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IBM Operating System V6R1

Updated October 29, 2009

Important: For information on MIMIX support for V6R1, see


The following list of IBM PTFs have been identified by MIMIX as either required or recommended
prerequisites for this operating system version. MIMIX recommends that PTFs be applied to all systems in your
MIMIX environment.

In many cases these PTFs may be superseded by a cumulative PTF package available from IBM. Listed next to
each PTF is the cumulative package that the PTF is available in. C1000 indicates the PTF has not been
integrated into a cumulative package and will require that it be downloaded and install separately. Please refer
to the coverage letter for each PTF. The coverage letter contains any special instructions about the PTF as well
as how the PTF must be applied.

MIMIX strongly recommends applying the following packages:

• Current IBM OS/400 cumulative PTF package C9279610 (order PTF SF99610)
• Hiper PTFs for your AS/400 hardware and licensed programs (order PTF SF99609)
• Database PTF package available via ECS only (order SF99601)
• IBM HTTP Server for iSeries (order SF99115)
• TCP/IP Group PTF (order SF99435)
• Java Group PTF (order SF99562) – for MIMIX IntelliStart

You may also want to consult the following IBM documents:

iSeries Recommended Fixes - High Availability: Cluster, IASP, XSM, and Journal
High Availability PTFs (Cluster, IASP, XSM, and Journal) for V6R1

Required PTFs for MIMIX

M1 PTF, if Cumulative
PTF Number Description
applicable Package
SI31695 C8190 MSGMCH1210-F/QCNTEDDM DRDA connect fails
MF44856 C8288 RCVJRNE failing for several jobs with
msgMCH3203 out of
#jotouch being signalled to QJORCVJE
MF43716 C8064 MSGMCH3203 retrieving entries with caching active
SI34923 C1000 (none) The QZDAPKG *sqlpkg created on a previous
release was converted to run on the current release;
spool files were being generated that caused a lock
on the output queue.
The following required PTFs have been added since the previous release of this document:
SI35991 C1000 (none) Dynamic logical partition (LPAR) operations
involving multiple shared processor pools could
result in IBM i license compliance message
Recommended PTFs for MIMIX

M1 PTF, if Cumulative
PTF Number applicable Description
SI29927 & C8064 Replication of LF fails whenever target journaling
SI29928 configuration is no journaling or journaling to a
journal different than the source journal name.
MF42942 BASE V5R4->V6R1 replication of SQL [SRV]PGMs fails
MF43457 C8064 V6R1->V5R4 Restore of data queue (saved with
data) fails w/CPF3738
SI30200 C8064 Replication of any *PGM from V6R1->V5R4 fails
SI30201 C8064 Replication of any *PGM from V6R1->V5R4 fails
SI30308 C8064 CHGAUT on a journaled IFS object doesn't generate
T-CA audit entry
SI30346 C8064 Replication of any *PGM with SQL SP's or UDFs
from V5R3->V6R1 fails
SI30539 C8127 Replication of any *USRQ V5Rx->V6R1 fails
SI30319 C8064 Don't escape CPF700A for single file STRJRNPF
MF43865 C8190 Retrieving *MINENTDTA entries causes slowdown
MF44568 C8288 V6R1->V5R3 SAVRST of files with LOBs fails
SI31143 C8190 Default collection lost restoring SQL store
SI33571 C1000 (none) Administration changes
SI34193 C1000 (none) Incorrect count for *PROCESSOR usage type
MF46398 C1000 (none) The path name in a T-ZC audit entry contains
incorrect character data.
MF46360 C1000 (none) Remote journal (RJ) is falling behind in sending
entries to the target system.
SI35056 C1000 (none) If RSTOBJ or RSTLIB is done using media created
at R610 by SAVOBJ or SAVLIB command with
parameter TGTRLS((*PRV) or TGTRLS(V5R4M0) or
TGTRLS(V5R3M0), the object owner and *PUBLIC
authorities are not restored for user queue (*USRQ)
type of objects.
SI34658 C9111 An active remote journal environment ends when
multiple change journal (CHGJRN command)
operations are performed back to back.
MF46734 C1000 (none) Save While Active (SWA) hangs
SI34624 C1000 (none) MSG MCH2804 User profile full
SI34625 C1000 (none) MSG MCH2804 User profile full
SI35567 C1000 (none) unpredictable text in the controller or device
description field
SI35412 C1000 (none) QDBRPLAY API and APYRJNCHG have problems
creating views in an IASP when they started in the
system ASP
The following recommended PTFs have been added since the previous release of this document:
MF47594 MF47598 C1000/C1000 Exception processing invalidates the index when the
catch-up of a delayed maintenance index is
MF47366 MF47371 C1000/C1000 msgMCH3203 F/#dbxmatk T/QDBPUT VL02000322
MF47234 MF47235 C1000/C9279 A deadlock occurs during save-while-active between
a user job attempting to start a new transaction and
an internal task, JO-QUIET.