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KMs Free Spread E-Book

(All of the spreads in this book were written by KMilliron of Aeclectic Tarot. More
spreads by both KMilliron, and other users are available at the AT website and forums at

Tarot cards can be used with or without spreads. Some readers use them, others
dont. Just as there is no set way to read tarot, there are no set spreads you have to use.
Use them, write them, or leave them alone. The choice is up to you.
This free e-book is just a collection of spreads made by a bored, broke, tarotreading, musician and college student that has absolutely nothing better to do than
collect her spreads and arrange them in one easily accessible file. In this file youll find
song based spreads, as well as book based, movie based, and other miscellaneous
spreads for you to use. Feel free to tweak them as you see fit, but please link back to
tarotforum.net should you choose to share these spreads anywhere else.

Table of Contents
Spreads Based on Songs
Pg 3 Artist in the Ambulance by Thrice
Pg 5 Assign the Masses by Damn Alchemy
Pg 6 The Beginning is the End is the Beginning by Smashing Pumpkins
Pg 8 California Babylon by The Transplants
Pg 11 Dead Skin by Crossfade
Pg 13 Dead to the World by Nightwish
Pg 19 Hard to See by Five Finger Death Punch
Pg 21 Hey Italy by Halifax
Pg 23 Hotdog by Limp Bizkit
Pg 24 I Don't Care by Apocalpytica
Pg 26 Iridescent by Linkin Park

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Pg 28 Let It Die by Ozzy Osbourne

Pg 29 Live Like We're Dying by Kris Allen
Pg 31 Make It Stop by Rise Against
Pg 33 Monument by A Day to Remember
Pg 35 Never Surrender by Skillet
Pg 37 The No Seatbelt Song by Brand New
Pg 39 Pain by Three Days Grace
Pg 40 Pretty People Never Lie by I Am Ghost
Pg 42 Rooftops by Lostprophets
Pg 43 Self Esteem by The Offspring
Pg 45 Simple and Clean by Utada Hikaru
Pg 46 Skin by Sixx AM
Pg 48 You Know What They Do to Guys Like Us in Prison by My Chemical
Spreads Based on Books
Pg 50 Frankenstein by Mary Shelley
Pg 51 The Giver by Lois Lowry
Pg 52 Steppenwolf by Herman Hesse
Spreads Based on Movies/Shows/etc
Pg 53 Legion of Extraordinary Dancers: Robot Lovestory
Pg 54 Nightmare Before Christmas
Pg 56 The Princess and the Frog
Other Spreads
Pg 57
Pg 58
Pg 59
Pg 60
Pg 61
Pg 63
Pg 65
Pg 66

19 Card Problem/Cause/Cure Spread

Introspection Spread
Rock Band
Thoughts, Feelings, and Reality
Of Wheelchairs and Skateparks

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Spreads Based on Songs

The Artist in the Ambulance by Thrice
Card One; You. Card Two; Your Crash. Card Three; Your Angel
"Late night, brakes lock, hear the tires squeal red light, can't stop so i spin
the wheel. My world goes black before i feel an angel lift me up and i open
bloodshot eyes into fluorescent white. They flip the siren, hit the lights,
close the doors and I am gone"
----Normally I don't group this many cards together, so bear with the
lengthy description. I believe card one explains itself, but this explains the
current mindset of the questioner, and/or any emotions or thoughts that
are going through their head. Your Crash is what triggers you to question
what you're worth and what you're contributing. If there's no one set thing,
this card will depict the most shattering of experiences. Your Angel is
simply what saved the questioner, be it music a person a hobby an
experience, whatever.

Card Four; The Question. Card Five; The Promise. Card Six;
Your Regrets
"I'm left here with the question of just what have I to show except the
promises I never kept? I lie here shaking on this bed, under the weight of
my regrets. I hope that I will never let you down"
----Card four is the answer to the question the speaker presents to himself
in the song, and the question the questioner is asking themselves now. This
is the potential card. Card five, The Promise, is essentially any promises or
vows you have broken, representing any way you've ever let anyone down.
Card six, Regrets, is simply your questioner's regrets.

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Card Seven; This Can Be More. Card Eight; Than Just Flashing
Lights and Sounds.
"I know that this can be more than just flashing lights and sound."
----The greatest outcome of this newfound look on life, versus the worst
case scenario of taking life for granted. Even if these two cards look similar
at first glance there is a difference. You may not notice it, but there is.

Card Nine; The Difference

"Look around and you'll see that at times it feels like no one really cares. It
gets me down but I'm still gonna try to do what's right. I know that there's
a difference between sleight of hand, and giving everything you have.
There's a line drawn in the sand, I'm working up the will to cross it.
Rhetoric can't raise the dead"
----The outcome of all of this.


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Assign the Masses- Damn Alchemy

Card One; The Cause.
"Words cannot describe how alone I feel."
----What is driving you to this point? This spread can be used more
specifically for emotional issues, physical issues, even spiritual issues. You
know somethings wrong, you just don't know WHY.

Card Two; The Consequence.

"Don't leave me like this."
----What are you so afraid of happening, or in some cases what HAS
happened because of this feeling or situation? What unhealthy vices or
consequences could arise or have arisen?

Card Three; The Cure.

"I don't want to be like this."
----What can be done to fight this feeling? Basically an advice card.

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The Beginning is the End is the Beginning by Smashing Pumpkins

Card One- Your negative aspects
"Time has stopped before us. The sky cannot ignore us. No one can
separate us, for we are all that is left"
----This card reflects the negative aspects you are feeling, and what has you
feeling down at this point in time.

Card Two- How you view the world

"Delivered from the blast, The last of a line of lasts, The pale princess of a
palace cracked"
----Not how you view the world, necessarily, but your surroundings.

Card Three- How this world is reflected in you

"And now the kingdom comes Crashing down undone And I am a master
of a nothing place Of recoil and grace"
----How everything in this world reflects in you. The negativity we
experience becomes reflected in us. If you don't quite follow think of the
phrase "Hurt people hurt people"

Card Four- Result of the cycle.

" And in your darkest hour, I hold secrets flame. We can watch the world
devoured in its pain"
----What will happen to you in the long run should this cycle continue.

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Card Five- How to break the cycle

"Is it bright where you are? And have the people changed? Does it make
you happy you're so strange?"
----The card's advice to best break the negative cycle in your life.


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California Babylon by The Transplants

Card one; Who You Are
"She thinks she's a star. Do you know who you are?"
----This card is who you think you are. What you feel about yourself
personally. This is taking your esteem into consideration as well. Do you
think you're a star, or do have the tendancy to shoot yourself down?

Card two; Nurses in Bondage

"Waitress all dressed like nurses in bondage Brought me the check, said 'I
want you to sign this'"
----This is your apathy, or things you can go your entire life without
noticing. Take a closer look and these things may be a bigger deal than they

Card three; Union Boy and Rastas

"Union boy standing next to the rastas 'There's gonna be a strike and you
ain't gonna stop us'"
----This card represents how you lash out your anger. Usually this is at an
innocent source. Pay attention to how you lash out, and then look at what
actually cause your problems. Think on it for a while.

Card four; American Punks

"Three men standing and they love what they do. You won't see it coming,
cause they wanna surprise you. Consider it done, they're gonna stand

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right by you. American punks don't care about you, Hollywood what you
gonna do?"
----This is how the world lashes out at you. Compare it to the previous card
for similarities and differences and think on what that means in your life.

Cards five, six and seven; Pool of Red

"You can take away the nights with sights of bright lights Sheiks still ride,
engage in street fights Two to the head, pool of red, he's dead Suspect fled,
caught up with bloodshed No sign of hope, we fight and sling dope Junkies
to our left, no fix, they can't cope Violence won't cease, hand me the
chrome piece No peace or sleep, we fight with police"
----These cards represent your surroundings, and the negative vibes coming
from them. Think of how each cards plays of your first card, and how they
play off of each other. Look for common suits or themes.

Card eight; Shows Up on the Scene

"She showed up on the scene, she was 17 Now she's 21, she does some more
coke, she does some more coke She drinks some whiskey and she smokes
some dope"
----How all of these influences will total in on you IF and only if you let
them. If this card appears negative, then see where you can change. Even
the most negative readings can be positive enough if you take their advice.

Card nine; California Babylon

"Don't say that you don't understand Don't say that you can't comprehend
Don't say that you don't understand, this is California Babylon, my man"

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----This is the advice you need to take, or the positive things you can take
from your situation. Learn from other's mistakes. Just living in a negative
area doesn't mean you have to succumb to it.


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Dead Skin by Crossfade

Card one; You. Card two; Your Ex
"Well I'm a bore and I'm sure I'm a thorn inside of you that has torn at
you for years"
----These cards are just a mindset sort of overview. What are you thinking
about this breakup? How's your ex feeling about it? Should you feel like you
need to, feel free to pull two cards for each of you; a before and after the

Card three; Your Alcohol

"Phenobarbitol and alocohol these two surely will do To knock me out keep
me down at least a day or two"
----This is the "why" of the break up. What about you pushed your partner

Card four; The Minute

"What a minute with you could do to put a smile on my face"
----What you miss the most, or what you want back so badly. This is what
you feel you're missing now that the relationship is over.

Card five; Your Dead Skin

"I'm not sure where to begin why can't I begin again I can't get under my
dead skin I can't shed my skin

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----This is what you want so badly to change but can't. This is what you feel
will fix your relationship. If you're stuck here check out card three for a

Cards Six, Seven, and Eight- Advice.


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Dead to the World by Nightwish

I have always wanted to make an epic spread, so naturally I had to choose
an epic song. This song is one I more or less have assigned to represent The
Fool. It's about innocence and sin, beginning and ending, silence and
music, all rolled into one in a set of lyrics that would look like nothing but
oxymorons to a cursory eye. The journey in this song is very akin to the
fool's journey and, in all honesty, I would not be surprised if it was the fool
Tuomas Holpainen was thinking of when writing this.

Dead to the World Spread pt 1

This chunk of the spread just outlines the basis of your situation. Here I
take lines literally and apply them in a more superficial manner. This part
of the spread could be the only part you use, the second part will be
optional as it will be or more length and much more indepth

Card One; You. Card Two; Your current situation.

"All the same take me away. We're dead to the world"
----Card one just gives a passive glance at who are are as a person. Current
situation is simply what's going on in your life at the moment

Cards Three, Four and Five; Your Past

"The child gave thought to the poet's world, Gave comfort to the
Fallen(Heartfelt, lovelorn)"

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----By past, I mean the major experiences that define who you are and how
you've gotten to this point as a person.

Cards Six, Seven, and Eight; The rejection you have felt
"Remaining, yet still uninvited Those words scented my soul (Lonely soul,
Ocean soul)"
----These cards aren't limited to rejection, but can also include things such
as failures and heartbreak.

Cards Nine and Ten; What are you afraid of most in this life?
"It's not the monsters under your bed It is the Man next door That makes
you fear, makes you cry, Makes you cry for the child"
----These fears don't have to be things like bears or heights, but can be
things like financial issues, betrayal, etc.

Cards Eleven and Twelve; What do you hope to achieve?

"I don't want to die a scarless man A lonely soul"
----These cards may be tricky, becuase they will be what you want to
achieve, not what you THINK you want to achieve.

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Dead to the World Spread pt 2

This is where I'm going to deviate from my usual spread template. Instead
of assigning the cards to their lyrics I'm just going to assign them to ideas in
general. I tend to pretty much suck at communicating ideas so if anything
trips you up, don't hesitate to ask questions or spew profanities in
I will be providing examples in the upcoming sections so you can better see
what I'm talking about. Necronomicon deck, no reversals.

Innocence vs. Sin

Draw nine cards. Three for your days of innocence, three for your days of
sin, and three for their interaction. The interaction expresses the idea of
how your sin returns you to innocence, and innocence turns to sin. This will
be ENTIRELY different for each person who does it. One may have cards
showing unpure actions in order to support a pure cause, or yet another
may have cards expressing naivety (innocence) towards self destructive

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habits (sin) There is no set way to describe the final trio because it will
mean something different to each person.
ex. Innocence- Six of Cups, Knave of Disks, Empress. I'm giving, curious,
and caring. I usually give with no thoughts of anything in return, if you
give me an oppurtunity to learn something new I'll nine times out of ten
go for it, and having nine siblings and volunteering at a day care you can
say I'm good with kids.
Sin-Six of Disks, Five of Wands, Strength. Six of disks in this deck depicts a
business transaction, and I can say I'm an extortionist. I'm well versed in
many ideas of business and I'll admit I've blackmailed plenty enough. Five
of wands is abuse of power, and when I lose my temper I have no problem
with doing so, even more supported by the Strength card.
Interaction- Queen of Cups, Nine of Disks, Justice. I'm calm and centered
most of the time (QC) and if I have a goal (especially financially) I get it
done by whatever means (nine of disks.) Justice most likely refers to my
abuse of power, for I only do it when I feel wronged or when I feel my
means are justified.

Silence vs. Music

Same idea applies. Nine cards, three for silence, three for music, three for
interaction. Silence is representative of a lack of expressing oneself, and of
following. Music is more expressing your individuality, your wants, your
needs. To be silent is to be unsure of yourself or to be uncormfortable in
who you are, while music is speaking out regardless of what you feel.
Examples for the third trio will probably be trickier. This could be
misdirected expression, an internal battle, whatever seems to fit your cards
and more importantly your gut.
ex Silence- Seven of Disks, Three of Wands, Knave of Swords. I hate
confrontations. I usually keep to myself when somethings wrong is
basically what these cards seem to be saying. I prefer to take care of
things myself quietly rather than seek outside help or start a scene.

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Music- Queen of Disks, Four of Cups, World. I'm outspoken about my art
(QD is making something in this card.) Four of cups in this deck is one of
refusing drink, and to be literal I am very outspoken about my refusal to
partake in drugs, cigarettes, booze or what have you. I'm also quite
outspoken about some of my more negative experiences in life, though not
to those who have caused it. World can be taken literally as well, I'm
outspoken about world issues. I'll talk to nearly anyone who will listen.
Interaction- Ace of Cups, Three of Swords, King of Swords (Does this
combo sound emo to you?) I'm emotional (ace of cups) but it only shows
itself when it gets bottled up to dangerous levels. My silence towards those
who have wronged me just creates a lot more pain than necessary (3s)
though I manage to maintain the appearance of being in control (KingS)
Of Monsters and Men
These five cards will illustrate the blurs your mind makes between your real
fears, and your delusional ones. Two cards for your worries, so to speak,
and two cards for what is only paranoia. The extra card is the link between
the two types of fear. This can be an experience, an emotion, a person, or
whatever applies.
ex. Worries- Knight of Cups and Nine of Cups. These are both strong cards
of emotional contentment. In my case I am really afraid of becoming
comfortable. When I'm comfortable I let my gaurd down which, due to
past experiences, is a "no-no" to me.
Paranoia- Four of Swords and Knave of Cups. Let's take this literally, the
first card depicts people carrying a dead comrade, and the knave of cups
tends to represent messengers. I'm paranoid about things like that.
Everytime a friend of mine has died I've been informed over the phone.
Has happened more often than I like to admit.
The Link- Two of Swords. In this deck this is a card of passion. NOTHING
comes between me and my friends, and I care for them deeply, but it's
when I tend to let my guard down or get too attached (worries) that I lose
those closest to me (Paranoia)

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Dead to the World

Three cards. Together they signify what you mean in this life. In the song
the speaker more or less goes to war in order to fight for what he believes
in. Though he may be dead to the world he still means so much to the ones
he loves. These cards should signify what you mean to others. No example
needed here I don't think.


As he died, he will return to die in me again

Weaving the cloth, giving birth to the Century Child
Who gave his life not for the world but for me
Innocence reborn once more

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Hard to See by Five Finger Death Punch

Card one; Your current position
"Im growing so distant. Nothing makes sense to me anymore"
----This is essentially where you would go to find out what's bugging you, or
to compare and contrast the arguments you and your partner may be
having. Simple starting point is all.

Card two; Base of your situation

"Im learning to resist Becoming more than you ever were"
---This is where your aggressions lie and what's causing the stress in your
life or relationship right now. This card represents the crevices between you
and yourself essentially. Source of disfunction.

Card three; What you can't see

"Cant explain, whats come over me (come over me) Cant explain, why its
so hard for me, So hard to see your side."
----The message that just can't seem to be conveyed. Ever try teaching
someone and no matter how you word it they just can't seem to get what
you're trying to say? This is the message someone or something is trying to
get to you.

Card four; What you need to consider

"Projecting all my anger I cant seem to get this through to you The walls
are closing in I dare you to walk in my shoes"

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----This card represents somethign insanely obvious that you just haven't
registered as of yet. Could be an oppurtunity, a hinderance, or someone else
who's shoes you may need to step into for some insight.


Optional Cards
"I wont see your side."
---- Two optional cards here can be the result of a) Being stubborn, and
refusing to change your ways or b) Deciding to change your ways. Just
some factors you may want to take into consideration. Just place them on
either side of the previous four cards.

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Hey Italy by Halifax

Card one; You. Card two; Your "Addiction"
"I see her body move. I watch her body move. She's deadly poison. My
only poison."
----Whether your addiction is a thing, a person, or a curious breed of both,
these cards are simply the description of your traits, and the traits of what
you are lusting after.

Card three; What you are getting from this. Card four; what the
addiction is getting from this.
"What's keeping me alive? What's keeping her alive?"
----Obviously addictions are bad, but if things were as simple as "this is
bad, so don't" then addictions would be non-existant. These cards explain
what both parties of this horrid love affair are recieving from the other, and
why they are staying.

Card five; What you do to turn your addiction away. Card six;
and vice versa
"I see the victims of the deadliest poison. My face has turned her skin chalk
----The "deadliest poison" refers to the addiction. You know of this poison
but you stay in spite of it. The second card in this section is the negativity
the addiction or person brings out of you. This can be what you do to your
addiction or what it makes you do to others. Depends on your situation.

Card seven; How you can turn away from this

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"Listen sweetie You never meant that much to me."

----This is simply the advice to you to help you overcome this before any
more damage is caused.

Makes it easier to compare/contrast.

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Hotdog by Limp Bizkit

Not going to post a link for lyrics, nor will I be including them in the card
descriptions. Anyone that knows who Limp Bizkit is and/or has heard this
song knows why.
Card one- Your state of mind when getting agitated. Please don't say "duh,
angry" there's actually quite a bit that can be going on.
Card two- What angers you the most.
Card three- The most basic way your anger manifests.
Cards four, five, six, seven- How the anger effects you emotionally,
physically, socially, and mentally.
Card eight- How others see you when your angry.
Card nine- What calms you
Card ten- How to reverse damage you may have inflicted in your
emotional state
Card eleven- Advice


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I Don't Care by Apocalyptica feat. Three Days Grace

Cards One and Two; You and Your Obstacle
"I try to make it through my life, In my way, there's you I try to make it
through these lies, And that's all I do"
----The first card will be representative of your mindset, be it frustration,
anger, bitterness, or straight up rage. Your Obstacle could be a situation, a
person, mindset, discrimination. Whatever it may be this card should
spread some light on it.

Card Three; The Denial

"Just don't deny it, Don't try to fight this, And deal with it, And that's just
part of it"
----Look for visual or intuitive clues to find what who or what is in denial,
You or Your obstacle, and then you should more easiliy identify the actual
issue in question.

Card Four; Confrontations

"I'm getting buried in this place, I've got no room, you're in my face, Don't
say anything just go away"
----This is where you and your obstacles collide. Does it cause emotional
issues or more spiritual issues? Who and what gets effected? Just some
sample questions this card should be able to answer.

Card Five; Deal With It

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"If you were dead or still alive, I don't care, (I don't care) I don't care (I
don't care) Just go and leave this all behind, I don't care,(I swear) I don't
care At all"
---This is the action you should take. Turning away, confronting it, working
with it, etc. Actions depicted in cards may be a huge clue here.


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Iridescent by Linkin Park

Card one; You
"You were standing in the wake of devastation. You were waiting on the
edge of the unknown"
----This is your present situation or mindset. This will probably end up
being an emotional spread so pay attention to any emotions you can read
from this card.

Card two; Impossibly Alone

"With the cataclysm raining down Inside's crying save me now You were
there impossibly alone"
----What has you feeling this? This is a much broader view of your
situation. Look for influences, whether they be external or internal. Pay
attention to similarities between this card and the previous one you pulled.

Card three; Blinded Angels

"And in a burst of light that blinded every angel As if the sky had blown
the heavens into stone"
----This card represents what gives you hope or inner peace. Maybe an
activity you enjoy, someone that makes you smile, or a memory you

Card four; Let it Go

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"Do you feel cold and lost in desperation You build up hope but failure's all
you've known Remember all the sadness and frustration And let it go Let
it go"
----The advice from this card is what will help you forget your failures,
sadness, and frustration, and start living in a more positive mindset.

Feel free to draw an outcome or another advice card if you wish


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Let It Die by Ozzy Osbourne

Card One; What Others Say About You
"I'm a rockstar, I'm a dealer I'm a servant, I'm a leader I'm a saviour, I'm
a sinner, I'm a killer I'll be anything you want me to be"
----By "others" I mean the people that are constantly labeling you, which
mroe often that not, are people that don't know you and can't be bothered
to make the effort to.

Cards Two, Three and Four; How You See Yourself

"A loser number zero Play the victim, end up a hero I'm a teacher,
preacher Liar, I am anything, everything"
----In the song this is where Ozzy pretty much just turns his back on the
labels and continues doing his stuff. I assigned three cards to this position
because people are not one dimensional, while labels tend to be.

Card Five; Best Way to Ignore Your Labels

"All that's done is done Just let it lie"
----Some people get really sensitive about labels, so this card serves as a
sort of advice card if things bug you, and more of a next step kind of card if
you are already well practiced in the art of ignoring naysayers.


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Live Like We're Dying- Kris Allen

Card One; Your Current Situation
"Sometimes we fall down and can't get back up. We're hiding behind skin
that's too tough. How come we don't say "I love you" enough? Till it's to
late, it's not too late"

Card Two; Your Goal in Life

"Our hearts are hungry for a food that won't come"

Card Three; What You Take for Granted

"And we could make a feast from these crumbs"

Card Four; Who or What Means the Most to You?

"And if your plane fell out of the skies Who would you call with your last

Card Five; How to Make the Most of This

"We only got 86,400 seconds in a day to Turn it all around or throw it all
away. We gotta tell 'em that we love 'em While we got the chance to say.
Gotta live like we're dying"

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In case you were wondering, I didn't add descriptions because I didn't feel
the lyrics/ position names needed them.

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Make It Stop (September's Children) by Rise Against

This spread deserves a bit more background info than usual. Rise Against,
known best for songs like "Prayer of the Refugee" "Like the Angels" and
"Swing Life Away," is a band dedicated to doing what they can to make the
world a better place. Their songs range from slave labor, middle east
violence, and in the case of "Make It Stop" gay teen suicide rates. Rise
Against decided to work with the It Gets Better project to help deliver a
powerful message to struggling gays, bi's, tran's, and any other teen that
feels they need it.
I have lost my fair share of loved ones to suicide, so I thought this would be
a great way to spread the message, and possibly help anyone out there
should they need it. This doesn't have to be about sexuality, just whatever
you need support in in general. If you're interested in any other support
groups, let me know and I can see if I can find something for you.

Card One; Pushed to the Ledge

"Make it stop. Let this end, Eighteen years pushed to the ledge. It's come to
this, A weightless step. On the way down singing, Woah, woah."
----What current situation (or situations) has you pushed to the ledge.

Card Two; Your Red Flags

"Bang bang go the coffin nails, Like a breath exhaled, Then gone forever.
It seems like just yesterday, How did I miss the red flags raise?"
----The negative ways in which you are reacting to your situation.

Card Three; Braving Storms

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"Think back to the days we laughed We braved these bitter storms

together. Brought to his knees he cried, But on his feet he died."
----Who else are you effecting? It's never just you going through these

Card Four; Age ____

"Woah, woah. (Tyler Clemente age 18) A brand new song Woah, woah.
(Billy Lucas age 15) Woah, woah. (Harrison Chase Brown age 15) Woah,
woah. (Cody J. Barker age 17) (Seth Walsh age 13)"
----These names are the names of those who have committed suicide due to
bullying. This card would simply signify that you are not alone in going
through this. It's a large world, there's bound to be somebody out there that
has gone through this too. Take comfort in the fact that you are not alone.

Card Five; A Brand New Song

"We're calling for, Insisting on A different beat, yeah A brand new song"
----What you want to change.

Card Six; Proud I Am

"Make it stop. Let this end, This life chose me, I'm not lost in sin But proud
I stand Of who I am I plan to go on living"
----Advice card. What you can do to better your situation.

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Monument by A Day to Remember

Card one; The Monument
"Miles away, and I wish this didn't mean so much to me; To be a
monument for the rest of them"
----Jeremy (ADTR's vocalist) is expressing in these lines how important his
music is to him, and what he brings to other people by doing this. ADTR is
a monument for a lot of people. They express themselves through music
and it reaches many. This card is representative of your work and the
messages you want to spread. This is the monument that's also getting in
the way of your relationships.

Card two; Your Dear

"It's Monday morning And I would kill for a chance to drive. Get so far
away from here with you my dear That I'll never leave your side"
----This is your most cherished relationship, and what your afraid will
suffer due to whatever issue The Monument is bringing. In Jeremy's case
it's the distance of touring. In your case it may be how much overtime you
have to put in, or how much time you have to spend on your ideas. This
card is basically what you regret having to put on the back burner.

Card three; Your Soapbox

"Nobody knows the troubles I've seen In a van, on a soapbox for the world
to see"
----This card represents the pressure your monument is bringing you. This
your personal stress.

Card four; The Long Road

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"We're getting older and I've started to fear for my life. Is this the way
that it should be? This whole thing's riding on me."
----This is the relationship pressure. The pressure your monument is
bringing to you and your dear, as opposed to card three which is more

Card five; Your time to shine

"And I'll scream so loud that everyone in this place will hear every word I
say, 'cause this is my time, this my time to shine. Let nothing stand in our
----This represents your ultimate goal, in terms of both relationships and
career/art/whatever the monument is for you.

Card six; Twenty Bucks

20 bucks says you'll remember me when you see me on your TV screen. It
may be the first time, but it won't be the last time.
----So. Damn. CATCHY! Haha, this is your outcome. Everything that comes
from everything you've put into your work and your relationship.

Layout is simple, just lay the cards in a line, or with a little arc to them, just
to make it fancy.


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Never Surrender by Skillet

Card One; You and Card Two; Your Present Position
"Do you know what it's like when You're scared to see yourself? Do you
know what it's like when You wish you were someone else, Who didn't
need your help to get by?"
----These cards are pretty straight forward. Card One would be more along
the lines of personality or whatever you the reader feel fit to read it as. Card
Two is what's bugging you, a particular person, event or emotion, all
depending on the card's context clues, naturally.

Card Three; What You Wish to Change

"I don't wanna feel like this tomorrow I don't wanna live like this today"
----Simply put, the negative things in your life you feel as though you can do

Card Four; HOW to Change

"Make me feel better I wanna feel better"
----Tarot is basically all-knowing. What's the point of knowing everything if
you do nothing about it? Personally I'd draw three cards here, but it's up to

Card Five; Outcome

"Stay with me here And never surrender"
----Remember, nothing is ever set in stone. Feel free to make some changes
if this card doesn't look entirely appetizing.

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The No Seatbelt Song by Brand New

Card One; So It's Sad and Card Two; Fresh Out of Rope
"So it's sad this doesn't suit you now and me fresh out of rope"
----Card one is representative of what your obsession is, and what
happened to make you long for it. In this song, it's a girl who leaves the
speaker, leaving the speaker with an unhealthy gaping whole in his life
where she used to be. This spread itself is best used for things you want but
can't have, and this position will be the actual thing (or person) in question.
----Fresh Out of Rope insinuates that if suicide was an option, the speaker
would take it. In this spread, Fresh Out of Rope would be the secondary
option you wish you had, since your first option (card one) is out of reach.
Card Three; Your Lisp
"Please ignore this lisp, I never meant to sound like this"
----What does this do to you that your ashamed of? Do you become
someone you never wanted to be? Perhaps it's an action you wish you didn't
take. The key here is that you feel as though it's out of your control, and it
was the obsession that did that to you, while in reality it's only what you're
doing to yourself.
Card Four; Make Me Strong
"So take me and break me and make me strong like you. I'll be forever
grateful to this and you"
----What do you think this person or thing can do for you that you
otherwise wouldn't be able to do on your own? Note that you think it would
be for the better (make me strong like you) but in the song the speaker
doesn't realize he admits that it does mass amounts of harm (take me and
break me.)
Card Five; The Pilot
"I shot the pilot. I'm begging you to fly this for me. I'm here for you to use,
broken and bruised, Do you understand?"
----What will you give up in your acts of desperation?

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Pain by Three Days Grace

This song is very masochist. The basic idea can be summed up in one line
"I'd rather feel pain than nothing at all" and because it's so simplistic, so
shall this spread be.
Card one; You. Card two; Your Apathy. Card three; Your pain.
Cards four and five; advice
"You're sick of feeling numb. You're not the only one. I'll take you by the
hand, And I'll show you a world that you can understand. This life is filled
with hurt When happiness doesn't work. Trust me and take my hand.
When the lights go out you will understand"
Card one is your present position and attitude. Card two is your troubles,
what's making you feel this way. Card three is the unhealthy way you try to
deal with these things. Card four and five serve as advice. They may depict
actions to take, things to consider, or people to go to.
I normally include outcome cards but in this case the outcome is all up to

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Pretty People Never Lie- Vampires Never Really Die by I Am

Card one- Ghost. Card two- Darling.
----Ghost is the narrator of the song. Lost and lonely, he's a hopeless
romantic. Falls in love with Darling whom he would never hurt and go to
any length for.
----Darling would be the young and impressionable girl Ghost falls for. It's
more for curiosity that she decides to see what Ghost has to offer, and falls
for him in the process.
----I included personalities for Ghost and Darling so you can better
understand the song, and because I didn't want to just assign them generic
gender roles (such as ghost- male in relationship darling-female) because
that's boring and stereotypical. I'm all for same sex relationships, and
breaking out of traditional roles. Moving on.
Card three- The Make-Up and Roses
"Look how you've grown, it's etched in skin and bone, dressed in make-up
and bleached out in the roses."
----The above stanza refers to Darling, and Ghost's perception of her.
They've known each other for a while, but this is the progression of friends
to something more. This card signifies the start of the relationship.
Card four- We're Deathless
"Do you know I'd never hurt you? (I loved you so much, we are not
broken, we are deathless.)"
----The strengths of the relationship.
Card five- The Sun/ Card six- The Paper Dolls
"The sun outside these glass-shaped walls will burn the flesh off paper
----The sun here is signifying the challenges the couple faces, and paper
dolls represent where their relationship is the weakest.
Card seven- The Blue Ones
"So taste it and we will never be alone. I'll take the first bite. Yeah, I am
Ghost. Say goodnight to you, my darling, my darling."

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----The Blue Ones are the pills this couple decides to take (please don't take
pills, I'll feel bad. Tis just an artistic expression) in order to be together
forever. The card itself would be an advice card here, what you can do to
ensure happiness and fluffy bunnies.
Card eight- The Angel
"Awake to the birth of an Angel"
----This is what Ghost hopes to wake to with Darling. This card will be the
Angel you wake to, or your outcome card.

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Rooftops by Lostprophets
Card one- Your biggest doubt
"When our time is up, When our lives are done, Will we say we've had our
----This card represents the nagging question at the back of your mind. This
is what you spend most of your time worrying about.
Card two- Your biggest regret
"Will we make our mark, This time. Will we always say we tried?"
----If it all did end now, what WOULD you regret the most? If at all?
Card three- All the Love You've Met
"All the love I've met, I have no regrets, If it all ends now, I'm set."
----The greatest and simplest moments of your life. The memories you'll
always cherish. I think you should pull more than one card for this because
you should focus more on the better memories than the bitter ones, but
that's just me. ^_^
Card four- Screaming on the Rooftops
"Standing on the rooftop, Waiting till the bomb drops, This is all we've got
now, Scream until your heart stops, Never gonna regret, Watching every
sunset, Listen to your heartbeat, All the love that we've felt."
----End result. All the previous cards rolled into one. This can sum up
everything you've ever done in your life, regrets AND memories. Should the
bomb drop now this would be the imprint you as a person are leaving
Layout. **1**2**3**4**

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Self Esteem by The Offspring

Card One- Your esteem
"I wrote her off for the tenth time today And practiced all the things I
would say. But she came over, I lost my nerve, I took her back and made
her dessert. Now I know I'm being used. That's okay man cause I like the
abuse. I know she's playing with me. That's okay cause I've got no self
----This card is a quick snapshot of your self image. Pay attentions to
emotions in the card and how they relate to how you feel about yourself.
Card Two- How your esteem effects your relationship with
"We make plans to go out at night. I wait till 2 then I turn out the light. All
this rejection's got me so low. If she keeps it up I just might tell her so"
----What things you may do to hold yourself back because of your self
Cards Three, Four and Five- How your esteem effects your
relationship with others
"When she's saying that she wants only me, Then I wonder why she sleeps
with my friends. When she's saying that I'm like a disease, Then I wonder
how much more I can spend. Well I guess I should stick up for myself, But
I really think it's better this way. The more you suffer,The more it shows
you really care Right?"
----Whether all of these cards are representative of one relationship, or if
each one represents its own relationship is up to you.
Cards Six and Seven- What you need to do to fix your esteem
"Now I'll relate this a little bit, That happens more than I'd like to admit.
Late at night she knocks on my door Drunk again and looking to score.
Now I know I should say no, But that's kind of hard when she's ready to
go. I may be dumb, But I'm not a dweeb. I'm just a sucker with no self

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----Advice cards. This may be something you need to do, or something you
need to realize, etc. Go with your gut to figure out what it means.

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Simple and Clean by Utada Hikaru

Card one; The simple things
"Wish I could prove I love you, But does that mean I have to walk on
water? When we are older you'll understand It's enough when I say so,
And maybe some things are that simple"
----This simple joyous and easy things to understand in your life right now.
Card two; The less than simple things
"Don't get me wrong I love you But does that mean I have to meet your
father? When we are older you'll understand What I meant when I said
'No, I don't think life is quite that simple'"
----Confusing and less than joyous things in your life right now.
Card three; A little later on
"Hold me. Whatever lies beyond this morning Is a little later on.
Regardless of warnings the future doesn't scare me at all. Nothing's like
---- Basically something you can expect from the future.

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Skin by Sixx AM
Card One- What You Wish You Looked Like
"Paint yourself a picture of what you wish you looked like"
----Obviously this doesn't just have to be physical characteristics. This card
is what you wish you could be, whether it be smarter, faster, more
expressive, or what have you.
Card Two- Your Pain
"Maybe then they might just feel an ounce of your pain"
----Why does this bug you so much? Is it something you wish you could do,
or something that you feel is expected of you? Just some questions you may
want to keep in mind while trying to figure this card out.
Card Three- The Angel
"Cause they don't even know you. All they see is scars. They don't see the
angel living in your heart."
----This card is representative of the qualities you have to offer. These are
the gifts given to you that you may not acknowledge in your quest to attain
what you think you really want.
Card Four- The Real You
"Let them find the real you buried deep within."
----This card represents you. Not the you that you see, or the you that
others see. This is the unbiased, completely honest, you. The real you so to
Card Five- Ignorance
"Ignorance is blindess. They're the ones that stand to lose."
----What the haters are missing out on, basically. Haha. This card shows
what consequences people will have to face for the negative ways they treat
Card Six- You Are Not Your Skin

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"You are not your skin"

----Just advice to keep in mind. Maybe an uplifting message. If it's your
reading style t have an outcome card then this may very well be it.

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You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison by My Chemical

Card one; You/ Card two; Your Forbidden Love
"now but i can't and i don't know how we're just two men as god had
made us well i can't well i can"
----Very straight forward here. Just a great way to see any interaction
between cards, common themes, etc. If your forbidden love isn't a person,
then this card could just as easily describe the thing, idea, or emotion. Very
easy to personalize these cards to suit your needs. I mean considering the
song who's to say there shouldn't be three cards here? Haha, whatever fits
your situation.
Card three; The Changes
"your life will never be the same on your mother's eyes say a prayer"
----What changes in your life have been brought on by the start of this
forbidden love. These changes are most likely the irreversable kind, the
"wow, I can never go back there again" assortment, if you will.
Card four; The Haters
"they all cheat at cards and the checkers are lost my cellmate's a killer"
----These are the people that disapprove of your forbidden love. Depending
on your situation this may be friends, religious groups, parents, etc etc.
Card five; Ah but they're just as guilty
"they make me do pushups in drag"
----This card represents any hypocrosies coming from The Haters. In this
song specifically cell mates make fun of the speaker for being gay, but
they're the ones making him do these things.
Card six; Take it like a man
"life is but a dream for the dead and well i can't go down by myself but i'll
go down with my friends take it like a man"
---Lyrics genius at its best, seriously count the puns! This shows how you

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can get through this, despite everything that's piling against you.

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Spreads Based on Books

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley
Card 1- Frankenstein
----The querant's state of mind. This card may give hints to the querant's
current obsession.
Card 2- The Monster
----The outcome of the querant's current obsession
Card 3- Elizabeth
----The querant's escape to reality. Could be a person, hobby, mindset, etc.
Card 4- William
----The sacrifice. What has been lost by this obsession.
Cards 5, 6, and 7- The Transcripts
----Whatever message the cards have for the querant.


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The Giver by Lois Lowry

Card 1- Jonas
----The querant
Card 2- The Giver
----The burden
Card 3- Gabriel
----What will your breaking point be? In other words, what will it take for
the querant to not want the responsibility of their burden anymore?
Card 4- Elsewhere
----How to remove the burden


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Steppenwolf by Herman Hesse

The Spread
Shuffle, cut, or prep the deck however you see fit.
Lay two cards next to each other. These cards represent what you believe
your personality to be. Your human and wolf, or if it's more familiar you
may think of it as your Jekyll and Hyde, light and dark, good evil,
distinguished and primal, however intuition strikes you.
Now to play into the idea of the multitude of potential and possibilities. Add
two cards to each of the cards you have right now. These are branches of
your original ideal, or variables which may cause that original conception to
Repeat the process as needed.
The Layout
I hope you kind of get the branching image I want to convey here. The idea
is to just see how you are in your simplest and purest ideals, and to see how
it branches out. If it doesn't make sense to you, you probably aren't alone,
so feel free to ask questions.

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Spreads Based on Movies/Shows

The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers

Ch 3 Robot Lovestory
Card One; The Tragedy
----The video opens up with the LXD leader guy talking, but after that you
see the Dark Doctors implanting some sort of device into the body of a
young man. "The Tragedy" is simple what put you into such a position in
which you need a cure.
Card Two; The Cure
----What would you have to do in order to survive this tragedy? In this case,
having some ticking mechanism implanted inside of your torso haha.
Card Three; The Sacrifice
----And what would this cure cost you? Can't give details here, watch the
Card Four; The Unexpected
----Self explanatory, and once more I am not allowing myself to put in a
video reference. This is taking more willpower than you can imagine.

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The Nightmare Before Christmas

Card 1) Jack.
Your pure intentions. All Jack ever wanted was to give them something
great and to fill the empty place in his bones. This card is what you want.
Card 2) Oogie Boogie.
Your... eh, LESS than pure intentions. This is where you become callous
and don't care who you hurt so long as you get your kicks. After all you ARE
the boogie man.
These cards together are the Angel and Devil on your shoulders. Oh how
the bickering gives me such headaches...
Card 3) Sally.
Your emotions. Sally herself had certain sockets during the puppet creation
to allow her to be more fluid and doll like. Much like Sally this card is your
conscience, that nagging feeling you can't seem to dissipate. Almost as
though there's something in the wind...
Card 4) The Sandy Claws.
Your goals. Not to be confused with intentions. This is where you hope to be
one day, while your intentions is how you plan on getting there.
Card 5) The Mayor.
Where you could use more support. The Mayor is only an elected official
and feels as though there is nothing he can do on his own. These are your
pushover traits, very wishywashy as opposed to Sally's strong sense of
Card 6) The Elves and Card 7) Shock, Lock, and Barrel
These cards are clarifiers to the Jack and Oogie positions.

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Card 8) Finale/Reprise
The outcome. Position name comes from the name of the last bit of Danny
Elfman's composition. (From "Jack's okay and he's back okay" to "We're
simply meant to be")

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The Princess and the Frog (Disney)

Card one- What you want
Card two- What you need
Card three- The best way to go about getting what it is you need, not
necessarily what you want

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Other Spreads
19 Card Problem/Cause/Cure Spread
1-5 Are laid out linearly, 678, 91011, 121314, and 151617 are all laid out as
triangles in the spots designated above. 18 is placed far left and 19 far right.
1- Distant past 2- Near past 3- Present 4- Neat past 5- Distant past
(Or depending on your reading preference, you may chose to only have the
very ends dictate past and future and have the three interior cards
represent the future. Whatever floats your boat)
6- Most predominant problem in your life right now. Problem that needs
the most attention
7- Said problems cause
8- Said problems cure
9-11 12-14 and 15-17 Follow that same pattern, but only represent more
minor problems.
18- Advice to keep in mind while dealing with your issues.
19- Final outcome. What will change with the dissipation of your problems.
Things to expect.

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Influences Spread
1) My view on the situation
2) Person a's view
3) Why person a does this
4) Person b's view
5) Why person b does this
6) How a's behavior effect me
7) How b's behavior effect me
8) The combined influence.

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Interactions Spread
Card One- Person one's intentions with person two/ Card Two- Person
twoone's intentions with person one/ Card Three- How they interact

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Insomnia Spread
1- How my lack of sleep is affecting me physically
2- Mentally
3- Emotionally
4- Internal cause of sleep problem
5- Remedy of internal cause
6- External cause
7- Remedy for external cause
8- How sleeping would benefit me physically
9- Mentally
10- Emotionally

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Introspection Spread

Card One; Where your mind rests right now.

What ever issue seems to surface the most. This card should be quite
forward and simplistic, and if your mind tells you to draw a couple more
cards, do it, just so we can clearly see everything on the table.
Card Two; The subconcious thoughts.
Okay, now what's REALLY bugging you? What does this all tie into. This
card may need more looking into than the previous card.
For example, getting a D- on a paper would prolly fall into card one, but the
real issue (card two) would be you trying to get into college, or not living up
to your parent's standards. Just thought I'd throw in the differences here in
case any one gets confused.
Card Three; Where you're honest with yourself/ Card Four;
Where you're decieving yourself
Let's be honest, we're all a bunch of liars (writing that down for a possible
song name cause that's just awesome) especially with ourselves. Luckily
this is where tarot steps in. You know that one friend who's constantly
telling you things you don't want to hear because you need to hear it? Yeah,
that's tarot.
Card Five; What you fail to see in yourself
This card represents your hidden potential. This is what everyone sees in
you, and tells you about, but you refuse to acknowledge. If you're feeling
down write down everything this card makes you think of and sleep on it
overnight. You may be surprised.

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Card Six; What you fail to realize

This card may not be straight forward. Expect to take some time. This could
be a personal truth, a situation that needs your attention, someone
important you may meet sometime. Go with your gut on this.
Card Seven; What others fail to see in you
Shrek's like an onion, and you know what? So am I. So are you. This card
represents the layers the outside world can't see. Don't be surprised if this
is something you've failed to notice as well. The hardest person to
understand is yourself.
Card Eight and Nine; The final result. Take it or leave it.

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The Rock Band Spread

First I'll explain placement. Imagine all the little stars were a stage in a
venue or a basement/garage. Anywhere a band will play. (Tis a dream of
mine to hold a jam session on a roof) The different numbers would be
where the various musicians might stand, although in a good show they
tend to never stay in the same place.
You don't have to go by my placements, or my instruments. Maybe you
want three guitars instead of one, do it. Cello instead of bass? Go for it. And
orchestra of clarifiers? Epic.
Here's how mine would roll.
1- The drummer. What lays your foundation and keeps you steady. This
could be your morals, or it could be a goal you have in mind. What is it that
keeps you from falling behind, or playing too fast.
2- Bassist. Don't let anyone tell you the bassist is not important. The bass
is transition from drums to guitar, or in this case morals to action. This is
your thought process and emotions. Is it an energizing walking bass line, or
a mellow measure long root note? This can change the feel of everything.
3,4- Guitarists. The energy and movement. The first thing people notice
about you. I have two, becuase personally I think you can cover a lot more
ground that way.
------If you want, label one rythm, and one lead. Rythm would be how your
actions are effect by your morals and thoughts. Lead can be where most of
the energy lies. Rythm/action lead/energy. Some people may think it's the
other way around. That's cool too.
5- Screamer- Yeah some people hate screamo, I like it on occassion,

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especially live. But I digress.

The screamer is pent up energy and actions. What you need to get off your
chest or out of your system. Ever felt like just taking a megaphone and
screaming your problems to the world and demanding their attention?
Then this is your card.
6- Keyboards. Synth or piano if you so choose. Pianos can be more
versatile than a lot of other instruments. This would represent your talents,
or even what you tend to flaunt.
7- MC. Vocals without emotion. Where you tend to be apathetic. Rapping is
pitchless in a sense, and most rappers or mc's tend to come from areas
where showing emotions is a very bad thing. Thought it'd apply here nicely.
8- Vocalist. Usually the focal point of the band. This is how you present
yourself to others or how the world sees you. Let's face it, the vocalist is in
the center of all the photo shoots for a reason.

Music is very felixble, so feel free to mess with the band/spread to get the
sound/reading that you want. Don't like screamers? Take him out. Put in
another vocalists if you like duets, or feel like you have more going on then
one vocalist card could cover. Think your actions carry a lot of influence in
how people see you, then make your vocalist more versatile.
Feel free to change where the people stand/sit too. Whichever helps you
figure it out better.
This band can be as small as Daft Punk or the white stripes, but if you want
a freaking warped tour going on in your reading space, I'm not gonna stop
***(eta)IF you do personalize this, I'd like to know how and why. Just so we
can see how everything is influenced. Plus it'll be fun just to know. ***

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Thoughts, Feelings, and Reality

Card One- How You Think You Feel
Card Two- How You Really Feel
Card Three- What you think causes this feeling
Card Four- What does cause this feeling

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Of Wheelchairs and Skateparks

The inspiration to this spread is somewhat lengthy. Trust me, totally
worth it though.
I'm still new in my town, went to the beach to collect some materials, and
lo and behold, I came across a skatepark. I enjoy skate parks for many
reasons. 1 I enjoy watching people skate, can't do it myself though 2
Scoping out possible musicians and 3 Scoping out males my age of an
aesthetically pleasing nature.
One guy stood out to me (not the one with the skinny jeans and afro, but
he stood out too) this kid was sitting in the middle of the asphalt. Just
chilling. I felt so bad for him, poor guy was in a wheel chair, crippled.
Sorry feeling went away when the kid backed up, and zoomed forward, up
a ramp, back down, did this bunny hop thing onto a ledge... Yeah kid was
just kicking all sorts of ash all over the place. Made my day.
So this spread is dedicated to He of the Shredding Wheelchairs.
Should resemble a half pipe, or two facing quarter pipes. Or for those of you
who have no clue what I'm saying, make a half circle, then seperate the two
halves slightly.
Card one- Your boundries in their simplest form. If the phrasing confuses
you, here are some examples. Wheelchair kid's would be lack of mobility.
Maybe you are hearing impaired, like me. Maybe there's sexual, racial, or
some other form of discrimination going on.
Card two- Ways this impairment manifests itself most often. Mine would

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be in music, wheelchair kid's would be in mobility.

Card three- How this impairment gets you down. Basically in terms of the
shape of this spread, imagine someone actually taking a bike or skateboard
or what have you and going down that first ramp. Think in terms of inertia.
This card would be the most extreme in terms of downwards speed. This
card could signify extreme emotions, such as depression, frustration,
bitterness, resentment, etc.
Card four- How you negatively deal with aforementioned emotions. Cover
up? Lash out? Actions would be a big significator in terms of readin card
Now onto the positive side of the spread.
Card five- How you positively deal. Again, pay attention to actions.
Card six- What you have set out to prove. Do you know how many people
have told me I'll never play guitar? Haha, as immature as this may sound
"In your face," which actually summarizes this position quite well.
Card seven- Your potential, where you can go. In terms of skating, when
you're at this point riding up a pipe now if where you either realize you'll
make it, or you get that sinking gut feeling.
Card eight- The outcome.