direct opponents can subtly manipulated if
the Players are having an easy go at battle
or visa versa.
The survival of the Players in a mass melee
is always difficult to predict Enemies across
the line are determined randomly. Secondly
certain players such as Mages or Animists
will have little ability to withstand the
shock of the charge and fight back on a
front line. Mages and Animists may opt to
drop to the back lines. The players should
indicate their positions in advance using
miniatures or a battlefield drawing;
Duncan will expect a number of Players on
the front line but is easily distracted with
the excuse that I am a healer/scholar
given the imminence of the battle.
Duncans troops are unfamiliar with magic
and may be frightened or shocked by overt
action of Magic wielding Players; if they
act early and with spectacular effect (i.e. a
Fireball). In the heat of the battle, the
troops will be unaware of any single
persons actions.
Finally, the Gamemaster may prefer use
War Law, War Hammer, or miniatures to
recreate the battle.
All statistics for the Military forces are
found in Section 6.0 under the Mater
Military Chart and Non Player Characters.




opponent is dead. Then a new roll

will determine what takes its place.
The Gamemaster may want the
Players to roll this giving them
some idea of the probabilities.
If the Player is facing Peasant
warriors there is a 33% cumulative
chance each round that they will
face and additional minus (-10)
thrust from the other flank. The
Flank attacks are weak due to the
crush of bodies in a confined
space. There is a cumulative 25%
chance each round that the Players
will be assisted with a +50 pike
thrust against their particular
opponent from a nearby friendly
combatant in the 2nd row.
Players at the Rear lines will
continue to face 1-4 Fell Bats with
a continuation of the -2 penalty per
round as blood rushes down the
tiring arms.
Minastir Rallies the Dunedain
Knights into a flank attack on the
Warlords troops. Over the din of
the Battle Players can here
Minastir cry ..we have one
certain enemy here. This is
followed by the battle cry ..Estel a
The battle seesaws back and forth
in confusion. The lines of the Cuir
Na Graibcreaga are holding in the
center and the right but the left is
starting to give ground back. The
Players continue to face the same
opponents as determined by the
chart above; however if on the left
side add +30 to each new roll as
the Trolls and Wargs start
attacking the weak point.
The Gamemaster should take the
opportunity to express concern
and doubt while rolling dice even
if for no reason. The Players
should not feel the battle is a
forgone conclusion.
A small pause in the battle. No
combat occurs for this round.
Horns blowing in the near distance




22- 25


Another round of fighting. The left

side of the Cuir Na Graibcreaga
holds, although is hard pressed.
Again the Gamemaster should
express doubt and concern.
Players facing a Troll or Warg will
benefit from one flank thrust from
a nearby allied mercenary against
his opponent.
Another small pause in the battle
caused by distraction. Some one in
the Rear Lines screams at Duncan
The White Owls are coming, the
White Owls are coming.
The first of the Dunedain
auxiliarys crash into the right
flank of the enemy in an effort to
relieve Minster.
The Bats attacking the Rear lines
lift their attack and wheel into the
air to face the menace of their
natural enemy and predator. Relief
at the Rear lines allow some of
Duncans men to charge to the left
Minastir slays the biggest and
smarted Troll (leader).
All Bats are in full retreat against
the flock of Owls.
The Front line of the Warlords
army begins to fall back.
Combatants on the Front line will
now face only:
01-50 Troll
51-00 Warg
However there will be 2-8 friendly
combatants assisting the PCs.


enemies of men. You have reason to strive

against darkness.

The Players at the Rear Lines are

free to press forward and assist
anyone they choose as the men of
the Cuir Na Graibcreaga spread out
to eliminate small knots of
The rout begins. The Warlords
forces begin to fold. Peasant
warriors drop their weapons and
sue fro mercy. Trolls and Wargs
turn and run.

The wounded and surviving Cuir Na

Graibcreaga now number about 45. He
makes free enjoining them never again to
cross north of Metraith in arms. To fight
the Warlord in their lands of the Saralainn
should be your purpose.
Duncan, I have never treated with a
Tribesmen captain nor known of one like
you. In light of the unusual position you are
in I offer you 2 choices. Escort to Saralainn.
I will ensure your safe passage; Or give up
yourselves to my custody and journey to
Arthedain lands. There you may be judged
by my father and assist us in battling the
Trolls and Orc Tribes that plagues the
Northern downs.

5.8 The After Battle Parlay

Minastir will blow a horn call to rally all
troops from pursuing the routed Army. A
natural born leader, he will begin to issue
commands that are obeyed by all including
the surviving Cuir Na Graibcreaga.
The Dunedain will erect tents and begin to
heal all the mannish combatants. They will
offer Arlan, Aloe, bandages, and compresses
to one and all, and to the Players if
applicable. Some of the Dunedain can apply
tourniquets and offer advice on how to
relieve them. Refer to the MERP rules on
healing; page 75

Gamemaster Note:
Duncans choice in this matter is at the
discretion of the Gamemaster running this
adventure. Duncan may have been slain in
battle, fade into the milieu of Arda never to
be seen again, or may be used as a
reoccurring NPC for any Campaign.

Minastir presides as a justice giver upon

chair established in the midst of the now
larger camp. The Arthedain knights number
60 after losses of 10 and are by far the
healthiest of the survivors. Standing besides
Duncans men they look very masterful and
in command and none will gainsay them in
the after shock of the Battle.

Minastir will address Aflith in a respectful

manner referring to him as ...faithful
servant of Manwe. You may have saved us
all with your intervention and the slaying of
those fowl creatures of flight and night. Is
the aught that the heirs of Isildur can do for

The wounded peasants of Warlord army he

makes free; 20 are left of the hundred and
they are those that threw down their
weapons. They have been driven by lash and
fear and are uncertain what to expect.
Minster exhorts them to journey to
Girithlin and labour there to build the walls
of protection against the Trolls who so
terrorized you. I know of communities that
needs new hands for walls and fields
Carenthel, Angoth, and Cithiel. I will send
men to escort you, and so make your journey
safe. Never again should you serve aside the

Aflith will replay in Sindarian No my

lord. A distant son of the old Tall King you
may be; but we respected him, that old king.
Yet many of the tall ship men decimated our
homes in ages past. Some now shoot at us
with bows and arrows for our feathers.
Unless it is within your powers to reforest
all the lands between the Misty Mountains
and the sea, and to banish bows, we have
done what we have for ancient allegiances
and to fight against the dark, another storm
that must inevitably come.

Minastir will reply as you say wise one I

cannot turn back an age of men. Be it
known, I will have it proclaimed by my
father that to shoot the White Owls in the
future will be against our code. In the future
I hope that you will not fear to treat with the
tall ship men.

From here the Players should journey to

Minas Girithlin and the rather surprising
confrontation of Aervellon.
The rather embarrassed Aervellon will order
the Players out and to be gone of my
lands my nightfall hence under pain of
death. Exile forever! This sentence is
hardly enforceable by Arnorian law, and of
course it can be overturned by the Crown of

To the Players Party, or those that survived,

Minastir will offer commendation for
bravery in battle. He will also offer
admonition for participating in the plots of
Aervellon. Of course the Players should
have some proof or claim they were duped
as well. They may attempt to try a medium
influence manoeuvre (+0) to convince the
representative of the crown of the north.

Players should be rewarded experience for

a successful mission. Surviving the battle
will present the players plenty of
opportunity to advance at least 1 level.
However, they will be short changed on the
Silver promised; keeping only the 10% they
have thus far collected. Aervellon will
ensure this is all they collect.

Gamemaster Note:
Aflith is a good character reference. If the
Players have completed the previous
adventures, Aflith can attest to their
honesty and good-ness; lessening the
Princes mistrust.
This will add to the Player reputations for
heroism; though Aflith will reduce the
frequency of contact in the future.

The adventure mission should be considered

doubly successful if redeemed in the eyes of
Prince Minastir and the Arthedain. They
Players will be rewarded with a growing
legacy of fame for heroism and bravery in
many areas of Cardolan.
6.0 Final Notes to Gamemasters.

Minastir will say to the Players I have in

mind a penance that Aervellon may perform.
Too often has this Warlord has threatened
free men. We need a coalition of Lords of
Arnor to act upon him decisively once and
for all time.

There are a number of NPCs and

Personalities from the Iron Crown MERP
cannon contained in the three parts of the
adventure. The campaign was designed to
not directly conflict with any of the
historically published ICE work;7 although it
may not exactly follow interpretations of the
various supplements. Where possible the
adventure is designed to supplement ICE
with place names, maps, and aids.

Aervellon will serve in this cause, and I

shall talk with my Brothel and Hallas of Dol
Tinereb; and also to a friend, Mithrandir
who first suggested it to me. Aervellon shall
labour hard to free this land. Take these
demands to him in my fathers name, and

Minster will offer players a chance to

redeem themselves in the service of free
men of the west.

Names are taken from Arnor: the Land. Stock #

2023. Published 1997. Revision Author W.J.

5.9 There and Back again.


This is not the sole accepted view of

Southern Arthedain and Northern Cardolan.
Each Gamemaster can tailor pieces to fit
their version of Arda; potentially even
moving the mission to Gondor or some other
The adventures are also designed to lead a
typical party from 3rd & 4th level to
approaching levels 6 and 7. The Players
have the opportunity to meet some of the
chief political movers and shakers in Eriador
as outlined by ICE. Hopefully, this adds a
dimension of potential intrigue into your
The conclusion is a natural lead in to the
epic campaign in the Arthedain campaign
module by George Photopolis in the MERP
Fan Modules site @ http:// games groups
This includes the Intrigue in Cardolan
mini adventure outlined in the ICE
Publication of Lost Realms of Cardolan. The
Players party would be a natural target to be
hired discretely by Aervellon, with the
intention of pinning upon them, the blame
for the death of his nephew. Their
familiarity with Minas Girithlin would be a
major assistance.
This mini campaign is also a natural lead in
to the Hunt for the Warlord outlined by W.J.
Frank in the Arnor series by ICE. This can
involve representing Minastir, Hallas, any of
the Barons interested in the downfall of the
Warlord; with the possible exception of
However it is entirely up to you. I hope you
and your Players have enjoyed the
Onen i-Estel Edain
A special note of thanks to the guys at Fan modules
who: inspired me to write this, challenged me to
improve it, and endured my emails.


Master NPC Table

Lvl Hits AT DB* Sh Gr Melee OB Missile OB MovM Notes
The Myth of the Teregond
Ferc the Dun

No 20
66 weeb
43 sb
Daen Scout
Owner of Tanning/Dry goods shop. Angmarim spy who gathers Arnorian artefacts to hide.
Item Assessment 50 Trading 30

Aeldir the Theyn

RL 10
88 pa
18 sb
Eriadorian Warrior
Theyn of Caranthel. Public Speaking 50. Diplomacy 20. Concerned about Troll and Warg raids
Paying tribute to the Warlord. Wants to rebuild the town walls.

Oyen Croichrir

43 ss
63 da
Daen Bard
Cousin of Ferc. Clan Leader. Knows Controlling Song and Lore to 10th level. Public Speaking
30, Rhetoric 30, Stalk/Hide 30 Ambush 2

The Dark Priest

43 No
40 sc
60 cb
Angmarim Animist
Priest/Acolyte of Litash. Knows Calm Spirits, Protections, Direct Channeling, and 2 dark
Channeling spell lists related to raising undead, and desecration of holy sites to 10th level.

Aervellons Dilemma
Aervellon Girithlin 15
120 Ch
30 Y+10 A/L
Dunedan Baron
Diplomacy 67, Falsification 50, Public Speaking 35, Poison 50, First Aid 60. +20 Mithril Mace.
The Regent Baron of Girithlin. Political and scheming but outwardly portrays the ideal of the
Higher Dunedain Irnil/Hiri.

40 Y+10 A/L
-10 Torfir Rogue
Castellan of Minas Girithlin. Stalk/Hide 20, Perception 25, Diplomacy 40, Forgery 45. Short
Sword +15 once/day does 2ndary Elec. Crit. Aervellons lieutenant and equally scheming.

Dulthor Fairbeard 9
123 Ch
20 Y+5 A
15 Dwarf Warrior
Trading 80, Item assessment 55, Acting 40, Perception 25. Dwarven Merchant and Goldsmith of
Caras Celairnen. The informal diplomat of the Dwarves of Erid Luin. Kin of the Mountain King.

135 Sl +20 20
15 Dunadan Warrior
Ambush 10, Administration 60, Politics 65, Heraldry 40, Law 50, Novice Striking 50, Standard
Striking 25, Adrenal Defence 30 (refer to MERP optional professions page 218).


85 No
40 Nando Ranger
Leader of a Wandering Company. Will not fight but simply use magic to mislead the Players
and disappear. The encounter is non-random and optional at the GMs discretion.

The Battle of 3 Armies

Duncan Mac Finlach 8
120 Rl
Y+5 A/L
15 Clansman Warrior
Leader of the Cuir Na Graibcreaga (Clan of Slings). Public Speaking 50, Tactics 50.

Carries a standard that adds +20 to Clansmen Morale, and the Talthum herb bowl.
Prince Minastir

153 Ch
35 Y+20 A/L
10 Dunadan Warrior
Ernil Na Arthedain and Hiri Na Iach Sarn. Eager to enforce peace in Northern Cardolan.

*DB is base Defensive Bonus. Add shield and armour bonuses.

For glossary of weapons terms refer to ICE publications. Bs=Broad Sword, Sl = Sling for example.

Master Military Chart

Lvl Hits AT DB* Sh Gr Melee OB Missile OB MovM Notes
Myth of the Teregond



Lvl Hits AT DB* Sh Gr Melee OB Missile OB MovM Notes

The Croichrir Daen clan of Caranthel

Daen Scouts (2-3)
Daen Scouts (2-3)



Y+5 N
Y+5 N

65 Ss


The Dark Priests Lurg

Orc Lurg of Litash (10)
Y+5 N
20 Da
Morale -20, will flee after 30 % casualties, will turn on Dark Priest with one Spell failure.





Aervellons Dilemma
Caranthel Guardsmen Ethirion Na Caranthel
Eriadorian Mixed (9)
Y+10 N
Aspiring men at arms in service of Girithlin. They fight with the customary Girithlin mace. Against PCs they use
coshes with their normal OB bonus however all criticals are a maximum of A due to restraint.
The Kirinkiya Ohtari Degerem Ereter Na Kirinkiya
Dunedan Ereter (1)
100 Rl
30 Y+10 A/L
Mounted on a light horse the leader is suited only in Rigid Leather for fast riding, not the customary Chain mail.
Dunedan Ohtari (9)
10 Y+10 A/L
Mounted on light horses for fast riding
The Wandering Company
Sinda Warriors (7)
Sl+30 30
Sinda Animist (1)
N 25
Sinda Mage (1)
N 20
A wandering company of Sindar in the Siragal. They average 4000 years of age and will have limited contact with
men. They possess a cordial that acts as a +100 Sleep (10) on a target of their choice. They will not fight the players but
will use Magic to mislead and disappear. The encounter is non-random and optional at the GMs discretion.
Dulthors House Guard
Dwarves (7)
Ch 30 Y+10 A/L
Dulthors kinsmen. They are on very good terms with the Ethirion Na Caras Celairnen and can call upon them within
minutes. MERP optional profession Rogues they would have 2 Spell lists each to 7th level. Primarily in spell defence.

The Battle of 3 Armies

Cuir Na Graibcreaga
Cnichts (20)
30 Y+5 A/L
Heavy Infantry (60)
20 Y+10 A/L
Scouts (10)
Saralainn tribesmen of a number of clans but mostly the Murchadh. Personally loyal to Duncan and his reputation.
Duncan implicitly trusts his Cnichts and Scouts who are blood relatives.
Dagarim Aran Na Athrad Sarn
Arequain (7)
130 Ch
45 Y+15 A/L
Ohtari Rhyn (71)
85 Ch
35 Y+10 A/L
Prince Minastirs force that forays into Cardolan. 2 Ohtari personally accompany the Prince in the advance army that
parleys with Duncan. The remaining 60 are following a matter of hours behind. 3 riders act as scouts in each party.
This force represents a significant portion of all the troops available to Minastir as outlined by ICE. Total casualties
should be considered in relationship to your campaign.
The Warlords Girithlin Raiding Force
Forest Trolls (25)
Rl 20
Recent tributary vassals of the Warlord from the Eyrn Vorn. This is their first pitched battle after raiding Girithlin
Wargs (35)
No 50
Not Undead true wargs, but deadly none the less.
Peasent/Slaves (100)
No 0
Y+5 N
Terrorized by the Trolls and Wargs. They will fight
Fell Bats (100)
No 55
disease 30
Shadowing the trolls at dusk allowing them to march. On a successful critical the Bats will inject: 01-95 Rabies 96-00
The great plague.
This represents about one third of the Warlords total forces as outlined in ICE. See the above note.


Master Beast Table

Lvl # Enc Size Speed Hits At Db Attack
Aflith the White Owl



Lesser White Owls

Wild Boar
Boar Piglets
Goral Sheep







N 50 55Scl/35Spi

Perception +100,Casts Detection

Mastery MERP to 6th
N 50 40Scl/10Spi Nocturnal Predators rarely aggr.
N 30 50Mho/50Mba Aggressive defending litter
N 30 10/Sbi
Delicious roasted on a spit
N 45 55Mba/50Mts Semi feral, coarse golden wool

Only the beasts specifically cited in these adventures are covered. Refer to ICE publications for those covered in the
Random Encounter tables. ICE/Rolemaster provides a glossary of attacks: 55Scl is +55 Small Claw for example.

Random Encounter Tables


Girithlin Highlands and

Shores of the Baranduin
01 02
03 04
05 15
16 20
21 30
31 33
34 35
38 49
51 55
56 70
71 74
75- 80
81 84
86 - 88
93 - 94
97 99

Western Siragal

Tyrn Hothad/Gorthad

Chance (%)
Distance (miles)
Time (hours)
General Traps
01 02
01 02
Natural Hazards
03 - 04
03 04
Severe Weather
05 15
05 - 15
Sites & Things
16 - 20
16 20
21 - 25
21 25
26 33
27 - 30
34 35
Ninfiara/Wild Auroch
31 35
36 40
37 39
Goral Pronghorns
41 - 43
40 49
Sheep w/Sheep dogs
44 50
51 60
51 57
Common Folk
61 75
59 - 60
78 85
62 70
Military Units (Militia)
87 88
Military Unit
89 90
73 80
Large Patrol
91 95
81 - 85
Small Patrol
87 92
93 94
Dwarven Merchant Party
96 98
Hill Trolls
Wandering Company
The Gamemaster should roll for an encounter in the appropriate column.
The period covered by each encounter roll in 1 day is the LESSER of the time in hours, or the time it takes to cover the
distance in miles.
An encounter does not always require a fight. The hostility can be gauged by the difference between the Gamemaster
activity roll and the Players avoidance roll. Additionally, the players can manoeuvre to avoid encounters.
This table is meant as a Gamemasters guide for encounters.
* Any roll over 100 on the open ended roll can be determined by the Gamemaster. It might be something special such
as a key Non Player Character or very powerful omen/artefact.