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The Settlers of Catan - The Dice Game XXL

In the autumn 2007 we had already presented a variant of the dice game, the
dice game plus. Also in the dice game plus each player had their own island to
settle, points however as in the board game are assigned: 1 victory point for
each settlement, 2 victory points for each city and 2 points each for the longest
road and largest army.
In the dice game XXL play
happens on a shared island and
the players compete for the best
building sites and largest armies.
Preparing to Play
In order to be able to play the dice
game XXL , you will need to print
the map, longest road and largest
army cards included in this file.
In addition they need the six dice
from the Settlers of Catan - the
Dice Game and four different
colored markers.
Beginning Play
Starting with the youngest player,
each player selects a section of
road to start with and marks it in
their color. Then, clockwise around
the table, each other player selects
and marks their starting section of
road. Each starting section of road
must follow these guidelines:

Must be coastal, meaning one side must be adjacent to water.

Must be at least five spaces from any other starting road.

See illustration for example staring setup.

The starting player then takes three of the dice and rolls them according to the
rules of the original game. Each consecutive player takes one more die until all
six are in the game. From then on, everyone uses all six dice.

A player may build a road or a settlement if their own road connects to it.
Buildings may not be skipped. So if a road borders on a settlement not built yet,
the road past it may not be built the settlement must be built in order to proceed.
A player may not build past a settlement of another color. When a road or
settlement is built, the player colors it in with their color.
Note: Some settlements can be upgraded to cities. If one builds such a
settlement they only color in the smaller portion to signify that it is a settlement
and not a city.
If a player upgrades one of their settlements to a city they color in the larger
portion to signify the settlement is now a city.
A knight may be "build" when one of your features is touching a hex containing a
knight. When a knight is built, the player colors it in with their color. Knights can
be used as in the base game as Jokers for your resource needs.
Winning the Game
The first player to reach 10 points wins the game.
Victory points are awarded for each feature owned by a player.
Settlement 1 point
City 2 points
Longest Road 1 point
Largest Army 2 points
The Longest Road
The first player to build a contiguous road of at least 5 road sections (branches
do not count) is awarded the Longest Road card. If another player builds a longer
road then they are awarded the Longest Road.
Largest knight power
The first player to build three knights is awarded the Largest Army card.
If any player builds more knights they are awarded the Largest Army.
Optional Rule: Castles
Anyone may build any of the four castles in the maps corners using six matching
resources. Gold is not considered a resource for this purpose. Each castle is
worth 2 victory points.