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Introduction rseau

Formation Informatique / Systmes d'exploitation / IBM Systmes

Introduction to Networking is meant to lay the foundation for all courses related to networking. This course will enable
better understanding of the theoretical concepts involved behind the major technologies in use related to networking.
This course will provide a broad overview of networking while still concentrating on a few important theoretical aspects. This
will involve an introduction to the basic components of networking focussing on understanding the generic hierarchical view,
after which the focus will shift to each of these layers and their functions. The course also features an Introduction to Data
Link Layer concepts, Storage Area Networks, Local Area Networks, Virtual Local Area Networks, TCP/IP, Applications,
Network Management and Security.
This course would serve as a thorough review of all basic networking concepts and will initiate further understanding in
courses related to installation, configuration and maintenance of networking components like switches and routers : IBM
BNT System Networking Implementation (XTRN1)


Describe the basic components of a communications network

Describe how switches, bridges and routers work
Describe the functions of layers in a hierarchical model and understand the importance of each layer in a TCP/IP model
Describe what LANs, WANs are and be able to give examples
Describe the evolution of storage and explain the basics of Storage Area Networks
Describe how TCP/IP is used in the Internet
Describe how network management is done in a TCP/IP network
Discuss networking security issues

This is a basic course for individuals who are involved in the planning, installing, configuring and upgrading of IBM System
Networking switches.

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Course administration and introduction
Basics of Networking
Network Models and Protocols
Introduction to the Data Link Layer
Introduction to LAN and Ethernet
Introduction to Storage Area Networks
Introduction to IP Routing
Introduction to TCP/IP File Transfer
Introduction to the Application Layer
Introduction to TCP/IP Network Management


la Certification Gestion de Projet PMP du PMI

la Certification PRINCE2 Foundation
les Certifications PRINCE2 Foundation et PRINCE2 Practitioner
la Certification ITIL Foundation
la Certification Agile certifi SCRUM Master
les Certifications TOGAF Certified et TOGAF Foundation

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Introduction rseau
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