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2012 / 2013

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Executive Summary
Chapter 1:
Malaysia Macroeconomic 2012 Performance Overview
Chapter 2:
Malaysia Automotive Industry Performance & Challenges
Chapter 3:
Malaysia Automotive Industry Outlook

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The publication of Malaysia Automotive Economy Trends & Outlook 2012 / 2013 consists
performance review of Malaysia key macro-economic indicators in 2012 and forecasts the
impact of global economic trend to Malaysia automotive industry in 2013. A review on
selected major raw materials in automotive industry will be included i.e. the effect of
global scenarios such as hikes of crude oil price as well as projection of future material
application in specific automotive technology.
The publication will also review and analyse the Malaysian automotive industry which has
logged several key milestones throughout the year. A TIV that recorded a total of 627,753
units in 2012, an achievement that had exceeded MAIs forecast of 615,000 units early last
year. Moving forward, MAI foresees that TIV performance in 2013 will continue to record
an encouraging growth. This is supported by a number of factors including expansion plan
/ investment announced by several OEMs in 2012 which will see increment in the number
of vehicles production for 2013 and launching of new models especially in the passenger
vehicle (PV) segment.
In addition to that, the new National Automotive Policy (NAP) which is expected to be
announced this year (on gradual basis), will among others create a conducive business
environment especially in the production of Energy-Efficient Vehicle (EEV) segment.
Malaysia Automotive Institute

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The Malaysian economy continued to grow steadily throughout 2012 despite most of the
worlds major developed nations continue to experience slower economic recovery from
previous year including the euro zone sovereign debt, resulting in the fluctuation of
interest rates and currencies and higher degree of market uncertainties.
The combination of financial crunch, public debt, banking crisis and economic predicament
continue to hinder quick solutions of this global financial catastrophe. Strong domestic
demand continue to drive Malaysian economic growth although slightly slower year-onyear growth in private consumption and private and public investment outlays. GDP
growth in Q3 2012 has recorded growth of 5.2%, dropped to 0.4% as compared to previous
quarter after slow beginning in Q1 2012 with 5.1%. Real GDP growth in 2012 is expected to
settle at 5.1%.

Source: Malaysia Institute of Economic Research (MIER), MAI Analysis

Malaysia Automotive Institute



Automotive are the focus on an extremely wide range of industrial and related activity
from materials supply to production, sales, services and other auto-related operations.
The automotive industry is one of the Malaysias economy core sector that has potentials
to grow further.
Malaysia is the third largest automotive market in ASEAN region, with 627,753 units
of TIV in 2012, positioned behind Thailand with 1,436,335 units of TIV and
Indonesia with 1,116,230 units of TIV.
In term of production, Malaysia remain at third position with TPV of 569,620 units
while Thailand and Indonesia remain as regional top two producers with TPV of
2,453,717 units and 1,065,557 units respectively.
The industry consist of 11 motor vehicles manufacturers, 9 motorcycle
manufacturers and more than 800 parts & components manufacturers.

The industry employs more than 300,000 workforce from the level of operators,
technician, engineers to top management level.

Malaysia Automotive Institute

About Malaysia Automotive Institute (MAI)

The Malaysia Automotive Institute (MAI), an agency under the Ministry of
International Trade & Industry (MITI), was set up to serve as the focal point & coordination
centre for the development of the local automotive industry in all matters related to
automotive industry, including analysis and recommendation of automotive related policies;
managing manpower, technology and supply chain development and coordinating outreach
activities. For further details, please log in at www.mai.org.my

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