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A treatise on the use of dremora servants and various daedra pets

By Vanus Galerion 2E 543

This treatise is created by Archmage Vanus Galerion with the aid of various
councilors from the mages guild, as a result of a previous incident in the
Wayrest guild hall in 2E 542, in which, a dremora with able to infiltrate and
disable several key members of the guild including the local master of
Incunabula by disguising as a conjured servant, this treatise shall dictate
the terms of which guild members are obligated to comply with when
conducting affairs related to daedric entities. The terms as dictated by this
treatise apply only to long term conjured entity instead of familiars or
atronaches used in battle, as temporary transpontine circumpenetration
retains the retromissive energy and the object or creature in question
exhibits a violet hue due to the random decay of said energy and thus is
easily distinguishable.

The treatise shall first define the type of summoning it governs, the
definition of which is: miniature-scale single entity conjuring due to
sustained transpontine circumpenetration utilized in populated areas or
served in purposes outside of armed conflict. The following regulations
apply to the aforementioned type of summoning.

1.All summoners who wish to conjured creatures for such purposes in such
a manner must be assessed by the local guild master and be granted a
license, a magical imprint of such a license must be projected in the head
of conjured creatures at all time, creatures without magical imprints are
banished or exterminated on sight. License can be revoked at anytime if
any of the following regulations are violated, and can be reinstated at the
agreement of three or more guild masters.

2. Entities except: dremoras, banekins and scamps are not allowed to be

conjured in such a manner, guild members and guards have the rights to
exterminate all other types of conjured entity on sight, hostile or
otherwise, if used for any purposes outside of combat or in any populated

3. Conjured dremora must be unarmored and unarmed at all times: if used

as servants in public locations, restraining cuffs and silence charms must
be placed on at all times, the daedric letter SF must be painted using
magical light onto the dremoras skin in visible places. Guards and guild
members can request a body search of said dremora at anytime, failure to
comply or the discovery of any kind of weapons will result in the instant

banishing of said dremora, and also the revoking of the summoners


4. Conjured banekins and scamps must be controlled by restraining collars

at all times, and such creatures are not allowed to enter any public
establishments such as shops or taverns, banekins and scamps must also
be silenced upon the entering of any guilds hall. If the summoned entity
causes any form of disturbances, the summoners license maybe
subjected to revocation.

5. Summoners with more than two confirmed cases of license revocation

or more than three confirmed cases of conjured entities causing
disturbances will be permanently expelled from the mages guild and have
their license indefinitely revoked.

This treatise is effective as of immediately

3rd of Rains Hand, 2E 543