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What Am I Thinking? Are We Becoming The Borg?

Part l
By Stewart A. Swerdlow

Part I
Ask anyone on the street if we, as Americans, live in a free and open society where we can
achieve anything. Most people would answer with an emphatic Yes! We are the richest society
on Earth and we are mobile in every direction imaginable. Theres just one little problemwe
are not.

What most people in the world do not realize is that the entire planet is, and has been,
systematically mind-controlled** and programmed*** for many decades. This is not new. Mindcontrol began thousands of years ago.

In 1298, Marco Polo, on his way to China, stopped in Alamut, Persia where he discovered a
warlord who called himself, Allahudin, meaning The Old Man of the Mountain. Allahudin
had his servants drug young boys in the valley villages, then brought up to his mountain
hideaway. There, he revived them, saying that they had died in their sleep and were in Paradise.
He allowed them to have sex with beautiful women. Then the boys were placed in holding cells.

He told the boys that if they obeyed his orders, he would bring them back to life. Then, they
could come at will to Paradise to enjoy sex with these gorgeous women. However, back on
Earth, they would have to kill whomever he told them. The boys were drugged again, brought
back to their beds in their villages. When the boy awoke, he found a note with the name of the

person to be killed. This group of boys was called, The Ashishim. It is from this group that the
word assassin is derived.

Perhaps the oldest mind-control institution in existence is organized religion. This is the most
perfect way for a small group of people consisting of religious leaders and governments, to
control masses of population without having to watch over them constantly. Every religion tells
their congregants how to act and eat as well as what to do and believeall under fear of a God
who will penalize and smite you dead if you disobey! Perfect!

As people began to question this form of religion, with some even daring to question the
existence of a God, this form of mind-control became inefficient. A new way had to be imposed
on the population so that order and continuation of society as the leaders saw fit could exist
without deviation.

During World War II, the Nazis were highly involved in mind-control experimentation. In
concentration camps, with literally captive audiences, the Nazis pushed the minds and bodies of
the inmates beyond human capacity. Few people realize today that this was the original use of
fluoridethis substance was put in the drinking water of the prisoners to deaden their minds and
wills so that they could be more easily controlled.

The Nazis observed that when a personality is traumatized and tortured beyond its limits to
sustain itself, then the mind fractures into pieces or components, called alters. These alters can

then be individually programmed into alter-personalities with functions and mind-patterns that
may be extremely varied from the original personality.

At the end of the war, when the concentration camps were liberated by the Russians and
Americans, this mind-control information and techniques were taken back to the invading
countries. In fact, many German-Nazi scientists involved with these experiments were brought
safely to the United States and Canada under Project Paperclip. This was finally admitted in
the late 1990s.

In Canada, a Scottish psychiatrist named Dr. Ewen Cameron, continued the Nazis work, creating
his own experiments in mental hospitals in Toronto and Montreal. He developed what was
termed, psychic driving. In these brutal procedures, the patients were driven to extremes. They
were starved, then overfed; kept too hot, then too cold; were sleep deprived for days, then forced
to sleep too much, etc.

In addition, these helpless patients were hooked up to devices where one eye saw a beautiful
picture, while the other eye saw horrible images. One ear was fed classical music, while the other
ear was fed loud and uncomfortable sounds. These techniques forced the mind to split into
pieces. The person was then ready to be indoctrinated, often with the use of narcotics, words,
colors, and tones that cold be used to create new sub-personalities that could be triggered into
forward control of the body via a code of some sort, called a trigger.

The outcome of Dr. Ewens experiments were so successful, that the United States government
brought him to Washington, D.C. in the late 1940s. There, he worked with the military to create
programmed spies, assassins, and handlers.

The first person they created was a secretary in a major corporation in New York City. Her
code name was Candy Jones. Candy was sent all over the world, but especially to Asia where
she spied on specific individuals. In Asia, she further programmed in military bases in Taiwan.
She became the very first female to be part of a Mind-Control group known as Monarchs-named after the Monarch butterflies.

Many of these women had blue Monarch butterflies tattooed on their bodies. They were a cadre
of sex-slaves and messengers used by the U.S. government to compromise politicians, business
men, and military officials around the world to further the aims of the secret government.

Throughout the rest of the 1940s and 1950s, mind-control programs were developed and tested
on the populations of North America and Europe in an underhanded and aggressive manner. If
people knew what their own government did to them in the last 60 years, there would surely be a

Last year, the government of Canada for the first time, allowed the victims of the psychic
driving experiments to sue the government of the United States for victimizing them. Most of
the patients are dead now, but the families were given rights to sue and collect. This was reported
on the news for only one day; then the story was abruptly dropped.

So far, the U.S. has not given permission to its citizens to sue over mind-control, because if they
did, it would be an admission of guilt and a huge can of worms would be opened. To this day,
psychiatrists and psychologist are not allowed to address these issues with clients. If a patient
brings this up in a session, institutionalization, and heavy psychotic drugs are recommended!

Familiarize yourself with these terms:

*Brainwashing: Simple rhetoric or belief system that is heard repetitively until it is adopted as
your own.

**Mind-Control: The ability of a person or device to have manipulative ability over another
person or group of people.

***Programming: The imprinting and compartmentalization of a persons thought processes or

mind-patterns for specific purposes/functions.

Among a number of books Stewart Swerdlow is the author of 13-Cubed, Case studies in Mind Control
and Programming, also The Hyperspace Helper, By learning Swerdlows Hyperspace Techniques, you
can consciously learn to access this language as well as unlock DNA sequences preprogrammed within
you since the beginning of your existence. A gifted medical intuitive, Stewart Swerdlow is a clairvoyant
who has the ability to see auric fields and personal archetypes as well as read DNA sequences and mindpatterns. To learn more about Stewart Swerdlows work please visit www.expansions.com