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Senior Corporal Mark E.

Lang has been selected as the May 2009 Cops' Cop by the
Dallas Police Association. Corporal Lang joined the Dallas Police Department on January
27, 1992 after he completed his Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice at the
University of Southern Mississippi. He has been assigned to Southeast Patrol and Dallas
Housing Authority property. Currently he is assigned to SWAT of the Homeland Security
and Special Operations Division.

Senior Corporal Lang is nominated by Senior Corporal Reed Higgins and is supported by
Senior Corporal Julie Arnott, Senior Corporal Bill Knobel, and Sergeant Thomas Sible.

Sergeant Sible states Senior Corporal Lang assignments include executing Hazardous
Warrants, responding to Barricaded Persons calls, providing Dignitary Protection,
assisting with Crowd Control, participating in Honor/Color Guard details, and
supplementing patrol. His duties include making entry, providing perimeter support and
he also is one of the counter snipers. Mark puts team and duty before himself and can
be counted on to fulfill his assignments.

Senior Corporal Higgins became acquainted with Senior Corporal Lang when he came to
volunteer his services to play the trumpet at the funerals of deceased officers. Little did
Mark know that his talent would be called upon so often. Since July 200, Senior Corporal
Lang has honored active and deceased officers on many occasions. He has played at
over 100 funerals in which our Department has been involved. In addition to services for
Dallas officers, he has volunteered to play at the funerals of officers all over the North
Texas area. He has also played at veteran's observances, the Police Memorial Day
service, and other ceremonies.

Senior Corporal Lang and his wife Nicole, live in Kaufman and have a son. He and his
wife are active in the children's ministry at his church. Corporal Lang also plays the
trumpet in the church orchestra. In addition, he and Nicole volunteer their time with the
Lone Star Equine Rescue. They provide pasture, food and care for neglected and injured
horses. Senior Corporal Higgins states Senior Corporal Mark Lang typifies the Cops' Cop
tradition of officers who share their talents and integrity with both the Department and
the community. He is the recipient of 61 commendations.

Detective Mike Miller has been selected as the October 2009 Cops' Cop by the Dallas
Police Association. Since joining the department October 5, 1981 Detective Miller has
been assigned to Central Patrol, Northeast Patrol, Narcotics & Youth.

In nominating Detective Miller for this award SGT Paul Keough states "Mike has been
assigned to the Missing Persons/LETS Squad for the past five years. In that time he has
continually shown a willingness to go the extra mile to assist his fellow employees.
Mike has shown a tremendous devotion to his fellow officers, assisting them in difficult
or adverse times".

Retired Officer Steve Ledbetter states "Mike constantly exhibits excellence in service,
dedication, pride and caring while proving to be a diligent and ambitious member of the
Dallas Police Department. Mike has proven his excellence in his service as he pays
attention to detail as an investigator in the various divisions and assignments he has

Retiree David Rodriguez states that "after I was injured and hospitalized for 4 months
Mike took it upon himself to ensure the needs of my daughters, handled my personal
financial business, moved my belongings from a second floor to a first floor apartment
and worked with rehabilitation personnel to equip my apartment with the necessary
equipment I would need when I was released. From that day until today he continues to
help both my daughters and me with issues that arise because of my paralysis. He has
made my life tolerable and has eased my impatience at being unable to help my own
family when a need arises."

Senior Corporal Thomas Popken states that "a brief look at Mike's resume and you get
the idea of the quality police work he has done over the years. Awarded a Police Shield,
nominated for Officer of the month twice, nominated for a Police Commendation and a
Certificate of Merit plus several commendations for his volunteer efforts".