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still only you mention that you will be a question about the flow of
documentation dobavlaca to Fiat ie. These are global issues purely to see if
you know who issued the invoice issuing the bill of lading, where the issue of
purchase orders, requisitions, and who makes it so ...
with Fiat ....
you should know that the supplier sends goods in warehouses Fiat and the
goods accompanied by a document called dispatch
Invoices will be sent in a fiat service and there is a book
when goods arrive in the warehouse fiata then it Good receipt ie. receipt of
goods and sometimes there is a document called the receipt of goods
Your job will likely be to control your receipt of the goods by otpremnicamma
and that you associate with a vendor invoice ....
Invoices must be on yourself to have some basic of information to, such as
company name, name of goods, commodity code, where she was delivered,
the date of the invoice, the date of payment, the amount in dinars and if
there is a currency clause amount in euros if the supplier of the system of
VAT and then there are the amount of VAT on the invoice. seal and signature
too ....
There is a special department in the Fiat - procurement which contacts
suppliers and negotiate the terms of purchase ... when they select suppliers
then send him a document called porudzbenica and the document is
numbered PO numerous they call it.
the PO number must be the same supplier to indicate on the invoice.
In principle, when someone needs a material or a service is to be done in his
Fiat, he does requisition, it receives a purchase requisition, invite several
suppliers and make tender, choose the one that is most convenient, send
him a letter rogatory, and it was ordered goods, dobavlac save goods and
with dispatch send the goods to the warehouse and distributors receive the
goods and do Good receipt ie. receipt of goods - so here it is called.
Send an invoice to Fiat service where it is paired with the book and
requisition, PO and good recipt.fiat service is a separate company within the
Fiat Group cars, from almost the Fiat Group cars renamed and merged with

crajslerom in America but now abbreviated called FCA - crajsler fiat fiat cars
and service has changed its name to the FCA deals with services ... business
tariffs - 30 people, calculating salary (pay rool) - 20 people and have a
special department of finance. So one big accountancy for this Fiat's factory
that exists in Serbia. The company has about 100 employees, you will
probably finances to accommodate ...

to the Finance Department is divided into account payapble - Department of

suppliers and account receivable - Department of customers ... in the
Department of customers has 5 employees and they are doing invoicing of
goods for all Fiat customers .. in the department of suppliers have 40 people
and It is distributed to those who register invoices and agrees condition with
suppliers, invoice verification department - where I work and ocr OCR --- that
has one 15-odd employees and they are doing some analysis of invoices for
Fiat factories and suppliers to the factory in world ... probably going to do
this job ... is based on how you during the day, you get 100 invoices in the
system and see that there is a 100 receptions and 100 dispatch, and your job
is to see that the invoice with the delivery note which coincides with which
the reception agrees and if everything is OK. Quantity date of receipt of the
goods and if it's all nice Booked ...
This is something basic that you need to know what the next course
dugovrna page and are keeping cash on hand, which records the costs and
revenues on which ...
interview you'll probably have the human resources manager - our man from
niche called Aleksandar Popovic and is completely ok. Italians ... it's Robert
and he relaxed is 45 years old and who is crazy currents, loves football, he's
crazy for Napoli, run marathons, the clouds when it is 25 years old and will
not have any problems during the interview. Just relax and tell what they
know ... if something gets stuck and can not can not remember the English
feel free to tell the Serbian there is a hr manager that he translated the
Italian and although most understand ...
if you need anything else Free Skating ask if you want something else
seeking information about fiat Servis on the net though this is it ...