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Home Address: 14 Any Avenue Lenton Nottingham, N4 2PP

Joanna Marcher

Home Tel. Number: (0116) 01234567 Mobile Number: 00701234567 E-mail: j.marcher@xxxxx.com

Contact details

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Education and Qualifications

2012 2015 University of Sheffield

BSc Information Technology Management for Business - expected 2:1 Course covers a broad range of subjects including Java programming, web and internet technologies, accounting, management and business strategy.

Awarded the Unipro Excellence Award for academic achievement in the first year.

2009 2011 Newham School, Nottingham – ‘A’ Levels

Geography (A), Mathematics (A), Chemistry (B), General Studies (C)

2003 2009 Silverhill School, Nottingham – ‘GCSE’

9 subjects including Mathematics (A), English (B) and Science (A)

Education and Qualifications

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Refer to any relevant content or projects, and the skills gained from your studies.

You can summarise qualifications such as GCSEs, where listing them all could take up too much space.

Relevant Employment Experience

Sept 2014 - present (part-time) Database Developer Broomhall Community Project, Sheffield Voluntary work for four hours per week:

Developing a database to record the names, addresses and skills of community project participants.

Training other staff within the team to use the database.


& 2014 (Summer vacations) Information Systems Assistant Portal Services, Nottingham

Based in the IT department but also worked closely with the Training Team:

Designed a staff development database allowing staff to record their training requirements.

Worked with a number of clients to re-design their websites using the latest web tools.

Devised an online ordering system for one of our clients, using MySQL.

July 2011 June 2012 Year in Industry Student Waywards, Nottingham Experience gained in a number of departments including:

Accounts Recorded sales and purchase orders onto the ledgers and dealt with invoices and payments.

Production Designed and set up the first phase of a computerised production control system and purchase order system for regular steel orders.

Contracts Updated and improved a spreadsheet to provide quotes for basic jobs.

Additional Employment Experience

2013 2014 Bar Assistant Frog and Whistle Pub, Sheffield

Worked as part of a team to serve drinks and deliver a professional service to customers in a busy



Waitress Grosvenor House Hotel, Nottingham

Christmas party season waitress, which involved working under pressure and to tight time schedules.

Relevant Employment Experience

Add your employment experience in reverse chronological order, with the most recent first. All types of work experience can be included whether full time, part time, temporary or voluntary, paid or unpaid.

Include your job title, the name of the organisation and dates. Don’t undersell it.

Describe your duties, and especially your achievements, plus relevant skills. It is important to use keywords that match the skills and experience that the job requires.

Think of ways to make your most relevant experience stand out, for example you may want to have ‘Relevant work experience’ and ‘Additional work experience’ sections. Again this should be in reverse chronological order with your current or most recent work at the top.


Leadership and Teamwork As vice-captain of Sheffield University Ladies football 1st team (2014- 15) I play a major role in organising and running the team. I help select the team each week and ensure that those playing turn up at the right place and time. In addition, I currently work as part of a team to deliver IT services to unemployed adults in Broomhall within a Community Project. My role within the team is to take a lead on database development.

Computing During my degree and relevant work experience I have acquired a whole range of IT skills, many self-taught. For example, at Portal Services I taught myself MySQL in order to design the online ordering system for a client. My present bank of skills includes: excellent working knowledge of Microsoft Office, Macromedia Dreamweaver and the Internet, excellent knowledge of the programming / scripting languages Java, Perl, PHP, SQL and of Unix and Linux.

Communication I have gained strong communication skills during my degree course from giving presentations at seminars to participation in group work. At Portal Services I liaised with clients to re-design websites. I also designed an online ordering system for one particular client, wrote a user manual and provided training to members of staff.

Problem Solving Studying for a technical degree which incorporates systems design, analysis and programming requires analytical, numerical and problem solving skills. I further developed these skills during my Year in Industry placement at Waywards where I worked closely with staff to define their requirements and then designed a computerised purchase order system for regular steel orders.


This is an optional section enabling you to outline the personal skills you can offer, such as communication, leadership and organisation. Make sure your headings reflect the skills for the job or course you are applying for. Do not simply list your skills, instead, describe specific examples of how you have gained them and try to show how your actions made a difference to the organisation or activity you were involved in.

Don’t repeat information that you have already covered in other sections e.g. your education, work experience or activities and interests. If you’ve already described all your skills in these sections, you probably don’t need a separate skills section as well.

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Interests and Activities

I have played football for county, Nottingham Forest Ladies and currently for Sheffield University. I have also participated in other sports at school, city or county level including cross-country, athletics and tennis. In warmer weather I like to try out different water sports including windsurfing and sailing. I also enjoy cooking and for the past two summers I have voluntarily helped with the catering for 200 secondary school pupils (all with different tastes in food) on a local residential course, which was a significant challenge.

Interests and activities

Provide short descriptions of some of your different leisure interests. Try to demonstrate a good cross-section of your abilities and personality. Think about what these say about you and get the balance right – don’t just produce a long list of activities or take up so much space that this section dominates your CV.


Mr K Machon IT Manager Portal Services 18 Johns Road Nottingham N5 7QX Tel: 0116 12325 Email: k.machon@xxxxxl.co.uk

Dr L Dennis Tutor Department of Computer Science University of Sheffield Sheffield, S2 1BB Tel 0114 98767 Email: l.dennis@xxxxxx.ac.uk


Include contact details for two people who are willing to act as your referees, who can comment on what you have done in the recent past. Try to include one academic referee (such as a teacher or tutor) and one work related. If this isn't possible then choose someone who can comment on your attitude and personality, known as a character reference.

Ask permission to name someone as a referee and keep them informed about what you are applying for, as well as providing them with a copy of your latest CV. Include the referee’s name, relationship to you and full contact details on your CV.

As an alternative to adding references, just put 'References available on request'. This saves space you could use elsewhere. Don’t do this if you have been specifically asked to provide referees.