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The Superior Court is one of Pennsylvania’s two statewide intermediate appellate courts.
The court consists of 15 judges who get an annual salary of $191,926 and serve 10-year
This court reviews most of the civil and criminal cases that are appealed from the Courts
of Common Pleas in the state’s 67 counties. A huge volume of appeals flow to Superior
Court from the trial courts. Generally, appeals are heard by panels of three judges sitting
in Harrisburg, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.
This court often is the final arbiter of legal disputes, although the Supreme Court may
grant a petition for review of a Superior Court decision.
There are two candidates seeking the Democratic nomination for one seat. They are:

DEM nominees

Polls open 7 a.m. - 8 p.m.
Tuesday, May 19
15 Th
guide is
be take may
Age: 49
About the candidate: Colville is an
Allegheny County Court judge. He is also
a member of the Pennsylvania Supreme
Court to the Court of Judicial Discipline of


Alice Beck DUBOW
Age: 56
About the candidate: Dubow has served
as judge in the Philadelphia Court of
Common Pleas for the past seven years.
She began her public service as an
assistant city solicitor for the City of
Philadelphia in 1992.

The Commonwealth Court is one of Pennsylvania’s two statewide intermediate appellate

courts. The court consists of nine judges who get an annual salary of $191,926 and serve
the vo n into 10-year terms.
Contested races are as follows: boothing This court is generally limited to legal matters involving state and local government and
regulatory agencies. Litigation typically focuses on such subjects as banking, insurance,
PENNSYLVANIA SUPREME COURT utility regulation, land-use, elections, labor practices and workers’ compensation. Cases
The Supreme Court is the highest court in the commonwealth. The court consists of are generally heard by panels of three judges sitting in Harrisburg, Philadelphia and
seven judges who get an annual salary of $203,409 and serve 10-year terms. Pittsburgh.
This court is considered the court of last resort, taking appeals from lower courts. There are two candidates seeking the Democratic nomination for one seat. They are:
Cases are generally heard by panels sitting in Harrisburg, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.
There are three Supreme Court vacancies. They were created by the retirements DEM nominees
of Chief Justice Ronald Castille, who reached the mandatory retirement age of 70
last year, and Justice Seamus McCafferty, who stepped down last year to avoid an
investigation into pornographic emails. Justice Joan Orie Melvin, who was convicted in
2013 of using her staff to run her campaign, resigned.
There are six candidates seeking the Democratic and Republican nominations for
three seats. They are:

DEM nominees Todd EAGEN Michael WOJCIK

Age: 47 Age: 50
About the candidate: A partner in About the candidate: Wojcik is an
a Lackawanna County-based firm, Allegheny County attorney who also
Eagen and his colleagues specialize in serves as solicitor for the Allegheny
representing unions across Pennsylvania. County Airport Authority. He served as
They represent the Pennsylvania State Allegheny County solicitor for eight years.
Troopers Association and Pennsylvania
State Corrections Officers Association.
Christine Kevin M. John Henry
Age: 62 Age: 51 Age: 48 Three areas of Lancaster County feature contested primaries for magisterial district
About the candidate: After About the candidate: About the candidate: judge.
appearing in courtrooms Dougherty has served as Foradora is president Magisterial district judges receive an annual salary of $88,290 and serve six years. They
for 27 years as a lawyer, a judge on the Court of judge in Jefferson County handle arraignments, minor criminal offenses, traffic citations and nontraffic ordinance
Donohue was elected Common Pleas since 2001. and is one of four state
in 2007 to serve on the violations, marriage ceremonies, emergency protection-from-abuse petitions and civil
He previously served as judges on the Strategic
Superior Court. She has administrative judge of Planning Workshop of the cases up to $12,000.
decided more than 2,000 Philadelphia Family Court Pennsylvania Sentencing While they do not have to be lawyers, they are required to complete a training course
appeals by written decisions. for nearly a decade. Commission. offered by the state and attend 32 hours of continuing-education courses each year.
Many of the candidates have cross-filed for the positions, meaning they will appear on
both the Democratic and Republican ballots. Candidate’s current profession listed.
Contested primaries are as follows:

District 2-1-01
Lancaster city’s southwest quadrant that includes the 4th and 8th wards

DEM nominees
Anne E. LAZARUS David WECHT Dwayne D.
Age: 62 Age: 52 WOODRUFF James R. HAINES Jr. (J.R. HAINES on ballot) - constable of Lancaster
About the candidate: Age: 58 city’s 8th Ward
About the candidate:
Lazarus was elected to Wecht has served on About the candidate: Adam WITKONIS - attorney
her current position as a the Superior Court of Woodruff is a judge on
Superior Court judge in Pennsylvania since 2012. the Court of Common
2009. Since her election,
she has written more
Prior to that he served as
a trial judge on the Court
Pleas of Allegheny County,
presiding primarily over
GOP nominees
than 2,000 memos and of Common Pleas for juvenile cases. He began
opinions and has been Pennsylvania, presiding practicing law in 1988 while
J.R. HAINES - see above Adam WITKONIS - see above
recognized for providing extensively in both the civil playing for the Pittsburgh
pro bono legal service. and family divisions. Steelers.
District 2-1-03
Columbia and Mountville boroughs and West Hempfield Township
GOP nominees
DEM nominees
Miles BIXLER - West Hempfield Township police corporal
Robert L. BUZZENDORE JR. - attorney at Hoffmeyer & Semmelman in York
William GENETTI - Lancaster city police officer
Mark G. PUGLIESE - West Hempfield Township police chief

Cheryl ALLEN
Age: 67
Age: 55
Age: 56
GOP nominees
About the candidate: Allen About the candidate: About the candidate: Miles BIXLER - see above William GENETTI - see above
started her career as a Covey was elected to Currently in his second Robert L. BUZZENDORE JR. - see above Mark G. PUGLIESE - see above
teacher before becoming the Commonwealth 10-year term as a Adams
a lawyer. After practicing Court in 2011. Prior to her County Court judge,
the law for 15 years, she election, she served on George presides over a
got her first position as a the Pennsylvania Labor range of civil and criminal District 2-3-05
judge in 1990. She became Relations Board for over a cases. He also serves as Bart, Caernarvon, Leacock, Paradise, Sadsbury and Salisbury townships
the first black woman to be decade. chairman of the county’s
elected to the Pennsylvania Criminal Justice Advisory
Superior Court. Board. DEM nominees
Deborah L. GREATHOUSE - Lancaster County assistant district attorney
Ray SHELLER - Parkesburg Borough constable

GOP nominees
Deborah L. GREATHOUSE - see above Ray SHELLER - see above


Age: 57 Age: 68 WARREN
About the candidate: About the candidate: Age: 48 Six local school districts feature contested primaries on at least one party’s ballot this
Olson currently serves Stevens, then president spring. Candidate’s profession listed. *Incumbent seeking re-election
About the candidate:
on the Pennsylvania judge of the state Superior Warren is district attorney Contested races are as follows:
Superior Court. Prior to Court, was nominated in for Montour County.
her election to the higher June 2013 to fill the term Throughout her 24-year Elizabethtown
court, she served on the of former Justice Melvin. legal career, she has
Court of Common Pleas He served for four years Six candidates are seeking the Republican nomination for five seats. They are:
appeared in front of state,
of Allegheny County, as Luzerne County district federal and county courts
where she presided over
numerous civil matters.
attorney, and ran for his
position as judge in 1991.
on thousands of cases. GOP nominees
Ronald T. GRENKO* - physician at Downtown Family Medicine
Craig M. HUMMER* - residential loan officer at Metro Bank
For a roundup of stories on next week’s Caroline LALVANI* - director of community affairs and special events at E-town College
election, visit http://bit.ly/lancastervotes2015 Mike NICODEMUS - new business coordinator for UGI Utilities
Terry L. SEIDERS* - supervisor of regional operations at First Energy
Karen SWEIGART - real estate agent with Sweigart Partnership 2