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It's hard to move on...

A Novel By

Analysis By

Jenny Gala

This is a heart rending story of the two passionate lovers who sacrificed
everything just to lead the life in each others arms for ever but their normal
life gets trapped into topsyturvy leaving the protagonist into an indefinite
waiting for his lost love.
Always in your arms I will reside always with you I want to prcis
The story unfolds with a letter which is the only left out treasure of the
memory of his beloved who is lost somewhere unknown to him and ends up
with the same situation where it begins from.
A Letter which was full of emotions.....
A Letter which was as deep as ocean....
A Letter that strengthen his belief...
A Letter that gave him a reason to live...
A Letter which he used to read daily when he had nothing to share....
A Letter that was his companion when she was not there
Their love and their dream of staying together brought them to Mumbai on
the deliberate pretex of their higher studies, but the cruel hands of the fate did
not spare even these two innocent souls.
The fate engineers the conspiracy in such a way as she suddenly disappears
leaving none to know their whereabouts and he keeps on waiting throughout
the life for the day when the death would embrace him or he would embrace
his long awaited love either.
Can anyone love someone so madly that he lives his entire life with just A Letter?

Theme In a Nut Shell

Chap-1. About Football Match.
Chap-2. All the fun by friends & mess of hostel Akshay fall in love with Tritya.
Chap-3. Final match singers completion both won 1st Prize. Football players
got the trophy, later Tritya got the trophy . She also fall in love with Akshay.
Page-4. They become Friends & Met in a Park.
Chap-5. Both planned to meet, went for tea, lot of confusion, fear , love all
mixed feelings . Finally, he proposed her in a car both had a lovable evening
with a please Climate.
Chap-6. Akshaya - Triya as the festival, both met had a dinner went out skirt ,
had a Chinese food spent quality of time.
Chap-7. 1st Month anniversary, a surprise from Akshaya evening at Radha
Krishna temple 6 a.m. they met she gifted a Sweater in which there was a
letter embossed in it written "A"..
Chap-8. Was not in mood of class, so she started chatting with him had fun
Mr. Bakshi so he and took has Mobile so she cried a lot. Later, he gave him
back. for further they planned to study together. The decided Mumbai.
Chap-9. Her exam, vehicle not working, he drops & picks her.
Chap-10. He was worried, as his exams were going to stars in 10 days, she
started teaching, while Teaching they enjoyed prank something has anger on
him for not being serious.
Chap-11. Finally exam started? In exam which Tritya said he just thanked her
missed her. In external both were dreaming of each other.
Chap-12. Results are out she passed by 1sy Class also with good marks, both
were happy and decided to ask parents for their further studies in Mumbai Pit

prank by her father & Akshaya for she in dreaming about Mumbai a Dream
Chap-13. Left for the journey i.e. towards Mumbai According to their Parents
they are in different compartments & Later merged & had nice time with lot of
fun. Description of about Mumbai Finally @ Morning at V.T. Station.
Chap-14. They reached at their room. It was Akshaya uncles place. Where all
3 Couples Stayed together had lot of fun, they distributed room for boy & Girls.
Next Morning they went to college & were nervous which class have allotted
to them. They were Happy all 6 were together, totally bury in their studies
waiting for holiday.
Chap-15. A thought to ask own believed about an adventures ride, But had a
fear that Tritya may say No. But she agreed both went & had a Blast
unforgettable day with watch other. A long Kiss, a lovely movement &
returned home with a lot of memories A Walk Together".
Chap-16. A walk- Had a lovely peaceful walk on the beach where as a couple
we sometimes feels to sit, walk, enjoy but in a peaceful manner where we
understand & share each other feelings. These small movements someday it's
a large box of memories through which we get a big happy smile when we
even have a through.
Chap-17. Time passes & all were adjust to dream city Mumbai But as we all
Know life is not smooth as we think & plan Akshaya get a call from her mom &
she was just early & have said anything even he started crying. He was afraid
what wrong happen to mom as he never saw her mom like this all he was
thinking is something's went wrong at his place. All friends & his love really
supported him a lot & he planned to go his home town & all were worried
whats wrong.
Chap-18. He reached & was shocked that at his home in that of silent & how
such a unconditional surrounding. Then with lot of patient he enter & saws
his bro pick on wall with a wreath & Lamp mom couples him dad to joined .
later the rituals of funeral were followed the went in a place where he feel
better & questioned his bro finally, called his love & shared everything & later
a description to stay with parents as all the responsibility were there & the
lonliness of parents can be filled by him.

Chap-19. Few days passed & both has adjusted with a different life with each
other. She was also in pair as Ahshaya was not there & she missed has badly
both started speaking about past time, the memories which last ever & which
in the only hope. When we are.
After 2 Years...
Chap-20. His boss called him & said the candidates you have suggested has
been selected for junior post & he was very much happy, but thought to say in
a different way to her so, he can see the spark of happiness on her face. On the
other ride Tritya wan planning to give him surprise by going at his place both
where very happy. She was happy but a slit intuition that not to go way back
on her mind.
Chap-21. Started moving towards Andheri for booking a ticket & all Started
asking her where are you going but she didn't replied. She thought one she get
the ticket she will disclose. was happy but at other side God was gave a hint
not to go ahead but still she continued & all Strange things started happening
Akshaya called her but she replied. Later she received & said the at crowdie
place so will call back...
Chap-22. Something wrong has taken but what? Akshya tried calling from
morning evening night but only one answer out of coverage area.
Chap-23. As he was in semi -conscious mind & whole time thought about her
So in morning thought he got a call from her that unforgettable it was an
alarm. He finally thought to move to Mumbai But 1st he inquires her friend. He
left Mumbai all tried moved to hostel. Finally, he booked & reached Mumbai.
Where his heart was just full of pain & worried He thought is ignore him.
Chap-24. Searching for has at many different places lately went to his class,
college etc. Suraj too joined him. Finally, got some news & will go ho Sai tours
& travels.
Chap-25. He went & met Sai Hours & travels agent But there was no ticket
named by Tritya. He was totally distress & he asked him friends in something
happen in Mumbai Suraj said yes the bomb last where many innocent were
killed & all thought that he should go and igquires about her in hospital. But

no one responded. Later, went to hospital but policeman said still they dont
have proper details about every things his friends called Tritiya parents &
came fore know the that she in no more. Finally he come he knows their fact.


Unforgettable Days.

Love which has the power to enhance & destroy which in totally depend on
ones understanding & believe in each other. A person falls deeply in each
other's love. First its always start with a unknown person & soon that person
get there into a special person with most of the memories it carries & person
feels place with their beloved. The deep sense of love was appeared in both
Akashaya & Tritya soul .The live for each other started from a inter collage
competition. Live carries a fear of shy & soon it relies all the sufferings madly
but destiny has written something else for them. They were the love birds.
The small fight, the conference we have, the love, the feelings, the emotion
which the felt in lovely descried fall together even empty pond is till with
watch & fishes and it give a emerge strength to move on in a very worst
situation too. Author has really fragrances the book with a small movements
which is only felt & valued by lovers. A true sense of love & affections takes
place between them.
Madness with Endless Feelings
Akshaya & tritya both were mad a crazy in each other's love Both had a very
smooth & lovable journey. As in Sai what all we plan is not all that destiny has
planned for us. They met at inter collage was casual meet. As destiny wanted
them to be the partners so they met as a strange most imp they both belongs
its different collage. They first become friends later came into relationship.
The planes after their graduation of to stay together in one city & to pressure

Gradation had been success. They went Mumbai & stayed together with each
other. But as I said we dont runs where our destiny will take us & a call from
Akashay's mother & he has go back to hometown when a big tragedy has
taken place death of his brother which changed Akashay's & Tritya life
Akshaya & home time & Tritya at Mumbai. The haven't meet from many
months but there another love for each other has kept their soul together
foreever. Both planned a Surprise but tragedy had grad their way & Tritya was
no more this started Akshays life. Endless love & madness of him is still
waiting for the search & Tritya & still all the memories are recalled & tears
both out.
The novel in on a youth life. Where I feel all of us has to face it once in our life.
It's the way how a person in their youth period take their surrounding
positive or negative. Many decision at this age a boy or a girl has to take by
their own. Its the most memorable period where we enhance own lifes with
many phases i.e. our physical & mental growth, friendship, participator. loss of
fear, most imp love. To get a perfect life partner in todays world is together
than to hunt a job in a rejection period but the author has described the
beauty of love in their youth Akshay & Tritya. Where they have seen all the
phases of their life & had cleared them happily. Finally, a place where we all
went to fall & all we know is it there are many emotion which fall & plays in
our life i.e. Love Both fall in each other love & had a lovable life together with
friends, fun, joy, sorrow, love memories, sadness etc. Its like a person clean
round ran real achieve anything in their life.
Memories are only created when people are born & they meet other people.
Memories that we gather are all from our near & dear once i.e. family, friends
& Partner. Many times when we are really want our blood It get purify we can
always flash backs & Cheer the Memories. The best movements just moved as
if past. In this novel we see knows Akshay & Tritya met & have spent quality &
quality of time with each other. There came a time where there body were too
far but these soul were together and we can understand because memories
that kept their soul together. So they never got a part. Till the end we see that
novel still speaks about memories that are in Akshay soul & body where so

many years are part but still he feel that has beloved is with him thats boy of
Destiny which falls in many ways of our life. Sometime we praise & sometime
we blame. But all that we praise & blame in all our good & bad deeds. The
novel takes us in many different part of our life where such incidents are
possible. We had seem the destiny that how both Akshaya & Tritya who even
dont belong to some collages or place but still have a strong feeling for each
other falls in immense love. As their relationship started the things which they
planned for their further journey was all going smoothly but destiny which
planned something else & so, Akshay has a year both wanted to meet each
other. But again we see that both had planned their journey to give a surprise
to each other but unfortunately things were hot in their support & both never
met. Thats all we say in destiny & it plays a major role in once life.



A novel is purely romantic novel. where there is lot of love between both the
protagonist Akshay & Tritya. We see how they truly love each other and had
sacrifice their happiness too. They always been 2 body 1 soul. The deep
emotions are describe by author when they both are together in each other's
arms & even when they away. From each other. It said where there is love
distance doesn't matters. there is strong affection between them.
Love romance complete the feelings of love It is the way to search once
more deeply. this is the only movement which can be shared memories are
created with romance between Akshay & Tritya. Author has shown the really
of romance by the lovers.
Mobiles which now became the brains need of people. Both beloved are
always on call & chatting with each other. A sweet surprise has been given to
Tritya by Akshay on their 1st Month anniversary. Both had great time sending
with each other. Even the small buy of mobile buy our heart beats.
The novel in also said a picaresque novel. As the characters are traveling to
different places.
Now they have reached Mumbai with lot of memories left behind. As Author
has beautifully described Mumbai. The different places Mumbai. It seems like.
Mumbai has touched Author is & deeply Acc to Author's, Mumbai is a dream

It is a tragedy novel. As both lovers dont meet each other. Akshay in living is
the memories of his beloved. 1st tragedy in the novel in sudden call of
Akshays mom & the way shes cried the call. Akshays reached back to
hometown. He saw today lost and couldnt contact himself. Both the lovers has
supported a lot. Now Akshay has for join him family become his dad and mom
need him. Tritya is alone in Mumbai. sadden & happiness are two tracks of life.
Almost after two years both were about to meet each other. Both planned a
surprise but unfortunately, Tritya is just in the memories of Akshay.
A novel is sentimental as the character suffers a lot in many ways. The novel
has taken readers to sudden change of emotion even thought the characters
are not at all related to readers but still readers feel sympathy for them. A loss
of child & elder brother at such a young age has shatter Akshay & his, Family
and even to readers. Emotions are not grated they are left day to the different
situated faced by people. It's a human tendency that we feel bad if the lovers
dont meet each other even thought we dont know the lovers & have no
relations with them. In novel an author has not said anything about the Tritya
life after she boarded the train only we see that Akshay is emotionally
imbalance and totally lost in him beloved (Tritya Memories).

1. Akshay - A smart looking boy. Studying in St. Thomas collage. He was
awarded as the heart player in the last cultural meet. Next time their third
inter collage victory in a row In the inter collage team he heard a sweetest
voice of Tritya & he was finally impressed of her. During the finally, both
achieved a trophy. Tritya for as best singer & Akshay as best player. both,
Congratulated each other & sudden & meet that but of chatting, talking &
meeting continued. The feeling of love emerged & finally Akshay Proposed
Tritya & The were into a relationship. He was a lover. He know to manage the
situation & had always been loving & caring.
2. Tritya- A beautiful girl gifted with sweet melodious voice. She was
awarded as a 1st price in singing competition in inter collage meet. Tritya
started listening Akshay as the observed Akshay wining the award & the
speech by him. Both stayed in touch for few days & they become a partners.
She was even sincere & studies in him studie. soom. Tritya & Akshay started
being in touch with each other. They become lovers and always supported
each other.

About The Author

Abhishek Aggrawal
Abhishek Aggrawal was born as gold in the steel city Bhilai, Chattishgarh.
Right from his birth he always dreams enormous and always wanted to
achieve something very different in his life. He was born in a Marwari family
where his father Mr. Ashok Agrawal is a businessman and mother Mrs. Anita
Agrawal is a housewife.
He pursued his schooling from Rajkumar College, Raipur. He did his high
schooling from Krishna Public School Bhilai. His inside author bloomed out
while accruing his B.com at St. Thomas College Bhilai. He pursued his Masters
in commerce while writing his 3rd master piece in Bhilai. For higher education
he left his hometown Bhilai and moved to the city of dream Mumbai, where he
is pursuing his Master of Arts in English Literature from Mithibai College,
He started his career in writing on 2010 with his debut novel "Sorry... For
Loving You", which was released in June 2011 under the brand name of
Mahaveer Publishers New Delhi, which continues to top the bestseller list
across the country with a National Bestseller Tag. He has tried to sketch the
problems faced by the youths in finding their right partner and love of life and
how they deviate to wrong paths leaving all their family included their parents
In 2013 his Second Novel, ForGetting The Unforgettable, is released by The
Oscar Nominated Director of Barfi, Mr. Anuraag Basu. This Novel is a dedication
for all those who have lost their near and dear ones in Mumbai Bomb Blast. He
wants that his messages should reach to the every end of the earth so he
translated his Debut Novel in various languages so that everyone can read it
and hence the outcome is his book Sorry For Loving You is translated in
Hindi as Ek Chahat Adhuri Si and was released on 5th Feb. 2014 in a grand
function held at Mithibai college which was inaugurated by Dr. D B Gadkari
Principal Mithibai college & Dr. Suresh Wakchaure Vice Principal Mithibai
College, Mumbai.

At present he is working on an epic and according to him his outcome will be a

master piece. This book will be for all the age groups and it will be an
innovation in an Indian Literature.
His likes include bike driving, writing, photography, painting, singing,
hangouts with friends. His passion is to become a well recognized famed
persona. He hates dishonesty & also the people who cheat him. He has
immense faith on Lord Sai & his Parents. His strength includes his family &
friends & his weakness is LOVE.
As being in the age of his 20 years he was honored by the Jewel of Agrawal
Samaj, for giving his extraordinary performance in the field of writing. His
debut Novel was also submitted in the Commonwealth Writers List, in London
on 2012. His book occupied a space in the shelf of Asias Largest Poem
Library, Vagarth Bharat Bhawan, Bhopal (M.P.) In October 2012 he was
nominated for Navlekhan Award by Madhya Pradesh Sahitya Academy. In
February 2013 he was honored as Yuva Rachnakaar Samman by Akhil
Bharatiya Sahitya Parishad. On 5th Feb 2014 he was honored as The Asset Of
Mithibai College Mumbai. In September 2014 he was listed among the top 10
influential people of Chattisgarh. In March 2015, he was listed among the Top
10 Romantic Writers of India.
On July 2013 he became the Associate member of Film Writers Association,
Mumbai to dedicate his work towards Bollywood. He had its own Production
house named "Movie Miles Production" to complete his vision of becoming a
Film Director.
He had also written Articles for the weekly newspaper Mahakhabar and many
other Newspapers and National Magazines. He writes his columns under the
name of "Hello Youth".
When he first picked up the pen to write some of his experiences and day-today incidents that motivated him then, it was indeed a little tough but with the
time, his skills improved to extent. He writes what is on his mind and play
with his characters in his novel. He writes sometimes non-stop for 12 to 14
hours without even taking any break. According to him if you want to achieve

something you have sacrifice something from life and He has sacrificed his
nights sleep to concentrate on his novels even sometimes day and night are
same for him. He always dreams enormous & had the zeal of concurring the
entire era with his words. In the near future he wants to share some more
stories through his upcoming novels.
Now his only motive is to make movies on his Novels and want to be one of
the best script writers and Direct the Movies on the same in Bollywood. He
wishes to give some messages to the society through his Novels and also to
serve the society and the Nation through his activities. He says, I will feel
more proud if was not only called the Author, but with the title, An Indian
Author & Director.
He can be contacted in www.abhishekaggrawal.com
You can share your views with him in contact@abhishekaggrawal.com ,
sorry.fly@gmail.com & join join him on Facebook & Twitter