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Volume 15, issue 5

May 2015

Jib Sheet

F r o m

Don Rodwancy

May is always an
exciting month around
the Club. The grounds
come alive with green
grass, the boats show up
in the marina and the
social calendar is chock
full of great events for all
to enjoy!
I want to thank
all the members and
spouses who worked on
the spring work party. It
was one of the most successful work parties in
recent history thanks to
RC Daves organizational efforts. His article
will contain more specific information of how
many people and the
great things that were
The Members
Input Meetings held in
April were very successful and quite informative
too. A special thanks to
PC John Bolte for all his
hard work he has done to
date on this project.
Please take a look at his
article in this Jib Sheet
for additional information. At the May 7th gen-

y o u r

c o m m o d o r e

eral membership meeting

he will be providing the
results of the surveys, a
progress report and answer questions.
Denny Ladd will
once again be providing
vessel inspections for our
boating members. For
several years now
Denny, under authority
of the Port Clinton
Power Squadron, has
inspected any members
vessel upon request and
provided a sticker upon
successful inspection.
That sticker is piece of
mind knowing your vessel is compliant with the
state regulations. The
sign-up sheet for the inspections will be located
in the bar.
On Memorial
Day, Monday the 25th,
your Flag Officers and
the past Commodores
will be holding their annual Riverfront Memorial Service to honor our
present and past military
members and their service to our country. The
ceremony starts at 9 am

and is open to all to attend. Please join us along

with local officials for
this very meaningful
A reminder to
pick up your 2015-2016
yearbook/calendar at the
bar before May 27th. To
date around 200 have
been picked up and I
want to thank those
members for helping us
save on the postage!
Also, there are a limited
number of extra copies
for those who need an
extra copy.
On May 22nd the
New Member Welcome
event will be hosted at
the Club. I encourage
you to come to this event
to meet & greet the new
members that have
joined this great club
over the past year. It is
coupled with a Friday
Night Snacks at 6 pm
followed by a short presentation in the Ballroom.
Thats all for now. See
you at the club!

P a g e

J i b

T h e

r e a r

The season is officially

here! Our marina water is on and
boats are steadily filling the
docks. The pool is being commissioned and the grounds are being
prepared. Finally after such a long
I want to thank our volunteers who make our club the best
yachting facility on the great
lakes. During the spring work party
we had over 90 people participate, a
record in recent history and we accomplished many jobs which needed
to be done. During the riser party
we had 13 volunteers (Guess who
had the most "floaters")! There is
always a list of big and small projects to be done around the club. If
you couldn't make the work party
please put in some time by seeing
Caretaker Eric, PC Chuck, or me. If
you have an idea for a project please
let us know and we can add it to the
Some thoughts as we open the
We have replacement dock
boxes for sale at $400. If
you have an old junk one
please think about replacing
it. We want to stay with the
standard dock box to enhance the YC appearance.

p e r s p e c t i v e

Jet ski dock pricing is reduced to $300 from $500

in an effort to reduce hoist
usage and free up dry sale
area, which is limited. If
you paid $500, expect a
refund. Jet ski docks are
nice but underutilized.

Portable pump out can

only be operated by Eric,
period. Our license requires this so if you need a
pump out either at the
hoist or at your dock,
make arrangements with
Eric. No charge, but tipping appreciated.

We cannot burn on the

east beach any longer, If
you want an open fire
please consider the Wolf
property beach and see
Eric in advance who can
likely help you with some
scrap logs.

Finally if you see something which needs done,

please tell Eric, Chuck, or
me. Your ideas are just
as important as ours!

RC Dave

Please do not staple tablecloths to the picnic tables. This causes the tables
to rot quickly and causes cuts
when we handle the tables. Remove your tablecloths each week after use.

S h e e t

Dancing at the Club

Its Spring Get up
and Move Try Intro
to Social Ballroom
Dancing with
Cookie Dance.
Learn to Foxtrot ,
Waltz, Rumba,
Cha-Cha and Swing!
May 5th June 9th
$60. SINGLE,
*Intro to Social
Ballroom Dancing
6pm to 7 pm
*Advance Social
Ballroom Dancing
7 pm to 8 pm
preferred but not
required. Walk ins
welcome, Partners
not required. Call
Ann Duez 419-7345611 for additional
information and

V o l u m e

1 5 ,

is s u e

F l e e t
C a p t a i n o f
s a i l

Spring is finally here and out

Jr. Race Team is ready to rock
and roll. PCYC for many
years sailed Thistle Sailboats
in the Jr. Race Series. In lieu
of my report this month I have
included an article written by
Will Taylor on the new Race
Team Entry.
Learn to Sail is well on its
Wenzinger. We look forward
to a great summer.
Spring is here! I think.
Jim Miller

P a g e

Where It Started
By: Will Taylor, PCYC Jr. Race Team
I started sailing at the age of seven
at the Port Clinton Yacht Club on
the southern shore of Lake Erie. I
wanted to join the learn-to-sail program but I had to complete the swim
test before I could join. I was determined to sail so I had to learn to
swim. The weekend before the beginning Opti session, I was on vacation at Put-In-Bay. In the Crews
Nest Pool I finally got up the nerve
to swim across the deep end. The
Crews Nest Pool is where it started
for me. Maybe it started somewhere
else for you, maybe your parents or
grandparents sailboat? We were
boaters power boaters. Occasionally my dad would crew with
some of his friends and there was
something about sailing that intrigued me. By using the wind as
my motor, I could make my boat go.
I had a blast over the next few summers learning the basics.
Within a few years, I had some Opti
regattas under my belt. With the
opportunity to crew on some big
boats and the encouragement of
some of Dads sailing friends, I was
ready to step up to the PCYC Race
Team. It was the summer of 2014

F l e e t

C a p t a i n

o f

p o w e r

It is great to see the marina filling up for the season. Before

we know it summer will be in full swing. As you read this, the
first Cruise-Out of the year should be in the books. Hopefully
the late April weather will have cooperated and all will have
had a great trip to PIB.
The June 19th-21st Sandusky Yacht Club Cruise-Out has unfortunately been cancelled. Cancellation was do to booking
issues. I am currently looking into alternative locations for the
same weekend. An email will be sent out when a destination is
Happy boating,
RJ Basil

and it was the best summer ever. I

sailed almost every day. You see, if
I wasnt sailing the 420 as part of
the race team, I was sailing with my
family on a new-to-us J/24 the
Juice Box Hero. Were now a
sailing family.
My race team
friends and I even had the opportunity to crew in Sr. Bay Week. It
was a blast. We took home a flag!
The only person over the age of 15
on the boat was my friend Jaysons
Grandfather, our skipper.
My race team friends and I wanted
to sail bigger boats. 420s were for
2 sailors and we had 3. Jayson
Miller sails a Laser year-round and
on bigger boats with his Grandfather. Ben Springer and I sailed a
420 last summer and while our
families have sailboats, we were too
young to take them out by ourselves. So one day at the 2014
VBC-PCYC Jr. Regatta we were
headed out of the marina and Jayon
needed help getting to his Laser on
the other side of the river. He
hopped in our 420 and we took him
to his Laser. With three people in
the 420, Jayson said, Hey guys,
look were a Thistle. Half way
across the marina is where it started
for us.
We wondered what it would be like
to sail a Thistle. A week later at Jr.
Bay Week we began to discuss it.
Bens Cousin had been successfully
sailing a Thistle for a long time and
said, Its a great boat to sail and its
like no other. Within a few days,
we were looking for a Thistle and
came across Thistle #2770. The
boat was in decent shape for an
older fiberglass Thistle. Over the
winter Jayson and his Grandfather
repaired the hull and replaced the
ugly yellow color with a new white
epoxy bottom and a red boot stripe.
Were working on rigging, going
through the sails, and looking forward to lessons from Bens cousin.
We cant wait to get started.

P a g e

J i b

S h e e t

P o r t C l i n t o n Y a c h t C l u b
P l a n n i n g C o m m i t t e e

To: PCYC Membership

Date: April 22, 2015
A big Thank You to the 126 members and the 53 spouses who attended the membership
input meetings conducted by the Planning Committee the first two weekends in April. Thanks also
to those who were unable to attend the meetings but responded to the email taking the time to review the presentation material and return the survey.
196 surveys were returned from 144 members, 48 spouses and 4 unknown authors. The
feedback was diverse from a broad range of Club members who use the Club in different ways. In
addition to rating the various statements, many members took the time to add comments and suggestions that are also very helpful. The Planning Committee is very appreciative of your input and
that input will drive our efforts.
The following snapshot takes a look at the feedback in regard to the major questions about
which the Planning Committee was looking for immediate direction. The complete survey results
and analysis will be presented to the membership at the May 7th general membership meeting.
Please plan on attending if you are able. For those members who are interested in the results but
cannot attend that meeting, a weekend meeting can be scheduled if there is interest. Simply let a
Board and/or Planning Committee member know your interest in scheduling such a meeting.
Whether to consider a new location for the pool:
The Current Pool location is satisfactory.
I like the proposed location of the pool near the lake.


Concerning the clubhouse concepts:

Flat roofs are fine replace them
Glass House is fine replace it
If we can economically change roof lines, convert glass house
to a permanent structure, it makes sense to consider.
It makes sense to consider a moveable wall between:
The bar and the ball room
The bar and the lounge

















How far to go with pool improvements at current location:

Option #2 Converting current pool to Non-Diving pool
Option #3 New pool within the current pool
Option #4 New pool layout w/zero entry, swim lanes & slide 25%
Option #5 Same as #4 with Diving Well
Whether to include a diving well:
The Club will lose members without diving boards.
I am willing to pay more to maintain diving boards.


May 2015



Colonial Club



Thu Fri

Membership Meeting



1. Cinco de mayo

2. Bar Party
2. Derby Day
Horses will be drawn
through out the day from the
party members. Race starts
shortly after 6 PM
Pork sliders, slaw
and derby desserts 5 7
$5.00 pp


5:30 pm ? $6.00





16. Jr. Sail Cookout

Board Meeting






New Member Welcome
w/Friday Night Snacks
6:PM, Montgomery Inn
Pork Sliders, sides and

(Bring your own something to grill and table
service) 5pm-7pm
$3 children, $6 adult
Salad bar, baked potato
bar, rolls and desert

24. Auxiliary club race

25. Memorial Day Fish 26

Fry.Fresh Fried Fish
and Fries, Slaw, Cake
and Beverage...5-7:PM




ON Sat 5/23

Board Meeting

17. jr sail seminar

31. Auxiliary club race

Italian Sausages.
Potato Salad, Relishes
and Brownie
6PM, $6.


Bloody Mary
Socials Begin
1010-11:30 am