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C++ for Image Processing

Lectures: (Thurs, 10-12am, Geog 2.26)

Pengwei Hao

Pengwei Hao (phao@eecs.qmul.ac.uk)

Labs: (Mondays, 12noon-2pm, ITL)

Lecture 1, DCS339 / AMCM053
Department of Computer Science
Queen Mary, University of London

Lab Sessions and Courseworks

Labs are compulsory.
Week 2-4: labs for C++ programming
Week 5-9: labs for image processing
Week 10-11: coursework completion
The deadline to complete the coursework is
the end of Week 11.
Week 12: courseworks assessment
(assessed during the last lab sessions.

Text Book C++

C++: The Complete
Reference, (4th
Edition), by Herbert
Schildt, 1056 pages,
McGraw-Hill Osborne
Media, 2002, ISBN:

Yixian Liu (yixianliu@eecs.qmul.ac.uk )

Eduardo Peixoto
Haibo Mei(haibo.mei@eecs.qmul.ac.uk).

Mathematical background: calculus,
complex arithmetic, statistics, linear
Basic understanding of signal
processing: function, signal and
Programming experience

Text Book Image Processing

Digital Image Processing
(2nd Edition), by Rafael
C. Gonzalez, and Richard
E. Woods, 793 pages,
Prentice Hall, 2002,
ISBN: 0201180758.

Reference Books

Reference Journals

Digital Image Processing using MATLAB, by Rafael C.

Gonzalez, and Richard E. Woods, 793 pages, Prentice Hall,
2002, ISBN: 0201180758.
Image Processing: The Fundamentals, by M. Petrou and P.
Bosdogianni, 354 pages, John Wiley & Sons, 1999, ISBN:
Algorithms for Image Processing and Computer Vision, by
J. R. Parker, 432 pages (with CD-ROM), John Wiley & Sons,
1996, ISBN: 0471140562.
Computer Vision and Image Processing, by Tim Morris,
320 pages, Palgrave Macmillan, 2003, ISBN: 0333994515

IEEE Trans. Image Processing

IEEE Trans. Signal Processing
IEEE Trans. Medical Imaging
Computer Vision and Image Understanding
Graphical Modeling and Image Processing
Computer Vision, Graphics and Image
Processing (CVGIP)

Reference Proceedings


International Conference on Image Processing

IEEE International Conference on Computer
Vision (ICCV)
IEEE Computer Society Conference on
Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition

The course:
Image processing:
C++ language tutorial:
C++ library reference:


History of C++



Assessed during the last lab session

Examination (2h30m)


C : developed by Dennis Ritchie at Bell Labs

for UNIX on a PDP-11 computer, 1969-1973
C++ : written by Bjarne Sroustrup at Bell
Labs, 1983-1985
C++ is an extension of C
Added features to C, with Classes
C++ improves the quality of code and makes
reusable code easier to write

Image Processing
Image Processing : Process images by means
of digital computers
Image : photograph/picture scanned/produced
Digital image : An electronic photograph
made up of a set of picture elements, "pixels"
Each pixel is at a spatial position, has a tonal
value (intensity, gray level) represented
digitally in binary code (zeros and ones).

Photographic Reproduction
Better tonal quality (5 gray levels)
Higher resolution

Computers Involved in Creation

From early 1960s
US space missions

First Digital Image

Used in newspaper industry
Sent between London and New York
Bartlane cable picture transmission system
was introduced in 1920. a week => 3 hours
Reproduced on a telegraph printer with
typefaces to simulate a halftone pattern

Photographic Reproduction
Better tonal quality (15 gray levels)
Higher resolution

Medical Imaging
From late 1960s and early 1970s
Computerized tomography (CT)
Using X-rays

Gamma-Ray Imaging

X-Ray Imaging

Bone scan
Cygnus Loop
radiation from a
reactor valve

Ultraviolet Band Imaging

Normal corn
Smut corn
Cygnus Loop

Landsat Satellite Image

7 Bands: 1. Visible blue, 2. visible green, 3.
visible red, 4. near infrared, 5. middle infrared,
6. thermal infrared, 7. middle infrared

Chest X-ray
Aortic angiogram
Head CT
Circuit boards
Cygnus Loop

Light Microscopy Images

Anticancer agent, 250X

Cholesterol, 40X
Microprocessor, 60X
Nickel oxide thin film,
Audio CD surface, 1750X
Organic superconductor,

Multispectral Image
- Hyperspectral image
- 80 bands (highly correlated)
- 512x346
- Road, water, rice paddy

Manufactural Images

Images in Visual Spectrum

Paper money
license number

Circuit board
Packaged pills
Bubbles in product
Intraocular implant

Spaceborne Radar images

Radio Band Imaging (MRI)

Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Electromagnetic Spectrum

Ultrasound Imaging

Crab Pulsar

Scanning Electron Microscope

Computer Generated Images

Hair with dandruff

Image Processing System

Digital Image Processing

What You Will Learn


Level (brightness) operations

Algebraic and logical operations
Geometric transformations
Filtering (both spatial and frequency-based)

Multimedia (just look at the web)

Image Editing and Manipulation (Photoshop)
Medical Imaging (CT, MRI)
Compression (PNG, JPEG)
Document Processing (OCR)
Image Libraries (restoration/cleanup, storage, retrieval)
Many More

Relation to Other Fields

Image Processing: Transform an image into another

image, often to make the image better to give information

Computer Vision: Find the model of an image

Computer Graphics: Create an image of a model
Computer Vision


Computer Graphics
Image Processing