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Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement

For letting residential dwelling house at:

77 Aughton Street, Ormskirk, Lancashire, L39 3BH

Tenanry Reference: insl36

the tenancy created by this
and the Tenant. lt is intended that
THls AGREEMENT is made on the date specified below BETWEEN the Landlord
1 988, as amended by the Housing Act 1996'
Agreement is an assured snortnolJ tenincy within tne meaning otlne nousing Act

Date '?7 t 2c>(g

Landlord(s) Mr & Mrs Lindsay & Mike Maslen
314 Prescot Road

139 6RR

be served on the Landlord at the address above

Note: Any notice under section 4B of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1 987 can

Miss Katie Desmond

't4 Eleanor Rathbone
Edge Hill University
St Helen's Road
L39 4AH

Miss Abigail Mary Wright

28 Eleanor Rathbone
Edge Hill UNiversitY
St Helens Road
139 4AH

Mr Nicholas Andrew Peterson

Room 6, Flat B, The Ridings
13A St Helens Road
139 4QJ

Mr Anthony James Cook

36 Eleanor Rathbone Halls
Edge Hill University
139 4QP

Mr Robert John \ lhitchurch

Room 26 Eleanor Rathbone
Edge Hill UniversitY
138 4AH

Mr David James Sinnett

Room 23
Eleanor Rathbone
Edge Hill University
138 4AH
joint and several
r+rte: lf two or more persons are named above then iheir obligations to the Landlord shall be

toperty 77 Aughton Street, Ormskirk, Lancashire, L39 3BH

other effects listed in the

30ntents The fixtures and fittings at the Property together with any furniture, carpets' curtains and

For the term of 1 2 months, commencing on 01 107 12010.


From To Total Rent

Rent and Payment
Start Tenancy (01 107 12010) 1210812010 Single payment of f 1500.00
13/08/2010 05ro1lza{ Single payment of t8568.00
a610112011 1410412011 Single payment of t5712.00
15t04t2011 End of Tenancy (30/06/201 1) Single payment of t4488.00

Deposit A deposit of 9750.00 to be collected by the Agent,

Term at the Rent payable above

The Landlord agrees to let and the Tenant agrees to take the Property and Contents for the
and to compensate the Landlord for any breach of
The Tenant pays the Deposit as security for the performance of the Tenant's obligations
lt is agreed ihat this ium shall'not be tiinsferable by the Tenarit in any way and at any time against payment of the Rent
those obligations.
and thai nb inierest shall be payable on this Deposit.

3. The Tenant agrees with the Landlord:

3.1 To pay the rent on the days and in the manner specifled in this Agreement'
any rent payment be dishonoured by the
J.Z To pay and the cost of any bank or other charges incurred by ihe Landlord or Agent should
Tenant's bank.
due until the date of payment at 4% above The
J.J To pay interesi on rent paid laie calculated on a daily basis from when the Rent became
Bank of England base rate.
3.4 To pay for ihe following services consumed on or supplied to the Property during the

Television Licence

Council Tax / Rates




pay the cost ofany reconnection fees in ihis event'

and notio do anything that may cause the disconnection ofthese services, and to

Not to do damage or injure the

property or make any alteration in or addition to them including decorating or fixing items to walls without the
prior written consent of the Landlord.
of repair and condition as it was at the beginning of the
To deliver up the property at the end of the Term in the same good and clean state
good or pay for the repair of or replace allsuch"items ofthe Contents as bhall be broken, lost, damaged or destroyed during
Term and make
G t"nun"y (fairilear anb t-ear and damage by accidental fire excepted)

To keep the property in a clean and tidy condition and complete repair during
the Term including communal areas, windows and garden'

3.8 To keep the property

heated adequately in order to avoid damage by freezing conditions and to keep the property sufficiently aired to avoid
damage by condensation or similar.
positioned at the commencement of ihe tenancy
3.9 To leave the contents at the end of the tenancy in the same places in which they were
according to the lnventory'
part of the Property'
3.1 0 Not to assign sublet or otherwise part with possession of the whole or
part of it for any oiher purpose including any illegal or immoral
3.11 To use the property as a single private dwelling and not to use it or any
3.12 Not to do or permit or suffer to be done in or on the Property anything which may be a nuisance or annoyance to the Landlord or the tenants
or occupiers of any adjoining property or which may void any insurance of the Property or cause the premiums to increase.

3.13 To permit the Landlord or the Landlord's agents upon reasonable notice (24 hours) at reasonable hours (save in an emergency) to enter the
Property to view the state and condition or carry out works of maintenance or repair.

3.14 To permit the Landlord or the Landlord's agents upon reasonable notice (24 hours) at reasonable hours to enter the Property with
prospective tenants , purchases, surveyors or local authority officers.

3.15 Not to keep any animals or birds on the Property without the Landlord's written consent.

3.16 Not to alter or change or install any locks in or about the Property without the prior written consent of the Landlord and to inform the Landlord
of any alteration is made to the code of any burglar or fire alarm.

3.17 To fasten all locks to all doors and windows and activate any burglar alarm whenever the Property is left unattended.

3.18 To forward any mail or official notice addressed to the Landlord or his agent within 7 days.

3.19 To noti! the Landlord if the Tenant intends to leave the Property vacant for a period in excess of 28 consecutive days.

3.24 To give the Landlord at least one month's notice in writing when the Tenant wishes to end the Tenanry at the expiration of the term certain.

3.21 To give the Landlord at least one month's notice in writing if the Tenancy has continued as a periodic tenancy. Should the tenant provide
less than one month's notice the Landlord reseryes the right to charge the full rent for the notice period.

3.22 To return all keys for the Property to the Landlord or his agent on the last day of the tenancy and to provide foruvarding addresses for all
vacating tenants.

3.23 Not to hold any parties on the premises.

3.24 Not to smoke on the premises;

3.25 Not to store bikes on the premises.

3.26 Not to assign under let or part with tfe possession of the premises provided always that it shall not be a breach of this covenant to permit a
person registered as a student at Edge Hill University to reside at the premises in substitution for one of the Tenants named in this

3.27 No Electric, gas portable heaters to be used wiihin the property unless agreed with the Landlord.

3.28 Not to light candles on the premises.

3.29 It is the responsibility of the tenant to check ureekty all fire alarms, smoke detectors and report any defeds to the Landlord in writing.
3.30 Make sure all fire exits including escape wirdovrs and passage ways are kept clear at all times.

3.31 All fire fighting equipment and signs must not be tampered with and reported immediately to the Landlord if damaged.

4. The Landlord agrees with the Tenant as follows:

4.1 To pay for all assessments and outgoings in respect of the Property (other than those mentioned in 3.4 above) and keep in repair the
structure and exterior of the Property and to keep in good repair and proper working order the installations for the supply of water, gas and
electricity and the installation in the Property for space heating or heating water as required by Section '11 of the Landlord and Tenant Act

4.2 That the Tenant paying the Rent and performing the agreernents on the part of the Tenant may quietly possess and enjoy the Property
during the Term without any unlawful interruption ftom the Landlord or his ageni-

4.3 To pay for the following services consumed on or supplied to the Property during the Term :


5. The Landlord and the Tenant agree:

5.1 Notice is hereby given that possession might be recovered under Ground 1, Schedule 2 of the Housing Act 1988 if applicable. That is, that
the Landlord used to live in the property as his or her main home or intends to occupy the Property as his or her only or main home.

The tenancy may be brought to an end ifthe mortgagee requires possession on default ofthe bonower under Ground 2, Schedule 2, ofthe
Housing Act 1988.

5.3 Any notice served by the Landlord on the Tenant shall be sufficiently served if sent by standard first or second class post to the Tenant at
the Property or the last known address of the Tenant or left at the Property addressed to the Tenant.

5.4 The Landlord may re-enter the Property and immediately thereupon the tenancy shall absolutely determine without prejudice to the other
Agreement or should the Rent be in arrears
rights and remedies of the Landlord if the Tenant has not complied with any obligations in this
b! more than fourteen days (whether legally demanded or not)'

6. Special Conditions

f250 Retainer for summer holidays between 1st July and 12th August will be collected from each Student when signing
deposit scheme'
1125 deposii will be collected on 15th April 201 0 from each tenant and will be lodged with a tenancy

Not to permit visitors to such an exteni that there are more than 10 persons in the house at any one

Although a washing machine is supplied by the landlord, the tenants are responsible for the cost of any repairs.
provided at the commencement of the
To pay for any cleaning services to reinsiate the property at any time to..the same order that ii was
(duriig the tenancy) the washing or cleining oi all bedding, carpets and curtains that have been soiled during the tenancy'
tenin,iy incluciing

To remove all rubbish and personal possessions at tlre end of the tenancy'

To replace any broken glass in doors and wirdot ,s damaged during the tenancy.
charges incurred by the
To return all keys to the landlord at the end of ttre tenancy. the tenant also agrees to.pay for any reasonable
Landlord or his agent in securing tiE prop€rty against re-entry wf€re keys are not returned.

Any callout deemed unnecessary by ttre Landlord will incur a charge of 130
personal possessions kept at the property and theses
The tenant acknowledges that u-te Landlod accepts no responsibility for the tenants
shall remain the sole and entire responsibility of tile tenant'

The tenant will give up possession of f€ premis€s at the end of this agreenent (at the end of the term) and will only stay with the prior
consent in writing from the Landlord

To take all reasonable precautions to p{e\€flt damage by frost'

The Landlord will not pay the costs of dealing with mlce or other vemin


The tenant inevocably authorises the local auhority. bernfit office, post ofnce Edgehill unive.rsity and the relevant utility companies to
the landlord or nis ajents jll fnancial and otirer informatiorirelating to the property. This shall extend to disclosure
discuss and to disclose to
of the tenants whereabouts at any time even if tlte tenant has left the

The tenant will provide the landlord wrthin one $€€k of the starting date of ihe tenanry a council
tax exemption certificate'

will be held at the landlords local court

The ienant agrees with the landlord that any legat or court proceeding with regard to this agreemeni
and cannot be transferred to another court-

has to send you a letter a furiher f50 00 fixed

Any cheque or standing order not honoured will inclr a cost of 125.00. lf the landlord or agent
charge will be levied

The Tenant will pay a e25.00 key deposit aftef receipt of keys, to b€ returned once keys are

The Tenant will provide a signed guarantee from tie tenants parent or guardian in the form annexed hereto within one week of signing the
guarantor or supplied references which were false or
It is agreed if the tenant or the tenant,s guarantor fraudulently signed this contract or may re-let the
misleading, the tenant will forfeit tris agreernent and pay at1 thE rent and any damages to the landlord until the landlord
fully accepts the conditions contained
The Tenant confirms that they have read and fulty undeBtands the terms of this agreement and
SIGNED by the Landlord or an authorised person of
Ormskirk Student Lettings as agent for the Landlord
W pl,-/*/,*--
{1) SIGNED by Katie Desmond
(2) SIGNED by Abigail Mary Wright
(The Tenant)

(3) SIGNED by Nicholas Andrew Peterson

(4) SIGNED by Anthony James Cook
(The Tenant)

(5) SIGNED by Robert John Vvh:tchurcfr

(The Tenant)

€.f . .-A4 kD--/tt

(6) SIGNED by David Jarnes Snrett
(The Tenant)

D{ --''jJ-