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UWRT 1103 Daybook 2015

Writing is
Writing is free expression, a way to transfer ideas into the tangible world. A device for
communication between people, it conveys complex thought in a concrete form. More
permanent than talking. You do not have to remember everything if its written down. It
is a way to preserve a fleeting thought. Due to its expressive quality, writing can be
considered an art form. The hand is a conduit to carry ethereal thoughts into the physical
world. A way to understand one another and each others thoughts. It can release stress
or anxiety. Its good to write out why you are angry as well, you can logically determine
if it is something worth being angry about.

I remember reading and writing

I remember reading used to be fun and exciting. All through grade school I would read
mythology from around the world almost every day. Reading used to be mystical and
free, a getaway. I used to have the expendable time to read what I wanted to read. I
dislike being forced to read what other people want me to.
I remember writing was boring, yet a skill a aspired to have. I have always equated being
well read and written as a crucial way to communicate intellect. However, I havent
really ever written for my own good, I was always told to write for school. Ive never
been too keen on being told what to do. Its my hand, who can determine what I write?
What I create with my hand is mine to decide. I have always strived to be a well-read
writer simply for the purpose of using it as a tool. I required a medium to communicate
complex thought, writing was the answer.

Superman and me
This article is about the author comparing learning to read, to Superman comics. He talks
about Superman breaking down doors with his great strength. There are some very
powerfully written ideas in this article. I liked when he compared every aspect of his life
to a paragraph. The paragraph as a unit of measure.
He uses the repetition of I to make his point clear. He repeats I am arrogant. He is
hardheaded and wont take no for an answer. He is dead set on learning how to read. He
makes the important point of Superman being able to smash down doors while he says I
throw my weight against the locked doors. The door holds. He is not Superman, he has
limits, he has weaknesses.

Among the believers
The son of a preacher, turned atheist, raised a child as an atheist. People on both sides,
are closed-minded. People condemn this child for not being faithful, however her
father condemns religion so hard that I feel no pity. It is important to keep an open mind.
Not to condemn people who are different. This father is fighting hatred and
misunderstanding with equal amounts of hatred and misunderstanding, and for this reason
he is a fool. Even the author talks about how cruel the other children were to think she
was a devil worshiper, when she has inherited an equally bigoted legacy from her father.
I find it comical that the father has a victim complex. Talking about how hes constantly
under attack for his beliefs, meanwhile hes disrespecting and attacking the beliefs of
other people.

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