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CS331 Tutorial Exercises:

Exercise One: Requirements should be correct, complete, VII. Save medical/treatment records.
consistent, clear and concise.
See the following SRS Document and check if the VIII. Automatically generate forms such as sick sheets,
requirements specifies meet the above characteristics performance appraisals, leave forms.
======================= IX. Create Custom Reports.
Project Name: Development Version No: 1.0
of intergrated human X. Store attendance register for Employees.
resources and payroll
system XI. Allow adhoc queries.
Created By: A. Shah Date Created: 1st October
2008 XII. Import/Export Facility from MS Excel.
Organisation: Software Contact Details:
Experts software@123.co.tz XIII. Security: ability to define different access levels for
various functions.
1. Background:
This project shall involve the development of an HR/ Payroll
system b) Payroll Functionality

2. Functional Requirements: I. Fully integrated with Human resource

I. A Database that can hold Employees personal management application.
records including Names, Date of birth, place of
birth, place of domicile, family details, date of II. Process payroll for 150 staff.
employment, designation, date of confirmation,
education details, end of employment and other III. Create user defined tax table and table for
pertinent details, for at least 150 staff. other deductions.

II. Set up definitions of vacant positions and enable IV. Compute taxes, benefits and deductions.
monitoring of the recruitment process.
V. Produce pay slips.
III. Register new staff.
VI. Ability to produces payroll for individuals,
IV. May maintain full employment history including groups or the entire workforce.
promotions, disciplinary actions, absences.
VII. Import/Export Facility from MS Excel.
V. Ability to set up a leave roster and automatically
compute leave for all people. 4. Non Functional Requirements:
Use Friendly
VI. Plan training programs. Fast
Taurus (1993)
5. Constraints:
None Taurus, the planned automated transaction settlement
system for the London Stock Exchange was canceled after 5
==================================== years of failed development. Losses are estimated at £75m
======================= for the project and £450m to customers. (Pooley & Stevens,
Exercise Two: Consider the examples of projects which
failed and try to point out where in the software engineering Ariane 5 (1996)
process, mistakes were made.
The Ariane 5 rocket exploded on its maiden flight in June [4],
Therac-25 (1985-1987) 1996 because the navigation package was inherited from
the Ariane 4 without proper testing. The new rocket flew
Six people were overexposed during radiation treatments faster, resulting in larger values of some variables in the
for cancer by Canada's Therac-25 radiation therapy navigation software. Shortly after launch, an attempt to
machine. Three of these patients were believed to have convert a 64-bit floating-point number into a 16-bit integer
died from the overdoses. The root cause was a lack of generated an overflow. The error was caught, but the code
quality assurance, which lead to an over-complex, that caught it elected to shut down the subsystem. The
inadequately tested, under-documented system developed, rocket veered off course and exploded. It was unfortunate
and subsequently to the failure to take adequate corrective that the code that failed generated inertial reference
action. (Pooley & Stevens, 1999) information useful only before lift-off; had it been turned off
at the moment of launch, there would have been no trouble.
London Ambulance System (1992) (Kernighan, 1999)

A succession of software engineering failures, especially in E-mail buffer overflow (1998)

project management, caused 2 failures of London's
(England) Ambulance dispatch system. The repair cost was Several E-mail systems suffer from a "buffer overflow error",
estimated at £9m, but it is believed that people died who when extremely long e-mail addresses are received. The
would not have died if ambulances had reached them as internal buffers receiving the addresses do not check for
promptly as they would have done without the failures. length and allow their buffers to overflow causing the
applications to crash. Hostile hackers use this fault to trick
Denver baggage handling system the computer into running a malicious program in its place.

The Denver airport baggage handling system was so USS Yorktown (1998)
complex (involving 300 computers) that the development
overrun prevented the airport from opening on time. Fixing A crew member of the guided-missile cruiser USS Yorktown
the incredibly buggy system required an additional 50% of mistakenly entered a zero for a data value, which resulted in
the original budget - nearly $200m. a division by zero. The error cascaded and eventually shut
down the ship's propulsion system. The ship was dead in
the water for several hours because a program didn't check
for valid input. (reported in Scientific American, November

Mars Climate Orbiter (September 23rd, 1999)

The 125 million dollar Mars Climate Orbiter is assumed lost

by officials at NASA. The failure responsible for loss of the
orbiter is attributed to a failure of NASA’s system engineer
process. The process did not specify the system of
measurement to be used on the project. As a result, one of
the development teams used Imperial measurement while
the other used the metric system of measurement. When
parameters from one module were passed to another during
orbit navigation correct, no conversion was performed,
resulting in the loss of the craft.

Exercise 3:
You have been given the task of designing a web site that
presents the tourist attractions in Dar es Salaam . The web
site must have the following feature:
o An interactive map of the city
o A list of hotels , their locations and their rates
o A list a description of the tourist attraction
o A Swahili phrase book
o Any other useful information.

Use the Story boarding technique to elicit requirements for

the website