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Powerful Communication Overrides Conflict

By: Tralove J. Lawrence

Funding for unknown or irrelevant issues can be difficult. Communication is a topic that
some address and others overlook. Powerful communication can override conflict and negative
energy. A major problem in communication and conflict is unstated or non-understanding of
comprehensive abilities. Persons failing to deal with the circumstances of communicating in a
different way. Communication should not be ambiguous nor constricted. Communication should
easily be a way to resolve conflict but instead it is contradictory. People choose to use
communication negatively. In result of that end up adding fuel to the fire and start a chain
reaction of conflict and arguments. When in reality our verbal actions should be somewhat
thinking of yourself but also thinking of the other person you are communicating with. In
accumulation other research from the University of Colorado explains that almost all conflict
involve communication problems. I am seeking additional funding for students to do additional
research and conduct experiments and surveys to further investigate better ways to communicate.
Communication involves two parties. Which are the speaker and the listener. At some
point while they are conversing roles are switched. Individuals should be more open minded and
try to see multiple points of view. With simple changes in communication strategies there would
be less misunderstanding. Misunderstandings result from poor communication and can easily
cause conflict. People can develop a repertoire of approaches for managing conflicts. (Putman,



1992) Individuals must refrain from keeping so much of their emotions to themselves but at the
same time refrain from hurting the receiver of their words.
When it comes to conflict and communication. The communication aspect of it lends
itself more to the experimental method. If people did not have communication issues then there
would be a lot less conflict. The communication aspect lends so many side additions like tone of
use and word choice. For experimental purposes a great method to show communication power
would be put a group of strangers in a room together and be able to observe and witness the
power of communication. How different personalities link together to form a bond instead of a
conflict. The power of communication and positive energy skills can override conflict in almost
any situation. I am requesting an additional 25,000 in funding go toward the communication
major and communication classes each semester. With the additional funding i would like to give
students more information on the issue like handouts and pamphlets. Also it would provide
professors more funding to get additional textbooks and start up a free clubs or an association on
communication skills.
I would take a step further into the experiment and put together a study group of stranger
students. I would watch them as they all formed together. Some may have their own opinions and
ideas but will not overshadow others. There will most likely be a dominate person who tries to be
the leader but overall it will be a group effort in coming up with topics and conclusions. When
they all openly communicate with each other. The work will just flow and there will be no
negative energy. Even when some disagree, others will be open minded and let others chime in
and voice their ideas as well. In the end everyone will able to pitch a piece of the project and
create a great presentation and work out differences through intelligent and positive



communication. The experiment will be followed up with surveys and each person will voice
their opinion and state how they feel about working with a group of people. Also the survey will
have a series of question formatted to give open ended answers about room for improving group
work. Also include questions on how each person thinks they can handle given situations in a
more productive way. Example of a question would be: Do you feel as if the group work was
equally shared? If not, Name ways the work can be evenly distributed.
Funding will give opportunities to overview multiple methods of evaluating data and
conducting ways to do research for Communication. Examples are Statistical Analysis, Surveys,
Experiments, Case Studies, and Many More. Experiments is relatively an advanced stage of
conceptualizing about a topic. Experiments are considerably more structured than case studies.
Which could be a limitation if you are a person who prefers to not have structure or have free
will. The quality of the experiment depends on maintaining the stability of the research design
throughout the data collection and analysis process. Also the strengths when it comes to
experiments there is no guessing or assumptions involved only facts and stats of research
outcomes. Stability also depends on the control over independent variables in order to evaluate a
hypothesis. The experimenter gets an outside role so they do not influence the subject. Generally
the experimenter who collects data and separates each task with a team so phases are completed.
I ideally am more of a person who prefers to be on the outside looking in. So this approach
would be the best way for me to research a subject. I also respect the fact of observation and
being able to research individuals without tainting the outcome. Experimentalist focus on the
importance of precise comparison and conditions, and the use of inferential statistics. So the
irrelevance of outside information does not comply with experiments. What I would add to



experiments is a small amount of interaction to get an idea of the state of mind the subject may
be in.
Another form of study can be individuals and what methods can be used to break down a
conflict. So individuals can effectively communicate and work through conflict. Proper funding
can open doors for a methodological approach study. When there are only two people involved
agreat tool would be a case study. Install both parties with ways to avoid conflict. Embed
positive terms and ways to overcome objections. Create a clash between the two and see how
they both react. Study the reaction and see if the positive strategies given override the conflict.
The case study will give adequate results and provide feedback for the case. If there is room for
improvement more studies can be tested and my hypotheses will be proven. Also use a Survey
approach to get insight on how the additional tactics and knowledge on how to handle conflict.
Example: When the conflict become prevalent did the positive communication methods provided
to you make the situation more obtainable? Also ask open and closed ended survey questions to
get different types of feedback. Gives the experimenter the ability to take the information given
and use it to apply to another case study in the future.
Communication as a whole can be used for good and bad. Studies have proven the power of
positive and effective communication. It can be of great help when a conflict arises or is trying to
form. When an individual is embedded with the proper tools of engagement in an altercation.
The skills taught can assist in overcoming negative situations. Proper communication is key to



the door of avoiding conflict. With the proper funding and materials students can be on their way
to positive communication solutions.

6 Step Conflict Solver

1. If conflict arrises
2. Use proper communication skills to maintain situation
3. Use I statements
4. Address root of issue
5. Come to a mutual agreement
6. Conflict Resolves