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Many adverbs are made from an adjective + -ly:



















The driver of the car was seriously injured in the accident.
Our holiday was too short. The time went very quickly.
Not all words ending in ly are adverbs. Some adjectives end in ly,for example:
Lovely lonely

Compare the adverbs and the adjectives in the sentence below:

Adjective + noun
Linking verb + adjective (especially be)
Tom is a careful driver.
We didnt go out because the heavy rain.
Please be quiet.
I as disappointed that the exam result was so bad.
Why do you look so serious?
She speaks perfect Englih.
Tom looked sad when I saw him.

Ordinary verb + adverb

Be + adverb + adjective
Tom drove carefully a long the road.
We didn go out because it was raining heavily.
Please speak quietly.
I was disappointed that I did so badly in the exam.
Why do you take me seriously?
She speaks English perfectly.
Tom looked at me sadly.

We also use adverbs before adjectives and other adverbs. For example:

Resonably cheap (adverb + adjective)

Terribly sorry (adverb + adjective)(very)
Incredibly quickly (adverb + adverb)
Its a reasonably cheap restaurant and the food is extremely good.
Tom learns language incredibly quickly.
The examination was surprisingly easy.
Im terribly sorry. I didnt mean to push you.
We can also use an adverb before a past participle (injured,organised,written)
Two people were seriously injured in the accident.
The meeting was very badly organised.
Note:-Incredibly: unbelievably

Linking Verbs



{Lin ng t (linking verb).}

mt nhm cc ng t c bit c chc nng ni gia ch ng v v ng tnh t. Khng

ging cc ng t khc, chng khng th hin hnh ng. Do vy chng c b ngha bi
tnh t ch khng phi ph t. Ngi ta gi chng l lin ng t (linking verbs). l
nhng ng t bng sau:
be appear feel become seem look remain sound smell stay taste
Linking Verbs cn c bit n n gin nh l cc ng t ch nhn thc tri gic b ngha
trc tip cho ch ng, theo sau lun l 1 tnh t.
Linking verbs Examples
Be Ex:
She is happy
Alice is now a worker
Become They become sad when the news comes
He is determined to become a professor
Children become tired quite easily.
They were sorry to see us leave.
Remain He remains loyal to his boss even when the company goes into bankruptcy
There remains a big church right in the middle of the village
We stay healthier when we eat more vegetables
Appear She appeared sad at hearing that her father passed away
Nobody seems satisfied with his current job
That sounds a good idea
It sounds terrible
All of us feel distressed when we are sacked unreasonably
Mary feels bad about her test grade.

He looked angry than ever once he knew his child committed crime
Lucy looks radiant in her new dress.
The cat smelt odorous after it swam in a dirty lake
The soup tastes good.
The flowers smell sweet.
The flowers she bought yesterday smell fragrant
His food tastes fabulous
The soup tastes good.
The weather grows colder and colder everyday
She turned sicker because of hard work for the whole month
They get indignant at realizing that he is a robber
Lin t c cc tnh cht:
Khng din t hnh ng m din t trng thi hoc bn cht s vic.
ng sau chng phi l tnh t ch khng phi l ph t.
Khng c chia th tip din d di bt c thi no.
Be, become, remain cn c th ng trc mt cm danh t ch khng ch tnh t:
They remained sad even though I tried to cheer them up. (adjective)
Linking Verbs


He remained chairman of the board despite the opposition. (noun)
Children often become bored at the meetings. (adjective)
She become class president after a long campaign. (noun)
Mary will be happy when she hears the good news. (adjective)
Ted will be a bridegroom this year. (noun)
Feel, look, smell v taste cng c th l ngoi ng t khi n c tn ng trc tip. Trong trng hp
, n tr thnh mt ng t m t hnh ng thc s ch khng cn l mt linking verb v do
n c b ngha bi ph t ch khng phi tnh t. Chng c php chia th tip din.

Exercise - Adjective or Adverb

Write down the correct form of the word in brackets (adjective or adverb).
1. Tom is (slow) ________________. He works ________________.
2. Sue is a (careful) ________________girl. She climbed up the ladder ________________.
3. The dog is (angry) ________________. It barks ________________.
4. He acted (excellent) ________________. He's an ________________actor.
5. They learn English (easy) ________________. They think English is an ________________language.
6. Max is a (good) ________________singer. He sings ________________.
7. It's (awful) ________________cold today. The cold wind is ________________.
8. Dogs rely on their noses as they can smell (extreme / good) ________________. If that is true, why
does dog food smell so (terrible) ________________?
9. The little boy looked (sad) ________________. I went over to comfort him and he looked at me
10.I tasted the soup (careful) ________________but it tasted (wonderful) ________________.
11. Niagara Falls form a ________________ border between the United States and Canada.
12.Tourists visit this place ________________ (frequently/ frequent) .
13.The Falls are very________________ (noisy/ noisily)
14.So you must speak ________________ or nobody can understand you. (loudly/loud)
15.Many years ago, the Iroquois tribe lived here________________ (peacefully/ peaceful)
16.He is a ________________boy. (clever)
17.He is tired because he has worked ________________. (hard)
18.He isnt tired because he has ________________worked. (hard)
19.She is a ________________girl. (quiet)
20.She went to bed ________________. (quiet)
21.He is not a good student but he writes ________________. (good)
22.You should speak more ________________. (soft)
23.The children behaved ________________. (bad)
24.The brave men fought ________________. (brave)
25.They lived together ________________. (happy)
26.She looks ________________. (pretty)
27.That milk tastes ________________. (sour)
28.I dont know ________________where they live. (exact)
29.She turned ________________. (pale)
Linking Verbs


30.This brown fur feels ________________. (soft)
31.These children are ________________at English. (good)
32.Your brother ________________works at all. (hard)
33.Ann ________________had an accident last Sunday. (near)
34.Have you been to the cinema ________________. (late)
35.Mary always dresses ________________. (beautiful)
36.Yes, it was raining ________________for two hours. (heavy)
37.He has painted it ________________. (nice)
38.What a vworker he is! (quick)
39.He is always very ________________. (polite)
40.He is often ________________. (nervous)
41.Arthur ________________rode back to the inn. (quick)
42.They saw a ________________butterfly on a rose. (beautiful)
43.When the teacher heard about the missing book he said ________________:"You should be more
careful." (angry)
44.When he told him the truth, he was ________________. (quiet)
45."This wound looks ________________", the doctor said. (bad)
46.The boys played so ________________that they won the tournament. (good)
47.He was so busy with his new computer that he ____________had time to help his mother. (hard)
48."Go and have a rest. You shouldnt work so ________________." (hard)
49.From the top of the mountain he could see ________________across the countryside. (far)
50.What a ________________picture! (beautiful)
51.Arthur fought ________________and they won the battle. (good)
52."I love you", Camilla said in a ________________voice. (soft)
53.The maid shut the door ________________. (quiet)
54.They could hear a ________________cry. (terrible)
55.Suddenly he woke up because the phone rang ________________. (loud)
56.Jane opened the door ________________. (careful)
57.I like driving ________________. (fast)
58.She spoke to me very ________________. (soft)
59.Paul lay in bed ________________. (quiet)
60.He tasted the various kinds of tea ________________. (careful)
61.Jane opened the box ________________. (careful)
62.Jim turned the book upside down ________________. (quick)
63.It is raining ________________. (heavy)
64.She dresses ________________. (beautiful)
65.Tom looked at my lunch ________________. (hungry)
66.Please, drive ________________. (careful)
67.He didnt sleep ________________. (good)
68.We didn't hurry. So we walked ________________. (slow)
69.New York is a ________________city. (big)
70.He won the race because he drove ________________. (good)
71.It was ________________for me to come. (impossible)
72.Mary jumped up ________________. (happy)
73.She worked all the day. She feels ________________. (tired)
Linking Verbs


74.She dresses ________________. (pretty)
75.She came home ________________. (late)
76.He didn't have an accident because he's an ________________driver. (excellent)
77.Sam is good at sports. He always runs ________________. (fast)
78.His father is a manager. He works very ________________. (hard)
79.He won a prize. He is very ________________. (happy)
80.She felt ________________. So she stayed at home. (ill)
81.The weather was ________________. It was cold all the time. (bad)
82.The exercise wasn't difficult. So we did it ________________. (easy)
83.The soup is great. It tastes ________________. (wonderful)
84.He always greets ________________. (friendly)
85.Today she skates ________________. (good)
86.The party was ________________. (wonderful)
87.The house seems to be so ________________without you. (empty)
88.Fish and chips taste ________________. (fantastic)
89.She drives ________________. (careful)
90.She is a nice girl. She always answers ________________. (polite)
91.I am ________________tired. (terrible)
92.The man drove too ________________. (fast)
93.She sings ________________. (good)
94.Mr Jones wrote the letter ________________. (quick)
95.The ________________film was over at o'clock. (boring)
96.We ran to school ________________yesterday. (quick)
97.I have learned very ________________to pass the exam. (hard)
98.Five cars were ________________damaged. (heavy)
99.Please read the instructions ________________. (careful)
100. The bus driver was ________________. (angry)
101. His answer came ________________. (surprising)
102. Tom looked at my dinner ________________. (hungry)
103. Nobody is ________________. (perfect)
104. We played some ________________games. (exciting)
105. They talked to him ________________. (friendly)
106. She always works ________________. (careful)
107. Ann often behaves ________________in school. (bad)
108. He is often very ________________. (nervous)
109. He works very ________________. (good)
110. This steak tastes ________________. (great)
111. She looked at me ________________. (angry)
112. She looks ________________. (pretty)
113. They skate ________________. (good)
114. He was very ________________that he won the race. (happy)
115. That sounds ________________. (great)
116. The doctor felt his leg ________________. (gentle)
117. There was a ________________storm yesterday night . (heavy)
118. I like roses. They smell ________________. (good)
Linking Verbs


119. Their son is ________________. (silly)
120. The cat's fur felt ________________and ________________. (soft / warm)
121. This lady has a ________________voice (loud).
122. 2. Jack always speaks ________________ (loud).
123. 3. Mary waits ________________in the doctor's waiting room (patient).
124. 4. Dad was quite ________________yesterday (sleepy).
125. Jim picked up the phone and spoke ________________ (quiet).
126. Mary works ________________ (careful).
127. Jack is often ________________ (happy).
128. Nelly walked around ________________ (nervous).
129. That man is a ________________person (nervous).
130. Susan and George work ________________ (slow).
131. Jill runs to school ________________ (fast).
132. Tom runs home ________________ (quick).
133. His story sounds ________________ (strange).
134. Paul is a policeman. He has a ________________job (dangerous).
135. The dog is always ________________ (hungry).
136. The boys play tennis ________________ (good).
137. They are ________________tennis players (good).
138. Frank sings ________________ (good).
139. Sandra speaks French ________________ (perfect).
140. This pullover was ________________ (expensive).
141. She looked for the purse ________________ (careful).
142. Paul walked home ________________ (sad).
143. Father spoke ________________ (angry).
144. She doesn't like sports. So she ________________does any sports (hard).
145. He is never ________________ (late).
146. She phoned me once a week. But ________________she didn't (late).
147. They did their homework ________________ (bad).
148. I must work ________________ (hard).
149. I don't like her pictures. She paints ________________ (terrible).
150. She likes the dress. It looks ________________ (modern).
151. Lucy is shy, so she cannot make friends ________________ (easy)
152. The dog looked ________________, so we gave him some food. (hungry)
153. There was long applause because she sang ________________. (beautiful)
154. I asked her why she was ________________but she didnt tell me. (sad)
155. They spoke ________________because the baby was asleep. (quiet)
156. My aunt is a ________________driver. (slow)
157. Was the exercise ________________? (easy)
158. He could swim ________________across the river. (easy)
159. You dont look very ________________. Are you ill? (good)
160. He drives too ________________. (dangerous)
161. This is my ________________car. (new)
162. The soup tastes really ________________. (good)
163. Take an umbrella. Its raining ________________. (heavy)
Linking Verbs


164. What a ________________day! (beautiful)
165. She is a ________________tennis player but her brother plays ________________. (bad /
Fill in the gap with a suitable word:



nice well

We have got a lot of ________________pupils in our class. Here are some of them: Sally is a
________________girl because she always gets good marks and she also plays the guitar very
________________. The boys think Sandra is even ________________and she is the most ________________girl,
too. But the girls dont like her because they think she is ________________and plays volleyball
________________. Everybody likes Pat because he is ________________and ________________at playing
football. And he also plays the saxophone very ________________. The most ________________pupil is
Cindy. She is tall, good looking and all the boys fall in love with her ________________. She is very
clever and she doesn't talk as ________________as a lot of our other girl.

------THE END------

Linking Verbs