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John E.

Alta Loma, California 91737
(951) 283-6700 | jeleal@charter.net | linkedin.com/in/johnlealconsulting
Clinical Education Specialist Product Specialist
Entrepreneurial and leadership experience in business development, territory
management, branding strategies and industry networking initiatives in patientoriented medical imaging business environments and advanced medical device
Thrives on the challenges in the startup phases of new business
development and continued development of new business in the global
Exceptional skills and knowledge in quality customer service and the
ability to create and lead a team motivated to create an atmosphere of
success for business and customer
Able to prepare, follow and implement business plans, building and
creating business in both the physical and operational structure.
Executive level communication and presentation skills

Expert in Advanced Visualization and Multimodality Imaging Technology,

CIIP candidate

Proven organizational and interpersonal relations management skills.

Energetic and committed to providing quality customer service through

effective teamwork.

Professional Experience:
Transworld Systems/
Southern California
Sales Partner/Affiliate
Sales for Accounts receivables product line.
Sales Affiliate for Athena Health Electronic Health Records.
Develop market area, create and maintain sales opportunities.
Responsible for building direct customer base through cold calling, hot
knocking and referrals.
Customer service and training
Product demonstration and presentations
Qualify client specific opportunities
Develop pipeline jointly with the Business Units

John Leal RT R CT 2

Paris, France
U.S. Senior Client Partner/Consultant
September 2013 through October 2015
New position to bring existing software product to US market. Made
significant breakthrough with several major teaching hospitals, including
Johns Hopkins and Moffit Cancer Center. I provided installation support
for software and trained physicians in multi-modality image fusion for presurgical planning.
Responsible for training and sales support, created new U.S. based
training materials to be used in teaching and marketing. Create customer
solutions and demonstrate product at trade shows and sales meetings.
Develop market area, create and maintain sales opportunities through
cold calls and referrals.
Maintain clinical expertise on current research and product developments
Installation and integration of software working closely with IT depts.
Clinical Specialist
Qi Imaging, formerly Ziosoft Inc
Redwood City, CA
June 2011 to September 2013
Developed service delivery model for specialized BioDynamic
measurement tools creating new revenue stream by post processing
research data for University Research Hospitals.
Created training module targeted to international distributors and sales
and clinical directors. This reduced the amount of secondary and
retraining and cut costs of overall training budget.
Developed clinical relationships with current customer base resulting in
stronger customer base.
Reversed a customer decision to remove software through continued
support with the overall result being the hospital expanded the software
through Radiology, Cardiac Cath and Neuro services.
Project Director/Technical Director Cardiovascular Medical Group of
Southern California
September 2005 to June 2011
Developed and managed CT imaging facility for large medical specialty group
Responsible for generating annual revenues $6 million by second year of
operation and continuing for the next 5 years under my leadership
Recruited, hired and trained and supervised technologists in performing
specialized advanced imaging for cardiovascular CT.
Authored and implemented policy and procedure and protocol manuals.
Produced all documentation and requirements for center accreditation,
passing on first attempt.
John Leal RT R CT | jeleal@charter.net; phone # (951)-283-6700

John Leal RT R CT 3

Created workflow process for patients, digital information and images,

documents and Electronic Medical Records, which was then integrated to

Consultant, Medical Imaging

Southern California
August 2001 to September 2005
Developed and managed a variety of CT based imaging centers for physician
and investor groups throughout Southern California. These centers provided a
combination of diagnostic and screening services for their patients. Duties varied
based on client requirements.
Created initial interest in cardiac CT program with key Cardiovascular Med
Group physicians.
Developed plan and offering for Cedars Sinai Joint Venture partnership
with CVMG. Purchased the 3rd installation worldwide of GEs 64 slice CT.
Facilitated Cedars and CVMG executive meetings to develop the project.
Created business pro-forma and models with Cedars Business
development group.
Developed outlines and timelines for completion of project milestones and
completed the project on time.
Served as point person to manage build out process with general
Developed vendor comparison matrix and made recommendations for
final purchase. Advised on procurement in final negotiations with vendors.
Developed network model for multiple imaging centers using Advanced
Created market with area clinicians for advance visualization.
Support sales with demonstration and marketing materials.
Train and develop protocols for acquisition.
Fundraising for imaging centers, approximately 15million raised.
Client Services Manager, Imatron, Inc.
South San Francisco, CA
Direct Sales and sales support providing clinical and marketing expertise to
existing clients in the development of imaging centers.
Shared responsibility for over $20million in sales in 1996 and 1999.
Developed clinical relationships with major teaching institutions in U.S.
Clinical Applications Specialist, Imatron, Inc.
South San Francisco, CA
Provided international support for clients with Electron Beam CT scanners.
Provided clinical insight for body and cardiac imaging and training to staff and

John Leal RT R CT | jeleal@charter.net; phone # (951)-283-6700


John Leal RT R CT 4

CT Director, Physician Care, Inc.

Brea, CA
Pioneered the development of early CT angiography programs, protocols and
processing. I was Responsible for daily operations of the CT department,
including staffing and all imaging.

Bachelor of Science; Business Management

California Polytechnic University, Pomona
Associate of Science; Radiological Science
Pasadena City College, Pasadena
Certificate in Biomedical Imaging
University of Queensland, Australia
Certificate in Clinical Supervision
University of East Anglia

Adjunct Professor Kennebec Valley Community College Fairfield Maine

Post Graduate work through University of Redlands Whitehead Center.
ARRT 160739
CRT RHT 42041
Venipuncture Certification
Speaker/presenter- current
ASRT- Featured Speaker at Upcoming ASRT Meeting in 2015 on the topic of
MDCT Angiography and Advanced Post Processing.
MTMI CME course with classroom and online participants on the subject of
CCTA and general multi-modality angiography and image data fusion.
Current Speaker for MTMI Sessions Online Webinar Series
Fundamentals of Cardiac CTA
Workshops on Post Processing Vascular CT Exams
Basic 3D Post Processing
Speaker/presenter- past
SCCT annual meeting - 2008
Radiation Protection
Post Processing CTA Data
CT Basics
The Role of Computed Tomography in the Evaluation of Acute Chest
Congenital Thoracic Cardiovascular Anomalies Presenting in Adulthood: A
John Leal RT R CT | jeleal@charter.net; phone # (951)-283-6700

John Leal RT R CT 5

Featured Speaker Technologist Sessions SCCT annual meetings 2009 and

Contrast Injection Protocols and Advancements
Cardiac CT Imaging
Featured Speaker Technologist Sessions SCCT annual meetings 2011
Contrast Risks and Treatment
Radiation Dose Reduction
Contributions and articles:
Risk Factor Correlations of Coronary Calcium as Evaluated by Ultrafast
Computed Tomography:
Goel M. et al, American Journal of Cardiology 1992.
Ultrafast Computer Tomography: Imaging of Coronary Calcium in Atherosclerosis:
Brundage B. et al, American Journal of Cardiac Imaging, 1992.
Imaging Technologies in Cardiovascular Interventions:
Cavaye D, White RA, Journal of Cardiovascular Surgery, 1993.
Intravenous Three Dimensional Coronary Angiography Using Contrast Enhanced
Electron Beam Computed Tomography: Budoff M. et al American Journal of
Cardiology, 1999.
Cardiac Electron Beam CT in Children Undergoing Surgical Repair of Pulmonary
Westra S. et al, Radiology, 1999.
Interscan Variation in Coronary Artery Calcium Quantification in a Large
Asymptomatic Patient Population: Yoon, H. et al. American Journal of Radiology,
Preventive Cardiology: Nathan Wong, et.al. 2004, McGraw Hill
Radiation reduction with prospective ECG triggering acquisition using 64
multidetector computed tomographic angiography: Gopal, et al, International
Journal of Cardiovascular Imaging, Dec. 2008
Surgically Corrected Right-Sided Aortic Arch:
Emil M. deGoma, et. al. Journal of the American College of Cardiology Vol. 57,
No.23, 2011
Gopal A, Mao SS, Karlsberg D, Young E, Waggoner J, Ahmadi N, Pal RS, Leal
J, Karlsberg RP, Budoff MJ. Radiation reduction with prospective ECG-triggering
John Leal RT R CT | jeleal@charter.net; phone # (951)-283-6700

John Leal RT R CT 6

acquisition using 64-Multidetector Computed Tomographic angiography. The

International Journal of Cardiovascular Imaging. 2009 Apr; 25(4): 405-16. Cited
in PubMed; PMID: 19051055.
Budoff MJ, Gopal A, Mao SS, Karlsberg D, Young E, Waggoner J, Ahmadi N,
LoewingerL, Pal RS, Leal J, Karlsberg RP. Radiation reduction with prospective
step-and-shoot acquisition using 64-multi-detector computed tomographic
Journal of Cardiovascular Computed Tomography. 2008 Jul; 2(4 Suppl): S20.

Professional Contacts:
Matt Budoff M.D./ Assoc. Professor, Harbor UCLA 310 222 4107
Ronald Karlsberg M.D. CVMG, Beverly Hills, 310 278 3400
John Freidman M.D./ Cedars Sinai Medical Center, L.A. 310 423 4216
Sai Raya President of ScImage, Enterprise PACS solutions 650 694 4858.
Robert Taylor/Siemens / former CEO Terra Recon, 415 577 9036
Sidney Smith/Imaging Informatics Analysis Johns Hopkins 410 502 3208

Carl Muller/ Owner, Carl Muller Design, Seal Beach, 562 493 2259
George Kopchok/ Director Vascular Lab, Harbor UCLA 310 222 3854
Professional Organizations
Member AHA Counsel Cardiac Imaging
Member ASRT National Technologist Society
Founding Member; Society for Atherosclerotic Imaging
Founding Member; Society for Cardiovascular Computer Tomography
Nurse / Technologist Committee member SCCT 2008-2014
Society for Imaging Informatics (SIIM) membership.
Current Lecturer for MTMI in CT Angiography, and Advanced Image Post
Member AHA Counsel Cardiac Imaging /
Founding Member; Society of
Cardiovascular Computer Tomography
Nurse / Technologist Committee member SCCT 2008-2014
Avid Musician and entertainer continuing to perform at local community and
church events. Past member of U.S. National Ski Patrol.

John Leal RT R CT | jeleal@charter.net; phone # (951)-283-6700