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Luther Price:Imitation of Life, text autres merveilles du monde naturel, de ma chambre, coil. Des photo-
by Lia Gangitano, et al., New York: Marseille, Images En Manceuvre graphes, Montreal, Dazibao, 2003,
Thread Waxing Space, 2003, n. p., Editions, 2003,128 p., ill. n. et b. 80 p., ill. coul.
ill. b. &w. et coul. (texts also in English). Sylvie Tourangeau, Appel(s) d I'aigle,
Nan Goldin, textes de Paulette Marie-Eve Gagnon et Marisa Montreal, Galerie Sylviane Poirier,
Gagnon et Eric Mezil, Montreal, Portolese, Un chevreuil d lafenetre 2003, n.p., ill. n. et b.
Musee d'art contemporain de
[Z----,1 ; I I __
7__ 1, -, ,_;-,
__ -.-
. ,-, .. Z' - A _ ___1-1 71 .
Montreal, 2003, 96 p., ill. coul. 'i ---
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, __-, .,--. -, ,.."
,__- I 11 - .__
(texts also in English). , -1

Nedko Solakov, texts by Ami Barak Althea Thauberger, Songstress, tion is formalized as Thauberger
and Henk Slager, Amsterdam: De Vancouver Artspeak, compact disk, adopts an impresario or curatorial
Appel, 2003, 52 pp., ill. col. (textes 2002. role in bringing these moods into
aussi en neerlandais). public through the strategies and
Rachel Harrison:Brides and Bases, criticality of art discourse. What is
texts by Ben Portis and Margaret revealed is the role of musical craft
Sundell, Oakville: Oakville Galleries, in engaging an aspirational politics,
2003, n.p., ill. col. the varied yet coded ways "of be-
Revealing the Subject, text by Shannon coming a songstress." Most of the
Anderson, Oakville: Oakville songs record a deeply felt loss of
Galleries, 2003, 64 pp., ill. col. love that marks a reckoning with
The Royal Art Lodge: Ask the Dust personal symbolism. They testify to
Dictionaryof Received Ideas, texts the act of writing one's way out of
by Wayne Baerwaldt, et aL., New turmoil and are at times excruciat-
York: The Drawing Center; Toronto: Althea Thauberger's "Songstress ingly earnest. But is earnestness in
The Power Plant; Middleburg: De Project" is,at root, a conceptually itself suspect? Perhaps only to a
Vleeshal; Winnipeg: Plug In ICA, rigorous artwork that merges with polarized positioning of mind ver-
2003,104 pp., ill. b. & w. & col. popular music discourse. The sus emotion. Thauberger configures
Steve Reinke, text by Tom Folland, Songstress CD presents audio and these performances as places to
New York: Thread Waxing Space, photographic portraits of eight stand, spaces to speak from.
2003, n. p., ill. b. & w. young female singers drawn from The verdant sites around Victoria
Suzanne Lafont. Appele par son nom, an ad placed by the artist in an function as the context for the
texte de Marie de Brugerolle, Aries, entertainment weekly: "Female singers' portraits. "Nature" be-
Actes sud, 2003, n.p., ill. coul. Victoria filmmaker seeks female comes an explicitly mediated term,
Tom Dean: Ruins, texts by Josephine singers/songwriters, ages approxi- framing the women as they take a
Mills and Lee Rodney, Lethbridge: mately 17-25, to be featured in an art stake in, and project, affect. The
University of Lethbridge, 2002, film. No experience necessary." liner notes include an essay by
64 pp., ill. b.& w.& col. While savvy, Thauberger is no wolf Kathy Slade who situates Songstress
in sheep's clothing. Rather than within the history of portraiture and
Revues-Magazines taking a cheap shot at the innocent, within an explicitly female audience
she places her own subjectivity- as that has expanded since Sinead
Perfect Magazine, Lyon, Les Presses the copyright acknowledgments O'Connor's pivotal performance
du reel, n'i, 2003, 6o p. underscore - alongside those of at the 1995 Lollapalooza festival
her subjects. and Sarah McLachlan's all woman
Livres d'artiste_Artists' Books Each chosen respondent cut a demo Lilith Fair- these are "girl
of her song in a recording studio. singer[s]...singing for girls." With
Daniel Danis et Susan Coolen, These songs are undeniably driven this CD Thauberger articulates an
Terre oceane, coil. Des photographes, be feeling and affect. Titles like important locus of emergent
Montreal, Dazibao, 2003, ii6 p., Reaching Over, Sunshine, Lookingfor authorial subjectivity within the
ill. n. et b. Something and Why reflect the specificity of gender and art.
Mark Dion, L'ichthyosaure. La pie et proclivities of heart and soul. Emo- > JENNIFER FISHER

TITLE: [Songstress]
SOURCE: Parachute no112 O/N/D 2003
WN: 0327406069015

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