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Marriage Prediction: A 4 Step Theory Analysis

Sunil Gondhalekar
Sri Sunil Gondhalekar is the inventor of 4 Step Theory. He developed this theory in 1990 after many years of
painstaking research. Sri Gondhalekar is a mechanical engineering diploma holder, who has also studied KP
technique from 1980 and is the winner of many awards and titles. From 1993, he is the editor of a Marathi
language magazine of astrology: Nakshatrache Dene, published from Maharashtra, India. He has also published
various books on astrology in Marathi such as Vivaha Yoga, courses on KP, Nakshatra Sandesh, Nakshatra
Prabha, Nakshatra Triveni.
Email: sunilalaka@yahoo.com

lady approached me for the marriage probability of her daughter. And I have analyzed the
chart on 29th April 2010. The birth details are as follows:

Name: Sharvari
D.O.B.: 14th December 1981
T.O.B.:20-05 PM
Place: Dadar/Mumbai 19N10; 72E51
KP Ayanamsha: 23-30-30
This case is solved through 4step theory.
Rule: 7th sub if signify 2 or 7 or 11 house strongly then marriage will be celebrated during the chain
of these houses. 5th and 8th houses are also supportive houses for marriage. (ref: 4th reader, page
no.200,Jan 1978 edition)
The chart is attached herewith.
In this chart 7th sublord is Moon. Since this is a natal chart due to uncertainty the birth time may not
be correct, hence I have used RP to confirm the sub. Moon was not in RP and presence of Mars was
found in RP hence decided Mars as a sublord of 7th house.
Now let us check the signification of Mars.
The bracketed houses are strong significators.
Itself :-------------- Mars:- 3 6 11
It's N.Swami :-------- Sun:- (6) 3 Cusp Yuti: (6)
Mercury-Yuti (6) 1 4 Saturn-Drusht (4)
(8) (9)
It's Sub :------------ Mercury:- 6 1 4 Sun-Yuti 6 3
It's Sub's N.Swami :-- Ketu:- (7) Cusp Yuti: (7)
It's N.Swami :-------- Sun:- (6) 3 Cusp Yuti: (6)
Mercury-Yuti (6) 1 4 Saturn-Drusht (4)
(8) (9)
So Mars signify 7-8 houses, so the marriage is promised but due to presence of 8th house marriage
may be delayed. Now we will check DBA.
Oct-Dec 2013

At the time of judgments Venus dasa, Venus Bhukti was from 2nd Nov 2009 to 3rd April
2013. Let us check the signification of Venus.
Itself :-------------- Venus:- (7) (5)
(12) It's N.Swami :-------- Moon:(1) (2) It's Sub :------------ Moon:1 2
It's Sub's N.Swami :-- Saturn:- (4) (8) (9)
So dasa and bhuktilord Venus signifies 7-5-2-8 houses, so marriage possibility will be during
this period. Now to select Antara, for to complete the chain we have to select such a planet
who signify
11th house. If you check the significations of all planets you will found that there are only 2
planets who signify 11th house are Sun and Saturn.
Let us check the signification of these
planets. PLANET : SUN
Itself :-------------- Sun:- 6 3 Cusp Yuti: (6)
Mercury-Yuti 6 1 4 Saturn-Drusht 4 8 9
It's N.Swami :-------- Mercury:- (6) 1 4 Sun-Yuti (6) 3
It's Sub :------------ Saturn:- 4 8 9
It's Sub's N.Swami :-- Mars:- (3) 6
Itself :-------------- Saturn:- 4 8 9
It's N.Swami :-------- Mars:- (3) 6
(11) It's Sub :------------ Jupiter:- 4
7 10
It's Sub's N.Swami :-- Rahu:- (1) Cusp Yuti: (1) Rashi-Swami Moon (1)
(2) Aspect (7)
It's N.Swami :-------- Jupiter:- (4) 7 (10)
Sun antara was from 24th May 2010 to 23rd July 2010 and Saturn Antara was from 23rd Dec
2011 to
3rd July 2012.
Since ascendant is of dual sign and 7th sub was also indicating delays I have consider that
marriage will be celebrated during Saturn antara. For to predict further finer period I have
chosen again Venus sookshma as Venus signifies 2-5-7-8 houses and also a karaka planet for
marriage. This period will be from 1st March 2012 to 2nd April 2012.
So I declared that the marriage will be during April 2012.
The lady was shocked by knowing such a delay for marriage and asked me the
remedy. I told that remedy may not work but I will pray for god to fail my
In actual native in question got married on 22nd April 2012.
Hats off to 4 step Theory.
Oct-Dec 2013