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::Mrs.qomez-Vranga 's and ::Mrs.::Merri{rs

Kinderqarten Necosletter
January 2010

January is going to go 6yfast, 6ut here is some information

for your calendars.
Jan. 19- ::M£1( (j)ay -:No schooi
Jan. 22- Report. cards due 6act
Jan. 28- 100 Days of school
Jan 28- 100 canfood drive 6egins
Jan. 29- progress reports
Jan 29- a{{ school Mass 8:30
Pe6 1-5- Catholic Schools Weet

~ please send' a snack and a water bottle for snac(time-water bottle
must nave a sports top and' no chips orjuice
~ girrs must wear mod'esty snorts underjumpers
~ Po P, winter uniform- blue gym pants must be worn witn gym sweat
shirt (:No snorts)
~ CBoysmust wear [ong sleeve dress shirts if vests are worn or may wear
snort sleeoe shirts if fong steeve sweaters are worn-winter uniform
~ PCeasesend' your cliiUf to schoot witli a coat,' we do 00 outside in tlie
winter for recess.
Piease send 'Yellou. [elders, witn 600k.J, 6ac( on Mond'ay and Prid'ays for a
new 600(to read' at nome.

In tlie classroom
Epiphany, Presentation of Jesus, Pinding of young Jesus in the temple,
Baptism of Jesus, Sacraments of Baptism, P,arfy fife of Jesus.
T1ie students wi{{ practice aading ana su6traction skiffs using manipulatives
ana hands on activities, iaentifying ana writing the num6ers 39-60,
icfentifying morning, noon, niglit, measuring ana weigliing objects, making
ana reading 6ar graphs, counting 6y 10's,5's, ana 2 's, te{fing time to the hour
ana iaentifying ana counting even num6ers to 20.
(Plionicsand ~atfing
CRsviewing the sounds of the alphabet a{ong witli reviewing the vowels,
practice decodinq and 6{ending skiffs, {earning and reading the {ong vowels,
focusing on reading f{uency and comprehendinq the material, ana develop
spellinq skiffs
Siglit word's
after find. Jump
6efore from kfep
ca{{ gooa fikf
co {a lie foot
down him me

CRsviewing the {etters Ii, L£; 'It, Pi, Go, Cc, writing sliort sentences from the
board, practice qood' handumtinq skiffs, fetter formation ana spacing,
compose short sentences in journals using writing prompts
Language }Irts
Learning the different parts of a sentence, {earning and reoieunnq nouns and'
Social Studies
'Martin Luther 1(ing Jr., Chinese Neiu 'Year, International jlwareness, study
different cultures, jlnima{ behavior in winter
Fiue senses, human 60d'y, nutrition, shadow, figlit, ana sound; hibernation
ana migration

rrTiankyou for a{[ that you do, may (Jod 6fess you

_________________ 1

In conjunction with Catholic Schools Week, January 31 through February 6, the Catholic
Schools Office is sponsoring a poster contest that focuses on this year's Diocese of Dallas Catholic
Schools' theme:

"Catholic Schools: Growing Hearts and Minds"

The deadline for submitting "Best of Show" entries from each grade category to the Bishop Lynch
High School office is Friday, January 29. Winners will be honored at a reception at Bishop Lynch
High School on Thursday, February 11, at 3:00 PM.
Guidelines are as follows:
1. The poster contest is open to students in Kindergarten through 8th grade. The four grade
categories for judging are:
Kindergarten - 1 Grade
2nd Grade - yd Grade
4th Grade - 5 Grade
6th Grade - 8th Grade
2. The artwork must be 12" x 18" in size and two-dimensional in form. White construction
paper is recommended.
3. Students should be careful NOT to put their name or school on the front of the poster or
include their school name in the content of the poster. Please write name in pencil on the
back bottom right of the poster.
4. Each entry must be the work of one person. Artwork is to be original in intent and design
and should not be traced or copied from other artwork or published material. Computer
graphics and copyrighted characters may not be used.
5. Entries will be judged on the basis of creativity, clarity, demonstration oftheme, and visual

beeJli()e.: thurs.daYI Jo..YlWl.r:i .1.~,


"The Lord provides for the needs of others, help us to do the same."

100 DAYS 100 CANS

To help celebrate 100 days of school and National Catholic Schools Week:
"Growing Hearts and Minds", we are having a canned food drive to help fill the
food pantry of St. Luke's Parish in Irving. We would like each classroom to try
to collect 100 cans of food to send to the pantry. We will begin the collection on
January 28th, which is the 100th day of school! Please send the canned goods in
with your child to help us with this cause. We will collect the canned goods
through Friday, February 5th, which is the close of Catholic Schools Week.
Thank you in advance and God bless you!

The Teachers of The Highlands School

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