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Name: Phyu Phyu Ko, Lway Poe Sa Pae, Saw Wah Nay Moo, Hkun Thu Kha

Teacher: Helen Wong

Class: Women's Rights Class
Due Date: December 9, 2009.

Study Guide for Gender Based Violence

What is Gender Based Violence?

Gender Based Violence is the basic discrimination against gender equality. It is interrelated with
human rights and human dignity. Over long periods of time, GBV mostly happens to the human
rights of vulnerable women, men and children in conflict situations. It happens to the different
gender to different ways. Some people will think that GBV is only happen to women because the
stereotypic view of men as fighters in war, But it is not truth men can also be the victim of GBV.
That is continuously happening from the past to until now.

What kind of violent acts are including in GBV?

There are rape (rape as weapon of war), forced labor, temporary wives, torture, mutilation of
female genitalia, forced marriage, sexual slavery, forced impregnation, murder, prisoner of war,
and any other form of sexual abuse based on gender.

When does it occur?

It may occur everywhere but it is usually worse in conflict areas

How (or) why is this important to women's rights?

Gender Based Violence is important to women's rights because it affects the whole human
population, GBV has important direct effects on health such as HIV / AIDS & Sexually
Transmitted Infections. That is why in the ICTR case, the prosecutor Navi Pillay said that, "We
should consider GBV is an act of genocide"

What kind of laws and resolutions are combating gender based violence?
There are-
(1) Rome Statute (Art.6 Genocide) (Art. 7 Crime against Humanity) (Art. 8 War Crimes) and
(2) Geneva Convention 1998 (Art.27) (civilians), Protocol (1) (Art. 76) International Conflict,
Protocol (2) (Art. 4(2)(2) Internal Conflict
(3) UNSC Res. 1888: Immediate and Complete Cessation of Acts of Sexual Violence in Situations
of Armed Conflict
In this Resolution, they will appoint special representative, create a team of experts to help
governments, Reports by U.N. peacekeeping missions to the Security Council, Consider the
patterns of sexual violence, and include women’s protection advisers in peacekeeping operations
and submit annual reports by the secretary-general.
(4) UNSC Res. 1889: Women and Peace and Security
In this Resolution, we need to consider the needs of women, make female programming and
funding needs into post-conflict operations, focus on women’s participation to ensure protection
and empowerment, report by the U.N. secretary-general regarding the status of women in post-
conflict situations, set up role of women as peacekeepers, peace-builders, and decision-makers.
(5) UNSC Res. 1325 is important because it shows that women are important actors in finding
solutions. For example, the role of women should be increase at all decision-making levels and
field operations such as military observers, peacekeepers, and civilian police.