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Limitations we must Accept

Can we really blame the workers who go on strike because they arent getting
enough money in their annual salary for the lack of public transportation or the stop
production of a product youve been waiting for? Or should we blame it on the social,
cultural, economical, political, educational, and familial pressures that limit these people
to that specific working class. Because these workers are human to, they dont want this
job they are limited to because of lack of education, so at the very least they should be
paid (properly) for their hard work. That is why I believe that it is the fault of the
individuals surroundings that limits a person to experience the rights to liberty and the
pursuit of happiness. This is demonstrated in Aldous Huxleys novel the Brave New
World and in Kenji Yoshinos anthology Pressure to Cover. Yoshinos Pressure to
Cover shows us two cases where religion and sexual orientation can affect your future
career, while Brave New World shows how education can affect an individual or perhaps
a society.
Kenji Yoshinos essay was created to show the world the definition of Cover
because he ,himself, is a homosexual. Every time we hear homosexuals, we always think
of the word closet because we think that at some point in their homosexual life they
have to come out of the closet or publicly announce their sexual preference or orientation.
Well, another point of Yoshinos essay was to make the word cover as common as
closet. But coming out of the closet doesnt mean that homosexuals can publicly show
people your sexual orientation, thus leads to cover or to hide or not show sexual

preference publicly. In one of Yoshinos case that he describes in his essay is where a
lesbian was fired from her job because of her sexual preference.
Robin Shahar was a lesbian attorney who received a job offer from the
Georgia Department of Law, where she had worked as a law student.
The summer before she started her new job, Shahar had a religious
same-sex commitment ceremony with her partner. She asked a
supervisor for a late starting date because she was getting married and
wanted to go on a celebratory trip to Greece. Believing Shahar was
marrying a man, the supervisor offered his congratulations. Senior
officials in the office soon learned, however, that Shahars partner was a
woman. This news caused a stir, reports of which reached Michael
Bowers, the attorney general of Georgia who had successfully defended
his states prohibition of sodomy before the United States Supreme
Court. After deliberating with his lawyers, Bowers rescinded her job
offer. The staff member who informed her read from a script, concluding
Thanks again for coming in, and have nice day. Shahar brought suit,
claiming discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. In court,
Bowers testified that he knew Shahar was gay when he hired her, and
would never have terminated her for that reason. In 1997, a federal
appellate court accepted that defense; maintaining that Bowers had
terminated Shahar on the basis of her conduct, not her status. Robin
Shahar lost her case. (Yoshino, 601).

This is a great example of how our society around an individual would limit ones rights
and pursuit of happiness. Our society today wants all the gays and lesbians to cover up
or hide their sexual orientation because we all think its disgusting or its blasphemy. I
think it is idiotic for people to cover up because of what other people think of them, thus
leading to unfair treatment of the gays and lesbians like the example above. When the
company found out, they terminated her. And this word doesnt only pair up with sexual
orientation; it also can be used for a religion, heredity, culture, etc. For example another
individual was fired or threatened:
Simcha Goldman, an Air Force officer who was also an ordained rabbi,
wore a yarmulke at all times. Wearing a yarmulke is part of the
Orthodox tradition of covering ones head out of defense to an
omnipresent god. Goldmans religion observance ran afoul of an Air
Force regulation that prohibited wearing headgear while indoors. When
he refused his commanding officers order to remove his yarmulke,
Goldman was threatened with a court martial. He brought a First
Amendment claim, alleging discrimination on the basis of religion. In
1986, the Supreme Court rejected his claim. It stated that the Air Force
had drawn a reasonable line between religious apparel and this is visible
and that which is not. Simcha Goldman lost his case. (Yoshino, 603).
Here is another example of how society has limits another individuals rights, because of
strict rules and regulations families, society, or in this case the army. It is really senseless
for the commanding officer to get so irritated over such a simple matter of wearing head
gear. Its not like the yarmulke is going to get in the way of things and disturb the other

soldiers. It is not good enough that these brave soldiers are going to war for their country,
but now you want them to apply some dumb rule that limits their rights to their religion.
This is why people cover up so that none of these terrible things happen to them.
In Huxleys Brave New World, we see how education and the surrounding society
would effect an individuals actions. The first example would be in the scene where John
the Savage is at his dying mothers bed.
Linda astonished and rather alarmed them. A group stood clusters at the
foot of her bed, staring with the frightened and stupid curiosity of
animals suddenly confronted by the unknown. Oh, look, look! They
spoke in low, scared voices.Whatever is the matter with her? Why is she
so fat? They had never seen a face like hers before- had never seen a
face that was not youthful and taut-skinned, a body that had ceased to be
slim and upright. All these moribund sexagenarians had the appearance
of childish girls. At forty-four, Linda seemed, by contrast, a monster of
flaccid and distorted senility. Isnt she awful? (Huxley, 202).
As can see how education or the society can affect the way these kids reacted
when they saw Linda. Because in their education they are taught that everybody
is slim and youthful, and something like Linda would absolutely scared them
because it was how they were raised. Like when we were young we were taught
to not point our fingers at people who were old, fat, etc., and as we mature we
start to learn new things like how sad it is to lose loved ones. If these were kids
raised properly, they wouldnt intrude like that and start saying such horrible
things. Another example on how education in ones society would affect ones

train of taught or actions: its an absurdity. An Alpha-decanted, Alphaconditioned man would go mad if he had to do Epsilon Semi-Moron work-go
mad, or start smashing things up. (Huxley, 222). It is true what Mustapha
Mond said because someone with six years of college under his belt wouldnt
want to work as a Metropolitan bus driver. However, it was because of the
education that the Alphas learned when they were born; what if they werent
taught that they were Alphas and that everybody was equal? It is not the fault of
the Alphas that they wanted something more than just a simple factory worker;
it is the fault of the people who taught and raised them.
It really isnt fair to say that every US citizen has the right to liberty and
the pursuit of happiness because these demands and expectations that limit our
rights. It is almost like it is the fine print joke, where theres a condition for us to
accept, but it is written so small that you didnt notice it. So next time when you
are standing outside in the cold waiting for a taxi because the buses arent
running, you shouldnt get mad at the workers. You should have some sympathy
for them because they were forced into the job and now their salary is being cut.