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15 Shaban Aamal www.Duas.

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This night is a very important night. Imam Ja`far al-¯¡diq (`a) has narrated that when Imam Mu¦ammad al-B¡qir (`a)
was asked about the merits of the fifteenth night of Sha`b¡n, he answered, “It is the most favorable night after the Qadr
Night. At this night, Almighty Allah bestows upon His servants with His favors and grants them His pardon out of His
conferral of benefits to them. Therefore, you should exert all efforts to seek nearness to Him at this night, because He—
the Majestic and Honorable—has decided not to reject any seeker as long as he does not ask for an act of disobedience to
Him. Almighty Allah has chosen this night for us, the Ahl al-Bayt, just as He has chosen the Qadr Night for our Prophet—
peace be upon him and his Household. You should thus pray and thank Him diligently.”
One of the blessings of this night is that it is the birth night of the Imam of the Age, Imam al-Mahd¢ (`a)—may Allah
accept our souls as ransoms for him. He was born in Surra-man-ra’¡ (currently S¡marr¡') at the hour before daybreak in
AH 255.

1) Take Ghusl (Bath) with the thought of washing away sins & as if its your last Ghusl. Spend this whole night
with acts of worship, prayers, supplications, invocations, and implorations for forgiveness. A tradition confirm that as for
one who spends this whole night with acts of worship, his heart will not die when other hearts die.

Recite 100 times : Subh'aanallah Walh'amdu Lillah Wa-Laa Ilaaha Illallah Ho Wal Allahu Akbar
Recite 100 times 'Astaghfirullah ' with attention to seeking forgiveness.
2) Recite Ziarat of Imam Husayn(as) http://www.duas.org/rajab/rajab_ziyarat.htm as all the Prophets & Angels
visit the Imam on this night. Second form is given at end here
As a short salutation ,one may go to the terrace/elevated place, look left, right & towards the sky & recite :Peace be upon you; O Aba-`Abdullah! Peace and Allah’s mercy and blessings be upon you. Assalamu Alalika Ya
Aba Abdillah Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullah e wabarakatoh
3) Recite Namaz /Salaat of Jafar-e-Tayyar http://duas.org/jafar-tayyar.htm
Fourth: It is recommended to say the following prayer, which stands for a form of Ziy¡rah for Imam al-Mahd¢ (`a).
This prayer has been mentioned by both Sayyid Ibn ±¡w£s and Shaykh al-±£s¢:

O Allah, I beseech You in the name
of this night, in the name of him
whom was born at it,
in the name of Your Argument, and
in the name of Your promise in it;
the night that You have added a
new merit to its many merits.
So, Your Word has been
accomplished truly and fairly.

all¡humma bi¦aqqi laylatin¡ h¡dhih¢
wa mawl£dih¡
wa ¦ujjatika wa maw`£dih¡
allat¢ qaranta il¡ fa¤lih¡ fa¤lan
fatammat kalimatuka ¥idqan wa

No one can change Your words

l¡ mubaddila likalim¡tika

or obscure Your signs.

wa l¡ mu`aqqiba li-¡y¡tika

(He is) Your glowing Light,

n£ruka almuta'alliqu

Your bring splendor,

wa ¤iy¡'uka almushriqu

the luminous sign in the obscurity
of darkness,

wal`alamu alnn£ru f¢ §akhy¡'i

the absent, and the concealed.

algh¡'ibu almast£ru

Lofty is his birth and noble is his

jalla mawliduh£ wa karuma

The angels are his witnesses

walmal¡'ikatu shuhhaduh£

and Allah is his Supporter and

wall¡hu n¡¥iruh£ wa mu'ayyiduh£

‫ﺎ‬‫ﻫ‬‫ﻟﹸﻮﺩ‬‫ﻮ‬‫ﻣ‬‫ ﻭ‬‫ﻩ‬‫ﻨﹶﺎ ﻫٰﺬ‬‫ﻠﹶﺘ‬‫ ﻟﹶﻴ‬‫ﻖ‬‫ ﺑﹺﺤ‬‫ﻢ‬‫ﺍﹶﻟﻠﱠﻬ‬
‫ﺎ‬‫ﻫ‬‫ﻮﺩ‬‫ﻋ‬‫ﻮ‬‫ﻣ‬‫ ﻭ‬‫ﻚ‬‫ﺘ‬‫ﺠ‬‫ﺣ‬‫ﻭ‬
‫ﺎ ﻓﹶﻀﹾﻼﹰ‬‫ﻬ‬‫ﻧﹾﺖﹶ ﺇﹺﻟﹶﻰٰ ﻓﹶﻀﹾﻠ‬‫ﻲ ﻗﹶﺮ‬‫ﭐﻟﱠﺘ‬
‫ﻻﹰ‬‫ﺪ‬‫ﻋ‬‫ﻗﺎﹰ ﻭ‬‫ﺪ‬‫ ﺻ‬‫ﺘﹸﻚ‬‫ﻤ‬‫ﺖﹾ ﻛﹶﻠ‬‫ﻓﹶﺘﹶﻤ‬
‫ﻚ‬‫ﺎﺗ‬‫ﻤ‬‫ﻜﹶﻠ‬‫ﻝﹶ ﻟ‬‫ﺪ‬‫ﺒ‬‫ﻻ ﻣ‬
‫ﻚ‬‫ﺎﺗ‬‫ ﻵِﻳ‬‫ﻘﱢﺐ‬‫ﻌ‬‫ﻻﹶ ﻣ‬‫ﻭ‬

‫ﻟﱢﻖ‬‫ﺘﹶﺎ‬‫ ﭐﻟﹾﻤ‬‫ﻙ‬‫ﻧﹸﻮﺭ‬

‫ﺸﹾﺮﹺﻕ‬‫ ﭐﻟﹾﻤ‬‫ﻙ‬‫ﺎﺅ‬‫ﻴ‬‫ﺿ‬‫ﻭ‬
‫ﻮﺭﹺ‬‫ﺠ‬‫ﻳ‬‫ﺎﺀِ ﭐﻟﺪ‬‫ﻲ ﻃﹶﺨﹾﻴ‬‫ ﻓ‬‫ ﭐﻟﻨﱡﻮﺭ‬‫ﻠﹶﻢ‬‫ﭐﻟﹾﻌ‬‫ﻭ‬

‫ﺘﹸﻮﺭ‬‫ﺴ‬‫ ﭐﻟﹾﻤ‬‫ﺐ‬‫ﭐﻟﹾﻐﹶﺎﺋ‬
‫ﻩ‬‫ﺪ‬‫ﺘ‬‫ﺤ‬‫ ﻣ‬‫ﻡ‬‫ﻛﹶﺮ‬‫ ﻭ‬‫ﻩ‬‫ﺪ‬‫ﻟ‬‫ﻮ‬‫ﻞﱠ ﻣ‬‫ﺟ‬
‫ﻩ‬‫ﺪ‬‫ﻜﹶﺔﹸ ﺷﹸﻬ‬‫ﻼﺋ‬‫ﭐﻟﹾﻤ‬‫ﻭ‬
‫ﻩ‬‫ﺪ‬‫ﻳ‬‫ﺆ‬‫ﻣ‬‫ ﻭ‬‫ﻩ‬‫ﺮ‬‫ ﻧﹶﺎﺻ‬‫ﭐﻟﻠﱠﻪ‬‫ﻭ‬

(please) make us causes for the coming of him and causes for his advent and reappearance. win the ecstasy of his companionship. His light that shall never be extinguished. and decide us to be among his assistants and elite ones.15 Shaban Aamal www.org Pg 2 when his time comes and the angels shall be his sponsors. His blessings be upon our master. walmunazzalu `alayhim m¡ yatanazzalu f¢ laylati alqadri and the managers of the Resurrection and the Account. among those who carry out our duty toward him. and save us from evil. Mu¦ammad. the one for whom the laws of ages have been made. the Lord of the worlds. idh¡ ¡na m¢`¡duh£ walmal¡'ikatu amd¡duh£ and one of the men in authority wa wul¡tu al-amri who receive that which is revealed on the Grand Night. ‫ﻩ‬‫ﺍﺩ‬‫ﺪ‬‫ﻣ‬‫ﻜﹶﺔﹸ ﺍ‬‫ﻼﹶﺋ‬‫ﭐﻟﹾﻤ‬‫ ﻭ‬‫ﻩ‬‫ﺎﺩ‬‫ﻴﻌ‬‫ ﻣ‬‫ﺇﹺﺫﹶﺍ ﺁﻥ‬ sayfu all¡hi alladh¢ l¡ yanb£ ‫ﻮ‬‫ﻨﹾﺒ‬‫ﻱ ﻻَ ﻳ‬‫ ﭐﻟﱠﺬ‬‫ ﭐﻟﻠﱠﻪ‬‫ﻒ‬‫ﻴ‬‫ﺳ‬ wa n£ruh£ alladh¢ l¡ yakhb£ ‫ﻮ‬‫ﺨﹾﺒ‬‫ﻱ ﻻَ ﻳ‬‫ ﭐﻟﱠﺬ‬‫ﻩ‬‫ﻧﹸﻮﺭ‬‫ﻭ‬ wa dh£ al¦ilmi alladh¢ l¡ ya¥b£ mad¡ru alddahri wa naw¡m¢su al`a¥ri wa a¥¦¡bu al¦ashri walnnashri tar¡jimatu wa¦yih¢ wa wul¡tu amrih¢ wa nahyih¢ all¡humma fa¥alli `al¡ kh¡timihim wa q¡'imihim almast£ri `an `awalimihim all¡humma wa adrik bin¡ ayy¡mah£ wa ¨uh£rah£ wa qiy¡mah£ waj`aln¡ min an¥¡rih¢ waqrin tha'ran¡ bitha'rih¢ w¡ktubn¡ f¢ a`w¡nih¢ wa khula¥¡'ih¢ wa a¦yin¡ f¢ dawlatih¢ n¡`im¢na wa bi¥u¦batih¢ gh¡nim¢na wa bi¦aqqih¢ q¡'im¢na wa min alss£'i s¡lim¢na y¡ ar¦ama alrr¡¦im¢na wal¦amdu lill¡hi rabbi al`¡lam¢na wa ¥alaw¡tuh£ `al¡ sayyidin¡ mu¦ammadin ‫ﻮ‬‫ﺼﹾﺒ‬‫ﻱ ﻻَ ﻳ‬‫ﻠﹾﻢﹺ ﭐﻟﱠﺬ‬‫ﺫﹸﻭ ﭐﻟﹾﺤ‬‫ﻭ‬ ‫ﺮﹺ‬‫ﻫ‬‫ ﭐﻟﺪ‬‫ﺍﺭ‬‫ﺪ‬‫ﻣ‬ ‫ﺼﹾﺮﹺ‬‫ ﭐﻟﹾﻌ‬‫ﻴﺲ‬‫ﺍﻣ‬‫ﻧﹶﻮ‬‫ﻭ‬ ‫ﺮﹺ‬‫ﻻﻣ‬  ‫ﻻﺓﹸ ﭐ‬‫ﻭ‬‫ﻭ‬ ‫ﻠﹶﺔ‬‫ﻲ ﻟﹶﻴ‬‫ﺘﹶﻨﹶﺰﱠﻝﹸ ﻓ‬‫ﺎ ﻳ‬‫ ﻣ‬‫ﻬﹺﻢ‬‫ﻠﹶﻴ‬‫ﻨﹶﺰﱠﻝﹸ ﻋ‬‫ﭐﻟﹾﻤ‬‫ﻭ‬ ‫ﺭﹺ‬‫ﭐﻟﹾﻘﹶﺪ‬ ‫ﭐﻟﻨﱠﺸﹾﺮﹺ‬‫ﺸﹾﺮﹺ ﻭ‬‫ ﭐﻟﹾﺤ‬‫ﺎﺏ‬‫ﺻﹾﺤ‬‫ﺍ‬‫ﻭ‬ ‫ﻴﹺﻪ‬‫ﺣ‬‫ﺔﹸ ﻭ‬‫ﺍﺟﹺﻤ‬‫ﺗﹶﺮ‬ ‫ﻴﹺﻪ‬‫ﻧﹶﻬ‬‫ ﻭ‬‫ﺮﹺﻩ‬‫ﻣ‬‫ﻻﹶﺓﹸ ﺍ‬‫ﻭ‬‫ﻭ‬ ‫ﻬﹺﻢ‬‫ﻤ‬‫ﻗﹶﺎﺋ‬‫ ﻭ‬‫ﻬﹺﻢ‬‫ﻤ‬‫ﻰ ﺧﹶﺎﺗ‬ ٰ ‫ﻠﹶ‬‫ ﻓﹶﺼﹶﻞﱢ ﻋ‬‫ﻢ‬‫ﺍﹶﻟﻠﱠﻬ‬ ‫ﻬﹺﻢ‬‫ﻤ‬‫ﺍﻟ‬‫ﻮ‬‫ ﻋ‬‫ﻦ‬‫ﺘﹸﻮﺭﹺ ﻋ‬‫ﺴ‬‫ﭐﻟﹾﻤ‬ ‫ﻪ‬‫ﺎﻣ‬‫ﻳ‬‫ ﺑﹺﻨﹶﺎ ﺍ‬‫ﺭﹺﻙ‬‫ﺩ‬‫ﺍ‬‫ ﻭ‬‫ﻢ‬‫ﺍﹶﻟﻠﱠﻬ‬ ‫ﻪ‬‫ﺎﻣ‬‫ﻴ‬‫ﻗ‬‫ ﻭ‬‫ﻩ‬‫ﻮﺭ‬‫ﻇﹸﻬ‬‫ﻭ‬ ‫ﻧﹾﺼﹶﺎﺭﹺﻩ‬‫ ﺍ‬‫ﻦ‬‫ﻠﹾﻨﹶﺎ ﻣ‬‫ﻌ‬‫ﭐﺟ‬‫ﻭ‬ ‫ﺎﺭﹺﻩ‬‫ﻧﹶﺎ ﺑﹺﺜﹶ‬‫ﺎﺭ‬‫ ﺛﹶ‬‫ﭐﻗﹾﺮﹺﻥ‬‫ﻭ‬ ‫ﻪ‬‫ﺧﹸﻠﹶﺼﹶﺎﺋ‬‫ ﻭ‬‫ﺍﻧﹺﻪ‬‫ﻮ‬‫ﻋ‬‫ﻲ ﺍ‬‫ﻨﹶﺎ ﻓ‬‫ﭐﻛﹾﺘﹸﺒ‬‫ﻭ‬ ‫ﻴﻦ‬‫ﻤ‬‫ ﻧﹶﺎﻋ‬‫ﻪ‬‫ﻟﹶﺘ‬‫ﻭ‬‫ﻲ ﺩ‬‫ﻴﹺﻨﹶﺎ ﻓ‬‫ﺣ‬‫ﺍ‬‫ﻭ‬ ‫ﻴﻦ‬‫ ﻏﹶﺎﻧﹺﻤ‬‫ﻪ‬‫ﺘ‬‫ﺒ‬‫ﺑﹺﺼﹸﺤ‬‫ﻭ‬ ‫ﻴﻦ‬‫ﻤ‬‫ ﻗﹶﺎﺋ‬‫ﻘﱢﻪ‬‫ﺑﹺﺤ‬‫ﻭ‬ ‫ﻴﻦ‬‫ﻤ‬‫ﺎﻟ‬‫ﻮﺀِ ﺳ‬‫ ﭐﻟﺴ‬‫ﻦ‬‫ﻣ‬‫ﻭ‬ ‫ﻴﻦ‬‫ﻤ‬‫ﺍﺣ‬‫ ﭐﻟﺮ‬‫ﻢ‬‫ﺣ‬‫ﺭ‬‫ﺎ ﺍ‬‫ﻳ‬ ‫ﻴﻦ‬‫ﺎﻟﹶﻤ‬‫ ﭐﻟﹾﻌ‬‫ﺏ‬‫ ﺭ‬‫ﻠﱠﻪ‬‫ ﻟ‬‫ﺪ‬‫ﻤ‬‫ﭐﻟﹾﺤ‬‫ﻭ‬ ‫ﺪ‬‫ﻤ‬‫ﺤ‬‫ﻧﹶﺎ ﻣ‬‫ﺪ‬‫ﻴ‬‫ﻠﹶﻰٰ ﺳ‬‫ ﻋ‬‫ﺍﺗﹸﻪ‬‫ﺻﹶﻠﹶﻮ‬‫ﻭ‬ .Duas. (Please) include us with his supporters. send blessings to their seal and their Riser whom is hidden from their world. O most Merciful of all those who show mercy! All praise be to Allah. He shall act as the sword of Allah that shall never miss the target. O Allah. and the forbearing person who shall never deviate the truth. Make us live in bliss in his reign. O Allah. They are the interpreters of His revelations and in charge of what is deemed lawful and what is deemed unlawful by Him. He is the motive and reason of the course of events. join our vengeance to his vengeance.

15 Shaban Aamal www. alkh¡liqu alrr¡ziqu ‫ﺍﺯﹺﻕ‬‫ ﭐﻟﺮ‬‫ﻖ‬‫ﭐﻟﹾﺨﹶﺎﻟ‬ the Giver of live. You are verily the Everliving. wa laka alkaramu to You do belong all affairs. waghfir l¢ war¦amn¢ ‫ﺪ‬‫ﺣ‬‫ ﻛﹸﻔﹸﻮﺍﹰ ﺍ‬‫ ﻟﹶﻪ‬‫ﻜﹸﻦ‬‫ ﻳ‬‫ﻟﹶﻢ‬‫ﻭ‬ ‫ﺪ‬‫ﻤ‬‫ﺤ‬‫ﺁﻝﹺ ﻣ‬‫ ﻭ‬‫ﺪ‬‫ﻤ‬‫ﺤ‬‫ﻠﹶﻰٰ ﻣ‬‫ﺻﹶﻞﱢ ﻋ‬ ‫ﻨﹺﻲ‬‫ﻤ‬‫ﺣ‬‫ﭐﺭ‬‫ﻲ ﻭ‬‫ ﻟ‬‫ﺮ‬‫ﭐﻏﹾﻔ‬‫ﻭ‬ . wa laka al¦amdu to You is thanks.org Pg 3 the seal of the Prophets and the Messengers. ¥alli `al¡ mu¦ammadin wa ¡li mu¦ammadin forgive me. wa `al¡ ahli baytih¢ al¥¥¡diq¢na ‫ﻴﻦ‬‫ﻗ‬‫ ﭐﻟﺼﱠﺎﺩ‬‫ﻪ‬‫ﺘ‬‫ﻴ‬‫ﻞﹺ ﺑ‬‫ﻫ‬‫ﻠﹶﻰٰ ﺍ‬‫ﻋ‬‫ﻭ‬ and upon his offspring. the Self-Subsisting. wa laka alfa¤lu to You is all praise. the All-great. wa laka almajdu and to You is gratitude. wa laka almannu to You is magnanimity. albad¢'u albad¢`u To You is the Majesty laka aljal¡lu to You is the favor.Duas. the Maker. wa¦kum baynan¡ wa baynahum O Most Just of all judges! y¡ a¦kama al¦¡kim¢na ‫ﻴﻦ‬‫ﻘ‬‫ ﭐﻟﻨﱠﺎﻃ‬‫ﻪ‬‫ﺗ‬‫ﺘﹾﺮ‬‫ﻋ‬‫ﻭ‬ ‫ﻴﻦ‬‫ﻤ‬‫ ﭐﻟﻈﱠﺎﻟ‬‫ﻴﻊ‬‫ﻤ‬‫ ﺟ‬‫ﻦ‬‫ﭐﻟﹾﻌ‬‫ﻭ‬ ‫ﻢ‬‫ﻨﹶﻬ‬‫ﻴ‬‫ﺑ‬‫ﻨﹶﻨﹶﺎ ﻭ‬‫ﻴ‬‫ ﺑ‬‫ﻜﹸﻢ‬‫ﭐﺣ‬‫ﻭ‬ ‫ﻴﻦ‬‫ﻤ‬‫ﺎﻛ‬‫ ﭐﻟﹾﺤ‬‫ﻜﹶﻢ‬‫ﺍﺣ‬ ‫ﺎ‬‫ﻳ‬ Fifth: Shaykh Ism¡`¢l ibn Fa¤l al-H¡shim¢ has narrated that Imam Ja`far al-¯¡diq (`a) instructed him to say the following prayer at the fifteenth night of Sha`b¡n: ‫ﻮﻡ‬‫ ﭐﻟﹾﻘﹶﻴ‬‫ﻲ‬‫ﻧﹾﺖﹶ ﭐﻟﹾﺤ‬‫ ﺍ‬‫ﻢ‬‫ﺍﹶﻟﻠﱠﻬ‬ O Allah. O One! O Absolute! O Besought of all! O He Who neither begets nor is He begotten wa¦daka l¡ shar¢ka laka ‫ﻴﻢ‬‫ﻈ‬‫ ﭐﻟﹾﻌ‬‫ﻲ‬‫ﻠ‬‫ﭐﻟﹾﻌ‬ ‫ﻳﻊ‬‫ﺪ‬‫ﻱﺀُ ﭐﻟﹾﺒ‬‫ﺪ‬‫ﭐﻟﹾﺒ‬ ‫ﻼﹶﻝﹸ‬‫ ﭐﻟﹾﺠ‬‫ﻟﹶﻚ‬ ‫ ﭐﻟﹾﻔﹶﻀﹾﻞﹸ‬‫ﻟﹶﻚ‬‫ﻭ‬ ‫ﺪ‬‫ﻤ‬‫ ﭐﻟﹾﺤ‬‫ﻟﹶﻚ‬‫ﻭ‬ ‫ﻦ‬‫ ﭐﻟﹾﻤ‬‫ﻟﹶﻚ‬‫ﻭ‬ ‫ﻮﺩ‬‫ ﭐﻟﹾﺠ‬‫ﻟﹶﻚ‬‫ﻭ‬ ‫ﻡ‬‫ ﭐﻟﹾﻜﹶﺮ‬‫ﻟﹶﻚ‬‫ﻭ‬ ‫ﺮ‬‫ﻻﻣ‬  ‫ ﭐ‬‫ﻟﹶﻚ‬‫ﻭ‬ ‫ﺪ‬‫ﺠ‬‫ ﭐﻟﹾﻤ‬‫ﻟﹶﻚ‬‫ﻭ‬ ‫ ﭐﻟﺸﱡﻜﹾﺮ‬‫ﻟﹶﻚ‬‫ﻭ‬ ‫ ﻟﹶﻚ‬‫ ﻻَ ﺷﹶﺮﹺﻳﻚ‬‫ﻙ‬‫ﺪ‬‫ﺣ‬‫ﻭ‬ y¡ w¡¦idu y¡ a¦adu y¡ ¥amadu ‫ﺪ‬‫ﺎ ﺻﹶﻤ‬‫ ﻳ‬‫ﺪ‬‫ﺣ‬‫ﺎ ﺍ‬‫ ﻳ‬‫ﺪ‬‫ﺍﺣ‬‫ﺎ ﻭ‬‫ﻳ‬ y¡ man lam yalid wa lam y£lad ‫ﻮﻟﹶﺪ‬‫ ﻳ‬‫ﻟﹶﻢ‬‫ ﻭ‬‫ﺪ‬‫ﻠ‬‫ ﻳ‬‫ ﻟﹶﻢ‬‫ﻦ‬‫ﺎ ﻣ‬‫ﻳ‬ and there is none like to Him! wa lam yakun lah£ kufwan a¦adun (Please do) bless Mu¦ammad and the Household of Mu¦ammad. all¡humma anta al¦ayyu alqayy£mu the Most High. almu¦y¢ almum¢tu ‫ﻴﺖﹸ‬‫ﻤ‬‫ﻴﹺﻲ ﭐﻟﹾﻤ‬‫ﺤ‬‫ﭐﻟﹾﻤ‬ the Originator. wa laka al-amru to You is glory. have mercy upon me. al`aliyyu al`a¨¢mu the Creator. wa laka alshshukru You are alone without having any partner with You. wa laka alj£du to You is generosity. the Sustainer. the Causer of death. wa `itratih¢ alnn¡§iq¢na Curse all the wrongdoers wal`an jam¢`a al¨¨¡lim¢na and judge between them and us. the spokespersons of the truth. kh¡tami alnnabiyy¢na walmursal¢na ‫ﻴﻦ‬‫ﻠ‬‫ﺳ‬‫ﺮ‬‫ﭐﻟﹾﻤ‬‫ ﻭ‬‫ﻴﻦ‬‫ﺧﹶﺎﺗﹶﻢﹺ ﭐﻟﻨﱠﺒﹺﻴ‬ upon his Household the veracious.

15 Shaban Aamal www. wa iyy¡ka qa¥adtu the intercession of Your Prophet’s son do I seek. as long as You decide to keep us alive. back us against them who antagonize us. sights. which the Holy Prophet (¥) used to say at this night: O Allah. famin fa¤lika as'alu to You do I turn my face. O Allah.” was'al£ all¡ha min fa¤lih¢ I thus ask You of Your bounty. (please do) have mercy upon me. all¡humma iqsim lan¡ min khashyatika m¡ ya¦£lu baynan¡ wa bayna ma`¥iyatika wa min §¡`atika m¡ tuballighun¡ bih¢ ri¤w¡naka wa min alyaq¢ni m¡ yah£nu `alayn¡ bih¢ mu¥¢b¡tu aldduny¡ all¡humma amti`n¡ bi-asm¡`in¡ wa ab¥¡rin¡ wa quwwatin¡ m¡ a¦yaytan¡ waj`alhu alw¡ritha minn¡ waj`al tha'ran¡ `al¡ man ¨alaman¡ wan¥urn¡ `al¡ man `¡d¡n¡ wa l¡ taj`al mu¥¢batan¡ f¢ d¢nin¡ ‫ﻚ‬‫ﺘ‬‫ ﺧﹶﺸﹾﻴ‬‫ﻦ‬‫ ﻟﹶﻨﹶﺎ ﻣ‬‫ﻢ‬‫ ﭐﻗﹾﺴ‬‫ﻢ‬‫ﺍﹶﻟﻠﱠﻬ‬ ‫ﻚ‬‫ﺘ‬‫ﻴ‬‫ﺼ‬‫ﻌ‬‫ ﻣ‬‫ﻦ‬‫ﻴ‬‫ﺑ‬‫ﻨﹶﻨﹶﺎ ﻭ‬‫ﻴ‬‫ﻮﻝﹸ ﺑ‬‫ﺤ‬‫ﺎ ﻳ‬‫ﻣ‬ ‫ﺍﻧﹶﻚ‬‫ ﺭﹺﺿﹾﻮ‬‫ﻠﱢﻐﹸﻨﹶﺎ ﺑﹺﻪ‬‫ﺎ ﺗﹸﺒ‬‫ ﻣ‬‫ﻚ‬‫ﺘ‬‫ ﻃﹶﺎﻋ‬‫ﻦ‬‫ﻣ‬‫ﻭ‬ ‫ﺎﺕﹸ‬‫ﻴﺒ‬‫ﺼ‬‫ ﻣ‬‫ﻨﹶﺎ ﺑﹺﻪ‬‫ﻠﹶﻴ‬‫ ﻋ‬‫ﻮﻥ‬‫ﻬ‬‫ﺎ ﻳ‬‫ﻴﻦﹺ ﻣ‬‫ﻘ‬‫ ﭐﻟﹾﻴ‬‫ﻦ‬‫ﻣ‬‫ﻭ‬ ‫ﺎ‬‫ﻧﹾﻴ‬‫ﭐﻟﺪ‬ ‫ﻨﹶﺎ‬‫ﺗ‬‫ﻗﹸﻮ‬‫ﺼﹶﺎﺭﹺﻧﹶﺎ ﻭ‬‫ﺑ‬‫ﺍ‬‫ﻨﹶﺎ ﻭ‬‫ﺎﻋ‬‫ﻤ‬‫ﺳ‬‫ﻨﹶﺎ ﺑﹺﺎ‬‫ﻌ‬‫ﺘ‬‫ﻣ‬‫ ﺍ‬‫ﻢ‬‫ﺍﹶﻟﻠﱠﻬ‬ ‫ﻨﱠﺎ‬‫ﺍﺭﹺﺙﹶ ﻣ‬‫ ﭐﻟﹾﻮ‬‫ﻠﹾﻪ‬‫ﻌ‬‫ﭐﺟ‬‫ﺘﹶﻨﹶﺎ ﻭ‬‫ﻴ‬‫ﻴ‬‫ﺣ‬‫ﺎ ﺍ‬‫ﻣ‬ ‫ﻨﹶﺎ‬‫ ﻇﹶﻠﹶﻤ‬‫ﻦ‬‫ﻠﹶﻰٰ ﻣ‬‫ﻧﹶﺎ ﻋ‬‫ﺎﺭ‬‫ﻞﹾ ﺛﹶ‬‫ﻌ‬‫ﭐﺟ‬‫ﻭ‬ ‫ﺍﻧﹶﺎ‬‫ﺎﺩ‬‫ ﻋ‬‫ﻦ‬‫ﻠﹶﻰٰ ﻣ‬‫ﻧﹶﺎ ﻋ‬‫ﭐﻧﹾﺼﹸﺮ‬‫ﻭ‬ ‫ﻳﻨﹺﻨﹶﺎ‬‫ﻲ ﺩ‬‫ﺘﹶﻨﹶﺎ ﻓ‬‫ﻴﺒ‬‫ﺼ‬‫ﻞﹾ ﻣ‬‫ﻌ‬‫ﻻﹶ ﺗﹶﺠ‬‫ﻭ‬ . and (please do) make it the inheritor of us.Duas. (please do) grant us an amount of fearfulness of You that prevents us from committing acts of disobedience to You. (please do) make us enjoy our hearings. fa'innaka f¢ h¡dhih¢ allaylati kulla amrin ¦ak¢min tafruqu and You grant sustenance to whomever You wish among Your creatures.org Pg 4 relieve me from whatever has aggrieved me. wa wassi` `alayya f¢ rizq¢ for You. do not make us suffer misfortunes in affairs of our religion. an amount of obedience to You that makes us attain Your satisfaction. and powers. So. and an amount of conviction that help us tolerate the vicissitudes of this worldly life. wa man tash¡'u min khalqika tarzuqu farzuqn¢ wa anta khayru alrr¡ziq¢na You have said—and You are the Best of those who speak and utter— fa'innaka qulta wa anta khayru alq¡'il¢na alnn¡§iq¢na: “Ask Allah of His bounty. (please do) grant me sustenance and You are verily the Best of sustainers. wakfin¢ m¡ ahamman¢ help me settle my debt. wabna nabiyyika i`tamadtu and for You do I hope. waq¤i dayn¢ and expand my provisions. make distinct all affairs of wisdom. at this night. (Please do) make us avenge ourselves against them who wrong us. wa laka rajawtu So. O most Merciful of all those who show mercy! far¦amn¢ y¡ ar¦ama alrr¡¦im¢na ‫ﻨﹺﻲ‬‫ﻤ‬‫ﻫ‬‫ﺎ ﺍ‬‫ﻨﹺﻲ ﻣ‬‫ﭐﻛﹾﻔ‬‫ﻭ‬ ‫ﻨﹺﻲ‬‫ﻳ‬‫ﭐﻗﹾﺾﹺ ﺩ‬‫ﻭ‬ ‫ﻲ‬‫ﻲ ﺭﹺﺯﹾﻗ‬‫ ﻓ‬‫ﻠﹶﻲ‬‫ ﻋ‬‫ﻊ‬‫ﺳ‬‫ﻭ‬‫ﻭ‬ ‫ﻴﻢﹴ‬‫ﻜ‬‫ﺮﹴ ﺣ‬‫ﺍﻣ‬ ‫ ﻛﹸﻞﱠ‬‫ﻠﹶﺔ‬‫ ﭐﻟﻠﱠﻴ‬‫ﻩ‬‫ﻲ ﻫٰﺬ‬‫ ﻓ‬‫ﻓﹶﺈﹺﻧﱠﻚ‬ ‫ﻕ‬‫ﺗﹶﻔﹾﺮ‬ ‫ﺯﹸﻕ‬‫ ﺗﹶﺮ‬‫ﻚ‬‫ ﺧﹶﻠﹾﻘ‬‫ﻦ‬‫ ﺗﹶﺸﹶﺎﺀُ ﻣ‬‫ﻦ‬‫ﻣ‬‫ﻭ‬ ‫ﻴﻦ‬‫ﺍﺯﹺﻗ‬‫ ﭐﻟﺮ‬‫ﺮ‬‫ﻧﹾﺖﹶ ﺧﹶﻴ‬‫ﺍ‬‫ﺯﹸﻗﹾﻨﹺﻲ ﻭ‬‫ﻓﹶﭑﺭ‬ ‫ﻴﻦ‬‫ﻠ‬‫ ﭐﻟﹾﻘﹶﺎﺋ‬‫ﺮ‬‫ﻧﹾﺖﹶ ﺧﹶﻴ‬‫ﺍ‬‫ ﻗﹸﻠﹾﺖﹶ ﻭ‬‫ﻓﹶﺈﹺﻧﱠﻚ‬ :‫ﻴﻦ‬‫ﻘ‬‫ﭐﻟﻨﱠﺎﻃ‬ ﴾‫ﻪ‬‫ ﻓﹶﻀﹾﻠ‬‫ﻦ‬‫ ﻣ‬‫ﻟﹸﻮﭐ ﭐﻟﻠﱠﻪ‬‫ﺎ‬‫ﭐﺳ‬‫﴿ﻭ‬ ‫ﻝﹸ‬‫ﺎ‬‫ﺳ‬‫ ﺍ‬‫ﻚ‬‫ ﻓﹶﻀﹾﻠ‬‫ﻦ‬‫ﻓﹶﻤ‬ ‫ﺕﹸ‬‫ ﻗﹶﺼﹶﺪ‬‫ﺎﻙ‬‫ﺇﹺﻳ‬‫ﻭ‬ ‫ﺕﹸ‬‫ﺪ‬‫ﺘﹶﻤ‬‫ ﭐﻋ‬‫ﻚ‬‫ ﻧﹶﺒﹺﻴ‬‫ﻦ‬‫ﭐﺑ‬‫ﻭ‬ ‫ﺕﹸ‬‫ﻮ‬‫ﺟ‬‫ ﺭ‬‫ﻟﹶﻚ‬‫ﻭ‬ ‫ﻴﻦ‬‫ﻤ‬‫ﺍﺣ‬‫ ﭐﻟﺮ‬‫ﻢ‬‫ﺣ‬‫ﺭ‬‫ﺎ ﺍ‬‫ﻨﹺﻲ ﻳ‬‫ﻤ‬‫ﺣ‬‫ﻓﹶﭑﺭ‬ Sixth: It is recommended to say this prayer.

Seventh: It is recommended to say the Salwaat Shabania Eighth: It is very much recommended to http://www. You may then say the following prayer: O He to Whom the servants (of Him) resort in urgencies and to Whom the creatures turn in ordeals! O He Who knows the open and the hidden matters! y¡ man ilayhi malja'u al`ib¡di f¢ almuhimm¡ti O He from Whom neither the ideas of illusions nor the initiatives of delusions can be concealed! y¡ man l¡ takhf¡ `alayhi khaw¡§iru al-awh¡mi wa ta¥arrufu alkha§ar¡ti O Lord of creatures and beings! y¡ rabba alkhal¡'iqi walbariyy¡ti O He Who grasps the kingdoms of the earth and the heavens! y¡ man biyadih¢ malak£tu alara¤¢na walssam¡w¡ti You are verily Allah. there is no god save You! I thus try to connect with you in the name of ‘There is no god save You.org Pg 5 do not make our worldly affairs happen to be our greatest concern or our utmost knowledge.org/kumayl. has narrated a tradition about the merits of the night of mid-Sha`b¡n entailing that Ab£-Ya¦y¡ asked Imam Ja`far al-¯¡diq (`a) about the best of prayers to be said at this night.duas. you may repeat (the phrase of) sub¦¡nall¡h thirty-three times. in the name of Your mercy. in Mi¥b¡¦ al-Mutahajjid.Duas. (the phrase of) al¦amdulill¡h thirty-three times. and (the phrase of) all¡hu-akbar thirty-four times. In the word of the book of `Aw¡l¢ al-La’¡l¢. you may offer a two unit prayer in the first unit of which you should recite S£rah al-F¡ti¦ah and S£rah al-K¡fir£n and in the second S£rah al-F¡ti¦ah and S£rah al-Taw¦¢d. wal¦amdu lill¡hi there is no god save Allah. http://www. sub¦¡na all¡hi all praise be to Allah.htm as its is this night in which it was taught by Imam ali(as) to Kumayl Ninth: It is recommended to mention Almighty Allah by the following one hundred times so that one’s past acts of disobedience to Him will be forgiven and one’s worldly and religious needs will be granted: All glory be to Allah.org/shaban1. When you accomplish the prayer.duas.’ wa ilayhi yafza`u alkhalqu f¢ almulimm¡ti y¡ `¡lima aljahri walkhafiyy¡ti anta all¡hu l¡ il¡ha ill¡ anta amuttu ilayka bil¡ il¡ha ill¡ anta ‫ﺎﺕ‬‫ﻬﹺﻤ‬‫ﻲ ﭐﻟﹾﻤ‬‫ ﻓ‬‫ﺎﺩ‬‫ﺒ‬‫ﺎ ﭐﻟﹾﻌ‬‫ﻠﹾﺠ‬‫ ﻣ‬‫ﻪ‬‫ ﺇﹺﻟﹶﻴ‬‫ﻦ‬‫ﺎ ﻣ‬‫ﻳ‬ ‫ﺎﺕ‬‫ﻤ‬‫ﻠ‬‫ﻲ ﭐﻟﹾﻤ‬‫ ﻓ‬‫ ﭐﻟﹾﺨﹶﻠﹾﻖ‬‫ﻔﹾﺰﹶﻉ‬‫ ﻳ‬‫ﻪ‬‫ﺇﹺﻟﹶﻴ‬‫ﻭ‬ ‫ﺎﺕ‬‫ﻴ‬‫ﭐﻟﹾﺨﹶﻔ‬‫ﺮﹺ ﻭ‬‫ﻬ‬‫ ﭐﻟﹾﺠ‬‫ﻢ‬‫ﺎﻟ‬‫ﺎ ﻋ‬‫ﻳ‬ ‫ﺎﻡﹺ‬‫ﻫ‬‫ﻻﻭ‬  ‫ ﭐ‬‫ﺮ‬‫ﺍﻃ‬‫ ﺧﹶﻮ‬‫ﻪ‬‫ﻠﹶﻴ‬‫ ﻻَ ﺗﹶﺨﹾﻔﹶﻰٰ ﻋ‬‫ﻦ‬‫ﺎ ﻣ‬‫ﻳ‬ ‫ﺍﺕ‬‫ ﭐﻟﹾﺨﹶﻄﹶﺮ‬‫ﻑ‬‫ﺗﹶﺼﹶﺮ‬‫ﻭ‬ ‫ﺎﺕ‬‫ﺮﹺﻳ‬‫ﭐﻟﹾﺒ‬‫ﻖﹺ ﻭ‬‫ ﭐﻟﹾﺨﹶﻼﹶﺋ‬‫ﺏ‬‫ﺎﺭ‬‫ﻳ‬ ‫ﻴﻦ‬‫ﺿ‬‫ﻻﺭ‬  ‫ﻠﹶﻜﹸﻮﺕﹸ ﭐ‬‫ ﻣ‬‫ﻩ‬‫ﺪ‬‫ ﺑﹺﻴ‬‫ﻦ‬‫ﺎ ﻣ‬‫ﻳ‬ ‫ﺍﺕ‬‫ﺎﻭ‬‫ﻤ‬‫ﭐﻟﺴ‬‫ﻭ‬ ‫ﺍﻧﹾﺖﹶ‬ ‫ ﺇﹺﻻﱠ‬‫ ﻻَ ﺇﹺﻟٰﻪ‬‫ﺍﻧﹾﺖﹶ ﭐﻟﻠﱠﻪ‬ ‫ﺍﻧﹾﺖﹶ‬ ‫ ﺇﹺﻻﱠ‬‫ ﺑﹺﻼﹶ ﺇﹺﻟٰﻪ‬‫ﻚ‬‫ﺖﱡ ﺇﹺﻟﹶﻴ‬‫ﺍﻣ‬ . saying: After you accomplish the obligatory `Ish¡' Prayer. The Imam (`a) instructed him. O most Merciful of all those who show mercy! wa l¡ taj`al aldduny¡ akbara hammin¡ wa l¡ mablagha `ilmin¡ ‫ﻠﹶﻎﹶ‬‫ﺒ‬‫ﻻﹶ ﻣ‬‫ﻨﹶﺎ ﻭ‬‫ﻤ‬‫ ﻫ‬‫ﺮ‬‫ﻛﹾﺒ‬‫ﺎ ﺍ‬‫ﻧﹾﻴ‬‫ﻞﹺ ﭐﻟﺪ‬‫ﻌ‬‫ﻻﹶ ﺗﹶﺠ‬‫ﻭ‬ ‫ﻨﹶﺎ‬‫ﻠﹾﻤ‬‫ﻋ‬ ‫ﻨﹶﺎ‬‫ﻤ‬‫ﺣ‬‫ﺮ‬‫ ﻻَ ﻳ‬‫ﻦ‬‫ﻨﹶﺎ ﻣ‬‫ﻠﹶﻴ‬‫ﻠﱢﻂﹾ ﻋ‬‫ﻻﹶ ﺗﹸﺴ‬‫ﻭ‬ wa l¡ tusalli§ `alayn¡ man l¡ yar¦amun¡ ‫ﻴﻦ‬‫ﻤ‬‫ﺍﺣ‬‫ ﭐﻟﺮ‬‫ﻢ‬‫ﺣ‬‫ﺍﺭ‬ ‫ﺎ‬‫ ﻳ‬‫ﻚ‬‫ﺘ‬‫ﻤ‬‫ﺣ‬‫ﺑﹺﺮ‬ bira¦matika y¡ ar¦ama alrr¡¦im¢na Actually. comprehensive prayers that may be said at all times. this prayer is one of the perfect. and do set one who does not have mercy upon us as master over us.15 Shaban Aamal www. wa l¡ il¡ha ill¡ all¡hu and Allah is the Greatest. wall¡hu akbaru ‫ ﭐﻟﻠﱠﻪ‬‫ﺎﻥ‬‫ﺤ‬‫ﺒ‬‫ﺳ‬ ‫ﻠﱠﻪ‬‫ ﻟ‬‫ﺪ‬‫ﻤ‬‫ﭐﻟﹾﺤ‬‫ﻭ‬ ‫ ﺇﹺﻻﱠ ﭐﻟﻠﱠﻪ‬‫ﻻﹶ ﺇﹺﻟٰﻪ‬‫ﻭ‬ ‫ﺮ‬‫ﺍﻛﹾﺒ‬ ‫ﭐﻟﻠﱠﻪ‬‫ﻭ‬ Tenth: Shaykh al-±£s¢. the Holy Prophet (¥) used to say this prayer at all times.htm say the famous prayer known as Du`¡' Kumayl.

whom You have chosen for worshipping You. verily. rescue me from the evil consequences of what I have committed. O Allah. make me of those who enjoy blissful life as they have been safe (from sins). O Allah. O He save Whom there is no god. and those who have been awarded excellently as they have won. (please) make me of those whose efforts are of a happy end and those whose shares of good things are big. with those whose prayers have been heard by You and thus You have responded to them. I am seeking Your shelter against my sins and resorting to You so that You may conceal my defects. (please) include me at this night with those at whom You have looked and thus You have mercy upon them. (please) bestow generously upon me with Your generosity and Favor. and encompass me. condone my misdeeds out of Your forbearance and pardon. save me from doing more acts of disobedience to You.15 Shaban Aamal www.org Pg 6 so. and include me at this night with Your intimate servants whom You have selected for obeying You. and whom You have made Your elite and select people. and make me love the acts of obedience to You and whatever draws me nearer to You and approaches me towards You. with Your opulent honoring. and with those whose true repentance has been admitted by You and thus You have accepted it and overlooked their past sins and enormous offenses.Duas. at this night. fay¡ l¡ il¡ha ill¡ anta ij`aln¢ f¢ h¡dhih¢ allaylati mimman na¨arta ilayhi fara¦imtah£ wa sami`ta du`¡'ah£ faajabtah£ wa `alimta istiq¡latah£ faaqaltah£ wa taj¡wazta `an s¡lifi kha§¢'atih¢ wa `a¨¢mi jar¢ratih¢ ‫ﺍﻧﹾﺖﹶ‬ ‫ ﺇﹺﻻﱠ‬‫ﺎ ﻻﹶ ﺇﹺﻟٰﻪ‬‫ﻓﹶﻴ‬ ‫ﻪ‬‫ﺕﹶ ﺇﹺﻟﹶﻴ‬‫ ﻧﹶﻈﹶﺮ‬‫ﻦ‬‫ﻤ‬‫ ﻣ‬‫ﻠﹶﺔ‬‫ ﭐﻟﻠﱠﻴ‬‫ﻩ‬‫ﻲ ﻫٰﺬ‬‫ﻠﹾﻨﹺﻲ ﻓ‬‫ﻌ‬‫ﭐﺟ‬ ‫ﺘﹶﻪ‬‫ﻤ‬‫ﺣ‬‫ﻓﹶﺮ‬ ‫ﺘﹶﻪ‬‫ﺒ‬‫ﺎﺟ‬‫ ﻓﹶ‬‫ﺎﺀَﻩ‬‫ﻋ‬‫ﺖﹶ ﺩ‬‫ﻌ‬‫ﻤ‬‫ﺳ‬‫ﻭ‬ ‫ﺎﻗﹶﻠﹾﺘﹶﻪ‬‫ ﻓﹶ‬‫ﻘﹶﺎﻟﹶﺘﹶﻪ‬‫ﺘ‬‫ﺖﹶ ﭐﺳ‬‫ﻤ‬‫ﻠ‬‫ﻋ‬‫ﻭ‬ ‫ﻴﻢﹺ‬‫ﻈ‬‫ﻋ‬‫ ﻭ‬‫ﻪ‬‫ﻴﺌﹶﺘ‬‫ ﺧﹶﻄ‬‫ﻒ‬‫ﺎﻟ‬‫ ﺳ‬‫ﻦ‬‫ﺯﹾﺕﹶ ﻋ‬‫ﺎﻭ‬‫ﺗﹶﺠ‬‫ﻭ‬ ‫ﻪ‬‫ﺗ‬‫ﺮﹺﻳﺮ‬‫ﺟ‬ faqad istajartu bika min dhun£b¢ ‫ ﺫﹸﻧﹸﻮﺑﹺﻲ‬‫ﻦ‬‫ ﻣ‬‫ﺕﹸ ﺑﹺﻚ‬‫ﺮ‬‫ﺘﹶﺠ‬‫ ﭐﺳ‬‫ﻓﹶﻘﹶﺪ‬ wa laja'tu ilayka f¢ satri `uy£b¢ ‫ﻮﺑﹺﻲ‬‫ﻴ‬‫ﺘﹾﺮﹺ ﻋ‬‫ﻲ ﺳ‬‫ ﻓ‬‫ﻚ‬‫ﺎﺕﹸ ﺇﹺﻟﹶﻴ‬‫ﻟﹶﺠ‬‫ﻭ‬ all¡humma fajud `alayya bikaramika wa fa¤lika ‫ﻚ‬‫ﻓﹶﻀﻠ‬‫ ﻭ‬‫ﻚ‬‫ﻣ‬‫ ﺑﹺﻜﹶﺮ‬‫ﻠﹶﻲ‬‫ ﻋ‬‫ﺪ‬‫ ﻓﹶﺠ‬‫ﻢ‬‫ﺍﹶﻟﻠﱠﻬ‬ wa¦§u§ kha§¡y¡ya bi¦ilmika wa `afwika ‫ﻔﹾﻮﹺﻙ‬‫ﻋ‬‫ ﻭ‬‫ﻚ‬‫ﻠﹾﻤ‬‫ ﺑﹺﺤ‬‫ﺎﻱ‬‫ﻄﹸﻂﹾ ﺧﹶﻄﹶﺎﻳ‬‫ﭐﺣ‬‫ﻭ‬ wa taghammadn¢ f¢ h¡dhih¢ allaylati bis¡bighi kar¡matika waj`aln¢ f¢h¡ min awliy¡'ika alladh¢na ijtabaytahum li§¡`atika wakhtartahum li`ib¡datika wa ja`altahum kh¡li¥ataka wa ¥ifwataka all¡humma ij`aln¢ mimman sa`ada jadduh£ wa tawaffara min alkhayr¡ti ¦a¨¨uh£ waj`aln¢ mimman salima fana`ima wa f¡za faghanima wakfin¢ sharra m¡ aslaftu wa`¥imn¢ min alizdiy¡di f¢ ma`¥iyatika wa ¦abbib ilayya §¡`ataka wa m¡ yuqarribun¢ minka wa yuzlifun¢ `indaka ‫ﻚ‬‫ﺘ‬‫ﺍﻣ‬‫ﺎﺑﹺﻎﹺ ﻛﹶﺮ‬‫ ﺑﹺﺴ‬‫ﻠﹶﺔ‬‫ ﭐﻟﻠﱠﻴ‬‫ﻩ‬‫ﻲ ﻫٰﺬ‬‫ﻧﹺﻲ ﻓ‬‫ﺪ‬‫ﺗﹶﻐﹶﻤ‬‫ﻭ‬ ‫ﻳﻦ‬‫ ﭐﻟﱠﺬ‬‫ﻚ‬‫ﺎﺋ‬‫ﻴ‬‫ﻟ‬‫ﺍﻭ‬ ‫ﻦ‬‫ﺎ ﻣ‬‫ﻴﻬ‬‫ﻠﹾﻨﹺﻲ ﻓ‬‫ﻌ‬‫ﭐﺟ‬‫ﻭ‬ ‫ﻚ‬‫ﺘ‬‫ﻄﹶﺎﻋ‬‫ ﻟ‬‫ﻢ‬‫ﺘﹶﻬ‬‫ﻴ‬‫ﺘﹶﺒ‬‫ﭐﺟ‬ ‫ﻚ‬‫ﺗ‬‫ﺎﺩ‬‫ﺒ‬‫ﻌ‬‫ ﻟ‬‫ﻢ‬‫ﺗﹶﻬ‬‫ﭐﺧﹾﺘﹶﺮ‬‫ﻭ‬ ‫ﺗﹶﻚ‬‫ﻔﹾﻮ‬‫ﺻ‬‫ ﻭ‬‫ﺼﹶﺘﹶﻚ‬‫ ﺧﹶﺎﻟ‬‫ﻢ‬‫ﻠﹾﺘﹶﻬ‬‫ﻌ‬‫ﺟ‬‫ﻭ‬ ‫ﻩ‬‫ﺪ‬‫ ﺟ‬‫ﺪ‬‫ﻌ‬‫ ﺳ‬‫ﻦ‬‫ﻤ‬‫ﻠﹾﻨﹺﻲ ﻣ‬‫ﻌ‬‫ ﭐﺟ‬‫ﻢ‬‫ﺍﹶﻟﻠﱠﻬ‬ ‫ﻈﱡﻪ‬‫ ﺣ‬‫ﺍﺕ‬‫ﺮ‬‫ ﭐﻟﹾﺨﹶﻴ‬‫ﻦ‬‫ ﻣ‬‫ﻓﱠﺮ‬‫ﺗﹶﻮ‬‫ﻭ‬ ‫ﻢ‬‫ ﻓﹶﻨﹶﻌ‬‫ﻢ‬‫ﻠ‬‫ ﺳ‬‫ﻦ‬‫ﻤ‬‫ﻠﹾﻨﹺﻲ ﻣ‬‫ﻌ‬‫ﭐﺟ‬‫ﻭ‬ ‫ﻓﹶﺎﺯﹶ ﻓﹶﻐﹶﻨﹺﻢ‬‫ﻭ‬ ‫ﻠﹶﻔﹾﺖﹸ‬‫ﺍﺳ‬ ‫ﺎ‬‫ ﻣ‬‫ﻨﹺﻲ ﺷﹶﺮ‬‫ﭐﻛﹾﻔ‬‫ﻭ‬ ‫ﻚ‬‫ﺘ‬‫ﻴ‬‫ﺼ‬‫ﻌ‬‫ﻲ ﻣ‬‫ ﻓ‬‫ﺎﺩ‬‫ﻳ‬‫ﺯﹾﺩ‬‫ ﭐﻻ‬‫ﻦ‬‫ﻨﹺﻲ ﻣ‬‫ﻤ‬‫ﺼ‬‫ﭐﻋ‬‫ﻭ‬ ‫ﻨﹾﻚ‬‫ﻨﹺﻲ ﻣ‬‫ﺑ‬‫ﻘﹶﺮ‬‫ﺎ ﻳ‬‫ﻣ‬‫ ﻭ‬‫ﺘﹶﻚ‬‫ ﻃﹶﺎﻋ‬‫ ﺇﹺﻟﹶﻲ‬‫ﺐ‬‫ﺒ‬‫ﺣ‬‫ﻭ‬ ‫ﻙ‬‫ﻨﹾﺪ‬‫ﻔﹸﻨﹺﻲ ﻋ‬‫ﺰﹾﻟ‬‫ﻳ‬‫ﻭ‬ .

I carry an excellent opinion about You. not according to what I deserve. do not make me despair of Your opulent bounties. sayyid¢ ilayka yalja'u alh¡ribu a needy begs none save You. Verily. then You are worth acting generously to me. do not disappoint me of Your abundant sustenance that You decide. if I do not deserve so. for those who are obedient to You.15 Shaban Aamal www. (Please) bestow upon me magnanimously according to that which befits You. O Allah. You have disciplined Your servants by means of generosity. and my self is hanged to the rope of Your generosity. O my Lord. O Allah. I do hope for You.org Pg 7 ‫ﺎﺭﹺﺏ‬‫ﺎ ﭐﻟﹾﻬ‬‫ﻠﹾﺠ‬‫ ﻳ‬‫ﻚ‬‫ﻱ ﺇﹺﻟﹶﻴ‬‫ﺪ‬‫ﻴ‬‫ﺳ‬ O my Master. this night. and You are verily the most Generous of all those who are generous. a fugitive resorts to none save You. wa minka yaltamisu al§§¡libu ‫ﺐ‬‫ ﭐﻟﻄﱠﺎﻟ‬‫ﺲ‬‫ﻠﹾﺘﹶﻤ‬‫ ﻳ‬‫ﻨﹾﻚ‬‫ﻣ‬‫ﻭ‬ and only on Your generosity does a repentant and contrite depends. and forgiving me. for You are verily the most Merciful of all those who show mercy and the most Generous of all those who are generous. (please) do not deprive me of Your generosity for which I hope. (Please) forgive me the sin that prevents me from enjoying high morals addabta `ib¡daka bilttakarrumi wa anta akramu al-akram¢na wa amarta bil`afwi `ib¡daka wa anta alghaf£ru alrra¦¢mu all¡humma fal¡ ta¦rimn¢ m¡ rajawtu min karamika wa l¡ tu'yisn¢ min s¡bighi ni`amika wa l¡ tukhayyibn¢ min jaz¢li qisamika f¢ h¡dhih¢ allaylati liahli §¡`atika waj`aln¢ f¢ junnatin min shir¡ri bariyyatika rabbi in lam akun min ahli dh¡lika fa-anta ahlu alkarami wal`afwi walmaghfirati wa jud `alayya bim¡ anta ahluh£ l¡ bim¡ asta¦iqquh£ ‫ﻡ‬‫ﺍﻛﹾﺮ‬ ‫ﺍﻧﹾﺖﹶ‬‫ﻡﹺ ﻭ‬‫ ﺑﹺﭑﻟﺘﱠﻜﹶﺮ‬‫ﻙ‬‫ﺎﺩ‬‫ﺒ‬‫ﺖﹶ ﻋ‬‫ﺑ‬‫ﺍﺩ‬ ‫ﻴﻦ‬‫ﻣ‬‫ﻻﻛﹾﺮ‬ ‫ﭐ‬ ‫ﺍﻧﹾﺖﹶ ﭐﻟﹾﻐﹶﻔﹸﻮﺭ‬‫ ﻭ‬‫ﻙ‬‫ﺎﺩ‬‫ﺒ‬‫ﻔﹾﻮﹺ ﻋ‬‫ﺕﹶ ﺑﹺﭑﻟﹾﻌ‬‫ﺮ‬‫ﺍﻣ‬‫ﻭ‬ ‫ﻴﻢ‬‫ﺣ‬‫ﭐﻟﺮ‬ ‫ﻚ‬‫ﻣ‬‫ ﻛﹶﺮ‬‫ﻦ‬‫ﺕﹸ ﻣ‬‫ﻮ‬‫ﺟ‬‫ﺎ ﺭ‬‫ﻨﹺﻲ ﻣ‬‫ﺮﹺﻣ‬‫ ﻓﹶﻼﹶ ﺗﹶﺤ‬‫ﻢ‬‫ﺍﹶﻟﻠﱠﻬ‬ ‫ﻚ‬‫ﻤ‬‫ﺎﺑﹺﻎﹺ ﻧﹺﻌ‬‫ ﺳ‬‫ﻦ‬‫ﻨﹺﻲ ﻣ‬‫ﻳﹺﺴ‬‫ﻻﹶ ﺗﹸﺆ‬‫ﻭ‬ ‫ﻩ‬‫ﻲ ﻫٰﺬ‬‫ ﻓ‬‫ﻚ‬‫ﻤ‬‫ﺴ‬‫ﺰﹺﻳﻞﹺ ﻗ‬‫ ﺟ‬‫ﻦ‬‫ﻨﹺﻲ ﻣ‬‫ﺒ‬‫ﻻﹶ ﺗﹸﺨﹶﻴ‬‫ﻭ‬ ‫ﻚ‬‫ﺘ‬‫ﻞﹺ ﻃﹶﺎﻋ‬‫ﻫ‬‫ ﻻ‬‫ﻠﹶﺔ‬‫ﭐﻟﻠﱠﻴ‬ ‫ﻚ‬‫ﺘ‬‫ﺮﹺﻳ‬‫ﺍﺭﹺ ﺑ‬‫ﺮ‬‫ ﺷ‬‫ﻦ‬‫ ﻣ‬‫ﻨﱠﺔ‬‫ﻲ ﺟ‬‫ﻠﹾﻨﹺﻲ ﻓ‬‫ﻌ‬‫ﭐﺟ‬‫ﻭ‬ ‫ﻚ‬‫ﻞﹺ ﺫٰﻟ‬‫ﺍﻫ‬ ‫ﻦ‬‫ ﻣ‬‫ﺍﻛﹸﻦ‬ ‫ ﻟﹶﻢ‬‫ ﺇﹺﻥ‬‫ﺏ‬‫ﺭ‬ ‫ﺓ‬‫ﺮ‬‫ﻐﹾﻔ‬‫ﭐﻟﹾﻤ‬‫ﻔﹾﻮﹺ ﻭ‬‫ﭐﻟﹾﻌ‬‫ﻡﹺ ﻭ‬‫ﻞﹸ ﭐﻟﹾﻜﹶﺮ‬‫ﺍﻫ‬ ‫ﺎﻧﹾﺖﹶ‬‫ﻓﹶ‬ ‫ﻘﱡﻪ‬‫ﺘﹶﺤ‬‫ﺍﺳ‬ ‫ﺎ‬‫ ﻻَ ﺑﹺﻤ‬‫ﻠﹸﻪ‬‫ﺍﻫ‬ ‫ﺍﻧﹾﺖﹶ‬ ‫ﺎ‬‫ ﺑﹺﻤ‬‫ﻠﹶﻲ‬‫ ﻋ‬‫ﺪ‬‫ﺟ‬‫ﻭ‬ faqad ¦asuna ¨ann¢ bika ‫ ﻇﹶﻨﱢﻲ ﺑﹺﻚ‬‫ﻦ‬‫ﺴ‬‫ ﺣ‬‫ﻓﹶﻘﹶﺪ‬ wa ta¦aqqaqa raj¡'¢ laka ‫ﻲ ﻟﹶﻚ‬‫ﺎﺋ‬‫ﺟ‬‫ ﺭ‬‫ﻘﱠﻖ‬‫ﺗﹶﺤ‬‫ﻭ‬ wa `aliqat nafs¢ bikaramika ‫ﻚ‬‫ﻣ‬‫ﻲ ﺑﹺﻜﹶﺮ‬‫ﻘﹶﺖﹾ ﻧﹶﻔﹾﺴ‬‫ﻠ‬‫ﻋ‬‫ﻭ‬ fa-anta ar¦amu alrr¡¦im¢na ‫ﻴﻦ‬‫ﻤ‬‫ﺍﺣ‬‫ ﭐﻟﺮ‬‫ﻢ‬‫ﺣ‬‫ﺍﺭ‬ ‫ﺎﻧﹾﺖﹶ‬‫ﻓﹶ‬ wa akramu al-akram¢na all¡humma wakh¥u¥n¢ min karamika bijaz¢li qisamika wa a`£dhu bi`afwika min `uq£batika waghfir liya aldhdhanba alladh¢ ya¦bisu `alayya alkhuluqa ‫ﻴﻦ‬‫ﻣ‬‫ﻻﻛﹾﺮ‬  ‫ ﭐ‬‫ﻡ‬‫ﺍﻛﹾﺮ‬‫ﻭ‬ ‫ﺰﹺﻳﻞﹺ‬‫ ﺑﹺﺠ‬‫ﻚ‬‫ﻣ‬‫ ﻛﹶﺮ‬‫ﻦ‬‫ﭐﺧﹾﺼﹸﺼﹾﻨﹺﻲ ﻣ‬‫ ﻭ‬‫ﻢ‬‫ﺍﹶﻟﻠﱠﻬ‬ ‫ﻚ‬‫ﻤ‬‫ﺴ‬‫ﻗ‬ ‫ﻚ‬‫ﺘ‬‫ﻘﹸﻮﺑ‬‫ ﻋ‬‫ﻦ‬‫ ﻣ‬‫ﻔﹾﻮﹺﻙ‬‫ﻮﺫﹸ ﺑﹺﻌ‬‫ﺍﻋ‬‫ﻭ‬ ‫ﻠﹶﻲ‬‫ ﻋ‬‫ﺒﹺﺲ‬‫ﺤ‬‫ﻱ ﻳ‬‫ ﭐﻟﱠﺬ‬‫ ﭐﻟﺬﱠﻧﹾﺐ‬‫ﻲ‬‫ ﻟ‬‫ﺮ‬‫ﭐﻏﹾﻔ‬‫ﻭ‬ ‫ﭐﻟﹾﺨﹸﻠﹸﻖ‬ . and include me with Your protection against Your evil creatures. wa `al¡ karamika yu`awwilu almustaq¢lu altt¡'ibu ‫ﺐ‬‫ﻴﻞﹸ ﭐﻟﺘﱠﺎﺋ‬‫ﺘﹶﻘ‬‫ﺴ‬‫ﻝﹸ ﭐﻟﹾﻤ‬‫ﻮ‬‫ﻌ‬‫ ﻳ‬‫ﻚ‬‫ﻣ‬‫ﻠﹶﻰٰ ﻛﹶﺮ‬‫ﻋ‬‫ﻭ‬ You have instructed Your servants to pardon. the All-merciful. (please) confer upon me exclusively with an abundant share of what You decide. out of Your generosity. I seek refuge with Your pardon against Your chastisement. and You are verily the All-forgiving. pardoning.Duas.

¦att¡ aq£ma bi¥¡li¦i ri¤¡ka ‫ﺢﹺ ﺭﹺﺿﹶﺎﻙ‬‫ ﺑﹺﺼﹶﺎﻟ‬‫ﺍﻗﹸﻮﻡ‬ ٰ‫ﺘﱠﻰ‬‫ﺣ‬ I will enjoy Your profuse granting. m¡ sh¡'a all¡hu ‫ﺎ ﺷﹶﺎﺀَ ﭐﻟﻠﱠﻪ‬‫ﻣ‬ And then repeat the following phrase ten times: There is no power save with Allah. even if you pray for things that are as many as raindrops. I am having recourse to Your sanctity. il¡h¢ ta`arra¤a laka f¢ h¡dh¡ allayli almuta`arri¤£na wa qa¥adaka alq¡¥id£na wa ammala fa¤laka wa ma`r£faka al§§¡lib£na ‫ﻞﹺ‬‫ﻲ ﻫٰﺬﹶﺍ ﭐﻟﻠﱠﻴ‬‫ ﻓ‬‫ﺽﹶ ﻟﹶﻚ‬‫ﺮ‬‫ﺇﹺﻟٰﻬﹺﻲ ﺗﹶﻌ‬ ‫ﺿﹸﻮﻥ‬‫ﺮ‬‫ﺘﹶﻌ‬‫ﭐﻟﹾﻤ‬ ‫ﻭﻥ‬‫ﺪ‬‫ ﭐﻟﹾﻘﹶﺎﺻ‬‫ﻙ‬‫ﻗﹶﺼﹶﺪ‬‫ﻭ‬ ‫ﻮﻥ‬‫ﺒ‬‫ ﭐﻟﻄﱠﺎﻟ‬‫ﻭﻓﹶﻚ‬‫ﺮ‬‫ﻌ‬‫ﻣ‬‫ ﻭ‬‫ﻞﹶ ﻓﹶﻀﹾﻠﹶﻚ‬‫ﺍﻣ‬‫ﻭ‬ . the determined aspirers have You in mind. and those who make requests look long and attentively at Your obligingness and kindness. (please) bestow upon me generously with that which I have asked from You and confer upon me with that which I have begged from You. I beseech You in Your name. wa as`ada bis¡bighi na`m¡'ika ‫ﻚ‬‫ﺎﺋ‬‫ﻤ‬‫ﺎﺑﹺﻎﹺ ﻧﹶﻌ‬‫ ﺑﹺﺴ‬‫ﺪ‬‫ﻌ‬‫ﺍﺳ‬‫ﻭ‬ faqad ludhtu bi¦aramika ‫ﻚ‬‫ﻣ‬‫ﺮ‬‫ ﻟﹸﺬﹾﺕﹸ ﺑﹺﺤ‬‫ﻓﹶﻘﹶﺪ‬ asking for Your generosity. wa ta`arra¤tu likaramika ‫ﻚ‬‫ﻣ‬‫ﻜﹶﺮ‬‫ﺿﹾﺖﹸ ﻟ‬‫ﺮ‬‫ﺗﹶﻌ‬‫ﻭ‬ and taking shelter in Your pardon against Your punishment and in Your forbearance against Your ire. the seekers of favors. present themselves to You. will grant them all. wasta`adhtu bi`afwika min `uq£batika ‫ﻚ‬‫ﺘ‬‫ﻘﹸﻮﺑ‬‫ ﻋ‬‫ﻦ‬‫ ﻣ‬‫ﻔﹾﻮﹺﻙ‬‫ﺬﹾﺕﹸ ﺑﹺﻌ‬‫ﺘﹶﻌ‬‫ﭐﺳ‬‫ﻭ‬ wa bi¦ilmika min gha¤abika ‫ ﻏﹶﻀﹶﺒﹺﻚ‬‫ﻦ‬‫ ﻣ‬‫ﻚ‬‫ﻠﹾﻤ‬‫ﺑﹺﺤ‬‫ﻭ‬ fajud bim¡ sa'altuka wa anil m¡ iltamastu minka as'aluka bika l¡ bishay'in huwa a`¨amu minka ‫ﺎﻟﹾﺘﹸﻚ‬‫ﺎ ﺳ‬‫ ﺑﹺﻤ‬‫ﺪ‬‫ﻓﹶﺠ‬ ‫ﻨﹾﻚ‬‫ﺖﹸ ﻣ‬‫ﺴ‬‫ﺎ ﭐﻟﹾﺘﹶﻤ‬‫ﺍﻧﹺﻞﹾ ﻣ‬‫ﻭ‬ ‫ﻨﹾﻚ‬‫ ﻣ‬‫ﻈﹶﻢ‬‫ﺍﻋ‬ ‫ﻮ‬‫ﺀٍ ﻫ‬‫ ﻻَ ﺑﹺﺸﹶﻲ‬‫ ﺑﹺﻚ‬‫ﺎﻟﹸﻚ‬‫ﺍﺳ‬ You may prostrate yourself and repeat the following phrase twenty times: O my Lord! ‫ﺏ‬‫ﺎ ﺭ‬‫ﻳ‬ y¡ rabb(i) And then repeat the following phrase seven times: O Allah! ‫ﺎ ﺍﻟﻠﱠﻪ‬‫ﻳ‬ y¡ all¡h(u) And then repeat the following phrase seven times: There is neither might nor power save with Allah. l¡ quwwata ill¡ bill¡hi ‫ﺓﹶ ﺇﹺﻻﱠ ﺑﹺﭑﻟﻠﱠﻪ‬‫ﻻﹶ ﻗﹸﻮ‬ You may then invoke Almighty Allah’s blessings upon the Holy Prophet and beseech Him to grant your requests. restless and eager. since there is nothing great that You are. wa an`ama bijaz¢li `a§¡'ika ‫ﻚ‬‫ﻄﹶﺎﺋ‬‫ﺰﹺﻳﻞﹺ ﻋ‬‫ ﺑﹺﺠ‬‫ﻢ‬‫ﺍﻧﹾﻌ‬‫ﻭ‬ and I will be delighted by Your abundant bounties. wa yu¤ayyiqu `alayya alrrizqa so that I will accomplish what excellently achieves Your satisfaction.org Pg 8 ‫ﺯﹾﻕ‬‫ ﭐﻟﺮ‬‫ﻠﹶﻲ‬‫ ﻋ‬‫ﻖ‬‫ﻀﹶﻴ‬‫ﻳ‬‫ﻭ‬ and suppresses my sustenance. l¡ ¦awla wal¡ quwwata ill¡ bill¡hi ‫ﺓﹶ ﺇﹺﻻﱠ ﺑﹺﭑﻟﻠﱠﻪ‬‫ﻻﹶ ﻗﹸﻮ‬‫ﻝﹶ ﻭ‬‫ﻮ‬‫ﻻﹶ ﺣ‬ And then repeat the following phrase ten times: Only that which Allah wants (will come to pass). Almighty Allah. So. By Allah I swear. Eleventh: Shaykh al-±£s¢ and Shaykh al-Kaf`am¢ say: It is suitable to say the following prayer at this night: O Allah! Tonight.15 Shaban Aamal www. out of His generosity and favors.Duas.

if You. Verily. wa laka f¢ h¡dh¡ allayli nafa¦¡tun wa jaw¡'izu free donations. alkhayyir¢na alf¡¤il¢na and then give me abundantly on account of Your liberality and obligingness. O My Master. remain behind) for obtaining the bounties from You. I am praying You as You ordered me to do. and You say no to those who do not try to get in advance (i. give gifts. wa jud `alayya bi§awlika wa ma`r£fika O Lord of the worlds! y¡ rabba al`¡lam¢na May Allah send blessings to Mu¦ammad. almu'ammilu fa¤laka wa ma`r£faka Indeed. Allah is worthy of all praise.e. please send blessings to Mu¦ammad and the Household of Mu¦ammad: wa `udta `alayhi bi`¡'idatin min `a§fika the pure. at this night. wa h¡ an¡ dh¡ `ubayduka alfaq¢ru ilayka am hopeful of Your obligingness and kindness. bounties beyond measure. Twelfth: It is recommended to say the prayer narrated by Shaykh al-±£s¢ and Sayyid Ibn ±¡w£s after each two units of . fa-in kunta y¡ mawl¡ya bestows a favor on any one. a modest needy bondman. and the righteous. tafa¤¤alta f¢ h¡dhih¢ allaylati from among Your created beings. the immaculate.org Pg 9 You. and upon his Household.Duas. and favors wa `a§¡y¡ wa maw¡hibu to those whom You will from among Your servants when they make a request. al§§iyyib¢na al§§¡hir¢na the virtuous. (please) respond to me as You promised.15 Shaban Aamal www. `al¡ a¦adin min khalqika and multiply profits and gains for him out of Your love and affection. You never break Your promise. the immaculate. tamunnu bih¡ `al¡ man tash¡'u min `ib¡dika wa tamna`uh¡ man lam tasbiq lah£ al`in¡iyatu minka I. the seal of the Prophets. O Allah. so. full of all glory. at this night. wa sallama tasl¢man Verily. wa ¥all¡ all¡hu `al¡ mu¦ammadin kh¡tami alnnabiyy¢na and may He exalt them very much. fa¥alli `al¡ mu¦ammadin wa ¡li mu¦ammadin wa ¡lih¢ al§§¡hir¢na inn all¡ha ¦am¢dun maj¢dun all¡humma inn¢ ad`£ka kam¡ amarta fastajib l¢ kam¡ wa`adta innaka l¡ tukhlifu alm¢`¡da ‫ﺰﹸ‬‫ﺍﺋ‬‫ﻮ‬‫ﺟ‬‫ﺎﺕﹲ ﻭ‬‫ﻞﹺ ﻧﹶﻔﹶﺤ‬‫ﻲ ﻫٰﺬﹶﺍ ﭐﻟﻠﱠﻴ‬‫ ﻓ‬‫ﻟﹶﻚ‬‫ﻭ‬ ‫ﺐ‬‫ﺍﻫ‬‫ﻮ‬‫ﻣ‬‫ﺎ ﻭ‬‫ﻄﹶﺎﻳ‬‫ﻋ‬‫ﻭ‬ ‫ﻙ‬‫ﺎﺩ‬‫ﺒ‬‫ ﻋ‬‫ﻦ‬‫ ﺗﹶﺸﹶﺎﺀُ ﻣ‬‫ﻦ‬‫ﻠﹶﻰٰ ﻣ‬‫ﺎ ﻋ‬‫ ﺑﹺﻬ‬‫ﻦ‬‫ﺗﹶﻤ‬ ‫ﻨﹾﻚ‬‫ﺔﹸ ﻣ‬‫ﻨﹶﺎﻳ‬‫ ﭐﻟﹾﻌ‬‫ ﻟﹶﻪ‬‫ﺒﹺﻖ‬‫ ﺗﹶﺴ‬‫ ﻟﹶﻢ‬‫ﻦ‬‫ﺎ ﻣ‬‫ﻬ‬‫ﻨﹶﻌ‬‫ﺗﹶﻤ‬‫ﻭ‬ ‫ﻚ‬‫ ﺇﹺﻟﹶﻴ‬‫ﻴﺮ‬‫ ﭐﻟﹾﻔﹶﻘ‬‫ﻙ‬‫ﺪ‬‫ﻴ‬‫ﺒ‬‫ﺍﻧﹶﺎ ﺫﹶﺍ ﻋ‬ ‫ﺎ‬‫ﻫ‬‫ﻭ‬ ‫ﻭﻓﹶﻚ‬‫ﺮ‬‫ﻌ‬‫ﻣ‬‫ ﻭ‬‫ﻞﹸ ﻓﹶﻀﹾﻠﹶﻚ‬‫ﻣ‬‫ﺆ‬‫ﭐﻟﹾﻤ‬ ‫ﻻﻱ‬‫ﻮ‬‫ﺎ ﻣ‬‫ ﻛﹸﻨﹾﺖﹶ ﻳ‬‫ﻓﹶﺈﹺﻥ‬ ‫ﻠﹶﺔ‬‫ ﭐﻟﻠﱠﻴ‬‫ﻩ‬‫ﻲ ﻫٰﺬ‬‫ﺗﹶﻔﹶﻀﱠﻠﹾﺖﹶ ﻓ‬ ‫ﻚ‬‫ ﺧﹶﻠﹾﻘ‬‫ﻦ‬‫ ﻣ‬‫ﺪ‬‫ﺍﺣ‬ ٰ‫ﻠﹶﻰ‬‫ﻋ‬ ‫ﻚ‬‫ﻄﹾﻔ‬‫ ﻋ‬‫ﻦ‬‫ ﻣ‬‫ﺓ‬‫ﺪ‬‫ﺎﺋ‬‫ ﺑﹺﻌ‬‫ﻪ‬‫ﻠﹶﻴ‬‫ﺕﹶ ﻋ‬‫ﺪ‬‫ﻋ‬‫ﻭ‬ ‫ﺪ‬‫ﻤ‬‫ﺤ‬‫ﺁﻝﹺ ﻣ‬‫ ﻭ‬‫ﺪ‬‫ﻤ‬‫ﺤ‬‫ﻠﹶﻰٰ ﻣ‬‫ﻓﹶﺼﹶﻞﱢ ﻋ‬ ‫ﺮﹺﻳﻦ‬‫ ﭐﻟﻄﱠﺎﻫ‬‫ﺒﹺﻴﻦ‬‫ﭐﻟﻄﱠﻴ‬ ‫ﻴﻦ‬‫ﻠ‬‫ ﭐﻟﹾﻔﹶﺎﺿ‬‫ﺮﹺﻳﻦ‬‫ﭐﻟﹾﺨﹶﻴ‬ ‫ﻚ‬‫ﻭﻓ‬‫ﺮ‬‫ﻌ‬‫ﻣ‬‫ ﻭ‬‫ﻚ‬‫ﻟ‬‫ ﺑﹺﻄﹶﻮ‬‫ﻠﹶﻲ‬‫ ﻋ‬‫ﺪ‬‫ﺟ‬‫ﻭ‬ ‫ﻴﻦ‬‫ﺎﻟﹶﻤ‬‫ ﭐﻟﹾﻌ‬‫ﺏ‬‫ﺎ ﺭ‬‫ﻳ‬ ‫ﻴﻦ‬‫ ﺧﹶﺎﺗﹶﻢﹺ ﭐﻟﻨﱠﺒﹺﻴ‬‫ﺪ‬‫ﻤ‬‫ﺤ‬‫ﻠﹶﻰٰ ﻣ‬‫ ﻋ‬‫ﺻﹶﻠﱠﻰٰ ﭐﻟﻠﱠﻪ‬‫ﻭ‬ ‫ﺮﹺﻳﻦ‬‫ ﭐﻟﻄﱠﺎﻫ‬‫ﻪ‬‫ﺁﻟ‬‫ﻭ‬ ‫ﻴﻤﺎﹰ‬‫ﻠ‬‫ ﺗﹶﺴ‬‫ﻠﱠﻢ‬‫ﺳ‬‫ﻭ‬ ‫ﺠﹺﻴﺪ‬‫ ﻣ‬‫ﻴﺪ‬‫ﻤ‬‫ ﺣ‬‫ ﭐﻟﻠﱠﻪ‬‫ﺇﹺﻥ‬ ‫ﺕﹶ‬‫ﺮ‬‫ﺍﻣ‬ ‫ﺎ‬‫ ﻛﹶﻤ‬‫ﻮﻙ‬‫ﻋ‬‫ﺍﺩ‬ ‫ ﺇﹺﻧﱢﻲ‬‫ﻢ‬‫ﺍﹶﻟﻠﱠﻬ‬ ‫ﺕﹶ‬‫ﺪ‬‫ﻋ‬‫ﺎ ﻭ‬‫ﻲ ﻛﹶﻤ‬‫ ﻟ‬‫ﺘﹶﺠﹺﺐ‬‫ﻓﹶﭑﺳ‬ ‫ﺎﺩ‬‫ﻴﻌ‬‫ ﭐﻟﹾﻤ‬‫ﻒ‬‫ ﻻَ ﺗﹸﺨﹾﻠ‬‫ﺇﹺﻧﱠﻚ‬ It is worth mentioning that this prayer is advisably said immediately after the accomplishment of the Shaf` Prayer at the last hours of night.

l¡ k¡firan wa l¡ shaqiyyan ‫ﺎﹰ‬‫ﻴ‬‫ﺎﹰ ﻧﹶﻘ‬‫ﻴ‬‫ﺯﹸﻗﹾﻨﹺﻲ ﻗﹶﻠﹾﺒﺎﹰ ﺗﹶﻘ‬‫ ﭐﺭ‬‫ﻢ‬‫ﺍﹶﻟﻠﱠﻬ‬ ‫ﺮﹺﻳﺌﺎﹰ‬‫ ﺑ‬‫ﻙ‬‫ ﭐﻟﺸﱢﺮ‬‫ﻦ‬‫ﻣ‬‫ﻭ‬ ‫ﺎﹰ‬‫ﻴ‬‫ﻻﹶ ﺷﹶﻘ‬‫ﺮﺍﹰ ﻭ‬‫ﻻ ﻛﹶﺎﻓ‬ َ The Holy Prophet (¥) then attached his face to the ground and said: I am putting my face on the ground `affartu wajh¢ f¢ alttur¡bi and it is my duty to prostrate myself before You. wa ¡mana bika fu'¡d¢ These are my two hands and this is what I have committed against myself. (please) grant me a heart that is pious and pure. Please. wa ¦uqqa l¢ an asjuda laka ‫ﺍﺏﹺ‬‫ﻲ ﭐﻟﺘﱡﺮ‬‫ﻬﹺﻲ ﻓ‬‫ﺟ‬‫ﺕﹸ ﻭ‬‫ﻔﱠﺮ‬‫ﻋ‬ ‫ ﻟﹶﻚ‬‫ﺪ‬‫ﺠ‬‫ﺍﺳ‬ ‫ﺍﻥ‬ ‫ﻲ‬‫ ﻟ‬‫ﻖ‬‫ﺣ‬‫ﻭ‬ He then said. h¡dhih¢ yad¡ya wa m¡ janaytuh£ `al¡ nafs¢ ‫ﻲ‬‫ﺎﻟ‬‫ﺧﹶﻴ‬‫ﻱ ﻭ‬‫ﺍﺩ‬‫ﻮ‬‫ ﺳ‬‫ ﻟﹶﻚ‬‫ﺪ‬‫ﺠ‬‫ﺳ‬ ‫ﻱ‬‫ﺍﺩ‬‫ ﻓﹸﺆ‬‫ ﺑﹺﻚ‬‫ﻦ‬‫ﺁﻣ‬‫ﻭ‬ ‫ﻲ‬‫ﻠﹶﻰٰ ﻧﹶﻔﹾﺴ‬‫ ﻋ‬‫ﺘﹸﻪ‬‫ﻨﹶﻴ‬‫ﺎ ﺟ‬‫ﻣ‬‫ ﻭ‬‫ﺍﻱ‬‫ﺪ‬‫ ﻳ‬‫ﻩ‬‫ﻫٰﺬ‬ ‫ﻴﻢﹴ‬‫ﻈ‬‫ﻜﹸﻞﱢ ﻋ‬‫ﻰٰ ﻟ‬‫ﺟ‬‫ ﺗﹸﺮ‬‫ﻴﻢ‬‫ﻈ‬‫ﺎ ﻋ‬‫ﻳ‬ y¡ `a¨¢mu turj¡ likulli `a¨¢min ‫ﻴﻢ‬‫ﻈ‬‫ ﭐﻟﹾﻌ‬‫ﻲ‬‫ ﻟ‬‫ﺮ‬‫ﺇﹺﻏﹾﻔ‬ ighfir liya al`a¨¢ma fa'innah£ l¡ yaghfiru aldhdhanba al`a¨¢ma ill¡ alrrabbu al`a¨¢mu ‫ﺏ‬‫ ﺇﹺﻻﱠ ﭐﻟﺮ‬‫ﻴﻢ‬‫ﻈ‬‫ ﭐﻟﹾﻌ‬‫ ﭐﻟﺬﱠﻧﹾﺐ‬‫ﺮ‬‫ﻐﹾﻔ‬‫ ﻻَ ﻳ‬‫ﻓﹶﺈﹺﻧﱠﻪ‬ ‫ﻴﻢ‬‫ﻈ‬‫ﭐﻟﹾﻌ‬ The Holy Prophet (¥) then raised his head and then prostrated himself again. the Shaf` Prayer. shares of provisions are .org Pg 10 the Night Prayer (¯al¡t al-Layl). One of these is that Shaykh al-±£s¢ has narrated on the authority of °amm¡d ibn `«s¡ on the authority of Ab¡n ibn Taghlib on the authority of Imam Ja`far al-¯¡diq (`a) recounted the following: It was the fifteenth night of Sha`b¡n when the Holy Prophet (¥) was with `ª'ishah. As she approached. min fuj'ati naqimatika against withdrawing the good health that You have granted me.15 Shaban Aamal www. When `ª'ishah woke up and could not find him. O Allah. his wife. wa min alshshirki bar¢'an and neither atheist nor unhappy. sajada laka saw¡d¢ wa khay¡l¢ My heart is full of faith of You. O All-great! You are hoped for all enormous things. wankashafat lah£ al¨¨ulum¡tu and made active all the affairs of the past and the coming generations wa ¥ala¦a `alayhi amru alawwal¢na wal-¡khir¢na against Your sudden chastisement. At midnight. forgive me my serious offences. At this night. and the Witr Prayer. she heard him saying: Prostrating before You are my body and my shadow. Thirteenth: It is recommended to do the prostrations and say the prayers that are reported from the Holy Prophet (¥).Duas. Because none can forgive the serious sin except the All-great Lord. ‫ﻬﹺﻚ‬‫ﺟ‬‫ﻮﺫﹸ ﺑﹺﻨﹸﻮﺭﹺ ﻭ‬‫ﺍﻋ‬ ‫ﺿﹸﻮﻥ‬‫ﻻﺭ‬  ‫ﭐ‬‫ﺍﺕﹸ ﻭ‬‫ﺎﻭ‬‫ﻤ‬‫ ﭐﻟﺴ‬‫ﺍﺿﹶﺎﺀَﺕﹾ ﻟﹶﻪ‬ ‫ﻱ‬‫ﭐﻟﱠﺬ‬ ‫ﺎﺕﹸ‬‫ ﭐﻟﻈﱡﻠﹸﻤ‬‫ﭐﻧﹾﻜﹶﺸﹶﻔﹶﺖﹾ ﻟﹶﻪ‬‫ﻭ‬ ‫ﺮﹺﻳﻦ‬‫ﭐﻵﺧ‬‫ ﻭ‬‫ﻴﻦ‬‫ﻟ‬‫ﻻﻭ‬  ‫ ﭐ‬‫ﺮ‬‫ﺍﻣ‬ ‫ﻪ‬‫ﻠﹶﻴ‬‫ ﻋ‬‫ﺻﹶﻠﹶﺢ‬‫ﻭ‬ ‫ﻚ‬‫ﺘ‬‫ﻤ‬‫ ﻧﹶﻘ‬‫ﺎﺓ‬‫ ﻓﹸﺠ‬‫ﻦ‬‫ﻣ‬ wa min ta¦w¢li `¡fiyatika ‫ﻚ‬‫ﺘ‬‫ﻴ‬‫ﺎﻓ‬‫ﻮﹺﻳﻞﹺ ﻋ‬‫ ﺗﹶﺤ‬‫ﻦ‬‫ﻣ‬‫ﻭ‬ wa min zaw¡li ni`matika ‫ﻚ‬‫ﺘ‬‫ﻤ‬‫ﺍﻝﹺ ﻧﹺﻌ‬‫ ﺯﹶﻭ‬‫ﻦ‬‫ﻣ‬‫ﻭ‬ all¡humma irzuqn¢ qalban taqiyyan naqiyyan released from polytheism. a`£dhu bin£ri wajhika alladh¢ a¤¡'at lah£ alssam¡w¡tu wal-ara¤£na removed all darkness. saying: I seek the protection of the light of Your Face that has lit the heavens and the earth. She therefore left her bed and put on her cloak. and against the vanishing of Your bounties. she felt jealous and thought that he had joined one of his other wives. “Do you know what this night is ? This is the mid-Sha`b¡n night. the Holy Prophet (¥) left the bed. `ª'ishah searched for the Holy Prophet (¥) in all of the rooms of his other wives but she found him prostrating himself on the ground.

all¡humma l¡ tubaddil ism¢ ‫ﻲ‬‫ﻤ‬‫ﻝﹺ ﭐﺳ‬‫ﺪ‬‫ ﻻَ ﺗﹸﺒ‬‫ﻢ‬‫ﺍﹶﻟﻠﱠﻬ‬ do not change my body. lifetimes are decided. wa l¡ tajhad bal¡'¢ and do not make my enemies rejoice at my misfortune. Almighty Allah also orders angels to descend to the earth.org Pg 11 distributed. wa l¡ tushmit b¢ a`d¡'¢ I resort to Your pardon against Your punishment. wa l¡ tughayyir jism¢ do not increase my ordeals. you may offer a four unit prayer in each unit of which you may recite S£rah al-F¡ti¦ah once and S£rah al-Taw¦¢d one hundred times. and the pilgrims are appointed. Fifteenth reported by Ab£-Ya¦y¡ al-¯an`¡n¢. Y¡s¢n. Almighty Allah. In the day His Ziy¡rah at the Vault (sird¡b) in S¡marr¡' is more favorable. to Makkah. It has been previously mentioned. wa a`£dhu biri¤¡ka min sakha§ika and I resort to You against You. seeking Your shelter against Your chastisement.15 Shaban Aamal www. http://www. S£rah al-F¡ti¦ah is recited once and S£rah al-Taw¦¢d ten times. from Imam Mu¦ammad alB¡qir (`a) and Imam Ja`far al-¯¡diq (`a) as follows:At the mid-Sha`b¡n night. and al-Taw¦¢d are recited. I am in need for You all¡humma inn¢ ilayka faq¢run and I am fearful of You.Duas. at this night. forgives as many of His creatures as the hairs of the horses of Kalb Tribe. as well as other thirty trustworthy reporters. in each unit. wa a`£dhu bira¦matika min `adh¡bika I resort to Your pleasure against Your wrath. wa min `adh¡bika kh¡'ifun mustaj¢run ‫ﺘﹶﺠﹺﻴﺮ‬‫ﺴ‬‫ ﻣ‬‫ﻒ‬‫ ﺧﹶﺎﺋ‬‫ﺬﹶﺍﺑﹺﻚ‬‫ ﻋ‬‫ﻦ‬‫ﻣ‬‫ﻭ‬ O Allah. overcome. a`£dhu bi`afwika min `iq¡bika I resort to Your mercy against Your chastisement. Beyond any dispute. Imam al-Mahd¢ (`a) shall appear. al-Mulk. wa fawqa m¡ yaq£lu alq¡'il£na ‫ﻲ‬‫ﻤ‬‫ ﺟﹺﺴ‬‫ﺮ‬‫ﻻﹶ ﺗﹸﻐﹶﻴ‬‫ﻭ‬ ‫ﻲ‬‫ﻼﹶﺋ‬‫ ﺑ‬‫ﺪ‬‫ﻬ‬‫ﻻﹶ ﺗﹶﺠ‬‫ﻭ‬ ‫ﻲ‬‫ﺍﺋ‬‫ﺪ‬‫ﺍﻋ‬ ‫ﺖﹾ ﺑﹺﻲ‬‫ﻻﹶ ﺗﹸﺸﹾﻤ‬‫ﻭ‬ ‫ﻘﹶﺎﺑﹺﻚ‬‫ ﻋ‬‫ﻦ‬‫ ﻣ‬‫ﻔﹾﻮﹺﻙ‬‫ﻮﺫﹸ ﺑﹺﻌ‬‫ﺍﻋ‬ ‫ﺬﹶﺍﺑﹺﻚ‬‫ ﻋ‬‫ﻦ‬‫ ﻣ‬‫ﻚ‬‫ﺘ‬‫ﻤ‬‫ﺣ‬‫ﻮﺫﹸ ﺑﹺﺮ‬‫ﺍﻋ‬‫ﻭ‬ ‫ﻚ‬‫ﺨﹶﻄ‬‫ ﺳ‬‫ﻦ‬‫ ﻣ‬‫ﻮﺫﹸ ﺑﹺﺮﹺﺿﹶﺎﻙ‬‫ﺍﻋ‬‫ﻭ‬ ‫ﻨﹾﻚ‬‫ ﻣ‬‫ﻮﺫﹸ ﺑﹺﻚ‬‫ﺍﻋ‬‫ﻭ‬ ‫ﻙ‬‫ﻞﱠ ﺛﹶﻨﹶﺎﺅ‬‫ﺟ‬ ‫ﻚ‬‫ﻠﹶﻰٰ ﻧﹶﻔﹾﺴ‬‫ﺖﹶ ﻋ‬‫ﺍﺛﹾﻨﹶﻴ‬ ‫ﺎ‬‫ﺍﹶﻧﹾﺖﹶ ﻛﹶﻤ‬ ‫ﻠﹸﻮﻥ‬‫ﻘﹸﻮﻝﹸ ﭐﻟﹾﻘﹶﺎﺋ‬‫ﺎ ﻳ‬‫ ﻣ‬‫ﻕ‬‫ﻓﹶﻮ‬‫ﻭ‬ It is worth mentioning that traditions have decided a great reward for one who offers a one hundred unit prayer at this night. Fourteenth: It is recommended to offer the famous Ja`far al-±ayy¡r’s Prayer (¯al¡t Ja`far) as is narrated by Shaykh al±£s¢ from Imam al-Ri¤¡ (`a). Verily. (please) do not erase my name. and fill the earth with justice and equality just as it would be filled with injustice and bias. at this night. that it is recommended to offer a prayer composing of six units in each of which S£rahs al-F¡ti¦ah. jalla than¡'uka You are as exactly as You have praised Yourself anta kam¡ athnayta `al¡ nafsika and above all that which is said about You.org/imamezaman/dua_sardaab. you may say the following prayer: ‫ﻴﺮ‬‫ ﻓﹶﻘ‬‫ﻚ‬‫ ﺇﹺﻧﱢﻲ ﺇﹺﻟﹶﻴ‬‫ﻢ‬‫ﺍﹶﻟﻠﱠﻬ‬ O Allah.duas.htm . wa a`£dhu bika minka Enormous be the praise of You. After accomplishment. within the rites of Rajab.

،‫ﺪﺍﹰ‬‫ﻄﹾﻔﹶﺄﹸ ﺃﺑ‬‫ﻻ ﻳ‬‫ﻄﹾﻔﹶﺄﹾ ﻭ‬‫ ﻳ‬‫ ﺍﷲِ ﺍﻟﱠﺬﻱ ﻟﹶﻢ‬‫ ﻧﹸﻮﺭ‬‫ ﺃﻧﱠﻚ‬‫ﺪ‬‫ﺃﺷﹾﻬ‬‫ﻭ‬ And you are verily the Face of Allah that has not and shall never be perishing. ،‫ﺪﺍﹰ‬‫ ﺃﺑ‬‫ﻠﹶﻚ‬‫ﻬ‬‫ﻻ ﻳ‬‫ ﻭ‬‫ﻚ‬‫ﻠ‬‫ﻬ‬‫ ﻳ‬‫ ﺍﷲِ ﺍﻟﱠﺬﻱ ﻟﹶﻢ‬‫ﻪ‬‫ﺟ‬‫ ﻭ‬‫ﺃﻧﱠﻚ‬‫ﻭ‬ ،‫ﺘﹸﻚ‬‫ﺑ‬‫ﺔﹶ ﺗﹸﺮ‬‫ﺑ‬‫ ﺍﻟﺘﱡﺮ‬‫ﻩ‬‫ ﻫﺬ‬‫ ﺃﻥ‬‫ﺪ‬‫ﺃﺷﹾﻬ‬‫ﻭ‬ ،‫ﻚ‬‫ﻣ‬‫ﺮ‬‫ ﺣ‬‫ﻡ‬‫ﺮ‬‫ﻫﺬﺍ ﺍﻟﹾﺤ‬‫ﻭ‬ ‫ﻧﹺﻚ‬‫ﺪ‬‫ ﺑ‬‫ﻉ‬‫ﺼﹾﺮ‬‫ ﻣ‬‫ﻉ‬‫ﺼﹾﺮ‬‫ﻫﺬﺍ ﺍﻟﹾﻤ‬‫ﻭ‬ ‫ﺰﱡﻙ‬‫ﻌ‬‫ﻻ ﺫﹶﻟﻴﻞﹶ ﻭﺍﷲِ ﻣ‬ ،‫ﻙ‬‫ﺮ‬‫ ﻭﺍﷲِ ﻧﺎﺻ‬‫ﻐﹾﻠﹸﻮﺏ‬‫ﻻ ﻣ‬‫ﻭ‬ ‫ﺣﻲ‬‫ﺾﹺ ﺭﻭ‬‫ ﻗﹶﺒ‬‫ﻡ‬‫ﻮ‬‫ ﺇﻟﻰ ﻳ‬‫ﻙ‬‫ﻨﹾﺪ‬‫ﺓﹲ ﻟﻲ ﻋ‬‫ ﺷﹶﻬﺎﺩ‬‫ﻩ‬‫ﻫﺬ‬ ،‫ﻚ‬‫ﺗ‬‫ﻀﹾﺮ‬‫ﺑﹺﺤ‬ . pure servant (of Allah). And this death is the death of your body only. I entrust with you a testimony of mine that takes me near you on the day of your intercession (for some people). and the second as in the book of ‘al-Balad alAmin’.s) and say the following: All praise be to Allah. ‫ﻈﻴﻢﹺ‬‫ ﺍﻟﹾﻌ‬‫ﻲ‬‫ﻠ‬‫ ﷲِ ﺍﻟﹾﻌ‬‫ﺪ‬‫ﻤ‬‫ﺃﻟﹾﺤ‬ ‫ ﺍﻟﺰﱠﻛﻲ‬‫ﺢ‬‫ ﺍﻟﺼﱠﺎﻟ‬‫ﺪ‬‫ﺒ‬‫ﻬﺎ ﺍﻟﹾﻌ‬‫ﻚ ﺃﻳ‬  ‫ﻠﹶﻴ‬‫ ﻋ‬‫ﻼﻡ‬‫ﻭﺍﻟﺴ‬ ‫ﻡﹺ‬‫ﻮ‬‫ﻲ ﻳ‬‫ ﻓ‬‫ﻚ‬‫ﻨﻲ ﺇﻟﹶﻴ‬‫ﺑ‬‫ ﺗﹸﻘﹶﺮ‬‫ﻨﱢﻲ ﻟﹶﻚ‬‫ﺓﹰ ﻣ‬‫ ﺷﹶﻬﺎﺩ‬‫ﻚ‬‫ﻋ‬‫ﺍﹸﻭﺩ‬ ،‫ﻚ‬‫ﺘ‬‫ﺷﹶﻔﺎﻋ‬ I bear witness that although you were slain. you have not died. I would like you to keep this testimony of mine with you up to the day when my soul will be grasped in the presence of you. the All-great. Peace be upon you.Duas. ،‫ﻚ‬‫ﺘ‬‫ ﺷﻴﻌ‬‫ﺖﹾ ﻗﹸﻠﹸﻮﺏ‬‫ﻴﹺﻴ‬‫ ﺣ‬‫ﻚ‬‫ﻴﺎﺗ‬‫ﺟﺎﺀِ ﺣ‬‫ﻞﹾ ﺑﹺﺮ‬‫ﺑ‬ And by the light of your illumination have those seeking you been guided (to the right path). O the righteous. ‫ﺖﹾ‬‫ ﺗﹶﻤ‬‫ﻟﹶﻢ‬‫ ﹾﻠﺖﹶ ﻭ‬‫ ﻗﹸﺘ‬‫ ﺃﻧﱠﻚ‬‫ﺪ‬‫ﺃﺷﹾﻬ‬ Rather the hearts of your adherents (Shi`ah) are living on the hope of your being alive. While you have never been humiliated since Allah is the One Who is pouring honor upon you And you have never been defeated since Allah is the One Who is supporting you. Peace and Allah’s mercy and blessings be upon you. And I bear witness that this soil is yours. Shaykh al-Kaf`amiy has reported Imam al-Sadiq (a. And this holy precinct is yours.‫ﻛﺎﺗﹸﻪ‬‫ﺮ‬‫ﺑ‬‫ﺔﹸ ﺍﷲِ ﻭ‬‫ﻤ‬‫ﺣ‬‫ﺭ‬‫ ﻭ‬‫ﻜﹸﻢ‬‫ﻠﹶﻴ‬‫ ﻋ‬‫ﻼﻡ‬‫ﻭﺍﻟﺴ‬ alhamdu lillahi al`aliyy al`azimi wa alssalamu `alayka ayyuha al`abdu alSSalihu alzzakiyyudi`uka hahadatan minny laka tuqarribuny ilayka fi yawmi shafa`atika ash-hadu annaka qutilta wa lam tamutbal biraja‘i hayatika hayiyat qulubu shi`atikawa biziya‘i nurika ahtada alttalibuna ilayka wa ash-hadu annaka nuru allahi alladhy lam yutfa wa la yutfa’u Abadan wa annaka wajhu allahi alladhy lam yahlik wa la yuhlaku Abadan wa ash-hadu ann hadhihi alttrbata turbatuka wa hadha alharama haramuka wa hadha almaSra`a maSra`u badanika la dhalila wallahu mu`izzuka wa la maghluba wallahu naSiruka hadhihi shahadatun li `indaka ila yawmi qabzi ruhy bihazratika wa alssalamu `alayka wa rahmatu allahi wa barakatuhu . the Most High.org Pg 12 The first form is the same as Ziyarah on the first of Rajab. ،‫ﻚ‬‫ ﺇﻟﹶﻴ‬‫ﻮﻥ‬‫ﺒ‬‫ﻯ ﺍﻟﻄﱠﺎﻟ‬‫ﺘﹶﺪ‬‫ ﺍﻫ‬‫ﻴﺎﺀِ ﻧﹸﻮﺭﹺﻙ‬‫ﺑﹺﻀ‬‫ﻭ‬ And I bear witness that you are verily the Light of Allah that has not and shall never be extinguished.15 Shaban Aamal www.s) as saying that one may stop at the holy tomb of Imam al-Husayn (a.