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re 4 Especially tor Over the years, my work with adult piano students has proven to be immensely rewarding and gratifying. Adults tend to be very self-motivated individuals who study piano because they love music and have always wanted to play piano, or in many cases, regret quitting piano lessons as a child. Their musical interests are different from those of children taking piano lessons. Adults need music that “warms the heart,” provides opportunity for gradual technical growth and provides motivation for consistent practice. The music in Especially for Adults, Book 2 is designed to accomplish all ofthe above. Adults will experience a real sense of accomplishment when they play these solos that contain beautiful, rich harmonies; numerous patterns that easily fit the hands and lyrical melodies thot speak to their emotions. The pieces sound sophisticated and the titles themselves reflect this sophistication. In addition to the original music composed for this series, | have also arranged some favorite classical melodies that edults will know and enjoy. This series is dedicated to lillian Livingston, my friend ‘and musical colleague, who provided the motivation and inspirotion for this project. The Especially for Adults series is the perfect supplement for any adult method book and will provide motivational repertoire in a variety of appealing styles for teenagers and adults of all ages. Enjoy! Wane Lpancbe Danny Boy (Londonderry Air) 12 Distant Memories ....... 0.0.22... 23 Downtown Boogie... 2.2... 10 Lotsa Blues eras) Midnight Rag... 0... eee eeeee ee 16 Simple Gifts... 0... c eee 14 Sonata Pathétique (Theme from the 2nd Movement) Song without Words . . 18 Starbeams ........-- 0. eee eee eee 2 Thinking of You. . . . 8 VGlP3Jenaacononepangosedanaos 20 Copyright © MM by Aled Pblsin Co, ne All rights reserved. Printed in USA Starbeams Dennis Alexander 1 1 8 3 oN simiite Theme from the 2nd Movement Sonata Pathétique Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827) O p. 13 ‘Arranged by Dennis Alexander Andante cantabile (¢ = 63-69) 2 2 Lots o’ Blues Dennis Alexander Moderate swing rhythm (J = 112-120) JJ-J 2 12 4 P 7 7 5 5 Nove os 3 8va_! for Bil Thinking of You Dennis Alexander Moderato (4 = 108-116) ee Fee mp poco rit. espressivo a tempo Downtown Boogie Dennis Alexander Lively and spirited (J = 132-144) 2 23 27 31 5 41——=. ei Cama ™p myo 4, peas 2 fo ee sw 3 3, I ies) Danny Boy {Londonderry Air) Irish Folk Song Arranged by Dennis Alexander Moderato (4 = 104-112) 1 b nis A 13 Simple Gifts Shaker Melody Arranged by Dennis Alexander Andante con moto (@ = 104-112) 1 1 15 monn rowed [sae | uEEennnnnens ESE Midnight Rag Dennis Alexander Bouncy (4 = 138-152) 3 35| Quo 5 3 5 i i 4 i—— Fine poco rit. (2nd time) D.S. al Fine Song without Words Dennis Alexander Andante cantabile (d = 104-112) 1 19 espressivo ——— |mp Fol 20 Valsette Dennis Alexander Grazioso (d= 108-116) bee. 2 soit 25 poco rit. 21 a tempo ae nf 22 23 Distant Memories Dennis Alexander Andante tranquillo (= 69-76) Ta 1 Sva_3 Alfred (ws)